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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 27, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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that other person probably exposed other people and you have of us have any immunity to it. right now at 5:00 a brand-new bay area case of coronavirus. it's a troubling first anywhere in the u.s. "today in the bay" has live team coverage and the latest details we're getting from doctors. and the new impact the virus is having on port shipments in oakland. plus an east bay rent battle, the support one group of tenants are getting as they boldly protest by not paying up. and a dry february raising drought concerns across the state. kari hall tracking our forecast as we await the next snow report. "today in the bay" continues right now. and a good morning to you on this thursday. thanks so much for starting your morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. straight to that forecast. we'll get to the morning commute. >> it'll be there. >> not only is it dry but very warm.
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records as we get started with temperatures that aren't very normal in the upper 40s and low 50s. temperatures way above where we should be for an afternoon high. it goes above that as we go to the middle of the afternoon with some spots reaching into the low 80s and then by 5:00 we're seeing those temperatures gradually starting to come back down. mike, looking at the bay bridge. the bay bridge has cleared up. the last few seconds before i took the shot last time it had just opened up a couple more cash lanes. no major problems as we travel there and no metering lights just yet. another 10 to 15 mince possibly. getting over there, a smooth drive. a little slowing around the berkeley curve and right before the break i showed you with waze
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a little slowing. that's shifted. there may have been a crew that cleared from the maze. it's great so far. right back to you. >> thanks, mike. 5:01 right now. this morning a new local case of the coronavirus raising a red flag nationwide. >> all over this story talking to local government agencies, health officials, schools and anyone else impacted by coronavirus concerns. >> live team coverage, the most trending topic on our website right now. in a moment the concerns hitting us economically. first let's check in with kris sanchez with more about this new and unique bay area case. kris? >> reporter: hi there, marcus and laura. this is a really concerning case because this particular patient who has the coronavirus, nobody knows how it is they caught the virus. it could be the first incident of somebody getting sick, catching it like we get the flu or a cold bug. we have a live look at the hospital where that person is
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being treated, uc davis. what we know this is the first case of community spread or someone who just caught the virus. the patient was transferred there from another northern california hospital where they were already on a ventilator being treated for a potential viral condition. a resident with no travel history to wuhan, china, where the outbreak started and no contact with quarantined people on the ship for days. because the patient didn't fit the criteria for coronavirus they were not tested right off the bat, however, according to the cdc, uc davis staff was very astute, proactive pushing for that testing and then putting that patient under a protocol at that limited possible spread just in case. the community spread is a concern because at this point the coronavirus is so new none of us has an immunity to it. still, we'll remind up the risk of infection from the community
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is still very low so the best practice is wash your hands, stay home if you're sick. reporting live, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. the port of oakland, leaders expect to see a drop in shipping volume all tied to the coronavirus outbreak. let's go live now to "today in the bay's" bob redell. what kind of impact are we talking about? i know they get a lot of cargo in and out of there. >> reporter: the port of oakland tells us they expect 23 ships to cancel coming into the port within the next five weeks. that's about 20% of their normal inbound traffic. it should be noted this is typically the quote/unquote slack season when shipments are usually canceled because of factory shutdowns during the lunar new year, but china did extend those factory closures because of the coronavirus which could mean more ship
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cancellation. >> we have numbers for february coming out in the next two weeks. we'll know a little bit more then but we do expect some falloff and it to be related in part to the coronavirus. >> reporter: the port of oakland says export volume, those are ships heading out, has been up for the past four to five months because of strong asian demand for american products. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. we've created an interactive map. just find it on b.a.r.t. directors will be taking a good look, a hard look at those racial profiling issues when it comes to riders. a look at somelice will try to r
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today. sharon? >> reporter: expecting to break down the numbers by race and present an action plan. the "san francisco examiner" says they have received training since 2015 to help prevent racial profiling. here are some numbers from the b.a.r.t. police report. out of the 2018-2019 citations 46% to 55% were issued. >> when you want to see them you don't usually see them. when there's nothing going on you do see them. i haven't noticed the type of trend. that being said, if you're in areas with more minorities you do see b.a.r.t. police interacting with people of color. >> reporter: one recent controversial incident involved steve foster who was right here at the pleasant hill station cited for eating a sandwich on
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the platform when he and other riders claim a lot of people can be seen eating or drinking on the platform and aren't cited. the board is expected to oversee the police chief to make sure progress is made. i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." our investigative unit has been taking an in-depth look at what happens on b.a.r.t. we spent months riding trains and recording what we saw. you can watch that entire series on our website san francisco leaders will listen to some of the concerns being raised about an apparent assault posted online that's now gone viral. maybe you saw that video of an elderly chinese man assaulted and robbed of his recycling cart. we now know what happened over the weekend and the man in the video has been identified. police are investigating. today mayor london breed will join community leaders at a neighborhood event close to where it happened at 2:00 p.m.
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47 years after a high profile sexual assault and murder, we're hearing how the case was solved. on this date in 1973, naomi sanders was strangled in her vallejo apartment. for years investigators hit dead ends. then in 2014 a family friend hoped dna testing would finally kill her. investigators got a hit with the son of the killer who had submitted his dna. >> and we submitted it and they were able to confirm based on the simple we submitted that the son was a direct descendent. >> police identified the killer as robert dale edwards who died in 1993 of a drug overdose. we expect to learn more later today. focusing on the east bay where those protesting a rate
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hike plan to hold a rally today. they are protesting by not paying their rent, which they call a rent strike. they live in a complex in oakland and last paid their rent five months ago. this is when the landlord upped their rates. they are now negotiating with the landlords but aren't getting anywhere. the group moms for housing plans to attend today's rally. we should get a better idea how far we are behind in sierra snowpack levels. all of this is really critical for water levels during the hotter and drier months. i know you've been watching this very closely. we have computers there as well to monitor how much snow we have and how that compares to
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normal, at least a third of our summer water time supply for the bay area and so right now with only about half of where we should be measuring snow we are going to potentially go into some more dry weather but there is some light snow in the forecast going into the weekend. it looks to bring us from 2 inches of snow in truckee up to 6 in twin bridges and kirkwood. at least that is a slight glimmer of hope. we need a lot of snow to catch up to normal during the month of more. hoping for a miracle march, mike. that's a tongue twister. over here towards traffic, following up with fremont, northbound 880. there was a crash that registered overnight. it was lingering. there were no details as far as the latest in the last few hours but chp tells us it's all
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cleared. we don't see slowing but i was concerned. calm down, mike. connecting everybody without any delays. back to you. thanks, mike. a milwaukee community on edge. this is after a deadly work place shooting. >> this has never been anything that i would have ever thought would happen around here. neighbors of the alleged shooter suspect are talking. what they are revealing. the dow is set to lose triple digits again. you know why. we'll go over the numbers. are you catching a flight for spring break? the reason you need to head to the airport much earlier than normal and it has nothing to do with the coronavirus. tv just keeps getting better.
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he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. good thursday morning right now at 5:14. let's get a live look outside in san francisco as you get ready to head out the door. you still need a jacket but a very warm afternoon reaching 66 degrees at noon. we'll take a look at the rest of our micro climates coming up in less than five minutes. a beautiful view over the span westbound with the taillights going across. the build of the toll plaza just getting started. no metering lights registering just yet. a very happy thursday to you. so the dow moved lower again wednesday.
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coronavirus worries grew. chevron telling some employees microsoft says it's selling less software because of the coronavirus. we are not hearing of softer sales from hardware companies. these have become routine. we've seen several cancellations in the bay area. carnival, norwegian sinking, so to speak. some non-coronavirus news. sheryl sandberg defending herself this morning in a podcast with nbc acknowledging she's a tough boss but pushing black on claims that she's over the top. levy is a longtime respected silicon valley journalist.
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his book, "facebook the inside story" released this week. the courts ruled that youtube can censor people who upload videos and is not subject to first amendment restrictions. that would sound like common sense. the first amendment restricts what governments can do not the private sector. a group said youtube was violating its free speech and the ninth circuit said, no, no, they're not. this is popular on twitter. bernie sanders' wife talking to russia today about the campaign. but it's from 2016. not today. back when we didn't know russia was interfering and our government didn't consider rt to be a foreign agent. people in the media spot this hadmple of really confusing video. made it look like she was drunk, not inaccurate, just slowed down. this is not inaccurate, it's
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just taken way out of context. and this has caused twitter and youtube and what not to say what do we do when the video itself is not false but gives you a false idea? >> so hard to keep up with what's going on. >> thanks, scott. 5:17 right now. if you're planning to head out of town for spring break, you may face longer lines at tsa. this is due to a hiring freeze expected to last until april or may. so the union president tells "the daily mail" it is led by staff shortages at security checkpoints. a congressional aide says the freeze was put into place as they address a 3% pay hike for federal workers. a layover that became unforgettable. >> her boyfriend set up an elaborate plan to pop the question which ended up only during a planned stop on her flight home to peru. her boyfriend, nick, sent her a
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custom made crossword puzzle to fill out in peru where she was a physician's assistant -- she was in a physician's assistant program. every day he would send a clue to the puzzle based on moments in their relationship. then on their flight back home, she had a layover in chicago where she was one clue away from finishing the puzzle. nick showed up on the plane with that big last clue. it was a ring and a marriage proposal. and she said yes. >> who is the other lady? >> that's the flight attendant. i'll get in this. a helping hand this morning. remember this photo we showed you of that unlikely friendship of a pigeon that couldn't fly at a nonprofit and the little chi iowa that had trouble walking, too. the chihuahua has a mini wheelchair. a device was donated to help him
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get around. the nonprofit now hopes he will soon be adopted. he's adorable. >> what did the pigeon get? hang-glider? >> maybe two for one. >> that's true. so let's get started as we get ready to head out the door. no issues with fog and temperatures have been a little mild starting out in the upper 40s and low 50s as you go out for the drive this morning in antioch. expect the temperature of 47 degrees through 7:00 and then quickly warming as we go through the rest of the day. we're at 69 degrees at noon this afternoon. and reaching into the upper 70s and low 80s today, up to 80 degrees in morgan hill. cupertino will reach 79 degrees and some low 80s for concord as well as pittsburg and pleasanton reaching 80 degrees. very springlike temperatures and
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well above normal as we reach 75 in san mateo. san francisco up to 74 in the mission district. and the north bay reaching 79 in santa rosa. not much of a wind today either. as we're starting out getting ready for what could be a record day for livermore and san jose. other areas very close to the old records set in 1992 or 2002, but we could go above those records in parts of the south bay and tri-valley. we still see a lot of rain and clouds well to the north of us way up in canada but we're about to see some changes here. we'll see this low dipping in and that could bring in some rain and sierra snow. for the bay area it misses our area but we will have a big dip in temperatures, from 80 degrees today to 59 on sunday. check out the difference and make sure as you make weekend plans you know that it's going to be gusty and much colder as
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we get a taste of winter. mike, we now have a backup out of oakland. >> we see swings in the volume of the view. this is someone who decided to -- they shouldn't be in the hov lanes. more gradually than the fastrak lanes. this is seven minutes of backup since the metering lights turned on. fastrak lanes more heavily populated than the cash lanes that means we should have a shorter lived backup because it means there are fewer folks who are intermittent drivers. no delays once you get in toward livermore, the tri-valley looks great. the south bay no problem just yet. across the san mateo bridge the volume builds so eastbound
5:22 am
headlights and taillights are a steady flow. >> midair scare. ahead we'll talk about what led to some tense moments for passengers on the flight. a twist in the college admission scandal and the case revolving around actress lori loflin.
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5:24 and developing this
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morning authorities in milwaukee with not yet identifying the employee who killed five people in a rampage. this is at one of the country's best known breweries. the tragedy unfolded at molson coors brewery which was locked down as the terrified co-workers took cover. a 51-year-old worker killed himself as police moved in. they say he was a quiet guy who got along with everyone. >> i didn't even know about the shooting situation either so this is all just brand-new to me. >> this is nothing i ever thought would have happened around here. >> so far police are not revealing what may have sent that shooter over the edge. an investigation is under way right now to figure out what caused the explosion of the largest oil refinery. it started tuesday morning at the marathon refinery just outside of los angeles. the flames could be seen for miles and people living near the refinery reported being shaken by the explosion itself. they say so far everything is
5:26 am
clean. tense moments for passengers on a united airlines flight after a bag on the plane burst into flame. the flight was going from new york to the bahamas but had to make an emergency landing. a phone battery caught fire. no one was injured and only the bag burned. attorneys for lori loughlin and her husband will be in court saying new evidence proves the couple's innocence in the college admission scandal. defense lawyers say prosecutors have provided them with notes written by the scheme's admitted ringleader. claim the notes prove loughlin thought her money was going to a legitimate donation for usc and not for bribes. the couple is accused of paying half a million to get their daughters into the school. trending for this morning prince harry is start to go drop formalities. he just wants to be harry. >> harry is in scotland for an
5:27 am
eco-summit focused on tourism. he was introduced as the duke of sussex but he said it's not necessary anymore. he's on his last round of royal duties before he and his wife meghan markle give up their titles on march 31st. next an overnight mess in contra costa county. what might have led to this driver crashing into a fire hydrant, that water rushing into the air and the street closure right now. plus, some fear carmageddon when cars were banned on market street. the results of a first ever study that may make opponents consider a u-turn. [ fast-paced drumming ]
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good thursday morning to you. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. so starting out with a warmer day, some would say. i like the way that rhymes. i didn't even try. >> you're so clever. >> sometimes. >> so early in the morning, too. 5:30, kari. don't even drink coffee, that's another. >> that's an oddity, i think. >> as you reach for your coffee, laura, let's get start this had morning with a live look outside in san jose. it's a clear start and a look at our temperature trend, 73 degrees at lunch time in danville and keep in mind our normal high temperature is about 64 degrees. we're going to be at 75 at lunch time in san jose reaching into the upper 70s in a few spots,
5:31 am
even hitting the low 80s. as we head through the evening if you're going out for a walk right around sunset it will be 66 degrees for some of our inland areas like santa rosa and san francisco at 63. all around the bay, green sensors registering on the freeways. we do have some slowing out of the altamont, just after the merge with 205 and right there. that's the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the rest, contra costa county moving nicely. we may see some flowing off the bridge. right now just the berkeley curve. a little break after that turn and the bay bridge toll plaza itself. metering lights were turned on at 5:14. and now all the lanes. fastrak lanes are still moving better than those cash lanes. that is your small advantage there. b.a.r.t. a good advantage to avoid that and over here on the
5:32 am
peninsula side we see a little more volume. back to you. >> thanks, mike. new developments in the coronavirus outbreak. >> the focus here in the bay area with a first of its kind case anywhere in the u.s. >> here is a live look for you at uc davis in sacramento is where the latest confirmed coronavirus is now recovering. we now know that patient first became ill in solano county and the cdc says it is the first instance where a person was somehow exposed within their community and not outside the u.s. right now there are 60 confirmed u.s. cases. those are among 82,000 cases worldwide. at least 2,800 have died, mostly in china. chris chmura has more on how universities are responding to the concerns. >> reporter: a number of universities are scaling back some of their study abroad
5:33 am
programs to keep their students out of those coronavirus hot zones. the italy program has been suspended for the winter term. spring could also be canceled depending on what happens next. uc berkeley tells us they have no programs there but some bay area students there under the broader uc umbrella of programs. now st. mary's, some programs are altered and the university is closely monitoring students overseas. santa clara university tells us they have no students in china, singapore or south korea, the luck of having a term program, a term system so none of their students are there at this time. we are waiting to hear from san jose state as well but as we have reported a number of our bay area businesses have canceled travel and reported on some conference cancellations here in the bay area as well. and that might be critical now that we do have that one case at uc berkeley you mentioned that
5:34 am
is that person who caught the virus just out in the community, no known contact with somebody who already had it. no known travel into some of those hot spots. so that is the big concern now that somebody might have caught it the way we would catch a cold or a flu bug, just being out and about in the world. the cdc is looking at that. we'll be reporting more on that coming up at 6:00 as well. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." around the globe the new travel warnings are in effect and more flights being suspended. you can find more on the travel disruptions at new overnight for you, a wrongway crash in the south bay. i want you to take a look. this is the damage left behind. it seems to have involved an suv and a pickup truck. it happened on highway 85 around 12:30. both drivers were taken to the hospital. one with major injuries.
5:35 am
there's also a dog in a car that was hurt. developing right now an east bay oral surgeon is being charged with sex crimes against children. it started with a bizarre incident in walnut creek. according to "the east bay times" police started investigating dr. cassidy lavorini-doyle when they say he tried to buy a mother's two little girls for $30,000. the investigation then uncovered evidence linking him to human trafficking and using a minor for a sex act and child pornography. he was arrested after he returned from a trip overseas they believe involved sex with under aged girls. a bankruptcy judge says he'll likely issue a ruling soon on whether fema and other agencies can tap into the planned $13 billion fund for wildfire victims. part of pg&e's bankruptcy settlement deals. they are owed $4 billion for wildfire response efforts. this comes as the clock ticks down for pg&e's plan to emerge
5:36 am
from bankruptcy on july 1st. 5:35 right now and this morning we're focusing on people in fremont struggling to make it in the bay. homeless people living in rvs are back in front of the tesla factory. east bay times, the city told both people one month before they're permanently removed. fremont councilmembers are still trying to find secure sites for the rvs, possibly in the parking lot behind fremont city hall. a new review reveals nearly 150 bay area dams may be considered high risk. this is due to aging infrastructure. it comes as federal regulators this week ordered anderson reservoir drained in the south bay. "the chronicle's review of analysis shows at least 145 aging dams across the bay area could endanger countless homes and businesses. state inspectors reveal at least 47 of those dams have no emergency plans in place. students who attend oakland's mcclymonds high school will be kept away from their home campus for at least another
5:37 am
week according to the sf chronicle. the campus remains closed after the discovery after cancer causing chemical in the groundwater. yesterday students toured east bay treatment plant in orinda. experts are conducting air tests inside and outside the school and are concerned the chemicals could vaporize. you might say so far so good when it comes to the new car ban on san francisco's market street. at least those are the conclusions drawn from a study on that ban which took effect about four weeks ago. inrix found drivers have not been affected for the most part. traffic on side streets is nearly identical to what it was before the closure. as for bicyclists and muni lines, things have improved greatly. that, of course, was the real goal of the ban. and a little fyi inrix is a
5:38 am
provider for traffic information we get here. focusing on the freeways you see mostly green. no big surprises. i want to take you to the south bay, though, where we have northbound 85, the shoreline off ramp. you see it here but the off ramp swoops you around over there and there may be a disabled vehicle that is hampering traffic on the connector. no real problems, though, traffic moving so far on our sensors and just that build over at the right side of your screen, a little slowing 101 toward oakland road. the rest of the bay looks standard which means the toll plaza looks exactly like this because it's a live camera. a live look, up to the minute. also a look at that weekend forecast as i'm sure a lot of people have things planned, kari. it's thursday. it's time to make some plans like solidify some plans. >> we did that on monday, didn't we? >> we reach up to 63 degrees in
5:39 am
the valleys and some upper 50s. it may be the better of the two days to get outside this weekend because on sunday more clouds and cooler weather. we're looking at the possibility of winds at 40 to 45 miles an hour. expect it to be in the upper 50s as you head in and then as we go into the evening coming back out you'll need a jacket as it will be in the lower 50s. i'm watching the forecast for this event, the hot air music festival because we will see some music and things going on outside in san francisco on sunday from noon to 8:30 in the afternoon. it's going to be chilly and the russian river valley, expect a temperature of 70 degrees tomorrow. but then as the weekend goes along it will be much cooler with some upper 50s and low 60s.
5:40 am
and if you plan to go to the beach this weekend, probably tomorrow is your best day because it's going to be windy and only reaching about 54 degrees on saturday. we'll get a look at our micro climates and what's going on in the rest of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. thanks so much, kari. check out what some people saw early wednesday morning, new video shows a meteor apparently streaking across the night sky. the american meteor society got reports from arizona, utah, and mexico about the sighting. experts say this is the best time of the month to view meteor activity since the moon will not be a factor. well, a crackdown on sanctuary cities. next here on "today in the bay," the big cost california could face if those policies and the latest on the legal battle in court. first it was the toughest job in america may be mike pence, now in job of america's response to coronavirus. never have i ever interviewed someone i disliked.
5:41 am
>> trending this morning, the big reveal. what oprah is revealing she's never done. vo: while other candidates argue about health care, mike bloomberg has a record of doing something. as mayor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs,
5:42 am
and will always protect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years.
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right now at 5:43, a big swing in temperatures across the bay area. let's check out martinez because we start out at 46 degrees and then reach 74 at 1:00. we'll talk about how warm our temperatures will get and the
5:44 am
big cooldown for the weekend coming up in less than five minutes. palo alto, the bay shore freeway, no problems. construction crews clear. i have an incident which may involve two. we'll talk about that. new overnight for you, look at this right here. this is in concord. police tell us a distracted driver took out a fire hydrant around 1:00 this morning. it created a geyser that shot up 100 feet. fire crews say tens of thousands of gallons went down the drain. streets were closed for about an hour. 5:44. a new legal ruling means california may end up paying a big practice for sanctuary policies. the federal appeals court is siding with the justice department in a battle over federal grant money for crime fighting. new york city in seven states including california first sued in 2017. that's when the justice department decided to withhold
5:45 am
the money to any city or state refusing to cooperate with i.c.e. on jailed, undocumented immigrants. three other courts ruled on the same issue, all of them against the justice department. now to decision 2020 ahead of super tuesday. current democratic front-runner bernie sanders is returning to california. he'll hold a rally in san jose on sunday. a poll last week by the public policy institute of california put senator sanders as a clear front-runner ahead of next week's vote. senator sanders made a stop in richmond earlier this month. it's a massive job. >> we've seen the vice presidency change from an office with essentially no responsibility to modern day and big responsibilities. this is one of the biggest. this is video of president trump
5:46 am
showing us a hurricane. one of the big questions with what's going to happen with all of this is whether the white house is going to be able to let the scientists take the lead. sometimes the white house does not let the scientists take the lead. the bar for the vice president, let's talk about that, very, very high when we consider what the president said yesterday about the coronavirus risk. he said it was under control. he said the risk was low as well. he said perhaps it could hit one or two americans. so this is where vice president pence will have to start with all of this. and we asked that question about whether or not they are ready to let the scientists take the lead. this is the situation where for some reason the official map from the national weather service were adapted to show
5:47 am
that alabama would be hit by a hurricane. well, as we watch all this coronavirus thing, we have to realize coronavirus or any situation like this can be easily politicized. there was an ad that just ran on our air, and we have a recording of it. this is from mike bloomberg. it's a scary ad. perhaps we don't have that ad. there it is. a scary ad in which we talked about -- or he talked about coronavirus. bloomberg clearly trying to politicize what's happening with all of this. now politicizing disease works. and here is how we know that. when president obama was president he had to deal with ebola. trump at one point tweeting
5:48 am
obama just appointed an ebola star with zero experience in infectious disease control. a total joke. we are watching what mr. pence, the former governor and lawyer is going to do about coronavirus. you can read about it on twitter. >> all right, scott, thank you. some are calling this a big score for the raiders, others a personal foul. either way the team is making headlines for an off the field deal long before the first snap in vegas. the raiders just pocketed, get this, $191 million for a property in nearby henderson. they purchased two years ago for $6 million. that's a $185 million profit. the raiders purchased that property to house its headquarters and practice facility and that will still happen because the deal is also a so-called lease back meaning the team will pay rent instead of actually owning the land.
5:49 am
trending this morning if you thought the super bowl was over and done with, think again, at least the halftime show still getting a lot of attention. some called it a little too racy with performances by jennifer lopez and shakira. they received more than 1,000 complaints about the halftime show, most called it inappropriate or obscene. 5:49 right now. oprah is an oscar nominated actress. >> there are several normal things she's never done. >> never have i ever played hooky from work. >> never. >> come on, gayle. >> it was a long time ago. >> that's funny. this game of never have i ever with ashley graham for the oprah magazine youtube series. besides not playing hooky from work, has never stalked someone on instagram or sent a racy text
5:50 am
message. she says she has pretended to know a celebrity she never really met. >> people do that to her all the time. >> you know someone, you see them all the time. you're like, oh. denzel washington, marcus washington, hey. >> george washington -- >> possibly. >> i like t see that whole interview. let's get ready as we talk about how dry it's been. i have a new update for you. let's get to it. here is a look at what's being called the driest february on record for the bay area and you know why. we haven't seen any storms come through all month long, and so looking at the numbers, the rain totals we've had. some date back to the 1800s and we're see that go in san francisco where there was no rain this may be the driest february since 1864. right now the drought monitor
5:51 am
just updated now showing that more of california is in a moderate drought and this includes the bay area. we know that in some parts of the north bay and the east bay we need nearly 11 inches of rain to catch back up to normal. so now for solano county and much of contra costa county we are in a moderate drought and that's definitely some farmland. we'll have to monitor the next couple of months. as the storm track stays well to the north of us it's very concerning because that's where it's been all winter long except for the month of december. now we're starting to see some changes which will allow for some rain and sierra snow for the weekend. still no rain, now declared in a moderate drought as we go into next week. as we go into march, april, and may we will continue on with
5:52 am
below average rainfall and well below for northern california. lots of sprinkles on sunday. definitely not enough to help catch us up. temperatures will drop but that will only be temp rarely. sunday the coolest in the seven-day forecast. >> "chips" you might remember, own the san mateo side of the bridge. traffic over there, a good volume. no major problems. chp is heading over to this scene which had a lot more slowing heading down to the peninsula and down as far as 92. that was because of a chip truck on the shoulder. after getting hit by another vehicle which took off. if you hear of anything going on, call that in to chp southbound 101. the speeds seem to be recovering.
5:53 am
we have north 85 on 101 and near shoreline. we'll follow it. back to you. happening now, animal rights activists angry over a new decision in peru. bullfighting will stay legal. a constitutional court rejected a plea to ban bull and cockfighting. activists say the fighting amounts to cruelty to animals and wanted to punish its practice with up to five years in prison. peru has more than 500 bull fights in a year. how investigators solved a 50-year-old cold case, a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. plus video of this attack went viral. the victim is identified. up next, the top san francisco city leader will address that attack today. trending this morning, one of hollywood's biggest directors lets loose on an industry secret. the one product he says apple won't let villains use.
5:54 am
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5:57 am
the weekend in the bayview. that victim in the video has now been identified. police are investigating. mayor london breed will join supervisors and other community leaders at the neighborhood event where this happened. we're hearing how a case was solved. on this date naomi sanders was strangled in her vallejo apartment. for years investigators hit dead ends, then in 2014 a family friend hoped dna testing could find the killer. after testing clothing at the crime scene investigators got a hit with the son of the killer who had submitted his dna. >> and we submitted at the research institute and they were able to confirm based on the sample we submitted that the person, that the son, was a direct descendent of the dna left at the crime scene.
5:58 am
>> police identified the killer as robert dale edwards who died in 1993 of a drug overdose. we expect to learn more when authorities hold a news conference later today. lawyers for actress lori loughlin and her husband will be in court for a status hearing. they say new evidence proves the couple's innocence in the college admission scandal. defense lawyers say prosecutors have provided them with notes written by the scheme's admitted ringleader claiming the notes prove loughlin thought her money was going to legitimate donations and not bribes. the couple is accused of paying half a million dollars to get their daughters into the school. the jetsons would be proud and may attend an event in the south bay called the go fly competition. competitors will use experimental wi-fi technology to send vehicles skyward. more than $2 million in prizes are up for grabs. that competition lasts through saturday. it starts about one hour from
5:59 am
now at 7:00 at moffett field. what they claim apple won't let them use iphones in movies. talking about a scene from the movie "knives out." he won't say exactly why apple won't let bad guys be shown with an iphone. so far apple is not commenting. now to an nbc bay area investigation. the state labor commissioner says that companies owe nearly $2 million in back wages to their workers. >> so why is santa clara county still doing business with those companies? despite a new ordinance, we found some 3 dozen companies that currently have disputes with the state labor department that are still doing business with santa clara county. the state labor commissioner says those 37 companies owe workers some $2 million for
6:00 am
wages that those workers worked. the new office of labor standards. >> it is about protecting workers and businesses doing the right thing against unfair business practices. >> now because this policy here in santa clara county is so new, young says her office will use what we found in this reporting to help weed out those companies that don't pay their workers. coming up at 11:00, we talked to a worker who still hasn't been paid years after the judgment. and to the company owner himself. and we go to those who set policy to see why this is happening. that's all tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> thank you, stephen. 6:00, the coronavirus is growing. live pictures right now of the uc davis medical area is being treated right now. it is a concerning case, possibly the first of its kind in the nation. we'll tell you more about it in a live report. plus, b.a.r.t. leaders take a closer look at who b.a.r.t.
6:01 am
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