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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 27, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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the new office of labor standards. >> it is about protecting workers and businesses doing the right thing against unfair business practices. >> now because this policy here in santa clara county is so new, young says her office will use what we found in this reporting to help weed out those companies that don't pay their workers. coming up at 11:00, we talked to a worker who still hasn't been paid years after the judgment. and to the company owner himself. and we go to those who set policy to see why this is happening. that's all tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> thank you, stephen. 6:00, the coronavirus is growing. live pictures right now of the uc davis medical area is being treated right now. it is a concerning case, possibly the first of its kind in the nation. we'll tell you more about it in a live report. plus, b.a.r.t. leaders take a closer look at who b.a.r.t. police cite most frequently. what the latest data shows
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coming up in a live report. and a dry february raising a lot of drought concerns across the state this morning. kari hall tracking the forecast as she gets new information about the conditions in our state. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good morning to you and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get a look at the commute coming up in just a second. first, meteorologist kari hall looking at the forecast for today. it's the end of february and we're talking 80 degree temperatures. we may set records in terms of the warm weather but also in terms of the dry weather. here is how your day shapes up. mid-70s by early this afternoon. where we may set some records, livermore and san jose going way above those old records set in
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2002, in 1992. more on this and also a look at the sierra snowpack coming up in six minutes and, mike, right now you see changes in the south bay. following a few updates here. slowing kicked in, 101 holds steady north of 680. but over here into mountain view is where we're concerned. we still have this disabled vehicle and it's causing slowing now. it's reportedly in the middle of the roadway north of moffett boulevard. the rest of the bay right so far. this morning a new case local of the coronavirus raising a red flag nationwide and it is easily the most trending topic. >> this morning we're covering the story from so many different angles. the concerns hitting the u.s. economically. first our team coverage begins with kris sanchez.
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why people should be concerned. kris? >> reporter: i think a lot of people will be saying my risk is low, i haven't been to china, i haven't been in contact with people in china. out of solano county this raises a concern because nobody knows how this person was infect ed with the coronavirus. uc davis this morning where that patient is being treated. this is the first case of community spread where someone who just caught the virus the way we would catch a flu bug or a cold. the patient was transferred to uc davis from another northern california hospital where they were already on a ventilator with a suspected viral condition. that patient is a solano county resident with no travel history to wuhan, china, where the outbreak started and no contact with quarantined people on the cruise ship sick for days. because the patient didn't fit the criteria for coronavirus they were not tested right off
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the bat. however, according to the cdc, uc davis staff was aggressive pushing for that testing and putting that patient under a protocol that limited possible spread just in case that was a gamble that paid off. the community spread is a concern because at this point the coronavirus is so new none of us has an immunity to it. still, the risk of infection is relatively low. the cdc says your best line of defense are good health practices, washing your han, keeping your hands if they're not clean out of your eyes, your mouth, your nose and making sure to stay home if you are sick. the masks not a really good way to keep from getting sick but preventing your germs from spreading to someone else whether it's coronavirus, the flu or any other respiratory illness. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." now more details on the port of oakland bracing for this coronavirus impact as well.
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>> "today in the bay's" bob redell is following that angle for us. bob? >> reporter: marcus and laura, we spoke with the port of oakland and they expect 23 ships to cancel. we're talking about inbound ships to cancel within the next five weeks in part of the coronavirus outbreak in china. ships normally cancel this time of year since this is, quote, the slack season when factories normally shut down but china did extend those factory closures because of the coronavirus which means there could be more ship cancellations. >> we're in a bit of a too soon to tell stage. we have numbers for february coming out in the next two weeks. we'll know a little bit more then but we do expect to see some falloff and expect it to be related in part to the coronavirus.
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>> reporter: in spite of the coronavirus and the trade war with china, the port of oakland says export volume, these are ships heading out, has been up for the past four to five months because of strong asian demand for american products particularly farm goods from here in california. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." thanks so much, bob. our website is a great resource as this story develops. we've created an interactive map that shows the rise of coronavirus cases around the world. just head to our directors will take a hard look at the issue of racial profiling when it comes to riders. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live with the numbers b.a.r.t. police will try to explain later today. sharon? >> reporter: it's very busy and b.a.r.t.'s police chief later today is expected to release the number of arrests broken down by
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race and prevent an action plan. the "san francisco examiner" says b.a.r.t. police have received training since 2015 to help prevent racial profiling. here are numbers from the report. out of the 2018-'19 citations 46% to 55% issued to black riders. only 10% b.a.r.t. riders are black and about 35% white. riders we talked to say they'd like to see more police on all trains. >> when you want to see them you don't usually see them. when nothing is going on you see them. i haven't noticed that trend. that being said i guess if you're in areas with more minorities you do kind of see b.a.r.t. police interacting with people of color. >> reporter: one recent controversial incident involved steve foster cited for eating a sandwich on the platform when he
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and others claim others were eating and not cited. reporting live, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. 6:07 right now. our making it in the bay coverage this morning is focusing on the east bay where tenants who have been protesting a rent hike plan to hold a rally today. as we told you earlier this month, they are protesting by not paying their rent which they call a rent strike. they live in complex on 29th avenue in oakland and last paid their rent five months ago when landlords upped the rates. they're hoping to buy the building with the help of two nonprofits and negotiating are landlord who say they aren't getting anywhere. the activist group moms for housing plans to attend today's rally. we should get a better idea how far behind we are in the sierra pack snow levels. 72% of the historical average
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and since then there's been virtually no new snowfall. this is really critical for water levels during california's hotter and drier months. kari, we know you've been watching this story really so closely. we haven't had a drop of rainfall all month. >> and it's been about january 6th or 7th since we had a good amount of snow in the sierra. a live camera taking a look in heavenly as we get started and a beautiful start to the day. it would be nice to see some snow as we look at the sierra snowpack and our computer sensors and what they're picking up on right now. statewide 4% of what's normal for this date. if you're going there, heads up, road conditions may be tricky. we're only looking at 2 inches in truckee down to about six for twin bridges. we do still have some snow and
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it's been groomed as temperatures reach 57 degrees. very warm temperatures but it will be cooling off going into the weekend with the light snow saturday into sunday. as we head over to mike you're tracking the crash in mountain view. >> the first one that was a crash or disabled vehicle, not clear. it leaves one vehicle in lanes, north 85 at moffett still there presenting a problem. in the backup coming up on to the moffett exit area. a crash that leaves vehicles in lanes. that combined with the first one causes more slowing as you head up past central. the shoreline is clear. if you get on city streets there. not a direct access to 101. that's what's going on for the south bay. the rest very pleasant. even the tri-valley shows a light volume of traffic. a mild slowing starts into richmond out of rodeo.
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coming up, a major lawsuit over plastic pollution. up next we'll tell you the company is being sued. >> looks like we could lose triple digits on the dow once the markets opened in about 20 minutes. we'll go over the numbers. and remember this unlikely friendship, a dog that can't walk, a bird that can't fly. they found each other. we have a little update on the pair this morning. it's coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay." woman: the deadly corona virus
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officially hitting the us. man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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coming up on 6:14. time to get up and ready and out the door. a wide range in temperatures and a lot of sunshine. willow glen at 48 degrees. some cooler air in the forecast and the drought monitor update in less than five minutes. and a cluster of reports here at the top of the screen. north 85 right at the moffett boulevard exit. join nbc bay area wazers. we'll help you around this backup as well. good morning. a happy thursday to you. the dow moved lower against wednesday. the nasdaq eked out a gain. we have the coronavirus worries continuing. san ramone-based chevron telling
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some employees in london to telecommute. futures call for a 400-point loss on the open on the dow. if that happens we'll have seen the largest losing streak on the dow since the financial crisis. though to be clear the economy is still strong. the market historically doing incredibly well. these have become routine. seeing a lot of cancellations in conferences here in the bay area as well. some non-coronavirus news. sheryl sandberg defending herself this morning in a podcast with nbc acknowledging she's a tough boss but pushing back on claims about facebook by steven levy that she goes over the top. levy a longtime well respected journalist, his book released earlier this week. the courts have ruled that
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youtube can sencensor people wh upload video. that is just common sense. the first amendment restricts what government can do not the private sector. a conservative group argued youtube was violating its free speech. the ninth circuit said no, no, they're not. this video was trending yesterday. it's bernie sanders' wife talking to russia today about the campaign. now this is from 2016 not today. back when we didn't know russia was interfering, our government didn't consider rt to be a foreign agent. people in the media spotted the problem fairly immediately. the interviewer, ed schultz is formerly with msnbc, he's dead so it couldn't be a modern new video. it is a great example of these confusing videos on line in which twitter and facebook are
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dealing with. it's not fake. it's old. n like the pelosi video, not fake but slowed down. where do you inform the viewer what you are seeing is context you' contextually -- >> in our script we do that. >> we take that responsibility very seriously. >> very much so. 6:17 right now. a first of its kind lawsuit making it its way through the courts. a case aims to stop big corporations from polluting oceans and waterways with plastic. the earth island institute is trying to stop products they say are not recyclable. some of the big corporations named in this lawsuit. new this morning, three safeway stores are coming to the area. the company is slated to open new locations in san jose, hercules and san francisco.
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the pleasanton-based company plans to remodel 20 other stores. a dog with special needs getting a helping hand. we showed you this photo on "today in the bay," an unlikely friendship involving a pigeon that can't fly. the chihuahua can't walk but has a new lease on life because now he has a new mini wheelchair. the device was donated to help him get around. the nonprofit hopes he will be adopted. >> they're buddies. >> a duo. 6:18 for you that morning. of course we want to talk about the weather. pull out the shorts and tank tops even? >> it's nearly 80 degrees and that's the kind of weather we'll have today and you'll probably want to get in and soak it all
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up because we do have some big changes ahead. as the sun rises no fog here or anywhere across the bay area so a clear start as we head out in concord. mid-40s at 7:00 and a wide range in temperatures from the way we start the day to end the day, 46 degrees once again to start. 74 at 1:00 this afternoon. we could set some new records here in livermore and san jose. we've been watching these numbers all week. we know we're not supposed to be this warm, the normal high temperature is about 64 degrees and the record is 79. we expect to reach 80 degrees today. we could set a new one at least for this afternoon. and it's still dry as the storm track remains well to the north of us. we will see some changes ahead. the new update of the drought
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monitor shows that parts of the bay area included in a drought about 23% of the state including the central valley, parts of the sierra around lake tahoe included in a moderate drought area and abnormally dry. santa rosa, we need nearly 11 inches of rain to catch up to normal and, yes, some say we do still have some of the rainy season left but i don't think we'll see that much rain as our weather pattern remains dry. we will see light rain and possibly light sierra snow coming in between sunday and monday. here we will mostly stay dry but a big tumble in our temperatures from 80 degrees today to the upper 50s and windy on sunday. mike, you are saying the problem is still in the south bay. >> it is getting into mountain view, sunnyvale.
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silicon valley looks great and standard. even the slowing had a chance to clear up but it's up here, highway 85 guess from el camino. a crash at evelyn. the cars are still in lanes approaching highway 101, you're jammed up. you could probably go east 237 and hook back over to 101. kind of a longer way. with our partners at waze they've map out a quicker route here. about a 15-minute delay over to 101. a slightly quicker route. that's 12 minutes. taking you up into the area saving you 10 to 15 minutes. a team that will join with you. aside from that slowing right there into mountain view and sunnyvale the rest of the south bay and the rest of the bay looks pretty good. slowing for 92 shows the volume
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build and the backup, of course, metering lights at the bay bridge. 6:21. still ahead on "today in the bay," the closure of market street and downtown working out. a closer look at how traffic is faring in the neighborhood coming up at 6:30. plus nbc bay area responds. you let the professionals handle everything when you're in the hop. why not professionals to handle your bill. i'm chris chmura. we'll talk about the pro bill fighter next. tom steyer will beat donald
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trump on the economy. his people over profits plan makes a living wage a right. creates thousands of good paying green jobs in california. and provides a 10% tax cut for everyone making under $250,000. tom's plan also makes health care a right, by adding a public option to obamacare. protects union negotiated plans. and ensures californians can make their own health care choices. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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6:24. developing this morning authorities in milwaukee are not yet identifying the employee who killed five people in a rampage. at one of the country's best known breweries. the tragedy unfolded yesterday at the molson which was locked down as people took cover. so far toe lease not revealing what may have sent that shooter over the edge. nbc bay area response to a san francisco woman's six figure medical bill. >> chris chmura and his team worked to help her out alongside a medical billing pro. good morning. the good news is we were able to help that student in san francisco get her bill reduced by more than $120,000. we're sharing that kred wit a professional bill fighter, a private patient advocate.
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families hire her to challenge high medical bills. >> once people are stuck i help them negotiate medical billing. you need more than your insurance company, your doctor and a hospital. >> so how does lisa convince hospitals to reduce people's bills? tonight at 11:00 we'll show you and share some steps you can take on your own to advocate and negotiate a medical bill. we have a $3.35 tip that could save you much, much more. if you have a consumer tip, let us know. go to or call us 888-996-tips. i'll see you again tonight at 11:00. tense moments for passengers on a united airlines flight after a bag burst into flames. it had to make an emergency landing in daytona beach.
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no one was injured. only the bag was burned. prince harry is starting to drop formalities. >> and harry is in scotland for an eco-summit. he was introduced as the duke of sussex but he told everyone that's not necessary anymore. he's on his last round of royal duties before he and his wife meghan markle give up their titles march 31st. up next on "today in the bay," an overnight mess in contra costa county. next, what caused a driver to crash into a fire hydrant sending water gushing into the air. >> live pictures of uc davis medical center where a coronavirus patient infected is being treated. up next details on the first possible case of its kind here in the bay area. we choose to go to the moon in this decade
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and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling for half-measures wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things,
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even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. look out at sfo as we get started with this thursday morning. i'm marcus washington. and i'm laura garcia. let's check the forecast with kari. this is going to be the warmest day of the week? >> and the year so far setting some daily high temperature records. a look at our live view in lafayette. a beautiful sun rise but we know it's going to be a warm one.
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here is a look at our high temperatures for today reaching 80 degrees in concord and antioch. 79 degrees in santa rosa. san jose up to 80. we'll talk about a cooldown in the weekend forecast in about seven minutes. more delays for the south bay. heading up 85 out of cupertino into sunnyvale, a crash should be clearing from the roadway. the backup almost two miles up to moffett. still have a vehicle in lanes. speeds are improving but not quick enough. that keeps 101 moving so enjoy that break. looks like it may change soon. traffic slowing through hayward and the east bay. mild slowing for the bay bridge down the east shore freeway. back to you.
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new developments in the coronavirus outbreak. a first of its kind case in the united states. >> a live look at uc davis medical center in sacramento where the latest confirmed patient is recovering. we know that patient first became ill and it's the first instance where a person was exposed within their community and not outside the u.s. right now there are 60 confirmed u.s. cases. those are among the 82 thousand worldwide and at least 2,800 people have died. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has more on how universities in the bay area are responding to coronavirus concerns. kris? >> reporter: hi there, laura and more cuss. a lot of schools are considering their travel abroad.
6:33 am
stanford suspended its italy program for the winter term and might cancel the spring term as well. they're waiting to see on that. san jose state suspended the south korean exchange and monitoring students studying in italy. uc berkeley tells us they have no current programs under way but there might be some bay area students abroad under the broader uc program umbrella. st. mary's altered some programs and is monitoring students overseas right now. because they're on a term system they don't have any students in china, singapore or south korea currently. many of our businesses have canceled travel into hot spots. of course this becomes even more critical as we are reporting that first case of a coronavirus patient who was infected with an unknown source. this is a person who had no
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contact with someone sick with coronavirus and no travel history. this is the kind of spread the cdc has been warning about. a lot of our local communities also declaring states of emergency to free up resources for that eventuality. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris, thank you. around the globe new travel warnings are in effect and more flights are suspended. you can find more disruptions. you can just click on the coronavirus coverage tab on our home page. new overnight a mess this concord. take a look. you're probably going what is that? police tell us that a distracted driver took out a fire hydrant around 1:00 this morning creating a geyser that shot up
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100 feet into the air. streets were closed for about an hour. an east bay oral surgeon is reportedly being charged with alleged child sex crimes that started with a bizarre incident in walnut creek. police started investigating dr. cassidy lavorini-doyle when they say he tried to buy a mother's two young girls for $30,000. the investigation then uncovered evidence linking him to human trafficking and using a minor for a sex act and child pornography. authorities arrested him after a trip overseas. 6:35 right now. a new "chronicle" review reveals 150 bay area dams may be considered high risk. it comes as federal regulators ordered anderson reservoir drained. the review shows at least 145
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aging dams. state inspections also reveal at least 47 of those dams have no emergency plans in place. new details to tell you about. some people might say so far so good. at least those are the conclusions drawn from the first study that took effect about four weeks ago. inrix found car drivers for the most part have not been affected by this. the traffic on side streets nearly identical to what it was before the closure. as for the bicyclists and muni lines that still travel down market street, things there have improved greatly. there was the big goal, mike, when they decided no more cars on market street in the area. >> it's not just the smoother drive or ride but safer. you're right, marcus.
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we're following the roadways here in the south bay with big slowing. i believe they just cleared the incident at moffett. speeds are recovering with a crash at evelyn. still at least one lane blocked. clearing again by 101. 101 will see more traffic flowing out of mountain view and up to palo alto. we'll take you over here to the east bay where southbound 680 i told you i would check on the crash and some debris just off the benecia bridge. there are tires in lanes right now. >> i hate when that happens. >> it happens. >> exactly. hold on tight. we're almost to the weekend. >> yes, we are. and maybe you'll be kicking off your weekend watching the giants. now spring training. they'll be in arizona so if you'll be hopping a flight to go
6:38 am
there, here is a look at what the weather will be like there in scottsdale. and it's going to be in the low 70s, a few clouds. it will also be comfortable watching from your couch. on saturday we'll see our temperatures reaching into the low 60s. much cooler than today. and probably the better day of the two days to enjoy some time outside. it will be breezy as our inland valleys reach the low 60s and upper 50s for the coastal areas. notice on sunday more clouds and it will be much cooler and those winds will be picking up. we may see gusts up to 40 miles an hour so a little concerning there and something we'll be watching as our high temperatures stay in the 50s. and on sunday we're excited about the warriors game. the game begins at 5:30. dropping down to the lower 50s by the end of the game. also on sunday this hot air
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music festival happening in san francisco starting at noon on sunday and then at 54 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds reaching 57 degrees. if you're heading out to the russian river valley for the week, i think tomorrow will be the warmest of the three day weekend. we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds but a high of only 62. it's going to be cool. make sure you have a jacket or something to shield you from the gusty winds that will kick up some of the sand. we'll get a look at today's temperature trend in the south bay coming up. thanks so much, kari. 6:39 for you now and coming up for you on "today in the bay" we're going to talk about a crackdown on sanctuary cities and the cost over policies. the latest on the legal battle in court. vice president pence has one of the biggest jobs ever handed to a vice president.
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to the big board, today is important. these numbers mean we are 10% off our all-time high. ten traders days to go from all-time highs into a dow correction. never have i ever interviewed someone i disliked. >> oprah and gayle king opening up in a game of never have i ever. what both are revealing coming up next. you're watching "today in the bay." vo: while other candidates argue
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about health care, mike bloomberg has a record of doing something. as mayor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the time on this thursday morning 6:43. let's get a live look outside in the south bay as the sun comes up. we are going to start out with a mild morning. evergreen at 50 degrees at 7:00 and reaching into the mid-70s. normally we're up to 64 degrees. we could possibly set a record. we'll talk about that and the dry conditions across the bay area coming up in less than five minutes. >> looking at the north bay, a significant crash there, napa you see it there. we see a better picture at the bay bridge toll plaza. fastrak showing you a slow track across the bay. new overnight a wrongway crash in the south bay. take a look at this damage left behind here. it seemed to have involved an suv and a pickup truck.
6:44 am
both drivers were taken to the hospital. one with major injuries. there was also a dog in one of the cars that was hurt. b.a.r.t. directors this morning will be taking a look at the issues of racial profilers when it comes to riders. >> breaking back the number of arrests and present an action plan. riders would like to see more police on all trains. >> you do have altercations like older people, where young people are sitting in the seats for the handicapped and a lady will get on and say, can i have your seat and they're yelling and soon it's like a fistfight. and you're like, i'm on my way home. >> b.a.r.t.'s board plans to oversee the police chief's plan. a legal ruling means california may pay a big price in sanctuary policies. an appeals court has sided with the justice department in a
6:45 am
battle over federal grant money for crime fighting. new york city and seven states including california first sued in 2017. that's when the justice department decided to withhold money to any city or state refusing to cooperate with i.c.e. on jailed undocumented immigrants. three other federal courts have ruled against the justice department. the president has put mike pence in charge of america's fight against the coronavirus. >> he's not a doctor or scientist but was the governor of indiana. the doctors, the scientists, will report to him. here is the president. >> i will be putting our president mike pence in charge working with the professionals and everybody else that's working. the team is brilliant. i spent a lot of time with the team. they're totally brilliant and we're doing really well and mike
6:46 am
will be in charge and will report back to me. he has a certain talent for this. >> you heard president trump praising the team of scientists on those stages saying america had the best team with the best people, but the president also acknowledged he asked for budget cuts at the cdc, at national institutes of health which he understands would lead to the dismissal of the very same professionals we need. he says we can get them back. >> we can get money and increase staff. we know all the good team. it was the question i asked before. some of the people we cut haven't been used for many years. if we have a need, we can get them very quickly. i'm a business person. i don't like having thousands of people around when you don't need them. when we need them we can get them back very quickly. >> as one one opponent is using the coronavirus as a political advantage. you may have seen the spot during our newscast. michael bloomberg with a dark and foreboding ad pointing out
6:47 am
he, bloomberg, knows how to handle emergencies. mr. trump know this is works. when president obama was president, then candidate trump hammered him on ebola pointing out the person put in charge of fighting ebola was not a doctor. obama just appointed an ebola czar with zero experience in the medical area and zero experience in infectious disease control. a total joke. we are watching everything that happens. i am at scott mcgrew. now to decision 2020 ahead of super tuesday, current democratic front-runner bernie sanders is returning to california. he'll hold a rally on sunday. a poll by the public policy institute of california put senator sanders as a clear front-runner with 32% support. senator sanders made a stop in richmond earlier this month. michael bloomberg's longtime
6:48 am
partner will be campaigning in san francisco. she will appear at a social club. she plans to talk about women in the workforce and why she believes women should cast their vote for bloomberg. >> vice president joe biden sits down with craig melvin. you can see that here at the top of the hour following "today in the bay." so we know oprah a billionaire, a media mogul, oscar nominated actress. >> it turns out there are several relatively normal things she's never done. >> never have i ever played hooky from work. >> never. >> come on, gayle. >> it was a long time ago. >> they played a round of never have i ever with model ashley graham. besides not playing hooky from work, oprah says she's never stalked anyone on instagram or sent a racy sex message but has
6:49 am
pretended to know a celebrity she never really met. >> instagram, texting, she has people doing that for her. how do you play hooky from yourself? how many companies does she own? >> she's sup a hach a hard work course she's never played hooky. i would like to see that whole interview. let's get started as we get ready to head out the door, we have to go to work. no playing hooky on this really warm day. this new video, a meteor streaking across the sky and we saw this happening moving across the night sky. reports from arizona, utah and nkemdiche and the experts say this is the best time of the month to view meteor activity because the moon will not be a
6:50 am
factor. many people don't realize how common meteors are if you have the time to sit up and look during a clear sky look. you can see them streaking across the sky. cool to see it on video. a clear sky with this wide look at mt. diablo and a beautiful view of a clear sky here and some warm weather. so that sunshine warming us up today. we may set new records. other areas very close to those old record temperatures that were set in 2002 and 1992 where we had warm weather. today we'll keep an eye on the thermometer. still dry as we see the storm track now way up in canada but we are going to see some changes going into the weekend. it's not coming soon enough. the drought monitor includes a large part of the central valley and the sierra in a moderate
6:51 am
drought now and moderate drought conditions in solano as well as contra costa county looking at these areas seeing still some drought conditions and abnormally dry for the rest of the bay area. we see the conditions worsen as we haven't seen a drop of rain throughout the month of february. as high pressure moves away for the weekend we are going to have cooler air moving in and a chance of rain and snow in the sierra. that's looking good. we're still not going to see much rain. high pressure builds once again next week. temperatures will be going right back up. the outlook for the next three months, march, april and may. they're saying we're still going to see well below average rainfall in parts of northern california and below average for the rest of the bay. and we're seeing that as we look
6:52 am
at this forecast here leading into march as our temperatures warm up. we will cool down by the weekend. notice the big difference in temperatures. we rebound quickly early next week. mi mike, you found some flashing lights. looking over here, flashing lights moving along the service area. and then i saw a lot of tapped brake lights. we see fewer tapping brake lights. it wasn't on the chp grid. the build for the dumbarton bridge, no slowing down 880 itself other than your normal build into union city. in the north bay this crash. an overturned vehicle reported. a number of other vehicles involved heading into napa.
6:53 am
this is jamming up the freeway off i-80 as well heading into the surface streets. the rest of the approach pretty standard with the bay bridge itself. the lighter build for the cash lanes off to the left. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:53. happening now animal rights activists angry over a new decision in peru. bullfighting will stay legal there. a court rejected a plea to ban bulls and cockfighting. they wanted to punish the practice with up to five years in prison. peru has over 500 bull fights a year, more than any other country in latin america. coming up a quick look at the top stories including the very latest on the coronavirus cris crisis. the possible first of its kind case and how the port of oakland is bracing for a possible economic impact because of the virus. and waiting for a crucial court
6:54 am
decision in the pg&e bankruptcy case. wildfire victims could lose out.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
sacramento. it is the focus of a national concern because it involves a coronavirus patient being treated there who became sick in solano county. they believe this is the first case of a person exposed within the community and not from outside the u.s. or from contact with anyone who traveled overseas. this person never went to asia. the port of oakland tells us it expects 23 container ships to cancel in part due to the outbreak in china. a look at stanford university, one of several bay area universities and colleges now suspend ining or changing i study abroad program. san francisco leaders will listen to concerns being raised about an apparent assault posted online that's now gone viral. many saw this video of a man assaulted and robbed of his recycling cart. this happened over the weekend in the bayview.
6:58 am
the victim has now been identified. police are investigating. today mayor london breed will join supervisors and other community leaders at a neighborhood event near where this happened at 2:00 p.m. 6:57. a bankruptcy judge says he'll soon likely issue a ruling whether fema and other agencies can tap into the planned $13 billion fund for wildfire vix. agencies are arguing they're owed $4 billion for wildfire response efforts. the judge heard arguments yesterday from attorneys and wildfire victims. it comes as the clock is ticking down on pg&e's plan to emerge from bankruptcy on july 1st. our making it in the bay focusing in fremont where more rvs are popping up near the tesla factory and this is the same area where the city tried to force out homeless rv owners with boulders and no parking signs. they report the city is giving
6:59 am
people one month to vacate permanently. councilmembers are trying to find secure sites in the parking lot behind fremont city hall. the dow jones industrial average down 533 points. the markets opened not even half an hour. rattled by coronavirus concerns. we'll continue to watch that. this morning a last look at the forecast before you head out. you can leave the sweater out. >> temperatures head towards 80 degrees. a big cooldown for weekend. >> what about traffic out there? >> the live shot has shown no other problems after it cleared. a pleasant, lighter drive. all right. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. join us for our midday newscast
7:00 am
at 11:00. much more news as well as talking about the coronavirus concerns and how it's affecting many areas throughout the bay area. a live look for you right now at stanford university. another known case. why that first has health officials so concerned as the vice president is put in charge of the u.s. response. >> we're ready to do whatever we have to, as the disease spreads, if it spreads. overnight, an unprecedented step to contain the outbreak. japan shutting down all schools across the nation. we'll have the very latest. mass shooting. >> i


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