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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 2, 2020 5:00am-5:58am PST

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guard recently let go opened we need to be prepared for a fire at the mall. one person was shot and taken to the hospital in stable potential pandemic. day by day we see the wend for opportunity closing. condition. kris. we're following new >> right now, new concerns of developments in the coronavirus outbreak as well. the coronavirus outbreak with word of a new death and more including at last the chance to cases across the country and return home for dozens of people who were quarantined here in the right here in the bay area. we have live team coverage on bay area but who live elsewhere. the race to contain the virus. plus the embarrassing moment plus a democratic shake-up over the weekend for oprah and ahead of super tuesday. officially hitting the us. man: the markets are plunging it was all caught on camera. two presidential candidates now for a second straight day. dropping out of the race. vo: health experts that is coming up next. he might have just seen the warn the us is underprepared. commercial for one of them. what that means if you cast your managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. vote early smoo and this in the aftermath of 9-11, morning, working to ease the he steadied and rebuilt housing crisis here in the bay america's largest city. between the gorgeous sights, area. the tech giant investing oversaw emergency response to amazing food and diverse millions into affordable natural disasters. housing. upgraded hospital preparedness every day, on every newscast, "today in the bay" continues we break down the housing to manage health crises. right now. and he's funding cutting edge and good monday morning to you. crisis, meet the people fighting thanks for starting with us research to contain epidemics. for survival and find real right here. tested. ready. solutions. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for "making it in the bay," every mike: i'm mike bloomberg laura garcia today. and i approve this message. day, every newscast on nbc bay area. and we want to look at that weather forecast. there is a big difference in the temperature depending on where you are this morning. some people are freezing their tootsies off. >> in the south county it was 34
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but all because of the wind advisory in effect for the bay area hills. this continues until tomorrow morning. and this will also cause an elevated fire risk. something we don't normally talk about in early march. but it is been so dry. and then here is a quick look at temperatures. 34 in san martin and 54 in ♪ oakland. we'll talk more about that and, mike, you're seeing slowing in two spots. >> the first one i didn't expect protect your pet with the #1 name in to see this much develop over the last three minutes. flea and tick protection. i thought we would see clearing frontline plus. as we were doing the trusted by vets for nearly 20 years. introduction to the 5:00 hour but we've seen the fast track lanes fill in. frontline plus. vomike bloomberg has a recordgue we may have the metering lights of doing something. on earlier than your typical as mayor, he protected women's monday. we'll watch for t reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. is the back up there and another and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. incident of slowing near whipple. as president, he'll build on back to you. obamacare, cap medical costs, about 150 people quarantined by the coronavirus outbreak are hours away from being released and will always protect a woman's right to choose. from travis air force base. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody buses will transport the last
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wave of passengers who were once central valley... can argue about. we )re learning more about a fie mike: i'm mike bloomberg . a developing story in the and i approve this message. quarantined on the cruise ship off the japan coast. central valley. we're learning more about a fire >> also other developments, in modesto that killed a health leaders are confirming the first cases in new york, in toddler. firefighters say six other florida and rhode island. all but one are tied to foreign people were also hurt. that happened on saturday. travel. that brings the total number of the "modesto bee" spoke with one u.s. cases to at least 88. neighbor who shaw the smoke and ran to try to help people out. a second person died overnight in washington state at the same two victims had to be rescued by it's more than just fast. facility where the first person firefighters. the cause of fire is under it keeps all your devices running smoothly. died. those were the only two u.s. investigation. new details in the explosive with built-in security that protects your kids... coronavirus deaths to this report suggesting deputies matter what they're up to. shared graphic photos of victims point. bay area health leaders last it protects your info... night reported five new cases in in the crash of kobe bryant's ...and gives you 24/7 peace of mind... three bay area counties. and we do have team coverage helicopter. ...that if it's connected, it's protected. this morning. a report left bryant's widow "today in the bay's" trayce pots vanessa devastated and one even that that pet-camera thingy. deputy showed off the graphic [ whines ] can your internet do that? images at a neighborhood bar and xfinity xfi can because it's... is live. >> but first we're in san jose sources say the sheriff's ...simple, easy, awesome. department tried to squash the [ barking ] where two of the patients are story before it got out ordering being treated. so bob, do with we know how the deputies to delete the photos and promising they with would people contracted the virus? not face disciplinary action. >> reporter: marcus and kris, in once the article was published some cases yes. source does tells that you were the department announce an
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just alluding to, there are two all new this morning, u.s. investigation. ali raiseman is speaking patients in the intensive olympic gold medallist ali about the team u.s. settlement patient care here and in santa with sexual abuse survivors raisman is speaking out about the proposed settlement with the clara county there are three new cases of coronavirus. larry nassar who is serving a sexual abuse survivors of larry the first a woman with chronic health conditions. the second and third a husband nassar. >> he is serving sentence. and wife who recently traveled 175-year prison sentence. and she along simone biles fear county now has seven ally and simone biles fear it will cover up important that the settlement will cover total covid-19 cases and two information they believe could up important information that more new cases here minute bay prevent something like this from will prevent something like this area. one in alameda county which from happening again. prompted that county to declare a publicho happening again. >> i am heartbroken that this is >> i am heartbroken still going on for many reasons this is still going on for many reasons for the survivors, for for the survivors, for the gym the gymnasts competing. attended to a coronavirus patient who is being treated at the north bay vacavalley it is absolutely -- it just been dragging on for way too long and hospital in vacaville. yi -- for the gymnasts competing it is just not right. both workers were enough to and it is just not right. >> see more of the exclusive >> to see more of the exclusive interview on the "today" show interview on the "today" show this morning. right after "today in the bay." require hospitalization. next, new coronavirus cases but they had the misfor the when it comes to making it around the country and here in underlying of -- the miss in the bay, real estate company the baywhat we know about those red fin said the home supply is at the lowest point in seven fortune of treating the patient in such a way that the virus was years. quarantined. the result is that buyers are able to pass to them. plus some say google is falling short when it comes to going to extreme lengths to buy >> reporter: the two newly housing for the proposed a home. some people putting as much as
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diagnosed health care workers downtown san jose campus and why 50% down. were among 93 who came into housing advocates are calling i don't know how they could do contact with the patient. that. others accepting the house as is she was not tests because she the current plans a potential had recently raveled to china, missed opportunity. without inspections. we're talking about the patient. agents now estimate multiplethe nor did she had any contact with someone who had but after a few sales in the bay area. days her condition deteriorated new this morning, san and sent to uc davis in francisco is about to receive sacramento where she eventually millions of dollars to create a tested positive for covid-19 and new water front park. in 2018 voters approved a grantn hundreds of health care workers are now under quarantine and because of her case the cdc has industrial lot in the indian changed criteria for testing. live in san jose, bob redell, 10-acre park will "today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. include docks and lighted bike leaders on capitol hill are closely monitoring the growing path and observation deck over outbreak. today the president is planning to meet with pharmaceutical restored marsh lands. the city is looking into new affordable housing nearby or extending the park. companies a from the looks it, oakland may have a hard time finding the companies at the white house. >> tracie potts has more on the next chief of police. keeping the virus from at least that is what insiders tracie? are suggesting. the police collision, you might >> reporter: what we're hearing is that the president now wants remember two weeks ago, abruptly to retest people when they land we'll keep building smarter suv's. in the u.s. in addition to fired chief anne kirkpatrick testing before they ever get on to help keep you focused on the road ahead. without cause. a plane and he is meeting with leaders are now encouraging
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the pharmaceutical executives today to try to get them to fast potential replacements to track a vaccine. and. the road beside. boycott citing what they call is running the department by washington state announced did we mention the road ahead. committee. larry reid tells the east bay overnight that one more victim with coronavirus has died. with an available best in class. times he agrees suggesting that epa estimated combined fuel economy a man in his 70s with underlying and the technology to practically park itself. health problems. the first u.s. victim, a man in apply. they say that the department has his 50s also from washington this is the reimagined 2020 ford escape. strong internal candidates. state. oprah is making light of a officials believe he caught the virus through community contact. stumble she took on stage during the vision tour in los angeles. more than 70 people in the u.s. have now been diagnosed. >> she was talking about including the first cases in new wellness and balance right before she fell. york and rhode island. >> at all times -- both traveled to affected countries. >> the risk here in rhode island at this point is low. >> wrong shoes. and we have been preparing for >> don't worry about it. this for weeks. oprah is okay. she wasn't seriously hurt. >> reporter: vice president but it tends to happen these pence tells "meet the press" the days. cdc is helping local authorities the fall made it into the meme that is now going viral on figure out who else may have been exposed. >> for the average american, the social media. she even posted on instagram risk does remain low. we're ready. she's taking self care time and >> reporter: the trump icing the leg. administration said 150,000 test oprah said she's a little sore kits will be available in the but thanks her followers for all next two weeks. of the well wishes.
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but they're concerned about a >> i posted this on my facebook shortage of face masks for page because that made me think health care workers who need of the times that i've fallen so them. >> people running out and buying your most embarrassing stumble. face masks, that is not needed. and the technology to practically park itself. vo:untrue attacks againstve, that is not indicated. mike bloomberg. so if you're on taifacebook, lee we don't recommend it. bloomberg has been praised by >> president trump tweets that president obama. travellers from high risk obama: he's been a leader know. right now at 6:00 for you. countries will now also be throughout the country for the >> we need to prepare for a past twelve years. screened when they arrive in the mr. michael bloomberg potential pandemic. is here. u.s. vo: mike worked with president day by day we see the window for democrats are pushing back on obama to combat gun violence and the president calling fears opportunity closing. improve public education. about the coronavirus a hoax. >> five more cases just as president, he'll work to >> this idea, first, that it was combat inequality by launching a confirmed in the bay area. this morning a live team new initiative to spur african coverage for you on what is being done to stop the spread of american and latino a hoax or that it was minimal or homeownership d coronavirus. plus super tuesday surprise. that people shouldn't talk about growth. and he'll beat the a field of democratic it is all wrong. divider in chief. that is what happened in china. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg presidential candidates is they tried to push it under the and i approve this message. thinning as two more drop out over the weekend. rug. >> reporter: the administration you might have missed it. plans an update this afternoon. it happened so fast. what happens if you already tracie potts, nbc news, voted for one of them? washington. >> so you have a lot of and a wind advisory thousand in place in parts of the bay questions about the coronavirus good morning and thanks for even now and these are some of joining us on this monday. area. where you really need to hang on the questions that you've been i'm i'm in for laura garcia. to your hats this morning. sending to us all weekend. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's start with the topic of "today in the bay" continues all right. here we go. the first day of the week. virus transmission. right now. >> thanks for joining us on this people are asking if household it is monday. >> yeah. >> we're are ready to go. monday morning. items could play a role and and we'll bring in meteorologist i'm kris sanchez. i'm in for laura garcia. right now the cdc said there is kari hall are a look at the >> and i'm marcus washington. no evidence that coronavirus and we're just talking about could be transmitted from soft forecast. hopefully something to be happy that wind there. about. >> i think the forecast is good when you get outside it could be
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services like fabric or carpet through the week. a scary situation. to couch. and as we had a chilly weekend especially if you have to hold however, we know that viruses in on to t with high winds it is still general can live on hard surfaces like a doorknob or breezy this morning but we'll keyboard for a few hours so have a warmer day. a live look outside in san wiping these things down with a francisco. if you're about to step out of disinfect ant is a good idea. the door, prepare for another windy day. you don't need anything fancy. and temperatures going from the a gallon of watt we are a mid-50s to 60s at noon. tablespoon of bleach will do the trick. a look at high temperatures. and the treatment option. so far no specific anti-viral reaching 71 in antioch and in treatment for the coronavirus san jose. even the ones for the 72 in oakland. and 73 in santa rosa. we'll get a look ahead to the they are not working. so it is recommended that those weekend coming up. showing symptoms take a lot of and mike is checking on the fluids and reduce their fever with medicine like tylenol or tri-valley crash. >> i am. in redwood city we have another. advil. in some cases folks are placed and you saw the sensors around the bay. light right now. on supplemental oxygen in the but building for the tri-valley, serious cases but a note to highway 84 and 680 joining in remember, 80% of the cases are sunol and you see mild, which is why you're slowing approaching mission hearing about people isolating boulevard and blocked by two at home and not going to the pickup trucks there. no injuries but that is the hospital. it is like the flu. start for the commute and the you could get it bad and i get start for slowing. it mild. and we continue with the slowing so if you have any more questions about the virus that you would like to track down sbo answers for, message me on south 101 at whipple because of a crash there blocking one lane
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social media and we'll get toz as well. back to you. answers for you. well let's get started with new developments in the also around the globe, new coronavirus outbreak. travel warnings are in effect the first cases are now being and more flights are being confirmed in three more states on the east coast, new york, suspended. you could find full details at florida and rhode island, >> thanks, kris. bringing the total number of now to decision 2020 and the u.s. cases to at least 88. field of democratic contenders also overnight, a second american has died who was is suddenly thinner ahead of sickened at the same washington tomorrow's super tuesday. state facility, this is with pete buttigieg has suspended his where the first u.s. death was reported. now here is a look at map where campaign despite winning the wa caucus. the current cases are being held he had a poor showing in there in the red. and in the bay area there are saturday's south carolina primary. five new cases of coronavirus. he said his goal now is to unify a source telling nbc bay area the democratic party against president trump. that two patients are in bay area billionaire tom steyer intensive care at good samaritan hospital. drops out of the race following this is in san jose. his disappointing primary now we have team coverage for finish. you this morning. if you voted early and selected nbc bay area sharon ka a candidate who now dropped out, tough luck if you want the where some quarantine travelers are ready to go home. chance for your vote to be but first we go to "today in the counted. california does not allow do-overs. and the latest polls show bay's" bob redell live outside bernie sanders holding a of good samaritan hospital. double-digit lead among california voters. some are also ready to go home but it is a long road for them, the college poll was taken before this weekend's bob, right?
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departures. >> reporter: alluding to, the it gives sanders 37% and 21% support for joe biden and sources tell us two patients are elizabeth warren tracking in in intensive care here at good third with 16%. samaritan hospital behind me here in san jose. and on our website, it it is a not clear when they would be good source to prepare you to released as you mentioned, five cast your ballot. we have a complete voter guide new cases overnight or over the for you. weekend here in the bay area. highlighting issues in every three of the cases are here in county. just go to santa clara county. we know one case is a woman who guide. so from the looks of it back has chronic health conditions here in home, oakland may have a and the second and third are a husband and wife who both hard time replacing the former recently travelled to egypt. police chief and finding the santa clara county now has seven next one. at least that is what insiders are suggesting. the police commission two weeks covid-19 cases. the other cases are in alameda and solano counties. ago abruptly fired anne both are health care workers who had attended to a coronavirus kirkpatrick without cause and national leaders are encouraging patient being treated at north replacement to boycott citing bay vacavalley hospital in what they call running the department byy approach. vacaville. at kaiser in oakland, administrators have cleared out larry reed tells the east bay times that he agrees suggesting a entire floor in case patients need to be put in isolation. that potential replacements the floor has ten rooms primed would be crazy to apply. for an outbreak, staff is the department has strong internal candidates. running drills using mock apple officially launching a patients and kaiser said it has
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been preparing for a outbreak new fund today. it said that it will help people for months and now the only trying to make it in the bay. concern is shortages of masks it is called the apple affordable housing fund and it and respirators because of shipping delays and act ty flu involved a $150 million grant season and that advice out there meant to help find solutions to that they are asking you, unless the housing crisis. you are -- if you are healthy now this is part of apple's not to be hoarding the masks. commitment to pledge at least $2 billion. this is to help the bay area bob redell, "today in the bay." create more affordable housing. >> thank you, bob. good news this morning for the last of the cruise ship that group housing trust silicon passengers still quarantined at valley is working with apple and travis air force base. it looks like they get to go said that the grant gives developers a better chance to home today. obtain loans for affordable "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live at travis with the plans and where they're heading next. they have to be very happy to be housing projects. developers have until the end of march to submit their proposal released, sharon. to obtain grant money. >> reporter: absolutely, kris. we're hearing a lot of information from the cdc this 5:10 this morning. morning. and let's take a look at the they're telling us that buses should be leaving here from the forecast. and kari starting out cold it in main gate this morning in the some places. next few hours. >> cold in some spots but other areas like oakland where it is now about 140 people who were windy, those temperatures are stuck at travis air force base staying up as that wind rushes for the last two weeks, they're by. as we take a live look, we're quarantine lifts today. the group was the last wave of starting out with a shaky camera. you may still want to grab the repatriated passengers from the heavier jacket because the cool winds makes it feel cooler. diamond princess. passengers will be taken by bus
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as we go through the day, taking to sfo so they could return home off the jacket as we warm up but we're trying to confirm that destination with the media into the upper 60s. contact this is morning. here is a look at the highs. another group left on buses to reaching into the low 70s for sfo and sacramento sarpt from the inland areas. we'll get a look at wind travis a few weeks ago and they forecast coming up. were the group that came wuhan, and now mike has a crash in redwood city. >> this is southbound 101 at whipple. right in the construction zone area. it doesn't involve a china. t construction personnel or the cdc tells me a dozen more truck as far as i understand. passengers from the cruise will no major injuries but damage to remain on the base for various the truck involved. reasons. and i just saw go from red to those who are leaving today never tested positive for the orange to yellow, we're coronavirus and they had to pass improving speeds there may have two negative tests to be cleared been a quick traffic break as a tow truck arrived -- more to leave today. reporting live from travis air force base, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> thank you, sharon. slowing. we'll continue to follow the one sharon is out there through the lane and the bay bridge toll morning. also a new coronavirus plaza does have a back-up but headline. the potential impact on homeless starting to move about the time we should see the metering lights. back to you. >> thanks, mike. populations all around the bay and so an embarrassing area. the california department of public health is warning that people living in encampment are moment for oprah caught on camera. at higher risk of being infected you have to see it. we have the vid know. ahead at 5:25, kobe bryant's according to the mercury news.
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unsheltered people don't have wife slams the handle of the access to soap and water or hand helicopter crash and disturbing new allegations against the sanitizer and it is hard to avoid close contact with other sheriff's department. people. the state health department and at 6:30 the markets will nonprofits say they are open we think higher but up why monitoring encampments all over next the fed interest rate cut the state to make sure they are prepared should the virus spread may not help. and want to get away for spring break. into the homeless encampment. we'll follow this story all day the private island that may be perfect perfect for you and long. nbc bay area is in constant fabulous friends. contact around the bay area. we'll show you where you could rent it. when we get new information we post it online so keep an eye on the home page throughout the between the gorgeous sights, amazing food and diverse cultures, you love the bay area. day. firefighters are not saying but you don't love the traffic, what sparked a warehouse fire high-priced homes and seeing our over the weekend in the bay neighbors struggle. view. so let's find a way to make you could see the aftermath of the fire. this happened on saturday at things better. nbc bay area news presents "making it in the bay." every day, on every newscast, taland street and evans. we break down the housing crisis, meet the people fighting no one was injured. for survival and find real a second person in solutions. connection with this viral video "making it in the bay," every is in custody. the man you see here was robbed day, every newscast on nbc bay area. of his recycling materials last month in the bay view district man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. and just terrorized by the vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. people. jonathan anderson now faces several charges which include
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managing a crisis is what elder abuse and investigators mike bloomberg does. now believe he targeted the same in the aftermath of 9-11, man a few months ago. he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. silicon valley affordable housing advocates say google's plan for a new downtown san jose oversaw emergenc to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge campus could to girth when -- c research to contain epidemics. further when it comes to new tested. ready. homes. they want to add 6,000 new homes mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. around diridon station. but a group called sv at home ...doesn't mean you got to spend a lot! because denny's brought back the super slam™. tells mercury news some 10,000 with eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and pancakes. more homes could be added on 60 or so acres all for just $6.99. accounted for. city leaders plan to look closer the $6.99 super slam™ is back! at the possible options. see you at denny's! new details in the number of pedestrians killed on our how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. roadways across the country. the number is on the rise. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. according to numbers released by streaming services without changing passwords and input. the governor of highway safety live sports - with real-time stats and scores. association, more than 6,000 access to the most 4k content. pedestrians were killed last and your movies and shows to go. year which is a 5% increase over the year before. in january san jose approved the best tv experience is the best tv value. $7 million for pedestrian safety
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in san francisco and city officials are looking at options as well. you might remember one of of the xfinity x1. options was shutting down a stretch of market street which recently went car-less. mike. >> we heard numbers come in. good news so far. overall pretty good drive right now. we're looking at slowing build for the tri-valley. unexpectedly slow approaching mission boulevard south 680 right here because of the crash blocking the slow lane. on the peninsula, we zoom into south 101 also unexpectedly slow approaching whipple. now there is an overnight crew clear for the southbound side in the area an earlier crash still tied up the slow lane so watch for that south of 92, toward the bay bridge is fine, the metering lights are on as standard at the toll plaza. >> thank you, mike. we want to get a look at the weekend weather in case you didn't have enough fun this weekend. >> this upcoming weekend looks good. still dry. and temperatures cool as well. let's get a look at the seven-day forecast. you could see the trend.
5:15 am
right now at 5:14, high as we go through the middle of winds over the weekend. the week, temperatures go up but we're coming back down between up to 72 miles per hour on mount saint helena. saturday and sunday and we'll still again today very windy. see more clouds moving in. we'll talk about that coming up even a slight chance of rain in less than five minutes. along the coast but most of us and over here, fremont will won't see any of those showers. hold steady. and the rain will be very light. looking at the truck scales picking up business there. but if you're heading north, maybe going to shasta trinity but the freeway holds, headlights going south on silicon valley and checking on national forest expect the the slowing on the peninsula, chance to see rain and snow the crash in redwood city coming mixing in as temperatures there up. and good morning, very happy reach into the low 50s. if santa cruz is in your weekend monday to you. coronavirus dominating our plans, it is going to be cooling off there as well. so expect a high temperature to financial news. twitter has told employees avoid all travel, domestic, only reach the upper 50s from friday through sunday. international. i'll be watching that forecast american airlines feeling the for you and we'll talk about pressure, down 7% on friday. today's south bay temperature i'll get to them in a minute. trend coming up in three but first let's hear from the minutes. >> thanks, kari. 5:39 this morning. vice president who told chuck and privacy fears over facial todd the economy is strong. >> the fundamentals in this recognition software are again economy are strong and as the taking center stage. president said yesterday, we're going to focus on the health of next here on "today in the bay," the person people andy will and a california police department answers to the claims it used a massive data base that takes by the stock market that -- that
5:16 am
saw some downturns this week, it will come back. court you can't do that. but our focus is going to remain i'll walk you through it. on the health and well being of plus a newborn and her the american people. northern california father is >> now there is talk the fed might liar interest rates by as defying the odds. the one thing they share in birthdays that you have a hard much as half a percent and even time finding anywhere else. coordinate with other countries central banks for a worldwide cut. let us be clear about this, an interest rate cut will help the economy recover, but it probably will not do much to help the economy currently. yes, wall street futures are definitely trading higher this morning on the news. but lower interest rates don't bring ships that are anchored off the shore of chinese ports into port. they're not going to do it at any interest rate level. would lower interest rates convince you to buy an airline ticket? maybe. but fed rates are not directly connected to credit card rates. american airlines, by the way, saying buy a ticket and if you change your mind later, no harm, no foul, no change fee. ♪ dramatic choir music
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and the gamers conference in san francisco has been officially ♪ dramatic choir music canceled or delayed any way. we were suspecting that would happen after major companies dropped out. the south by southwest is still ♪ dramatic choir music onwier dropped out because of the policy i just told you about. the conference is in austin, texas. and i was just talking with the member of the board meanwhile, it's the rush of relaxation. is in san francisco for a conference and it is still on introducing the all-new lincoln corsair. but people were saying at the hotel lobby are sparse. you could get a parking spot in the city. >> that is saying something. ...doesn't mean you got to spend a lot! >> in the city this weekend. because denny's brought back the super slam™. >> it was. i was up in the city as well and with eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage and pancakes. its was quiet. >> finding a parking spot is a all for just $6.99. big one. >> now you know things are the $6.99 super slam™ is back! serious. 5:17 this morning. see you at denny's! and new, at&t launching what you may even call direct tv 2.0. so this service will not involve installing the satellite dish on your rooftop. instead it is an internet delivered service with most of the same options as direct tv with which for more than a year
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has been losing customers. free android streaming tv box and it includes netflix and other streaming apps. this one is trending all over social media. stumble she took on stage. my sons were in their teens. when i came home from prison this is during her v in los angeles. talking about w so i got involved in juvenile justice, i didn't want them to go through the same thing i went through. michael bloomberg created and balance right before she the young men's initiative. fell. in helping keep other young men >> at all times -- oh! and young women from entering into the criminal justice system. and we see it, we see it in young people being employed. >> she didn't just fall a little we see young people bit. she went all the way down. being removed out the system. oprah is okay. running for president, and she was chuckling about it what better platform for him to speak about real justice, herself. but it tends to happen these real reform. days. it was made into a meme i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. that is going around on social media. she posted on instagram that she's doing some self care by icing her leg. she's a little sore but thanked right now at 5:42 let's get her followers for all of the get well wishes. oh, my goodness. you out of the door in well trend this is morning, cupertino. if you want to take your a lot more sunshine today. vacation to the next level, rent and we're at 70 degrees at 3:00.
5:19 am
out an entire island. a little bit warmer than if you have a lot of kids. yesterday. we'll talk about a warming trend that is good idea. and some high winds in the this airbn forecast in less than five philippines. brother island is located in the minutes. winds but no advisory for provinen the san mateo bridge. there is one for the bay bridge. bedrooms so you could invite 15 another issue for the bay bridge of your closest friends and the down the east freeway and we'll listing comes with house temperaturing and transportation have a new crash and get you the to and from the island and it is latest coming up. coronavirus is the top about trending topic on nbcbayarea.comment anbcbayarea.m professional development. >> i think so, too. >> that might be the place where and i'm trying to research and bring you answers. at 6:00 i'll talk about what you hideout from the household items could easily coronavirus, too. pick up the virus and what is >> as long as we get some being revealed options for peop showing symptoms. they'refying moments as a coronas in. >> divide that by 15 people. man drived a van into a crowd >> let's get ready to head out of the door this morning. north of san diego outside of a we do have already a wide range bar. this is where people were in temperatures and some breezy waiting in line. witnesses detained that driver. winds. this is a look at your view in police say that that man was asked to leave the bar earlier walnut creek. because he was so intoxicated. it is a clear start to this morning. we have upper 40s he nowempted murder charges. temperature-wise and then warming up into the upper 60s by investigators are trying to
5:20 am
figure out more about the man who stormed into a southern noon. fast warm-up today and warmer than yesterday. as we reach 72 in oakland. california catholic church before he was then shot and killed. this happened yesterday. santa rosa will see a high there of 73 degrees. it was in between masses in 70 in palo alto. and san francisco reaching 67 santa ana which is down in orange county. there were 15 parishioners degrees. let's talk about the wind. because it was very windy. especially saturday. inside at time. one was able to slip out and still breezy yesterday and then as we look at today's wind speed flag down police. the gunman started shooting as forecast, showing that mostly officers arrived. for the hills and the coastal nobody else in the church was hurt. san diego police are also areas, where we do still have responding to reports that the department used facial recognition software under fire t wind advisory our winds are 35 from civil liberties groups. to 40 miles per hour and higher >> now as "today in the bay" toward the north and east and told you last week, a new we'll see some of the high winds buzzfeed ex pose linked to clear due to high pressure in control across the region. with a nearby area of low view ai and that company is pressure that is moving away assembling billions ofor from us. so that produced some of the sierra snow. and also some southern facial recognition data base and california rain. hackersthe san diego police dep for us, we missed out on that rain and then here we go back is among the clients on the into more dry weather as high pressure continues to build over the next few days. list. the san mateo county sheriff's as we go into the middle of the office was also listed. week, this is when high pressure a legal expert said law needs to
5:21 am
will be right overhead and our catch up to the new technology. >> if it is going to be used, temperatures will spike. but then after that once that which is a big if, it should be used with strict policies and moves on we'll get cold fronts moving in. procedures. even slight rain chances by the there needs to be both judicial end of the weekend. but we'll have a better chance oversight and there needs to be of rain by the end of next week. a conversation about whether we're okay with this kind of so not a lot of rain in the power. >> san diego police did tell our sister station that they are no forecast. in fact, one computer model the longer using the technology and euro shows about a quarter inch are evaluating concerns over of rain or less. but then you compare that to the gfs, a different compute model ethics. coming up on a quarter to showing 2.5 inches of rain so they are just alland that is fo. 6:00, this morning the legal battle over funding for the president's border wall is heating up. the aclu is asking a bay area this week we're dry and temperatures warm up. reaching the mid-70s for the judge to stop drutrump from inland areas by wednesday. and then cooling down slightly for the weekend. mike, you've got some building the wall at the u. adjustments at the toll plaza. the chp report now said the metering lights are registered on. and that is why we're starting u.s./mexico border. to see everything move more they could use it to build 100 slowly. so there was continued flux for miles of border wall in arizona, the last 20 minutes and not new mexico and california. early metering lights. so that is a good flow of and the head of immigration traffic over here. can't be the head of
5:22 am
but once you get to the toll immigration. >> scott mcgrew continues our coverage. plaza, the metering lights are it is an interesting twist. >> it is. on and building off the berkeley the president and the department of homeland security did curve with the incline showing shuffling around to make it possible for ken kucuccinelli t more slowing. contra costa county looks great. take you to the peninsula. southbound 101, i keep seeing be the direct of homeland the speed sensors flux between security but a court has said he green and orange and red slowing did not take the immigration job legally, that there were laws approaching the south 101 at that prevented just anybody from moving up the chart and his bh -- appointment from the white house at whipple. chp is changing shifts so a violated the federal vacancy couple of left and a couple are reform act. arriving and we still have now there are two big takeaways construction in the zone south of whipple. on this. so watch that. but the crash at 680 and the one, becausinely was not legally mission is blocking only the slow lane. in charge, the things he ordered back to you. >> thanks, mike. when itm void. 5:22 this morning and deadly inferno. next on "today in the bay," a central valley fire leaves one how did the white house respond. child dead. the courts say he can't sit details on the rescue by firefi behind the desk and run the agency. does he show up today to run the plus gold medallist alley agency. how will the white house respond to the courts? riseman voices frustration over the president said he'll a proposed new settlement in the nomination john ratcliffe as the team ausa gymnastic scandal. director of national intelligence. this is the second time mr.
5:23 am
trump has tapped ratcliff. woman: the deadly corona virus the first white house realized it probably won't make it through senate confirmation because of his lack of experience. we'll see if had they could make a second run. but he has to get past the senate intelligence committee first. and that seems like a tough road even though that committee is a majority of republicans. on saturday the president and his team addressed the nation with the latest updates on coronavirus. >> this is no reason to panic at all. this is something that is being handled professionally. >> dr. anthony fauci cleared up a misunderstanding. he's there on the to clear his public statements through the white house. so here is fauci under the buttons that i use at that press conference. fauci said he told the press after pence had been appointed, to head the fight on coronavirus, he and the white house had agreed he should
5:24 am
withdraw from appearing from some tv shows to make way for the vice president. not that he wasn't allowed to speak without permission. they're not muzzling me, he said. we're watching everything in washington. you heard about the two appointments. coronavirus always the top headline. follow me on twitter @scott mcgrew. >> scott, thanks. new technology to tell you about this morning at sacramento airport. it could get you through security faster. now the reports -- the sac bee said you won't have to show a boarding pass to get through tsa instead they will scan licenses or real i.d. to see if they are on the list of passengers for the flight. tsa said the new system will help speed up the security lines, well this month the technology will be in airports nationally. right now you could use your driver's license but by october you will no longer be required -- or you will be required to have that real i.d. trending this morning, a
5:25 am
little girl and her father from northern california are defying the odds. >> so this little gal here is baby camilla. she was born saturday, february 29th in carmichael. not only she was born on leap day but her dad yvonne pena was a leap day baby as well. the hospital posted theook. the odds of being born on a leap day are one in 2.1 million. and chances of having a dad born on leap day too, exponential i would say. >> already a daddy's little girl. new video this morning if the recent university of kentucky grad that outstanding student loans. take a look at. >> that you saw that shot. pretty cool. >> this happened during yesterday's game in lexington. crowd went wild. he went nuts. the local radio station there said he made it on his first attempt. even though he had three chances and he won $10,000.
5:26 am
they should have let him do it three more times then. >> knocking that student loan down. and one, two -- look at that. that was a good shot. nothing but net. >> nice. >> come play for the warriors. >> i thought you were talking about your son's team. >> they lost by a nail biter. >> oh, man. >> but good season. >> good season. >> good coaching. i hear. >> i'm not coaching any more, so yes. that is why they won this season. >> i try to suck up. all right. kari, good day to play some three on three maybe outside. >> head outside because i think a lot of us were inside over the weekend when it was cold and windy. now it is still going to be windy today. giving you, as you throw up the ball, a little bit of a curve as you wait for it go into the hoop. we'll see winds at times picking up to 45 miles per hours. and this is something we don't
5:27 am
normally have to talk about in early march, saying that we have a higher fire danger because we'll see for a lot of the hills all of the areas that are now shaded in that yellow color are winds picking up throughout today. and so as we go into the afternoon, we're looking at 25, 30, 40-mile-per-hour winds and some the highest gusts may be higher than that. we had a 72-mile-per-hour gust on mt. saint helena yesterday. now a lot of changes here. we have high pressure that kept it dry. the storm track still well to the north and also seen scatter showers across southern california due to the area of low pressure that brought the sierra some light snow. now that is moving away. high pressure is moving back in. again, when you have high pressure next to low pressure, that causes the air to move quickly. and we're going to see high pressure building over the next few days. warming up our temperatures. it will be in the upper 70s in the tri-valley. by the middle of the week, that quickly moves on and allows for cold fronts to roll in for the
5:28 am
weekend. may also bring in spotty light rain but it looks like by the middle of the next week we'll have a more significant chance of rain in the forecast. so most of our workweek, this , still looks dry as our temperatures warm up into the low to mid-70s. wednesday will be the peak in our temperatures and then coming down for the weekend, with some low 60s expected on saturday. mike, you have a couple of crashes now in contra costa county. >> i do. and the most significant one is on the upper east shore freeway. so that may be an issue for some folks head toward the bay bridge. it is not enough to keep it from the bay bridge. and the metering lights are on and the fast track are moving pretty well. no problems out of the maze. but in contra costa toward el part ol, the three left lanes blocked as chp arrives on scene. slow from highway 4 past el portal. now if you jump on in richmond you're okay around 580 and the maze you're okay.
5:29 am
and mild slowing into concord. and no slowing ons sensors sound 101 toward whipple, a couple of minutes ago a crash blocking a lane and it is clear as did the road crew. so northbound 101 toward whipple there mie be slowing as the crews clear. the rest of the bay shows a smooth drive. but in fremont the slowing still south 101 slowing down through pleasanton and then joining in through 84 toward mission boulevard where there is still a crash blocking the slow lane from the latest chp update. no major concern but that will add a couple of minutes on to yourat is a an easy drive into the south bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. breaking news out of the philippines. a hostage situation playing out sat a shopping mall in manila area. r security getting woren releas.
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