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tv   Today  NBC  March 2, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PST

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newscast at 11:00 testimonoday. the dow up 120 points off a tough week last week, the worst since the recession. we'll have more of that at midday as well. have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight, silent and deadly. news this morning, the coronavirus has been circulating undetected in the u.s. for weeks. a second american dies. new cases surface on the east coast. >> if you're starting to feel sick, don't go to work. don't go to school. >> the important decision the cdc just made on who can be tested. global impact. schools closed. flights canceled. even the famed louvre in paris shutting down. americans preparing. what works and what doesn't, this morning? bowing out. >> i'm making the difficult
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decision to suspend my campaign for the presidency. >> pete buttigieg ends his white house bid. how his sudden departure shakes up the race on the eve of super tuesday. all that, plus, inexcusable. kobe bryant's wife, vanessa, is outraged over the reports that law enforcement officials shared graphic photos of the crash site. breaking overnight, remembering a titan. jack welsh of general electric has died. ahead, his two decades in charge of the iconic brand he helped grow into the world's most valuable company. and age-old battle. >> zion. >> young rookie sensation, zion williamson, going toe to toe with nba legend lebron james. >> over zion. >> who came out on top in one for the ages? today, march 2nd, 2020.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today." it's nice to have you with us on a monday morning. if you're missing hoda, so are we. guess what? she's got the flu. we think she will be out until midweek. maybe longer. we're sending her our best wishes. >> get well, hoda. >> she did get the flu shot, by the way, for those wondering. we want to get to the breaking news, on the coronavirus this morning. >> a second death was announced overnight in the united states. a washington state man where the first victim died. new york city has its first confirmed case, as well. >> the cdc is set to expand testing. that would allow hundreds of labs to test for the coronavirus and identify potential patients, which could mean the numbers really skyrocket. >> americans preparing for the worst.
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major drug chains and supermarkets are struggling to keep items like hand sanitizer and bottled water on the shelves. >> we're covering every angle on this story, and there's a lot of developments to get to. let's start with nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer. miguel, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. as we approach 100 cases of coronavirus in the united states, 13 of them are here in washington state, including those two fatalities you mentioned. for several weeks, investigators say the virus may have been spreading across this area. this as they try to contain the outbreak. overnight in washington state, a second death linked to coronavirus. the victim, a man in his 70s, with underlying health conditions in the seattle area. the announcement comes one day after the first coronavirus death in the u.s. in the same state. a man in his 50s, also with underlying health conditions. this as researchers say a
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genetically similar strain of the virus may have been spreading in washington state undetected for nearly six weeks. the victim in his 70s, was a resident in this nursing home in seattle, where officials are investigating a possible outbreak, after six people here tested positive for the virus. now, more than 50 residents and staff are experiencing symptoms and awaiting testing. >> there's a staff member who livings here, so lots of concern, of course. >> reporter: in texas, fears of a potential public exposure, after one patient was released from a several week long quarantine. overnight, a lab test coming back positive for the virus. despite two prior negative test results. that person now back in quarantine again. with several schools closed today after concern infected employees or student may have been inside, so far, at least four u.s. coronavirus cases have
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been contracted through community spread. meaning none of the patients have traveled to a highly infected country or known to be in contact with someone who has the virus. the first, a woman at this sacramento hospital, is believed to have infected at least two health care workers that came into contact with her. now, the coronavirus is in at least 13 states, including a new case in new york confirmed overnight. a woman in her 30s, who lives in manhattan, and recently traveled to an infected area. the president looking to ease fears in a rare saturday press conference. >> our country is prepared for any circumstance. >> reporter: but as the virus spreads from coast-to-coast, the next challenge may be containing an outbreak. this morning, at some grocery stores and box stores across the country, there has been a run on of supplies from hand sanitizers to the masks, if they are available. later on today here in
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washington state, we hope to get an update from the governor and health officials about the coronavirus cases that are happening here. officials say they're trying to do all they can to contain the outbreak. an ambulance pulled up at the facility behind me. so far, good news, no one is coming out of the facility. we'll have more as it develops. savannah, back to you. >> miguel in the state of washington, leading us off. thank you very much. the spread of the coronavirus is having a major impact on some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. this morning, the louvre mau semiis closed for the second day in a row. and italy has an increase of cases there. bill neely is in milan for us. bill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. the mood matches the weather here. pretty grim, more deaths. in italy, churches are still closed. in france and germany, a dramatic spike in cases. and, for the first time, the
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number of cases worldwide, greater than 3,000. it's currently the world's most contagious virus and it shut down the world's most visited museum. at the louvre in paris, long lines but no entry. staff afraid. tourists worried. >> the virus has gone viral. >> reporter: cases have spiked in france. the health minister advising people not to kiss or shake hands when meeting. as president macron did days ago with italy's leader. in italy and germany, the infection rate doubled in nearly a day. nearly 1,600 cases and 34 dead. the world health organization advising anyone over 60 or with underlying conditions, that's hundreds of millions globally, to avoid crowded areas. >> day by day, we see the window of opportunity closing. >> reporter: in south korea, another huge surge of infections.
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the intientire population urged stay home. the leader of a religious sect apologizing today. two-thirds of the country's cases are linked to his group. the capital's mayor leveling murder charges against him. the pope has canceled today's annual retreat. he coughed and sneezed praying in rome sunday. the vat caican says he has a co not the virus. and voting in the election, a special polling space for voters who have been kwaquarantined. the caribbean has its first infection, an italian tours in the dominican republic. australia and thailand reporting their first deaths. in china, the lowest number of new cases in a month, one bright spot in a bleak crisis. more than 60 countries are now battling the virus. more than 60 countries. remember, many of those countries have just one or two
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cases. and most of the cases, in fact, 80%, are just mild infections. sometimes with no symptoms at all. globally, authorities are saying, don't panic. but they're also saying, these are critical days in battling the spread of this virus. guys, back to you. >> chief global correspondent bill neely there in milan. thank you. we're joined by dr. joseph fehr. he was on the front lines to contain the ebola outbreak in africa. doctor, good morning. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> the notion the cdc has lowered the criteria so more people can be tested to see if they have coronavirus, potentially, that means we could see the numbers really go high. that's the impact of that decision? >> that's presumably what we will see. undoubtedly, that's what we'll see. the more we test, the more we'll see. overnight, we've gone from two states to seven states with active cases, and those are being tested by local public health laboratories, yet to be confirmed by the cdc.
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>> a lot of the symptoms found are like the common cold, sounds like the flu. how can you determine who has coronavirus? who should be tested? >> you personally cannot because of the words you mentioned. you know, it is going to present just like the common cold. it is going to present just like the common flu. the thing to do is go to your primary care physician. get those ruled out. first of all, get your flu shot. that way, it helps us rule out flu to start with. go to your physician if you have the common cold. they'll test to see if it is the common form of coronavirus cold, because we're in the middle of cold and flu season, and that will raise the level. if you're negative for that but have the symptoms, it'd indicate you probably need to be tested for covid-19. >> there are reports that this virus can be asymptomatic. show no symptoms at all, that raises the specter of it. it can be here and people not knowing they have it. do you consider that to be a likely possibility? >> absolutely. just like with your common cold,
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there's mild to moderate. that's the majority of cases, mild to moderate. 50% to 20% is where we're seeing the severe illness, severe acute respiratory symptoms. >> if you're one of the people who i'm asking for a friend, who will live with the common cold and go to work and keep on trucking, is this the time if you have a cold, go to your doctor and get it ruled out? >> absolutely. it's more important than ever to do that. >> really quickly, dr. fair, what more should we be doing that we are not doing? trying to present the outbreak from continuing. >> it comes down to the individual. it's each of our responsibilities. use hand washing. increase that. use tissues for elevator butts -- opinion wipe down that seat. wipe down the tray table. when they clean the airplane, they're not disinfecting the airplane. >> do the masks work at all? on any level. >> they work but for health care professionals because we're trained in what we call infection prevention and
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control. the vast majority of people don't know how to use a regular surgical mask. it doesn't protect you from a respiratory illness. it is more to protect an open body of patients that are having surgery. >> dr. fair, thank you. appreciate it. pete buttigieg announced the end of his campaign after the disappointing show for him in south carolina. his exit could impact what happens at the polls tomorrow, super tuesday. nbc's senior correspondent andrea mitchell is here with more on all of that. good morning. >> good morning, so navannah. with pete buttigieg out, the field is narrowing, and this is a possible advantage for biden. biden's problem into super tuesday, he has very little money and organization in major states like california, where more than 2 million early voters already cast their ballots before his huge victory in south
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carolina. >> reporter: pete buttigieg dropping out after failing to make in roads with african-americans in south carolina, a signal he can't build the coalition he'd need to win the nomination. >> i will no longer seek to be the 2020 democratic nominee for president, but i will do everything in my power to ensure that we have a new democratic president come january. >> reporter: the former south bend, indiana, mayor signaling he made history being the first openly gay presidential candidate. >> whatever marks a kid out as different means they're destined to be less than. for someone who once felt that way, able to become an american presidential candidate with his husband at his side. >> reporter: the 55th anniversary this week of the historic march known as bloody sunday. one of the few survivors, congressman john lewis,
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appearing. >> vote like you've never, ever voted before. >> reporter: joe biden, fresh off his victory in south carolina, propelled by overwhelming support from black voters, reflecting on the lessons of selma. >> we cannot let our anger, when we gain power, rule us like it has the other party and this president. >> reporter: in contrast, mike bloomberg on the ballots to the first time tomorrow. facing a silent protest from nearly a dozen churchgoers, turning their backs on the former new york city mayor. criticized for the controversial stop and frisk police program, for which he has since apologized. >> every place, i have tried to listen and i have tried to learn. >> you are making them very nervous. >> reporter: bernie sanders skipping alabama to rally supporters in california, the biggest super tuesday delegate prize. touting his campaign's $46 million fundraising haul in february. >> we have an excellent chance to win some of the largest states in this country.
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>> andrea, as we talk about this race, let's set up, i mean, how important super tuesday is. it is tomorrow night. 14 states. one u.s. territory holding primaries, including big ones. california, texas. 1,357 delegates up for grabs, more than a third of the total. here's where it stands. bernie sanders is in the lead with 63 delegates. at the moment, biden has 53 delegates. we know about biden's big win in south carolina. bernie sanders goes into super tuesday with momentum. he had the huge rallies. when you look at the number of people who turned out for him in places like california and massachusetts, he has the potential to really run up the score on super tuesday. biden has a path, but it is a narrow one. >> very narrow one. look, first of all, we don't know how mike bloomberg is going to do. this is the first time we're going to test him with voters. biden wants to turn this into a biden/sanders race coming out of super tuesday. the fact is, he was locked down in south carolina to win as big as he did there.
7:16 am
he has not campaigned in super tuesday states. he doesn't have a field organization. really, his path is to maybe get 20% in california, be competitive in texas, try to do well in massachusetts, do well in colorado, sweep the south. bernie sanders is doing well in massachusetts, possibly leading in massachusetts, where elizabeth warren's home state, and minnesota, amy klobuchar's home state. could be the end of their campaigns after super tuesday. >> a lot is at stake. we have real suspense tomorrow night. we'll see you tomorrow for our super tuesday coverage. bring you the results live as we get them. starts at 8:00/7:00 central. we'll be on until the wee hours. we have breaking news from the business world. jack welch, legendary former ceo of general electric, has died. jo ling kent joins us with a look at his legacy. what a legacy it was.
7:17 am
>> sure was, craig. good morning to you. jack welch, once called the manager of the century by "fortune" magazine in 1999. famous for his warmth and mentoring so many future business leaders. he died late last night. >> i'm jack welch, chairman and chief executive of general electric. >> reporter: born in 1935 to a working class family in massachusetts, jack welch would go on to work at general electric as a plastics engineer. he took reins of the manufacturing company and tur d ed it into a global leader in high-tech health care and media. he drove ge's value from $14 billion to more than $400 billion. a 4,000% increase. but he wasn't without critics. >> he was a hot-tempered guy. he had to rein some on that in. when it came to profits, he wanted to be number one. >> reporter: in 1986, welch
7:18 am
oversaw ge's purchase of nbc, later sold in 2011. throughout his tenure, he'd earn a nickname for cutting more than 100,000 jobs in his early days of running ge. by the end of his time at the top of ge, he was known less as a ruthless cost cutter and more for his dynamic management style. he had an eye for talent. he groomed many of today's top executives. then in 2001, before 9/11, he stepped down as the ceo of ge. welch sat down with nbc's anne thompson in 2001. >> will ge notice when jack welch walk s away? >> it is a family grocery store. now, there is a new guy running the grocery store. >> reporter: his retirement was anything but. he wrote several "new york times" well-selling books. >> you have to get everyone in the country around innovation and driving new growth. >> i think i'm going to jane up, too. who is better than him?
7:19 am
>> reporter: a pioneer who transformed business. >> a kid from salem, ending up with the greatest job in the world. trying to make $10,000 to live on. i had a great run. >> reporter: jo ling kent, nbc news. >> his wife said he died from renal failure. he was surrounded by his family and beloved dogs. the president tweeting this morning, there was no corporate leader like neutron jack. he was my friend and supporter. he will never be forgotten. craig? >> jo, thank you. let us head over to mr. roker for a look at the west coast weather. what are we looking at? >> we have a few watches and warnings. high wind advisories. we have high surf advisories. we have winter weather advisories stretching from san francisco to san diego. 50-mile-per-hour winds in the mountains. snow continues to move to the south.
7:20 am
as far as your western weather, showers in seattle. 49. l.a., sunshine, 74. l.a., sunshine, 74. denver, clouds and 49 degrees. ! [laughs] blue buffalo, huh? yeah, purina one? yeah. i use to feed purina one but i read the ingredients. oh yeah. yeah. it's right there. chicken, rice flour, corn gluten meal, whole grain corn, chicken by-product meal. what's in blue? deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal. yeah, but those ingredients cost a lot more. blue is about 25 cents more a day. that's not too much for my chester. [dog barks] good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside, in san francisco at the golden gate bridge, it is been a little windy out there at times. and the high winds will stay up today, especially bay area hills and along the coast. our temperatures reach the upper 60s there and some slow 70s for
7:21 am
the inland valley. and then through the week it continues to warm up as the winds calm down. by the weekend we'll be cooling down once again with more clouds moving in on saturday and upper 60s on sunday. and that is your latest weather. craig? >> all right, mr. roker. thank you. still ahead this morning, vanessa bryant's emotional reaction to reports that law enforcement officials took and shared photos gianna, and seven others died. and aly raisman and her proposed settlement in the usa gymnastics scandal >> it's offensive. it shows they don't care they're just trying to, you know, push it under the rug. >> the controversial move that left raisman and simone biles heartbroken.
7:22 am
woman: the deadly corona virus officially hitting the us. man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises.
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and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. we choose to go to the and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling for half-measures wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things, even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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a chevy suburban. this is the completely reimagined 2020 ford escape. good morning, it is 7:26, i'm kris sanchez. five new coronavirus cases reported overnight. a source at good samaritan hospital in san jose tells nbc bay area two of three new patients in santa clara county are being treated in that intensive care unit. three patients include a woman with chronic health conditions and a husband and wieft would recently returned from travel to egypt. the other involves cases vfing a health care worker in alameda county and another health care worker in solano county teaching a patient at the vacaville hospital, vacavalley hospital, i should say. and meteorologist kari hall is tracking a cooldown.
7:27 am
>> it is a cool start but also some warmer temperatures for the afternoon. due to high winds will that continue in all of the areas shaded in yellow. still included in a wind advisory extends until tomorrow morning. our winds may gust up to 45 miles per hour in the hills and our temperatures will warm up into the low 70s today, up to 72 this afternoon in oakland. and as we look at our inland temperatures, we continue to go up a few more degrees by mid-week. and then cooling down for the weekend. but still no rain in this seven-day forecast. mike, what is happening out there on the roads. what is happening is the bay bridge is getting crowded again. we talk about that flux in the morning. we're kicking in for the heart of the morning commute. slower drive also toward the toll plaza at the richmond-san rafael bridge. maybe a disabled vehicle marked by the yellow arrow. and pushing into silicon valley and a push across the bridges is westbound dumbarton and san mateo bridge on the top and
7:28 am
right in front of you that is the commute toward the peninsula. back to you. >> we have more local news for you coming up in just half an hour. woman: the deadly corona virus officially hitting the us. man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared.
7:29 am
managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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oh, boy. oh, boy. oh. >> oh, and with such flair. oh, boy. oh, boy. oh >> oh, and with such flair there's a degree of difficulty the polar plunge craig and al lake michigan. they were in chicago for the polar plunge fundraiser fo special olympians. i am so proud of you guys. how was it >> it was frigid apparently, it was the second-warmest yesterday that it's ever been >> that's right. >> they raised $2 million for special olympics >> almost 5,000 people plunging. so much fun. >> and your son is a special olympian
7:31 am
close to your heart. it will warm your heart, if not anything else. we'll have more on that in the third hour, right? slo-mo version and everything? >> always, yes >> a good time to get to the 7:30 headlines we start with the latest on the coronavirus. overnight, officials reporting a second death linked to the virus in washington state. the victim was a man in his 70s with underlying health conditions he was a resident at a nursing home near seattle where officials are investigating a possible outbreak. worldwide, there's now 88,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in 57 countries. breaking overnight, north korea fired two unidentified projectiles into the sea, for the first time following a months long hiatus of weapons testing. south korea couldn't confirm if it was rockets or artillery. in december, north korea's leader expressed deep frustration over deadlocked diplomacy with the u.s and said he would no longer be
7:32 am
bound by a moratorium of weapons tests. the legend versus the rookie two nba stars squaring off for the second time in just over a week >> here come the pelicans, up one. williamson facing up, driving, and smashing the rim clean-up in aisle 5. >> james, guarding hart. 11 assists so far. james blows past >> lebron james and the lakers, taking on zion williamson and the pelicans if you liked part one, the sequel was even better both players put on quite the show lebron, with a triple-double zion with 35 points, a career high there's the loving embrace at the end. the lakers would win it, 122-114. the present and the future >> everybody wins when you get a game like that let's go to the reaction
7:33 am
from kobe bryant's wife where the los angeles county sheriff said the department is now investigating its own departmendepartment for allegedly taking and then sharing graphic photos of the crash site morgan radford is here she must be livid about this >> absolutely. it's such a sensitive time it is about protecting dignity the sheriff's department was alerted a few days after that, when a deputy trainee was allegedly seen showing graphic photos at a bar. someone overheard the deputy and blew the whistle >> my baby girl. >> reporter: vanessa bryant is absolutely devastated by allegations that sheriff's deputies shared photos from the helicopter crash site, according to a statement from her attorneys. calling the actions, inexcusable and deplorable bryant's attorneys wrote, we are demanding that those responsible for these alleged actions, face the harshest possible discipline >> i was horrified at the time of the crash, i
7:34 am
spoke with all three families there were there present at the station. and i witnessed the pain they went through >> reporter: alex villanueva said, first responders worked hard to secure the accident scene from paparazzi and from the public >> to be betrayed by one of our own is disheartening really >> reporter: the sheriff's department says eight deputies have been identified for investigation, and the offending images have been deleted from their phones so far, those photos have not turned up on the internet. over the years, law enforcement agencies in l.a. have struggled with the unauthorized use of evidence involving celebrities, such as mel gibson's infamous drunk driving arrest and the leaked photo of rihanna, after she was beaten by chris brown, which led to the firing of an lapd officer >> babe, you take care of our gigi i got nani, bibi and coco. we're still the best team.
7:35 am
>> reporter: a week after kobe and gianna's memorial, with the city still in mourning, the sheriff says he is chommitted t protecting the dignity of victims' families. >> we're creating policies that are very specific, including a penalty of discharge for a violation of these policies. >> it's hard to get your head around why someone would do something like that, morgan. any idea what punishment these deputies could face? >> hard to say it's not clear how widespread the photos were, or if the deputies took the photos or received them and shared them. as they figure that out and understand the depth of the issues, the sheriff said they are contrite and apologetic. >> can't take more heartbreak for the families there morgan, thank you. coming up next, aly raisman's new fight against scandal-plagued usa gymnastics >> you call what they're doing in this letter a cover-up. what are they covering up? >> exclusive interview this morning. why the olympic gold medalist
7:36 am
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we're back it's 7:40. "in-depth today. "today" exclusive tied to the scandal that's rocked the gymnastics world >> simone biles and aly raisman are criticizing gymnastics officials over the new proposed settlement of the sport's major sexual abuse case. stephanie gosk has been covering
7:41 am
this story from the beginning and she spoke to aly raisman exclusively. steph, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. aly raisman sat down with us here in boston because she's angry. she's not alone. superstar simone biles is angry, as well. they both say that usa gymnastics and the u.s. olympic committee are blocking how larry nassar could have accused so many athletes, including themselves, for so long. that fight is out in the open, less than six months before the summer olympics. >> i mean, it's devastating. it's incredibly draining >> reporter: aly raisman sounding off, angry and frustrated over how she said gymnastics officials have handled the sexual abuse scandal that rocked her sport. former gymnastics doctor larry nassar is currently serving a 120 women, including raisman, came forward accusing him of sexual abuse
7:42 am
>> usa gymnastics, the olympic committee, they refused to take any accountability to address the issue, to figure out what went wrong >> reporter: and now usag has proposed a settlement that would provide compensation for victims but would release olympic officials and some gymnastics leaders from liability how has it been received? >> not very well honestly, it's offensive it shows they don't care they're just trying to, you know, push it under the rug and hoping that people forget it when they watch the olympics this summer. >> reporter: after the harvey weinstein verdict last week, raisman wrote a letter, praising the survivors of that case, before turning to her own. in the letter, she criticizes usa gymnastics and olympic leadership you call what they're doing in the letter a cover-up. what are they covering up? >> the problem is, i don't know exactly. i don't know all of the answers. and in order to make real change, we need to understand exactly what went wrong. >> reporter: can you explain it to people that don't understand,
7:43 am
what they are fighting you on specifically >> i personally would like to see usa gymnastics and the united states olympic committee release all their documents and data, because they are not doing that they're not answering our questions. >> reporter: nbc news reached out to usa gymnastics in response to raisman's comments the organization says, in part, it has fully cooperated with all investigative bodies, adding it must respect the confidentiality and integrity of the process the olympic committee said, in part, they have deep respect and empathy for the victims, and they are committed to achieving justice for the survivors in an expedited manner both groups are also under fire from their biggest star, simone biles. tweeting, i wish they wanted an independent investigation as much as the survivors and i do last summer, the champion was in tears. >> you literally had one job and you couldn't protect us. >> reporter: all this happening
7:44 am
with the summer games looming. it's less than six months to the olympics in tokyo. what is this situation doing to morale on that team? >> it's hard to put into words i've been watching the gymnasts. and i'm really proud of them i think they're doing an amazing job. i am heartbroken this is still going on >> reporter: the olympic champion says gymnastics leadership is failing the athletes >> we did our job. we worked really hard. we did the best that we could. and we won gold medals for team usa. and we're asking them now to work really hard and to do the right thing by us. and we don't feel that same effort from them >> stephanie, what does usa gymnastics say about all this and what it's doing to prevent something like this from ever happening again? >> reporter: well, savannah, they say they are working hard and they tell us in a statement, quote, they are deeply committed to learning from these investigations and finding ways
7:45 am
to prevent abuse in the future the organization also telling us that they've instituted policies to make the safety of athletes a priority and make it easier for them to report any future abuse. savannah >> stephanie gosk in boston for us thank you. 7:45 right now tomorrow is essentially a national primary a lot of folks going to vote >> we figured, let's take a look and we would focus in on super tuesday. clear out west, rainy in the south. unsettled in the north let's drill down california, look at this, 80 in reading. sunny and 73 in san diego. utah, looking good same in parts of colorado. plenty of sunshine then, we move into the mid plains some showers possibly in texas, for houston and del rio. birmingham, alabama, little rock, clouds clouds in charlotte. cloudiness in virginia in the northeast, a fair amount of sunshine. a little rain in northern vermont and partly-cloudy skies throughout much of minneapolis
7:46 am
i should say minnesota all in all, not a bad day tomorrow for today, severe storms down through the lower mississippi valley some morning rain in the southwest and in southern california and snow in the pacific nort good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it is a clear start to the day and a mostly sunny sky here and elsewhere across the bay area. expect a high temperature of 71 degrees in san jose and 70 in concord and in napa. and san francisco today will reach 67 degrees. our seven-day forecast shows that we'll continue to warm up through the middle of the week. and still dry over the next seven days. we'll see more clouds and also some cooler temperatures in time for the weekend. savannah >> thank you, al still to come, we'll take closer look at the preparation for a potential coronavirus pandemic, and the impact we're already seeing on daily life
7:47 am
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we're back on this monday morning. carson daly joining the table. harry smith joining the table. you went one-on-one with a big-time hollywood superstar >> he's done okay, that mark wahlberg you know how much money his films have grossed over the years? over $5 billion. poor mark wahlberg he doesn't have much going on either, right? he has food supplements. he has gyms. he has car dealerships restaurants. >> the funky bunch. >> don't forget the funky bunch. >> yeah. >> you'll hear from him. >> we'll look forward to it. first, let's get a check of
7:52 am
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good monday morning. right now it is 7:56. a live look outside. it is still windy out there specially in the bay area hills. we'll see the high wind gusts continue today as team as long the coast reach the upper 60s. we'll see low 70s for the inland valleys. we'll continue to warm up. but still no rain in this forecast. and our warmest day is on wednesday as our temperatures peak up to 75 degrees. then cooling down by friday. another cool weekend ahead but these temperatures are season for this time of the year. also a few more clouds and a chance of some spotty sprinkles along the coast and in san francisco. into sunday it starts to dry out but still in the upper 50s in the city. as we head out of the door this morning, how is it looking for the commute. in the south bay, in the
7:57 am
middle of the screen 280 and that is counter commute and no slowing in that direction. your typical commute kicks in from san jose into mountain view. sunnyvale. sand the rest of the bay showing a smooth drive. north 880 toward 29th a crash just cleared from the roadway. we see some recovery northbound past the coliseum. you see the camera shaking as well. gusty winds. be careful crossing the bay bridge out of the altamont pass. back to you. outbreaks in the coronavirus outbreak. people at travis air force base are going home. the last group of passengers that were stuck on board the cruise ship in japan. it is as five new bay bridge cases are reported. three states on the east coast, new york, florida and rhode island report their first infections. we're expecting a briefing from
7:58 am
mike pence at the white house and check our twitter feed first which is where we're posting our coronavirus updates. >> nbc bay area news presents "making it in the bay." every day, every newscast. we break down the housing crisis, meet the people fighting for survival and find real solutions. "making it in the bay," every day, every newscast on nbc bay area. >> today on "california live," spring floral trends that you could afford and make at home. plus did you have goldman is on the food network, it is all happening on "california live" this morning at 11:30 on nbc bay area. vo: don't fall for negative,
7:59 am
untrue attacks against mike bloomberg. bloomberg has been praised by president obama. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years. mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: mike worked with president obama to combat gun violence and improve public education. as president, he'll work to combat inequality by launching a new initiative to spur african american and latino homeownership and small business growth. and he'll beat the divider in chief. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking overnight, coronavirus crisis. the second death announced in the u.s., as new york city confirms its first case. concerns and chaos growing around the globe. >> we will have more and we will have more community cases. it's simply just a matter of math. >> just ahead, how the virus is affecting travel, business and you. ♪ such a good vibration plus, on his mark. mark wahlberg gets candid in a new interview with harry smith, talking about his faith, his family and fame, ahead of his new "spencer" reboot. >> i've been put in this position for a reason, not to forget where i came from.
8:01 am
and frightening moment. oprah takes a tumble while talking about balance, on stage at a packed arena. what she is saying about the spill and how she is recovering. today, monday, march 2nd, 2020. ♪ >> best friends from arkansas. >> here for amy's 50th. >> "today." it's our 35th anniversary. ♪ >> hello, san francisco. >> celebrating 30 -- >> -- with my sister. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. today, it's monday morning. glad to have you with us. lots of smiles. if you're wondering, where is hoda? she is a tad under the weather. actually, she has the flu. we may not see her until later in the week. send her your good energy and good thoughts. she did have the flu shot. she's feeling okay.
8:02 am
she's hanging at home. >> feel better, friend. by the way, we love the shoutouts you're sending. we would love to get more. #mytodayplaza. there's a hash tag, bottom of your screen there. bottom of your screen there. put it on instagram or twitter. you'll see yourself in the open. >> we'll find ya. coming up tomorrow, music superstar, carrie underwood. we cannot wait to catch up with her. we'll talk about balancing her busy career, and family. how she found the time to write her debut book. her health and fitness journey. carrie underwood tomorrow morning right here. let's get to the news at 8:00, the u.s. is battling coronavirus at both ends of the country. there's new concerns that the virus may have been circulating here, undetected for weeks. nbc national correspondent, miguel almaguer, is in washington state, where a second patient has died. it happened over the weekend. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're covering several major headlines here across the country and in washington state.
8:03 am
across the country, there's roughly 100 cases of coronavirus. that number is expected to grow. in washington state alone, the number stands at 12, including the two fatalities you mentioned over the weekend. investigators are looking into the possibilities the virus may have been spreading in this area for several weeks before it was detected. meanti meantime, across the country in new york, a woman in her late 30s has positively been identified as a coronavirus victim. she's a resident of the manhattan area. that's a major concern. and in texas, someone under quarantine and released after a couple weeks has tested positive for the coronavirus after previous negative tests. that's a big concern. investigators are staying on top of that case. there's concern all across the country today as health officials try to tell people not to panic and to relax. back to you. >> we're going to talk to dr. natalie azar on how you can prepare yourself ahead. miguel, thank you.
8:04 am
democrats dealing with the sudden shakeup on the campaign trail after pete buttigieg dropped out just before super tuesday. geoff bennett with the three things to watch there in washington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you're right. the landscape of the democratic nomination fight completely shifted over the weekend. and one of the things we're watching is the impact of pete buttigieg exiting the race. he quickly rose to the field's top tier but failed to win enough support overall to keep his campaign moving forward. >> i will no longer seek to be the 2020 democratic nominee for president. but i will do everything in my power to ensure we have new democratic president come january. >> reporter: his exit helps consolidate the moderate vote and distinguish former vice president joe biden as the main alternative to front runner bernie sanders biden, fresh off of a huge victory in south carolina on saturday, where he ran away with 48% of the vote.
8:05 am
biden's strength, with the state's african-american voters, helped him dominate the competition. joe biden is looking to leverage his blowout win in south carolina, ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday wave of coast-to-coast primaries you have 14 states voting all at once bernie sanders has a comfortable lead in delegate-rich, california, and could come out of super tuesday with a slew of delegates. perhaps an insurmountable lead on the democratic side craig? >> geoff bennett from the white house. thank you. a day-long siege at a mall in the philippines has ended police in manila say a fired security guard who helped several dozen people for hours overnight has surrendered and released the hostages. he's accused of shooting and wounding one security guard at the start of the siege he agreed to come out peacefully after being allowed to talk to his former bosses. after 25 seasons on the air, the "judge judy" show is coming to an end. don't worry.
8:06 am
judy is not hanging up the gavel just yet there's word from hollywood she plans to launch a new show called "judy justice." no details where or when that show will pop up 8:05 time for a "morning boost. a little girl had a trip to orlando and that trip is going viral. the bus driver was playing her favorite song. he took a little pause and turned it way up ♪ i'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake ♪ ♪ shake it off, shake it off >> oh, yeah. emerson's mom is trying to track down that driver to give him the credit that he deserves for spreading a lot of joy sweet. >> i'd say so. just ahead on a monday morning, we're going to take an in depth look at how the coronavirus is impacting our day-to-day lives, from changing travel plans and the way we work, to finding the essential household supplies and harry smith sitting down
8:07 am
with mark wahlberg >> i've been put in this position for a reason, not to forget where i came from >> what the superstar told harry about his place in hollywood, his faith and his new movie and harry's obsession with one of mark's films first, these messages. (whistling)
8:08 am
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hey allergy muddlers... achoo! your sneezes turn heads? try zyrtec... starts working hard at hour one... and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. zyrtec muddle no more. we're back, with a closer look at the coronavirus this morning, and its impact on everything, from travel to business, to those essential items for our day-to-day lives >> that's right. nbc's tom costello is at reagan national airport with what you need to know and more. travel is a biggie hi, tom. good morning >> reporter: hi, guys. good morning to you. american airlines joining alaska and jetblue airlines in waiving the change fees if people want
8:12 am
to cancel or change a flight because of coronavirus fears cdc insists for the general public, and public areas like this, the risk is pretty low however, with an evolving situation, the federal government simply doesn't want to take any chances. with tens of thousands of coronavirus cases worldwide, including at least 80 here in the u.s., the federal government trying to reassure the public, it's prepared. >> we will have more and we will have more community cases. it's simply a matter of math >> reporter: the cdc says it will allow hundreds of labs across the country to test for the virus, to more quickly identify potential patients and track transmission >> we now that 75,000 tests available out there in the united states. and over the next week, that will expand radedly on top of the 75,000 tests available >> reporter: but fear and misinformation continue to spread across social media, many, including some celebrities, have posted photos wearing face
8:13 am
masks. health experts say that's sending the wrong message. the surgeon general tweeting that people should stop buying them, explaining that masks are not effective for general prevention, and need to be pr v preserved for health care providers and those already sick 3m is increasing production to 35 million masks per month in corporate america, it's anything but business as usual, after the stock market took a hit last week, the big egs gest decline since the 2008 recession. and with fears mounting, giant companies are telling workers to avoid unnecessary trips. the auto industry is in trouble, too, scrambling to find parts and prevent shortages, facing delays from chinese supply chains now, experts predict that car sales can fall by 2.5% this year conferences around the country also cancelled in texas, a global energy gathering, expected to bring
8:14 am
thousands from more than 80 countries to houston, called off. worldwide, travel is taking a massive hit, as well delta and american, suspending flights between the u.s. and milan, italy, until late april at the earliest. united halting flights to japan, singapore and south korea. meanwhile, retail is hurting, with international supplies being held up and shipments delayed. even some brides-to-be scrambling to find wedding dresses before their big day >> yikes you paint a pretty grim picture, mr. costello here's the thing, if the elderly are most at risk, how are officials explaining the relatively young doctors who died over in china >> reporter: you know, i asked that exact same question of dr. fauci of the nih we had several 30-something doctors in china that died of the virus. and he said, for the typical, young, healthy person, it probably is not going to be a fatal risk but these doctors were at the
8:15 am
epicenter. they may have very high viral loads, surrounded by the virus they could have had greater risk with an underlying health condition. being surrounded by so much of the virus at the epicenter may have proven to be too much for them >> some that had the virus, that the symptoms are reported to have been rather mild. >> yeah. >> reporter: yeah. we've heard from people who have had or have the virus. and they said, i had a tight chest, a little respiratory distress, but nothing significant. didn't think of going to the doctor no fever, no chills, no aches. and for most people, the advice is, they can take some ibuprofen and will get through it just fine if they have to go to the hospital, the hospital will treat them with fluids and ibuprofen and whatever you would normally do for somebody who has the flu. but there are no antivirals right now for this particular strain of the coronavirus.
8:16 am
and no vaccine, that makes it dangerous to those who are 65, 70 and older can we make one important point? so far, we have two cases here in the united states two fatal cases. we have somewhere between 18,000 and 40,000 people who die every year from the seasonal flu it's important to put that into context. >> thank you, tom. i'm glad that tom included the part about the masks we've been traveling a lot over the last few days. and you see people wearing the surgical masks >> not only are they saying it's not effective for what people are hoping, but the surgeon general said it's the health professionals that need the masks. >> don't waste them. >> yeah. stop wasting them. mr. roker? >> how about handing out wipes >> wipes are good. >> you use those anyway. >> i do. >> you handed me a lovely pack when we were traveling back from orlando. >> the tropical scent. >> the tropical scent. i wiped down the whole seat. and everyone else's, too >> she was wiping people down. take a look. heavier rain stretching from
8:17 am
western new york to the central gulf showers down in southern california today temperature-wise, not too bad. we have 60s, as you make your way into the southwest 30s and 40s, as you make your way into the pacific northwest along the northern plains. warm weather, making its way across the gulf and into southern texas we're looking for very mild weather. we're going to make a run at 60 degrees today, for some folks, in the northeast severe storms in the mid plains or the mid mississippi river valley sunshine through the upper mississippi valley and a few snowshowers across the plains. that's what's goin good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. sunshine and breezy. winds are picking up. we'll see a wind advisory continue until 4:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see high temperatures reaching into the low 70s. up to 70 in concord and livermore, and 67 today in clearlake. as we check out the rest of the forecast for inland areas, we
8:18 am
will be warming up the rest of the week. still a lot of sunshine and dry weather, cooling off in time for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al now, mr. smith goes to hollywood. a revealing interview with mark wahlberg >> so, friday, when you were freezing in florida, about 80 degrees in los angeles >> uh-huh. >> i was in beverly hills. the four seasons hotel >> tough assignment. poor guy >> in the bar there. >> we get it. >> it was a little trumpian imitation there. i don't know where that came from that was actually stephen colbert doing trump. so, we sat down -- >> that's harry smith. >> right i don't know where it came from. we sat down to talk. well, he's got a new movie on netflix. you'll see >> that's how you throw a punch. >> reporter: it's movie number 50-something for mark wahlberg
8:19 am
he's an ex-cop and an ex-con whose incarceration has left him bewildered by the modern world >> where is the hard drive how do you get the footage from the cameras? >> they're in the cloud. >> what the [ bleep ] is the cloud? >> reporter: wahlberg is spencer, like the old tv show, based on the robert w. parker novels and like the old tv shows, based in boston, the root of all things wahlberg. >> you have two grown men running around playing batman. >> we're not playing batman, okay >> it's my hometown. you talk about coming full-circle. we shot at 24 pebble street. i lived at 25 pebble street. i'd sit on the stoop, sneak out at night and steal my mom's car or do things i wasn't supposed to do. >> reporter: was there a pinch-yourself moment? or i can't believe this? >> there was quite a few i have so many memories of being right there on that stoop. >> you and me have been together for 27 years where's my ring? >> reporter: full confession, 11:00 at night, if "ted's" on, i
8:20 am
can't not watch. >> it's a good one >> reporter: it's a problem. >> it's a good one >> was it any of the names with a lynn after it? >> yes >> reporter: there needs to be a "ted" anonymous. i need a 12-step program >> you can't get me. >> reporter: "ted" was in the works when wahlberg was winning praise for his performance in "the fighter." >> we're driving to the oscars and my wife was like, what are you doing next i tried to explain it's a hard movie to pitch he said, enjoy tonight because you'll never be back to the oscars again and i haven't been nominated since. >> reporter: mega movie star four kids, a family restaurant chain, gyms, performance supplements and prayer for the latter, wahlberg always makes time >> i take two days a week off from the gym now i don't take a day off from getting on my hands and knees and reading my prayer book and my daily devotionals >> reporter: does it make you a better parent?
8:21 am
>> i pray for the patience i want to be an example, you know, with my work ethic and my commitment to my faith and commitment to my family. i've been put in this position for a reason, not to forget where i came from. you know i have to utilize the talents and gifts that have been given to me to help others >> people always ask, what are you going to give up for lent? and i think more importantly, i'll try to do more. more love, more peace, more acceptance, more care and more kindness >> reporter: mark wahlberg is living a wonderful life. except for one thing i've been hearing about your dog. >> god >> reporter: and if mark wahlberg is going to have a dog, i'm not sure if i would write that script, it would be the dog you have >> i got the dog because my kids really wanted the dog. we've been unsuccessful with pets so, i saw a gentleman holding a dog, that was a tiny, miniature, pomeranian i said, is that as big as that
8:22 am
dog gets he said, yes and they're really cute. i got the dog that day >> hey, buddy. champ-o. this dog is tearing up the house. we have the most expensive dog trainer. we have to come around and learn how to cater to the dog. i'm, like, i saw a giant turd this morning and he'll look at me, like, are you going to get that? >> reporter: movie tough guy, right? mark wahlberg has a dog this big that runs his life >> he thinks he's a pit bull, for sure want chicken for breakfast >> reporter: and as for the skip breakfast feud for dr. oz. >> nice muscles. when you work out with the full stomach of yours, i'll be defiblating you. >> i'll be working out now coming for you, dr. oz >> reporter: the 48-year-old fitness fanatic, invited the tv doctor to join him for a workout lags last thursday >> what was the most impressive thing with the workout >> you didn't pull out your portable defibrillator that you
8:23 am
have in your pocket. >> i don't know he knew what he was getting into, but he was a trooper. >> reporter: did you beat him down a little bit? >> i squashed him like a grape that poor thing, he didn't know what was happening >> oh, my gosh. >> reach back for dr. oz he really did hang with him all through the thing. he needed a little rest from time-to-time >> wow >> i love him. he's a great -- the way he balances his faith, his family if it's in a movie like "daddy's home," which my kids like, or "the departed," or "cthe fighter," i like just about every movie he's in. >> like his stuff, right >> also, he loves to play golf >> what is it about "ted" that you love so much >> it's so fantastically inappropriate. so inappropriate and there's scenes that i watch over and over again, and i'm like this. it makes me laugh so hard. >> he has another tv reboot coming, doesn't he >> "six million dollar man"? >> maybe that's been in the works for forever and ever and maybe it's that close to
8:24 am
getting done he worries, he says, i'm starting to age out of this stuff. >> no, he's not. >> that's what he said >> going backwards >> exactly >> right >> come on >> the 20-something roles soon >> if he's worried about his age, what about the rest of us >> i move around with a walker >> there you go. >> thank you, harry. >> getting up at 3:30 in the morning and working out. >> 2:30 sometimes. 3:30 it depends on the role he's in >> now the new show, "walker: texas ranger. >> boom, boom. coming up, we have a celebration of reading it's reading across america today. and jenna's book club, she'll reveal this month's pick her first title for kids and we have a whole bunch of kids right here. we're going to pick our favorite kids books >> stay in school. >> yeah. after your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. it is 8:26. i am marcus washington. five new bay area coronavirus cases are being reported in the bay area from overnight. a source at san jose good samaritan hospital tells nbc bay area two of the three new patients are being treated in the intensive care unit. three patients include a woman with chronic health conditions, and a husband and wife recently returned from traveling in egypt. the other new cases involved health care workers in alameda and solano counties. right now, let's look at the commute. mike, how's it looking? >> all right, marcus.
8:27 am
southbound 17 around hamilton, reports of debris left from an earlier crash. number of vehicles still on the shoulder. the rest of the south bay looks great. a drive across the bay, san mateo on the dumbarton, easing up. 580 westbound and 880 northbound. we had earlier disabled vehicle clear around 29th. there's some recovery toward the bay bridge toll plaza. toll plaza itself, fast track lane. another local news update in 30 minutes. vo: while other candidates argue
8:28 am
about health care, mike bloomberg has a record of doing something. as mayor, he protected women's reproductive rights. expanded health coverage to 700,000 new yorkers. and decreased infant-mortality rates to historic lows. as president, he'll build on obamacare, cap medical costs, and will always protect a woman's right to choose. mike bloomberg: a record on health care nobody can argue about. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
8:29 am
we choose to go to the and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling for half-measures wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things,
8:30 am
even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. ♪ all right. it is 8:30, now, on this monday morning. the first monday in march. march 2nd, 2020. we step outside to say hello to the crowd. jbh joining us, as well. >> happy anniversary >> thank you >> happy one year anniversary. >> i'm glad you mentioned that, actually it's the one-year anniversary of read with jenna, right >> it is >> isn't it read across america day? >> it is i want to introduce you to an adorable reader over here. her name is grayson. good morning >> good morning. >> what's your favorite book >> nancy drew. >> nancy drew?
8:31 am
and do you read every night? >> uh-huh. >> do you know who miss jenna is >> mm-hmm. >> she loves reading she loves talking about books. recommending books >> yes i love talking about reading grayson, i have an idea, since you love to read, do you want to come inside and read with us >> yes >> you do? >> you will be in our next segment. it's all about reading >> sure. >> i like that >> grayson, we're bringing you in >> and your little sissy can come, too. >> everybody can come. >> you probably read to your sissy. >> yes >> thank you, we'll see you in a couple minutes a good segment >> grayson is, like, anything to get out of the cold. i'll do anything coming up, guys. stars are just like us we'll take you inside a very proud momma moment for jennifer lopez. stephanie ruehl will come back she has important advice for this volatile stock market march is women's history month this morning, the advice, especially for women who want to take charge of their money
8:32 am
first, take charge of the weather, mr. roker >> the week ahead and show you what we're looking at. for today, storms in the eastern third of the country gusty winds in the southern part of the country and look for severe storms in the gulf making their way to the mid-atlantic states. snow showers, great lakes. mild and dry out west. and towards friday, inland snow around the great lakes we're looking at record highs in the plains next storm coming in the pacific northwest. and the southern third of the country is looking pretty sunny and mild that's what's going on around good morning. i am meteorologist kari hall. we still have breezy winds. we take a live look outside in fremont, gusting in the bay area. as we go into the rest of today, wind advisory continues, temperatures reach into the low 70s inland, and upper 60s along the coast. the rest of the forecast will continue to warm up to mid week.
8:33 am
we still don't have chances of rain going through the next several days, highs in the low 60s by saturday. >> that is your latest weather >> nice work on the polar plunge this weekend good cause >> thank you, sir. coming up on "pop start," how oprah winfrey is brushing off this on-stage fall that happened during our cross-country wellness tour. spoiler alert, she is okay and laugng about it. morehi o
8:34 am
8:35 am
we're back it's 8:35. there was something missing last half hour. >> what was that >> "pop start. >> i can come in earlier and do a 7:00 version >> i would love that >> no takers okay maybe later. oprah, the icon, on her 2020 vision speaking tour and during her stop in l.a., there was a scary moment on stage, where oprah fell and lost
8:36 am
her balance. >> wellness to me means all things in balance. and balance doesn't mean all things are equal or at peace at all times. wrong shoes. so, it's nice to be talking about balance and fall >> thankfully she's okay and she sees the humor in literally falling while she was talking about balance. and she posted on her instagram this after the show. >> i thought, this is a great day, inspite of the fall, which now becomes a meme i know i tripped myself up. i don't know if there was something on the floor i had an indication i was going to fall before and then, you know, it is what it is. it was a great, great day. >> she also shared this photo, writing, sunday reading and icing. thank you for all of your kind wishes
8:37 am
next up, jennifer lopez, to say she is a multi-threat is an understatement singer, dancer, businesswoman, the list goes on but this weekend, she was something that many of us can relate to, a proud parent, as her son, max, took the stage in his school's production of "the wizard of oz." ♪ >> sometimes performers' kids go the opposite direction not happening here emmi sang at the super bowl, incredible max is killing it there. >> and the zooming in and out thing on the home video. that's what i do, too, j. lo >> two talented parents. no surprise. >> absolutely. "saturday night live" was so funny this weekend host john mulaney. instead of doing a celebrity monologue, they let him do a little standup and that included making fun of his dad.
8:38 am
>> my dad has no friends and your dad has no friends. if you think your dad has friends, you're wrong. your mom has friends and they have husbands. those are not your dad's friends. it's hard to make friends when you're an adult male that was the greatest miracle of jesus, truly he was a 33-year-old man and he had 12 best friends. and they were not his wife's friend's husbands. >> it was so funny >> he is so funny. all the time and he's right, by the way >> this is great it's "snl. we have larry david being bernie sanders, hitting pete buttigieg about the coronavirus. roll that. >> you want to talk high-risk? i have it on good authority that pete buttigieg is a hand cougher. yeah yeah, yeah he coughs right into the hand, not the elbow, which we can all agree is not perfect, but it's at least something america doesn't need a
8:39 am
hand-cougher they need a president that's old enough to know typhoid mary. >> and pete drops out the next day. >> that knocked him out. >> i don't know. >> the funny sketch about la guardia, about the airport in new york, too. jake gyllenhaal shows up they went for it very funny that's "pop start. >> good one. thank you, carson. just ahead, stephanie ruehl is back. she has advice to help women take control of their finances and her take on the historic slide on wall street we've been seeing first, t
8:40 am
woman: the deadly corona virus officially hitting the us. man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises. and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
8:41 am
we're back w we're back with "today's consumer." march is women's history month all month long, we'll celebrate the achievements of women. according to the labor statistics bureau, there's a gender pay gap and in the u.s., women make 80
8:42 am
cents for every dollar earned by a man. that gap is even bigger for women of color and correspondent stephanie ruhle is here to take control of your money everybody is looking at the stock market and freaking out to see the big drops and wondering, what are you supposed to do with anything >> no one has a clear answer right now. it's obviously scary when you see the market drop like that. but the reason it dropped so much is uncertainty. you know, we don't have answers. we know corona is going to have a significant economic impact. but you can't get yourself crazy. and you shouldn't be making investment decisions based on this one moment in time. >> and i assume it will make a big difference, when you need that money if you're in my age range, between 33 and 55, there might be an opportunity if there's a bargain. this is a scary time if you're looking to retire this year. when you look at the markets like this. if i was someone in that position, just be informed don't be panicked and don't bury
8:43 am
your head in the sand. your financial health is so important. be aware of it >> let's talk about women and money, what is your overall message? what do women need to know when it comes to this subject >> ladies, get involved. this is your future. i'm not saying don't hope that prince charming whisks you away. but if you're dependent on that glass slipper fitting your foot, that's a problem if it doesn't fit, you get stuck with the mice and the pumpkins, again. >> this is 2020. i don't know how many women are thinking about it that way but do you think women are involved with their finances and know what their options are? >> we keep giving that power away or we say, i don't want to think about it if you're single, know your situation. spend accordingly. and the people i want to talk to are moms oftentimes, moms who stay at home, they think they've given up financial power they haven't but they need to talk to their
8:44 am
partner. when i was growing up, my mom took care of us and my dad would give her an allowance. women shouldn't feel like, am i allowed to have that money that's your partner. what if they're not? what if you have a divorce what if there's a death? if you're about to sign your taxes, i'm not telling you to be a tax expert, but that's a legal document know what you're signing >> how can you plan if you're a mom that's not working outside of the home but you're staying at home. can you save for retirement? that kind of thing you're saying have a sense of what to do with regard to your spouse, but how do you do that >> if you do work outside of the house, you can get a 401(k). but there's a spousal i.r.a. let's say your spouse is working, they can contribute on your behalf. that's a huge positive we know that women love longer -- live longer than men. and you should be planning for that it's yucky i know you don't want to but we know women are living a couple years older don't you want to have that
8:45 am
conversation now or what about, if you do lose your spouse and you end up with your kids. think about long-term care insurance. you and i, i'm sure, both know families that are financially strapped because of long-term carefu >> what about life insurance >> we need it. we need life insurance think about this what if i am that stay-at-home mom, haven't worked in years you want life insurance, god forbid, you lose your partner. these are important conversations but not devastating ones a reality, if you lost your partner, is devastating. >> there's a lot of women, for whatever reason, they don't want to be involved with the bills, et cetera. your big message is, if you don't want to be the one doing the math and -- some women love doing the math and are good at it if you're one of those that doesn't want to have to do it, you should still be aware of what's there >> please be aware of it why would you give all that power away think about this if you have signed your name to
8:46 am
things, you're on the hook if you haven't, you want to sign your name. you want to make sure your name is on every bank account, on the car, on the house. if you decide to split, you need to get credit on your own. if you are signing your name to things and your spouse is in charge of paying and they're not paying the bills, you're on the hook when the collection comes >> what's a good way to establish credit and you need to >> over time get a credit card in your name pay that bill every month if you can. get yourself financially educated >> yeah. >> i'm not asking anybody to be a tax expert but your financial health is so important, you have to address it and i want to say one more thing, talk to people about it talk to your girlfriends girlfriends talk to each other about the dirtiest, naughtiest, nastiest secrets but we don't talk about what's in our wallet. if we can't ask for help, this is our future, girls >> stephanie, preach thank you. coming up, jenna celebrates
8:47 am
one year of her book club and gets help from special guests to reveal this month's pick ♪ ♪wild thing, you make my heart sing.♪
8:48 am
♪you make everything... groovy...♪ done yet? yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry. you sure? hmm.mmm. ♪come on, come on, wild thing. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. we choose to go to the and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. president kennedy knew settling for half-measures wasn't good enough. so when candidates say we can't guarantee health care for all, make college affordable for all, combat climate change, or create a world at peace, remember that america is best when we strive to do big things,
8:49 am
even when it's hard. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. we're back with "read more today. carson was just -- >> walking in. >> sorry >> a month-long celebration of literacy this is a special day for my girlfriend here. it is the one-year anniversary of read with jenna congratulationings >> i would never imagine what it's grown into. thanks to the great authors and all of you for reading along with us. guess what >> what? >> we're starting a "today" show book club. >> yes >> reporter: one year ago, i started "read with jenna," to share my passion for reading and highlight the voices of debut authors. nearly 100,000 of you joined in, sharing thoughts about the books
8:50 am
online, in our facebook, instagram and good reads community. >> when i first learned about jenna's book club, i was instantly in >> the community that we helped form on the facebook pages, is an uplifting, optimistic experience, all around >> it's not just a book club it is a sharing club >> sharing saturday. something i put every saturday that some people trade and some people flat out share. >> reporter: sending books to members from oklahoma, california, south carolina and everywhere between >> if i can lift somebody up by having an opportunity to read jenna's books, i want to be able to do it >> reporter: nine books on "the new york times" best seller list >> as a first generation chinese immigrant who didn't speak any english when she came to the u.s., to become a writer was already a huge aspiration.
8:51 am
then, to be something like jenna bush hager's "today" show pick, that was beyond my wildest dream. >> if jenna had not picked my book and helped to give my book a louder voice, no one would have known the community has been amazing >> jenna, you have spent 365 it continues to get bigger and bigger >> you're sharing your passion >> i have read many of them and started even more of them. i will finish them it's so good and you're helping authors >> it's awesome. i couldn't have imagined all of the readers to be so passionate. >> it is catching on when i get on amazon and it has a "read with jenna" star and all that do we have a march pick? >> this is the first book of our second year. it's called "writers and lovers" by lily king it's about a woman in her early 30s, trying to discover who she is after she loses her mother. it's about navigating life as an unpublished author
8:52 am
and searching for a partner that can support her ambition i feel like any of us that have been in the gap between childhood and adulthood, will love this. you have been in that gap. >> i have. >> you are no longer in childhood. i recommend you read this. y'all, read along. first book of the second year. >> this is a time to be inspired and excited about reading. we want to get kids to have a lifelong passion like you do is this your first ever read with kids with jenna >> read with jenna kids. we have all of these kids that will read with us in a minute. hi, y'all. >> including our friend, grayson. met her on the plaza hi, cutie. >> they've been reading all morning long yes. i have the first read with jenna children's book club. are you on the edge of your seat >> we are. >> what is it? >> it's called "sulwe.
8:53 am
that book is by lupita nyongo. i heard her speak about it at this conference for writers and readers. you will love it okay do you like this book? we'll see. you're joining with me sharing your favorites >> we have some of our favorite books. we all have kids and we've been doing reading. this is a classic but one of my favorites. "the gruffalo. do you know it >> no. >> we love the "gruffalo." >> hairy tooth and a wart. he's crazy and clever. it's a funny book. kids love it we read it over and over >> i love it >> this is over 30 years old "chicka chicka boom boom." classic right here >> raise your hand if you like "chicka chicka boom boom." >> about the lower case letters that climb the tree. loose-tooth t and black-eyed p and it's a great book. the audio book is narrated by ray charles, for you adults. >> i didn't know that. >> it's excellent. >> mine, this is a bit of a classic.
8:54 am
we checked with the publisher. i know you read this in your house. we pronounce it "knuffle bunny." you can pronounce it either way. raise your hand if you know "knuffle bunny." >> he has a great attachment to a toy. he goes to a laundromat and loses it and finds it. anyway >> great mo williams "knuffle bunny." >> what about you? >> it happens to be today dr. seuss' birthday. >> oh, yes >> i went old-school i'm old. "green eggs and ham. how many of you love "green eggs and ham" >> she brought it today. >> look at that. this is one of my all-time favorites. my kids' all-time favorites. love dr. seuss >> we have kids that love reading. raise your hands if you love reading. raise both your hands if you
8:55 am
love-love reading. that's everybody i think we have a little surprise for you guys. al, is that true >> we want you to keep reading so, we're going to give you all of these books to take home. >> wow >> what do you think >> help me hand these out. >> somebody fainted. can you believe it >> oh, my. >> even the new one? >> even the new one. >> everybody gets books. >> you get some books. >> everybody gets books. >> everybody gets books. >> everybody gets the books. >> there you go. >> what do you think you're welcome >> are you excited you're welcome, love what do you think? >> i like it >> she likes it. >> so good if you want the full list of children's books -- oh, i love that one >> for a full list of the children's books, by the way. >> you're welcome. coming up, third hour of "today." mr. roker and i will take you inside our weekend trip to chicago, for the polar plunge. >> that's right. >> a great cause
8:56 am
>> by the way, on the fourth hour, guess who i have guess who would be great to be on the fourth hour >> anyone. >> how about the woman in the pink dress >> the only person available >> i had a meeting today >> oh, yeah. >> what do you mean? >> al has -- >> i got something >> you busted me >> my sock drawer will look really good today. >> we'll be on the fourth hour good morning. it is 8:56. marcus washington. there are five new bay area coronavirus cases in the bay area from overnight. a source at good samaritan hospital tells nbc bay area two of the three new patients are being treated in the intensive care unit. three patients include a woman with chronic health conditions and husband and wife who
8:57 am
recently returned from traveling to egypt. the other new cases involved health care workers in alameda and solano counties. happening now. about 150 people who have been quarantined at travelers are leaving. we'll have the latest developments in the midday newscast. three states on the east coast, new york, florida, rhode island report first infections. we expect a briefing 2:00 p.m. our time from vice president pence at the white house. president trump, meanwhile, is meeting with drug companies in an effort to ex-paid ate the vaccine. i am marcus washington. we'll have more news coming up in an hour. woman: the deadly corona virus
8:58 am
8:59 am
officially hitting the us. man: the markets are plunging for a second straight day. vo: health experts warn the us is underprepared. managing a crisis is what mike bloomberg does. in the aftermath of 9-11, he steadied and rebuilt america's largest city. oversaw emergency response to natural disasters. upgraded hospital preparedness to manage health crises.
9:00 am
and he's funding cutting edge research to contain epidemics. tested. ready. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." a happy monday morning to you. welcome to the third hour of "today." al with craig, and our pal, jill, is here, spending the hour with us. we have a lot going on to start off monday, including one woman's story that went from being a nun to working in a steel mill. >> that's grit. also, we have star power to kick things off this week. forest whitaker's here. and usher raymond is here. >> when he's acting, he's usher raymond. >> when


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