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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 4, 2020 6:00am-6:58am PST

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then passing front-runner bernie transportation projects in sanders in the race for contra costa county. now this would amount to delegates. biden winning nine states $103 million over 35 years but including texas. sanders winning three states critics against the measure claimed it lacks specifics and including vermont his home state and with california and maine past measures like this one had the opposite effect on traffic still if limbo. sanders is getting close to grabbing california with 33% of issues. i will jump to san francisco those votes. with measure d., 68% voters in biden with 24%. support of it. this is a tax on property owners as you see there. and 15% for michael bloomberg. with commercial store fronts if >> biden leading the delegate it is empty for six months. count with 453 and sanders 373 they hope to push landlords to do something with the properties but some say it is hard to find and elizabeth warren at 39. tenants due to the popularity of the rest of the field there including michael bloomberg among the candidates who are now online retail. and measure e. in santa clara, out. here is a quick look at measure 95% reporting as far as j. in contra costa county going precincts go, 53% of voters voting in favor. down. this would increase the tax on 51% saying against it. that is with 100% of precincts multimillion-dollar homes in the in. this is that half cent transit south bay and that tax would go toward providing housing for the tax needed two-thirds pathority to pass and couldn't muster a the mayor supports the tax but it said it could impact housing majority. proposition d. will add a tax on negatively.
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and the mayor added 2% of higher commercial space, it also needed end homes in san jose would be two-thirds to win. it is taking it with 68% of the affected by this tax. vote and 100% of precincts in. reporting live, pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. and across the state, >> and now we have much more ballots are still being counted to tally up the rest of last election coverage but we want to check in with your traffic but night's vote and the votes cast let's check in with through mail. there were sp problems spots in meteorologist kari hall. big changes ahead. southern california. we're going from warm and sunny there were issues for people today to a big cooldown for the heading to the polls. weekend so lan accordingly. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is live for us this morning. >> that is right. we have today and tomorrow with she's at the santa clara county some mild weather but look at what happens after that. registrar's office with more on we'll not only see hor clouds what happened in l.a. but this and spotty rain but also some count going on overnight right there in the south bay. reasonable weather for >> reporter: yeah, you know, mid-march. we'll talk more about this and after being back here kind of also we'll talk about our temperatures trend for today. the in the battle of the whole and mike, you have your predictable back-up at bay operation it is no wonder why this takes a while. a lot of this is manual work. bridge. >> we expect to see the back-up the sorting machine behind me is at bay bridge. we did see the back-up. shutting down for about an hour but i want to show you a we hope for good movement. different visual. look at all of the bins. even the cash lanes so that is these are all votes that were good news. cast. the red bins are votes that were folks out of contra costa county, moving nicely, we do have a couple of disabled cast in person at vote centers all across santa clara county. vehicle, highway 13 and 24 both
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to the shoulder but slowing the blue bins are the bins that north 880 around fifth. maybe a fire alongside the have the vote by mail ballot and freeway and we're checking on of course this is the first time that as the distraction. the rest of the bay moves well. that every single voter in santa i'm checking on the crash in the clara county got a vote by mail peninsula near menlo park coming up. ballot. back to you. >> thanks, mike. as of midnight, officially 6:01. speaking, nearly half of the back to super tuesday. 240,000 ball kwots cast were a long night. >> and specially long for counted but as we've been here hundreds of voters in l.a. this morning we know they've take a look. we saw a couple of issues in processed about 14,000 more and some places. the systems were slow because so counting. now 15 california counties many people were voting. in other locations there weren't including santa clara and san enough functioning voting mateo county had vote centers stations and a live look this and while there were growing morning at the santa clara reg pains here if the bay area, look at what happened down in l.a. some folks waited in line for are -- registrar in san jose hours to cast their vote. some of them for hours after the where ballots are still being polls closed at 8:00 last night. counted. tracie potts is live on capitol hill. bernie sanders campaign asked a the l.a. county elections judge to keep the polling places officer said that the new voting open in california late but the machines at the vote centers big story everyone is talking about, joe biden pulling ahead. weren't the problem, it was the check-in process and voters say it was worth the wait. >> reporter: he really did. and after south carolina where he got that boost, he made a >> my ancestors fought for the right to be here so i will stand clean sweep yesterday of other as long as is necessary.
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>> we're move being a foot every southern states, picked up a five minutes maybe. couple of the in the midst and projected winner in texas and that is a big haul and >> reporter: now, the long vote acalifornia still up in the air. but biden had a good night. times prompted the bernie sanders campaign to file a federal lawsuit against county >> we are very much alive. >> reporter: joe biden won or demanding polling locations be open longer but the officer said projected to win nine of the 14 states that had cons yesterday, it wasn't necessary because as i said including texas. when the polls close have to be allowed california still up in the air. to vote. so one of the issues down in p still counting. too close to call. l.a. as well, was the fact that the votes, the delegates will be they underestimated how much people would vote by mail. split based on how the vote comes out. they thought a lot of people right now bernie sanders is would and it turns out a lot of leading thate. people showed up in person. we're waiting to see if that was >> i tell you with absolute the case confidence, we're going to win the democratic nomination. it. this crew clocked in at 3:00 yesterday. election day. and they are still here this >> reporter: so sanders also morning. they're not clocking out until projected to pick up colorado, 7:00 this morning. utah, his home state of vermont. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> getting it done overnight.
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michael bloomberg who was on the thanks, kris. ballot for the first time picked 6:37 now. now to another key race this up four delegates in american morning. state senate district 15 in the samoa after putting in half a san jose area, jim bell, the billion dollars of advertising. but he said he's sticking in the incumbent also terming out. race. president trump tweeting that so seven candidates with were in bloom was the biggest loser here the primary race. you may recognize the names because he spent so much money, there. former county supervisor dave millions of dollars, for very little return as the president put it. and also this morning he is cortese with 33%. with 100% of precincts tweeting that elizabeth warren who did not win her home state reporting. and you see ravel and campos and of massachusetts should drop out because she's stakie -- she's robert howell as well. and there are the rest of them. taking votes away from bernie sanders. >> that was a surprise she did johnny khamis and ken dell via. not win her own state. we'll keep watching this, tracy. we'll bring you the a tracie potts in washington this had to decide to i should breakdown on anything you may want to look up at say it will create a $15 billion 6:38 and developments this bond to repair and upgrade morning on the bay area front and the coronavirus outbreak. now there is a map showing you schools. gavin newsom endorsed it. where we're tracking what they "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live in san francisco are with at least 32 bay area with the fate of that and a look at other closely watched
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cases. right here in santa clara county with 11 of the cases which is measures. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus. the highest. and the one proposition, prop and contra costa county is confirming the case involving 13, is still too close to call someone with no then travel history or known contact with despite the endorsement are from the california governor gavin anyone who has already been infected. newsom this is a statewide "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at the martinez health department with details and measure and 57% of folks have looking at what is being done to voted against it. contain the spread of the virus. now this is a $15 billion bond bob? >> reporter: marcus, the contra to repair and modernize aging costa health services department behind me here in martinez tell schools some of which around for us in the first case of more than half a century. coronavirus in the county is an opponents feel that california adult man who has underlying health conditions and is shouldn't borrow more money but unfortunately in the hospital supporters like gavin newsom say right now in critical condition. that the money is crucial. now in san francisco, you have to reiterate what you said, he has no travel history and no proposition e., another one we're following. known contact with someone with nearly 100% of the precincts the virus. the health department and the hospitals are putting out reporting and 55% of san warnings here in contra costa francisco folks are in favor of county, wash your sick. it. it would put limited on new construction in the city tieing in the north bay, a couple is it to affordable housing being built in san francisco. back home in novato after now housing and tenant groups quarantined for four weeks. backed this measure but groups rick and aldina saber arrived at favoring development in the city
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fear it could create an office shortage in san francisco. sfa last night. now over in the north bay, we're they were aboard the diamond following measure i. princess when a passenger came by a slim margin voters opposed down with a coronavirus, they this measure that would add a and 3,500 passengers and crew were quarantined on board for 12 quarter cent operations for an days. their biggest problem came when additional 30 years. they tried to board the flight smart officials previously said back home to the united states. if that measure were to fail that tough decisions lie ahead. >> that is the embassy in we'll continue to follow these results and mor action. we had people up. updates in the next half hour. so i would say it kind of fit thank you. another notable race for the same image. state senate, district 13, which >> reporter: as the quarantined is san mateo and santa clara flew to travis air force base in counties. jerry hill termed out. seven candidates are vying for fairfield, the sabres for reasons unknown were flown to his spot. the base in san antonio for to more weeks of quarantine and the top two advance. alex glue and josh becker, the fortunately they never got sick. live here in martinez, bob top two with 21% and 20%. redell, "today in the bay." and our team will continue to bring you the latest super bummer for the misdirection tuesday election results throughout the morning. for the sabres. those numbers also scrolling at glad they're here safely. the bottom of the screen. we're here with the oakland
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camera. find a breakdown of everything showing you 880. i have slowing, widen out the on it is 6:06 now. this morning contra costa county shot. looking for the smoke. there was a roadside fire along health leaders are reporting the first case of a person there becoming infected with the the nimitz and you see the haze but not the plume of smoke. coronavirus. with no known travel history or it was visible north 880 causing no known contact with someone the slowing and over here toward who has already been ill. 12th and 19th. we have the latest numbers for that is a homeless encampment you on the coronavirus outbreak as well. worldwide, there are now 90,000 reported by authorities in oakland and so that is what is going on. no injuries and not visible from the freeway. cases. so the slowing is just the 126 are confirmed in the united morning commute. states. nine deaths have occurred in south 680 toward monument the washington state. crash did clear but the build the bay area now has 32 known toward walnut creek and standard cases. last night health leaders there but a pleasant wednesday updated us on the patient now the san mateo bridge and not eve weathe contra costa county first local case. >> it won't look like this for want to check in with "today in the weekend. a nice sunrise. it is beautiful. sun and sky looks like it is on the bay" bob redell about what fire this morning. we know about this man i so we're going to go from some warm weather that we're going to believe. and no contact, right. >> reporter: correct. feel today so a big cooldown for here is what we know about the first person to have contracted the weekend. by the coast we'll see even some the coronavirus here in contra costa county.
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he's an adult man with hi -- some mist and drizzle. underlying health conditions. and inland up to 60 degrees. as you've mentioned, no known on sunday more of the same. travel, no known contact with a lot of clouds, cool weather even some breezy winds. anyone who has the virus. he checked into a local hospital so where are with we going this on sunday suffering from a weekend? respiratory illness. how about yosemite. this is where we'll see also a he is currently in critical drop in temperatures going from 50 degrees on friday to some condition. >> this case suggests that coronavirus or covid-19 may bec. light snow flurries on saturday and then highs in the upper 30s on sunday but travel conditions rove by the end of the weekend. >> reporter: now across the bay on the peninsula stanford more clouds. university posted and we're also going to have recommendations for students and staff to avoid exposure to the some sunny and drier weather at least for friday in paso robles but coming down for the weekend. we'll look at the east bay cancelation or postponement with events of 150 people or more temperature trend in three between now and april 15. minutes. 6:42 now. this does not apply to regularly coming up next on "today in the scheduled classes. they are recommending that bay," the growing coronavirus people uteleconference virus facing the most popular technology for meetings, they event. the outbreak the would like people to be enhanced in their cleaning efforts and summer olympics. what organizers are saying about preventative hygiene and also preparations for athletes this urging all members of the community to reconsider any porning. >> and plus we're answering your
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international travel plans. questions about the virus. coming up in 30 minutes at 6:30, how to protect yourself and we'll hear from the couple in loved one and we'll speak live the north bay who just was with a infectious disease doctor released from almost four weeks from stanford next. and we'll take you out to of quarantine. the marks and the vice president reporting live here in martinez, briefs us on coronavirus. bob redell, "today in the bay." markets doing very well. right now at 6:09, as we led higher by health care stocks after biden's big win yesterday. wake up and look out of the window, it is a beautiful clear you're watching "today in the start to the day. here is a look at our live view bay." in san francisco. if you're about to step out of the door, expect temperatures in the low 50s this morning but then warming up. so from needing a jacket to so thech so much. maybe rolling up the sleeves as our temperatures warm up into the upper 60s. low 80s for the inland valleys. up to 78 in livermore. 79 in san jose. also 79 today in santa rosa. taking a look ahead, there is w on it and we will. the live look doesn't show slowing at palo alto and there is willow toward marsh where the crash was reported. the speed sensors also show no problem. i think the vehicles are all clear from the the roadway and,
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in fact, they may be clear as far as distraction. but we'll monitor that. and acrash on 880 approaching dakota and we'll bring you more details once chp arrives there. a couple of disabled vehicles warren and highway 24, no major problems. slowing on 880 toward fifth, the reports of a roadside fire. i do see slowing from the coliseum and i'll bring you more once the chp gets us that as well. >> thanks, mike. devastating tornados hit nashville. >> it is hard to see it like e t lost their live over it. >> a lot of devastation there. coming up at 6:25, a live report from the ground and the hardest hit areas as crews continue to search for survivors while bracing for more severe weather. and taking a look at your money in the stock market and the retirements.
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it looks like the stock market is getting political. and a sneak peek at peeps new offer and a on old classic that you could wear. we'll show you next what it is all about. you don't want to miss it you're watch withinging "today in the bay." >> between the gorgeous sights, amazing food and diverse cultures, you love the bay area. but you don't love the traffic, high-priced homes and seeing our neighbors struggle. so let's find a way to make things better. nbc bay area news presents "making it in the bay," every day, on every newscast we break down the housing crisis and meet the people fighting for survival and find real solutions. "making it in the bay," every day, every newscast, on nbc bay area. the time is 6:45.
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grab those sunglasses. take a look at this view in dublin. you could barely see anything. and we'll get a lot of sunshine today with temperatures warm up into the mid-70s and low 80s in a few spots. but it won't stay like this. we'll talk about the changes in the wrk forecast in less than five minutes. and over here we're looking at a little easier view of 880. this time in fremont. looks like the flag is not moving so winds are not a problem. the commute is building. the travel times to the bay bridge, build for the upper east shore freeway at the top and the recovery on the bottom north through oakland. >> thank you very much. 6:46 right now. coronavirus concerns are quickly becoming front and center as we approach the upcoming olympic games in tokyo. >> the olympic chitty executive board said there isn't any talk of a postponement or move. the ioc president said they're committed to the summer games in july which will be broadcast right here on nbc bay area. the world health organization is
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warning the death rate is approaching 4% with at least 80 people dead. now right now we have talked about what is going on with the coronavirus and taking your questions of this outbreak and we're talking to an expert about that. joining us this morning is dr. aruina submania from stanford health care. good morning. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, marcus. >> thank you, doctor. so let's talk about this. a lot of misconceptions out there about the virus. we've heard wash your hands and clean up after yourself and things like that but what are the things out there that people should ignore to pay attention to the facts and make sure that we're staying safe. >> right. and there is no reason to panic. we know there is community spread. but we need to focus on the facts and what can we do to reduce the transmission. and how do we protect it those who are at highest risk for right now at 6:13, a bright complications. the vast majority of us are orange sunrise over the south going to have mild or even bay as we take a live look.
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that is beautiful. let's head to evergreen where we asymptomatic illness but we need to figure out how to protect see our temperatures warming up into the mid-70s today. hose who are elderly, more than normally we're up to 64. we'll go below normal going into the weekend for high temperatures. i'll have hor on that and rs th conditions like heart disease, minutes. and we're looking at your travel times toward the bay lung problems, cancer, and bridge. that bottom number, what we expect the top number to build compromising conditions. how do we protect them and keep because that is the east shore them safe. freeway. but bottom number northbound we need to focus on them and not side of 80 and a fire alongside panic ourselves. >> ands as far as that, so if the freewa that is causing a distraction. you experience any of the that is why it is slow heading symptoms, what are the things up to the bay. that you should look out for and good morning, good that could be related to wednesday to you. google parent companial afaux coronavirus? bet has because people have colds and things like that. >> right. and some of the colds now that view. facebook said it will give free coronavirus is getting into the adds to the world health community, some of the cold organization to help people symptoms may actually be inform about coronavirus. now markets fell hard even coronavirus. so we all need to pay attention if we have cough, fever, though the fed conducted the shortness of breath. first emergency cut since the housing crisis. but especially those in the i think you could make the higher risk group need to try to argument that didn't reassure
6:15 am
the markets, it frightened the get testing and treatment soon markets and the reasons for the if they do experience more cuts seemed dubious. here is the head of the fed. severe symptoms of respiratory >> we are beginning to see the effects on the tourism and illness. >> and the fact that we are travel industries and we're seeing more people get tested, hearing concerns from industries that rely on global supply inevitably we'll see more cases chains. >> now that is one or two of the rise. is that something we should be reasons but lower fed rates fearful of? >> no. don't encourage people to get on i don't think we should have fear. but do the right thing and airplanes. president trump already asked the fed to cut again. protect people. our testing abilities are going up. robin hood has had the two worst so people who are at higher risk days any company has ever had. it is a stock trading app. should get tested, even at on monday as the markets rocketed up, robin hood didn't stanford going live with local testing now. work. our county health department can on tuesday as stocks fell, robin also do testing. hood didn't work. the state health department could do testing. it gave neither to the poor nor so we're really increasing the the rich. the founders apologize and are amount of tests that we are able working on the problem. the markets were awful on to process. tuesday but we're set for ajump. so if you are at high risk, then you really should get yourself barren's in market place not tested if you're starting to being shy why they think the have symptoms. markets are happier. the county health department has come out with new
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it is biden win. biden a traditionalist who recommendations, especially for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses. promises to bring us back to to avoid mass gatherings that where we were but bernie sanders saying big changes ahead. are targeted to them. in a couple of weeks, get >> good advice there. we have dr. aruina sub mania ready, st. patrick's day just a couple of weeks away. wallet hub is out with a survey with us. in the top cities to celebrate. >> supermannian. the survey looked at 200 cities >> thank you so much for that. and thank you for joining dealih based on irish pubs and hotels and either even the weather on the coronavirus. 6:49 right now. march 17th. san francisco came in at 34. it looks as if the peace deal the best city to celebrate is in with the taliban may be in chicago. boston comes in second. >> and just in time for easter. trouble. >> scott mcgrew say forces peeps there hopping into the attacked our allies. >> yes. and we dropped bombs on them to scene. with these. stop them. look at that. >> thank you, sir. this came hours after president >> you're welcome, mike. trump talked with taliban i'll get you a pair if you want them. >> i love them. >> these are limited edition of founder abdul ghani baradar, the crocks but they say they first time a president has complement the spring 2020 talked with a taliban leader. >> i spoke to the leader of the lineup of the sweet marshmallow taliban today. with we had a good conversation. candy offering so they are we've agreed there is no
6:17 am
covered with sugar like texture violence. we don't want violence. we'll see what happens. reminiscent of the marshmallow they're dealing with afghanistan candy and coming with 3-d charms but we'll see what happens. >> the two sides are still shaped as the chicks. hopeful for a peace deal that would allow the u.s. to withdraw these are just too much. most of our forces. >> what a combo. >> but i thank them because now here is the -- signing the you're talking about combos. now you like the crocks. >> i do. >> i like the peeps. deal with the u.s. special >> but then i it is a sugar representative to afghanistan. like substance. >> so don't eat. the taliban is demanding the release of 5,000 taliban leaders something the u.s. has refused >> maybe they knew what we like and they put it together and say in past years. the mike and mark. the vice president held another. the m&m's. >> i feel i'm separating third in five days. these -- but that is not the press >> bro-mance. >> bro-mance here. conference. video cameras, audio recorders >> the connection. >> okay, well then i'll stick not allowed at the latest with my girl kari. update. >> all right. not purely clear as to why that and we've got this. is. but speaking off camera and off the easter season coming up mic, the vice president said any already. and we're talking about that and peeps and then we start to think american can can now -- can know warmer weatherme, but we've already had that and now it is get a coronavirus test with a time to go back to winter. doctor's order. president trump gives his does that seem backwards. paychecks back to the in concord upper 40s to start. government. this is his q1 check signed over and yes, today is another warm to the national institute of
6:18 am
day. we're at 71 at lunchtime. health. so they could use it to f on and then at 1:00 we're at 74. continuing to warm up. twitter and find me there @scott as we reach very warm weather. it is also been very dry. mcgrew. >> thank you so much for that. but let me show you where the it is 6:51 and weather and action is. we've had numerous storms and tornado watches and some severe traffic together now. the sunrise already gorgeous. thunderstorms warnings in effect >> it is beautiful. and we better take in all of the for parts of the south. sunshine and the warm weather. because we are going to see a . and extending toward the atlantic. so from texas to georgia and south carolina they're dealing with severe weather. some i'm definitely welcoming and we know that yesterday the because it does include sp rain. as we take a live look outside same storm system brought those in palo alto, also a beautiful tornados to the nashville area. coming up in a few minute, we're sunrise but don't forget the sunglasses. that m-- that may be distractin getting a live chat with jay gray on the ground there in a for the morning drive. few minutes. the rest of the day as as we bring it back home, we're temperatures warm up, heading to still in with the dry weather 80 at antioch. 79 in napa. and 69 today in san francisco. we've seen no-- seen now for tw and we've seen some dry weather months as high pressure stays here. that continues for at least the right overhead but it is about next couple of days. to move off and changes ahead. then we'll start to see more as we go into the weekend, clouds moving in. and as the high pressure that cooler air coming down, more clouds and even some spotty kept it warm and dry moves off rain. but that rain won't be to the east. cooler air coming in for the it significant enough. it looks like, though, we could open the door for another storm
6:19 am
system to come in by the middle of next week. wouldn't bring significant rain starting on tuesday, continuing but more humidity and moisture possibly into wednesday and could mean light sierra snow and thursday. depending on how slowly this then a stronger storm system moves but still the computer expected next week but right now models are trying to sort this out. a look at one computer model. this is the euro, showing that 're going to see. we could see up to 2.5 inches of for the weekend just looking at light rainfall totals. a few hundreds of an inch but rain for the bay area. care that to another computer then looking at what we expect model, the gfs which shows that getting a couple of inches of we could see about an inch of rain. rain in the north bay and up to we'll see if that computer model pans out. two inches of rain in the south but we are going to see sp rain bay. so at least they are showing some rain in the forecast. chances by the middle of next week starting on tuesday into and that is something we'll be wednesday. mike, you have a great view out fine tuning over the next few days. of emeryville. we have two more days of warm >> and keep in mind i'm on the weather. so if you like that, soak it all track so my view is the traffic in. flow. if you want the cooler weather, look at this. well you'll have that this heading over here past the weekend as our temperatures come shopping center and the movie back down to the low 60hances g theater toward the berkeley curve, westbound 80, looking next week. check out the difference in san francisco. upper 60s today. great. smooth drive. we did just start to see a but then mid-50s for saturday. back-up building on the left -- and, mike, you have a number of the left lanes and the cash updates for the east bay. >> your forecast held something lanes toward the toll plaza. a pleasant drive but slower than
6:20 am
for everybody. you like through berkeley and over here folks heading toward richmond. slow heading north 880 up toward the bay bridge. the cash lanes are great. about 5th. fast track lanes still show the it was a roadside fire there. a homeless encampment and now brunt of the commute indicating a lighter volume for the roadways coming into the area. speeds are great here. with the fire and smoke is clear walnut creek still shows no slowing at the interchange there but slowing sticks around. and a mildf hercules. slowingo and folks who drive out of brentwood and byron a couple more updates for and discovery bay and they know that intersection well. it is a major intersection so oaklands. slowing past highway 24 approaching the warren freeway more slowing there and and no major issues but a only available 580 through the area. a smooth flow of traffic off of the split with interstate otherwise through the area. it looks like no problems for 5 and the warm freeway is highway 15 in case you don't the east bay. know it. familiar name. south bay typical for silicon and alongside 880, word of an valley. back to you. >> up next, a quick look at top stories including super tuesday encampment with a small fire and was a big night for joe biden. no one is injured but it is a distraction as the smoke rises >> we are very much live. up and the sun coming up into downtown oakland. the rest of the bay showing a >> we're taking on the political smooth drive. and the crash on the dumbarton bridge is approaching 880 around establishment. >> next, a look at where with
6:21 am
the democratic presidential primary stans this morning after ardenworth, back to you. back to decision 2020 and a wild night last night. we're back in just two minutes local super tuesday results. one of the most competitive with news for you. you're watching "today in the races in santa clara county is bay." tv just keeps getting better. for board of supervisors district three. >> four candidates are vying to replace dave cortese. here you see cansen chu and otto lee 28% and mag dell anna carrasco at 24%. that is with 87% of precincts reporting and in alameda county, that seat of scott hague erty. after 23 years he decided not to seek re-election. so david hau bert in the lead and 100% of resinks reporting there. we'll be back with much more on "today in the bay" in just a moment. 6:21 right now.
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can we go get some ice cream? alright, we gotta stop here first. ♪ ♪ from smarter atms, to after hours video tellers ♪ ♪ comcast business is connecting thousands of banks to technology that turns everyday transactions into extraordinary experiences. welcome back. hi there. how are you? it is 6:57. do you have any lollipops in there? here is a look at top stories on (laughing) no, sorry. this wednesday morning. we're helping all kinds of businesses >> a big night for joe biden. go beyond customer expectations. catching up to and then passing how can we help you? front-runner bernie sanders in the race for delegates.
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this morning bernie sanders getting close to grabbing california. biden won nine states last night including an unexpected win in texas. sanders winning three states including vermont, his home state, that is with california and maine undecided. as for the delegate count, biden the time is 6:24. leading with 453 and bernie i'm meteorologist kari hall. sanders with 373 and elizabeth you may have seen this on socia warren came this in third place massachusetts with 39. the rest of the field including of the devastation after this michael bloomberg among the tornado in nashville. candidates who are out. and maybe you have friends or here is a live look at santa family in the area. and there were several deadly clara county registrar office. tornados. this is where electionare still there have been at least 24 people killed, entire communities were just reduced to to piles of rubble. as you could see in that video. 240,000 ballots cast in the county were counted. and our jay gray is in one of now in los angeles some voters waited for hours to vote even the hardest-hit areas. after polls closed. it there were still more than 70 the problems were tied technical people missing. have we heard any updates on issues during the check-in process. bernie sanders campaign that? >> reporter: hey, kari, at this eventually filed an injunction point we know that those search and rescue teams are still allowing voters to stay past
6:25 am
working looking in areas like 8:00 p.m., that is the deadline. there is more coverage at 7:00 this trying to find those who may be missing. on the "today" show right after at this point no update on that. "today in the bay." now to proposition 13. but we do expect it throughout the day ear. it asked voters for 15 to repair and i want to give you an idea ground. an upgrade public schools. behind me teams are starting to it appears to be headed for clean up and clear away whatever defeat with 56% voting against they can here. you could hear the hum of chainsaws and neighborhoods it. this is where 81% of the really in and across the nashville area right now, it has precincts in. taking a live look at the been more than 24 hours since big board out of new york this morning. the tornados rushed through this dow jones industrial average is up 371 points so far. neighborhood and across the middle portion of the state. hoping for that rally today. some of the funnels captured on >> let's take a last look at the videotape. if we could see those right now. forecast for today. starting out with a nice massive funnel clouds touching sunrise. >> we're going to take in the down. warm weather while we have it. and at least one of those an f-3 we're up to 80 today for some of the inland areas. still warm tomorrow but a for with winds of 160 miles per hour now clouds coming in. or so. cold front drops this on friday. brings more clouds. so very strong storms ripping cooler temperatures. even some light rain and in san through this area as we've francisco we'e talked about tearing apart upper 60s today to 54 with everything in the path leaving drizzle on saturday. >> oh, my goodness. at least two dozen dead and many well another reason for the
6:26 am
slowing that you're seeing in oakland. >> we have a new reason are. more missing. it is a very emotional time here the first one was the roadside fire out and in a problems. now 880 slow past the coliseum obviously. >> this is hard to see like up ford fifth and this time a crash involving a motorcycle. this. we warned about good weather and i feel so sorry for the people that had to lose their life over many more motorcycles. it. >> our prayers are greatly needed for families out there be careful out there. >> watch out. bring the sunglasses as well for the sunrise this morning. who are dealing with a sudden that is what is shaping today. we're going to be back at 7:25 tragic with a live local update. >> and much more coming up today >> reporter: yeah, now, look, during the midday newscast at 11:00. these prayers, communities say they need for quite sometime. they're finding a strength and determination but they'll have to lean on that because this is a long and very difficult recovery. just a very tough go here. >> thank you, jay gray. hoping for some good news in the search of those people missing this morning. we'll have updates throughout the day. >> such a great loss for them. biden from the political grave. your heart aches for them. and our results continue to
6:27 am
pour in. revolution. a live look at ballots counting we started a movement. in santa clara county. they've been busy overnight. >> the former vice president, local races plus major voting riding a victory in nine states. the sanders campaign, shell-shocked but determined. problems in los angeles. >> we're going to win the you're watching "today in the democratic nomination. bay." 6:27. >> this morning, with california still too close to call, is this
6:28 am
the best way to predict the future is to create it and change the world. here at abbvie, we're inventing medicines of the future to create tomorrows that will be healthier... ...and happier, while making medicines that help people right now. because that's the present we wanted to live in. and that's the future we all want to see. abbvie. here. now.
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right now at 6:30, we are awaiting the opening bell of the markets new york stock exchange. markets trying to recover this morning. yesterday they dropped 800 points even after the fed lower
6:30 am
the interest rates. we're hoping for a rebound today and that it will jump at least 600 points and biden scoreses big on super tuesday securing the markets a little bit. we're watch for that. 6:30 now. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. and we want to get to the forecast and the morning commute in a moment but first here are the headlines from last night. big night for former vice president joe biden winning nine states. bernie sanders winning three states including his home state of vermont. now sanders also pulling ahead here in california. but the votes still being counted. here is the latest for you. sanders at the top right now. 33%. biden behind him with 24%. michael bloomberg pulling up with 15%. this is with about 75% of the precincts reporting. now to the delegate count. biden leading with 453. sanders coming in with 373. elizabeth warren came in third place in her home state of
6:31 am
massachusetts with 39. the rest of the field as well including michael bloomberg among the candidates who are really out. the magic number for the democratic nomination is 1991. and seeking $15 billion to repair and upgrade public schools take a look at proposition 13. 57% voting against it. with 43% voting for it. that is with 81% of precincts reporting. measure e. in san jose calling for a transfer tax on the sale of multimillion-dollar homes to ease the homeless crisis. 53% voting in favor and 47% voting against with 95 a% of precincts in. and right now a look at the weather for you this this morning. >> look at the sunrise behind us. >> beautiful way to start off the morning. reminds me of lion king. >> it does. >> little cubs. >> and today. our inland temperatures up to 80
6:32 am
degrees. and still mid-70s tomorrow. but then a cooldown going into the weekend. and we'll also have more clouds. even some rain chances. san francisco going from the upper 60s today to 54 with drizzle on saturday. we'll talk more about rain chances ahead. mike, you're seeing the commute building up. >> that is right. looking toward the roadways. and it is 6:32 and a nice drive up until this point. the south bay showing san jose pushing up toward the rest of silicon valley and typical pattern. and the push hasn't reached the dumbarton bridge. 84 is just fine. it is 92, the san mateo bridge, that slowed because of the volume heading to the peninsula. in the east bay, contra costa county a disabled vehicle at monument and perhaps a fender-bender and slowing we'll talk more about coming up. >> thanks, mike. 6:32 and back to decision 2020. a big measure in contra costa county weighing a sales tax that would last 35 years. measure j. was meant to improve transportation. >> pete suratos is live with a
6:33 am
look at that and other key decisions. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you. that is one of the many measures long. as you mentioned, measure j. that would affect voters in contra costa county. you have about 100% of the precincts reporting and it looks like voters have 51% have voted against it. this would have add buses and o
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