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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 5, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the hour in our crisis center with the latest on what you need to know. right now worldwide there's nearly 95,000 cases. and here in the u.s., there are now 11 confirmed deaths, one which happened right here in california california governor gavin newsom has issued a state of emergency. you can see the number right here. the counties experiencing the coronavirus, santa clara county is reporting three new cases, bringing the total number to 14 there. >> a cruise ship based in san francisco is now stuck at sea amid st. krein virus fierce. we'll have a report coming up. plus what the state is-to-doing to try to crack down on price gouging we're seeing as well. the temperatures out there, kari hall has been tracking that for us.
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we're going to have another nice day out there. >> it's been nice and warm, feeling like spring across the bay area. this weekend we spring forward, but then our temperatures come back down. here is a live look over the south bay. our temperatures will be in the low 50s to start, and then reaching into the upper 60s today. we will see a few more clouds mixing in, but here's a look at our high datz. we'll talk about the weekend changes coming up. mike, you're tracking the traffic trends. >> very easy to see. a pretty easy drive, the trend sticks out. san jose just showing a little build now. over to the tri-valley, we're looking at southbound and westbound, as traffic comes in out of the altamont. and southbound for walnut
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creek interchange. no surprises. back to you. thanks so much, mike. thousands of passengers are in a holding pattern waiting to get tested for the coronavirus. it comes after the death of a california man who became ill shortly after that same ship returned to san francisco from mexico. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us with more details on california's first death tied to this outbreak. >> reporter: good morning, the plan is to fly out those test kits to the "grand princess" cruise ship, so of course there's thousands of passenger on that ship that could be at risk. now, our view of the timeline of how we got to this point with this ship. the ship left san francisco on february 21st for hawaii. health officials say three passengers who were on board the same ship earlier in the month
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tested positive. a 71-year-old placer county man who had symptoms while on board that ship did die yesterday. there was another passenger who is in stable condition right now in a sonoma county hospital. here's governor newsom answer ago question yesterday on how much folks are already showing symptoms of potentially having the virus. >> 11, 10, is the current. 11 passengers, ten crews. that number by definition, the dinam tick nature that is the novel coronavirus is subject to change. that numb be may significantly understate. it may indeed be bundens of caution, because we don't have the benefit of how they are self-identifying. >> reporter: all of this is taking place, the county of san
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mateo is openings a call center for non-medical questions, available monday through friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." we'll continue to monitor that some third-party sellers on amazon are now trying to profit off those fears. in some cases it's downright price gouging, skyrocketing to more than $150. merchants can be penalized for gouging prices if the attorney general goes after them, it can amount to a $10,000 fine. 6:04, joe biden is looking to capitalize on his surprise super tuesday wind as the it candidates dwindle down to three, some believe likely two.
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bernie sanders is still in the lead, "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live with more for us this morning. tracey in -- >> you'll hear from more on the "tod "today" show from joe biden. for now it's the joe-mentaum. he's collected more than $7 million in donations since super tuesday. former vice president joe biden is riding an election high after winning 10 of 14 states on super tuesday. he's vowing not to go negative. >> it doesn't help anyone, nevertheless the campaign. we have to keep our eye on the ball. >> he's a very decent guy.
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>> reporter: sanders waiting for the results from california, to decide how the 416 delegates will be split. going forward, sanders admits he has a problem with black voters. >> we are running against somebody who has a relationship with barack obama for eight year. >> reporter: sanders progressive supporters insist he is still very much in the game. >> every single exit poll shows that the voters actually cared about many of the policies that senator bernie sanders is campaigning on. >> reporter: an aide told staff that senator elizabeth warren is reassessing her campaign, after placing third in her home state. michael bloomberg dropped out. like other candidates, he's endorsing biden. thanks, tracie potts. coming up for you here on the "today" show, joe biden sits
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down with savannah guthrie, and now that it's essential just him and bernie sanders fighting for the democratic party. that's at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." some bay area races are still too close to call. we have full election coverage in the list on our website, there we're updating the numbers as soon as the votes are counted. one of the largest cities on the peninsula could lose its only hospital in a matter of days. >> bob redell is live for us outside daly city. what is the county trying to to do to keep the doors open? >> reporter: they're supposed to hold an emergency pleat tomorrow about the possibility of buys seton medical center here behind me here, or at least trying to secure a buyer for the bankrupt owners. last night the board did hold a special session to hear from the community and the bankruptcy attorney representing seton
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medical center. verity is the nonprofit owner, and they have declared bankrupt sid, and for months have been trying to find a buyer for the hospital. talks have tall. if the buyer does not come through, the 357-bed hospital may close by next week, leaving daly city without its own hospital. >> there are lives at stake. that's all i can say. it is the largest -- we are the largest city in the county to not have a hospital? ridiculous. so we urge you here to work with us and the community to find a way to save seton hospital and basically saving seton hospital saves lives. >> we're still talking to people. if you have ideas to help us, we're open. >> really look in the mirror and figure out how you're going to sell this to a hospital buyer.
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>> reporter: the last exchange was from seton's bankruptcy attorney and a supervisor. the examiner reports that if seton is not hold, verity will be back in bankruptcy court to start a 72-hour countdown though shut down the hospital. >> thanks so much, bob. time for your forecast, but look in southern california. the poppy bloom is now in effect. images from the antelope county poppy reserve. >> this has been a positive sign, as we've been really dry the past few weeks. >> yeah. we do expect the poppies to bloom, but you match it up against brown hills, it doesn't look this spectacular, like it did last season. >> it's good to cool off. we're going from 77 on friday to low 60s to mostly cloudy skies
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on saturday. here's a live look outside in san francisco. we're still going to have some sunshine today, as our temperatures reach into the mid 60s. some our inland areas will start to see some high clouds moving in by than afternoon. that will bring those temperatures down into the mid 70s, but that's still about ten degrees above normal. we'll have a more significant cooldown for the weekend. mike, the metering lights were delayed today. >> intentionally delayed, because traffic was very light. this thursday morning, we finally see the backup filling in. and now we're coming down to the crawl we expect to see. i don't know if that's good news, but it's what we expect. walnut crease a interchange builds there. the same thing for rodeo, into richmond, and then the things kind of ease up. south bay peninsula, no real problems, the tri-valley sorting itself out. back to you.
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>> thanks, mike. coming up for you here on "today in the bay" at 6:10, we'll tell you what environmentally conscious starbucks customers are being forced to give up, for now, anyway. >> on the markets today, we expect another down today, a rough day, after what was a huge rally. >> and they say all a plant needs to you go is a little tlc, but in this case it need add miracle, a shocking discovery about a mom's plant. you're watching "today in the bay." just because we're super hungry...
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if you're going to the sierra this weekend, lucky you. take a look at this live view. you'll be able to watch light snowfall on saturday, and it would be out of there by sunday. our temperatures dropping as well. now the sierra snow pack continues to fall right now. only 44% of normal statewide. we do have snow in the forecast. we'll talk more about that, and rain for the bay area coming up in less than five minutes. and the sun's coming up over here. traffic volume coming up, but the speeds are not coming down. we'll show you where they are, coming up. very happy thursday. we've been talking about united. it's on our board as the company offering voluntary leave to some of is employees, trying to
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adjust to a world where fewer people want tofully. starbucks, we'll get to that in a second. futures looks lousy as a day after the markets roared ahead. first. biden's comeback. the second was had the house passing a bill to fight coronavirus, far more than the white house asked for. starbucks watched to move to the reusable cups to help save the environment. forget that for now. paper cups are back to help save your health so long as the virus is a threat. i do have one bit of virus-free news this morning. a federal court has dismissed the lawsuit filed by tulsi gab art, who says google violated her first amendment rights by quashing some of our advertisements online.
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google says it did it in error. a judge said exactly what a different federal judge said about the first amendment. google is not the government. gabbard can't accuse google violating a first amendment, because the first amendment only applying to government. back to coronavirus. they are stubbornly holding on to south by southwest in austin. a lot of companies have bailed out of the tech and music fest, but the mayor there says the conference will go on. in fact they're not letting any vendors out of the contract. all kinds of silicon valley companies have said they're not going. and then you know about the rule about trying to stay athlete fee away from anyone else. >> i'm surrounded! we're going to build a different wall. >> yes. movie theaters are in and out -- and movie companies dealing with this -- universal is our parent company -- along with mg that. , they have "no time to die."
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they have decided to delay it coming out because of coronavirus. they're going to knock this over to november. if and you have blockbuster movie -- >> it was supposed to come out in april. >> in fact i think daniel craig was supposed to host "saturday night live." when you spend that much money on a movie, you want to make sure people will go see it. >> thank you. 6:17 for you now. take a listen to this. once a promise kept half a decade after it was made. fiveiers, wendell doled his sister he would only attend her wedding with a llama. when it came time for the big day, he went through with it. i'm trying to figure out what the two right here -- >> that's the plus one?
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>> is that a tulle gown? >> unless there was a llama in the bridal party. >> that was pretty impressi ivi tuxedo there. a california stay-at-home mom, she shared her plant mishaps online. she was shocked to learn a succulent was actually plastic. she had no idea that it was fake. she figured it out when she went to transfer the plant into a different container that had no roots. [ laughter ] >> hmm. >> that's all you can say. i know they make them look realistic, but come on. >> i don't think she has such a green thumb. >> she thought she did. [ laughter ] all right. look at this beautiful sunrise
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again this morning. we've enjoyed some bright orange sunrises over the past few days. now by tomorrow there will be more clouds moving in, so it might not look this vivid. we're also seeing fog rolling in. here's from our san bruno mountain camera. you are starting to see the changes there. let's talk about more changes, too, because the drought monitor just came out. they're saying now 34% of california is in a moderate drought. it's all of these areas shaded in the tan color. in the yellow we have abnormally dry conditions. last week 23% of the state was in a moderate drought, so we're seeing that increasing, including much of the bay area extending over towards the sacramentoo valley. that's something we'll be watching. it is good we're going to see a change in this pattern that's kept you so dry and warm. here's a look at the long line of clouds we're seeing extending into the pacific. this is ahead of a cold front.
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this is bring in cooler air, more humidity, and change the pattern we have seen, as high pressure moves out of the bay area. wee see the spotty showers arriving. not only will it be schooler, but at times misting and drizzling, but behind that there would be a storm system. it will be more of a target for southern california. we'll be on the have i northern fringe, and then we'll see another system right behind that by next weekend that could also bring in some rain. if you're thinking about your weekend plans, look at the rainfall totals that we're expecting for saturday into sunday, about a tenth to maybe a quarter inch of rain in the santa cruz mountains. we should see more rain going into the middle of next week and the sierra snow may total over a foot in some spots between now and next thursday, so it's good to see some decent amounts of snowfall in the forecast, as our temperatures start to cool off,
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especially for the weekend. we'll remind you 100 times between now and then, but we spring forward this weekend. we'll see milder as that rain moves in. you have a beautiful look out of the east bay. >> looking over here, this is the richmond side. the view is correct, it's beautiful. over towards san rafael, picks up the volume. it's relatively late right now, wondering if there's a different traffic pattern, but based on historical data and the conditions over toward san rafael. light now the worst of it at about 45 minutes. they say it will get better, so stick around for the rest of the show. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have the metering lights turned on. but about a 35-minute drive out of brandy with the from marsh creek, typical slowing, as you
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narrow down to one late. to the south bay, starting to build, and more slowing across that. back to you. thanks, mike. 6:21. coming up next on "today in the bay," new details on the golden state killer case, as we've been reporting, the defense has been offering a deal. what the suspect et cetera lawyers are now saying they want if their offer is not sim. lori love lynn and her husband say they have proof that they are innocent in the college admission scandal. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:24 for you. developments in the golden state killer case and the surprise twist. this week that a plea deal may be in the works. attorneys for joseph deangelo says he's offer to plead guilty if he can avoid the death penalty. prosecutors also say that so far they are not talking abouted offer. defense tornadoes are also arguing if a deal cannot be made, they should be tried separately. deangelo is accused of kim at least 13 people and raping dozens of men and women in california in the 1970s and '80s. opening statements got under way in southern california. durst is on trial for the murder of his friend susan berman. prosecutors are being allowed to
6:26 am
present evidence he may have killed his wife kathy 18 years earlier, though he's never been charged in that case and her body has never been found. prosecutors argued that durst killed berman, fearing she would talk to police. grieving residents are trying to recover after a look at what is left, at least 24 people died, three people are still missen. this is drone video that shows hardly anything is left behind. over 100 structures, and there are still multiple downed power lines. volunteers are showing up by the hundreds to help their neighbors. >> we're rallies, out in force. we're the volunteer state for a reason. officials say some of the cleanup may take months. >> lori love lynn and her husband believe they have proof of their innocence in the
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college cheating scandal. the allegations came after prosecutors handed over notes of college admissions consultant rick singer's iphone. singer alleged that fbi agents told him to -- prosecutors are not commenting. the trial is still scheduled to tart in october. coming up next, developments in the coyne vire update. a live report on passengers awaiting testing being held on a cruise ship at see just off the coast of san francisco. we are live at sfo as thousands of bay area united workers brace for the financial impact of fewer flights. 6:27 right now. you're watcheding "today in the bay."
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thanks so much for joining us. >> kari hall has been tracking the forecast for us. i hope this is a great birthday forecast for the lovely lady sitting next to me. >> we'll make it perfect for the birthday lady. we'll see clouds with a cooler weekend ahead. we'll hold off until tomorrow. we'll have a chance of spotty sprinkles, and a light rain in the forecast. we'll focus on the weekend forecast, and what we're going to do with laura this weekend. now we're starting to look in the south bay. >> kari, you got lawyera great
6:31 am
birthday. laura, i got you this. yeah, that's what i do. north 101 has mild slowing. 87 a little build. same for 85. this is actually gradual. the build is light. holding with your usual suspects, and west 92 shows the build, but again, a gentle build there, and again the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on. >> thank you, mike. we begin with the coronavirus outbracket. worldwide there are nearly 95,000 cases, more than 3200 have died, many of them in china. there are now 11 confirmed deaths. across the country there are now 163 cases. >> california is now under a state of emergency. santa clara county is reporting
6:32 am
three new cases, and has the most of any county in the bay area. this morning we have live team coverage, the vire versus a major impact on the airline industry. kris sanchez is tracking that. but first a crew ship is linked so the first california death. pete, many of those passengers may now be at risk. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. the cdc we know is eventualitily flying out the test kits to the "grand princess" which is still way offshore at this point. thousands of folks could be affected as a result of everything, so you have to wait and see if they are affected by the coronavirus. we'll bring our viewers up to day on exactly the timeline of how we got to this point. the ship left san francisco back on february 21st. three passengers who were on board the same ship earlier in the month for a mexican cruise tested positive for the
6:33 am
coronavirus. a 71-year-old placer county man who had symptoms while on board the ship did die yesterday. another passenger who was in stable condition in a hospital. ten decree members and 11 passengers have also shown symptoms of the virus. here's governor newsom explaining the important of getting the kits out to the ship. >> that ship is now being delayed to provide ample opportunity for the cdc partnership with the coast guard and with state health officials to kouconduct tests. we have a number of passengers and crew members who have developed symptoms. >> reporter: now these kids will be sent to richmond for further testing later today. all of this is taking place, the county of san mateo is opening up a call center no later than noon today for nonmedical and
6:34 am
that will be available from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. reporting live, pete suratos, "today in the bay." another impact rippling through the bay area, united is slashing flights. you can see sfo is a major hub for the airline where that decision is not only impacting travelers, but also families who depends on paychecks from united. kris sanchez is looking closer at this part of the story. kris? >> reporter: hey there, marcus and laura. employees will start to feel the financial impact on the airlines cutting back on the flights that we talked about. united is trying to cut back workforce expenses by offering employees voluntary unpaid leave, also asking employees to choose a reduced schedule. they postponed merit races for non-union workers and imposed a
6:35 am
hiring freeze. you'll see a 10% cut in flights. international service will be cut by 20%, this is for april on into may. jetblue also scaling back 5% and the airlines says -- president trump who has been downplaying the severity of the outbreak met with airline executives yesterday. the coronavirus response coordinator said the public should be reassured. >> i was very reassured to hear the airlines talk about the cleaning procedures and the three levels, because i think that will be reassuring for the american public. >> reporter: while those two angles are are working, if you're a traveler make sure you bring hand sanitizer. ear welcome to bring sanitizing
6:36 am
wipes, and wash your hands when you can, and make sure you keep your hands out of your face, eyes and nose. it's tricky with young ones, but that's your first line of defense. >> thanks, kris. when can comes to traveling and spring break, maybe you have travel plans that are suddenly up in the air. standard travel insurance will just not cover you. it requires policies allowing us to cancel for any reason, but it costs about 40% more. if you're traveling internationally, for pleasure or work, reentry is still restricted from china and iran. the cdc is also recommending you avoid nonessential travel to italy and south korea. some airlines are waiving change fees. while they won't refund, they will issue a credit. give them a call.
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we're updating our digital platform 24/7. new for you this morning, video from an overnight fire in santa rosa that started as a homeless encampment and spread to a nearby auto body shop. no one was hurt, but the flames did cause about a half million in damage. also new for you, some b.a.r.t. riders can now pay for parking by phone. this is through the b.a.r.t. official app. it's initially rolling out at five stations. antioch, west oakland, hayward, south san francisco and el cerrito, del norte, but b.a.r.t. plans to extend the program to all stations by the end of the year. new video and a warning from police in ohio about distracted drichg. hive never seen anything like this one before. columbus police posted video of
6:38 am
a woman knitting behind the wheel. a member of their social media team took the video. >> just have to get that sweater done. >> right? once the light turned green, the woman stopped knitting and continued to drive. >> i know we've been talking about this. you always say not texting and driving, but now you have to at don't knit and drive. >> there you go. no knitting. can't someone just sit and look around? do we always have to be doing something? >> so much knitting to do. more like macrame right now, this is a maze of a series of knots. all these intertriping roadways are moving smoothly. no problem coming through contra costa county. it's a nice drive.
6:39 am
a treat for most of our drives, and waze is predicting no major problems coming through hayward. we should last pretty steady through the next half hour. one note, a disabled big rig south 17 near the summit may block some lanes. smiled loing there. it's a good-looking today. >> because it's someone's birthday. >> happy birthday, laura. >> thank you. that 75 degrees is about perfect, right? i had to work it out for you. we'll hold off the cool air for the weekend. if you're making weekend plans, just a heads-up it will be jacket weather, especially if you're near the coast where it would be misting and drizzling, just peeks of sunshine, and more of the same on sunday as we'll see more clouds coming in, highing be the bay reaching -- as we make plans, how about going off the grid this friday
6:40 am
night. it's going to be in the low 50s to start. then with the breezy wind and more clouds. it will be down to about 50 degrees at 8:00. if you're goings to russian river valley, heads up. there will be spotty showers on friday, a mostly cloud counter sky on sunday. if you want to head to the beach, it's going to be nice, but a little hard to see, and highs in the low 50s, especially on saturday. on sunday may be the better day to head to half moon bay. if you're going to l.a. this weekend, no issues there, with highs in the upper 60s more clouds on saturday, sunday reaching 65. make sure you're following me on social media on twitter, facebook and instagram. let me know where you're going this weekend and i could give you a heads-up to the forecast. more is coming up in three
6:41 am
minutes. coming up next a peninsula hospital seeming to be on life support. >> these people's lives are on the line. they're until a lot of stress. >> the looming closure that workers and patients are facing. president trump says he doubts what scientists are saying, has his own hunch. we're back to the big board where we're back to negative number. dow industrials falling 2.5%. have you seen this new video? look and listen. [ screeching ] >> can you believe that? this is rush hour road rage incident. people are just crazy. we're going to tell you what the driver is saying got him so bad and why police are saying they're not buying the story. it's 6:41.
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right now it's 6:44. let's head outside in dublin. you need sun glasses if you're driving off toward the east, but the commute is looking away from the sunrise. our temperatures will be in the upper 40s to start, up ever 60s by this afternoon. really perfect weather. it's about to cool off. we'll talk about much-needed rain in less than five minutes. this is west 580, there is an incident over there in that commute direction. we'll show you the impact as
6:45 am
well as another note for the santa cruz mountains. more on that big rig. a live look for you this morning at seton medical center. the hospital could be days away from closing. san mateo county is holding an emergency meeting tomorrow to try to save it. talks to sell the hospital have stalled. their owners, verity health, say they may be forced to shut down as soon as next week. at the issue drew a packed house, and the bankruptcy attorney talked about the challenge of finding a buyer. >> we're still talking to people. if you have ideas to help us, we're open. >> really look in the mior and figure out how you sell this to a hospital buyer. >> tomorrow's meetings supervisoring will debate having the county buy the hospital if a buyer cannot be secured. asylum seekers will not have to remain in mexico while
6:46 am
awaiting a hearing in the u.s. >> a court is blocking the white house policy. the removal of the remain in mexico policy goes into effect a week from today. the without is asking the u.s. supreme court to intervene. the ruling does not apply to the border along new mexico and texas. the president's arch rival chuck schumer is under fire this morning. >> he made a statement that both sides thought were inappropriate. >> schumer, of course the democratic leader of the senate, the senate minority leader, speaking about abortion rights decisions in the supreme court, said -- i want to tell you gore hutch, kavanaugh, you have release add whirlwind and you will pay the price. you won't know what will hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions. that got an immediate rebuke from president trump -- there can be few things worse in a civilized, law abiding nation,
6:47 am
than a u.s. senator openly, and for all to see and hear, threatening a justice. justice roberts also stepped in -- roberts would go on to say members of the court will do their jobs without fear. turning to coronavirus, the president went on fox news last night handled disputed the latest numbers announced by the world health organization that the morbidity rate of coronavirus was 3.4%. >> i think 3.4% is really a false number. this is just my hunch, but based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this. a lot of people will have this, and it's very mild. they'll get better rapidly, they don't even see a doctor, don't even call a doctor. >> the president claiming what scientists are saying is somehow made up is disturbing, but he's
6:48 am
not wrong that a lot of people do get better. some get quite sick, some barely sick at all, but they do get better. the world health organization says those two groups together account for 96.6%. that would work out to a morbidity rate of 3.4%. the house passed a massive spending bill to release money to fight the virus. 8.3 billion, the senate will take it up tomorrow. two congressmen voted against it, one from arizona, one from colorado. you might have seen this, the hill reports he put it on wrong. former marine helped him put it back on correctly. vice president pence back on camera a day after his coronavirus group prohibited video or audio recordings of their briefs to the american public. mr. pence will travel to olympia, washington, today, one
6:49 am
of the cities hit by the coronavirus. people in washington state very worried about that. we're watching everything, of course, on twitter. follow me @scottmcgrew. a road rage incident we've never seen before. the bmw ramming into the truck repeatedly. the driver was arrested and later tried to claim the truck struck the car and tried to take off, but police say they have not found any evidence to support that. all right, dub nation, it is on. steph curry returning tonight, with a tweet -- about time. the warriors have been like a ship without a compass since he broke his hand. they're dead last in wins, but tonight maybe a comeback. we don't have to wait for tonight for a big win.
6:50 am
>> we've been talking about it all morning. this morning is laura's birthday. we love you so much here. >> that's my favorite burnt almond cake. >> it's not burnt almond cake, but -- >> there's always a debate in the south bay. >> is dick's back? >> no, it burned down. >> so i guess we settled that. >> thank you for the love. >> that looks beautiful. >> because we're your love. >> it's really nice with the xoxo. >> i thought it was -- [ laughter ] >> thank you, guys. thank you, it's very, very sweet, as well as the forecast. >> i would give you a hug, but we won't -- >> thank you, honey, for dropping it off.
6:51 am
for sunshine's birthday, we'll have a very nice weather. highs reaching into the low 70s, take a look at this sunrise, as we get a live look outside over san jose. it is gorgeous. our temperatures have been in the low 50s. here's a look at our temperature trend for evergreen, heading up to 70 degrees today. reaches 75 in antioch, 73 in napa, santa rosa up to 70 degrees. now 34% of california included in a moderate drought. that was an increase, so more of the bay area also under a moderate drought, as we see it extending, and then a large part of the central valley. the good news is we are seeing the change in the pattern, extending from vancouver to the south. we are going to see this cold front pushing in by tomorrow,
6:52 am
also bringing in rain chances for the weekend. that will open the door for more systems to come in. >> we'll see another low drop against by next weekend. it's nice to see some rainierby, if you're making weekend plans and worried about those showers, we're looking at about a tenth of an inch of rain for most of us, maybe higher along the coast. the next week, it does show that some of the rain will be san jose on southward. so we'll be fine-tuning that forecast, but we are seeing once again more clouds, cooler air, and something more typical of mid march. and a few spotty showers. mike, you're saying they could clear a truck from highway 17? >> here's an issue, and i think a lot of folks can identify with this. a disabled truck just south of
6:53 am
the summit here an glenwood drive. tried to get back in the truck as they locked their keys in the truck. that will be there for a while. that is a concern, but lighter traffic in that direction. it's distracting the northbound commute. that's why you have slowing coming up. most of the viewers heading south. san jose itself pushing north. that's your community. disabled vehicle right around the 280/17 interchange. so far no major problems. more slowing toward the caldecott, with the build there, and then the issue we talked about, another truck westbound 580 right near the san quentin exit. here is san rafael, moving very smoothly southbound. 6:53. happening now, nestle is going
6:54 am
greener. the food and beverage company plans to built 3 million trees over the next year and a half. nestle is striving for a carbon neutrality by 2050. they're taking on action to try to reduce carbon emissions. a look at the top stories, including the latest on the cruise ship. now up next, the plan to test passengers for the coronavirus and how thousands of united workers are bracing for the impact of the virus not on their health, but the paychecks. we want you to stick around. former vice president joe biden chats with savannah guthrie about the battles that lie ahead for the campaign. we're back in two minute with his more of "today in the bay."
6:55 am
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welcome back. it's 6:57. a look at the stories we're following. we want you to know the information you need to know. a live look for you here at pier 27. a cruise ship that was suppose to do berth there is instead in a holding pattern offer the coast of san francisco with thousands on board waiting to get tested. the cdc is flying test kits to
6:58 am
the "grand princess" after a death yesterday of a 72r 1-year-old placer county man who had symptoms on board the same ship during an earlier voij. governor newsom has now issued a state of emergency. airlines continue to take precautions. united is cutting back on flights, and now it's also trying to cut back on the workforce expenses. employees are being offered voluntary unpaid leave or options to reduce their schedules. they say bring hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes with you should you be boarder a plane. >> the dow jones industrial average dipping into the down 839 points so far right now.
6:59 am
united airlines stock is sinking on revenue concerns there. we're updating our digital platforms 24/7, we have even dedicated an entire section to the coronavirus. you can find it all at election coverage, nbc still has not dollar california's democratic winner. some bay area races are still too close to call. you can go to for a full updated list. a quick look at the forecast. >> it looks pretty good today. it will be the last day we're seal our temperatures in the low 70s. it's going to cool off over the next few days. last look at the traffic for us this morning. >> prepare for the rain that's coming. right now westbound is our commute direction that's held up at the bay bridge toll plaza. standard there, and you also see the rights building, through dublin as well. >> sounds good.
7:00 am
we'll be back in half an hour with a local news update. and we end today by saying, happy birthday, again, to laura garcia. >> thank you very much. it's not so bad getting older with you guys. have a good once. good morning breaking overnight, state of emergency. the california governor's new move as authorities hold another cruise ship offshore after thousands of its passengers may coronavirus.posed to in seattle millions urged to work from home airlines now canceling flights inside the u.s we'll have the latest on the airport screener at l.a.x. who turned up sick just ahead. "today" exclusive. joe biden's first interview since his surprise super tuesday route of bernie sanders.


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