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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 8, 2020 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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because of the virus. again to shoppers. we enjoyed that rain yesterday. now the store is taking its own if you have any questions we do and now we're feeling chillier have many answers. when it comes to our morning >> the covid-19 threat is tomorrow an nbc bay area special lows. growing across the united states. the cold front passed through. >> across the country and around report titled "understanding 32 degrees right now. the world, northern italy now on that's pretty cold. coronavirus." we take an in-depth look at the 49 in san jose. lockdown. the death toll is rising, fears worldwide outbreak and how it 39 as you head out the door in are increasing, and doubts about half moon bay. reached the bay area, clear up what's going to happen today? u.s. preparedness are growing. a look at satellite radar. rumors and myths you may be >> i'm not happy about the lack hearing. you can still see that it will air tomorrow night at of the appropriate number of 7:00. you can watch it now on our instability in through the san good sunday morning. jose area. test kits. >> this amid concerns the trump it is 7:00 on the dot on this website, or on march 8th. here is a live look outside at the rest of the bay area will administration is not being honest with the public. our app. remain primarily dry. >> anybody that's needs a test san francisco from our san bruno there is other news. gets a test. turning now to decision 2020. we're not expecting a rainy day mountain. a little dark out there because the two front-runners for the >> and is even cavalier about democratic nomination are now like yesterday but it will be the crisis. >> the tests are all perfect. it's 7:00. distancing themselves from one cloudy. just yesterday it would have been 6:00. i will zoom this out this like the letter another. this as kamala harris this showcases the next couple of systems we're tracking heading as we have sprung forward morning officially endorses joe into the start of the workweek. officially to welcome daylight you can see that just offshore. biden for president. saving time, i'm kira klapper. and that's going to bring us good morning to you. just yesterday senator bernie another chance of seeing rain. vianey arana has a look at our sanders campaigned in michigan before i get to that time line i micro climate forecast. where he talked about bucking want to make sure you get your the establishment of both daytime high. we were just talking about how we really needed coffee this parties, but he also pledged to it will be a perfect day to go out and enjoy. morning. >> we definitely did. get behind whoever wins the nomination. we have one of those days where mainly cloudy. the sun will try to peek it's a little dark right now but meanwhile former vice president through. isolated showers. at least the rain joe biden was in st. louis mocking the pundits who declared areas in san jose, santa cruz out a little bit. isolated showers. his campaign was dead. biden declared himself the might get a shower or two.
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candidate to unite the party and the country. livermore, 58 degrees. look at the cloud cover. palo alto, 60 degrees. ukiah, 58. we are going to see the chance san francisco, a high of 57 of an isolated shower or two. >> this is for america's soul degrees. so what will happen the next couple of days? 32 degrees in santa rosa. and at this most perilous moment when is our next chance of 38 in napa. winning means uniting america seeing rain? not sowing more division and monday and tuesday a low that will move inland but it's mainly upper 40s. here is a closer look at anger. >> i have zero doubt in my mind to our south. satellite. you can see the majority of the socal, l.a., central california. that together we are the showers are down through the campaign that could beat trump. it's going to see that rain south in central california, in heading into monday and tuesday. the monterey area. still, in through the inland >> voters in six more states areas including the east bay we might get a little portion of including michigan, where bernie could still see a drop or two at that creeping into mainly least for the first half of the sanders was, head to the polls this tuesday. monterey, san jose might get a morning. the majority of the day mostly shower or two. we'll keep that in a chance for dry and our temperatures will at 7:39, still ahead the forecast. remain cool, in the upper 50s. political analyst larry gerston extended outlook looking into thursday and friday, we dry up a we have more rain on the way. rejoins us live as we look ahead little bit and we start to warm i will take you through the timing of that coming up in 15 to the march 10th primary with a back up. minutes. later next week clearer and >> we'll see you in 15, vianey. lot of delegates at stake for bernie sanders or joe biden. drier. saturday the 14th our next rain thanks so much. they are still stuck at sea. first, no steph curry, but the chance. doesn't happen until later into the grand princess cruise ship warriors snapped a ten-game home the weekend and that will bring will come into the port of losing streak even without their the possibility of more showers oakland tomorrow. the situation remains fluid. star player. and also lowering snow levels. who stepped up to lead the ws to maybe colder and also windy just yesterday evening it came close enough to shore that it victory? anthony flores is next. heading into sunday, march 15th. we're going to keep a very close
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could be seen there. eye on that. as you know about 70% of one passenger was removed for treatment not related to california remains abnormally dry. so here is a look at your seven-day forecast. we're going to warm back up. covid-19. it was to pull into oakland this notice the temperatures go from afternoon but last night the 60 degrees from inland areas today. plan was shifted to tomorrow. we warm up into monday with a high of 65. one passenger told us they were we get a chance for a few told california residents will showers mainly late into the be sent to a local military base evening and more showers heading for possible quarantine. into tuesday. as we head into thursday and friday we dry out, warm back up >> i'm not sure if we'll be into the upper 60s for san tested francisco. we are monitoring the next and seen there if necessary. chance of seeing more rain heading into next saturday. people from other states will be >> we need it. transported to their states. we welcome it. hopefully it will come to people from other countries is fruition. still to be decided. vianey, thanks so much. and thanks to you for making us >> 21 people onboard and two a part of your morning. we will have more local news for crew members have tested you tonight at 4:30, 6:00 and positive for coronavirus. this grand princess cruise 11:00 and all day on started in late february. maybe now you can go to your on the prior cruise on that same microwave, your stove, ajust all vessel which arrived in san francisco from mexico, one your clocks that need to be sprung forward. passenger fell ill and later thanks for joining us. have a great sunday. with over 75 years of savings and service, died. the cdc suspects this ship is geico is the easy choice. tv just keeps getting better.
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xfinity. the future of awesome. the captain wanted to make sure it coronavirus and told other good morning, everyone. ok, so maybe we're new tbut we're determined. passengers to stay on the ship. steph curry did not play against we got an insider tip on the ultimate flooring destination. the results came back negative. the 76ers. the warriors say he has the flu whoa. floor and decor is amazing. and has no symptoms of the look at us. vice president mike pence coronavirus. we're shopping alongside real-life designers announced new standards in order curry returned to action thursday after missing 58 games to stop the spread on ocean and contractors. with a broken hand. i love this tile. liners. the warriors taking on the 76ers and this one. and, these prices! some of the rules include who were missing three starters look at this... durable and water-resistant. enhancing entrance and exit picking it up in the second screenings, establishing onboard we should do the kitchen next! quarter. wiggins throwing it up. oh, yeah, we found where the pros go. coronavirus testing, new now, we're unstoppable. 13 points, 10 boards and 8 explore floor and decor in person or online quarantine standards and a plan to move infected passengers to assists. at now to the fourth, the ws down a facilities on land. point. he said he expects them to lee gets the hoop. it's a three-point 24. expand in just a few days. then a block party underneath. there is a report out the white house overruled health leaders the warriors beat the 76ers, who recommended elderly and fragile americans be advised not to fly becauseaccording to a fe 118-114, to snap a ten-game home losing streak. a great moment at the shark close to the matter. tank. this is make a wish teenager the cdc reportedly submitted a selena irving dropping the puck before the sharks in ottawa. she had a kidney transplant a plan in an effort to curb the virus. few years ago and her wish was
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white house officials ordered to meet the sharks. a hug from her favorite player. the air travel recommendation be less than 20 seconds remaining in the first evander kane scores removed. they have recommended certain people consider not traveling. off the rebound. he knocks it in the net. >> you listen to the president that tied the game at 1-1. and he says one thing. it would stay that way until you listen to the vice overtime. president. he says something else. the cdc says one thing. 2-1 in overtime. and then people feel nobody is it was really coming down at in charge or you don't have a earthquake stadium in san jose. the quake taking on minnesota competent response, and that united fc down 1-0 in the first. triggers panic. >> the vice president's press not anymore. secretary is calling the erickson ties the match at 1-1 in the 19th minute. accusation complete fiction. she said limited flying was maine would score three goals before the end of the first half never a recommendation to the and they go on to beat the task force. and a live look atsfo this quakes, your final, 5-2. giants and white sox in arizona. morning where air travel is down you hear the crack of the bat. as airlines slash flights amid going yard for the second time coronavirus fears. this spring. the giants banging out 18 hits. you can see visibly fewer they beat the white sox, 12-7.
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the a's beat the mariners, 8-4. people. not only are there travel to vegas semifinals of the restrictions in place but pac-12 tournament. stanford shoolting for the mild indications they are avoiding upset of ucla. lexi hall with a triple. air travel until it is under part of a 16-0 cardinal run. control. covid-19 has made it to our in the fourth it's hall again. nation's capital. a man in his 50s is washington, she had 28 points and nine d.c.'s very first case. rebounds. nationwide the number of cases stanford beats ucla, 67-51. has surpassed 400. the cardinal will face 437 there. 19 people have died. top-seeded oregon in the championship game later today. that's a look at your morning 15 people have completely sports. i'm anthony flores. just because we're super hungry... recovered from the virus. santa clara county announced eight more cases just yesterday bringing the total to 32. that's the most of any bay area county. six new cases announced yesterday as well. san francisco looks beautiful right now. this is where for the next two weeks the city is banning all nonessential gatherings in city owned buildings including city
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now is the perfect time to feel like this... the biggest school district is and this... canceling classes over and definitely that. kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child coronavirus concerns. it's the elk grove unified per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket. district. they made that decision just yesterday. all schools closed, classes and school activities canceled until march 13th. school leaders say a family in the district tested positive for the virus and is quarantined. they say not to panic. >> 100% a precautionary measure. there is no reason for parents to be concerned. we are acting to prevent the welcome back. what a difference a week makes. transmission of this virus. one week ago yesterday joe biden was fighting for his political based on the advice we're life. getting from the county health only to emerge with a decisive office. >> the district says no student victory in south carolina and then go on to win 10 out of 14 nor staff member has tested positive. state primaries on super tuesday. it will move their april spring break up to next week. and if you have questions, we do so what can we expect next as we have answers. look ahead to more primaries? tomorrow an nbc bay area special political analyst larry gerston report "understanding coronavirus." we take an in-depth look at the
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worldwide outbreak and how it rejoins us. reached the bay area. we'll clear up common rumors and do you think it's safe to say myths. it airs tomorrow night at 7:00 joe biden is the front-runner p.m. or you can watch it right for the democratic presidential now on our website or our app. nomination? >> it's tempting, but no, not our website, byhe way, yet. certainly not numerical terms, kira. yes in psychological terms. kamala harris officially is endorsing a candidate for by the time all the votes are counted in california, which may president, joe biden. not be for another couple weeks, harris tweeted this morning that biden and sanders will be within biden, quote, has served our country with dignity, and we a couple dozen delegates. need him now more than ever. i will do everything in my power to help elect him the next so no breakout for either candidate there. president of the united states, but the difference is the extent end quote. we'll have more on this later in the newscast. of biden's victory stretching and at 7:09 we do have much from new england to upper more ahead on "today in the bay." we go live to washington to talk midwest, tg a particular state with chuck todd and get his preview of "meet the press." although texas was huge forotalr a welcome sight in the sierra, fresh snow. we'll take you there. by gersto. sanders who was expected to do very well. this has been given to biden as
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a tremendous opportunity for momentum and he has taken it. >> that can change, right? if we look back a couple weeks ago sanders seemed to have the momentum leading up to the first three state elections. >> success in the first three, the first few states really is usually a guide to more success down the road usually, usually. biden was the favorite of african-americans who make up a sizable proportion and comprise a large part of the democratic coalition and while sanders was not able to expand his base by voters, biden grew his. he grew his support by bringing out voters over 45 years old and suburban women who some thought would go to elizabeth warren but didn't. momentum is a fragile notion and
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can shift more than once. the next two weeks are so important. >> and so the next one is just two days away. what do you think we can expect to change in the political landscape this coming tuesday which includes michigan with a lot of delegates. >> i have a secret, few experts, few experts had anticipated biden's rout he especially his k of money, organization, staffing. we need to be very, very careful when we tiptoe into the idea of predictions. we do know this about 352 delegates are at stake in six states. biden looks to do well in michigan, missouri and north dakota and their proximity of states that went his way last tuesday. sanders looks to do well in washington. idaho an unknown.
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the real test will be michigan. sanders won that state against hillary clinton with support, detroit, michigan's largest chuck todd, moderator of "meet city, is more than 80% the press," thank you for african-american which we know is a major part of biden's base. joining us. chuck, we have seen the coronavirus spread to over half the big question is which the country with confirmed cases rising well over 400. candidate will overperform in and this morning you will michigan. again biden is taking a huge actually speak with dr. anthony super tuesday momentum into foucci who is helping manage these six races. this response. >> so some experts, i know you can you give insight on how the said no experts could have administration is handling the predicted biden's rout but some outbreak? >> i will try to paraphrase a little bit. attribute to the endorsements of first of all, it is inevitable that cases are going to grow and popular african-americans, james grow pretty quickly. he seemed to indicate the other clyburn, amy klobuchar, pete big message that he had for everybody listen iing is basicay buttigieg, beto o'rourke, do you think an endorsement from elizabeth warren could shift anybody over the age of 60, if you have an underlying health things for either candidate? condition, needs to take some
7:13 am
>> it's a huge question with extreme precautions. don't, he said, would not go on a cruise ship at all, period, maj major consequences. would be very careful about of the three possibilities only going to any large gatherings a sanders' endorsement will be including religious services and helpful to the vermont senator things like that. if there was one underlying and that assumes warren can message he had that he kept overlook her anger, and believe reiterating over and over again me she has a lot of it with it was this warning. sanders and supporters as they might flow to his side if she we're still learning more but the biggest thing is the most says so. vulnerable population are our of all the unknowns warren's may seniors. and he really was pretty be the most important. emphatic if you're over the age of 60 you should be thinking it all underscores the about these things now not something to think about in a week, now. >> wow. unpredictability in this unusual >> chuck, should the coronavirus election year. >> we have to go truly become pandemic, what kamala harris endorsed joe biden. jesse jackson given his african-american base has actually endorsed bernie sanders. effect might it have on the election? >> the only thing i can think of
7:14 am
is the last year of carter's >> harris is a big name, a big presidency. it's an outsized event, call it force. a black swan, not necessarily again, a member of the caused by the president and whether it was carter then or african-american community and a trump now but is certainly woman. >> indeed. larry, as always, thanks to you. creating a test in real time and vianey has weather after this. testing perhaps with carter his handling seemed to reinforce the concerns some voters had about him. i think that's what the president needs to realize that this handling will be voters are taking stock in him right now this is a re-election test and in some ways we'll see how he handles it. right now the president has looked at this almost like a political problem and not enough of it as a public health crisis. >> yeah, staying with the election, we watched endorsements play a critical role in joe biden's stunning turnaround last week. that said, what's the likelihood of elizabeth warren having a similar impact if she endorses
7:15 am
bernie sanders especially before tuesday's primaries? >> that's what it would take. i think it needs to happen for it to have a huge impact. i think not endorsing before michigan has its own impact and, look, i think by not endorsing she is already probably sending a message to the sanders crowd. i'll say this, i think elizabeth ♪ dramatic choir music warren is truly torn. i think she feels joe biden cuts ♪ dramatic choir music deals too quickly. bernie sanders is too stubborn to govern. i do think she is going to be very careful about this endor endorseme endorsement. when she endorsed hillary clinton she extracted a lot of promises about personnel, about influences she wanted to have in certain parts of the treasury department. i wouldn't be surprised if introducing the all-new it's tlincoln corsair.ation. that -- elizabeth warren wants to make sure her endorsement gets something.
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>> and her joke on saturday nightli live, maybe she'll endoe both. we hope you join chuck for "meet the press" right after this newscast. interviews with senator bernie sanders, maryland governor larry hogan and dr. anthony foucci who we were just speaking about. tune in to "meet the press" right after this newscast. and between now and then larry will be back in about 40 minutes with our weekly political segment. we'll look at what has now become essentially a two candidate race for the democratic nomination. so much has changed over the past week since you sat in this chair. we look forward to seeing you soon, larry, thanks. we want to tell you about some other news now. good morning. it is 7:54. expired food is still for sale here isclouds. on amazon. that is a new finding of a cnbc study. back in october cnbc found that
7:17 am
amazon was shipping expired food from third party sellers and now, four months later, the sellers are still active despite many racking up new complaints about expired products. part of the problem is amazon is regulated differently and can't be sued for past date items sold by third parties. but a bill introduced in washington this week could change all of that. however, outlining a plan to create liability for online marketplaces. okay, locally here is what it looked like last night on i-80. chains are required after a healthy dose of snow in the sierra this weekend. but for folks at sugar bowl in nearby norden, perfect timing. the new snowfall caused a small delay in lift operations, spirits were high. the resort now expects more people to come ski and snowboard as we approach spring. like the official start of spring is next week or a week and a half. vianey arana is here with a look
7:18 am
at all of this. it's a welcome sight for sure. >> oh, it is. >> but weird we've spent all winter waiting for this. >> we have more snow on the way for the sierra. a chance for isolated snow and showers tonight and another system we're monitoring heading into the workweek. we're doing okay, kira. squaw valley, lake tahoe 24 degrees. this is a live look using one of our weather underground cameras. it looks stunning. as you know the sierra snowpack is at less than 50% of average where we're supposed to be for this time of year which is why seeing snow like this is definitely great. now we do have cloudy conditions this morning. beautiful view there. you probably noticed the rain yesterday. hopefully we get more heading into the week. napa 38. the rest of the bay are 40s. that cold front that swept through dropped down our
7:19 am
temperatures by as much as 14 degrees in areas like santa rosa. thanks to that cold front, rain a few degrees cooler this hour than yesterday. and here is a live look at satellite radar. so are we going to see rain today? we do have a little bit of instability still out there. you can see it here on radar. the majority of the rain for the rest of the region dry. still a chance or two of seeing an isolated shower into the central california hour and also in the san jose area as well. so as we head into the evening, though, we're not worried about the rain. it will be really cloudy. i want to zoom this out because this tells a bigger story. we are tracking another system. you can see it right down here and that system is going to take its aim headed mainly to central and southern california as we head into monday and tuesday, but we cou see some of the rain as well. how much rain did we get yesterday? i'm happy to report that ben
7:20 am
lomond had .73. big sur a little over a quarter as well as san jose. oakland hills about a tenth. sfo at the airport less than a tenth of an inch. it wasn't a big rainmaker but it certainly had its moments where it would start to rain, where it felt like it was going to rain harder and would linger. now we will get an extended forecast in just a bit. your temperatures for today, 61 degrees in san jose. 59 in oakland. 58 in santa cruz. a look at that extended forecast. as i mentioned we're going to get better rain totals for central and southern california. you can see that system here. as that low moves inland to the south, san jose might get that rain until wednesday. we'll keep the chance of seeing some rain. our next rain chance next week might be late friday into the weekend and then showers might be possible. the long-range outlook along with lowering snow levels heading into march 15th. the next seven days the temperatures will remain in the 60s. a chance of more showers monday, tuesday and wednesday.
7:21 am
don't wash those cars. 62 degrees by wednesday and our temperatures warm back up thursday and friday. kira? >> a little bit of everything. vianey, thanks so much. just shy of 7:21. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up we follow a bay area man who finds old art and turns it into profit. it's not always financial. we'll show you his incredible gesture to an east bay family next.
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♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music ♪ dramatic choir music it's the rush of relaxation. introducing the all-new lincoln corsair. you know, the happiest place on earth, but... have you flown the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy? or channeled your inner jedi? you gotta love that... have you raced through radiator springs? or struck a power pose with them? now is the perfect time to feel like this... and this... and definitely that.
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kids enjoy the magic for just $67 per child per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket. welcome back. our bay area proud series covers all man eaner of people doing g. a unique one involving a thrift store, a 50-year-old painting, and a touching gesture to a local family. here is "today in the bay's" garvin thomas. >> reporter: when matt fitzsimmons looks for hidden treasures he can turn a profit off of -- >> electronics and you look for big ticket stuff --
7:24 am
>> reporter: it's more art than science. >> i think i have developed an eye for it and that's part of the whole thing. >> reporter: which all may explain why matt finds so many of his treasures in the art section. >> you can tell a lot more from the back of a painting than the front of it. >> reporter: this story, though, is about a painting that turned out to be worth so much more than matt paid for it, just not in money. >> i get a little choked up. it's what life is all about. you give it back when you can. especially if it's only $12.99. >> reporter: the painting matt found on a thrift store shelf was of black figures in front of a burning city. he guessed it was from the late '60s or early '70s. >> i looked at it and i looked at it and just so much going on. now this guy -- >> reporter: like for all the art he buys, matt set about
7:25 am
doing research and discovered the artist earnest frohm jr. was from oakland. he reached out to his family. and his sister, iris, called him back. it was iris who shared the story of her brother's turbulent life and his death more than a decade ago. and that he had a son running a martial arts studio in oakland who would very much want one of his father's paintings. earnest frohm iii who spends his days mentoring youth in oakland says his father was largely absent from his upbringing. >> so the relationship was that i knew i looked like him but i didn't know him. >> reporter: well, once he heard that, matt understood the true value of the painting. >> oh, wow. wow. >> we all want to make money, right? i listen to thesefolks' story
7:26 am
a and, i don't know. it touched me like the painting did. and i couldn't keep it. >> reporter: earnest says the painting now sits on his mantle and he looks at it every evening. >> i look up at it and it gives me more of an insight into what he was thinking. >> reporter: so as you heard matt spent $12.99 on that painting. he says he'll never know what he could have gotten for it on the open market, and he really doesn't care. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. it is 7:26. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up people are shocked after a deadly shooting rocks their otherwise quiet bay area neighborhood. plus coronavirus impacting a fan favorite at costco. the change for the foreseeable future.
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good sunday morning. it is 7:28, just shy of 7:29. taking a live look outside over walnut creek on this sunday, march 8. did you know it is international women's day? it's celebrated on the 8th of march every year around the world. it is the focal point in the movement for women's rights. thanks for joining us, two women. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our micro climate forecast. looks a little cloudy out there. some welcomed rain yesterday. >> i know, it was just so nice to see the rain. i loved seeing everyone and their kids outside with the rain boots. >> my son, though, was like the puddles weren't big enough. >> we have more rain on the way. we have a cold front that dropped down last night and dropped our temperatures significantly. they're in the 30s. how big of a difference compared to yesterday, well, about 14 degrees in santa rosa.
7:30 am
as that cold front swept through. satellite radar right now is a lot calmer compared to yesterday but we do still have some instability. most of the region will be dry but very cloudy. however, the bigger picture and what's going on just off the coast. tracking our next chance of rain heading into monday, tuesday and wednesday. it looks like our best chance for seeing rain may just move in for the start of the workweek. more details on that in about 15 minutes. >> so don't have any of our kids put away rain boots. >> keep the umbrella and rain boots out. >> i'll see you in 15 minutes. vianey, thanks. before we get to our continuing coronavirus coverage, we are also following a new story in the south bay. a suspect is in custody after a deadly shooting just blocks away from the apple campus, an area
7:31 am
that rarely deals with crime. marianne favro has this report from sunnyvale. >> reporter: police have been out here for hours investigating this homicide and we saw them taking pictures of the crime scene. san jose police say sunnyvale department of public safety officers responded to linnet lane 4:30 saturday afternoon. you can see a silver audi with bullet casings nearby. police say one man was found dead inside the car, and a woman in the car suffered nonlife threatening injuries. investigators say it does not appear the suspect knew the victims. neighbors say violent crime is rare in this area. >> i generally think of sunnyvale as a and this is very surprising to me. now i have to think more about do i feel totally safe?
7:32 am
could this kind of thing happen to me? >> reporter: police helped track down the suspect at a gas station on hamilton avenue miles away in campbell, and he was taken into custody. the ordeal didn't end there. police say they found what they believed to be explosives in his car, so they brought in the bomb squad technicians to help take care of those possible explosives. the name of the man killed here in sunnyvale has not yet been released. in sunnyvale, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. a bay area music teacher accused of possessing child pornography. a picture of the man. they say he has a history of working with young teacher as a music teacher across the bay area including in san jose. on wednesday someone sent investigators a tip about him owning child pornography and it was confirmed. he was arrested the same day.
7:33 am
they are still stuck at sea but not more much longer. the passengers aboard "the grand princess" cruise ship will come in tomorrow. the remains fluid. the grand princess came close enough to shore it could be seen near the fair lawn islands. the ship originally was set to pull into oakland this afternoon but late last night the u.s. centers for control and prevention shifted the plan to tomorrow. one passenger yesterday told us what they were told. they were told california residents will be sent to a local military base for possible quarantine. >> i'm not sure whether they will be tested at the port or the base. probably at the base. and seen there if necessary. people transported. people fcountries, that is still to be decided. >> 21 people onboard, two passengers, 19 crew members
7:34 am
tested positive for coronavirus. this "grand princess" cruise started in late february. on the prior cruise which arrived in san francisco from mexico one passenger fell ill and later died. they expect the ship to be responsible for the additional infections. and now a royal princess voyage out of southern california has canceled its cruise at the last minute. the reason one of its crew members worked on the grand princess cruise ship docked in the bay area believed to be is he center of so many illnesses. that worker was transferred on to "the royal princess" two weeks ago. the crew member is doing well and has never shown symptoms. on thursday the cdc cleared "the royal princess" but reversed course yesterday. the cdc wants to test all the crew members for the virus. all passengers will be allowed to disembark. meanwhile, another cruise ship
7:35 am
in southern california is littling people disembark. the carnival cruise held all of its passengers yesterday as it awaited test results for one of its passengers. that passenger experienced flew like symptoms as the ship docked yesterday morning. the captain wanted to make sure it wasn't coronavirus and as a precaution told all other passengers they had to stay on the ship. fortunately the results came back negative. vice president mike pence announced new standards for cruise ships in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus on ocean liners. just yesterday announced some of the outlined rules that include enhancing entrance and exit screenings. establishing onboard coronavirus testing, new quarantine standards, and developing a plan to move infected passengers to facilities on land. pence said he expects the cruise industry to develop the new standards in just the next few days. covid-19 has made its way to
7:36 am
our nation's capital. a man in his 50s is washington, d.c.'s first confirmed case. nationwide the number of cases is at 437. 19 people have died. 15 people, though, have recovered from the virus. and here in the bay area santa clara county announced eight more cases this weekend alone bringing the county's total to 32. that is the most of any county in the bay area. six new cases were announced yesterday in san francisco as well. and speaking of san francisco, a live look across the city. some fog and some clouds right now. this is where for the next two weeks the city is banning all nonessential gatherings in city owned buildings that includes parties, concerts at city hall, the auditorium and the city is delaying their st. patrick's day parade. now to the south where san jose
7:37 am
is making the decision to suspend the film festival. it is being moved to august. it drew thousands for film premieres, red carpets galore. they decided to call off the second week. making the world premiere was understanding but disappointed. >> i felt maybe feeling pressure and other festivals that had to cancel. i understand why but i think it's putting independent artists at a disadvantage to survive in 2020. >> all tickets and passes will be honored at the rescheduled cinequest. no more free food samples at costco. this comes as concerns over
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