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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 19, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> we are following breaking news, including an outbreak at a senior living center on the peninsula. several people now in the hospital. there are now more than 400 confirmed cases in the bay area with seven deaths. california itself has nearly 600 cases. nationwide there are more than 7,000. >> appearing at midnight in the north bay, a shelter in place order goes into effect in napa valley joining the rest of the bay area, and trump is expected to sign a $100 billion relief bill to help struggling americans. our meteorologist, kari hall, has been tracking all what we can expect with the weather. you say there are sprinkles throughout the bay area this morning? >> we have seen the sprinkles, but the trend will be a drier day across the bay area, so we will have improved weather as we go through the afternoon.
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let's check out martinez, and we will start out in the 40s, and go from 44 into the upper 50s in the afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. as we check out our high temperatures this afternoon, reaching 60 degrees in san jose. 62 degrees in concord. in clear lake today, 59 degrees. a little bit warmer in spots. i will be tracking that. we will talk about what is ahead for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. looking over here towards the roadways, and as usual this is your new normal for 6:00 a.m. at least for now folks are sheltering at home and we don't have a lot of commuters go into the city, but there's a steady flow. no problems for your roadways as far as any major issues. the south bay along the peninsula and across the bay, all green. i have a new alert here and i will check it out.
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we are looking at everything from the shelter in place soon for all nine of the bay area counties. this is including how social distancing rules are being followed as well. bob riddell is outside of a living senior center, and it's where some seniors have tested positive for tcoronavirus. >> reporter: you are right. there are six people that live at the assisted living center behind me that have tested positive for the coronavirus. there's a sign on the front door letting people know it's temporarily closed to visitors, and the health department released a statement saying it has suspended the visitations, and the county has now partnered
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with the state department of public health to make sure residents' needs are being addressed. senior citizens, if you are not aware, are particularly vulnerable to developing complications if they contract covid-19. one person has died from it in the county. nbc bay area did reach out to the facility last night and they told us the facility is closed to visitors and we would need to speak with the director. >> thank you, bob. by midnight all bay area counties will be under the shelter in place order. yesterday leaders in napa made the decision to keep everybody at home to try and slow the spread of the coronavirus. today, live from downtown, we have more details. it's quiet back there behind you. >> reporter: that's right. it will get quieter tomorrow morning when it's in full effect. at starbucks you can see there
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are employees, and there are customers, and they are picking up to go orders. you will see quieter downtown streets, but more vibrant neighborhoods. just remember to stay six feet away from each other, but people are getting out and exercising their dogs and exercising together as a family. they expressed uncertainty about what is to come with the shelter at home and in place. >> i had two clients come from berkeley today. we are just trying to cram everybody in and get everybody settles and their hair looking great before this happens. i have been in the industry for 15 years, so i don't know what else i am going to do because there's not restaurants that are hiring currently. >> reporter: some restaurants will be open for to go orders.
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now the grocery stores and the gas stations will remain open to help the public get through this shelter in place throughout the bay area. reporting live in napa, back to you, laura. >> yeah, we are waiting for the old normal to come back. thank you, sharon. a live look at the white house this morning where president trump has signed a new massive coronavirus relief bill. it includes food assistance and unemployment benefits and likely more to come in a stimulus package. the next phase may include direct cash payments to americans. today president trump plans to visit fema headquarters. later he will participate in a teleconference about the fema response. the white house trying to focus
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on getting medical supplies and gear to hospitals and testing kits, and evictions and foreclosures are expended at least through next month. > spring breakers in florida are raising fears they could be spreading the virus more. we have a look at the new data showing us how younger generations are responding to social distancing and the orders to stay home, chrkris, they are just ignoring them. >> it's hard to watch, because we are in the bay area and it's one of the hot spots of the coronavirus pandemic. what we are seeing as we are out and about in our reporting, there's a lot of frustration with our senior citizens as well, who were the first ones
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that were ordered to stay home, and they don't want to do it. this is the data we got from the california department of public health, and from 0-17, a few cases, and then folks older than 65 account for 188 cases. we don't know the ages on the other five. other countries have more data because they have more cases and they have had it longer, and korea had wide-spread testing, and italy, only the very sickest people got the test. what that shows on a graph, the bars in red show south korea's spike in infections in young people that tested positive but were not that sick, and in white it's the few cases among the young and how many among the elderly. as the tests become available here in california and across the country, health officials are calling on millennials to stop the spread by staying put,
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and some are resisting because they feel they are not going to get that sick, and on the other hand we have folks over 65 ordered to stay home by the government that don't want to give up their independence. >> both of them were calling and they are in north carolina and monterey. i was outgoing and getting stuff for my brothers and sisters, and they got mad at me for going and visiting them. so you know, trying to do what we need to do. >> definitely something that is hard to get used to. we were talking with our parents about staying home as well, and that gentleman told us after picking up supplies yesterday, he just felt finally the call to stay home, and he will be staying home for the time being. >> probably a good decision there. thank you. as a reminder, you can stay
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up-to-date with the latest on the health crisis with the daily news letter. you will get those top headlines right in your in-box. go to to sign up. it's a simple thing to do. kari, the good thing i have been seeing, the peeks of sunshine, even though we are getting the rain we need. >> right, it's nice to see sunshine mixed with the rain. it's nice to have a little bit of both worlds, because we do know we need the rain here. here's a look outside in san francisco. we are going to see clouds moving by, and it's a chilly start to the day, so a jacket needed as you get that workday started. we are going to see temperatures that will be in the mid-40s for us for the start of the day, and then moving into the low 60s for this afternoon, and we will also have a slight chance of rain in parts of the bay area, and not all of us will see that, so i
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will have more on that, and we will take a look ahead to the rest of the forecast for the weekend, which will be not only warmer and we will h few minute. we will look for that, because we can use a break from the inside. green lights pretty much everywhere. the new crash at 101 near brokaw, that's going on in the south bay, but this is a new typical for this thursday morning commute. we have northbound 101 at brokaw, only a crash. instead of the traffic slowing i am concerned about the people involved, which is the most important commodity out there. as we look towards the rest of the bay, the maps are moving slower than i am. we will slow down here at the dublin interchange, but no need to because there's no problems. a crash over here off to the shoulder. no problems on the bay bridge.
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signs for a turn around on wall street, after a huge loss yesterday. all the gains since trump's inauguration have been wiped out. scott mcgrew is coming up next, watching wall street that will look different starting on monday. we are hearing from you on what you want to get. that information you want to t get, and to help out they are launching a website for that very purpose. this will be the place for those that want to help, those that want to donate, those that want to give their time and talent and energy to helping their neighbors.
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the time is 6:13. as we get ready to head out the door let's head out to walnut creek, and it's a chilly start in the mid-40s this morning. we will have a slightly warmer afternoon. we will go from 44 degrees to 57 at 1:00 today. the rest of the microclimate coming up. chp on scene here, and three units and no reports of injuries, and that's what i wanted to hear. 6:14 right now.
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this is tech news breaking news, actually. we will get to scott mcgrew in a moment. unemployment benefits surged to 70,000 more than expected. >> scott, most experts figured this was coming? >> yeah, these are first-time jobless claims. honestly it's something we kind of ignore. we care about the first of the month unemployment claim, right, and first time jobless games is something we watched a trend on and we are seeing that rise. next thursday's number is going to be even worse. the other thing we are looking at this morning is the new york stock exchange talking about closing the trading floor, and this would come next week. you will still be able to trade. this is a look at the nasdaq, and everything will be has it n the past.
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over on the nasdaq, that's all theater and it's all entirely electronic. this is an employee safety issue where one bank is closing, and it's not a liquidity issue. you should have cash in your home as part of your earthquake kit. tesla still continues to battle with the county over whether they should be open or not. the county says they are not an essential business. tesla says they can stay home if they are worried about the coronavirus, but they have to kwraou
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use vacation, their paid time off and sick leave. >> i would not be here if i was forced to use my pto that i saved up for so long. >> there are only 2500 employees allowed in the factory at one time, and tesla employs about 10,000, and of course not all 10,000 are in the factory at the same time. elon musk has said on twitter that he would be willing to turn that factory into making ventilators, those big $50,000 machines to help you breathe when you cannot. he would obviously have to retool to do that, but we do know that ventilators could be an issue. in italy doctors had to make tough decisions on who gets to have a ventilator, and who will just not get one and the outcome will be terrible on that. >> we do not want to get to that point here. >> thank you, scott. >> no.
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>> let's get to some good news here, something good trending this morning. >> yeah, get some smiles out. >> with people stuck at home during the pandemic, some say we need christmas. >> if you recognize lights in your neighborhoods home, we know it's march, and they are doing this for a good reason, people putting them up to spread cheer amid the spread of the coronavirus. they have been cheering with pictures, and using #lightsforlife. look at them, playing tennis. >> i am amazed they can keep it going for so long. >> that's impressive. that's at least five or six stories high. >> yeah, not the kind with a string on the other end. >> i am no meteorologist, but i am guessing there was not a lot
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of wind. >> could not have been. >> i don't know if we could pull that off. >> but things we can pull off is getting that forecast for you. kari, what can we expect from today? >> it's going to be a little warmer today. we know it has been cool. it has been raining off and on. there will be changes ahead in the forecast. let's get a live look outside in san jose. we are starting out with clouds and temperatures in the mid-40s, but we will see it warming up as we go into the rest of the day. we do have good news here, too, that we have been getting the rain and we are also going to see some sunshine and warmer weather. right now temperatures are 50 degrees in san francisco. san jose, 47. 42 in napa. then as we check out this after, raefpi rae reaching 60 degrees in livermore. san francisco at 58 degrees. here's a look at what is
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happening. we do still have the off and on and it will bring in the best chance of rain for the south bay today. we will keep the chance of showers in the forecast today as we see the storm system remaining over the bay area. then as we go hour-by-hour we are going to see the possibility that some of the spotty showers will most likely make it into the south bay, but we will see the activity tapering off going into tomorrow. there will be a chance we could also seacoast you will showers for tomorrow, so we will have to keep an eye on that in the forecast. most of us, temperatures in the low 60s today for the inland areas. mid-60s for friday. saturday is looking get fresh air, maybe get out in the backyard for a little while, we have a high of 70 degrees as well as that sunshine. but that rain does return on sunday.
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i will be tracking that for you. mike, you are tracking the roads. how is it looking? >> looking great, kari. wish we didn't have the reason why the traffic is light, but we do, so traffic flow is light. we have a crash on 101 near brokaw, and a big rig still might be sticking out into the slow lane on westbound 80. the upper shore freeway, all green through contra costa county. no delays at all. the bay bridge toll plaza has no backup. but we see traffic over past the coliseum, starting to see a little slowing from time to time around high street and the high-rise, but just a tap on the brakes and that's it. coming up for you this morning, nurses sounding the alarms. >> we don't have the resources to keep ourselves safe, then we
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can't keep you safe either. nurses from the bay area and beyond are talking about their safety. the supplies they are missing, next. how are you spending your time lately? stephanie crystal says she's watching marvel games. this is another guy standing in line at 6:00 in the morning yesterday. you can share with us on facebook. all of us are online, instagram, twitter, facebook. we would love to hear from you. stick around. a lot more news around. it's 6:22. you are watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. it's 6:25. mccarron airport in hraf has had to temporarily close it's control tower after a worker there tested positive for the coronavirus. the airport itself is still open but running with flights at a reduced rate and a radar air controller controlling the airspace. times square looking deserted there, and with the number of coronavirus cases skyrocketing, there could be as soon as today a shelter in place order. the number of confirmed coronavirus cases doubled yesterday, and the mayor has
6:26 am
been hinting for days about calling for a shutdown. and then a nurse remains in quarantine. she has seen a lack of protective gear and testing for workers. she says when she told her boss she might be infected, he sent her home and told her she probably has the flu. >> not the response we should be giving our health care workers, so if we don't have the resources to keep us safe we can't keep you safe either. >> her test results are still pending, and she has tested negative for the common flu strain. and then sports fans, the commissioner adam silver is telling the league they are
6:27 am
trying to isolate some figures and allowing them to play, and there's still a lot of things to work out and it's not clear how much of the season can be salvaged. this comes as backlash that some players are getting access to testing without any symptoms. a coronavirus outbreak at a senior living center. that report coming up next. the huge amount of money now being lost and where bart is turning for help. a live peek outside this morning. we will have weather and traffic coming up next. you are watching boy sz. ♪
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6:30 right now on your thursday morning. dow futures trending down as we await the opening of the markets this morning. the new york market strange will temporarily close its floor and move to fully electronic training on monday. markets opened down so far. the dow industrial, look at that, just over 19,783. all the gains we had made now gone since president trump took control of the office. we will continue to watch the markets, and "today in the bay" continues right now.
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good morning. i was waiting for the da, da, we are all familiar with. >> we are still together but in a different way for you. we're talking about the coronavirus crisis. >> the number of cases in the bay area is growing. there are now over 400 cases and 700 deaths. >> worldwide, 8,000 people have died. an important milestone in china for you. doctor's reporting no new local cases have tested positive. >> we have live team coverage
6:32 am
just ahead, but first let's check in with kari who has a look at the forecast for us. >> we are seeing clouds as people working today head out the door, make sure you have a jacket. we are going to see a partly to mostly cloudy start to the day. here's a live look in walnut creek with our temperature trend, 45 degrees and cloudy to a mostly sunny sky. only making it up to 60 degrees. as we go into today, here's our microclimate temperatures, reaching up to 63 in napa, and 58 degrees in san francisco. we'll take a look ahead to a warmer and sunny weekend forecast, and we'll talk about the next round of rain coming up in a few minutes. > there's virtually no traffic. there's a good study flow of cars. a smooth flow of traffic, as i
6:33 am
get my maps to move, they are lazy this morning. one semitruck, a big rig can't get out of the lane, just give it space and move over to the left. obviously no backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. our team covering the impacts this morning, a shelter in place is now happening across all nine bay area counties. first, let's check in with bob riddell. several people, at least half a dozen hospitalized from the senior living center. >> reporter: that's correct. there are six people that live in the building behind us that are now in the hospital. three of whom have tested positive for the coronavirus. the assisted living center posted this sign on its front door, letting people know they
6:34 am
are closed to visitors until further notice. the state department has suspended nonessential appointments, and burlingame has taken precautions. aware, senio citizens are particularly vulnerable to developing complications if they contract covid-19, that's why there's so much concern here. here in san mateo county, 80 people contracted covid-19. one person has died from it in the county. nbc bay area reached out to the facility, and they told us it was closed to visitors and we would need to speak to the executive director. >> thank you so much, bob. this morning the state's school superintendent is weighing in on the possibilities of schools closing for the remainder of the year, at least
6:35 am
until the summer as the governor suggested on tuesday. and kris sanchez is at home reporting. >> hi, marcus. i have two public schoolchildren sleeping in the room behind me, and i am hoping they won't run through. a lot of us are waiting for guidance from the school district if the school year is over, as the governor suggested. the state superintendent had a webinar yesterday, and there was so much interests. 5,000 people watched that webinar as it was going on, and the link has been shared more than 600 times, so a lot of educators, parents and other community stakeholders looking to see what the guidance might be. one of the big questions in all
6:36 am
of this, if these schools are closed for the rest of the year, what does this mean -- what does this mean in terms of whether or not it could really happen? >> i think he was really just addressing the reality that what we are dealinging with could w longer than anticipated. this school year is not over. we are still working to educate our kids. >> now, what we do know for sure is state test something now on hold. both the governor and state superintendent said there would be no way to get the state testing done, and the superintendent's plan that he put out yesterday calls for creativity and flexibility in terms of how to deliver content to students, from personal devices to putting things on the public broadcast station, pbs,
6:37 am
to sending physical packets of homework and assignments home, via the bus drivers who are no longer ferrying the kids back and forth. we don't know what this means for the older students thinking about college prep at this point, and the state superintendent says there will be guidance on that front coming that soon, but we know that students across the country will be dealing with the same issues so we are all listening. maybe your kids already have homework from their school. make sure you get them up at the regular time and have them change out of their pajamas and give them a quiet work space where they can get that done, and try to keep the normalcy whether they have school assignments or not. >> after i anchor this show, i am going to home to help my kids with that. thank you. and one problem facing so many cities is getting testing up to speed. public health leaders are
6:38 am
scrambling to increase testing and speeding up the results. the city is now working with ucsf to improve a testing plan, and they are trying to streamline a system to get people tested showing little to no symptoms. bart says as of today they are halting all extra commute trains and it is sticking to four runs per hour on every line all day. bart also says for the first day of the shelter in place on tuesday, ridership was down 87% compared to the average tuesday. bart is now predicting losses of $37 million per month in fare and parking revenues, and they are pushing for federal assistance. it's 6:38 for you this morning. meteorologist, kari hall, has been tracking the weather. what can we expect this morning?
6:39 am
>> we are seeing a lot less people on the roads, even as we take a look at the live view from san jose. we are going to start out with a few clouds here and there. our temperatures will be cool, in the low 40s. we also have been tracking a chance of rain that will stay with us as we go throughout today as the storm system remains nearby. we are going to see off and on showers possibly redeveloping by this afternoon. we can see it's just to the south right now. our hour-by-hour outlook shows a mix of sun and clouds today but the areas that will see the highest chance of rain will be in the east bay, tri-valley and south bay. that's at 3:00 this afternoon. we can see the rain popping up. if you are going to be looking for the opportunities to get outside, also, trying to get in some sun, i think late this morning will be the best opportunity. mike, that commute, once again very light. any issues popping up? >> not really, kari.
6:40 am
we are not having problems, but a critical connecter, south 101 and this is mountain view over by shoreline. when we talk about high-tech, a lot of those folks is what is enabling us to do our job like what kari is doing, the high-tech, making the connection. the crash on northbound 101 is still over there, but look, everything is green as far as speed sensors. san mateo, a little company but no problems. a steady flow up towards novak and the bay bridge. how our hospitals are handling it as the virus spreads. next we will speak with a bay area doctor of what the situation is like right now at their hospital. still ahead, how you can
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6:43 for you right now. the president signed a sweeping bill into law that will help the fight against the coronavirus. >> scott mcgrew, he's considering a second bill as well. >> that's right. and even a third, a trillion-dollar stimulus bill is in there. let's talk about the first bill
6:44 am
that has gotten signed by the president. this is now law. this is the coronavirus relief bill. the one law that provides for free testing, paid sick leave to workers and expands on unemployment benefits and food stamps. in a different time we would call this a liberal bill, and indeed there were some that voted against it. these are just extraordinary times, aren't they. president trump met with nurses yesterday, and he will visit fema, and he continues to use the term china virus even though some find it disturbing. >> it's not racist. not at all. it comes from china. that's why. it comes from china, i want to be accurate. >> as for that stimulus bill, the one they are still working on, obviously there are several
6:45 am
versions, one democrat and one republican, and in fact there are more than one. the early details from the democrats showing what they want to do, which is just a breathtaking amount of help for the american family, including money to each person over 18. republicans even want to take that further and say money to children under 18. democrats pushing for suspension of mortgage payments, car payments and student loans, and p p prohibiting prepossessions, and money for the homeless. yang said i quit the race in february and by march they were diddi doing what i proposed. that is not accurate. yang was talking about a permanent check from theorhe rest of your when yang was proposing these things we
6:46 am
were not in the crisis we find ourselves in today. i will be on twitter all day. you can follow me there. i am @scottmcgrew. joining us this morning is the chief medical officer with tri-city health center in fremont. thank you for joining us this morning. i want to start out asking you, what are you experiencing not only in the hospitals and the clinics that you are, but the people coming in and wanting to get tested. are there enough tests? how do you decide? >> we are in a really hard situation right now. we would like to test patients but we do not have the test kits in the clinic, as much as we want. i just got information this morning there are certain kits quest will be shipping to us and we should be getting it by today. this is a hard situation. i spoke with somebody in the
6:47 am
hospital, in the er, and they also are short on the testing kits at this time. >> what about other supplies, masks, ventilators and even staffing? >> we are short on everything you mentioned, the mask, the personal protectors that we want, and we had a shortage of the n95 masks, a big shortage of that is happening. also the staff, they are going hope to take care of their kids, either they have to take care of sick elderly parents, anybody at home, and it's a shortage of staff as well. >> what about the emergency room itself? let's say your child falls and has a broken arm? what is it like in there right now? people are self containing and self distancing. >> that is true, but at the same time the hospital is equipped in
6:48 am
seeing regular cases also. elective surgeries are being moved out, but anybody that is sick, the hospital is trying to divide the tkpwrop group of pat anybody with fever, a cough, they are being screened. with a broken arm, please do not hesitate in going to the er, because they are equipped for seeing those patients at this time. >> thank you for taking the time to answer our questions this morning. >> thank you. it's 6:48 right now. if you are looking for some ways to spend your time and look for happiness and smiles, check out the social media pages of our local zoos, and this is a picture of a big turkey. practicing social distancing,
6:49 am
feeling cute, might delete later. >> look, so the san diego zoo sharing -- i love peacocks. look at that. showing off its colors. so beautiful. and oakland zoos, zookeepers are giving food. this is video of two giraffes enjoying the lettuce. that's how i eat when i am alone. >> we are practicing social distancing, and i saw you eat at your desk and it wasn't like that. just kidding. well, we are among friends here on this thursday morning. dare we get a peek of the weekend forecast? >> looks good. it's great to get the rain coming through. we will have a few lingering showers today, and then an all dry forecast for tomorrow and
6:50 am
saturday. let's get a live look outside in san francisco. we are starting out with just a few clouds overhead. we will see a very cool start to the day, but it will lead into a pleasant afternoon. right now we are only at 47 degrees in san jose, and it's 50 degrees in san francisco. 42 now in napa. as we get a look at our temperature trend for concord, we will start out with definitely needing a jacket. 45 degrees with more clouds, and then a mix of sun and clouds today. we will also see the storm cyst -- system bringing us rain, it will bring us some showers. the highest chance for rain could be in the south bay today as we track the showers moving through. look at the timeline. we could see that at about 5:00 to 6:00 or 7:00, lingering showers in the south bay. go into tomorrow, it does show still a chance of showers, agai
6:51 am
too, so we will watch out for that. most of the bay area will have a chance to dry out. it has been nice to see the snow in the sierra, and as we look in the forecast, not much more snow headed that way until early next week. look at this computer model showing a couple feet of snow possible going into next week as we get rain. our 7-day forecast shows a chance of showers moving in, a slight chance today, mostly in the south bay, and a mostly sunny sky tomorrow but may have a spotty shower or two. saturday is our day to get outside, and even if just for a little while and going for a walk. the social distancing wi, yeah, could see the weather so we can open the windows as we head over to you, mike, it
6:52 am
has been light on the roads. you have had anything to slow it down? >> not really. no problems. that's great. we have overnight road crews, and i want to urge folks to remember that. if you see lanes blocked, watch for the flashing lights. 85 coming into mountain view out of palo alto, we have a westbound 84, a crash on the bridge. sounds like somebody might have hit the center divide scattering debris. not a lot of slowing shows up, and be assured you will see activity. we will track that, but no problems getting there bay we have a little fog registering up in the north, but no problems. 6:52.
6:53 am
the handover of the olympic flame takes place in athens today. japanese officials are saying the games will go on as scheduled despite the coronavirus pandemic. all of the olympic action from tokyo kicks off july 24th right here on nbc bay area. up next, a look at the top stories, including napa county joining the bay area lockdown. >> tnext, we are heading to downtown napa on how they are preparing. as we head back into the break, check out this, san francisco city hall lit up in the colors of the italian flag. nearly 3,000 people have died there since the outbreak. this is "today in the bay."
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welcome back to "today in the bay." >> here a look at the top stories we are following for you. in burlingame, we now know six residents are now in the hospital. three of them have tested positive for coronavirus. they are suspending visits and they are monitoring all
6:57 am
temperatures. right now they are focusing on the safety of residents and staff members. and then napa and solano counties were the final two counties to ask people to stay home. this is a live look at the streets of napa county where at home takes affect. so far in napa county, there are no new reported cases of the coronavirus, but since neighboring county has several cases, the county is on lockdown as a precaution. >> i have been in the industry for, like, 15 years, so i don't know what else i am going to do because there's not restaurants hiring currently. >> health officials say restaurants need to shutdown except for pick up or delivery. a possibility schools in california could be closed for months is starting to hit home,
6:58 am
and governor newsom has nod mt e that official call but is telling people to prepare for worse. >> learning needs to happen, and students need to keep learning so they are ready for the next school year. >> governor newsom already canceled all state standardized testing for the year. let's take a live look at the big board right now. the dow jones industrial down a little over 1% so far. trading negative, 373 points so far. we'll keep watching that as futures point to a lower start, but so far not as low as we hav. let's get a final look at the forecast for you, kari. >> i am working from home this morning and mohopefully a lot o people can do that, but let's look at the forecast. if you are looking for an
6:59 am
opportunity to get outside, today is looking better as we start to see a mix of sun and clouds today and slightly warmer temperatures, and there will be a chance of rain today as we track showers moving through, especially the south bay. we are going to warm up. we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow as well as saturday. a new storm system will be arriving on sunday. mike, anything happening on the roads? >> kari, we are looking over here, the dumbarton bridge crash, and there's no injuries, but there's a crash and debris, and not a lot of slowing,just one lane. the blue and green, maybe wet roadways leftover, but no problems and no at the bay bridge. stphaeufp we leave you today with a downtown look at napa, now joining the shelter at home
7:00 am
order at midnight tonight. we have all of your updates for you. our next one is coming up at 7:25. join us for our hour-long midday newscast at 11:00. the "today" show joins us now. have a good day. good morning, breaking overnight, at war amid a dramatic increase in coronavirus cases, president trump invoking rare executive powers to fight what he calls an invisible enemy. this morning even tougher restrictions being rolled out to stop the spread as the virus makes its way to capitol hill for the first time. just ahead the growing warning to young spring breakers missing the message. >> here it's like honestly nothing has changed. and the new testing controversy, while most


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