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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 23, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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hello and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia. marcus washington has the day off. mike and kari here from their homes, still practicing social distancing, and they will be for quite some time. i'm here for you. here are the latest headlines this hour. all nine bay area counties now have confirmed cases of coronavirus including napa. there are more than 775 cases. at least 13 deaths. a santa clara county employee is the latest to test positive. all of california is under a stay at home order. in the meantime many people are
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still flocking to beaches and parks raising crowd concerns. the shutdown is having a major impact on public transit as well and the loss of funding. across the u.s. now over 34,000 cases and more than 440 deaths, more live team coverage coming just ahead, but first, let's check in with kari hall with a look at our forecast. rain in some parts. has it cleared out? it has still remained across the region, laura, but we are going to have those rain chances as we go throughout the day. a live look as we start out with a few clouds here and there and cool temperatures. as we go into the rest of the day we'll go from below 50s, what we're seeing now. notice in the north bay we have some low 40s and we do have a cold front coming through today that will not only bring in more rain but also some cooler temperatures. we're only reaching the upper 50s and low 60s as we go throughout the day. we'll have more in the weather forecast coming up. mike has a look that, hopefully,
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light morning commute. all right. it is very light. we're looking at green sensors all around the bay. it's just like you, kari, i have all the control we need from home. a live look at the bay and controlling your maps, all green sensors as you would expect. cal trans well at work over the morning and reports of a deer, actually three, on 280 at los altos hill. one may have been hit. a smooth drive aproechproaching bay bridge. back to you. it's 4:32. federal help to deal with the coronavirus pandemic is on its way to california. the president approved governor newsom's request for presidential major disaster declaration. the move opens multiple channels of help including mass care, emergency and legal help, even crisis counseling. the federal government is also paying to activate national guard troops in california. the u.s. navy hospital ship
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"mercy" departs for los angeles. it will be used to triage patients not infected with the coronavirus but need treatment. last night the president reassured americans the white house is doing all that it can to help protect americans during the crisis. >> we're enduring a great national trial, and we will prove we can meet the moment. i want to assure the american people we're doing everything we can each day to confront and ultimately defeat this horrible, invisible enemy. >> vice president mike pence said the government hopes to clear the backlog of tests waiting to be processed by wednesday or thursday. more than 12,000 tests are currently awaiting results in california. the national guard is saying though troops will be paid by the federal government, that does not mean they are under federal orders. it remains under state control. while troops can perform law
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enforcement duties they have been asked not to do so. some guard soldiers are helping distribute food. if you were on social media you were probably seeing stories of people crowding beaches despite social distancing and shelter in place orders. thom jensen with more on that along with impacts the orders are having across the bay. good morning, thom. [ no audio ] unfortunately, thom, we can't hear you. we have to fix the microphone issues right now. why don't we move on to stories and we'll fix that, iron it out and jump back to him in a bit. starting today a group of los gatos businesses taking social distancing to the next level starting no-touch drive-through markets operating in the parking lot of flight restaurants. several restaurants and coffee shops offering food and goods. the owner of flights says it came together on the fly. >> well, we have to pivot.
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i had 250 employees i had to let all go. the restaurant business is going to literally go under if we don't get this resolved and get some help. it's a very, very dire situation we're in. >> goods will also be offered mainly with what is received from restaurant suppliers but that includes toilet paper along with essentials like produce and eggs. california state senators asking grocery stores to do the right things and send older employees home with pay. a letter was sent to the california grocery association saying seniors at higher risk of getting the coronavirus. in a statement she wrote, this expression of human kindness will show that california's grocery industry understands and values its employees, particularly those most vulnerable. the association says it's in the process of reviewing the request. hayward city council is trying to help people during the coronavirus pandemic. members will discuss postponing evictions tomorrow for 90 days
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if renters cannot pay during the three-week shelter in place. the city council will look at a six-month delay in the minimum wage increase that was supposed to take effect in july. in the wake of the pandemic some parking rules are temporarily suspended in berkeley. the city says it is to help with the shelter in place order. rules pertaining to parking meters, time, limited parking, school zones and residential permits are suspended until at least april 7. okay, we were talking about social media this weekend. you probably saw a lot of people still out, crowding california beaches despite the big social distancing recommendation and shelter in place orders. let's jump back to thom jensen this morning live in pleasant hill. let's see if i can hear you now. >> reporter: good morning. we got our power issue figured out here. what i was going to tell you is we're at the pleasant hill transit center in contra costa county. you can see one sole rider.
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trains don't operate until 5:00 a.m. been on that schedule for a while, b.a.r.t. has. now because ridership has been decimated under the new rules, down 89%, they're going to start shutting down operations at 9:00 at night now on weekdays and they won't start operating until 8:00 in the morning on weekends and, again, close at 9:00. as you were talking about, the parks over the weekend were packed. people flocking to beaches especially in marin county. and after getting inundated with visitors saturday and sunday both with sunny weather and concerns many people are not following social distancing rules, marin county has decided to close all public parks from the golden gate recreation area down to small community parks. the closures take effect immediately and until further notice and include all local, county, and state parks and public open space preserves, all state parks including mt.
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tamalpais, point reys and muir woods closed as well. the county idea there is to get people to follow those social distancing rules, to get people to stay home if you are going out to get exercise. please stay locally, trying to get people not to start to keep spreading this virus around from one location to another. we're live in pleasant hill, thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> you have to take it seriously, you're right. thanks so much, thom. 4:38. our coronavirus coverage continues. still ahead, the major impact strict new policies the u.s./mexico border are having on illegal crossings. and the all new hurdles for asylum seekers. plus, with airlines being hit hard jetblue cutting back flights starting this week. the new schedules and focus for the airline. a live look this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. look at that. literally you can count the cars out there with this live look.
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that's good. people are staying home. stay safe. a lot more news ahead. 4:38.
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good monday morning. let's head outside in dublin as we start out with a clear sky and a chance of showers today. we're going to see a mild start to the day but also our temperatures staying cool. we'll only republach into the
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mid-50s today and 60s this afternoon. more on this and the rest of the forecast coming up. a smooth flow of traffic, very light today. on transit i have a lot to explain. it's a lot to read on this one screen. i'll explain in the report coming up. and good morning, i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set for another sell-off amid continued worries about the spread of the coronavirus and massive economic aid package stalls in congress. stocks in asia and europe are in the red, and the u.s. markets are coming off an ugly week. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 have their worst week overall since the financial crisis. the dow on pace for its worst month since the great depression in 1931. turning to oil prices they're lower.
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crude coming off its worst week since 1991. jetblue is canceling hundreds of flights and operating less than half its schedule this week. the airline says it's focusing on passengers who are, quote, flying because they must such as to visit a loved one who is sick or the response to the virus outbreak. passengers and airlines are seeking $60 billion in government aid. amazon raising overtime pay for workers in its warehouses. instead of the standard time and a half they'll get double their hourly rate. the move comes days after several u.s. senators sent a letter to amazon ceo jeff bezos asking him to respond to questions about how the company is keeping its workers safe. kari, over to you. thank you, rahel. we are going to see still some rain chances in the forecast over the next couple of days. i'll have that and more coming up in the full micro climate forecast. and no problems right now but slick roads would be something in your future. we'll talk about the changes
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some of you might experience on the transit lines coming up. plus, do better. that's the message from the los angeles mayor when it comes to social distancing. the new restrictions now coming to parks and beaches in southern california.
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welcome back. a very good monday morning to you as we take a peek outside the bay bridge there from a distance, all illuminated. not a lot of folks out and
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about. all of those essential workers heading to work right now. just like journalists and meteorologists and traffic reporters. we're all here for you on this monday morning. i hope you're coming off a great weekend. we had some rain, kari. >> it was great to see the rain moving through and it was very hit or miss. anywhere we can take the downpours. rain chances remain scattered. let's head outside with a live look outside in san jose. we are seeing a mostly clear ska as of now. at times clouds mixing in and rain chances that will continue. expect the temperatures to start out mild. we will cool down going into the rest of the day as a cold front approaches the bay area and it will also bring in some more rain as we go into the forecast. expect rain chances off and on
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as the cold front passes and a couple more storm systems move nearby the region but overall we're not looking at a lot of heavy rain here. our rain totals will be anywhere from about a quarter to a half inch and some spots getting more. we're not looking at a lot of rain for the sierra. snowfall totals could reach a foot and a half. our seven-day forecast will see the temperatures in the low 60s and upper 50s once that front passes and we'll see it remaining mild as we go into the weekend so we'll be watching that for you over the next several days. as we head over to mike, you've been tracking the roads. what's been going on? >> first of all, kari, i'm happy to hear it won't really be rainy although it will help the snowpack so that's good stuff. all green. the sensors around the bay a
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very easy, light drive. folks are doing the essential duties, and we thank everybody for being out there. the circle at the top of your screen the north bay as ignacio we have a disabled vehicle in lanes. it won't be a big problem. no one is hurt either. speeds not impacted because traffic is so very light. transit is impacted by the folk in home means service stopping at 9:00 for b.a.r.t. and ace train, the last train in the morning and the last in the evening will be suspended. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 4:49. with a number of coronavirus cases shooting higher in los angeles leaders are making a new push to test and keep people at home. park leaders are taking a cue from mayor garcetti and closing popular trails. garcetti this weekend closed parking lots to beaches and
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piers at the same time the city this week is rolling out a new test for those who need the most help. >> the initial rollout of this limited number of tests we will help to conduct is for the most vulnerable, those with symptoms, 65 and older who have underlying health conditions or both. we are prioritizing these individuals because they are at the greatest risk of dying if they contract covid-19. >> garcetti tweeted yesterday regarding the stay at home order, this is serious, stay home and save lives. more than 400 confirmed cases, five people have died. strict new policies at the u.s./mexico border cutting the number of illegal crossings at the white house. any undocumented migrant caught crossing the border is immediately taken back to mexico. the pandemic is creating new hurdles for those awaiting
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hearings. many were already having a hard time finding legal representation. leaders have a new approach to get people to participate in the 2020 census. county leaders are holding a virtual conference on facebook to show new options. the new options are questionnaires that only takes ten minutes to complete. sonoma county needs the public's help to provide equipment. it's looking for brand-new n95 masks, protective goggles, gloves and hospital gowns. you can drop off the goods at the salvation army open monday through friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: they prepaid for the program. because of the virus are unable
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to use it. what about a refund? i'm investigative reporter chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. and happening now amid the coronavirus pandemic a catholic priest in utah is offering driveup confessions. people are allowed to walk up to the window of his jeep and participate. confession or reconciliation is usually held in a private area. the priest says it helps restore people's faith at a time of crisis. we'll be back. 4:52.
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good morning. one family self-quarantined after they returned from china. they say their daughter was no longer welcome at her after
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school program leader board. why? concerns she could carry the virus. >> we got a call saying i don't think she will be able to come back because of the security concern of spreading things. >> they asked for a refund of the prepaid tuition. leader board offered $94. per the terms, registration and annual material fees are nonrefundable fees. that's when the family turned to us. leader board declined to talk with us but the owners did give the kuos a full refund for the rest of the semester. you could find yourself unable to use something you paid for in advance now. whether you get a refund might hinge on the kcontract you sign. look for the word pandemic. consider starting a conversation with the company.
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they might be willing to bend and give you a refund or a credit. share your complaints, just tap responds in the main menu or call us 888-996-tips. it's 4:55. a senior center having fun despite being stuck inside. the center divided to play a human sized game of hungry, hungry hippos. residents tried to grab the balls with the makeshift scoopers. they tried to practice social distancing as well. playing games like this is a way to combat loneliness. up next on "today in the bay," president trump sending in the national guard to help the hardest hit states. the role here in california. plus -- >> was not a traveler and as much as it hurts he's gone i believe he's gone because he was
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a nice, nice man and he shook anybody and everybody's hand. he spoke to everybody. >> a gilroy woman tells us what it's like to lose her father due to the coronavirus. the warning she has for everyone not taking the pandemic seriously. .
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- communities of color have always been underrepresented in the u.s. census. let's change that. it's critical that you participate in the 2020 census to ensure fair funding for public services in your community. to participate, go to a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia. marcus washington has the day off. mike and kari are live from their homes as we continue to practice social distancing. togetherng on the stories really impacting everyone, the coronavirus crisis. we're going to get you up to speed with the very latest headlines this hour. all nine bay area counties have confirmed cases including napa. there are more than 775. two more people have died in the south bay bringing the total death in santa clara county to ten. a san francisco sheriff's deputy has tested positive for coronavirus. the deputy was assigned to the county jail at the hall of justice. county jail four. nationally ohio and louisiana are joining nine other states including california in ordering residents to stay at home. on capitol hill the massive coronavirus stimulus bill is still stuck in the senate. we'll have live team coverage on that just ahead. first, i want to check in with meteorologist kari hall tracking our forecast. we had some rain over the
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weekend. any more on the way? yes. we are still going to have rain in the forecast but it will be off and on. and yesterday not all of the bay area saw some showers but where we did see the rain, it came down pretty hard and we are going to have a cold front moving through today. as we get a look at walnut creek and our temperature trend low 50s to start up to about 60 degrees today. it will be a cooler day. notice the line of clouds we're seeing to the north of us coming through as a cold front sweeps through. mike is getting you ready for work. the good news out here the bay bridge is normally the center of the backup is the center of the screen as you look at the wider shot. present wood, discovery bay, antioch, a smooth flow of traffic. all at speed.


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