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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 23, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. marcus washington has the day off. here's the very latest on the coronavirus pandemic. the massive stimulus bill stuck in the senate as republicans and democrats clash but there is a vote scheduled for today. in the meantime ohio and louisiana join california and eight other states ordering people to stay home. back home a san francisco sheriff's deputy working for the county jail tested positive, and two more deaths are reported in santa clara county bringing the total to ten. the total number of cases in the bay area of the coronavirus, covid-19, is now more than 775. live team coverage on that coming up in just moments. but first let's get a check of your monday morning forecast with meteorologist kari hall. good morning. good morning, laura. we are going to see still some rain chances in the forecast for
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today, and as we go into the rest of the afternoon, some pop-up showers still possible. as we get a look at our temperature trend in martinez expect it to start out at 50 degrees and reach into the low 60s going into the rest of today, so as we look at what's going on here much cooler temperatures for the bay area due to a cold front that will be sweeping through. i'll have more on that as well as the rest of the forecast coming up and, mike, you've been tracking the roads, what's going on out there? >> we're going at speed basically around the bay, a smooth drive as we look at the big view of the bay, the highways are not impacted by anything major, a flat tire being repaired. i do have an issue near the dublin interchange. laura will talk more about that in the next report. >> thank you very much, mike. we will check back with you. 6:01 right now. we continue our team coverage of the coronavirus pandemic from the bay area to washington. we want to start out with "today in the bay's" tracie potts live
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in washington with a look at the action that lawmakers are taking. tracie? >> reporter: lawmakers have yet to take any action but they're working on it. the senate minority leader was on the phone around midnight twice, we're told, with the treasury secretary trying to figure out if they can get this money into the hands of workers, a trillion dollar bill. let's start with president trump who has said he is sending help to california and other hot spots around the country, a navy ship headed to help relieve hospitals. hundreds of thousands of pieces of needed equipment but it is still not enough. capitol hill tries to figure out how to get that into the hands of workers, should it be small business loans, direct payments, that is what they're trying to work out. there was a failed vote over the weekend, another one planned for this afternoon.
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>> large corporate bailout with no protections for workers and virtually no oversight. >> our nation cannot afford the game of chicken. this is, mr. president, a national emergency. it's not a partisan opportunity. >> reporter: the package they're working on would total over a trillion dollars, some call it a bailout, some call it help for workers. they are still trying to work out the details that would include tack cuts, small business assistance for all the small businesses that have had to shut down and aren't getting any foot traffic. checks sent directly to americans. on affect the treasury secretary says a family of four can look for about $3,000 next month if they can work this out. laura? >> we're certainly following that. everybody wants to know how it will end. thank you very much. 6:03 right now. the national guard now says even though troops will be paid by the federal government, that does not mean they are under federal orders. they remain under state control.
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while troops can perform law enforcement duties, they've not been asked to do so. some are helping distribute food in california, washington and new york. a navy hospital ship ordered to los angeles, will be used to house patients not suffering from the virus. they need rooms at the hospitals. a second ship is being sent to new york city. in just a few hours from now the bay area's first city run covid-19 testing center will open in the east bay. "today in the bay's" bob redell from hayward. this is encouraging news. can anyone show up, bob? >> reporter: correct, laura. if you're showing symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath, you can see behind mean the city of hayward set up the tent, directly across the street from the station number seven. the tests are free to the public
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regardless of where you live, your immigration status. you don't need a doctor's referral. runs until 6:00 tonight and the way it works you show up and will be screened if you're showing symptoms a paramedic or emt will swab your nasal cavity and throat. the sample will be tested and you should get results within 6 to 12 hours. the lab is expected to provide between 200 and 300 test kits a day. they are trying to be proactive to get people into isolation quicken to flatten the curve. reporting live in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> hopefully that will help as well. 6:05. as the number of people dying from the coronavirus continues to grow the stories are really starting to hit closer to home.
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for a bill roy father it meant not having his family at his bedside when he di. infected with covid-19. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has a look at the heartbreaking story that his family is sharing very generously. they hope it will help people understand this crisis. kris? >> reporter: maybe you saw some of the same posts i saw over the weekend, people asking does anybody know anybody who has had coronavirus? and this family is saying use our dad as the cautionary tale. this is the person you now know who had coronavirus and who has now died from it. i want to introduce you to gary young. he died tuesday after he was diagnosed with covid-19. he was just 66 years old. his daughter told us he was shaking everybody's hand who came through the lowe's store where he worked. he developed a cough and headache bad enough to send him to the e.r. where he was sent
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home once then days laterhospit. his last days, his family via a cell phone as they looked at each other through two glass doors. >> there are no words. i was lucky enough to see my dad. i can't imagine what anyone is going through right now, they're not allowed to visit in the icu. i know that my dad was heavily sedated in the icu. the nurses worked really hard with me to allow me to talk to my dad. we called his room and the nurses put the phone up to his ear and we were able to talk to him. >> reporter: the family had to self-isolate because of their contact with their dad and now they are making funeral arrangements. those are going to be different
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for families as well because the cdc is asking funeral homes to limit the number of mourners to just ten and to provide a live stream when available so that people can mourn their people from afar. this family saying just stay home. do what can you to slow the spread. try not to be the person who infects somebody else because you don't know who that will be, laura. >> so sad. i was there when my mom passed away and, you know, while it was the hardest place to be there's no other place i would want to be. my heart goes out to that family. really heartbreaking. thank you for sharing their story, kris. >> reporter: it's unbelievable they would have to be so far away. >> social distance. stay away. got to get over this. the turmoil on wall street having an impact on the pension fund. calpers has lost $69 billion.
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funds surpassed $400 billion. cities, counties, schools will have to make up the deficit translating into higher taxes. stay up to date with the very latest with our daily newsletter. you'll get the top headlines delivered to your inbox. okay. let's switch gears and talk about the forecast. checking in with meteorologist kari hall. we could use a little bit of sunshine. we're going to get a little bit of sunshine and a little bit of rain. as you make plans to get outside, just a heads-up there will still be off and on rain in the south bay as we get a look at the storm system nearby. we are not seeing any showers across the bay area. it is to our south and east. the rest the day we'll see a
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partly cloudy sky and at 3:00 notice where we're seeing rain. we will see a chance of showers moving in and also for the south bay and then going into tomorrow i think it will be more widespread but overall this rain will be light and will add in to some much-needed rainfall we'll see for the middle of the week. we'll look ahead to the weekend heading out the door this morning, mike, we're so farseeing a pretty light commute. that's right, kari, and good conditions watching for the effects of the rain kari is talking about. we've had a couple earlier car fires. not a major issue right now for the car fires. the problem is sparks coming from a chain that's dragging behind a big rig here heading to the dublin interchange for south 680 because of the earlier car fires i'm extra worried about sparking chains.
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the chp will likely clear it. the rest of the approach to the bay bridge, a flat tire being prepared, that is cleared from the roadway. we're going to talk about b.a.r.t. we're going to talk some numbers coming up. 6:11. come up next canada and australia pulling out of the 2020 olympic games calling to postpone the events are growing. and now president trump is weighing in. we'll tell you about his message for japan's prime minister all coming up at 6:25. checking the futures ahead of the opening bell, the dow jones industrial trending upward thanks to no help. scott mcgrew will join us next with a look at our business and tech report. and look at times square, a live look right now.
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a normally bustling city. streets are quiet as they're on lockdown right now.
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right now at 6:14 we are going to have still a chance of rain in the forecast today but it is dry this morning as we head outside in walnut creek.
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we'll see a clear sun rise right now about 45 minutes away and we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and cooler temperatures only reaching the low 60s. we'll talk about where we'll have the highest chance of seeing rain and what else is in the forecast coming up. we have good news in the tri-valley as we zoom to niles, around palomar word is the car fire -- the vehicle involved, has wheels that are in good condition and they can hopefully tow it out of the roadway. we do have some breaking news just in. pg&e has just reached a plea agreement in connection with the campfire. the utility will plead guilty to 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter and one count of unlawfully starting a fire. the company will pay $4 million in fines and will fund efforts to restore access to water for
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residents impacted by the loss of the canal there. it resolves all state charges against pg&e related to the deadliest fire in state history. 6:15. the fed is taking historic action this morning promising to buy up an unlimited amount of government debt. scott mcgrew, there will be a lot of it. >> reporter: yeah, and there already was. good morning to you. now senators are talking about a new, possibly as high as almost $2 trillion stimulus bill. i've been watching the futures here in my living room. let's put them full on your screen so you can read them better. things are looking good. the dow industrials expected to gain 251 points on the open. this after the fed said it would step in and buy all of that government debt. senators will take another vote on the stimulus package at 9:00 a.m. our time. democrats blocked a version of the senate bill they said would
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have given more than half a trillion dollars to companies without enough oversight. if you compare this to the t.a.r.p., this has fewer rules and oversight than t.a.r.p. did. we'll talk more about the coronavirus stimulus bill as we talk politics coming up in about 30 minutes. the one thing you should know it's grown. when i first reported this to you last week it was $850 billion. now, as i said, we're closer to $2 trillion. the money designated for companies alone $500 billion. president trump was challenged at his sunday press conference why he had not inspoked the defense production act to require companies to change their production lines to things that would help. he said twice he has invoked the act but he has not. telling companies what to do would be nationalizing them. that's not true. the companies would remain in ply vat hands but they would be
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told what to make. this is much like the second world war. the ford plant that used to be up in richmond converted from making fords to making jeeps and tanks but was still owned by ford. it was paid by the government. >> repurposing themselves for the moment. thanks, scott. it's 6:18. tom hanks and rita wilson doing a lot better down under. hanks tweeting two weeks after our first symptoms we feel better and they really do. check out rita wilson now. ♪ trying to be handsome ♪ this is hip-hop up to date ♪ i give props to hip-hop so hip-hop ♪ >> she is feeling better. pretty impressive as well. it's nice to see their great recovery, gives people hope a little bit.
6:19 am
do you have any rapping skills out there, kari hall? yeah, i think that's definitely the song of the day to help pick you up. and so let's talk about what's going on here in the weather department. it's been nice to see the rain that moved through over the weekend and we'll still have some rain coming in as a new storm system approaches. let's talk about our live view over the south bay and our temperature trend for willow glen. we're going to start out at about 50 degrees and it will be cooler today. you will notice that especially if you had a little time judd yesterday. we're going to reach into the low 60s by this afternoon compared to system low 60s that we had yesterday. so as we check out what's going on, we had the storm system that still remains very close by. as we are farther to the north some clouds approach, this is ahead of a cold front. today we'll have lingering showers in the south bay and east bay and then the cold front will come through later on today
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and keep it cooler, as i take off the banner you can see the line of clouds. checking out what's headed our way for the rest of the week some spotty showers today and the middle of the week. it will not be a strong storm system but a some rain moving through. we will be drying out as some rain stays mostly to the north of the bay area. our rainfall totals remain light. we're looking at about a quarter to a half inch of rain, maybe higher in a few spots. our seven-day forecast shows we'll see temperatures reaching the low 60s today, upper 50s tomorrow, once that cold front moves through and more widespread rain and going into wednesday moving out by thursday and we are sunny and mild for the weekend once again. mike, heading out on the roads no rain. how is the commute looking?
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even if there was rain the commute would be at speed and that's the warning for tomorrow looking ahead. looking at the commute is at speed. green sensors all around the bay calling out one issue we've been tracking in the tri-valley, palomar is just off 84. there was a car fire there and the wheels are intact on the vehicle so the tow truck is en route to help out. only an issue if that is your cutthrough from 680 to the niles canyon area. looking at the tri-valley, nice, smooth flow at speed out of the altamont pass. no delays to the bay bridge. a shoutout for b.a.r.t. we talked about the massive decline in mass traffic. b.a.r.t. numbers are down so far, laura only 10% of what they did, maybe 12%. averaging 88% tuesday through saturday. that's a tremendous impact. that's why b.a.r.t. is reducing service, they're stopping at 9:00 p.m.
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back to you. >> a big loss of revenue there for them. thanks, mike. 6:21. a shelter at home order in effect for the entire state of new york. cases skyrocketing there. the extreme measure one hospital system is taking that will leave fathers-to-be scrambling, and people are showing what it's like to be home during the shelter in place order. a lot of people gardening, tackling home projects. send more of what you're doing to pass the time. make sure you're social distancing. follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram. i'd love to hear from you. you're watching "today in the bay."
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you may even shop online and take delivery at home. it's just our way of doing our part... let )s take a look at the newest coronavirus numbers from around the world. welcome back, everyone. 6:25 right now. we'll take a look at the newest coronavirus numbers from around the world. nbc news is now saying more than 300,000 people have tested positive for the virus and 12,000 people have died. the death tolls keep rising in the hot spots of spain, iran and italy. in the meantime italy is enforcing new security measures to slow the spread of the virus. the government is banning travel except for urgent business or health reasons. all nonessential businesses will also close starting on wednesday. italy is the new epicenter for the coronavirus as more deaths than any other country in the world. new word the 2020 summer olympic
6:26 am
games in tokyo may be postponed after all. leaders insisted the games would go on as planned. but over the weekend australia and canada indicated they would not send athletes due to pandemic fears. the ioc plans to monitor developments with japan over the next month before making a final decision. overnight president trump tweeted the u.s. will abide by whatever decision is made by japan. 6:26 right now. happening now new york city this morning boosting its coronavirus response amidst a new surge in illness. as of last night a statewide stay at home order took effect. many businesses now boarded up after concerns about looting. the number of confirmed cases in new york city shot past 10,000 with deaths near 100. 6:26 right now. kari hall is giving a forecast from home this morning.
6:27 am
good morning. a clear sky and as we head out the door in dublin a milder start but it will cool down today so don't expect much of a warm-up from where we are now. we'll be in the low 50s this morning, only reaching 59 by early this afternoon. we'll talk more about this and where we could see some rain coming up in the micro climate forecast. plus, for hundreds of families the coronavirus outbreak is very real. some in the bay area have lost loved ones including a gilroy family. >> he was not a traveler and as much as it hurts that he's gone, i believe he's gone because he was a nice, nice man, and he shook anybody and everybody's hands. he talked to everybody. >> new on "today in the bay," the message to all from a daughter after losing her father to the pandemic. you're watching "today in the bay."
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6:30 right now. and look at this. the market's about to open, trading floors will be blank as trading all moves to electronic trading. we will have the very latest, the dow jones industrial already open, opening down, almost 2% down. futures were pointing upwards. we'll continue to check back. first at 6:30, a very good morning to you. thanks so metropolitan for
6:31 am
joining us. i'm laura garcia. marcus washington has the day off. here are the latest headlines. the massive stimulus bill with republicans and democrats disagreeing. there is a vote scheduled for later today. in the meantime the numbers are going up. nbc news reporting more than 30,000 confirmed coronavirus cases across the country. and nearly 390 people have died. back home napa county reporting its two first cases. also a santa clara county employee is the latest to test positive. now more than 775 confirmed bay area cases and at least 13 deaths. much more coming up on that. a check of the forecast, kari hall, and mike inouye, both reporting from their homes this morning. how are we looking forecast wise today, kari? we saw the rain over the weekend and it will be off and on as we go into today but it looks like the south bay will
6:32 am
have the best chance of seeing showers move through. over to concord because it starts out in the low 50s but you'll notice it will be cooler going into the afternoon compared to yesterday, even though we will see a mostly sunny sky there. the storm system very close to the south bay and that's the reason i expect passing showers there as well as the east bay but the rest stays dry today. we will see more widespread rain tomorrow. i'll have more on that in the forecast. mike getting out the door. there shouldn't be too many issues on the roads. >> no, kari, we've been able to call out everything that's going on for chp. normally the center of your traffic world, the bay bridge and toll plaza. the north bay you're at speed. as we zoom out there are no major delays. there's a new incident that just popped up over in hayward.
6:33 am
we'll check on the nimitz. back to you. 6:32. back to our team coverage of the coronavirus. we'll hear from the daughter of a south bay man who suddenly died from the coronavirus. everyone needs to hear the powerful story. thom, let's talk about all the people that were out and about that are not following this social distancing order over the weekend. >> reporter: no, they really weren't. around the region really we've seen a few people out this morning here in pleasant hill where we are in contra costa county walking but staying close to home and getting their exercise outdoors like public health officials are warning to flatten the curve. do not travel from community to community and have large gatherings. we did see thousands of people head to the beaches and parks over the weekend, many clearly violating the social distancing
6:34 am
recommendation. marin county was one of the hardest hit with visitors and now it's closing all parks from golden gate national recreation area down to small community parks. the closures take effect immediately and until further notice. they include all local and county parks and public open space preserves, all state parks in the county including mt. tamalpais, marin municipal water district lands and federal attractions like point reyes, muir woods national monument closed as well. some of the biggest attractions and i do want to assure people as we're out gathering news, we're respecting social distancing. my photographer and i working in different vehicles, keeping our distance and really trying to help stop the spread as well as we bring the news to folks. thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> stay safe, tom.
6:35 am
thank you. san jose police officers to start citing business owners who are supposed to be closing up shop. teams of san jose officers hitting the streets warning shops they need to close. so far more than 50 stores have received a warning including a pool hall, 14 hair salons, a car wash and three gyms. the coronavirus is forcing families to interact in all new ways. for a gilroy family, covid-19 kept them from being by their father's bedside when he passed away. now they hope their story will show people just how serious the virus is. new this morning "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us live with a warning that is coming out from the family. they were very gracious to share it with us, kris. >> reporter: yeah, and i think the issue is there are so many of us that have found this to be such a surreal situation because it is unprecedented and they
6:36 am
just want to make clear the reason for that social distancing and drive home the urgency of why we need to stay home. i want to introduce to you gary young who died on tuesday after he was diagnosed with covid-19. he first developed a cough, a headache bad enough to send him to the hospital and he ended up in the e.r. days later because they send him home. his last days were in isolation, his family's final words to him via a cell phone as they looked at each other through glass doors. his daughter tells us he was just 66 years old, pretty healthy and happy to be working still, shaking everybody's hands who came through the lowe's store where he works. the family believes he caught the virus, was infected by somebody just out in the community which points out the urgency to stay home. >> i cannot get over the love and support i'm getting. just from customers.
6:37 am
they're messaging me saying how much they loved my dad. everyone loved my dad. he will be so missed. nobody wants to feel this pain i'm feeling. it makes you feel like you're not alone. i don't want anyone to feel alone. i have a lot of love and support but i don't want anyone else to feel alone. >> reporter: the family has had to self-isolate for a time because of contact with their dad but now they are also making funeral arrangements. those will be very different because the cdc is asking the number of mourners and persons to just ten and to provide a live stream when available. for my own personal experience we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday via a group face time. he was happy to do it so we would all be safe. hopefully we'll be able to
6:38 am
celebrate more birthdays after that. this family not getting that because we haven't been staying at home. >> that's a great lesson. stay home. look at the difference. it's hard to hear, too, when people are so flippant, i'm running out of things to do. this is a really serious time in our country. thank you, kris. sorry to cut you off there. 6:38. while there are similarities between the flu and coronavirus there are some big differences as well. take a look at your screen. on your right these are symptoms for both. according to the cdc, people experience a shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. that is not a symptom of the flu although it is a common symptom of pneumonia. starting today a group of los gatos businesses taking social distancing to the next level starting a no-touch drive-through market that will operate in the parking lot of flights restaurant.
6:39 am
several restaurants and coffee shops will offer food and goods. it came together on the fly. >> i had 250 employees i had to let go. the restaurant business is going to literally go under if we don't get this resolved and get some help. it's a very dire situation we're in. >> goods will be offered, mainly what's often received from restaurant suppliers that includes toilet paper along with essentials like produce or eggs. it's 6:39 right now. let's get a breath of fresh air. heading live outside looking at san francisco as the sun arrived on this monday morning. here is meteorologist kari hall with a look at the forecast. it looks nice out there now. it will start out nice, also cool. we will have some parts of the bay area that will see some rain moving through again today and i think more widespread rain going into tomorrow.
6:40 am
looking at our current temperatures, low 40s to 50s. a cool start as a cold front approaches. in martinez our temperature trend goes from the low 50s this morning to about 60 degrees for the afternoon. here is a look at all of our high temperatures, 62 in antioch and santa rosa reaching 60 degrees. i am watching those rain chances as the storm system remains close by and a cold front from the north. i'll talk more about all of this and what's ahead for the rest of the week and the micro climate forecast. the commute so far has been pretty light. very light. it's all around california for sure while we shelter at home. i'm told our friends in los angeles, southern california, a
6:41 am
live shot of what they call the 101. we call it highway 101. we do that in southern california talk. right now downtown slang slang. i'm not sure how close it is to the disney. a light flow of traffic on the maps as well. locally where 101 moves nicely at the bottom of your screen. here all around the bay but i did tell you we check in on 880 and one crash coming down through hayward. no major problems. we do have a crash and no injuries reported. i will follow with chp because traffic is so light, even that distraction not a problem. getting to the bay bridge a smooth flow of traffic, an easy drive and a note for b.a.r.t., ridership is down so much. we're going to talk about millions of dollars lost. i'll talk more about those numbers coming up. >> thank you, mike. 6:41. up next we know you have a lot
6:42 am
of questions so we're taking them to a doctor. next the stanford physician joins me and we'll get your most pressing questions answered. >> reporter: the president reassuring america saying we can get through this. meanwhile let's take you out to the big board in new york city where despite a promise from the fed to do anything to help the american economy stocks are once again falling. also coming up, neil diamond reaching out, perhaps touching are funny bone with a classic sure to make you wash your hands. you're watching "today in the bay."
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>> reporter: president trump says he is not ready to force companies to manufacturer medical supplies under the defense production act. a lot of powerful groups, governors and doctors a pressuring him to do that but he compares that idea to socialism and says he will not use that power yet. he did, however, offer reassurance to the american people. here is the president. >> i know that this is a challenging time for all americans. we are enduring a great national
6:46 am
trial and we will prove we can meet the moment. i want to assure the american people we're doing everything we can each day to confront and ultimately defeat this horrible, invisible enemy. >> reporter: on capitol hill senate democrats blocked the progress of a stimulus bill, the biggest in history. democrats say it gives too much money to corporate america without enough oversight. they will vote on that as of 9:00 a.m. that had the stock market very unhappy. the president, meanwhile, got into a tiff over the weekend with the governor of illinois. the governor criticizing the president's response to coronavirus. the president firing back. governor pritzker then saying get off twitter and do your job. trump wrote, governor of
6:47 am
illinois, and a very small group of certain other governors together with fake news, cnn and concast msdnc, shouldn't be blaming the federal government for their own shortcomings. comcast is the parent company of this television station. the president has used that term msdnc before, last month, in fact, when he said nbc's coverage of the coming coronavirus was scaring the stock market. they're making coronavirus look as bad as possible, he tweeted. at sunday's press conference the president was asked if he consulted with past presidents to get their advice during the crisis. he said he hadn't, that past presidents had failed their own crises. >> if you look in, let's say, the h1n1, you look at that whole -- that was a disaster. that was a tough period of time for our country. you look at so many other things that weren't handled very well, whether it's katrina or something else.
6:48 am
look, i respect everybody, but i feel i have an incredible team and i feel we're doing an incredible job. >> reporter: we will, of course, continue our coverage on twitter, the coronavirus task force will speak at 2:30 our time, the senate to vote at 9:00 a.m. our time. the coronavirus now ten times worse than it was this time last monday in terms of americans testing positive. you can find me on twitter @scott mcgrew. 6:48 right now. we are taking your questions about the outbreak to the experts. joining us is dr. alexei wagner, an emergency physician at stanford hospital. we know it's such a busy time for you. thank you for taking the time to join us. here we are. it could get worse before it gets better. what is it like for your staff on the front lines? >> well, we are strong here at stanford. everybody -- it's hard to plan for what's to come. there's a sense of uneasiness
6:49 am
and anxiety what the patient load will be and how sick they will be and whether we'll have enough personal protective equipment. everybody is turning that uneasiness into action and trying to find creative ways to solve the problem ahead. >> i would moj thimagine your sg is working extended hours as well. tell me what the equipment shortage is like for you right now. >> right now we do have what we need but we don't mo what the future will have and we're running low on some of the most important personal equipment, particularly the n95 respirator masks to protect the providers, nurses and staff. we're running low on face shields. >> last hour i talked about being an essential worker, doctors, firefighters, police,
6:50 am
journalists. what is it like for you, though? you have three young children, when you go home what do you do? do you social distance from your children? what's your advice? >> it's really -- my advice is take the easy steps. wash your hands, cover your mouth and be vigilant if you develop cough, shortness of breath, fever. when i get home i change before entering the house. i put the clothes directly in the washing machine and take a shower before returning to the family. >> it's a whole new world we're living in. thank you for taking the time and continued good health to you and your staff out there helping so many people. >> my pleasure, laura. for ways you can make a donation and a full list of supplies head to we've posted a link.
6:51 am
and now an important message, a little fun for you, an important message from neil diamond. ♪ hands washing hands ♪ ♪ reaching out don't touch me ♪ ♪ i won't touch you sweet caroline ♪ >> everybody, sing along. too early to sing this morning. a play on "sweet carolina." the message is getting out to everybody hopefully. we're practicing social distancing here. i'm in studio. kari hall is at home, mike is at home. still with all the equipment you're able to give us the full forecast.
6:52 am
the advancement of technology helps us out. we've seen more people getting on social media and then as you get outside in between the rain that we've been seeing you have to wave to your neighbor in the distance. we are going to still have some rain moving through and also some times of sunshine out there as the cold front approaches. we had some rain over the weekend. now we can see the rain is just to our south. there still may be a chance of some spotty showers in the south bay as well as the east bay. and then we also have a cold front approaching from the north. i took the banner off the top as that continues to move closer to the bay area, that will bring in more widespread rain. hour by hour we're seeing the rain in the south county, most of the rest of the bay area will be fairly dry. we'll see the rain increasing in coverage and starting to see
6:53 am
more widespread rain moving through. going into tomorrow afternoon still off and on showers in the forecast that will it continue into wednesday as well as thursday but most of our rainfall totals anywhere from about a quarter to a half of an inch. it may be higher in a few spots. our seven-day forecast shows temperatures will reach into the low 60s today. you can see the rain through at least midweek. the rest of the week is looking dry and temperatures will remain seasonable for this time of year. heading over to mike you've been tracking the roads now that the sun is rising. you can see what's happening out there. >> and so can the drivers. watch those speeds. i know it's tempting. we have green sensors all around the bay. one issue, the latest crash reported here coming down into concord and pleasant hill, south 680 around willow pass road. reports of a motorcycle down. no injuries reported. an extra concern when there's a
6:54 am
motorcycle rider. a smooth flow of traffic and hopefully everything is out of lanes and chp will give me an update. the approach to the bay bridge, a nice, easy drive, a nice easy ride as well. with b.a.r.t. numbers down so much, they may be down $57 million this year. they have to figure something out. >> no kidding. thank you, mike. 6:54. happening now amid the coronavirus pandemic a catholic priest in utah is offering drive-up confessions. people are allowed to walk up to the window of his jeep and participate in the sacrament. confession or reconciliation is normally held in a private area. the priest says it helps restore people's faith at a time of crisis. also coming up soon the bay area's first city run coronavirus testing center will open. how it will work and what you need to be tested. and this weekend many people were spotted not following the social distancing guidelines.
6:55 am
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6:57. welcome back to "today in the bay." i'm laura garcia. here is a look at our top stories. about two hours from now the bay area's first city run covid-19 testing center will open in the east bay. this is a live look at the tents
6:58 am
at the park across from fire department number 7 in hayward. it is free to the public. if you show symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath, a firefighter or paramedic will swab your nasal cavity and throat and results should come back 6 to 12 hours. health leaders expect a number of confirmed cases to rise dramatically. >> everybody who got infected before the shelter in place order will become symptomatic now or in the next week so we will see a lot more cases that will arise but there's a lot more infected people around we should stay away from. >> the center opens at 9:00. it will run until 6:00 every night. new measures to the north bay after too many people seemed to disregard social distancing and shelter at home orders over the weekend. marin county is closing public
6:59 am
parks after getting flooded with visitors. we spoke to many who said after several days at home they wanted to get out of the house over the weekend. >> we've been cooped inside the house, yes. just coming to get fresh air, the sun, the sound of the waves. >> as a reminder, you are asked to only exercise close to your home during the shelter at home directive. let's see how the weather will cooperate with that, kari. we will still have some rain chances in parts of the bay area. i think a lot of people will be getting outside. we have that sunshine across parts of the bay area. our forecast shows some low 60s but off and on rain through the middle of the week. what's happening on the roads, mike? >> better news. that motorcycle rider over on
7:00 am
the shoulder and we're watching the activity there. not really a lot of activity on the roads. >> thank you for joining us as well. coming up next on the "today" show surgeon general jerome adams live and our coverage continues online at good morning breaking news. show of force. president trump activates the national guard as the number of coronavirus cases skyrockets. >> it's a different kind of a war than we've ever had. >> doctors and nurses on the front lines desperate for critical medical supplies. >> very low. >> we're all talking about buying the right mask on ebay. >> is help really on the way and how soon just ahead, we'll ask the nation's top doctor surgeon general jerome adams.


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