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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 27, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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to help offset the economic damage for the latest on the global response to covid-19 we turn to london for us. good morning >> reporter: good morning. well, in italy where more people have died from covid-19 than anywhere else in the world the death toll now stands at above a catastrophic 8,000 souls recent numbers from northern region suggest that the epidemic developing overnight, the u.s. has surpassed china has might be slowing at its cases of coronavirus explode in epicenter but poorer southern parts are seeing a sharp rise in specific pockets of the country. deaths and the virus is denying this morning we've gw. the dignity to the dead. >> members of the house are italy has banned funerals racing back to washington amid because of the crisis. fears the $2 trillion aid bill cemeteries arel leaving army could be in jeopardy trucks to transport coffins to this on the heels of a record churches for cremation 3.3 million people filing for unemployment >> and in the midst of such fear mainland china reported its locally transmitted coronavirus and social distancing, so many case in three days and 54 new are volunteering and reaching out to lend a hand imported cases fearing that this "early today" starts right now could reig nate the outbreak >> good morning to you on this friday authorities have banned industry
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i'm cori coffin. to almost all foreigners >> good to have you with us and in europe ravaged by the virus, we made it to the end of the the eu is voting remotely for week the coronavirus pandemic now has the first time and approving emergency funds to cushion their a new target, america. we now have the greatest number of cases economic slump and help airlines by preserving their landing the united states has now sur pass china where the virus slots. and lead ers of the g20 also originated the cases in this country have meeting via video link has surpassed 85,000 that outpaces italy and china. pledged $5 trillion to try and the united states also has more than 1,200 deaths. insulate the global economy from scientists fear louisiana could this crisis. >> thank you be the new front line of the war still to come, bill's check as cases in new york reach nearly 40,000. american airlines is on flattening the curve. >> and the great grandmother slashing 80% of its flight schedule for may leing the social distance to the company's ceo doug parker cebrate her 103rd birthday you're watching "early today" on a friday says the demand for air travel has fallen sharply with planes joint pain, swelling, tenderness... flying with just 15% seats full. ...much better. my psoriasis, clearer... ralph lauren is donating $10 million for relief efforts cosentyx works on all of this. four years and counting. it's the largest single donation of any fashion brand so far. so watch out. the money will be split up i got this! watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis amongst four charity
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organizations. are feeling real relief with cosentyx. >> chipotle is one of the few cosentyx is a different kind of targeted biologic. fast food chains open. the restaurant is giving them it treats the multiple symptoms of psoriatic assistance pay through april 12th arthritis to help you look and feel better. that's about a 10% increase to it even helps stop further joint damage. their hourly pay heroes on the front lines don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. against coronavirus can plow get before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. a free pair of shoes thanks toes an increased risk of infections and lowered ability... fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, a day. if your inflammatory >> and drew brees proves he's a bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen... ...or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. saint in every sense of the serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better. word he and his wife are donating i got real relief with cosentyx. $5 million to the state of louisiana to help with the watch me! surging cases there. feel real relief. they're also partnering up to ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. deliver more than 10,000 meals a even when your car is clean, day. and the ceo of texas road house does it still smell stuffy or stale? is givering up nearly a year of try febreze car. salary and bonuses to help it eliminates stuffy car odors and leaves behind a fresh scent for up to 30 days. report employees across the country. try febreze car that money will go to workers in a variety of scents including extra light. who basically saw their income disappear because of the pandemic >> more massive outbreaks like you sure you don't want me to come with you? i'm very sure. because i can. the one in new york. (laughs) texas governor greg abbott make good choices. you make good choices.
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ordered a mandatory 14 day i am. fiber is good for digestive health. quarantine from travelers from good choices never tasted so good. the tristate area as well as kellogg's raisin bran. hard hit new orleans >> reporter: across our nation in big cities and rural communities a new reality is (mom) nooooo... (son) nooooo... hitting home for americans (avo) quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker the u.s. death toll has now and is 2x more absorbent. reached a grim milestone as the bounty, the quicker picker upper. number of infected soars to extraordinary levels peach is a story, a family torn apart. 31-year-old jasmine dix ton died monday family members had to watch her funeral from a car >> i never in a million years did my family and i think that how do you gaveeno® happy 24/7? with prebiotic oat. we would one day you know, it hydrates and softens skin. experience our loved one, our so it looks like this. and you feel like this. jas, to be the first official aveeno® daily moisturizer victim in the city of st. louis. get skin healthy™ cake in the conference room! >> while most americans with showing 'em you're ready... to be your own boss. coronavirus will survive the that's the beauty of your smile. younger dying is a surprise and crest's three dimensional whitening... the elder i are the most in ...removes stains,...
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...whitens in-between teeth... ...and protects from future stains. danger crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. a senior residence was evacuated after every member tested positive or symptoms of having the virus. in neighboring long island, his welcome back let's take a look at the numbers family could not visit the world and we're continuing to watch war ii veteran while he was the pieces here. quarantined. on the graph you watch it it's the 93-year-old died last week going straight up. alone in isolation we had about 16,000 new cases >> it's been a very difficult time for all of us yesterday. you can see the total deaths weir just trying to hold it about 1,300 now in the country together none of us have even been able and as far as the curve goes, to see each other. there is only five days ago we >> reporter: while new measures of protection are being taken in had 25,000 cases and now up to so many communities, like 00,0 a little over 100,000 today. grocery stores installing cough we'l rht back with more news stay tuned this jar works for m. erds, the convention center and hotels could soon be olay regenerist makes my skin feel so dewy used to quarantine the sick. >> i want to be clear. the worst days are still ahead and soft and silky and hydrated...incredible. what we see in new york citye i love it. i'm busy phillips and my skin is confident i can face anything with my olay.
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they're disinfecting publier and my latest beauty secret.. for bright, smooth skin... life caring for others olay regenerist cream cleanser. she is now the first ie om the s but now her sister wanda has also passed away from covid-19 >> it is killing people and it does not care about your age, it does not care about your health. >> reporter: the virus has often been called the invisible enny hey allergy muddlers... but these are the faces and the achoo! your sneezes turn heads? stories of those who have lost the fight. >> here in los angeles the try zyrtec... number of those infected and starts working hard at hour one... those who are died from the and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. virus has spiked again >> miguel, thank you zyrtec muddle no more. the economic impact of coronavirus is absolutely staggering the "new york times" and wall street journal putting it in bold jobless claims soared to nearly five times the previous record tom costely highways to closed shops and parked planes, stunning evidence of an economy that's suddenly hit a
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brick wall going from 50 year let's a do a duelling comic lo book laugh i'll go first. 3.2 million americans seeking unemployment benefits like chicago bartender. >> wait a second you go >> okay. >> this was kind of a gut punch so it's something like this. that things are bad but i still >> do it, ready? >> more important, i feel can't -- i can't be at work. something in my pocket >> reporter: fashion store what it is manager cassandra and her >> i love her improbabilities. employees are out of work. >> i got a call one wednesday jimmy fallon having some fun said i had been laid off and we were closing most of our with aleck bald win and his locations. >> reporter: the house is daughter on last night's in-home forring a massive $2 trillion edition. >> so great to see te rst of ti measure passed in the senate plus an extra $600 per week for four months. stepping up and helpin it would send loans to small businesses that retain their employees and $1,200 to most adults plus $500 per child others are helping out >> well, it blew up. the treasury secretary says it was like there's so many americans should see that money people desperate. >> reporter: with a hospital in directy. >> it will be within three west virginia desperately short of masks volunteers grabbed a weeks. we are determined to get money
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needle and thread. in people's pocket immediately >> it broke my heart it broke my heart because i have >> reporter: wall street rallied for a third day on the rescue loved ones that work there. package news >> reporter: the owner of a the dow up 1,300 points more michigan auto repair shop heard than 6%. health care workers needed masks. he collected masks normally used the fed chairman warned the by mechanics and donated them to economy may already be in a a local hospital recession but it was strong >> i've been slow at the shop before the virus hit and shouldr and rather than sitting on my butt i would go out and grab as >> in principle, if we get the many as humanly possible. virus spread under control >> reporter: the owner of a hotel in idaho offered to give fairly quickly, then economic activity can resume and we want boise's vulnerable population a to make that rebound as vigorous bed to shelter in place and with as possible. the website career one classrooms empty a volunteer in washington loaded up his van can watch you through the step to file for unemployment though with cereal for kids to longer some people report state systems being fed at school. are overwhelmed and slow >> i haven't gotten up that among those seeking help alicia early since high school but the need is there. hard wick, a hair stylist in >> reporter: distilleries usually busy making spirits are kentucky >> we don't have no paid day, no now making sanitizer vacation, it's you don't work, americans hearing the daul for you don't eat is what we have. help. >> i mean, it was either sitting so being assisted by the government in this time of need at home stressing and crying or is truly something amazing doing something and i'm a do
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>> reporter: for the first time freelancers like alicia can file for unemployment benefits anyea person something. >> reporter: and offering a helping hand >> all right to another amazing story on this members of the gig economy like friday a great grandmother in indiana uber and lyft drivers. just celebrated her 103rd as this coronavirus recession birthday and of course she had appears to be hitting many plenty of company for it people all across the country. cori >> tom, thank you. as the pandemic enve lops >> isn't this a wonderful birthday, mom? the nation, president trump is >> wonderful planning his first trip in over >> of course virtual company two weeks. the president says he will send family members gathered outside her nursing home window to wish off the u.s. ns comfort their nanny a happy birthday and they even used a ipad to chat tomorrow it's intending to set sail for new york city but he downplayed over face time the need for more equipment. >> new york is a bigger deal, >> i love her smile. but it's going to go also. that's the way we do it. but i have a feeling that a lot the love is way, way more of the numbers that are being powerful >> don't even have to worry said in some areas are just about it >> we thank you for waking up bigger than they're going to be. with us on this friday i don't believe you need 40,000 >> i'mances rivera >> i'mances rivera or 30,000 ventilators. my skin is dry. it's always been dry. >> why the house is set to take i've tried everything. the $200 creams, the $400 creams... up the senate relief package but, this jar works for me. today but not by voice voets as olay regenerist makes my skin feel so dewy
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planned. thomas massey is expected to man and soft and silky and hydrated...incredible. an in-person vote. >> reporter: the united states has the most reported i love it. coronavirus cases in the world i'm busy phillips and my skin is confident with more than 1,000 now dead i can face anything with my olay. and my latest beauty secret.. for bright, smooth skin... and on the eve of a critical vote the house set to approve a olay regenerist cream cleanser. $2.2 trillion emergency coronavirus relief package president trump looking to reassure america >> i think you'll see a very fast turn around once we have a victory over the hidden enemy. >> as hospitals struggle to keep up with the rising tide of patients, more than 3 million americans filed for unemployment last week, a record number twice as bad as expected >> but it's a lot of jobs but i think we'll come back very strong the sooner we get back to work, every day we stay out it gets harder to bring it back quickly. >> the president pushing to reopen the country at least in less affected areas as the right now at 4:30, house chairman of the federal reserve lawmakers are in a mad dash back
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promises to prop up the economy with unprecedented emergency lendsing predicting a sharp to washington, d.c., the $2 recovery >> there's nothing fundamentally trillion stimulus bill is up for wrong with our economy vote. quite the contrary. it comes as the u.s. tops china >> reporter: stocks rallied again after the senate approved and italy in cases with more the massive relief bill and than 85,000 people sickened. good morning and thanks for speaker n joining us. speak speak nancy pelosi said the i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. house would do the same today. breaking news this morning boris the bill includes billions of dollars for hospitals, small johnson says that he has tested positive for coronavirus. businesses, major corporate loans and state and local johnson says that he is governments as well as increased displaying mild symptoms and unemployment benefits and $1,200 will lead the government's response via checks sent by mail or direct deposit to americans making less than $75,000 a year. a lifeline expected to be sent out within three weeks for millions of americans struggling to stay afloat in washington, alice barr, nbc news golden state warriors star steph curry shared a coronavirus q and a session with the nation's top infectious diseases expert we're talking about dr. fauci
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via instagram live >> what method are you looking at to be able to then determine at mass that you know, large gatherings, sporting empvents a okay to revisit. >> we can start thinking about getting back to some degree of normality when the country as a whole has turned that corner and start coming down. then you would pinpoint cases much more easily. >> what metric are you looking at -- >> more than 50,000 people tuned in for the session including former president obama >> so much of it, he is now the face of one of the donuts at a shop in rochester, new york. they decided to celebrate him by putting his picture on a donut the owner says it has been a nation wietd hit with order requests from across the country. >> some people have their faces on money, others have their faces on pastry.
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>> at this point either way, it means you made it. >> bill, what do you think we could put your face on a donut. >> i don't want the press conferences unless he's there. i look behind the president. i'm like, where is he? >> a national treasure he is today 7 million people are at risk and then tomorrow we have about 41 million let's get into it and take a closer look. we're watching a lot of big storms on interstate 70. that's the worst of it and as we go throughout the rest of the day we'll see rling into arease ohio valley and then on n wisconsin. some colder air moving back through areas of colorado and earl le morning thunderstorms are heading for st. louis this
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morning. we're going to have the number of coronavirus we'll let you know how we're doing against that curve coming up the volunteers backing up the front lines in the pandemic. >> and sounding the alarm, the growing toll on our first responders "early today" is bac it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release a continuous burst of mist and make quick work of big jobs. it even works on stainless steel. it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime. available with easy-to-swap refills. to get three times the cleaning power, try clean freak from mr. clean. sduring kohls friends & family sale. take an extra 20% off... save on womens and juniors denim. quilts, $47.99... and sonoma graphic tees are just $7.99... plus, take $10 off your kids sale purchase. plus - get kohls cash. shop kohls and kohls dot com.
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so, you bought those "good enough" paper towels? [daughter laughs] not such a bargain. there's only one quicker picker upper. bounty, the quicker picker upper. the coronavirus pandemic is impacting a growing number of the nation's police officers and firefighters stephanie gosk reports. >> reporter: next to nurses and doctors there are few workers more essential than first respondsers and their jobs are now even more dangerous. there are mr. than 300 members in new york city alone with coronavirus. thousands have called in sick. >> it's next man and next woman up in times of replacing people that have reported sick. >> reporter: the city is assembling an additional 600
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officers to help with growing demands including overflowing hospitals to cover and a surge of 911 calls >> we are back to patrol where we need to we're taking on a varietyof assignments but make no mistake, we are going to get through this. >> reporter: the police chief in cincinnati announced his officers would stop responding to certain calls including break hch ins and property damage while in detroit 25 members of the department have the coronavirus, a beloved police captain died this week >> when we lose a member of our family we all feel it. >> reporter: emts are on the front lines as well. the ems union lead in boston says they are when possible sending just one paramedic inside the home in the call while the other waits. ambulances are being scrubbed down every two hours they're asking the public to only dial 911 for the most serious emergencies.
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unnecessary calls put paramedics at risk. but ern with new concerns about their safety unwaivering dedicati dedication >> we can't shut down. we can't close our doors we have got to be a 24/7 operation. >> reporter: the country relying on first responders now more than ever. nbc news, new york sale. take an extra 20% off... save on womens and juniors denim. quilts, $47.99... and sonoma graphic tees are just $7.99... plus, take $10 off your kids sale purchase. plus - get kohls cash. shop kohls and kohls dot com. theryou're not good enough. hard to control. but i am enough. and i know what i'm made of. put your skin in the game. with a razor that puts your skin first. laso you can enjoy it even ifst you're sensitive. se. yet some say it isn't real milk. i guess those cows must actually be big dogs.
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this morning on "today" nbc
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news medical correspondent answer your questions about treating coronavirus half a million people worldwide have been infected with covid-19 with the u.s. being the world's most infected country now. but the death toll in hard hit europe continues to grow by the hundreds each day. esped italy as the virus
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