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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 27, 2020 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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industry. be cleaning, maybe getting time tracie potts talked to you about only online. joining us is the mayor from the the problems that the stimulus services will continue through in the backyard. mail and kiosks. city of fremont. thank you for joining us. bill is having on capitol hill. it's 5:37 on your friday >> thank you so much, laura. a cool start but a nice mild good morning. morning. let's see what the weather holds >> good morning to you. afternoon. we'll talk more about that as we i know it's early, so we really we're looking at a very chilly for today. hoping for a nice one in the talk politics at 6:45. start to the day. afternoon when we're all off, appreciate it. the market is moving to the red. let's get to some of the special heavier coat he needed. that would end three days of temperatures in the north bay in right? right. gains. in fact, the best three-day laura, i think we all need some ordinances you're considering. the mid-30s and the rally since the great some are very unique as well. depression. you want to put a special it's also the worst performance sunshine at this point without ordinance in place for social the worry of some rain coming overall for the markets since in. we're going to see that as we distancing for people as well? the 2009 housing crisis, so you start out. have the best rally and the here is a look at the storm i'll have a look at the time >> yes, we're exploring many line in which you can expect it worst performance. system that has moved off to the coming up. the dow gaining another 1,300 north and east and we have different discussions and in points on thursday. another one approaching addition to our review of a tomorrow. with all of us working at home, today we're in the clear and mike has a look at the early looking at a mix of sun and moratorium on evictions, we're morning commute. we have a different flow. youtube says it will slow down clouds we'll see the showers looking at anti-gouging, friday we expect it light back or degrade very slightly the starting out early tomorrow videos that you're watching the morning and as we shelter inside anti-hoarding, emergency zoning, quality of them so more people we don't have much. administrator permitting and we expect it all green despite can get more data going through a great movie day tomorrow, a the fact it's friday. adopting a resolution to enter good day for catching up on the pipes. those books as the rain pours into agreements for disaster we're talking about the only outside. i think people have been napping i want to talk about our a lot, too. assistance. these are just some of the many favorite work from home dad. things that our team of amazing he's back. >> you don't see the kind of we'll talk about how much rain staff as well as our police and to expect. firefighters are all working on people out there. stuff you've seen without having right now for mike you're our team coverage from the people refusing -- tracking the morning commute together as a community. >> right. exactly. how do you think you would enact
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with a lot fewer people out on nation's capital to the bay >> reporter: you remember this some of these? the roads. area. >> tracie potts is live from her family. a lot less driving going on >> i think a lot of this with the children made an unexpected home this morning near and less riding. washington. let's talk about b.a.r.t. to tracie, i know you have appearance. now they're back as dr. kelly start this off. the cooperation of our city and late-breaking details on the house vote of that relief talks about the economic impact b.a.r.t. says they may cancel of working from home. sunday services. that was such a delightful video not done yet. if their ridership continues to package. >> reporter: right, marcus and laura. and really they have become a be so low, down over 90% daily. that's something we are favorite family, maybe the tremendously grateful for from the community. that's a reason they may need to while there's been a tremendous patron family of working from one republican congressman may home. >> you know what i love about reduce services. need in personal emergency throw a wrench into getting this that, it shows the love those done today. a disabled vehicle through san children have with the parents. equipment. they've stepped forward to he was very serious but the way voluntarily participate in this. mateo. the first one got called off. his kids are climbing on to him, fremont is a stronger community one driving ten hours from because of the fact we have it shows they have that bond. and by the alma station for vta michigan. another trying to catch a red amazing people from our first eye from the west coast to get reports of a truck that may be a responders all the way to our back here to vote in person. a little peek that we see. thanks, scott. residents and our businesses. we need more happy news these supervisor truck that was hit. we come together in terms of days. 5:16 right now. no major injuries and no impact a southern california ceo is crisis. >> and are you also considering to vta buses. sounding the alarm over a some -- you have that homeless potential hand sanitizer >> thanks so much, mike. navigation center, i guess, if enough people aren't there recently in that area. trillion to americans shortage. we're seeing this morning in 5:39. put on blast. they say it only has about two senator kamala harris calling martinez they're considering out some of america's largest using alhambra high school for weeks left of alcohol left to companies. >> we're going to talk about how won't happen. she's saying they should respond actually the gymnasium there to even make their product. what's more u.s. suppliers are to workers amid the coronavirus try to treat people as well. pandemic. experiencing similar problems
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it includes extended what plans is your city doing in with some down to less than 50 >> reporter: president trump unemployment insurance, anticipation of, sadly, these gallons of alcohol. telling fox's sean hannity he assistance for businesses, for of course this comes as many covid-19 cases growing in the hospitals, for state and local governments. shoppers are already finding questions the need for so many store shelves bare amidst the ventilators. we'll look at that coming up. community? >> we'll be looking at pandemic. >> that hand sanitizetory toilet but first today san jose partnering with our entities. nancy pelosi is confident this paper. we've been talking about that. we have a close relationship will pass, and the president mayor sam liccardo looking to says he's ready to sign it. this is good forou this with healthproviders, kaiser, morning. help small businesses. if you think the real toilet the mayor, along with other paper has been flying off the local leaders, holding a live tri-city health center, and we have partnerships with the >> both parties came together to shelves, take a look at this. facebook panel. it starts at 10:00 a.m. and will school district and other this is a baker in germany be streamed live on liccardo's entities so we would be provide relief for american workers and families in this having a hard time keeping the exploring all the different hour of need. facebook page. follow me on social media and t.p. in stock as well but his options necessary when the time i'll share all of this information for you. you're watching "today in the comes. we've been providing aid to >> we expect to have a voice edibles, i'm not sure why he bay." vote on it. we'll be prepared for whatever wants to put that on there. it is. businesses and also continuing >> you had me until that. with our permitting process. >> wait a minute. >> reporter: again, the $1,200 the baker creates these small checks will roll out to little cakes in the shape of americans whether or not this is approved today based on whether toilet paper rolls. the bakery is cranking out 200 center which is closer than i they can do that voice vote or of those tiny treats daily. think for most people. whether one of their colleagues it's behind us in the city hall they're probably not even there forces everyone to vote in parking lot. >> you mentioned small business. right now. what are you doing for them? person. we'll continue to watch as the fraternity houses, i can see that flying there. lawmakers file back to >> some of the things for small washington this morning. i don't want that in my house. marcus and laura? business, we have over 1,200 >> yes, we'll closely be >> hey, look -- life, science and clean tech watching that. thank you very much, tracie. manufacturing firms.
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take a look at this. the numbers are just staggering >> it's not a cake, though. we've been coordinating with this is a calendar we put >> take a bite, mister. alameda county to have a shelter together showing the number of >> that's worth a lot of money, confirmed coronavirus cases mike. >> actually it is. in place order and assistance i have a friend and they have across the nation just through chickens, and they're saying, hotline and a lot of outreach the month of march. hey, we have eggs. we'll barter if you have toilet and we're encouraging people 75 on the 1st, 85,000 now on the paper. isn't that funny? that if they are looking for >> i've been looking for eggs 26th, and we're in the midst of for like three days. >> oh, well i have a connection diverse foods we have over 50 the biggest spike yet. if you have some paper. in the bay area now nearly 1,400 plus diverses, a small business task force confirmed cases of coronavirus. >> i have plenty. i don't use that much. >> okay. santa clara county continues to working with our chamber of be the hardest hit area with more than 400. all right, look, 5:18. a look at that forecast. commerce and encouraging support "today in the bay's" sharon kari, a nice one to sit outside katsuda joins us live where health leaders are trying to prepare for even more patients. the door today, maybe get fresh air, open the door if you can. of our local businesses and open for business campaign. sharon? >> yeah, that's what i've been we have orange signs popping up. doing, cleaning the house with >> which is nice to do. >> reporter: when i covered the the windows open. something we really need to do it really makes it feel much first covid-19 related death it across the bay area. better as we've been staying i know it's a very busy time for was clear from the health officers those numbers would go you, and we'll follow what up rapidly, and that is what inside. we also have some cool happens at your meeting later we're seeing now throughout the today. bay area. we are seeing alarming numbers temperatures so the heater has thanks for taking the time to been kicking on because we've join us this morning. seen temperatures in much of the >> no, thank you. and predictions. bay area dropping down into the and, again, i want to thank you for covering fremont. the deputy city manager's low 30s. here is a live look outside in inmust thank all the people who projections says the city san francisco. a nice, tranquil view with
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estimates there are between are first responders, health mostly clear sky overhead. care workers, janitors, 9,000 and 19,000 actual cases in we are going to see some custodians and all who put santa clara county, though santa sunshine as we go into the day themselves in service for our with some clear skies giving us community and i'm asking for the clara county says it never a break from the rain that's been off and on from the past cooperation of all and confirmed those numbers. especially understanding and he delivered these estimates few days. during a city council meeting looking at the wide spru view o patience and basic kindness in this time of crisis. using modeling of infections >> kindness for all of us so compiled by city data analysts, storm system, another cold front. though we reach into the low important. be well. a slide from his presentation, 60s, we have upper 50s in the thank you. >> definitely. the top curve estimates the forecast and we'll see it death toll if we do nothing. staying pretty cool over the 5:54 for you that morning. the second if people don't fully next couple of days. happening now the decision to postpone the olympics in comply is staggering, nearly so going hour by hour we're tokyo is proving to be a looking at a mostly clear sky 8,000 deaths by may. today but then i stop it early logistical nightmare for the bottom line represents what organizers. tomorrow morning when we see they now must regroup major may happen even if people do spotty rain off the coast. arenas set to be used as venues exactly what they're supposed that will move in going into the to. >> you can see in the best case rest of the day tomorrow so and put together a new time line scenario looking at the order in for work to be completed on new the next 12 weeks of 2,000 there may be a few breaks in olympic facilities and perhaps potential deaths directly from covid-19. between. this will keep a lot of people making it more complicated. the ioc has not announced when inside as we see the waves of the games will happen. rain coming in. we'll have more for you after that will also continue on the break. there's no place like home. sunday as well. >> reporter: health officials looking at how much rain we could see over the weekend, now plan to use this high school to if it's going to be raining, it treat patients to make room for the rise of patients in the hospitals. might as well pour, right? we're looking up to half to three-quarters of an inch of beds and other supplies should
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rain. it will be nice to get more than arrive soon for those who need that, but i think we'll take this as we start out with some medical help once the nearby medical center is full. rain for the weekend. right now at 5:42 let's head it dries out next week, and it's outside in walnut creek. a clear start, also very chilly also going to warm up. >> it's happening so fast and it will feel more like spring and well above normal for this temperatures. we'll go from the low 40s here who has it and who doesn't have time of year as we reach into to the upper 50s by noon. the mid-70s in the valleys, some it. of our coastal areas will stay eventually reaching the low 60s >> reporter: and the in the upper 50s as the rain superintendent here wants today with sunshine. parents and students the entire develops in the weekend. it will be a really nice day. san francisco up to 57 today and school will be disinfected and low to mid-60s for next week. the rain comes back tomorrow. sanitized before it reopens. i'll be tracking that for you. i'm sharon katsuda, "today in we'll have an update on the rain the bay." we need the rain and, well, >> just staggering to hear all coming up. and, mike, you're tracking the that. thank you, sharon. provided congress pass that roads. what's happening out there for we need the essential drivers to the commute? get out there without delay and struggling >> kari, obviously only the that's what you see at the bay homeowners will buy some time on essential drivers out there. bridge toll plaza. look at the view itself. making their house payments. so it's essentially clear as far and many banks are already as the speeds go. stepping up to help we take you to the maps and you so clear. what else we're watching. californians. bob redell is live for us at his see on the left side off the san i'm watching out for all of us. home in livermore. mateo bridge a disabled vehicle. >> thank you, kari and mike. bob, what kind of relief are we it may affect highway 101. talking about for those i think they'll clear it 5:43 right now rochlt kamala harris is calling out some of quickly. that should be the latest but homeowners? >> reporter: marcus, earlier america's largest companies for especially when xfinity has you covered this week governor gavin newsom i'll track it. what she believes is not enough to the tri-valley, no problems, with the fastest most reliable internet. of california convinced a number sick time and worker benefits. of banks to give those who are no delays coming out of with advanced security to make sure "the chronicle" posting a tweet everything you do online stays safe and secure. struggling with the covid-19 580 moves smoothly as it has the from the senator since she's
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outbreak a 90-day great period and with the most tv shows, last two weeks. actually taken off her feed. on their mortgage payments. down to the south bay some folks movies and streaming apps all in one place. take a look at your tv screen, a harris tells "the chronicle" she still commuting that long route. with simple digital tools you can get the help you need list of some of those banks, and kristen gillibrand wrote 36 right now we see one crash ceos a letter demanding adequate or even trouble shoot your services on citigroup, jpmorgan chase, u.s. reported at 87 just as you're sick leave and family leave. download the xfinity my account app bank, wells fargo and nearly 200 passing over 280 and that should some companies listed in the or just say help into your voice remote. state chartered banks, credit tweet have since added more be possibly the fast lane. unions and services agreed to benefits. we are doing all we can to make things simple and easy. others did not reply. this 90-day period. vta service, light rail as well. download the xfinity my account app today. 5:43. back to you. they will waive late mortgage >> thanks, mike. what seemed like a sure thing just a few hours ago is not. fees and other fees including scott mcgrew, the stimulus bill health authorities are now early withdrawal and agreed to not report late payments to warning about the south. is face trouble in the house. we'll talk about that coming up next here on "today in the bay." credit agencies so this will not 5:21 for you. impact your credit score and teammates help each other find a way to win, >> reporter: after passing agreed to no new foreclosures unanimously through the senate. for 60 days. good morning. it appears to be held up by one these relief measures were man, thomas massey, a effective this past wednesday, march 25th. congressman out of kentucky, a any late fees charged before republican who has indicated he wants a real vote on this bill. would still hold in theory not just a voice vote. unless you can convince your he's going to vote no. bank otherwise. he wants other members of this new grace period does not apply to commercial loans or to congress on record. did they vote yes or no. his supporters point out we are people who rent. renters are still on the hook talking about trillions of unless you've made a special dollars and it's appropriate, arrangement with your landlord. they say, to get people on the governor newsom did sign an record. executive order to give cities now that means people will have and counties permission to halt to r
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start debating at 6:00 a.m. our evictions. coming up at 5:30 the benefits you need to know about if you've time. we expect they would be able to lost your job or had hours take a vote at 8:00 a.m. our reduced due to the covid-19 time. outbreak. "the new york times" this bob redell, "today in the bay." morning is reporting that the >> bob, thank you. dire new warnings about the just like covered california helps you find white house is hesitating on homeless and the potential health insurance you can afford. reaching a deal with general impact from the coronavirus. they're the only place you can get financial assistance motors to build ventilators researchers from colleges to help pay for health coverage. because of the cost. including ucla say more than gm and other companies that 3,000 homeless people may die plus, this year, the state is providing more help volunteered to build ventilators from the illness across the than ever before. but still expect to get paid. nation. more than a third of those and because a new law requires californians to have on fox news last night president deaths could happen right here health coverage or pay a penalty, in california. now it comes as governor newsom trump questioned why new york covered california has made it easier to get financial help, state governor andrew cuomo was >> reporter: good morning. makes a new push to have the stay at home order allows us otherwise empty hotels provide asking for so many ventilators. to make trips to the pharmacy, but time's limited. shelter for the homeless. cuomo has said his state may but say you want to limit those trips for your safety and stock san francisco is gearing up to visit or call to enroll today. need as many as 30,000. up. fair warning, you might face a open an expanded shelter at the people who get covid-19 often hurdle like alexander did. moscone center but has yet to here's what he told us on get pneumonia and then cannot breathe on their own. twitter. just a heads-up i called my resort to using those hotels. pharmacy to get my prescriptions the ventilator breathes for you. a live look at sfo. refilled. the airport is now streamlining the president talked with 50 my insurance doesn't allow governors on the phone this refills within 25 days of my operations due to the lack of last refill. travelers. week. starting next wednesday the wash governor jay inslee said we restrictions are in place to international terminal will be limit abuse but the rules can be consolidated into a single bypassed. here's how. call your health insurance company and request an override
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concourse. area "a" will be closed and all need a tom brady to quarterback our way through the crisis. that lets the pharmacist here is the president's temporarily increase your travelers will use "g." supply, kind of like when you're the changes in place through the going on vacation. end of may. response. >> we need tom brady, i said, the key lingo is to use the word yes. the skies should be clear he meant that in a positive way. override. you might get the green light for any travel heading out we need tom brady. instantly but the prescription today. kari hall has been tracking website goodrx cautions some he meant it very positively. that. a nice day for this friday. but they took it differently. might make you fill out an it's been a long week. exception form. they think tom brady should be it's possible you'll need it has been a long week. authorization from your doctor. i think we all need some fresh leading the effort. that's only fake news. give yourself time to jump air, but it will be cool air to through the hoops. start out and we're in between the process can take about three storm systems. days. so today we dat a break. i'm happy to report alexander >> reporter: the president will followed up and said he was able a look at the radar. to successfully get an override. we can see across the state we visit the naval hospital ship are seeing mainly clear "the comfort" which is we're taking virus related conditions. and then we're going to see an questions each day. approaching storm moving in by undergoing repairs before go to, click tomorrow that will bring in off heading to new york. we're watching what's happening responds on call us and on rain for saturday as well in washington at every moment. as sunday. 888-996-tips. going hour by hour we'll start you can follow me on twitter. to see clouds increasing right now at 6:00. tonight, and then by early uk prime minister boris johnson tomorrow morning start to see >> no one ever expected children some green just off the coast says he has tested positive for to have to learn from home but the coronavirus. that will start to bring in some many of you parents know all johnson says he's displaying rain going into the rest of the over california and the nation mild symptoms and will lead the for that matter that is now day. government's response via by 4:00 we're seeing widespread videoconference. reality and teachers have been light rain that will continue forced to find creative ways to into sunday. and the house expected to
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you can see a few breaks in vote on a stimulus bill that engage with students. could put cash in americans' between. i think for people who are going hands in a matter of weeks. to be out walking the dog, maybe online lesson plans built on the i'm marcus washington. fly. >> some things i've been trying >> and i'm laura garcia. going around the neighborhood, welcome back. we are going to see the breaks to do is bring some sort of a lot of businesses and people 5:24. few and far in between. and the outbreak intensifying in new york city. humanity to the crisis. i'll be tracking that for you before dawn this morning, dozens i want my kids to be watching that vote. we'll dive into it in moments. knowledgeable of what's happening. the u.s. leading the world in and how much more rain to of people lining up in queens for testing. new york city alone has 23,000 confirmed coronavirus cases expect. a dry but chilly commute for and teach them at the same time. topping china andal drivers. cases. a doctor at one of the hospitals that's right. we talked about sfo closing one >> you can see the full there are more than 85,000 cases where more than a dozen people have died says the facility is interview on the "today" show terminal. that's one form of mass transit. right after "today in the bay" and more than 1,200 deaths. now over capacity. coming up for you at 7:00. we'll talk about another form, in the bay area nearly 1,400 and another front exploding now vta. in the south. something good for you this rng a reminder as we reported mo, health care workers battling cases and sadly 32 deaths. louisiana governor john bel yesterday light rail service is edwards is issuing a stay at the coronavirus virus. >> this morning the team all suspended because as we talked here, we'll get to that breaking yesterday one of the operator home order across the state. news in a bit, but we'll talk about the forecast today. there's been a 28% surge in the trainees was diagnosed with in the uk a few members of the covid-19. number of new cases. royal family joined with the kari hall has been tracking it they're going to keep the light country to applaud those medical professionals. for us. rail trains off service for now, health experts fear there may be expected to be a nice one on this friday. just the buses, so that will more in the wake of the recent keep you moving. mardi gras festival. on the roadways in the south >> people are drinking and this is our break in between basil con valley looks great. sharing glasses, throwing beads >> future king of england right no speed sensors here or for the off floats and, unfortunately, rain. it's a chilly start and we've rest of the bay. there, prince william, princess had frosty conditions in our a nice easy drive. the webster tube should be charlotte and prince luis and reopening after overnight road people weren't only catching beads but coronavirus. work because caltrans keeps our >> 2,300 cases and 83 deaths prince george all among the tens inland valleys. of thousands who took to their
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infrastructure in good shape. including a 17-year-old from new balconies and applauded. the rain will return and we'll see it raining off and on with a back to you. thanks, mike. orleans. they were all clapping to thank 5:24.ncng two new the health care workers. 5:09. up next for you on "today in the slight cooldown. bay," you probably haven't been clinical trials to test by sunday we're reacng able to buy hand sanitizer in potential coronavirus i think we should do the same. treatments. the stores for a while now. each involve about 400 patients all new this morning, the dire with the most severe symptoms. >> a lot of work. >> come on, kari, put those some will be tested with an warning about the key hands together. i know you can't see us because antiviral drug previously tested ingredients suddenly in short on ebola patients. you're not in studio. >> she's getting the weather the other drug is used to treat supply. ready. >> reporter: we had a three-day we'll give her a pass. rheumatoid arthritis. here is to kari, too. winning streak on wall street. looks like that will come to an as you may be aware there are all right, i'll give them a pat on the back as i hold my th end. we'll go over the numbers coming also still no fda-approved up. right now something we're treatments for people with covid-19. sharing on our twitter page this morning. a little lighthearted news this now to something good, meals showing them some love. it's a live look outside. morning. on wheels is partnering with a doughnut shop in rochester, we've seen these little symbols new york, honoring dr. fauci by door dash to mack suke sure the of hope and love and putting his face on their delicious treats there. take a look at that. vulnerable have meals. encouragement and all around the bay area and the world. follow nbc bay area on facebook, >> they are distributing to instagram, and twitter. seniors and the sick. tv just keeps getting better. those demands have tripled. a live look and it's chilly. in san jose the number of meals our temperatures have been close made went from 400 over to 1,000 to freezing in parts of the north bay. a week. health trust, which runs the we may have to scrape some frost program partnered with se the m off the windshield before you head out the door and also
5:11 am
delivered. >> they are home bound and they chilly temperatures to start and can't even go and get their own will warm up the rest of the day. groceries. some are so frail they can't freeze warnings in effect for cook their own meals. that's why it's a life line. lake and mendocino counties. >> they are hiring drivers to help deliver the meals. the wide view shows a storm by the way, the deliveries are system that's been to the north of us that will be approaching how you watch it does too. dealed essential services. going into tomorrow. right now we're in between so we this is xfinity x1. >> really nice to see. trending this morning are going to have dry weather puppies taking over the georgia featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. going into today. streaming services without changing passwords and input. aquarium in atlanta. our high temperatures reach into the upper 50s and low 60s, just a little bit warmer than it was live sports - with real-time stats and scores. look at the puppies look at the yesterday. and then we'll start to see more access to the most 4k content. fish and the fish look at the clouds moving in this evening, and your movies and shows to go. puppies. they were able to roam free, early tomorrow morning we'll making new friends, relaxing, start to see the rain approaching the coast and moving the best tv experience is the best tv value. getting some treats there. in as we go into the rest of this is the quarantine therapy tomorrow. xfinity x1. we need right now. on showers. simple. easy. awesome. look at that. >> come here. there won't be many breaks here xfinity. the future of awesome. and we'll have heavier rain come here. so cute. approaching. our rainfall totals look pretty >> you want to adopt them all. decent here anywhere from a half >> i do. to three-quarters of an inch of 5:26. helping those in need. rain which is some great news. next for you on "today in the bay," a high school is turning into a hospital. a live report on the contra costa county school that's about to start housing patients.
5:12 am
plus, a major announcement we are now in a moderate from the dmv that could leave many scrambling starting this drought. that's when our temperatures morning. start to warm up. we're looking at highs in the low 70s, even reaching into the mid-70s by the middle of next week for our inland areas so it's going to feel like spring. we'll talk more about that coming up. a look at the morning commute. as you would expect the freeways are looking green for the speed sensors. i still have circled south 87. there is a crash and a vta supervisor truck. the crash on 101, we're waiting for chp updates. back to you. >> thank you, mike. happening today a special meeting being called by measures to try bay area.
5:13 am
right now at 5:12 we're starting out with chilly temperatures. as we check out our trend for martinez all sunshine today, and we'll start out here in the low 40s and reach into the upper 50s by early this afternoon. we'll talk about this and some rain for that weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. a big look at the golden gate bridge because laura and marcus showed you a tighter shot and only saw one car. no waiting at the bridges. no fastrak either -- no cash. you can use fastrak.
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more companies are cutting jobs as it becomes less and less clear when this crisis will be over. >> and scott mcgrew, this comes as more than 3 million americans filed for first-time jobless benefits. out that yesterday. >> reporter: there will be more. good morning to you. we get those numbers once a week, every thursday. there will be more. we also know that tesla has cut some of its workers at its battery plant out in nevada. stub hub says it will let more than half its employees go as there are no tickets for anyone to buy online, therefore, not breaking news right now at much to do. the san francisco business times 5:30. uk prime minister boris johnson says the san francisco travel tests positive for coronavirus. association has cut about half its staff. johnson tweeting that he has mild symptoms and is now self-isolating. very few people are traveling to it's not yet known whether he is staying with his fiancee who is san francisco. the cruise industry will not get a bailout from the stimulus bill several months pregnant. t. requires the companies to be at the same time a live look based in thegerally speaking cr at the capitol. lawmakers here in a mad dash are not. back to washington, d.c. their ships are flagged cruise the $2 trillion stimulus bill is
5:15 am
up for a vote today in the house. we'll have the very latest. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcuswaington. that vote comes as the u.s. leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases topping china and italy with more than 85,000 cases. and here in the bay area confirmed cases continue to climb now at nearly 1,400 with 32 deaths. the biggest jump in san francisco and santa clara county. our live team coverage is moments away. a look at the forecast. all the team is here as we take a look at what we can expect from the weather today. kari? it's going to be a chilly start and we'll have sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures in the forecast today. we're also dealing with some frosty and freezing conditions especially in the north bay as well as the south county. as we look at where we are we're at 34 degrees in santa rosa and 37 degrees in san martin.
5:16 am
going into the rest of the day we go from the low 40s for some of the areas around the bay to about 60 degrees for oakland. 60 degrees for san jose, and 62 in antioch. i'll be watching this as that rain moves in the forecast. i'll have more on that and the time line coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking the commute. what's going on for those essential drivers? a big note, we do see slowing for 87. smooth in the southbound direction as circled on the screen. i think it involves someone from vca in the next report but i want to make sure we show the rest of the bay with the disabled vehicle through san mateo, south 101. there may be slowing as flashing lights arrive to clear another vehicle. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. the number of cases in the u.s. continues to skyrocket. this calendar really can illustrate a lot to you.
5:17 am
we made it to show the number of confirmed cases across the nation. this is just through the month of march and look at this, march 1st, 75 cases. look where we are here, 85,000 by the end of the month at march 26th. not even the end of the month. it's really alarming to see. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda joins us live in contra costa county where health leaders are trying to prepare for even more patients. sharon? >> reporter: that's right, laura. just like hotels turning into makeshift hospitals this high school will turn into a temporary hospital if needed. that's what we're seeing these days now. throughout the bay area we are seeing alarming numbers. the deputy city manager gave grim projections. between 9,000 and 19,000 actual cases. they say they never confirmed the numbers. the deputy city manager used
5:18 am
modeling of infections compiled by city data analysts this is a slide from the presentation. the second if people don't comply is staggering. nearly 8,000 deaths by may. the bottom line represents what may happen even if people do exactly what they're supposed to do. >> we were looking at the order in the next 12 weeks of 2,000 potential deaths. >> reporter: here health officials plan to use al hambra, beds and other supplies should be arriving here soon for people who are not in critical once the medical center is full. >> i think they're doing an awesome job trying to get a handle on everything since it's happening so fast and we're
5:19 am
getting hit so hard, who has it and who doesn't. >> reporter: the superintendent here wants to reassure parents and students that this school will be fully disinfected and sanitized before it reopens. reporting live in fairfield, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> sharon, thank you. provided the stimulus bill is approved it will be a huge relief for millions of people facing major uncertainty. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in livermore with more. bob? >> reporter: those out of work, 3.2 million who filed unemployment just last week alone, this bill can be very beneficial and that includes thousands of californians. if the bill is passed those people out of work would get an additional 13 weeks of unemployment and an additional $600 a week for four months. a webpage to help you navigate
5:20 am
unemployment during the covid-19 outbreak. if you have lost your job or have reduced your hours for reasons related to covid-19 your weekly unemployment benefits could range anywhere between $40 and $450 for up to 26 weeks plus the extra benefits i mentioned earlier if the bill passes. disability insurance is available for those in medical quarantine with covid-19 related illnesses. in both instances you would receive about 60% or 70% of normal wages. you would only be receiving so far the sick time you've accumulated through your employer. workers compensation also available if you're exposed to or contracted covid-19 at work and are unable to do your job. coming up at 6:00 how you might
5:21 am
be able to delay your mortgage payment through this health crisis. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." it's 5:36. the cdc is reporting two deaths related to the "grand princess." both men were in their 60s and were quarantined at travis air force base. no other information was given on either patient. the cdc says fewer than half the patients onboard the ship were ever tested while in quarantine. of those about 100 tested positive. governor gavin newsom will meet in los angeles today with mayor eric garcetti who is battling a huge spike in cases this week, confirmed coronavirus illnesses and deaths in los angeles county each rose by more than half this week. governor newsom will visit the navy hospital ship scheduled to arrive this morning. the "usns mercy" will serve as a
5:22 am
referral hospital for non-coronavirus patients who are currently in local hospitals. commander edgar san luis is one of more than 800 navy medical personnel onboard who will help out. >> it was hard to leave my wife and my son. especially at this time of uncertainty. she understands the magnitude this is bigger than just us. >> medical services will include both urgent and critical care for adults. starting today the dmv will be closed in a temp rather statewide shutdown. this comes after an employee tested positive at areopen but
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