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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 28, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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nissan has been with you through thick and thin. and now is no different. we're offering payment options for current owners and our service departments are here to help. and for future owners, we're offering no payments for 90 days on 14 models. this is help when you need it. good saturday morning. it is march 28th, 7:00 on the dot adds we take a live look outside over walnut creek. cloudy skies as we look ahead to a rainy weekend. thanks so much for joining us. of course, as we continue our social distancing, here is a look at your microclimate
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forecast. good morning. >> hi. good morning. i already miss you guys. we're trying our best to set up a good little weather station here. working out the kinks, but we do have some rain we're tracking today. scattered showers expected to move between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. our current temperatures right now are pretty comfortable in the 40s. we will top out only in the 50s. it will be one of those days it will be cloudy as you look outside your window, but it will be perfect for snuggling. that's my rescue pup. and if you have any idea as far as the rain goes in terms of the timing and we can expect to see the rain push through the first half of the day. i will have a closer look at the timing and of course your seven day outlook coming up in just a bit. >> we look forward to it. her home studio is incredible.
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she'll show it to us in about 15 minutes. we'll see you then, girl. bay area leaders have texted, e-mailed, called and are urging everyone to continue to isolate and not let your guard down and limit leaving your home even for essentials. a live look for you over san jose where roads are nearly empty at this hour and south bay leaders want to keep it that way to slow the spread of the virus heading into the weekend. as a news conference yesterday, executives from the santa clara county board say it will be at least two weeks before we know if we are flattening the curve. the county unveiled a new online dashboard so people can see how many new cases there are every day. it also shows the age range of people getting sick. but their main take-away they want people to hear is to stay at home. >> i could snap my fingers and know everybody in the world, their status, whether they were infected or not, it would not change the treatment one iota.
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the treatment is still social distancing. >> to help in social distancing, san jose has shut down the stairs on popular communications hill. park also is closed until further notice to prevent people from congregating. south bay county parks will f n. here is where things stand in the bay area with more than 1,600 cases. yesterday, marine county announced its first death, a man in his 70s. he was exposed to the virus on the grand princess last month. napa has its ninth case. santa clara county continues to see the most cases with 574. to help put things in perspective, here are the cases in the bay area compared to the entire state per day. there are 3,800 cases statewide. the bay area has about a third of those cases alone. across the country, we have surpassed 100,000 cases.
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1,500 people have died. instacart delivery workers have earned a lot of good will during this crisis. people post on social media praising the gig economy workers who are literally on the front lines. come monday, 5,000 of those workers are planning the strike. the details on the demands and the company's response. >> reporter: insta cart workers pushing for this strike say braving long lines during the global pandemic has changed the game for many who are part-time employees. >> we're risking not only our lives but our general customers but the general public and our communities because we're not adequately protected. >> reporter: the strike is planned for monday. they are calling for insta cart to provide its workers personal protective equipment. $5 per order for hazard pay and
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asking the company to change its current default tip from 5% to 10%. shoppers nationwide are expected to refuse orders monday if the company does not meet their demands. the san francisco-based company has not responded for comment. but online a response to workers writing in part the health and safety of our entire community, shoppers, customers and employees is our highest employee. the company says it will boost bonuses for some of its shoppers and extend sicker quarantine pay by adding an additional 30 days. instacart workers say the company's efforts are not nearly enough. across the bay area, people are lining up outside of super markets because of restrictions on the number of customers in stores. the choice to avoid those by ordering online instead may not be available. and for just the second time in nearly a century, see's
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candies is suspending operations amid coronavirus concerns. the south san francisco-based company has this message displayed on its home page right now. it says it is following the guidance of local health authorities and will not make candy for the foreseeable future. the company said in its 99-year history, it only had one interruption during world war ii. they are offering refunds to customers who placed orders online. now to mayor changes that impact people across many other counties in the bay area. all san matteo county parks, which include many beaches are now closed. it is part of a bay-area wide push to keep crowds from gathering like they did last weekend. in san francisco parking lots of several beaches and open space area will stay closed and barricaded. that includes parking lots, ocean beach and fields. the mayor says they don't want to get to the point where they're closing parks, but they
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will if needed. >> we are pushing folks to really try and stay -- get your fresh air, walk your dog, but don't get in your cars and drive to specific locations to play volleyball with your friends, to have picnics, to have wine parties. >> same situation goes for the east bay where the regional park district announced a new round of closures that start today, which include castle rock recreation and the sun regional wilderness. now to santa rosa where the police chief says two more of his officers have tested positive for the virus. that brings the total number of officers infected to five. the officers are all now self-quarantine. at 7:07, we do have and his wife. how the money will be used to fight coronavirus. plus, new projections for the virus death toll by june. we have the best and worst-case
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welcome back to video from paris, the city's most recognized landmark lit up for ten minutes in a tribute to medical staff tending to coronavirus victims. it carried a simple message of thanks. france has been one of the countries hit hardest in europe also. cheers and applause on that new york city street as several health care vehicles drove past. neighbors connecting despite the strict quarantine, coming together to applaud and pay tribute to those risking their lives to save lives. by july 16th, the covid-19 death rate in the u.s. likely will drop down to 0. that is according to new projections from researchers at the university of washington. but by then, the coronavirus is expected to have killed roughly
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more than in california. the latest breakdown. >> reporter: the new projections show that in california, the worst of the virus may still be nearly a month away. it also reveals critical shortages inside hospitals across the state as a result of the surging number of infections. there are about 1,900 icu hospital beds in the state. but when the virus peaks, we will likely need more than 2,000. in a worst case scenario, more than 5,000 icu beds. if the virus peaks next month as the data suggests, the death toll would hit 148 people a day in this state. the worst case scenario puts the daily death toll at 371. by mid-july, the virus will have likely killed 6,100 people in california. but again in the worst case scenario, that number could
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reach as high as 17,000. >> there is a lot to take in, so we have laid out all this data and more for you on our website. go to at 7:12, there is much more ahead on today in the bay coming up. evictions in the state of california will come to a halt. i'm consumer investigator chris gamora. we'll tell you what's in a new order from the governor next. and we're tracking rain today, not just for saturday but also sunday. i have a closer look at your temperatures and what you can expect for the next seven days. coming up. stay with us.
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welcome back. taking a live look outside. cloudy skies over emeryville. showers across the bay area already this morning. you can expect them into this afternoon. we will detail your microclimate
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forecast in just a few minutes sghrchlg. apple has developed its own coronavirus app. it includes a screening tool that asks people a series of questions that would help them figure out if they should get a covid-19 test. the app was built in partnership with the cdc to provide people with accurate information about the virus and testing. a bay area billionaire is using his fortune to help fight the virus. mark zuckerberg and his wife are donating $25 million. that money will go to the bill gates foundation, which is working to find a drug to treat the virus. the goal is to see if drugs already deemed as safe might be able to either prevent the virus or reduce the symptoms. if you are worried about paying your april rent next week, you don't have to worry about being evicted right away. the governor just suspended
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evictions statewide. let's turn to consumer investigator chris gamura with more. >> the governor issued this executive order right here. i want to tell you what's inside of it. if your income has dropped because of the virus and you can't pay your rent, your landlord cannot start eviction proceedin proceedings. they cover rent payments from april 1st to may 31st. notify your landlord in writing that you are going to miss a payment. and you must do that within seven days of your rent being due. this is not a free pass for everyone. you will need to explain how the virus has created a financial hardship. so provide proof like a furlough letter, a layoff notice or pay stubs showing your hours were cut. this part is really important. this is not free rent. if you stop paying now, you will be required to pay in full later on. and if you don't, you could face eviction after may 31st. the governor's order says you
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will need to pay back your rent in a timely manner, but it doesn't determine that time frame. keep in contact with your landlord. work out a payment schedule. pay in part if you can, and if you are in th eviction, i don't have good news here. the order does not appear to apply. it only discusses people who won't be able to pay on april 1st or later because of the virus. if you are in a different situation, you might want to talk with your county clerk or an attorney for help. we have been taking lots of virus questions. give us a call at 888-996-tips. well, as you likely know by now, we are trying to do our part here at nbc bay area, even though we are considered essential workers, most of our staff is working from home. back with a snazzy micro climate weather center at her place. it looked so good. i saw your instagram post. i was like, wow. >> thank you! >> i don't even think you'd ever
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have to come back to the station. it looks so good. >> i know. my dog is curled up over there. i'm wearing fuzzy socks. i wish i could show them, but it would throw off my angle. a lot of viewers did a good job of following me on instagram live and they were with me on this journey to build my set. but because everything is so new right now, we're still working out some kinks. so we will play it safe today. but petter things are yet to come. we have two areas in the control room that will get everything up and running today. i'm excited to see how that's going to play out. all right, guys. let's talk about your weather because we're talking about rain again for today and rain heading into sunday. let's take a live look outside. we're looking at san francisco. we already have some rain being detected on the radar. you will notice it will be a pretty cloudy day. that's okay. more cuddling expected with at
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least whoever your quarantined with, even if that's your dog. in san jose, some raini incomin down as well. if you can't look out your window, tell me what you are seeing outside your window. as we take a look at walnut creek, cloudy skies through there. peaks of sunshine at times but mostly cloudy conditions are expected for today. as far as your temperatures go, you are probably wondering if it will be cool or hot. it will be comfortable. temperatures will remain in the 50s throughout the bay area. low to mid-50s. overall, a cool, comfortable afternoon, a high of 55 in santa rosa, 51 for clear lake, 54 for napa, 55 in oakland and 56 degrees in san jose. so this system that we've got coming through is not really going to be a huge rainmaker. we have an upper level low pressure system just off the coast and it will bring rain for today and tomorrow. so first inland areas we're talking 58 degrees for today, a
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predicted high. by tomorrow things really start to warm up. so what happens is we bump our temperatures up into the 60s. but check out what happens heading into monday and tuesday. we're talking about 70s in the forecast. so, hey, even though we're seeing rain today and tomorrow, we still have plenty of sunshine to look forward to. overnight lows will be in the 40s dipping down after what's really been a very cool week. i know everyone is a fan of the sunshine, so we can't say no to the sun. this weekend is not going to be a total washout again. it will be periods of on and off again rain. at times we will see scatters showers mainly before 9:00 a.m. let's take a look at the san francisco forecast. you're talking a high of 54 degrees for today. temperatures start to warm up with a high of 56. look at what happens heading into monday and tuesday. we're talking about 60s in the
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forecast. so we have 60s and 70s to look forward to heading into the workweek ahead. i'll send it back to you. >> i can't believe it, but i'll take it. thanks so much. we will see you again soon. still ahead on today in the bay, it is 7:21. looking for ways to treat and prevent coronavirus, but the california is getting in the way. we investigate a group of uc berkeley researchers trying to cut the red tape.
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welcome back. bay area labs are working overtime to find a cure or treatment for covid-19. but some local scientists tell us they're waiting on a federal funding process that's too slow for the current emergency. here's senior investigative reporter steven stock. >> reporter: this research lab at uc berkeley has the tools and the talent to help find a cure for ce very nice. >> reporter: this bio chemist
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directs a team of scientists. as she and her colleague prepare to fight this pandemic, they're missing one essential ingredient, money to pay for staffing, chemical compounds and bio safety gear. >> if i had the funding right now, i would start probably in the next couple of weeks. already four different projects we have in the works. >> reporter: she says a key to stopping the spread of this virus is understanding exactly how it attached to a human cell. protein spikes on the virus dock on the human cell working like a biological key. her team is ready to search for a way to block the virus if they are given the resources to do it. >> you can interact if you make sure the key doesn't fit the lock and that's what we could be doing with small molecules blocking that part. >> reporter: for example, this robotic lab assistant can quickly and accurately test tens of thousands of potential drugs and see which one might move effective at stopping covid-19.
7:25 am
this doctor cites another battle front for research, controlling a patient's immune response to the virus. scientists have discovered that some seriously ill patients actually have few virus cells left in their bodies. doctors can save lives by learning how to switch off parts of the human immune system. >> sometimes we need the immune system to react to clear the virus, but some of it is also an over reaction, so the immune new mexico goes crazy and destroys all your lung tissue, for example. most scientists want to make a difference and want to try to contribute to solution asap really. everybody is chomping at the bit to make this happen. >> reporter: but their eagerness to solve this remains hampered by a federal funding process while the spread of the pandemic won't wait. >> you have to go through accelerated review, it can take up to 60 days. every day is of the essence
7:26 am
right now in order to develop something. >> reporter: the national science foundation has already approved 20 different research projects focussed on covid-19, including ten rapid response grants. but they admit there are 40 other research proposals focussed on stopping covid-19 still waiting on approval and funding. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. at 7:26, we have much more ahead. how does the $2 trillion rescue package impact you? we have a calculator that will give you the answer, how much money you might be getting from the federal government. but it is a race against the clock. the work ahead as hospitals prepare for the surge in patients. r over 80 years, nissan has been with you through thick and thin. and now is no different. we're offering payment options for current owners
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good saturday morning to you. it is march 28th. it's 7:28 as we look over
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downtown san jose. rainy as we look over downtown san jose at that wet pavement. and if you are not seeing that just yet out your window, chances are you will. thanks so much for joining us. we are joined this morning from your home weather center with a look at your micro climate forecast ahead of a rainy saturday. glad to know that you are cozy at home with your fuzzy socks on. >> i am. i've got my fuzzy socks on. maybe i will take a picture and show you guys later. rig it will be raining here. as you know, i like fuzzy socks and candles, so those are two things you need today. today it's not going to be a major storm, so it is not going to be a complete wash up. it is sort of a weaker system
7:30 am
that will just enough to where you will notice it and you will see the wet waichlt out there. the radar, as i mentioned, we're already seeing rain come down in parts of the bay area. san jose we've got a little more instability just off the coast, and that rain will move inland. i will take you through this seven day forecast and what understand expect when it comes to those temperatures coming up in just a bit. >> we'll see you in about 15. thanks so much. well, they have texted. they have e-mailed. they have called. an urgent message from bay area leaders is not to let your guard down. continue to isolate, even if you need to head out for basic necessities. a live look outside over san jose. some rain on our camera lens that's pretty empty streets as we look down there and south bay leaders want to keep it that way heading into the weekend to prevent the spread of the virus. just yesterday, santa clara county executives told us it would be another two weeks
7:31 am
before we know if they are flattening the curve with their efforts. the county also unveiled a new online dashboard so people can look at how many new cases there are every day. and it shows the age ranges of people getting sick. staying at home, though, is the main point they wanted to get across. >> if i could snap my fingers and know everybody in the world, their status, whether they were infected or not, it would not change the treatment one iota. the treatment is still social distancing. >> to help in social distancing, san jose has just down the stairs on the popular communications hill. park is closed until further notice. south bay county parks will stay open for now. take a look here where things stand this morning in the bay area. more than 1,600 cases. just yesterday, marine county
7:32 am
announced its first death. he was exposed to the virus on the grand princess cruise ship last month. santa clara county continues to see the most cases with 574. to put things into perspective, here are the cases in the bay area in red compared with the entire state of california in yellow per day. there are 3,800 cases statewide. the bay area has about a third of those cases. and across the u.s., we have surpassed 100,000 cases. 1,500 people have died. clearing out the gym and bringing in the beds and the medical gear, contra costa county is in full coronavirus prep mode as it sets up a makeshift hospital at a local high school. workers began prepping the gym and other spaces as well.
7:33 am
>> reporter: triage tents erected outside all contra costa county hospitals. signs that medical professionals expect to see within the next two weeks. >> if there is a surge, patients can be triaged and then determine what type of care they need without flooding the hospital facility emergency room itself. >> reporter: this high school gymnasium and adjoining building, a fortunate find virtually next door to contra costa regional medical center and setting the unique type of sites health and public works officials are identifying. >> a large auditorium type of building or a building that had offices like that was for example former clinic space. >> reporter: the 911 calls for coronavirus ambulance services not peaking, but they know they will need hundreds of extra beds in the next two weeks. the county's experience hospital
7:34 am
procurement team in a race against the clock with a task unlike any other before. >> what they have never faced before is the magnitude and the quickness of this issue. they're all up to the task and confident they will get it done and they're working 24/7 on it. >> reporter: twe have new detais on the outbreak at laguna county hospital. yesterday the hospital confirmed eight people tested positive. five are nurses. two are housekeepers. one is a patient. laguna honda is testing 175 more team. well, it is docked and ready to provide relief. this is time lapsed video of the usns mercy. it is a naval hospital ship. it arrived in the port of los angeles just yesterday. the ship has about 1,000 hospital beds. it will now be used to house
7:35 am
patients who do not have covid-19 to make space for coronavirus patients in hospitals. and here we are sort of hospital beds, so this will help free up space in local hospitals for patients with the virus as well. governor newsome was there as the ship arrived in the port. he praised president trump for helping get the ship to los angeles. >> this is time for partnership, not partisanship. as i said, open hand on a clinched fist. he's our president and every direct request that i have asked the president of the united states, he has been responsive and he has tried to accommodate. this is just one of many examples. >> more than 800 navy medical personnel and support staff are onboard the mercy and ready for patients. and help is on the way. president trump approved and signed the largest economic rescue package in u.s. history, $2.2 trillion. the house passed the stimulus
7:36 am
bill early this morning. it includes billions of dollars for hospitals and small businesses. the bill also funds those $1,200 and $2,400 checks the president has been talking about. >> i want to thank republicans and democrats for coming together, setting aside their differences and putting america first. >> here is how house speaker nancy pelosi says the bay area will benefit. transit agencies will get more than $1 billion to split up. sfo will get $250 million i and $11 million will be allocated to san francisco to help the homeless. so when will we get money and just how much? on our website, we posted a stimulus calculator to help you determine your pay out based on whichever is your most recent
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welcome back. it is a slam dunk donation. the chase center give ag way 200 pounds of food to help out during this pandemic because canceling games and concerts mean unused food in the arena. they partnered with food runners that pick up unused food from businesses and then gives it to local food programs across the city. among the goods donated, pasta, cheese, vegetables and lots of dary. >> i can see the guys throwing away food in the garbage in the compacter and i told them to stop doing it. and then they give the food to me and i take it someplace else, someplace who needs it. >> jose who has been delivering
7:40 am
food for food runners for five years says he sees the need now is at an all-time high. since chase opened, its donated more than 5,000 pounds of food. it's 7:40. we have much more ahead. coming up coronavirus testing is about to get a lot faster. the bay area company that just got the green light from the fda. oh, hey! are you working at home? so am i. join me. i have a complete look at your weather forecast. pour a cup of coffee. i'm about to get one myself. full forecast coming up.
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hi. welcome to your forecast right here. pour yourself a cup of coffee. i have my today cup. it matches the banner, so i figured it would be perfect. we are tracking rain once again in the bay area and it will not be a big storm.
7:43 am
just enough where you need your umbrella if you are taking your dog on a walk today. we already see some activity. in san jose also just off the coast, plenty of instability, enough to track some showers right between the hours of 6:00 and 9:00. we'll really begin seeing some activity. but it will linger for the first half of the day. heavier pockets at times in santa cruz. if we take a look at the hour by hour outlook, it gives you a good idea of the timing. all day long, we will see periods of rain kind of scattered. a couple heavy pockets here and there and then a little break between 4:00 and 5:00 and then see the return of some showers right around 6:00. now, the rain will begin to diminish overnight. but come sunday morning, we're talking about more rain in the bay area. what are your temperatures looking like? it will be a cool, comfortable afternoon. only in the 50s in san francisco if you are heading out to the
7:44 am
city or in the city, 53 degrees in san francisco. 55 in oakland. 56 in san jose. feel free to open up a window. we all need a breath of fresh air. let's talk about the seven day forecast. all right. first look right now, take a look at your inland temperatures. there we go. inland. so we will take a look at the 58 high. that's the predicted high for today. notice what happens to those temperatures heading into sunday. we start to see a bit of a warming trend. so once this system drifts down from oregon, we're going to start to notice the temperatures increase, and then we're going to jump right into a drying trend that's not only going to bring plenty of sunshine, but temperatures in the mid-70s by wednesday and into thursday. thursday might end up being one of our warmest days of the week, not just for inland areas. san francisco as well. a high of 53 for today. sunday we're talking about 56 degrees.
7:45 am
the rain chances will continue into sunday. but, again, it's not going to be heavy downpours. we're talking about less than an inch. so it will be just enough to where it will keep your temperatures a little cooler because by monday we get that drying trend that comes around and then we dry out and warm up into the mid-60s by wednesday and thursday even for san francisco. so you may even need to be turning on your ac as we head into this week, but aside from that you should have a fun time inside. enjoy the clouds if you look outside your window. here i will send it back to you right here from home. >> i'm loving your work at home energy. you're making us all so happy here. we miss you and we'll see you again in just a bit. >> miss you guys, too. >> thanks, girl. still ahead on today in the bay, instead of jumping into action, thousands of would be nurses are sitting at home. the red tape that's preventing them from working. we investigate next.
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welcome back. while the state prepares for a surge of covid-19 patients, the lack of medical staff is a serious concern. there are nurses ready to go, but they aren't being put to work. here is investigative reporter candace winn to explain the red tape. >> reporter: me sis la was completing one of her final nursing requirements when covid-19 put a stop to her
7:49 am
studies. >> they had to make a decision to protect the participants in their program. >> reporter: 20,000 nursing students across america are in a holding pattern. the hospital is where they fulfill the remainder of their training. but she and her peers are ready to join that effort. they're asking for emergency action to help them graduate. >> and we are stuck not being able to do anything and help be an asset to the nurses on the front line. they're all out there risking their lives and safety and that's really what we get into nursing to do. >> reporter: state law requires nursing students to spend 25% of their training in simulations and 75% doing in person clinical work at hospitals. nursing schools deemed educators and student associations have joined forces and sent letters to the governor's office and the nursing board in early march. they're vouching for their students capabilities, asking
7:50 am
for temporary changes to licensing regulations for new nurses and most notably are requesting the 75% in person requirement to be lower to 50%. what do you want to say to people who may be concerned that nursing students aren't ready to work in a hospital yet? >> i think at this point we're all ready, willing and able to help out and help wherever we can, however we can. >> the nursing students in my program right now, they have a desire to help and jump in. >> reporter: the director of nursing reviewed a draft of the letter. she has been a nurse for nearly 50 years and understands the 75% in hospital regulations. she says patient safety is always a priority, but we're in an emergency right now. >> this is not an epidemic. it is a pandemic. and we're learning more every day. but right now this is ourer againsy. i think it's all hands on deck.
7:51 am
>> reporter: she points to a 2014 study. it found no notable difference between nursing students from states requiring 50% in person experience to those requiring 75%. >> we know for a fact based on research that it's safe. so that's why i think we're very justified in asking for it and not asking anyone to put the public at risk. >> reporter: no one expects the students take on complex or critical medical tasks, rather simple procedures such as swabbing and basic care that would free up more experienced nurses. we reached out to the california board of registered nurses. they declined to comment. but in an e-mail, the board said it has no jurisdiction to change the law. that ability resides with the governor, who addressed the issue on monday for the first time. >> we believe the ability to get fourth year medical students into the system in that fourth year, getting someone that's almost finished getting their
7:52 am
nursing degree, get them licensed. >> when we reached out to the governor's office for a time line on that, a spokesman would only say it's forthcoming. the governors of texas, new york and new jersey have all issued executive orders temporarily adjusting similar in hospital requirements for garage waradua nursing students during this pandemic. >> and if you have a story for our investigative unit, especially during this time of so many questions, call 888-996-tips. you can also visit our website. now to a major development about testing for covid-19. we first brought it to you last night. this is a brand-new test that will be able to provide results in about five minutes. it is being developed right here in the bay area. pharmaceutical company abbot labs got emergency authorization from the fda for a rapid results test to detect covid-19.
7:53 am
this is videofrom abbot. >> it generates an accurate test result in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. and that enables the health care provider to see a patient, diagnose a patient and take the necessary interventions in a very short amount of time. >> now that it has fda arrival, it will ramp up production and hopes to eventually produce up to five million tests per month. 7:53. still much more ahead coming up. teachers and medical workers, two sets of heroes revealing themselves amid this pandemic. we will show you how these local teachers are helping medical workers on the front lines coming up. as our community battles this virus. >> now more than ever, we need to stick together. >> we know you have questions and we're here to help. whether it is about your job,
7:54 am
your kids' school or maybe you just want to know how to properly clean and disinfect, no question is too small. >> so contact us any time by visiting us online or just pick up the phone. we respond to every call, every e-mail. >> these are challenging times, but we're in it together. for over 80 years, nissan has been with you through thick and thin. and now is no different. we're offering payment options for current owners
7:55 am
and our service departments are here to help. and for future owners, we're offering no payments for 90 days on 14 models. this is help when you need it. a lot of closures to parks and other recreation areas during this shelter at home
7:56 am
order. so we have a long list of whatnot to do. but what can we do as many of us battle cabin fever, especially with our children. some tips to keep you entertained. >> reporter: a scenic view can get old if you stare at it long enough. with so much closed, the weekend ahead, what can you do to keep yourself entertained? well, if you need some air, you can still take walks, jog, ride a bike in your community as long as you remember to give others plenty of space. but cities and forecasts of rain are encouraging people to stay in. so how to keep busy. there are many musicians like san francisco's meredith axle rod doing concerts on facebook. you can also try getting a little indoor exercise. for something more common, this yoga instructor is offering
7:57 am
online yoga sessions. >> when the mind is going crazy and you have cabin fever yoga can help you take care of your body and your mind. >> reporter: san francisco's act will screen two of its recently canceled plays for a $15 fee. >> we're seeing a lot of people are hungry for the arts, especially right now while they feel isolated in their homes. >> you can also get some friends together and have a virtual party over zoom. but wherever you are in the bay area, here is hoping that if nothing else you can at least enjoy the view. nbc bay area news. we have been doing a lot of virtual happy hours with our friends over zoom. as part of this coverage of this crisis, we want to highlight some good news. we are focussing on how people are helping each other. yesterday schools were cleaning
7:58 am
out their classrooms to see how they can use leftover supplies for something good. so check out this video. it was sent to us by teachers and staff in san jose's oak grove school district. the teachers came up with a treasure trove of cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers which you know are like gold right now. they then donated all of those supplies you see to good samaritan hospital in south san jose. wow. some great news there. and it just gets better as we say hello again to you and your baby bing. >> yeah. so we usually do pets in need on saturday. he's rocking his shelter bandanna. but he's a little grumpy. look, he wants no part of this. this is bedtime for him. i have been patting his little booty right here. this is literally my fur baby, guys. if you have been looking for a pet to adopt, this is a great companion during times in need. you want a treat? his ears went up for that.
7:59 am
he knows that. back to you. >> thanks so much for taking us a part of your morning. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. .
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