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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 27, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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breaking overnight, demonstrators surround minneapolis police headquarters protesting the death of george floyd while in police custody. four officers involved have been fired. brazil has become the world's epicenter where more people are dying each day from the virus than any other country in the world coronavirus infections are rising in at least 18 states, some drawing the correlation between that and the loosening of social distancing rules from two weeks ago, around mother's day. others now worried, we could be headed for trouble for the first time in a decade, the united states prepares to launch two american astronauts into space from cap
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canaveral. but mother nature may get the last word today. the head of u.s. senate says congress will probably need to pass another coronavirus stimulus bill. we've got a preview. early "today" starts right now good morning i'll phillip mena. >> i'm frances rivera. we begin with breaking news from minnesota where hundreds of protesters poured into the streets. there is outrage in minneapolis this morning over the death of a black man who was pinned to the ground by a police officer the protests turned chaotic with police officers in riot gear using tear gas and rubber bullets against a crowd. protesters vandalized a squad car. it's in response to the detainment of george floyd the images are disturbing. nbc's dan scheneman has this reports this report >> protests in minneapolis began with outrage and turned violent
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protesters also gathered in chicago. >> we stand in solidarity with all those people this is not going to keep happening. >> the anger sparked by the death of george floyd who died while in the custody of policeee this video shot monday night by a bystander shows an officer's knee pressing down on floyd's neck. >> i cannot breathe. >> he eventually stopped moving, was transported to a hospital and pronounced dead. >> to the black community, to the family, i'm so sorry. >> a statement from police that officers arrived to the scene at a reported forgery in progress the suspect appeared to be under the influence and physically resisted officers. when handcuffed, officers said he appeared to be suffering medical distress and called for an ambulance. >> we clearly have policies in place regarding placing someone under control and what are areas
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at risk. >> less than 24 hours after the incident, the minneapolis mayor tweeted four responding officers involved in the death of george floyd have been terminated this is the right call federal authorities have launched an investigation. a community's outrage has just started. dan scheneman. nbc news the u.s. will soon cross a once unthinkable milestone 100,000 deaths restless weeks in quarantine have given way to packed pool parties and beaches brimming mixed with more states reopening are spurring concerns of a second wave of cases meanwhile, president trump is on the defense for his handling of the crisis alice barr has more. >> as the death toll reaches closer to 100,000, the nation is
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grieving a collective tragedy while families across the country mourn victims who are more than just numbers. a trage gone. >> if president trump hadn't >> it's just a tragedy that he's gone. >> if president trump hadn't done his job well, we would have lost millions of people. >> we would have had more than 10 to 25 times of number of death if we didn't act the way we did. >> while blaming china for not containing the spread. it comes as infection rates are rising in 18 states. medical experts point to a correlation that many people beginning to loosen social distancing two weeks ago around mother's day they warn of dangerous consequences from the crowds of partiers over the past memorial day weekend. >> it won't be surprising to see the cases increasing likely over the next several weeks. >> images like these from missouri's lake of the ozarks sparking a firestorm urging the throngs of people there to self-quarantine. >> quarantine yourself, do it
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for yourself, do it for your grandma. >> at the same time, president trump is calling for large crowds at the republican national convention in august. he's threatening to move the event out of north carolina. if the state's democratic governor does not allow full attendance. >> we have to know when the people come down, we'll have the doors open if the governor can't tell us very soon, unfortunately, we'll have no choice >> in stark contrast, the iconic new york stock exchange modeling social distancing when it reopens with a quarter of traders wearing face masks returning to the floor and a new normal in washington, alice barr, nbc news president trump is waging war on his favorite social media platform twitter is fact checking the president's tweets for the first time ever. the move comes after years of criticism that social media outlets allowed misinformation to run rampant tracie potts joins us. twitter long grappled with how
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to handle the president's tweets. >> twitter started fact checking the president yesterday after he claimed that people should get the facts on how mail-in voting leads to fraud not true according to most experts. this came after california decided to expand mail-in voting the president criticized that on twitter. here's how it works. you click a link attached to the president's tweet. that link explains why the claim is unsubstantiated the president shooting back that twitter is interfering with the 2020 presidential election and stifling free speech also false the president claiming that msnbc anchor and former republican congressman joe scarborough was involved in the death of a staff member back in 2001 they've long debunked that saying the woman lost consciousness, that she collapsed and hit her head
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they're urging them to intervene saying the president is perverting the memory of his dead wife for perceived political gain and that she deserves better than this accusation that she was murdered by her boss, long debunked by authorities. >> tracie potts for us thanks today is the start of the white house's travel ban on brazil the country continues to be ravaged by the coronavirus for the first time has surpassed the united states with the most fatalities over a 24-hour period here's bill neely. >> good morning, philip. as of now, any non-american trying to get into the u.s. from brazil will be denied entry. it's in response to the exploding crisis here. brazil passed another new milestone. it's number one in the world for all the wrong reasons.
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today, like every day, dozens of virus funerals in rio. american oscar sterns was 64 from boston. lived here all his life. one of 800 victims in one day. brazil now has the highest daily death toll in the world. one city with the high death toll and a shattered economy ended its lockdown tens of thousands poured on to the streets. >> the mayor of this city who has had the virus ordered it to open up. he doesn't support the lockdown. across brazil, the battle between saving the economy and saving lives is raging >> one american already in financial trouble. >> i have a travel agency. that travel agency, yorngs is going to survive the next couple of months. >> hospitals at a breaking point, people too. >> brazilians looking to come to
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the u.s., now unwelcome. >> brazilian braced for more pain, economic pain and more record death tolls medical experts here believe that brazil has not yet reached a peak of infections or deaths philip >> scary thought, bill thank you. the fbi has joined the multistate manhunt for a wanted university of connecticut student. the parents of the suspect are speaking out in hopes of getting him to surrender speaking through their lawyer, they urged him to turn himself in to police police consider him to be armed and dangerous. he's accused of killing two men last week. he was last spotted walking on pennsylvania -- in pennsylvania on sunday. police have also revealed he's been using stolen cars and rideshares to get around. a for the first time in almost a decade, american astronauts are preparing to launch from kennedy space center in florida. let's take a live look now you're looking at images from cape canaveral
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if weather permits, veteran astronauts will be lifting off on board a spacex falcon ix rocket for a trip to the space station. it will be the first manned flight in a u.s. spacecraft from u.s. soil since the end of shuttle era. ahead, we'll speak to a reporter on the ground in cocoa beach >> it's crucial to find out what the weather will do. janessa webb is here to tell us. >> it's a wonderful opportunity to bring everyone together all eyes on the weather right now. we saw that live shot. it's nice and dry. that's what we're hoping for this afternoon our futurecast can show you clearly, these storms around 4:00 this afternoon. hopefully this starts to push offshore going to have a minor delay maybe.
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we're going to see it make its way to the north here. this is a large storm system that's going to be impacting that area. in the last three days, south florida has had over a foot of rain and it continues this afternoon. in that area as well it's going to be a close call. we're also watching building heat north talk about that soon >> thank you, janessa. sad news this morning for seinfeld fans. there's nothing i hate more than a liar. >> no room for someone like that in this organization >> are you feeling all right, george >> what? >> you look a little warm. >> it's the chicken.
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>> you're a terrible liar, george look at you. you're a wreck you're sweating bullets. >> it's the kung pow george likes his chicken spicy. >> actor richard herd. best known for playing yankees executive. >> he had roles on t.j. hooker and various star trek series richard herd was 87 years old. much more ahead, including wall street poised to continue this week's rally. we'll take you to nashville where live music returned to the music city for the first time in ten weeks. ime in ten weeks. now there's new dawn powerwash dish spray. the faster, easier way to clean as you go. it cleans grease five times faster. on easy messes, just spray, wipe, and rinse. on tough messes, the spray-activated suds cut through grease on contact, without water. just wipe, and rinse. get dishes done faster.
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>> reporter: in nashville, the sound of live music is back. after ten weeks of closures, the home of country music is beginning phase 2 of the four-phase reopening >> it feels so good, refreshing to be back down here play willi -- playing music. >> nashville and the surrounding county hit hard with more than 4800 reported coronavirus cases. the staggered reopeningnow permits limited live music performances allowed only in restaurants and bars serving food. >> i think it's the first real sign of, okay, we're recovering. >> there's still some concern. >> without question. we're concerned that a relapse, a resurgence will set us back even worse than we already are lost a billion dollars we have to do it right >> that includes no more than
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two musicians up on the stage at any time and no more than 25 people in the venue. the dance floors still off limits it's a first step to a city synonymous with song ♪ >> i was nervous that nobody was going to be here there's people in here and everybody seems to be having a good time. >> here on nashville's main drag, the livelihood comes from nonstop live music not everywhere is open just yet. many small vein ruse like the bluebird cafe, still remain closed. >> this room is tiny our room, what we do is built on people being close together. >> put me in coach ♪ >> some artists at the gand ole opry keeping the music virtual for now. >> to stand here now and to hear that music -- >> it's beautiful. >> but as streets begin to echo with tunes, it's music to the
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an augoptimistic return. markets rallying, the dow climbing over 500 points
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continued hopes for a possible coronavirus vaccine. >> the question, can wall street build on tuesday's big start and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell -- passing another stimulus bill. karen tso joins us with more. >> focusing on the positive reopening of the economy there are negatives too that investors are -- namely the escalation in the u.s./china tensions that is the market industries claim fresh -- that they haven't seen since march 25,000 on the dow and the s&p getting above 3,000 at one stage. but we will wait and see how the response this week and whether investors change their tune. that said, there are growing hopes of a stimulus plan as republicans -- the idea. democrats approved a $3 trillion package. republicans in the senate continue to block it
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mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader says congress will have to pass another coronavirus relief package that decision will be made in coming weeks philip and frances, back to you. >> we'll have details on burger king's new siadianngocl stci whopper. two gators battle it out on a golf course in south carolina. " i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five years of savings and service." what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that. pump the breaks, and, uh, swap over? that's right. instead of all this that i've already-? yeah. what are we gonna do with these? keep it at your desk, and save it for next time. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. i don't have to worry about that, do i?are irritated. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify, voted product of the year. it works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage.
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in today's quick hits. in preparation for surgery to remove breast implants, christy teig -- chrissy teigen said it tickled and made her laugh >> putting it all out laugh. >> burger king has a social distancing whopper which will have three times the raw onion piled on top >> debuted a sneaker inspired by the chunky monkey ice cream. the shoe is called chunky dunky. melting nike swoosh. they're all sold out if you want one, check out the retail market. janessa is back to tell us about the heat wave. good morning put on your walking shoes. get outside. enjoy the heat that's going to continue to build for the midwest into the pa sic-- pacifc northwest. 111 degrees. thank you.
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it is all systems go for the space launch the first american manned mission for the space launch joining us miles from the action is sarah dallof. good morning >> good morning, philip. people are encouraged to watch the launch from home officials even closing popular viewing spots like this one to the public and hoping that the crowds and the weather cooperate. >> this morning, all eyes on the
4:27 am
skies for the scheduled launch of a new era of a u.s. space travel. >> truly an historic time from an historic pad. >> the astronauts will ride in spacex's capsule wearing sleek new spacesuits and using touch screen controls. it's the first time in history, a u.s. company will carry two nasa astronauts to the international space station. a mission complicated by the parnd. about half of the engineers have been working from home they've been in isolation since march. >> we've been in quarantine probably longer than any other space crew has been in the history of the space program. >> the weather another concern the area saturated by storms leading up to the launch watchers hopeful the skies will clear and everything will be a go >> we have been praying, we have been crossing our fingers. >> caleb wants to be an engineer on future missions.
4:28 am
>> because of how interesting and how the parts work and how everything fits together just perfectly where we can go to outer space. >> journey back to the final frontier, inspiring a new generation and if today's launch doesn't go as scheduled, the next window will be saturday once the astronauts have liftoff, it will take about 19 hours to reach the international space station. phillip and frances. >> all right the whole thing is fascinating sank you >> keeping our fingers crossed paging happy gilmore alligators loose on the golf course again. >> check this out. these two alligators were brawling for over two hours they were at it on the 18th fairway can you imagine the difficult ots this caused. >> they are known to be aggressive from april to june. can you imagine having to wait for them. >> can't really play through they were fighting over a woman.
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like a nature episode of jerry springer thank you so much for waking up with us this morning be safe out there. the final countdown "today" is le from theiv we're all doing our part by staying at home. that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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right now at 4:30, another scorcher across the bay area. we're issuing a microclimate weather alert for a third day in a row. contra costa county is expected to be among the hottest in the bay area. the question, is there any relief in sight? we'll be looking for it. good morning to you and thank you for joining us. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will get a look at the commute coming up in a bit. we'll talk about those hot temperatures. kari hall has been tracking it. kari, can it go


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