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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 28, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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limited to the drive market, people driving in. >> at legoland and disneyland, breaking news. employees and visitors must wear violence in the streets of a masks. minneapolis. protesters angry over the death everybody entering the park will of a man detained by police. also have their temperature taken. an update on the overnight chaos. 5:52 this morning, and are you going to try and something good from guru and his minions. shutdown twitter, sir? >> the world health organization >> president trump taking it to is teaming up with former super twitter, literally. the executive order he's villain for a psa on social expected to sign today after distancing and sheltering at having his tweets fact checked. home, and it's anything but we're live with the details for you. despicable. >> there are lots of things you and the bay area heat wave can do at home, like stay active continues for now. a live look at the current with some dance moves. temperatures. >> the psa is voiced by actor, when we could see rain. oh, yeah. steve carell, and he goes on to and kari hall will tell us when say it's important to be kind to one another during this rain could finally return to the difficult time. it's kind of cute. bay area. a good way to relate to kids, i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. too. >> absolutely. i am reporting from home, and i we can all relate to hot
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have the window open and i can temperatures, because at this time we're used to it. hear the birds chirping and i think it feels cooler this morning. >> that's good. we are starting out with cooler temperatures for the bay area, we are going to have cooling on the way, and we are already seeing that right now as we look and a slight cool down for inland areas today. at san francisco and the fog rolling in. i am watching spots like dublin i know it's hard to see anything right now, but it's misting and in the trivalley where we will drizzling there and will provide a cooler day along the have a hot day. coastline. we are going to have a cooldown we are seeing the cooldown as over the next couple days, and the fog drifts into santa rosa, and then as we head inland we you can see the cooling trend. i will have more on this and are in the upper 50s and low 60s, and that's the start for what is ahead in the forecast, and we will talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. today. if you want to go for a run in spots like the tri-valley, >> sounds good. expect temperatures in the 50s we do have breaking news. and low 60s, but it will get hot more frustration and chaos again today. overnight over the death of the early morning hours is the george floyd who died in the best timeframe as we approach the upper 90s in the inland east custody of minneapolis police. bay, especially in antioch as we officers involved were fired but reach up to 98 degrees. now people are calling for their we are looking at low 90s in san jose and parts of the north bay. we could also reach into the arrest. kris sanchez has a look at what 90s. as we go into the next several
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happened overnight. >> we just confirmed the days, change is ahead as the dangerous heat moves out. minneapolis mayor did ask the we will see a storm system governor to call in the national approaching, asperpespecially o guard to help because the protests have been so big, and saturday that could bring in then last night they were pretty scattered showers and a chance of a few isolated thunder destructive. there were live pictures coming out of minneapolis showing quiet streets right now, which is storms. about 7:00 in the morning there, we are going to have a chance but that's a stark contrast to the chaos that was happening for a sprinkle in the north bay. just a few hours before. let's show you the same streets, like a war zone. as we look at the temperatures thousands of protesters, fires, over the next several days, we are coming out of the 90s and looting, tear-gas. into the 80s tomorrow, and then minneapolis police did call in 70s for the weekend and that comes with more clouds and a for help from neighboring chance for rain. lingering clouds on sunday and agencies and officers are now early next week, warm but not investigating the death of a man that was found shot on a too hot. mike, you have been watching the roads. sidewalk, asking questions of how is it looking for the one person they have in custody. speaking overnight, the police commute? spokesman said last night was an >> we're warming up on the commute as well, and nothing in escalation. >> tonight was a different night the red zone. of protesting than it was just we will look at your we are loo the night before.
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the night before we started out with a body of 1,000 protesters 880. and a semi truck is involved but at 38th and chicago, and they it's over on the shoulder from what i understand, so a were great, they were chanting distraction, and that's the only for things to remain peaceful. slowing we should see there. tonight did not have that same feel. and the altamont pass, and on kwa >> 46-year-old george floyd died 84, we have traffic lightening up there. after he was held down on the happening for you now, ground by an officer who had his breaking news in hong kong. police are clashing with knee on his neck for eight protesters. this is over china's effort to impose new security laws. minutes. all this captured on a bystander leaders in beijing approved it and many believe it puts the one video. at that point officers were nation two system policy in responding to reports of fraud, not a violent crime. peril. 5:55. california congresswoman jackie speier tweeted in part, the act calls for more than a career setback, and this is a hate crime and murder and we must all
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fight racism. four officers have been fired but protests are expected to pick up again today not only in minneapolis but across the country. down in los angeles there were protesters, enough of them to block the 101 freeway there. we do expect more protests today and expect to hear more about that plan to bring in the national guard. kris sanchez here on "today in the bay." president trump plans to crack down on social media today after a very public war of wards with twitter's ceo. tracie potts has more in washington, and before that you have information about today's expected waiting on them in half an hour, marcus. we expect those numbers will raise the total number of people unemployed during the coronavirus crisis to 41 million. next, president trump's feud
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with twitter is heating up and he says he will have an executive order, and we know he has been furious when twitter fact checked him saying mail-in ballots specifically in california could lead to fraud, and there is no evidence of that, and now some of the president's allies are questioning who is doing the fact checking. now we are also getting some reaction from twitter's -- >> all right, that was tracie potts reporting for us in washington. 5:05 right now. we will tell you about hair salons and barbershops in three
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bay area areas, and napa and solano counties have given the green light, and sonoma is doing a wait-and-see approach depending on the new cases. some opened immediately, and workers at this fairfield salon you see here say the phone was ringing off the hook. still, the salon owner is concerned about the risks. >> i am excited and scared, too. welcome back, everyone. 5:58 right now. retail shops in los angeles are really excited to reopen after i don't want to get sick and i getting the green light from the don't want people to get sick. governor. in the reopening plan, some shops can actually finally >> the rules include hair cuts reopen to customers with the by appointment only and wearing in-person shopping. and county leaders are giving approval for some churches to a mask and physical distancing. reopen there. and one boutique owner took the and then brewery after being opportunity to open before others on the street, and she's happy to see customers again. >> we love you and miss you, and closed for two months, the beer i think customers enjoy the
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may go bad and she has bills she experience. >> county leaders hope to open can't play. >> it's so scary. more businesses by july 4th. our livelihood, we put everything in here and we want this morning history will to follow the guidelines and have to wait. reopen our outdoor space. spacex and nasa scrubbed the >> the owner is being risking launch in florida due to weather being cited that comes with conditions. the launch was called off 16 minutes before the final possible jail time or a $1,000 countdown, and this was due to fine. lightning. the next attempt will come and then a virtual town hall saturday afternoon, and if that launch is also scrubbed they today will be held on the future will try again on sunday. of restaurants, and it's what 6:00 now, and the third hour restaurants can do to follow the of "today in the bay" continues reopening guidelines in their right now. county, and visit the state >> i can't breathe! senate website if you want to >> breaking news. join that meeting. violence in the streets of and then monitoring three minneapolis. protesters angry over the death new coronavirus cases involving of a man detained by police. an update on the overnight inmates, and two cases were chaos. confirmed at the elm wood are you going to try and facility, and all three patients shutdown twitter, sir? are isolated from the general >> president trump taking it to population, and hundreds of twitter, literally. other inmates are being tested. the executive orders he's the challenge of making it in expected to sign today after
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the bay is not always without having his tweet fact checked. its legal battles. we are live with the details. the latest example now brewing in san francisco. the bay area heat wave the city wants to open a continues for now. a look at the possible high temperatures and when we could see some rain. sanctioned safe homeless meteorologist, kari hall is timing that all out for us and when the cooler air could finally return. we miss it. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. i am marcus washington. encampment, and it's next to a >> i am laura garcia. mcdonald's. opponents say it's just too busy we are so funny, two or three in that area for the homeless days of a high heat and we're encampment to go there, and the city has not issued a response. san francisco is rolling out done. ? >> that's the bay area for you. a new program to help workers >> a little spoiled here, kari. there that contract covid-19 and >> but we're not in arizona, can't afford to miss a paycheck. the right to recover program right? >> right. will give workers two weeks of minimum wage, a little more than $1,000. it's for those that did not qualify for a stimulus check or unemployment.
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and then some leaders are talking about what has to happen to make sure there's equal playing field when classes resume. the latest plan includes face masks, and other things. he is asking for help to bridge the digital divide. >> right now we know immediately some 600,000 students are waiting for a computing device. >> he's calling on foundations, companies and individuals to donate at-home devices. in san jose alone about 15,000 students need them to continue working at home. it's 5:09 right now -- >> oh, yeah. we both, laura, want to get to the forecast. >> well, you feel it's cooler outside already, and it's so
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refreshing even if it's just a couple degrees. >> absolutely. >> yeah, we can feel the we are to a morning start at about 55 degrees, and we know even when it's just a couple degrees above that. this is actually a look at the view in san francisco now that the fog has rolled in, and that's going to make all the difference today. we are even seeing the fog in parts of the north bay, and santa rosa visibility down to three quarters of a mile, and if you are going to work this morning make sure you slow down. we will still have the hot inland temperatures, and concord today will be feeling better than yesterday but still hot this afternoon. mike, you have been keeping an eye on what is happening for the commute. any updates? so far a light commute but we should see slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the good
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news, today's schedule has it clearing up by 10:00. there's fog across the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:10. coming up next on "today in the bay," the uncertain future of america's restaurant, and the president of one of the largest national chains shows us firsthand how the dining experience is about to change. a lot of things going on sale trying to encourage you to buy, and those things include teslas. plus, taking a good look at what is behind the faces broadcasting from their homes. and kris sanchez, always a busy woman, and she's hosting a
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webinar, and a lot more news ahead. it's 5:11 right now. and... let's get started. (music fades in) hey! -hi! ♪ ♪
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right now at 5:14, our microclimate weather alert continues. if you want to head out for a jog this morning in the tri-valley, make sure you get out there early. it will still be a hot day but we are talking about a cooldown in our forecast. more on that coming up in a few
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minutes. and cool across the bay for drivers so far, and we are looking at slowing that could happen around the san mateo toll plaza, and there may be a stall reported. that's coming up. good morning. very happy thursday to you. overnight tesla cut its prices by a lot, and some of the versions of the least expensive model 3 will see a $3,000 price cut, and the other models a $5,000 price cut. and google will return to work in phases with 30% returning to work by september, and with many other tech companies, a good portion of the employees will be able to work from home perhaps permanently. and google's ceo says everybody working from home will get $1,000 to buy office chairs and
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that kind of thing. if you are working from home and spending your own money on minor things, say a ream of paper or toner, you cannot deduct that on your taxes. you can if you are a contractor, but if you work for a large company and spend your own money, that's not tax deductible. and then american airlines are cutting jobs, and starting with buyouts and moving to straight layoffs. the president could take action today the way the government deals with social networks in silicon valley by 230. on facebook, zuckerberg has been on several outlets saying facebook does not want to get involved in the same thing.
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>> i don't think that facebook or internet platforms in general should be arbiters of truth and i think that's a dangerous line to get to in terms of deciding what is true and what isn't. >> you heard tracie potts earlier referring to a politician, and she was talking about minority leader mccarthy saying how do we figure out who is going to decide what is true or not? the idea that there is no truth itself is a whole new level of argument. what the president said in the tweets about everybody getting a ballot in california was factually untrue. >> all right. >> thank you, scott. 5:17 right now. two consumer groups are urging auto insurance companies to
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extend premium rebates. companies regulated by california were ordered by the state to create the savings if the stay-at-home order impacts the risk of loss. when it comes to dining out during the pandemic, even eating comfort food may leave some people a little uncomfortable. one of the industry leaders is talking about that this morning. the future of eating out, and applebee's says, you will be seated in a contact free or touch free environment. >> following "today in the bay" newscast, the "today" show will look at what diners can expect when they venture out to eat this summer. people are home and watching
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more tv than ever, and our five rut analyst and anchors are broadcasting from their home giving the average joe a little peek into their world. >> it's providing a little background, so one couple started rating rooms on twitter. have you seen this? comedian will ferrell's room only rated a 1 out of 10, but then so who determines the rating? the room rater. >> you start to pay more attention to the backgrounds and the book and the shelves and art than to what we were saying. >> the room raters now have more than 200,000 followers. i guess i just decided to keep it simple. i didn't know possibly you could be rated. >> i noticed right after
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mother's day you had beautiful flowers next to you, and then you had flowers following that, so i watch for your flowers, sometimes. >> yeah, i have quite the garden out there, and when my kids pick them for me they are extra special. >> i think i will have a follow-up on this for next week, i have something in mind, guys, so standby for that. >> oh, no. >> kari always has a green scene behind her and gives us the forecast, and finally marcus you can get out and exercise. >> i know. >> yeah, get out early because it's still going to be warm today and the air quality will be better, too. as we look at what we are expecting today, some of the numbers are important for people with breathing problems, and you want to make sure you limit your time outside in the unhealthy days, and today an improvement over the past couple of days, good to moderate air quality.
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as we look at our temperatures, yeah, still warm today but not as hot as yesterday. we are talking about highs in the 90s in the south bay, and upper 90s for the inland parts of the east bay, up to 98 degrees in antioch. head over to oakland where it will be cooler, and 80 degrees there. we will see 60s in half moon bay and palo alto will come close to the upper 80s and 90s today, and then in san francisco much cooler here. keeping it cool there. we have fog in santa rosa so we will see the high there reaching up to 86 degrees. hotter further to the north where you don't have the morning start to the fog. dangerous heat starting to move away and we will see a storm system approaching for the weekend. yeah, it's late in the season but we will have to see how much rain this brings, and it may also bring the potential of lightning, and not a lot for
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much of the bay area, but further to the north this could add up to at least a nice enough amount of not having to turn on the sprinklers for a day. we are looking at high temperatures coming down out of the 90s and into the 80s tomorrow and then 70s for the weekend. still some lingering clouds on sunday, and next week is looking pretty nice, not as hot as this week. mike, you have been watching the commute. what has been going on this morning? >> you know, a pretty typical p pattern, and we are sorting out and building, and it's nothing dramatic, you guys. we are looking at a disabled vehicle on san mateo bridge that did clear without incident from the lanes and it's on the shoulder, so keep that in mind. we will move to the altamont pass. we have been seeing this in the last three or four weeks, the slowing quickly building over sonoma as well, and it's building in towards 680 and the tri-valley as well.
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and a live look at the bay bridge, and fog close to the deck, and then the golden gate has fog on the bridge. 5:22. moving forward, next on "today in the bay," more restrictions eased in l.a. county. what merchants are saying about reopening their doors. and then a college student wanted in a deadly rampage, and we will tell you about the unusual spot where authorities found him. it's 5:23. more after the break. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by using a fan to cool off... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or closing your shades during the day. stay well and keep it golden.
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5:25 right now, and developing right now a university of connecticut student wanted for a string of crimes on the east coast is behind bars this morning. the 23-year-old was taken into custody last night. he was arrested at a truck stop. he killed two men and broke into a home where he held another man against his will and abducted another woman. >> the suspect will face justice and this will bring closure, and this is what is important of the families of the victims and the victim. >> he had been on the run for
5:27 am
six days. a santa rosa base navel commander's future is in the hands of a top aboard the "uss theodore roosevelt" after an e-mail got out, and it's not expected to be made public until the navy decides if he should be allowed to return to his position. retail shops in los angeles are certainly jumping on the opportunity to reopen their doors after getting the green light from the governor. in the reopening plan some shops can finally reopen to customers with in-person shopping, and county leaders gave approval for some churches to reopen. county leaders say they hope to open more businesses by july. and then coming up, the top
5:28 am
stories we are following including a dire situation for some trying to make it in the bay. the staggering number of people to afford their rent or mortgage if they lose their job. and then providing seniors with some of their favorite things. >> and then a south bay mother that is helping graduates celebrate, and also helping her cope with a tragedy. - why choose invisalign over other aligners?
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right now at 5:30, breaking overnight, a second night of violent protest after the death of a minneapolis man while in police custody. our team tracking the overnight clashes, fires and arrests. plus -- >> you have one group that is saying let's get back into the building and my response is, let's just get tested. before we go into the building, would everybody be willing to getting tests, so i think there's a fear. >> alameda county seeing a spike in coronavirus cases, and we ask why and what needs to be done to slow the spread. ready to reopen. a live report on the dmv office set to open around the bay area and the state. also, the changes that you can expect to see once you are inside. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us on this thursday. i am marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia.
5:32 am
friday eve, and you can kind of feel the weekend approaching, and changes in temperatures, kari? >> there will be all kinds of changes, laura. we will have day of the weather the heat advisory continues today for the inland areas, in spots like walnut creek where we are waking up a to clear sunrise, and temperatures starting out in the low 60s and we will see it heating up today but not as hot as yesterday, and some of the microclimates will reach in the 90s for today while cooler along the coastline. i will have this and the weekend cooldown in the forecast. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> you are talking about cooling along the coastline and the view from the golden gate bridge shows us the reason, some of the fog there. seasoned drivers across the golden gate bridge will know what to expect as you drive through the area.
5:33 am
and then there is going to be construction, and the freeways are moving well, laura. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. 5:32 right now. breaking news. more frustration and chaos overnight over the death of george floyd that died in the custody of minneapolis police officers, and those officers have been fired but some believe arrests should have been made as well. kris sanchez joins us live to what could have happened overnight. a lot of activity, kris? >> yeah, we know the minneapolis mayor asked the governor of minnesota to call in the minnesota national guard to help try and keep some sort of order in the area, and there are buildings smoldering, although most of the streets are quiet. a very different story a few hours ago where there were
5:34 am
thousands of protesters on the street, and minneapolis police called in help from neighboring agencies and officers were seen standing atop buildings, and officers are also investigating the death of a man found in the protests on the sidewalk shot, and they do have a person in custody and are asking questions of that person. and a spokesperson said last night was an escalation. >> tonight was a different night of protesting than it was just the night before, and the night before we started out with a body of protesters at 38 and chicago, and they were great, and they were chanting for things to remain peaceful. tonight did not have the same feel. >> 46-year-old george floyd was
5:35 am
held down by an officer by a knee of the officer for eight minutes, and floyd can be heard saying i can't breathe. officers were responding at that.the to reports of brofraudt a violent crime. kamala harris tweeted in part, dismantling systematic racism in our nation starts with demanding justice and holding offenders accountable. and jackie speier says the monstrous act calls for more than career setbacks. we must fight this racism. again, the four officers were fired. a lot of people calling for their arrests. more protests are will be happening today, and we expect to hear today more about the plan to bring in the national guard as well.
5:36 am
kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you. new overnight, firefighters are still at the scene of a mobile home fire in the south bay that started a little past midnight in morgan hill. so far police or fire department not saying who was inside or who made it out safely and there's no word of a cause. as soon as we get updates we will pass those along to you. across the bay area there are now over 13,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and 434 deaths. alameda county has 63 new cases and santa clara county, there are just 15 new cases. cases in alameda county continue to surge. more than any other part of the bay area, it now moved ahead of santa clara county with 93 deaths, and parts of oakland and hayward are reporting the most
5:37 am
infections. one oakland pastor says people are not taking it seriously. alameda health county leaders are stressing the importance of continuing to shelter at home if you can. yet another sign of prepandemic relief is coming. eight more bay area dmv offices are opening today, and in addition to expanding its virtual services, the dmv is changing guidelines to try and keep everybody safe. "today in the bay"'s jackie is reporting. who knew it would be so exciting to go to the dmv, jackie? >> reporter: 13 field offices back open for business, and if you had to cancel an appointment
5:38 am
because of the pandemic, they are getting those reschedules. and things will look a lot different at the dmv and all dmv's across the state, and customers will have to wear a mask and stay six feet away while in line, and you can also wait outside and get a text when your time is up, and entry into the building will be metered. customers may experience extended wait times, and they expands expanding online services, so check that out before coming to a field office. if your license has expired, for driver's license that have expired they pushed most of those back until july 1st. bart unveils a newly revised
5:39 am
budget, among the changes eliminating 19 of the bart officers. bart is dealing with a 90% drop in revenues, and its trains are cleaner. the agency is rolling out a new campaign to let riders know they are going the extra mile to keep the riders safe, and they handed out information about the cleaning. students are not graduating the normal way by being able to walk across the stage, but there's a community in the south bay trying to do a little something special for them anyway. bob redell joins us live. >> laura, the community of
5:40 am
gilroy is trying to soften the blow of the class of 2020 who are missing out on the traditional graduation ceremony that would normally be taking place next week, and it would be virtual instead of in-person now, because of the pandemic. a mother started a facebook group, and parents and friends create a post of their graduating senior, it's like a brag book of their accomplishments, and somebody adopts that student, somebody from the community, and you can see the facebook posts, they surprise the seniors with gift baskets in the weeks leading up to graduation. now the mother that launched this program, her daughter would have been graduating but her daughter passed away sadly in 2014 from cystic fibrosis. >> people thought this would be a nice surprise for us seeing
5:41 am
her in a cap and gown, and i am glad they did that because now i get to see her in a cap and gown, and it doesn't start out and i didn't want to make it about us, my daughter and our situation, but it was about the seniors and making them smile during the time where they should be celebrating. >> the adopt a high school senior in gilroy facebook group is private so if you live in gilroy and want to adopt a senior or have somebody adopt your senior, you will have to ask to join that group, and morgan hill also has a similar group for its seniors. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> good to see. thanks so much, bob. we like good stories and good weather, too. it has been warm lately, kari. we are welcoming the cooldown today. >> yeah, we are going to start to feel that along the coastline in san francisco, looking from mount tam over towards the city as the sun rises, we can see the
5:42 am
low clouds and fog, only about 1,000 feet but it will provide cooling as we go into today. for the inland areas, we don't get much of the cooldown just yet. the heat advisory kicks in once again at 11:00 and continues until 7:00, and we will have the temperatures still dangerously hot for a few of the areas as we reach into the upper 90s. we will talk about that weekend cooling, even a chance of rain coming up in the forecast. mike, how is it looking for the commute? >> a very pleasant drive right now all around the bay. over my shoulder you do see the green sensors, and there's a build toward the bay bridge and we may see metering lights closer to 7:00, guys. let's talk about the easy drive and longer drive with all of the deliveries we have going on. let's not forget about those doing the delivering, and i am talking about the truckers, and caltrans released a news release talking about the folks that are making the long haul, and they
5:43 am
are short on options of where to grab food or drinks on the long haul, and so they have to have proper permitting at designated stops, and they have a list on the website. if you know anybody that does an essential job, please share the information with them and it's on the dot website, and share our thanks for them for keeping the store shelves full. today is a critical day when it comes to pg&e and its quest to emerge from bankruptcy. president trump threatening to regulate or even shutdown silicon valley's social networks. we'll bring you the latest. striking out, the pandemic's possible pinch on the a's new
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your bank can be virtually any place you are. you can deposit checks from here. and you can see your transactions and check your balance from here. and pay bills from here. because your bank isn't just one place. it's virtually any place you are. just download and use the chase mobile app. visit right now at 5:46, our microclimate weather alert continues as we look at sunrise over martinez this morning, and it's still going to be hot as we go into this afternoon, but this is going to be the last day of this kind of heat. a cooler weekend ahead, and more on that in the forecast coming
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up. okay, we will get back to mike in a moment. and new overnight, the expressway back open after a shooting in the credit union parking lot, and a victim was found with a gunshot to his upper chest, and authorities are not saying who he is until they notify his family. a suspect description or motive have not been released. 2.1 million americans filed for first time claims last week, and that's higher than last week. the new numbers raised the total number of americans filing to 41 million, and this is since mid march. president trump says he will take action against silicon valley's social networks.
5:48 am
>> the president is targeting twitter but this would affect other platforms like youtube? >> yeah, or ebay or even facebook as well. anywhere a user up loads con at the present time or comments to a website. up until now websites were absolved of anything that they might have uploaded, they could take it down but were not legally responsible for it, and it's something called section 230 of u.s. law. the president tweeting technology companies are interfering with the election when they fact check him, and americans should stay tuned. in an earlier tweet the president promised a heavy regulation or shutdown of social networks. president trump tweeted about mail-in articles, and the president said the links violated his freedom of speech. as we have discussed o the
5:49 am
constitution does not protect your freedom of speech with private companies, it only prohibits the government from m impinging on your freedom of speech. the president also getting pushback as he continues to attack joe scarborough. the president is claiming the tv host may have been involved in the accidental death of a congressional staffer nearly 20 years ago. the conservative newspaper, "the wall street journal" published an editorial titled a presidential smear, and it read mr. trump is debasing his office and is hurting the country in doing so.
5:50 am
progressives on then' like fisa. video history being made. the house yesterday held a vote where it was a proxy vote, and one member of congress could ask another member of congress to register their yes or no vote for them. this was done because of the pandemic, of course. there's no mention of being able to do this in the constitution, and republicans want to challenge this in court. we will be waiting for the president's action today and will be tweeting about it, and you can find me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. and today pg&e's chief financial officer is expected to testify for the utilities reorganization plan. the hearing is being held by video conference, and the judge will hear or deny their hope to
5:51 am
reemerge from bankruptcy by july 1st. state regulators also need to approve the plan, and they are holding a vote during the cpcu hearing today. and the pandemic may chew into the timeline for the a's new stadium at howard terminal. the a's are hoping it will be ready for the 2023 season, but work has yet to begin and now "the chronicle" reporting the a's are less confident about upcoming deadlines being hit, which is a bad combination especially in terms of the pandemic turmoil. theme parks in california will be allowed to reopen in stage three, and an official date is up in the air. governor newsom says it could be soon. across the country in florida,
5:52 am
disney world is planning to reopen on july 11th. and the federal manager for legoland told todaye think your
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