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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 10, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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a range in temperatures spread of about 30 degrees. what's ahead in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike, what's the issue with the this morning? kari, i told you we would show you the south bay so let's start with that map. mild slowing. it started to get slower. it's friday. we'll have a lighter morning commute. we have the concern south 880 and montague. there's a crash in the middle lanes. so watch that just south of 237. the rest of the bay looks great right now. great recovery. westbound is still slow out of tracy. at least it's moving. that's progress from the overnight fire. right back to you. let's get right over to that overnight fire in the east bay. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live in livermore. what do you know? >> reporter: it's still very
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windy out here. with daylight you can see exactly how far this fire spreads. the concern was it started on the eastbound side of 580 and then jumped both directions of the interstate 580 onto the northbound side. traffic is still backed up. this all started from an accident at around midnight last night and the big rig or pickup truck, we're still trying to confirm which one it was, whether it was a big rig or a pickup truck. the chp saying it hit the center divide and caused a fire. that fire spread to the other side of the freeway. at one point riding in the wrong direction because they were trying to get away from flames. fortunately the firefighters were able to put the flames out. the fire spread to about 100 acres but now it is completely out in all directions.
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both directions are open. back here live, the traffic westbound is still backed up. i was sitting in the traffic eastbound. at 3:45 they opened up the lanes so eastbound is flowing smoothly. back to you. >> thank you, sharon. and to kari with more. you can she sharon's hair blowing around, i'm sure that wind played a role in that fire. will that wind continue? yes, it's almost always windy through the altamont pass. it's a low lying area where the wind funnels into the central valley. we've seen gusts up to 33 moils an hour. lock at how warm it is, another indication that air is moving rapidly and it's creating some warmer temperatures. as we also look at the humidity, it's been fairly low but will continue to stay 25% to 30% range. so that's very low humidity. thankfully they got the fire under control there.
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sounds good. thank you. more breaking news in contra costa county. two deputies recovering after being injured in a deadly shoot-out that happened at the end of a long standoff on knightsen near brentwood. a s.w.a.t. team was called in at 1:00 in the afternoon. at 9:00 the gunman fired a shotgun. deputies shot and killed the man on the scene. two of the three deputies are currently being treated. our pete suratos is trying to get the latest on their injuries and will have a live report in the next 30 minutes. continuing our coronavirus coverage, the bay area added more than 700 new cases yesterday, surpassing 31,000 thus far. and new this morning new signs of slowing bay area spread. two weeks ago state projections showed a rapid rise in six bay area counties but now "the chronicle" reports the latest projections contra costa and solano counties with spiking numbers. the rest of the counties are
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holding stable except for marin, and in that case it's good news because they're showing a decrease. and now to schools, and new this morning students at another large bay area school district, west contra costa county, are going to start their school year at home. to "today in the bay's" jackie ward and, jackie, what are the chances the kids will make it into the classroom at any point this school year? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. they have outlined a couple of phases. right now it's a matter of if and when it is safe. the west contra costa county school district says for now they do intend on keeping kids at home when school resumes august 17th. the district just released a framework of what that may look like in a couple of different phases. phase one nearly 28,000 students who attend the district's 54 schools will distance learn online with their teachers. the teacher can deliver the lessons from home or the classroom with a limited number of high-need students. in phase two students would return to school but in small
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groups with, of course, social distancing and safety precautions in place. >> how important is it for you for him to be on site? >> it's very important. he has to socialize with kids and it's very important he goes to school. >> is that more important, though, than the safety -- >> no, safety is first. >> reporter: tonight at 5:30 the district will release more details about the return to school framework in a virtual town hall on zoom. you have the information for you right there on the screen. the board will also discuss the plans for the fall at its next meeting on wednesday. still lots of information to get out there to all the parents. reporting live, jackie ward, "today in the bay." tonight oakland school leaders plan to present their final report on the reopening. some parents and teachers have protested the idea, an idea the
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district has been leaning towards. school starts one month from now. meanwhile santa rosa city schools also moving forward but with a virtual reopening. according to "the press democrat" school leaders approved a draft plan to have 16,000 students learning from home. classes there began on august 17th. and a follow-up out of san francisco where mayor london breed says she tested negative after she was exposed to the virus. the mayor was tested after learning someone who was knowingly infected attended one of her events. she is self-isolating for the next ten days as a precaution. supervisor shamann walton was at the very same event. he also took a test and tells us it came back negative. in the north bay santa rosa is expanding downtown access even after they await possible tighter restrictions. "the press democrat" reports they are chelosing to create a pedestrian friendly zone afor
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restaurants. that will be in place the next three months. redwood city leaders are trying to entice people to enjoy downtown again, expanding dining into the streets seven days a week. they call it eat, sip, and be in rwc. hand sanitizing stations are set up throughout the area with social distancing rules in place. outdoor dining campaigns run through september. and, kari, depending on where you are, it could be pretty mild or pretty hot. sunday will be a really hot one. yeah, and so if you're going out to redwood city to enjoy outdoor dining we'll have some nice weather. on the peninsula, milder temperatures as we see for this evening we'll be in the mid-70s and then cooling down quickly to the lower 70s. that's after some of our inland valleys reach really hot temperatures reaching up to 94 in livermore. 9 in clear lake. oakland will reach 76 degrees. upper 60s in san francisco.
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we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend coming up in a few minimum. any issues besides moving through the tri-valley right now, mike? yeah, kari, we have the slowing out of the altamont. we talk about that. thankfully it's back to normal after lanes opened. an overnight fire is why they were closed. we do not have -- we have slowing in the south bay. we're zooming in to the bottom of your screen, south 880 and montague expressway. we just got the all clear south 880 at montague. they just cleared all lanes. that's why we see the focus slowing. they pause traffic to clear all lanes from crash activity. slow from 237. 237 west getting over into sunnyvale out of san jose. an earlier crash slowed things down. looking at the rest of the bay a smooth drive for the silicon valley. the bay bridge toll plaza just paused in the middle lanes. back to you. what happened to "glee" star
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naya rivera? new video shows the actress and her son arriving at the lake where she was last seen alive. and the housing markets most vulnerable to the impact of the pandemic. if you are a california homeowner, should you be concerned? we'll answer that plus -- ♪ now to our tribute to the class of 2020 here on "today in the bay" we wan to highlight graduates who have made it through high school without an official ceremony. in our great grads segment a big congratulations to those high school students. thank you to everyone who submitted those pictures and good job, graduates, you made it.
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grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. get 'em now with no contact delivery. right now at 6:11 as we check out what's happening as we look at walnut creek as the sun rises, it's nice and cool. as we go into today we're looking at a warming trend and it will be hot this afternoon, upper 80s by 1:00. we'll get a look around the bay area at all of our micro climates coming up in a few minutes. and our commute out of the altamont is still slow, but it's moving. it's much better than it was when lanes were closed for the overnight fire. again, traffic is flowing smoothly. we're able to see good recovery. no more slowing really shows up, that 84 cutthrough.
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a great recovery. back to you. thank you, mike. time for business and tech. scott is enjoying a little bit of time off, so we're going to start you here with the markets and not what we want to see, the markets in the red across the board. we expected a lower start. however, cnbc reporting tech stocks are doing all right as investors try to find some sort of stability in the coronavirus market. a new report out today highlights the housing markets that are most vulnerable to the impact of covid-19. the areas most at risk in the second quarter were on the east coast and in northern illinois. foreclosure and mortgages under water were found in those at-risk regions. california and the west coast had the fewest at-risk markets. apple is making the beta version of ios 14 available to test. it has several features long requested by users including the ability to change your default
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and that picture in picture video while you use other apps. apple is warning people it's not for everyday use and could have bugs that suddenly stop working and you could lose your data. and barbados is calling for you. the government is looking at paying people to move there and work from home for up to a year. it's the nation's prime minister's idea. they declared itself covid free. that may be the move. >> i have my home studio ready to go. i'll get my tri-pod. >> i am so ready. >> buy stock in sunscreen, folks. new this morning the ceo of bay area-based company twitter is pledging $3 million to mayors who are trying to bridge america's wealth gap. jack dorsey tweeted he's partnering with the group mayors for a guaranteed income. supporters argue that guaranteed money is what families need now. it will help mayors in 15
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cities. and starbucks says it will require customers to wear facemasks at all company owned locations starting july 15th. that announcement adds starbucks to the growing list of companies requiring customers to cover up. they say customers who refuse to wear facial coverings or masks have other options. they can go through the drive-thru, use the app, or get the coffee delivered. trening thding this morning reunited. oprah winfrey and gayle king together again. gayle joining oprah at her very large home and this is as simple as a lunch date. gayle and her crew were quarantined for two weeks as a precaution. not even covid-19 can break up this friendship. that is really wanting to see a friend. >> if i had a guest house, i would have you quarantine there
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for sure. you would have to stay in the man cave in our house because we live in a tiny house. >> we're in tiny boxes right now. >> it's about this big, our house. kari, a good thing we have a backyard although it may not serve us very well this weekend. it's going to be too hot. >> well, you'll have to get out the baby pool, kris. try to find ways to cool off. all of you. we are looking for ways to just stay cool in this heat, but we have the natural air conditioning as we look at san francisco. this is all fog right now. i know it's hard to see anything. it's been rolling across the city. as we look inland it's clear, it's sunny, and we are going to have temperatures quickly heating up. as we lock at where we are now and where we're headed, mid-60s at 8:00 and normally we're reaching 81 degrees. but i can't even remember the last time we had just normal weather. it's been so hot this spring and
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summer, and that's going to continue today. looking at our temperature trend as we reach into the upper 80s by early in the afternoon, and that's about where our temperatures will stop in the south bay. but we're looking at some mid-90s in parts of the east bay as well as the south county. head further to the north in ukiah and clear lake. it will reach into the mid-90s. you compare that to the 60s along the coast. if you have some friends on the east coast, you might want to call them this weekend. they're going to be dealing with a lot of rain. tropical storm fay has developed. and right now it's pushing some of that rain up closer to new jersey and heading towards new york city over the next couple of days. this is going to be a soggy weekend for them along with high winds. and so as we go into the next couple of days that's something that may be in the headlines nationwide, that tropical system. as we bring it back home it's just hot. the extreme heat moving into the bay area we're not going to see that change at least for a little while but then as we
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start to see our ocean breeze returning we'll see our temperatures coming back down a few degrees but it will still be a little bit warmer than where we should see the temperatures even in the middle of july so looking at highs that will reach into the mid-90s throughout the weekend for some of our hottest spots. and then for next week we'll bring it back to the mid-80s but no major changes in san francisco. at times the fog moving in and i think the fog will be even thicker tomorrow morning. so we're looking at a slight cooldown there as we go into the next several days. mike, how is it looking for the commute? drivers get ready to head out this 6:00 hour. kari, talking about that fog and i thought i would show that as well. the golden gate bridge and fog is there. it will not be a surprise for most folks and the light volume of traffic. do note it is there and so is the bridge, i have to reassure folks who don't know. the bay bridge, where we don't really have the fog and don't
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have a major problem but we do have slowing in the middle lanes. no metering lights registered. there's slowing, though, because the crowd is building as you funnel down to fewer lanes and the incline. mild slowing. middle lanes show a bigger slowdown and no problem speeding in through contra costa county. alameda looks great. no major problems. recovery very nice. just slowing out of the altamont towards grant line road and that is pretty standard for a friday. 84 is cleared through livermore and slow 880 is clear now. the arrow shows where monday through thursday slowing. today is friday. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, mike. it is 6:19 now. up next a message from bill nye the science guy. ♪ bill nye the science guy ♪ science rules >> how is that for a flashback? he wans everyone to know about the pandemic and the risk of
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becoming infected. plus, nbc bay area responds. >> reporter: a surge in consumer complaints since the pandemic hit. i'm chris chmura, nbc bay area responds next. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and sure, some renovations can require a bit of compromise. but, there's no settling here. at floor and decor, she gets to fulfill her vision while i get in-stock products at budget-friendly prices. all in one trip. plus, we get the installation materials we need to get it done right and right on time. it's a win-win. now that's shopping like a pro. explore floor and decor, now open for safe in-store shopping and curbside pickup. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program or call during business hours. developing right now the search for "glee "actress naya rivera has turned in a recovery effort. she disappeared wednesday after renting a boat in ventura county. authorities were called about
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her 4-year-old son found alone sleeping on the boat. investigators say both had gone swimming, she never got back on the boat and had not worn a life jacket. the sheriff's office released this security video showing the actress and her son setting off alone. rescuers say the murky lake water is filled with debris making the recovery mission difficult. our team at nbc bay area and telemundo have been hard at work taking your consumer complaints. >> chris chmura is here with a look at the first half of 2020. >> reporter: good morning. the pandemic has been tough on all of us, and we're hearing about it directly from you. for the first six months of the year we received nearly 4,000 consumer complaints. that's up about 20% over the first half of last year. our responds teams are working to answer every single one. here are some recent cases with positive results people can take to the bank. over at telemundo 48 consumer
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investigator arlen fernandez helped out rosa in antioch. she had some trouble with her stimulus check. rosa credits arlen's team for getting her that $1,200. we at nbc recently heard from peter in fremont. he had relocated his business but was stuck with a contract with an internet provider who didn't serve his new address. we helped sort it out and saved peter $3,545.85. maybe we can help you, too. 888-996-tips in english. have a great week. in orlando it's a big week and walt disneyworld reopens after closing four months ago. the magic kingdom and animal kingdom parks will be the first to reopen. mandatory face coverings, temperature checks and physical distancing are all required. florida is seeing a big spike in infections. the nba is back.
6:25 am
all the talk is about the bubble rather than the ball. the bubble is what players are entering into as they arrive in orlando where 22 teams are getting set to resume the season. after a brief self-quarantine players will practice for the next three weeks until games begin. as one insider tells us they are now on their own. they are eating boxed food and dine-in food isolated from the rest of the world. >> there's no dine-in, there's no restaurants, no room service. they're trying to limit the exposure that these players are having to the outside world in as many ways as possible. >> the warriors are not there because they didn't make the cut. bummer. treni intrending this morni man joe embiid wore this on his way to orlando where nba players are entering the bubble. it appears to be a hazmat suit. included were mask and gloves. the team
6:26 am
season at disneyworld. florida has seen a huge jump in new infections and deaths in recent weeks. the sixers big man previously said he wasn't a fan of playing in the bubble but he will do his job. i don't think it fits. >> it only works if you put it on and zip it up. i've never been in a hazardous material situation where they were wearing suits like that. something good going viral online. everyone's favorite science guy, bill nye, is going to tiktok to stress the importance of masks. >> the main reason we want to you wear a mask is to protect me from you and the particles from your respiratory system from getting into my respiratory system. everybody, this is a matter literally of life and death. >> you have to bring it down a notch. his videos have been viewed more than 7 million times since he posted them on wednesday. they were even shared by new york governor andrew cuomo on twitter. learned a lot from bill nye the
6:27 am
science guy. good to see we're still learning from him. coming up next top stories we're following on this friday morning including the next bay area county that could soon be added to governor newsom's pandemic watch list. plus, you've heard it by now, rents are falling in san francisco. we'll break down the drop by neighborhood coming up next. and a happy friday story for you as a south bay man getting out of the hospital after beating covid-19. coming up, the many days he spent near death in the hospital and how he describes it. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a fast moving fire shuts down a major east bay freeway overnight, and we are live on the scene with how it started and why everybody around the bay should be on alert going into this weekend. plus, breaking news in the east bay where deputies are at the end of hours long standoff. all new this morning what investigators say started the ordeal that left a gunman dead. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. i'm cierra johnson. >> and i'm are enjoying some time off. we've beend. i think it's working out all right so far. it's friday. kari, it is going to be a warm one. you were suggesting getting out the kiddie pool, but i don't think we'll all fit. >> we can try or with the water hose spray each other down, try to stay cool this week.
6:31 am
a live look outside checking out the south bay from the cupertino hills, a beautiful start to this friday morning. hopefully you do have an opportunity to get outside especially early in the day before it warms up because here we're looking at mid-80s during the middle of the day. some of us reaching into the mid-90s in the interior valleys while it stays nice and cool in san francisco with some 60s. we'll talk about our range in temperatures as we go throughout the weekend coming up in a few minutes. mike, any issues for drivers heading out the door? you have to slow down. by the time you get to the toll plaza there will be more of a crowd. we take a look at the toll plaza, the middle lanes are jammed up just a tad bit as you get to the toll the other lanes with drive. out to the maps we're showing you a smooth flow in through the contra costa county area. looks like i clicked one time
6:32 am
too many. slowing at the toll plaza. a cummiouple incidents a bay. kris, much more pressing matters. breaking news out of contra costa county where three sheriff's deputies were shot, a suspect dead, and it was a dramatic hours longtandoff that started it all. "today in at the scene in deputies doing? >> reporter: sure, good morning to you, kris. we know that two of the three that were shot at were sent to the hospital and last check were recovering from injuries. we do know this appeared to start off as a domestic violence incident that led to this hours long standoff between coco -- contra costa county sheriff's deputies and the suspect. we know it happened just before 10:00 a.m. a.m. sheriffs were called out to the 1700 block in knightsen.
6:33 am
the suspect broke her ribs and tried to pour gasoline on her trying to set her on fire. she was able to get away from the scene by the time deputies arrived. s.w.a.t. teams tried to get the suspect to surrender and then several hours later at about 9:00 p.m. the suspect came out of the home firing a shotgun at three deputies. the deputies returned fire. two deputies were sent to the hospital with injuries. more details at some point later today. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." in alameda county let's bring in sharon katsuda where in livermore there were fast-moving flames that caused problems for drivers this morning. at one point some of the drivers were even going the wrong way to avoid the flames. very scary moment, sharon. >> reporter: that's right,
6:34 am
cierra. some tense moments and you can see why. take a look. there's all this dry brush. there had been fires along interstate 580 this past week and another one overnight. take a look. you can see along the hillside the charred area is blackened. it actually jumped the westbound lanes and started heading north past interstate 580. this accident that caused the fire happened around midnight and at one point drivers were going in the wrong direction to escape flames. very tense moments. i actually drove through this area at about 3:45 to get here to this live shot. it was stand still traffic. they opened east lanes at 4:00. no injuries, that's the good news. firefighters were able to keep this fire contained and put out at about 150 acres. now back here live you can see that westbound the traffic is
6:35 am
still pretty much moving slowly, at a standstill. sometimes it picks up a little bit. i think we're looking at the friday morning commute to work. all lanes have been reopened and traffic flowing smoothly out to tracy. back to you. >> thank you very much, sharon. 6:35 now. bad news for businesses in to ma county you see in yellow. the state watch list today according to "the press democrat." that means starting monday indoor dining, drinking at restaurants, bars, tasting rooms will all shut down for at rising covid-19 cases and ty supervisors plan to discuss ways to crack down on people who are not following the rules today. overnight california marked a new milestone in the pandemic. look at the number on your screen. confirmed cases now surpassing
6:36 am
300,000 people. it is the second highest in the nation behind only new york. as we have been reporting the state is setting daily records and confirmed cases and deaths. and now there is a shortage of testing kits. labs cannot keep up with the processing. places like los angeles are back to only testing people who have symptoms and several testing sites in sacramento and san bernardino county closed earlier this week because they ran out of testing supplies. renters trying to make it in the bay may have more luck finding cheaper prices in san francisco. rent in san francisco has hit its largest decline. rent down nearly 12%. and a 21% decline in lower pacific heights. in downtown san francisco rent is down 15%. now to something good in the south bay, a man's battle with the coronavirus nearly ended in
6:37 am
death. he is now leaving a san jose hospital today. he is being discharged after being at kaiser for over 100 days. for 86 days he was on a ventilator. his son said he was a tri-athlete but suffered organ failure, collapsed lung, even paralysis. he is able to move his arms and legs again and can now breathe on his own all very good news. i'm happy that he can get back with his family and on the road to recovery there. >> it's such a dramatic difference to see the pictures from the hospital and the pictures of him before he was sick and how fast -- >> he looks like two different people. >> there's a huge range being dying from covid and not dying. there's a whole range in between there. that does not mean they weren't affected. >> absolutely. let's go to meteorologist kari hall. kari, the weekend is a time for planning although with the fog behind you, i don't know what the plan is for san francisco.
6:38 am
>> it's going to be foggy for the next couple of hours in san francisco as we take a look at this live shot in soma. i think the fog will be even thinkinger by tomorrow morning, so that's going to keep the city cool but will not help us out in the inland areas. if you're going to be heading out in spots like dublin, expect it to warm up pretty fast here so you want to get in outdoor activities early in the day, even at 11:00 we're comfortable but it heats up shortly thereafter as we look at upper 80s and some low 90s. reaching 95 in concord. oakland will only make it up to 76. and san francisco some upper 60s. half moon bay 59 degrees. a wide range in temperatures not only today but the next several days. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minimum. mike, how is it looking for drivers heading across the bay area? kari, we checked out silicon valley. i saw a number of smaller incidents pop up. the only one affecting the on te
6:39 am
looking at the map is south 101 at the 880 transition. the transition ramp is open but there will be a distraction at least for a few minutes and that's about it for the rest of the bay as wout. the bay bridge toll plaza they did turn on theeavy enough they have to do that. the view looks great. back to you. >> thank you, mike. one of those popular trends among top athletes suddenly comes to a stop. we're talking about the tradition of jersey swapping after the game. we love that, right? but the nfl is now saying no way. next and new this morning "today in the bay," why one well knowt he calls a hippocratic situation. everybody ou get out! >> and they're probably still looking for a bigger boat. the major new milestone for a movie that launched a summer
6:40 am
blockbuster "jaws." what one actor is revealing about the making of the film. ♪ and now to our tribute to the class of 2020 here on "today in the bay" highlighting our graduates who made it through school and didn't get that official ceremony with the caps and gowns. in our great grads segment their family sent in photos to give them a big congratulations on our smaller stage. thank you to everybody who sent in pictures and graduates, good luck in the future.
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right now at 6:42 let's head over to concord with a look at our temperature trend for the morning. we start out with the low 60s here and then it heats up pretty fast. it's also going to be breezy as we reach into the upper 80s by early in the afternoon. a look at our wideclimates comi minutes. and a quick look at the golden gate bridge where traffic flows smoothly despite the fog there. not a whole lot of traffic flowing. not a lot of folks riding golden gate transit. another transit agency making service changes reducing service. check their website for details. thank you, mike. 6:43 now. what are schools going to do with our kids upcoming school year?
6:44 am
new answers and perhaps clues as to what other districts might look like in the fall as well. this morning we are looking at west contra costa county unified where we are now finding out students will start their year at home. let's go to "today in the bay's" jackie ward. jackie, a lot of us are wondering, you know, some districts haven't even made a determination so seeing what others are doing is kind of the best that we can do. right. i'm sure they're all tuning in to each other to see what one district is doing over the other. of course it's all a matter of if and when it is safe and they have decided to keep kids home to start the school year, which resumes august 17th. the district just released a framework of this outlined plan in two phases. phase one the nearly 20,000 students who attend the district's 54 schools will distance learn online with the teacher. the teacher can deliver the lessons from home or the classroom with a limited number
6:45 am
of high-need students. in phase two students would return to school in small groups with social distancing and safety precautions in place. >> how important is it for you for him to be on site? >> it's very important. he needs to socialize with kids and very important that he goes to school. >> is that more important than the safety? >> no, safety is first. >> reporter: tonight at 5:30 the district will release more details about its return to school framework, logon to the school website for details. we have the information for you up on the screen now. the board will discuss the plans for the fall at its next meeting wednesday. reporting live, jackie ward, "today in the bay." >> thank you, jackie. the trump administration is focusing on reopening schools in the fall even as those cases surge.
6:46 am
alice barr is live with a look at the pushback. alice? >> reporter: president trump heading to florida. the focus is not on the coronavirus. will be visiting with military trade there. difficult to ignore the fight as florida sees the largest surges in coronavirus right now. they reported 10,000 new cases.n part because that makes it easier to reopen the economy there are a lot of questions how this could be done safely. the cdc saying it will provide more direction to school but is not backing off its original
6:47 am
guidelines president trump considered to be too restrictive. top medical officials now saying that states need to pause where they are in their reopening and re-assess the situation even as we hear these repeated calls from president trump. pressuring schools to get that going. >> open our schools. stop this nonsense. we open our schools. >> we went from shutting down to opening up in a way that essentially skipped over all the guide posts. that's not the way to go. >> reporter: and when schools do begin this messy process of reopening, they are pointing out there are going to be a lot of extra expenses. many districts are planning to hire more teachers and staff so they can have fewer kids in the class room and buses, bring in new equipment, ppe and cleaning supplies. so many are now looking to the federal government hoping there will be funding help in the next coronavirus relief bill.
6:48 am
>> so many things to consider. recent law school graduates are stuck in a legal pickle. namely how to go ahead with this year's bar exam. the in-person exam determines the state of your legal career. new this morning they are now on hold. the state supreme court is trying to determine how to go forward. "the sacramento bee" reports one idea would allow diploma privilege where graduates would be automatically licensed. for now, though, the exam has been delayed from later this month to early september. outspoken 49ers richard sherman is living up to his reputation when it comes to the new ban on jersey swapping. he tweet this had is a perfect example of the nfl thinking in a nutshell. players can go engage in a full contact game and do it safely, however, it's deemed unsafe for them to exchange jerseys after said game. sherman brings up a valid point.
6:49 am
clearly no chance of a concussion when you're swapping your jersey. the league is trying to do what it can to keep the spread of coronavirus down doing postgame distancing as well. a lot are hoping there might be some football this fall although we know not a lot of college football. here is to hoping. so trending this morning "jaws" is celebrating its 45th anniversary this summer. >> yes, in 1975 a young steven spielberg would transform a best-selling novel into a movie that would haunt or thrill your subconscious for years to come. >> you're going to need a bigger boat. >> nbc caught up with richard dreyfuss who plays the young oceanographer matt cooper. >> on one of the few occasions the shark could actually rise up on its hydraulics and come out of the water, it would go --
6:50 am
>> steven had to improvise as they went along making it so epic. much more on the "today" show that starts at 7:00. >> the special effects really hold up after 45 years, right? >> they should have done a richard dreyfuss cut where he could do the sound effects to that music he just goes -- totally different movie. >> he sounds exactly the same. doesn't look the same but sounds exactly the same. >> he does. >> our forecast is exactly the same as it's been the last few days, h-o-t, hot, kari. i think people are going to be looking for that as they go to the coastal areas. looking at the water very closely. a look at what's going on here as we start out on friday morning in the south bay looking from the san jose foothills. it's a clear start. we haven't seen as much smoke
6:51 am
thanks to them putting out that crews fire in the south county. our pollen count has also improved, very low levels in all of our categories here. so we're going to have a nice morning. as we go through our micro climates check out our temperatures, low 60s. and then as we head to the lunch hour it'll be 90 degrees all right in concord while san francisco will be in the upper 60s. we see some mid-80s in the north bay. we take it through the middle of the day and look at the mid to upper 90s we have in some of our interior valleys. you compare that to the 60s that we'll see in moon bay as well as san francisco and some 70s for parts of the inner bay. and then if you plan on going out walking for this evening that ocean breeze will start to kick in, so our temperatures will drop quickly. we're only spending a couple hours and some really hot weather during the middle of the day. and if you have some friends on the east coast, give them a call this week. they may be dealing with this tropical storm fay.
6:52 am
it's moving to the north at about ten miles an hour. we see the wind speeds within that system at about 50 miles an hour. this is going to bring a lot of rain over to new york city as we head into the weekend. as we look at the storm system racing to the north, the areas impacted. so that's something that will be making headlines this weekend. we'll be watching out for that. for us it's just the heat. it's so hot and dry. the vegetation is very crisp and brittle. and then we look at what's going to happen going into next week. not a lot of changes here but it will cool off slightly to the end of the forecast. we've had so much above normal temperatures that we even know where we should be, low 80s. we're still above that as we go through the next seven days. mike, how is it looking for the commute right now? that is where we should be for friday during the summertime, maybe even lighter because as folks are opening up we saw more traffic and not everywhere is as open as it was.
6:53 am
we see the traffic build at the bay bridge t plaza. we do see all lanes affected except for hov, of course. the reason is because the metering lights are on. it's slower for that drive be westbound getting into san francisco. that's really the only slowdown we see for the bay. a little build for highway 4 in through concord and that's been the traditional pattern. great recovery. the slowing west 580 friday light. the fire and closure have completely cleared there. no problems for the rest of the bay. back to you. thank you, mike. a lot of coronavirus casualties in terms of the bay area but now one of key west's biggest parties is canceled because of the pandemic. you may have heard of fantasy fest which brings 75,000 people to florida every year in october. it's been around since 1979. there are parades and costumes and parties and it just celebrated its 40th anniversary. this year it is no more. next, a quick look at the top stories including downtown
6:54 am
bases in one east bay city are boarding up windows to get ready for the weekend. we'll tell you why. plus, how bay area cities are enticing people to come to their town.
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6:57 am
welcome back. a quick look at top stories we're following. >> in contra costa county some breaking news. three deputies were shot after a suspect was killed in a shoot-out. this morning two of those deputies are still recovering. we're still waiting to get updated information on the third deputy. this happened last night at the end of a long standoff in knightsen near brentwood. investigators say the gunman was holding a woman hostage throughout the day yesterday, 12 hours. around 9:00 in the evening the beg gunman emerged firing at s.w.a.t. deputies killed and shot the man at the scene. lanes are back open after a vegetation fire closed the freeway in both directions for nearly four and a half hours. the fire sparked after a car accident took place around midnight. chp says a big rig or pickup truck hit the center divider and started the fire. the windy conditions helped jump to both sides of 580.
6:58 am
drivers had to drive on the wrong side of the road to avoid flames. the fire is now out. it burned over 200 acres. no one was hurt. berkeley leaders are considering the usual -- rather unusual idea of taking traffic stops out of the hands of police officers. next tuesday councilmembers will consider this as one way to reduce police response to nonviolent crimes tied to reform and defunding. this is believed to be the first idea of its kind anywhere. public works agents would enforce traffic instead. in advance of a big civil rights protest planned for martinez this weekend, some businesses are already boarding up their storefronts. the protest was organized by two local groups inspired by the black lives matters movement and the bay he can inspects thousanexpects thousands to join the group. last weekend the black lives matter street mural in downtown martinez was defaced sparking confrontations. the two vandals were charged
6:59 am
with a misdemeanor hate crime. and redwood city leaders are trying to entice people to enjoy downtown again. restaurants are now expanding outdoor dining into the streets seven days a week. organizers call it eat, sip, and be in rwc. hand sanitizing stations are set up throughout the area and, of course, social distancing rules will be in place. the outdoor dining campaign sep. hayward will bewish they ha that wasn't so hot, kari. well, just depends on what time you go. the middle of the day, not so much. we're going to see some highs in the mid-90s and no major changes here over kari, the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights are on and slowing on the span because there was some fog on the san francisco side. golden gate bridge we see that fog there as well, a the fog. >> has its own twitter handle
7:00 am
and everything. cierra. happy friday. >> have a great day. a live look at downtown redwood city. have a great weekend. good morning. pause the process. with coronavirus cases hitting another daily record in the u.s., dr. anthony fauci says it's time for some states to slow their reopenings. >> shutting down to opening up in a way that essentially skipped over all the guideposts. that's not the way to go. >> in california the new surge causing new shutdowns. in texas first responders pushed to the brink. in florida cases skyrocketing, but disney world set to reopen this weekend. so where do things really stand? we


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