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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 11, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. good morning. it is saturday, july 11th. here is a live look outside towards san francisco. from emeryville. a little hazy out there, but the sun definitely peeking through as we begin our weekend. thank you for starting your weekend with us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has your weekend
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micro forecast. >> we are seeing an afternoon warmup in our temperatures. you can see for the most part it's clear. you can see a little haze below. 46 right now. that's probably the coolest first half of the day before it gets really really hot. keep that in mine. san jose, 62 right now. we will be seeing mostly sunshine. let's look at the micro climate highs this afternoon. we have a wide array of temperatures. 60s in san francisco. 70s in oakland. 80s in san jose. and upper 90s for areas like livermore, concord, and antioch. depending on what kind of weather you want for today you kind of have your pick of that. one thing we will seeing all weekend long is the sunshine. because of the high pressure it is going to keep us dry and really hot for the afternoon. breezy at times for certain areas. 15-mile-an-hour winds, 20-mile-an-hour winds along the
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coast. i will have a look at your extended forecast in a few minutes. >> we will see you in about 15. by begin this morning with some bay area teachers refusing to go back into their classrooms next month because they are concerned it is not safe. this could set a precedent for school districts across california. the first day of school for the san jose unified school district is scheduled for august 12th. one teacher will be in the classroom instructing some students in person and others virtually. san jose teachers site that the district doesn't have enough funding to provide safe odes and ppe and cleaning. >> there is no subinstitute for the face to face type of interaction, particularly with younger kids. it is going to be a real challenge. >> oakland says it will start the school year in one month on august 10th with distance
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learning. the oakland usd says covid will term when it is safe for teachers to return to their classrooms. the hayward unified school district announced it will start school in mid august. phase one calls for online distance learning. and when it is deemed safe phase two will allow students to return to camp us in small groups but distance learning will still be used. west contra costa usd also made similar announcements. no more outdoor dining in alameda county. the state put out new rules and alameda county is not in compliance. we are told it could just be a paperwork fix but for now it is back to square one. restaurants are only hope for drive lou, pickup, or delivery. a number of south bay businesses are preparing to reopen as of monday.
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here's the list for santa clara county. hair and nail salons, gyms, and hotels, and construction can all resume operation. this is as long as they meet a list of new requirements. >> we are taking every measure possible. even some measures that aren't mandatory, to ensure everybody's safety. >> the county has also set up a hotline. the number is on your screen. for people to report any possible violations. governor gavin newsom has yet again added another bay area county to his so-called watch list. sonoma county now joins marin, nap a solano, and contra costa counties. if covid numbers don't improve by money they would have to close indoor operations. outdoor dining and outdoor wine tasting would still be allowed. covid cases continue to spread in the north bay, first
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at san quentin and now at a nursing home where they have more than doubled in the past week alone. nearly 60 patients have tested positive for the virus. three have died. at least a dozen staff members have also tested positive. the county's public health director says many are asymptomatic. >> it is almost always a staff member who has brought it in, may not themselves have symptoms. and then we start seeing symptoms perhaps among the residents. marin county says it is conducting contact tracing. we reached out to marin post acute but didn't hear back from the nursing home's management. in better news, the gates at the san francisco zoo will reopen monday. only 2,000 people will be allowed inside. that's down from the typical 6,000 visitors a day. of course masks and social distancing are a must. the zoo is taking steps to help prevent people from touching common areas. >> we have taken the handles off
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the garbage cans. you don't have to touch them. all of our statues are wrapped. our metal railings are wrapped. we thought about every possible way we can make it safe, accessible, and enjoyable experience for everybody. >> the zoo says it costs $30,000 a day to operate and donors have been helping cover the costs during this month-long closure. zoo keepers say they are looking forward to seeing how the animals respond to visitors after being alone for so many mont mont months. as reopening plans evolve it is difficult to keep track of. we have made it easy for you. our website is a great source. head to and at the top of the home payment click the live blog to get the latest updates all in one place. to other news. several people evacuated from their homes in pacific heights. a three alarm fire at washington and franklin was tough to get to
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because it was raging on the back side of four buildings. this is video taken from a nearby roof top. witnesses say a barbecue in a backyard started the fire and it took off from there. chris porter tells us he is lucky he spotted the smoke early, checked it out, got his wife, 2-day-old baby and bodler out of the house. >> it was in the back and started small and started creeping up the side of the building. i went upstairs and before i noticed, it was already on the back deck up there. i was like oh, my god this is like really -- this is serious. >> porter tells us he and others started yelling "fire". people were able to evacuate. the fire department says everybody got out safely and miraculouscally no one was hurt. you may have heard by now, buster posey has been in the bay area spotlight about 12 years. but we have never seen him open
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up like he did yesterday. the giants star is explaining why he is sitting out this baseball season to be with his wife and newly adopted newborn twin girls. >> we feel this is the best decision for these babies and for our family as well. >> the twins were born premature and will spend the next few months in the nicu. he and his wife kristen already have a set of twins. they have been trying to grow their family for years. they finally got the chance. we will get the chance to hear from buster in about 30 minutes from now. congratulations to them. it is 7:08. much more ahead on today in the bay. come up, preparing for a potential clash. how this confrontation over a black lives matter street mural is leading to new concerns in one bay area county. stepping in to keep restaurants from going under. what one bay area city is doing to keep it is downtown thriving.
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a gorgeous look at the golden gate bridge. some fog streaming right alongside of it. but the sunshine is still pouring through. we have a warm saturday ahead, and even hotter sunday. vianey arana will be along in about six minutes with your micro climate forecast. in contra costa county they are bracing for what could be a clash of believes this weekend. a demonstration tomorrow in martinez has been in the works for weeks in response to white supremacy flyers that surfaced downtown. but then on the fourth of july, this video went viral. we showed it here. it garnered national attention a. couple painting overa parts of a city approved bcourthouse. now martinez city leaders fear that counter-protesters could turn tomorrow's demonstration into a standoff. >> the people organizing it have
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nothing but peaceful intention. the fear is all around who will come and what they will do. and i'm scared of that. >> in response, some business owners have boarded up their business. police tell us they will show up and be prepared. since the death of george floyd, city leaders in the east bay are considering shifting some responsibility away from police officers. this coming as city leaders will discuss a plan that will create a new department of transportation. it will be staffed by unarmed public works officials instead of police officers making traffic stops and wng parking tickets, these would. if the council approves the plan they hope to have it up and running by next summer. 7:12. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, there is no county fair. but there is fair food, which just might be the best part. we will tell you where to get a taste of some of your summer favorites in a safe, social
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distancing manner. and we are going to be seeing summer-like temperatures around here. 80s and mid to upper 90s expected in the forecast. i'll take you through the timing of it all and what we can expect all weekend long coming up after the break. stay with us. businesses are starting to bounce back. but what if you could do better than that? like adapt. discover. deliver. in new ways. to new customers. what if you could come back stronger? faster. better. at comcast business, we want to help you not just bounce back. but bounce forward. and now, we're committed to helping you do just that with a powerful and reliable internet and voice solution at a great price. call or go online today.
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and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: i care. wear a mask. let's all do our part to slow the spread. welcome back. 7:15 on your saturday morning. the sun is shining over walnut creek. 62 degrees in oakland right now nearby. 80s and 90s expected today. vianey arana is around in just about a minute or two with your micro climate forecast. one bay area city is opening up its downtown streets to help restaurants and retailers hoping they will not only survive the pandemic shutdown but maybe even thrive. let's go to redwood city, where it is al fresco all summer. >> reporter: san mateo county allows indoor dining but customers are concerned about
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sitting inside an enclosed space. so sitting outside is a welcome alternative. >> it is great. outside seating is good. >> every restaurant we have been to, he has been fanatical about making sure we knew what they were doing to keep us safe. we want to reciprocate and tip well and help them make some money. >> redwood city has blocked off some of the downtown district's busiest thoroughfares a portion of broadway, theater way and main street are closed to closed to cars but open to restaurants and bars to set up tables and service. the streets are also open up to citizens not stopping in for a place to eat. >> going outside and feeling safe. i have two kids, so sometimes they ride their bikes around the restaurants. >> reporter: moving dining outdoors has been a streaming to keep restaurants and retailers in business.
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this portion the city has signs along the way reminding people to be safe. in redwood city, nbc bay area news. of course county fairs across the state are canceled. but one bay area county is making sure you still get a taste of summer. the marin county fair is hosting a drivethrough food fair. no rides of course because of covid-19 but you can still get a taste of the fun, kettle corn, funnel cake, cotton candy, without ever leaving your car. >> i think individuals are looking for something different, especially those that have been safely sheltering at home for a long time now. we do expect a pretty good turnout. and we hope people do take part and get a little sense of fair food, whether it be that quintessential corn dog or the funnel cake. >> the drivethrough is open this weekend from 11 a.m. until 8
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p.m. they will have the same hours next weekend. perfect time to check in with vianey irarana. people going to the food drivethrough might want to blast the a vsh c, right. >> it is going to be a hot weekend, especially inland. at least we will have the sunshine. give and take. overlooking san francisco right now. right 3w 54 degrees. wake up to comfortable temperatures. wind speeds right now 10 miles per hour. let's go inland to walnut creek. 61 degrees. wind speeds are calm. san jose 62 right now. as kira klapper mentioned it is going to be a hot day. let's look at how the high pressure is going to be impacting the temperatures today. with high pressure, hot temperatures and dry conditions with low humidity. there is elevated fire danger.
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in san jose, 89. east san jose, 92. morgan hill, 95, gill roirks 94. in the east bay, oakland, 76. then if you take it -- 20 degrees higher in concord, 96 degrees. that's a 20-degree difference when you drive up a few miles into concord compared to oakland. that's micro climates for you. daily city, 63. san francisco, 67. up through the north bay, 90 in novato. 90 in santa rosa. and let's look at the pollen report. because it is going to be a great day to be outside. keep in mind you have got to take your medication. my allergies have been acting up. grass pollen is going to be extremely high today. weeds, moderate, tree will be low. but it could be something that may bother you throughout the afternoon. air quality. from the north bay to the south
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bay looking pretty good. great day for a hike. by tomorrow that might change. as you know the air quality starts to change as the high pressure -- as the dome of high pressure begins to trap things over the bay area. let's talk about the long range outlook. we will stay hot for today, tomorrow, into monday. by monday, we will start to see the high pressure kind of backing off just a little bit of that's going to cool us off by a few degrees heading into tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. we will be breezy at times, but i think the main event for this weekend is going to be the upper 90s. and remember, it will be really quick to warm. so get any sort of outdoor activity like working out out of the way early. but a walk will be able to be done into the evening hours. san francisco, 68 degrees for saturday. by sunday. tomorrow it will be about 69. then we will keep the dry weather pattern in the forecast for the next several days. don't forget that allergy medicine, please. i know i am definitely going to be taking mine today.
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back to you. >> me, too, girl, i'm right there with you. this is just shy of 7:21. still ahead on today in the bay a group of travelers went nowhere. where is the $100,000 they collectively spent on this trip that never happened? nbc bay area responds next. (birds singing) (bouncy keyboard music)
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- [announcer] food delivery just got more rewarding. (package crashing into ground) now that gruhhub gives you rewards when you order. (dog barking) did you order tacos again? (device beeping)
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boom, rewarded with a perk like $5.00 off. ordering dinner for the family? voila! rewarded with free delivery and a side of quiet. grubhub gives you rewards for rewarding yourself, with food. (doorbell ringing) - [crowd] grubhub! (scooter horn beeping) many of us have had to cancel our summer vacations. there is one local group that is now out $100,000. that's because their african safari never happened. and they were waiting for their refund when they were told they couldn't get their money back from the travel agency. they turned to our consumer investigator, chris chmura. >> there is a lot of money at stake here. more than $100,000. the coronavirus has made international travel basically impossible. more than a dozen viewers told us their vacation planner wouldn't issue a refund. >> this is not a good way to go
7:24 am
into retirement. >> reporter: tommy lin as an eye on globe trotting. after a lifetime spent as a optometrist he plans to spend his retirement globe trotting. >> we planned this over a year ago. >> reporter: they got a package deal from overseas adventure travel. >> we bought clothing for the safari, backpacks, you name it. it was going to be the trip of a lifetime. >> reporter: but things got blurry when the pandemic hit. it wasn't clear when or if the san jose group would be able to safely visit africa so they asked oversea adventure travel for a refund but it got them nowhere. >> all 14 of us had different ugly experiences and heard all of these different stories from the company. we really didn't know what to expect. >> reporter: we took their complaints to grand circle the company that owns overseas
7:25 am
adventure travel. right away an executive promised to investigate. a few weeks later everyone got their money back. a total of 138,762.85. >> thank you, nbc bay area. >> a grateful thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot! >> you folks are the best! >> reporter: they weren't alone. our response team in boston received similar complaints about veytations booked through overseas adventure travel. >> because i paid for a trip they felt that money was theirs to keep. >> reporter: we asked what happened, they said t disrupted operations a better improve the interwax each traveler. in addition, grand circle offered every a $500 voucher forward future travel and said it add flexibility to trips
7:26 am
scheduled in 2021 and 2022. tommy says he is uncertain whether there is an overseas adventure in his near future. >> i am going to let the smoke clear from this one first. it took a lot out of me. >> reporter: we are hearing from travelers every week with problems getting refund. if that's you, read the terms, and then explain to the company why you believe you are eligible for a refund. if the company won't budge, try talking to your credit card regarding a chargeback. if that doesn't work, go to our website or call us. >> chris chmura, he is the best. 7:26, much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, teachers standing their ground, why thousands say they are not going back into the
7:27 am
classrooms next month. and president trump commutes roger stone's prison sentence. we hear from a bay area lawmaker. this cheeseburger is the best! it's about to get bester baby! ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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good morning. it's saturday, july 11th, just shy of 7:29 as we look at the sun shining from communications hill in san jose. just a little bit of haze in the background there. i don't have all it is already warm and it is going to get warmer. thanks for starting your weekend with us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana joins us from home with a look at your micro climate forecast. >> you are absolutely right. it is going to get a lot warmer. and it is going to be extremely hot in up land areas. now, we are not tracking triple digit heat today but if you are along the coast or the peninsula, lucky you, we have on-shore flow that will keep those areas cooler than inland areas. look how beautiful that is using our weather underground cameras.
7:30 am
we are in the 50s and 60s right now. look at what is going the happen in the evening and afternoon hours. san francisco again, good on-shore flow, will remain in the 60s. palo alto, 85. in the south bay, upper 80s. and then we have got upper 90s in through martinez, concord, livermore, antioch. we have got horse powigh pressus going to keep us really warm and keep us dry through the weekend. at least we will see a lot of sunny skies. we have changes heading into the work week ahead. more detail on that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. we begin this morning with some bay area teachers refusing to go back into their classrooms next month concerned it's not safe. south bay teachers tell us they want to wait until conditions are improved in this covid-19 era. this could set the precedent for school districts across california. the first day of school for san jose unified is scheduled for august 12th. one teacher will be in the
7:31 am
classroom instructing some students in person and others virtually. san jose teachers site that the state doesn't have enough money to provide physical distancing, proper ppe and sanitizing equipment. >> there is no substitute for the face to face kind of interaction, kickcally with younger kids. it is going to be a real challenge. >> meanwhile, oakland unified school district says it will start the school year on august 10th in one month with distance learning. they tell us covid testing will then determine when their teachers will return to their classrooms. now to a decision made late last night, in more outdoor dining in alameda county. health leaders tell us the state put out new rules. we are told it could be a paperwork fix but for now restaurants are only open for drive through, pickup or
7:32 am
delivery. a somebody of south bay businesses are preparing the open. santa clara county hair and nail salons, hotels, and construction can all resume operations as long as they meet a new list of requirements. >> we are taking every measure possible, even some measures that aren't mandatory to ensure everybody's safety. >> the county also set up a hotline. the number is on your screen. that's for people to report any possible violations. governor gavin newsom has added yet another bay area county to his so-called watch list. sonoma county now joins marin, napa, solano and contra costa counties. that means if the county's numbers don't improve by monday a number of businesses would have to close their in-door operations. that includes dine in restaurants, movies bars.
7:33 am
outdoor dining would still be allowed. in the city, the gates of the san francisco zoo will reopen the day after tomorrow. only 2,000 people will be allowed inside. that's down from the typical 6,000 visitors a day. of course masks and social distancing are a must and the zoo is taking steps to help prevent people from coming into high touch points. >> we have taken the handles off of our garbage cans. you don't have to touch them. all of our statues are wrapped. our metal railings are wrapped. we really thought about what are every possible way that we can make it safe, accessible, and enjoyable experience for everybody. >> the zoo says it costs $30,000 a day to operate, take care of its animals. donors have grashsly been helping cover those costs during the closure. zoo keepers also tell us they are looking forward to seeing how the animals respond to having visitors once again after several quiet months. as reopening plans evolve it
7:34 am
is challenging to keep track of all of it. we have made it easy for you. our website is a great resource. go to, at the top of the home page click the live blowing link to see all of the latest updates all in one concise place. now to roger stone. he was days away from having to surrender to a federal prison until president trump yesterday commuted his prison sentence. stone was convicted of lying to congress during the russia investigation. he has been on home confinement in florida due to the pandemic. but stone was supposed to report to prison on tuesday, july 14th for his 40-month sentence. adam schiff said quote with this commutation trump makes clear there are two systems of justice in america, one for his criminal friends, and one for everyone else, end quote. also, the president says he will sign a major immigration
7:35 am
bill next month that includes the daca program. >> i am going to do a big executive order. i have the power to do it as president. and i am going the make daca a part of it. >> the president made those comments during an interview on nbc with jose diaz balart. trump called ate merit-based bill that will create a road to citizenship for more than 700,000 undocumented immigrants. daca protects undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children as long as they meet certain requirements. still to come on today in the bay, buster opts out. we continue our story on why buster posey is sitting out this shortened season. we will explain why. sports next. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. newscast, buster posey will not play this season. he has chose tony stay home, awaiting the arrival of his adopted newborn twin girls. buster and his wife kristen already have a set of twins a
7:38 am
boy and a girl. after some unsuccessful attempts to grow their family, they finally got their chance. their new twins were born prematurely and need to be in the nicu for some time. for their safety, buster is picking family over baseball. >> from a baseball standpoint, it was a tough decision. from a family standpoint, i feel like i am making a decision to protect the children, our children. i think it was relatively easy. >> the giants say they fully support buster's decision. the soccer season kicked off last night. the earthquakes living in the bubble of disney world in florida. a quick bus ride from their hotel to the field, players wearing black lives matter shirts. on the field this is how the match started. both teams taking a knee. the game between the earthquakes and the seattle sounders ended in a scoreless tie. back here locally, if you want to have some fun this weekend you can stay inside and watch some goc.
7:39 am
the annual celebrity tournament in south lake tahoe. no fans are allowed to attend. steph and his father del playing in the same group. steph explains the obvious difference between this year's event and past years. >> all the things going on in our country and our world. to be able to play golf and compete -- obviously, no fans, a different vibe. it is way too quiet. but once you get over that, just playing golf like usual. i enjoyed it. >> you can watch this weekend's celebrity tournament on the nbc sports network. it begins at noon both today and tomorrow. come up on today in the bay, it was a moment his family thought they would never see. and we were there as this try athlete recovering from coronavirus was released from a local hospital after more than 100 days. i hope your plans include
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some sort of outdoor activity because the weather is going to be fantastic. i will have a closer look at your daytime highs and of course the dog walking forecast just after the break. stay with us. this home is equipped with gig speed internet from xfinity. there's this game-time internetting room. so fun.
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good saturday morning. we have got binksy here in the corner. the only way i could get him up is by telling him i would give him his toy. now i will give him that. the dog walking forecast in just a weekend. it is going to be a hot weekend. a live look from our camera in belvedere of our city. great shot there. it is a little hazy. we are going to get a lot of sunshine today. current temperatures, san francisco is about 54. wind speeds are 10 miles an a lot of sunshine there. and san jose right now, 62 degrees. so what are we expecting this afternoon? we have got high pressure. that's going to keep us dry this
7:43 am
weekend, very sunny, but also pretty hot. look at san jose. a high of about 89. potentially in the nichbts. morgan hill, 95. milpitas, 90. in the east bay, 76 in oakland. hayward, 78. walnut creek, 94. danville, 96. upper 90s for inland areas. that's a 20-degree difference. oakland is in the 70s. you drive a few miles in. that is micro climates for you. it really depends on what's around that impacts the temperature in the area. everything from the topography and landscaping. i have a segment on my machiny series on instagram. check it out. what is a micro climate? san francisco will be in the upper 60s. notice how it is cooler for the bay and the coast? that's because we have a good on-shore flow that's going to keep it cooler there at least through the afternoon.
7:44 am
wind speeds, 12 miles per hour in the north bay. 90 in santa rosa. mill valley, in the upper 80s. if you will be out and about today, i hope you take advantage of the great weather, take your allergy medicine. look at the grass pollen. it is going to be really high. weeds will be moderate. molds will be low. top allergen will be grasses. let's talk about the air quality. we will be seeing great air quality all the way from the north bay down to the south bay. long range outlook. high pressure, where it is orange, that means we will say relatively hot. into monday and tuesday. we start to see a little bit of cooler for the inland areas. still hot n the 80s and 90s. san francisco, upper 60s. dog walking forecast -- coastal temperatures will be in the 50s and today. you don't have to worry about going at a specific time a. great day for a walk all day
7:45 am
long. however if you live in inland areas, i always like to give everybody a friendly reminder to get it out of the way early in the morning or later in the evening. because temperatures will be extremely hot. as you know, if it is too hot for your hands it is too hot for their paws. >> thanks so much. 7:45. still ahead on today in the bay. >> we investigate how covid-19 will impact the 2020 election and make it unlike any in history. - [narrator] did you just reward yourself
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for spending a perfectly reasonable amount of time on the couch with tacos from grubhub? grubhub's gonna reward you for that with a $5 off perk. (doorbell rings) - [crowd] grubhub! (fireworks exploding)
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welcome back. the presidential election is less than four months away. experts predict long lines and days of delays to find out who won. for the first time in california history, all counties will vote by mail. but are local election offices prepared to handle 15 million mail-in ballots. we looked at the governor's proposed plan and found some potential problems. >> reporter: vote by mail is already familiar here in california, where 70% of voters use the mail or vote center when they voted in record numbers for our presidential primary back in march. even so, the governor's vote by mailman date and the covid crisis will cost the government millions more in money for contra costa county's
7:49 am
660,000 registered voters, this year's presidential election will be unlike any other. >> the train is rolling. >> reporter: the supervisor will supervise her first election in her position. >> we realize there will be more ballots than there have been in the past. it is going take longer. >> reporter: longer to process and count. more votes by mail ballot. the governor ordered all 58 california counties to send every voter a mail in ballot weather they were prepared to do so or not. it would give every registered state voter a safe alternative to showing up at places. a silicon valley non-profit behind the national trust the vote project says this. >> i think you are going to have a significant risk of if not human error, human confusion,
7:50 am
because you are trying to staff up beyond your normal capacity. >> reporter: already, 14 california counties, including san mateo, napa, and santa clara are voter choice counties. in other words they have done away with the traditional precinct system and vote by mail or drop off centers at court houses. but it will still cost those districts more. >> we have to make sure to make sure voters know to expect their ballot this is the mail. >> reporter: padilla's office stilts it will cost another $129 million statewide because of the coronavirus. >> we have the baseline infrastructure and capacity. we just need to ramp up. whether it is additionaling equipment. maybe additional staffing. and voter education is going to be a key component here. >> reporter: as for the other 44
7:51 am
non-voters choice counties like alameda, san francisco, and contra costa, the governor says it means they have to send ballots by mail to all of their registered voters and also locate and staff the usual voting precincts. >> we are trying to locate poll, woulders which of course is a challenge. >> reporter: while the impact is likely to be minimal in contra costa, where 70% of voters already vote by mail, it is estimated to cost an extra $8 million. >> the situation of having to have 55 in-person voting locations. which right now during the pandemic is dangerous. >> reporter: similar orders have been issued by other governors in states across the country. meaning covid-19's impact on the election could be substantial. >> we have no choice. we have to make this transition. >> reporter: the stanford law professor has studied american election law for years. >> we need to prepare for this
7:52 am
election like we would a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane. >> reporter: he published this paper. an unprecedented election threat deserves an unprecedented response, about the 2020 presidential elect. >> i think it is a turning point for certain states. >> reporter: other threats like cyber threats and misinformation are even more severe. >> the electoral process is affected by partisanism and there is little room for error. >> reporter: another warning. delays in the results in the upcoming november election. because mail-in ballots have to be opened, sorted and counted that can take a lot longer than in the past. if the election is close it could be several days, even a week or longer before a winner is named. stephen stock nbc bay area news.
7:53 am
>> if you have a story for our investigative unit give us a call or visit our website. after spending months in the hospital battling covid-19, a south bay man finally returned home. the 66-year-old was released yesterday. he fought long and hard for 110 days. there were times his doctors didn't think he would make it. but his family says there was no way the marathon runner and t triately was going down without a fight. >> proud that he is the man that he is, that would fight the cards. >> it has been a roller coaster. it has been the best day of my life. >> doctors believe his physical fitness helped him beat the virus. just amazing. still ahead on today in the bay. the bear area's latest invention is a hot seller. it comes courtesy of a 13-year-old boy. we will tell you all about it next.
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now to a story that can give us all some hope. this latest invention comes from a 13-year-old inventor. and it is selling like hotcakes. companies and politicians are taking notice. ourp business and tech reporter scott budman shows us this tool that could give you a new way to reach out. >> reporter: talk about opening doors, this 13-year-old entrepreneur has a great idea. >> i saw my parents using a sleeve to open doors. >> reporter: a safer way to touch things in the time of covid-19. he calls it the safe touch pro. >> gentler on surfaces. it is also lighter and anti-microbial to kill germs. >> reporter: he made and sold hundreds from his home. >> i have 93 printers. it gets noisy. >> very noisy. i am glad to say he knows how to fix every one of them.
7:57 am
>> reporter: at $14.99 each he is impressing buyers and san mateo county. >> we declare it your day. >> reporter: which has named today after him. >> just basically reached out to him because his device saves lives. make no mess take about it. >> reporter: a fight inspired by his silicon valley roots. >> i get inspired by different companies and the innovations they have created. >> reporter: ultimately, he ace he would love to get these in the hands of hospital workers and ride sharing companies like uber and lyft n. south san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. now to apple, giving us a sneak peek of its latest mobile operating system. ios 14 is supposed to come out sometime in the fall. now the beta version is available for to public to test. it features requested updates
7:58 am
like changing your default browser apps among other things. it is the beta version may have bugs and it may stop working and lose your data. sometime for our clear the shelters segment featuring pets in need. usually we have a bet who needs to be adopted. this week it is different. the shelter offers summer camps for kids and visit senior living facilities. obviously those are canceled. but these are called camp pets in need buddy boxes. they have worksheets, supplies, and video content that educate children and adults about animal welfare. each month has a new theme. last month was how to run an animal shelter. this one is about kittens.
7:59 am
thoichks we will have another newscast for you tonight at 5:00. ♪ menutaur get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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