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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  July 12, 2020 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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covid-19 outbreak in norway has been pushed back. so the situation is completely different compared to the states or something like that. >> reporter: because experts warn it's not just about what happens in the classroom. >> in norway, we decided that we we are knee deep in the race were not covid-19 experts. we decided our role in this was to be experts on education. for this >> reporter: in neighboring ...including it's about to get bester baby! denmark, they capitalized on ♪ menutaur! [ inaudible ]. make it a double, yeah! you guys made nick a rock outdoor time, teaching the kids star ♪ nice mane! and us new non-contact games. try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo >> shout out so i can touch your shadow. >> good morning. welcome to "sunday today" july >> reporter: here in the u.k. 12th, i'm willie geist the wife of an nbc cameraman, another day the united states reported well over 60,000 like so many moms, worried all the new precautions might be a new cases of coronavirus, bitt was this weird sci-fi my 4 president trump wore a mask in public for the first time following the month-old guidelines of public health really doesn't understand, is officials. the president wearing the mask going to gloves with
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on a visit saturday to walter reed military medical center more on that in a moment. thermometers and face masks. in the past weeks, more than i thought this was going to terrify him and he wouldn't want to go back to school. >> reporter: their 4-year-old ady was just fine. >> i was apoplectic. 400,000 people have krasktcontrd him not bothered. >> reporter: they didn't send coronavirus. their eldest back. looking to the fall it's wait refrigerator trucks have been and see. called in to use as morgues, >> kids can't touch each other. reminiscent of new york city a few months ago kids have to be 2 meters apart. the latest on the outbraeak and kids can't play in the playground. i would be quite reluctant to plus a live report from the send my kids back in that environment. >> reporter: summer traveling white house where the president and fears of a second wave could is defending his decision to commute his friend roger stone mean september looks different once again. from in prison now, the big take away is that he says roger stone remains a it's not one size fits all. you can't compare countries like convicted felon and y so denmark which is seeing 30 new saying robert mueller. cases a day and countries like for the president pushing the u.s. seeing 60,000 cases, for schools to open up in the new coronavirus cases a day. country and a look how it's gone countries that didn't lockdown in other countries in our sunday's spotlight, professional football and early take the same steps, and baseball franchises under renewed pressure to change team
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names viewed by many as slurs precautions, can't turn around against native americans and recreate the exit strategy in the same way. after decades of debate, will it willie? >> every country is different as you point out. we close this morning with happen now are there policies that seem to later, a favorite sunday your "sunday today" mugshot. be working universally in sit-down with oscar and grammy thank you, penny and chase in cadillac, michigan. schools across the countries? >> reporter: absolutely. smaller classes, outdoor classes roger and archie in virginia. winning aretha franklin, top la will and amy in new york. when possible, social distancing and wearing masks. and talking to teachers and dr. katz in philadelphia. parents, the most important thing, willie, is clear communication. kooky and the parents even talking to cook new biopic. say their kids are adjusting cookie in bay city elementary >> whew! eve school. thank you for what you do, just fine. stephanie. send us a the #today. those are huge shoes jennifer they're following all the hudson >> those are huge shoes to fill instructions and adjusting to but i am just taking it one the new normal. willie? >> those little kids with their you might see yourself next stastep tiny facial shields, i guess week. at a time, one day at a time you can get your "sunday today" that's the new reality. all i want to do i her molly hunter in london. mug at the nbc online store. thanks so much. thank you for spending part of that's interesting. next, a favorite sunday sit your morning with us. down with oscar winner jennifer we'll see you a sunday sit-down with jennifer hudson on finding "her" big unmistakable voice in the church. dealing with unthinkable tragedy in her own life. hudson now playing her hero, aretha franklin in a new movie. and then a life well lived, cases ever with more than 65,000 the teacher turned activist who
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helped to shape the american civil rights movement. on hudson 3.3 million and as we head to break, our photo of the week. tourists at the louvre museum in with 35,000 deaths. seven paris taking photographs of search states on saturday leonardo da vinci's mona lisa. reporting a record number of the louvre opened this week cases including south carolina after four months with new saw 2300 and louisiana governor after four months with new ♪ ♪ after four months with new implementing a mask mandate. for the first time in public, as i said, president trump was seen wearing a mask during a visit to the walter reed national military medical center. he has refused to wear a mask in the past florida remains one of the areas of greatest concern, but on saturday disney world reopened its doors in orlando now is the time to support the places you love. with restrictions. spend 10 dollars or more at a nbc's sam brock is there for us. sam, good morning. participating small business and get 5 dollars back, >> reporter: willie, good up to 10 times with american express. morning. and a surreal split right now of enroll now at the state just jumped 250,000 yes. neutrogena® ultra sheer. superior protection helps prevent early skin cases, as visitors are returning to the most popular amusement park in the country, and basketball players are practicing in a bubble
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america right now at a it's the one. the best for your skin. crossroads as signs of crisis are everywhere this morning joi ultra sheer. neutrogena®. good morning. it is sunday, july 12, 7:00 on attraction this morning enjoying the the dot as we take a live look attractions of disney world. no longer a figment of anyone's outside in downtown san jose. imagination. park goers getting their first no calories, no sweeteners, the besall smiles,skin. tree lined first street. that's a nice view. bubly sparkling water, i don't believe i've seen taste of rides and lines in a socially distant environment crack a smile. before. >> there's no need putting your life on hold thank you for starting your sunday with us. i'm kira klapper. you have to have fun you have to enjoy life >> reporter: some parents pulling the plug on planned vianey arana joins us with a outings. look at your microclimate >> is it worth it for the riskis forecast. hi, vianey. grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. hi there, kira. the children >> reporter: the risks in florida and texas escalating by it's going to be such a nice the day. get 'em now with no contact delivery. day. both have now recorded a quarter starting with mostly clear skies. you can see the low clouds hanging out over san francisco. million covid cases each, and grab a box of 15 or try them loaded. thisthere's this game-time gig spinternetting the big topic today will be just both topping 10,000 new cases saturday so fun. how hot it's going to get. and then there's this work-from-home for the first half of our the difference texas now mandates mask wearing internetting room. finally, the open-concept internetting room. >> we're seeing in the state of this is not an open house. texas, the next step would have to be a lockdown >> reporter: a federal task but your front door was open, so technically it is. force heads to houston monday get gig speeds and the most wifi coverage from xfinity. in what amounts to a medical now that's simple, easy, awesome. enhance your online experience with even faster speed. mayday as louisiana's governor choose from a range of fast, reliable options, up to a gig. also alarmed by surging cases
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just announced he'll require facial coverings and close down bars click or call to learn more. >> as recently as june the 19th, louisiana was ten in the country per capita cases today, we're number three. >> number one on the list is arizona, has activated emergency plans for refrigerator trucks as morgues. stunning shades of new york in march. >> i don't want to be at 2:00 in the morning wondering what we're going to do with someone's loved one that we don't have space for. >> reporter: the other side of that struggle, new york, now good morning. sunday, july 12. showing a remarkable turnaround. its covid hospitalizations 6:26. the sun shining over san jose. dipping below 800, the lowest that figure's been since the we welcome you to this sunday city came under siege. morning. thanks for joining us. a boost for the big apple, which i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our is not out of the woods yet. microclimate forecast. oh, boy, if it's anything like yesterday, it's going to be hot yankees closer arold chapman just tested positive for covid as baseball marches forward with but today we're going to see plans to return this summer. basketball is even closer. the orlando bubble now hosting full practices >> good to move around with the guys >> reporter: as 22 nba teams inch toward a restart date of it's not cold. it's not cool. july 30th. it's just mild right now.
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wind speeds are calm but look and nba players are being what will happen into the afternoon. tested every single day in the astros cancelled their practice bubble for major league baseball, it's on saturday as someone was like every other day or multipls exposed to the virus outside of triple digits through the interior valleys. the organization willie, back to you. >> sam brock, starting us off outside disney world this morning. sam, thank you very much san jose will top out in the 90s a first for president trump on saturday, as he wore a mask in public. while on a visit to walter reed medical center into santa rosa. public health officials, san francisco and half moon bay including those on his task will be the only two areas we'll be able to get away from the force, say that is long overdue. meanwhile, the president continued to defend commuting heat because we have the onshore the sentence of his friend and flow. political ally roger stone air quality the north bay and nbc's kelly o'donnell is at the east bay are sort of on two white house with more on allpre different ends. one side is good. one side is moderate. i'll talk more about that coming up at 7:00 a.m. kira? we'll see you then, vianey. visual demonstration with that thanks. the rules about what you can and mask as a cue to supporters and cannot do are changing daily. the public, something his advisors have wanted him to do for quite a long time. but there was internal health leaders are announcing disagreement and concern about the president very much going it tightening guidelines. it's all because more than 8% of alone by making a decision about
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new covid tests in coco county his friend, now convicted felon, and giving him clemency. are coming back positive. county leaders say that's a sign the president and the russia probe prosecutor face off once the virus is spreading quickly. again over roger stone the reopening process was long boiling fury for mr. trump. contingent on cases not surpassing that mark. now that they've reached it they >> this old political witch-hunt and the mueller scam need to rethink the return to normal. >> reporter: he used his >> i've been concerned how clemency power to erase a prison sentence for his longtime friend >> so i'm very happy with what i quickly it has skyrocketed. did. >> reporter: former special two weeks ago seeing about 3.9% counsel robert mueller penned an to 4.2% of everyone tested being positive. op-ed in "the washington post" outlining the case against stone. he remains a convicted felon and we set a cap at 8%. and mueller defended the inquiry, itself. the women and men who conducted and now we need to keep the these investigations and prosecutions acted with the community safe and encourage people to take additional highest integrity. claims to the contrary are false. safeguards to slow the spread. the president's intervention indoor gathers considered high risk will be banned. drew condemnation from democrats and a few elected republicans. the order primarily pertains to but he is undeterred >> i will tell you this. religious services but any people are extremely happy scheduled for had morning will still be allowed.
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masks must be worn at all times because in this country, they want justice and roger stone was not treated properly when dining outdoors except for >> reporter: mueller argued that when actually eating or drinking. a jury determined stone repeatedly lied and obstructed the investigation around his a closer look at the positivity contacts with known russian rate. the supervisor mentioned these operatives and wikileaks over stolen email numbers, the percentage of when a subject lies to people testing positive each day investigators, it strikes at the the last two weeks. core of the government's efforts to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable hospitalizations in the county also are on the rise. senior officials tell nbc news the justice department played no coming up this morning on "today in the bay" students helping students. role and that attorney general william barr personally counseled the president against a unique program to help younger clemency for stone kids who are distance learning. >> the attorney general, about a week or two ago, had made a a little bit of good news amidst statement, but that was long before anybody knew what i was going to do. all other news. >> reporter: predicting the president's actions is often a your top stories and vianey's forecast at 7:00. gamble we hope to see you then. saturday, he reversed course on wearing a mask inviting the media inside his visit to a military hospital as he donned a mask publicly for the first time >> i think it's a great thing to wear a mask. i've never been against masks, but i do believe they have a
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time and a place >> reporter: the white house responded to robert mueller's op-ed with a withering statement that echos a lot of the sentiments we hear from the president about the russia investigation, saying that robert mueller and his team failed to do their job properly and saying they should let the report stand, as he once promised the american people, calling it spin. willie >> kelly o'donnell at the white house, thank you, as always. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press. chuck, good morning. ♪ and i am telling you good to see you. let's start right there with roger stone and the president commuting stone's sentence he was set to head off to prison on seven felonies. ♪ the president making these moves, we've seen him play with the judiciary system on other >> that is jennifer hudson in cases as well, looking at the the 2006 film "dream girls," the michael flynn case, people close oscar-winning performance that launched hudson's career and changed her life. to him people he believed had been loyal to him. that big unmistakable voice has the attorney general, bill barr, carried jennifer from the pews as kelly o'donnell mentioned, has let it be known he did not support this move by the of a church in chicago to president. was this unilateral from
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president trump? stardom on american idol. and, if so, what is his goal here then to the academy awards and a does he believe this helps him politically somehow? pair of grammys. >> it clearly -- well, at least growing up hudson's musical hero there are a lot of people that was aretha franklin. are making it clear to those of now the 38-year-old star is playing the late queen of soul us that cover washington that this was the president's in an upcoming biopic at decision on his own. it is putting the president on an island. franklin's request. you've seen the attorney general jennifer and i got together late last year while she was shooting that movie and as the finishing touches were being put on her say -- sort of seek distance from this decision you've seen the white house counsel seek distance from this recent film. decision you've heard white house staffers anonymously talk to reporters attempting to seek ♪ ♪ distance from this decision. you know, look, this is a >> when it comes to president that both values loyalty, rewards loyalty, and show-stopping performances, jennifer hudson always delivers. ultimately it is always, remember, his motivation to do anything is about himself. >> music everything i do. if i'm shooting a scene, okay, many and the question i have is did what's the emotion? he do this to reward loyalty or if i'm in the photo shoot, what did he do this out of fear remember, one thing about roger do i need to feel? i can find that song, that music stone, willie, and you and i that puts me in that place. both know this from covering >> honey, find a song that moves you. until you do that, you ain't roger stone a long time, he going nowhere. doesn't fear the president that has always been something,
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that relationship. and so there is a part of this commutation in my head that i ♪ r-e-s-p-e-c-t find out what it can't help but wonder how much means to me ♪ did the president do this out of fear of what roger stone still ♪ knows. >> now she's playing aretha >> yeah, and speaking of fear, the president is looking at his franklin in the biopic "respect." re-election prospects right now. hudson was hand picked for the part by the late queen of soul he's looking at his approval herself rating down now in the low 30s on his handling of the how is it going so far coronavirus crisis his campaign cancelled the event filling the shoes of aretha yesterday, a rally that was franklin? >> whew, those are huge shoes to supposed to be held in portsmouth, new hampshire. fill, but i am just taking it they said it was because of the weather. one step at a time, one day at a time. all i want to do is, is, is, um, a beautiful day, i should point out, in portsmouth, new pay tribute to her and meet her hampshire yesterday. perhaps worried about a repeat of tulsa where the crowd was thinner than they hoped it would request. be and wearing the mask last night, i just hope i make her proud, do her justice. >> late last year, hudson yesterday, during that visit to walter reed. brought those familiar power is he sending signals, albeit months late, that perhaps he is house vocals to the film "cats" concerned now about the coronavirus crisis in which she also starred. >> i wouldn't be ready to go to become a movie cat, it turns that far here. i mean, you know, if you look at out an actor must first attend sort of his rhetoric about schools and what needs to be cat school. >> i was like, cat school? done, he seems to continue to want to look past the current how does a human become a cat?
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state that we're in. >> what happens at cat school? >> well, we started out learning he continues to describe these things as embers about cats, you know, the look, willie, just look at how characteristics of a cat, and he spent his friday. he went to miami-dade county, he then we would sniff around. went to doral. >> literally? >> 0 closing our eyes and trusting our other senses. miami-dade county is within th things like that, which makes you more like catlike. hot spot of the state of florida. >> i'm picturing you and a group he didn't go to talk about the virus. of some of the most famous he went to talk about venezuelan politics as it impacts his election people on earth closing your eyes and sniffing around. how did he end his day >> you should try it, if you after travel to the hot spot of close your eyes. and sniff like a cat. the hottest spot he commuted roger stone's let your nose be the lead. sentence so, you know, he seems to be okay. >> as a child growing up on the someone that just either is too distracted to focus on the virus south side of chicago, jennifer or just doesn't want to focus on it hudson found her voice in the >> i should underline i didn't church. >> my family, we were born say he was concerned about the singers. i was like about maybe not even 2 on my grandmother's lap, on my coronavirus crisis i said maybe he is sending a signal that is he. but every other sign suggests he's not right now chuck, thanks so much. we will look for much more this morning on "meet the press" g godmother's lap. where the topic will be the out i hit the note. they said, this baby is going to of control coronavirus sing. once i fell in love with music, now to texas where two at 7:00 a.m., this is who i am, police officers were shot and
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this is what i'm going to do. killed in the line of duty on >> after graduating high school, hudson chased that love of music saturday officials in mcallen to the high seas where she performed on a disney ship. >> you have if you want somethit texas, say officers del muir and garza and chavez were responding sit there. to a domestic violence complaint when they were ambushed and you have to go for it. gunned down by a man inside the home that man then shot and killed himself. two days after i got off the officers garza and chavez are ship, i auditioned for american being remembered this morning as idol. a pair of brave public servants. >> we can expect something better than a cruise ship. recovery teams in california >> she became a fan favorite in the third season of american will be back in lake pairu toda idol. she finished in 7th place, but the world knew her name and her talent. ♪ ♪ searching for the body of "glee" star naya rivera >> with little acting experience, hudson was cast as divers had been battling murky water with limited visibility. essie white in the film the family visited during the adaptation of the motown musical search rivera was last seen on wednesday when she rented a boat with her 4-year-old son.ce rece "dream girls." there were a lot of people who boy alone on the boat. wanted that job. when they arrived on the scene, >> 782 others. rivera's son was there safely, i'll never forget it. but rivera was not >> so did you go into that and when the nba season thinking, there's no chance, resumes in a couple of weeks, the jersey worn by superstar >> no, arrogance and faith.
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lebron james may look a bit i believe so much this is my different from the others. part. they can cast somebody else but the nba recently approved more they're still going to have to come back and get me. than a dozen social justice ♪ you'll always be true messages players would be ♪ >> not only do you win the part. allowed to wear on the back of you win the oscar for the part. their jerseys in the wake of george floyd's death how surreal was that experience? and in the middle of this >> wow, it's still surreal. movement in the country. the only thing i really remember was when the category came up. but the lakers star said he will not have a message on his jersey james said he commends anyone and me giving myself the little pep talk, you know, jennifer, you did good making it this far. that he wished he'd been consulted about that list of if you don't win, it's all pre-approved messages handed right. and they were like, jennifer down by the nba. let's turn now a hudson. i said don't get up because nobody heard that but you. and i looked over. everybody was looking at me. good sunday morning. oh, that's me. let me get up. >> jennifer hudson. expect to see another hot day throughout the bay area. >> i thank you all for helping current view right now of the me keep the faith even when i city from our belvedere weather didn't believe. >> for me, making it that far underground camera. your hour by hour temperatures, coming from everything i came the hottest time will be between 2:00 and 3:00. from, to being in the room is take a look at the interior enough. valley. fairfield 100 degrees. and then being nominated, that is an oscar to me. concord, 99. likely hitting that 100-degree mark. in through san jose, 91. >> with an oscar and more movie 70s and 60s for the bay and roles in hand -- >> what would happen if they
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coast. air quality should be good to were to magically disappear? moderate the next 24 hours. >> hudson finally got around to straight ahead, the highs of putting out her first studio record in 2008. the week, including the it won the grammy for best r & b breathtaking moment when a album. >> wow, i'm just in awe right former college football player makes the diving catch of his life to save a little boy. now. >> but the joy of hudson's professional rise was interrupted unthinkably. and "hamilton," the toughest ticket in the history of in october of 2008 when her broadway, now streaming straight into our living rooms. mother, brother and nephew were and one little girl is a big fan. murdered by her sister's but up next, the push to get estranged husband. our children back to school safely hudson testified at the trial and took time away from music to and lessons from european countries that are already grieve. trying it. you talked about your mother. do you think about her when this is all happening? >> today is my mother's birthday. she used to write me letters when i was away. it's only human to find inspiration in nature. she said, of all the things you've done my favorite part is the person you are. and also find answers. and that you are good to our search to transform... everyone and your character. waste into renewable natural gas i don't know any other way to be. i've seen the highest of the led chevron to partner with california bioenergy. highs and the lowest of the lows. working to provide an alternative source of power... >> how did you have the strength to get out of those lows? ...for a cleaner way forward. >> you have no choice but to go
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on. the best way to keep going is to metastatic breast cancer is relentless, honor their memories and to live but i was relentless first. in the way they wanted you to relentless about learning the first song we ever danced to. live. you've been blessed with life, so live it. about teaching him to put others first. >> life has blessed hudson with about helping her raise her first child. a son. and when i was first diagnosed, my choice was everyday verzenio. two moral bums and even an acclaimed broadway debut in "the it's the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. color purple." it gives us more time without cancer progressing. verzenio is the only cdk4 & 6 inhibitor >> i've done every performance there is, even on the seat. approved with hormonal therapy that can be taken every day the only place is out of space. i'm going to get there one day, too, okay? no, just kidding. don't send me out of space, y'all. for postmenopausal women or cause dehydration or infection. >> for now jennifer hudson is at the first sign of diarrhea, call your doctor, staying grounded with that start an anti-diarrheal, and drink fluids. powerful gift she first discovered as a little girl in before taking verzenio, tell your doctor church. if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection. >> i want to be 90 some years verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, old talking about ooh, hoo, i which may cause serious infection that can lead to death. life-threatening inflammation of the lungs can occur. talk to your doctor if you have new or worsening trouble don't like living under -- i breathing, cough, or chest pain. serious liver problems can happen. want to have symptoms include tiredness, appetite loss, stomach pain, ♪ a memory --
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we have a beautiful start to our sunday. we are expecting to see another nall dogs descend from wolves, or the age, pair with hydro boost wipes to cleanse and hydrate. hot day along with elevated fire and for thousands of years they've shared a love for meat. danger because we're going to continue to see triple digit blue wilderness is made to satisfy that desire. heat for inland areas much like we saw yesterday but also breezy feed the wolf that lives inside your dog winds for the afternoon. with blue wilderness. take a look at microclimate puts cash back in your wallet. highs. morgan hill 100. earn 5% cash back east san jose, 97. on everything you buy at check out the interior valleys, mom! some of our hottest spots today paper towels! will include walnut creek, ...including things for the science fair. concord and the pittsburg area. what's in your wallet? just take frequent breaks. still ahead on "sunday today," our highs of the week, new tide power pods one up the can it one up spaghetti night? including the little girl who had a special surprise for her it sure can. really? neighborhood's hearing impaired can it one up breakfast in bed? delivery man. and next in our sunday yeah, for sure. thanks, boys. spotlight, washington's football what about that? uhh, yep! team has clung for years to a it can? name many native americans call yeah, even that! i would very much like to see that. an outright slur. me too. will it finally be swept away in introducing new tide power pods. this cultural moment? one up the toughest stains with 50% more cleaning power than liquid detergent. any further questions? uh uh! nope!
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one up the power of liquid with new tide power pods. and more one of a kind finds. it all ships free. this week president trump threatened repeatedly to withhold federal education and with new deals every day funding if states and school districts do not open their you can explore endless options at every price point. doors to students beginning next month. most parents want their kids get your outdoor oasis delivered fast so you can get back in school, of course, but only if it's safe for them and the good times going. their teachers. so what's the plan? ♪ wayfair. you've got just what i need. ♪ european countries that have reopened their schools offer some answers and some warnings. nbc's molly hunter has more from all the way out here just for a blurry photo of me. london. molly, good morning. oh, that's a good one. wait, what's that? that's just the low-battery warning. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning. that's right. oh, alright. schools are already reopening now it's all, "check out my rv," across asia, parts of the middle east and here in europe. and, "let's go four-wheeling." and it's working out in a lot of maybe there's a little part of me that wanted to be seen. places, places where local well, progressive helps people save when they bundle their home with their outdoor vehicles. infection rates are also low. it's a rare sight and rare sound these days, at least in america. so they've got other bigfoot?♪ in recent weeks hundreds of millions of kids across the my name is daryl. globe have gone back to school.
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>> glad to be back but a bit ♪when you have nausea, ♪upset stomach, diarrheaon,♪ nervous. >> reporter: denmark was the first to reopen schools and we pepto bismol coats and soothes your stomach for fast relief were there. they started with pods of four and now, get the same fast relief or five kids enforcing the 2 in a delightful chew with new pepto bismol chews. meter rule. >> can you show me two meters? >> reporter: what did you miss the most? >> my friends. >> reporter: meanwhile in thailand, the masks, the smallest face advivisors and lof hand washing. in south korea schools opened, then closed then reopened with temperature dividers. but when european schools starte to remember that fedex field in landover, maryland, is where washington's nfl team plays its home games. last week attorneys for fedex sent a letter to washington's owner daniel snyder informing him the company would remove its name from the stadium if he does not change the name of the team. new financial pressure and a decades old fight over sports team names that are offensive to native americans, it's a debate
6:21 am
that finally is coming to a head. nbc's joe la ling kent has our sunday spotlight. >> announcer: there is a place for a powerful movement. >> my name is amanda black horse. i am from the navajo nation. >> i am a citizen of the pawnee nation. ♪ ♪ >> hello, my name is blue jay woman. you can call me cynthia connelly. >> reporter: on the cusp of change in the nfl after decades of resistance. the r word is the "n" word. >> and we can no longer tolerate this kind of hate speech in our society. >> reporter: in the aftermath of george floyd's death and a nationwide ground swell of support for black lives and racial equality, the washington nfl team, whose name we will not use, is conducting a thorough review of the racial slur in its name. >> really is about murder. it's about genocide. >> reporter: black horse says
6:22 am
native people must not be left out of this moment of reckoning. >> they force people to look at us through these symbols as historic people who aren't really deserving of human rights today. >> reporter: the nfl has said it's supportive of this important step. this week more than 1500 native people and organizations signed onto this letter to commissioner roger goodell, demanding the washington team and the league ban appropriation of native culture. they have not heard back. fedex, which owns the naming rights to the field where the washington team plays, has called for a rebrand, too. >> money is what it's all about. we know that the native cultural appropriations is a billion dollar industry. >> reporter: but now nike, amazon, walmart and target say they are removing the team's merchandise from their shelves. >> i come from a football family. >> we love it. but why would you want to be a part of a tradition when you as you start to learn, that it's harmful to children? >> reporter: the harm is especially acute for native youth. research shows thate
6:23 am
mascots and the way fans behave at sporting events have resulted in more cases of depression and more discrimination in schools. connelly lives in cleveland, where the major league baseball team is facing a new wave of scrutiny. after removing their mascot in 2018. when you encounter these logose logos, the terminology, what's that like? >> exactly. you are surrounded by these stereotypes where ever you go, chief wahoo, people don head dresses, paint their faces red. >> reporter: the cleveland manager said he supports a name change. >> i think it's time to move forward. sanu but the atlanta braves would not commit. >> they said the atlanta braves honors, supports and values the native american community. that will never change. when you hear that, what goes through your head? >> frankly, these mascots and team names do not honor us. >> reporter: since announcing the name review, the washington
6:24 am
nfl team says it will not comment until the review has been completed. commonly echo be hawk and black horse say the time is now. >> it would be a huge win, but there's other teams that need to be make changes as well. >> reporter: for "sunday today," jo ling kent, los angeles. >> jo, thank you very much. this week we highlight another life well lived. in the early 1960s, a young man named he have recei named everett sanders joined in his home state of mississippi. his mother went to see what he was up to and soon became a central figure in the american civil viets movement herself. emma was born and raised in mississippi. the great granddaughter of slaves. after graduating from what is now alcorn state university, emma became a school teacher, eventually landing in jackson. she was a co-founder in 1964 of the mississippi freedom democratic party. and during the famous freedom
6:25 am
summer of that year, she organized voters while housing and feeding activists in from out of state. that august, sanders traveled to the democratic national convention in atlantic city, new jersey, where she and icons like fanny lou hammer sought to be seated with the delegation. dr. martin luther king, jr., set in motion a change within the democratic party. in 1966, sanders ran for congress, losing to a segregationist. she was a plaintiff that year in a lawsuit to include the names of african-american candidates on printed ballots. sanders eventually became a full convention delegate, and she was there in denver in 2008 when barack obama became the first african-american presidential nominee in american history. sanders, who rose to become
6:26 am
executive vice chair of the mississippi democratic party, fought for years to remove the confederal symbol from mississippi state flag. last week, the governor signed a law doing just that, four days after emma's passing. emma sanders, a teacher, an activist who pushed the country forward, died at home in brandon, mississippi. brandon, mississippi. she was 91ears old. y she's driven by a primal desire for meat. a lynx in the wild and your cat. for a lynx this need is satisfied by what the wild provides. for your cat it's meat rich blue wilderness. because your cat is wild inside. now there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms,
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it is time for the highs of the week. and our first high goes to the stunning heroism of a man named philip blanks who saved a young boy's life during an apartment fire in phoenix. the moment was caught on video in a clip that rocketed around the world. as the fire burned, a mother dropped her 3-year-old son off of a balcony to save his life. blanks, a former high school and college wide receiver, sprinted to make the catch. baby down! >> whoa. whew, blanks diving to grab the child just before he hits the ground. and then hustling him away to
6:30 am
safety. the boy's 8-year-old sister also was saved by another good samaritan who ran into the apartment to rescue her. tragically, the children's mother died in the fire as she saved her kids. in addition to being a football player, blanks is a united states marine who now is pledging to continue to help the children. >> my goal is to just be involved in both of their lives as much as possible. i just want to make sure they feel loved and that they know their mother was a hero. >> tragic story that would have been even worse if not for the instincts of that man, philip blanks. our next high goes to the broadway musical phenomenon "hamilton." a nearly impossible ticket for five years, now available in the comfort of your home. the groundbreaking show about america's founding fathers written by lin-manuel miranda debuted on stage in 2015 and won 11 tony awards the next year. last weekend, the film version began streaming on disney plus
6:31 am
for everyone who couldn't make it to the richard rogers theater in new york. among the new fans, 3-year-old jenna who has taken especially with the performance by phyllis as alexander hamilton's wife eliza. >> that's eliza. i like her. it's me. >> it's you? >> it's me, she says, pointing at the actress on screen. young jenna suffered heart and lung failure as a baby, but now is healthy and thriving, we're happy to say, and excited to see someone who looks like her up on screen. se writes, little jenna here is exactly why representation matters. i am so grateful for this show, that so many young people can watch the show and say "it's me." by the way, seeing the film
6:32 am
version, filipa is incredible as eliza. next an 8-year-old british girl telula and the driver. tim is deaf so young telula took the time to learn sign language in preparation for a big surprise. >> tim was shocked when telula greets him. he teaches her how to sign, good morning, have a good day. the pair struck up a friendship during coronavirus lockdown as tim delivers packages on her street twice a week. her mom shared the exchange on twitter which now has been viewed more than 22 million times. mom says tim was overwhelmed and
6:33 am
cried with joy at the big response the moment is getting around the world. our final high goes to the thrill of riding a roller coaster and screaming all the way through. just don't you dare do the screaming part these days as fuji que highland amusement park outside tokyo. these are the two park's executives riding the biggest coaster fujiama while displaying etiquette for the no screaming rule implemented to prevent the spread of coronavirus. they received complaints the rule was too strict. so the park released this video to prove it can be done. the two men, one wearing a full suit and tie, do not change their expressions for the entirety of the 4-minute thrill ride. the video then concludes with this philosophical piece of advice. quote, please scream inside your heart. the phrase took off on social media where many embraced it as
6:34 am
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