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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2020 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning. it is sunday, july 12, 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside in downtown san jose. tree lined first street. that's a nice view. i don't believe i've seen before. thank you for starting your sunday with us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana joins us with a look at your microclimate forecast. hi, vianey. hi there, kira. it's going to be such a nice day. starting with mostly clear skies. you can see the low clouds hanging out over san francisco. the big topic today will be just how hot it's going to get. for the first half of our morning, which is between now
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and 11:00 a.m., we remain mild in the 60s and 70s. look at how quickly we warm up. between 1:00 and 3:00 we'll start to see the peak heat. check out the south bay, 90s. where you see the purple hues, reinventing. it's what small businesses do. with comcast business, triple digit temperatures for your small business can work faster, with powerful internet areas like concord, fairfield from the nation's largest gig-speed network. and antioch through the afternoon. we're still seeing the high work safer, with all your connected devices pressure dominating over the area. automatically protected by securityedge. as you know anytime we see high pressure with hot temperatures and work anywhere, with comcast business at home, it also drives us out. our new business-grade internet solution for remote workers. we'll see an increase in onshore winds this afternoon to breezy whatever your business needs, and gusty at times. comcast business has the solutions pair that up with dry to help you not just bounce back, conditions, and that means elevat but bounce forward. call or go online to find out more. less than 20%. i'll be monitoring closely. and the hidden smiles. the foggy glasses, back to you, see you soon, vian. and the muffled laughs. a simple piece of fabric makes a big statement: this past wednesday coronavirus i care. deaths surged to a record high wear a mask. across california and here in let's all do our part to slow the spread. the bay area there's now growing concern about overwhelming hospitals. it was a similar scene to how
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everyone felt earlier in the spring. in one east bay county the sharp good morning, everyone. rise in cases is being met with i'm anthony flores. action. closures now going into effect the giants need to fintd a at midnight tonight. replacement for buster posey. "today in the bay's" sergio he is sitting out a season after quintana reports from contra he and his wife adopted twin costa county. >> reporter: when contra costa girls born premature. county rolled back restrictions they have veteran tyler heineman it was on the condition that infections seem to be slowing. and brantley. unfortunately, that's not the they have prospect chadwick case anymore. infection rates doubled over the last couple of weeks. >> we set a cap at 8%. trump. the guy everyone wants to see is and now we realize we need to joey bart picked second overall in 2016. the big question is, is he scale down and really encourage really ready for the show? the giants also have the option people to take these additional safeguards. of looking elsewhere. >> reporter: the newly revised >> i think we're still certainly health order requires stricter open to looking outside the rules for outdoor dining, members of social bubbles will have to keep their masks on at organization, perhaps for somebody with a little more all times while together, and indoor worship service will be temporarily prohibited. >> church services you're experience, we'll be re-evaluating both options usually there for a while and it internally and externally in the next few days as we figure this out. >> the giants will open the
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could spread. >> reporter: for outdoor diners season july 23rd in los angeles the experience will have to be against the dodgers. adjusted. customers had been allowed to across the bay the a's continue sit at their tables without a to put in work during summer mask. now they'll need to keep it on camp. the team has a history of until they start eating and drinking. starting slow and then turning >> i think it will be tough for it on in the second half. them because they're going to have to open up the bottom and they can't do that this year. sneak in the food. i don't know if it's even going only 60 games. to be a great experience for it's a sprint to the finish. them. >> reporter: it's been a >> that's the way we will difficult balancing act for approach. businesses. with the rising rate of everything matters and is more infections, safety is the biggest priority. >> i care about people's health. intensified. every game is like a playoff. i care about losing a family we have to win and produce. member versus making money. >> now the a's opened the season >> reporter: one of the growing concerns for health officials is the shrinking number of july 24th at home against the angels. intensive care unit beds the workday charity open, available. half of the beds are in use for morikawa was the leader. covid-19 cases or other issues, he had an average saturday, burdenies quintana, nbc bay area news. birdies 15. he's in third place at 13 under. a closer look at the he's three strokes behind the positivity rate in contra costa county the supervisor just leader, justin thomas, as minus mentioned these numbers. 16.
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j.t. bogey-free so far for the tournament. this graph shows the percentage of people testing positive each day over the last few weeks. >> back to the 12th f. you're you can see it going up and down jerry rice you can get away with and finally up. a hat like that. >> yes, he can, because he is the positivity rate has gone up the g.o.a.t. nearly 4%. 49ers fans would have liked to hospitalizations in the county have seen more of this in the also are on the rise. super bowl. an incomplete pass by patrick and it's a similar situation in alameda county where friday mahomes. the chiefs quarterback taking night the county announced part in the american century championship. outdoor dining is no longer it's a celebrity golf allowed. we told you about this yesterday morning. this happened after the county tournament. tennis player mardy fish leads the way. realized it was not in xli steph curry is second. compliance with state orders. his dad tied for four. that started businesses who had i'm anthony flores. been working to safely invite ha a customers back to dine outdoors. in hayward the city is still moving forward with plans to shut down streets to allow for more outdoor dining. motorcycle riders love the open road. b street is closed to traffic so and geico loves helping riders get to where they're going, businesses can comfortably set up tables on sidewalks and in so to help even more, the streets. friday night there was a lot of geico is giving new and current customers stress when the new closure was a fifteen percent credit on their motorcycle policies announced. leaders discussed options and then scrambled to notify with the geico giveback. restaurants if they wanted to and because we're committed for the long haul,
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they could still allow outdoor dining just this weekend. the credit lasts your full policy term. owners feel like they've been on the geico giveback. a roller coaster ride. helping riders focus on the road ahead. >> us business owners are in the dark. we don't know what day we can open, what day we can close. it's a circus. the geico giveback. it's about to get bester baby! and the circus needs to end. ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! we need to get back to work. >> restaurants in alameda county nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo do not face enforcement from and make it a double for a buck more. local authorities but could be order now with no contact delivery. cited by state agents. still remains very confusing. and in santa clara county the public health officers is calling this a critical moment in the fight against covid-19. cases are not going down and doctor sara cody is urging everyone to follow the basics -- stay home when possible, stay outside when visiting with others, and wear a mask when you're within six feet of someone else. >> if we come together and we're successful, we can get back to where we want to be -- a community where businesses are able to stay open and kids can safely return to school. >> santa clara county is set to
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reopen a handful of businesses tomorrow including hair and nail salons and gyms. that is not a guarantee because the next phase of reopening could be put on hold if cases don't start trending down. be sure to stay up to date with the very latest on covid-19 across the bay area. follow our live blog. we have the headlines, new developments all in one place. it's on now to the san francisco tech executive caught on video making racist remarks earlier this month in carmel valley. he is now resigning. for most of the bay area he says he stepped down this public schools are set to reopen week as ceo of an information in about a month from now. but how and for whom? president trump says that in technology company he founded. spite of covid-19 pandemic on july 4th he was captured on schools must open as they always camera holding up his middle have every fall. finger to a family celebrating a otherwise the president says he will withdraw federal aid. birthday at a carmel valley nbc bay area political analyst restaurant yelling racist larry gerston joins us now. obscenities at them. hi, larry. that went viral. good morning to you. he has since apologized and now why is the president issuing
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says he is beginning his journey become to sobriety and has this threat? >> well, that's a good question. enrolled in an anti-racist i'm not sure why he'sish ue iss program. crews working late into the the threat other than to take a night in martinez last night stand. the serious threat is there's a closing roads and getting ready fight between the president and ahead of tonight's black lives the centers for disease control. matter protest. there will be a heavy police that's the problem here. presence as members of law enforcement from all across they have played out and the cdc contra costa county will be laid out a serious set of there to help. business owners tell us they're circumstances under which schools should be conducteded getting ready protecting their businesses, boarding up windows including the usual stuff, the just in case things get out of masks, the six feet of separation, ventilation, all hand. the planned demonstration comes kinds of things. amid tensions in martinez. and the president says i want it to go just like it is. this video from the fourth of july shows the couple painting and with that most people are saying it can't go just like it over parts of the city approved is where kids come to school black lives matter street mural five days a week. in front of the county it isn't goi to work because courthouse. white supremacy flyers have schools an'his way. they don't have the room that way. surfaced. the real serious problem that the martinez police chief released a letter to the administrators, teachers and, community which in part says most of all parents are worried that police plan to disperse about is what are we doing a protesters if there is violence month out? or damage. >> so where do you think school the demonstration begins at 4:00 officials stand on the impact of this evening. the virus on public education?
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we will have xlecomplete covera starting at 4:30. >> we know this much, kira, now to fremont where people there's been at least one survey gathered at city hall this week of secondary schoolteachers nationally and it's not pretty. to protest proposition 16, a proposal on the november ballot 35% surveyed say they don't want designed to repeal proposition to go back under these 209 which forbids the state from circumstances. they're afraid, afraid for themselves, for all the people discrimination against or who work at school, for the granting preferential students, the parents. temperament to people based on 35% say i'm not worried and 30% race, sex, ethnicity or natural say i don't know what to think. origin and applies to areas of that's not a ringing public employment, public contracting, and public education. endorsement, if you will, of what the president wants to do. this is what protesters had to it shows a pretty large sense of say. skittishness across the country. how do you think things are looking here in the bay area? >> for the government to give out jobs based on race, gender and ethnicity and your skin >> we have a whole series of color. situations that are uncomfortable to begin with the fact the department of health we don't believe this is right for this country. has said to the schools, including the county board of education, a whole series of >> she says it is about equal things that should be done here,
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opportunity at all. vallejo is looking for witnesses again, most of which supports after a wild night of side shows the cdc. and at least two shootings. the schools are saying we don't police broke up a large sideshow know how we're going to get all of about 300 people in the area of this done in a month. of lemon street and sonoma the department of health says you're not going to open up as a boulevard around 12:30 yesterday traditional school unless you morning just after midnight. get these things done. they say people in the crowd shot at responding officers, once again we have a lot of things that have to be done, someone even threw fireworks at virtually no time to do it, and police. no officers were hurt, but then to use an often used word, not a about two hours later police responded to reports of another lot of leadership at the top. sideshow on lake herman road. >> and a lot to digest for a man reportedly was sitting in people who are leading these his car when someone drove up next to him and started schools and expected to shooting. fortunately that man was not accomplish all of this in the hurt. next month. how are school districts doing at 7:09 we still have much with such a short time line to more ahead on "today in the make all of these changes? bay." coming up we take you live and >> here we are, kira, a month talk with chuck todd who has a preview of this week's "meet the out and so many school districts don't know what they're doing press." while home sales have dropped, home prices are on the rise. still. we break down the real estate did i market in the bay area. i did a survey myself. he best! a large number of them don't yet it's about to get bester baby! have a plan. ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! only one of them is able to come to school five days a week in
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nice mane! try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo the traditional setting. the others are trying to figure and make it a double for a buck more. it out. order now with no contact delivery. some are doing distance learning. some are doing a hybrid. most of them are in the dark as to what to do, and there's not a lot of time. more than that there's not a lot of money to make any kind of comprehensive changes. >> so how does this get resolved? it doesn't sound like there's a silver bullet to solve all of this. >> look, to do what the president wants, we need two things. we need time. we need money. time is something you don't get back. money is something we don't have. the administration hasn't offered any large amount to the schools to make these kind of changes. the state doesn't have any money. the local governments and school districts are short already. so we're coming to a point where the first day of school we're going to see chaos unless somehow the districts are able
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to cobble together a short-term plan. it may well mean a lot of distance learning which is not what the president wants but may be the only thing that school hi. what's on your mind?in. can you help keep these guys protected online? districts can do unthese easy. connect to the xfi gateway. circumstances. it's not a good time to be a what about wireless data options for the family? teacher, an administrator, a you can customize and save. student, or a parent. >> or a parent, i was going to what about internet speeds that can keep up with my gaming? say that. let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. my son is only in preschool, so and now with our stores reopening, i'm fortunate in that sense. but my friends who have older we're putting healthy practices in place. kids and they've already been come visit a store today. stop in or book an appointment online being at-home teachers, distance at a time that works for you. now that's simple, easy, awesome. learning the last fewer months, they don't want to keep doing ask. shop. discover at your local xfinity store today. this. it's so hard. they have full-time jobs and now they're full-time teachers. get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! we will have to wait and see it's beautiful! what happens. say what? that was a grim look at our i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo reality. we've missed you and welcome and make it a double for a buck more. back. >> good to be with you. order now with no contact delivery. hi, chuck. we'll be right back after as always, thanks for joining us this. stay with us. as gyms start to re this morning. chuck, this past week here in california we saw a record surge welcome" in coronavirus deaths and cases.
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with that in mind a reseven poll shows only 33% of americans support president trump's management of covid-19. how much do you think this is likely to affect his re-election chances in november? >> i think right now this is the biggest driver of all. it's the best explanation that you can have of trying to explain why is the president essentially nearly ten points behind nationally in an average of polls, trailing joe biden in every known swing state and even trailing him in places that we didn't. we weren't sure how competitive they would be. think places like georgia and biggest bay area county. the new changes they )re making before you can go workout. plus, a call to defund one east texas. it all seems to be really driven bay police department. the actions activists are taking by the virus. before the city council reviews look, he's always struggled, as the issue. charlie took put it. monday morning from 4:30 to 7. he's done a good job of playing this cheeseburger is the best! it's about to get bester baby! he can't do a jedi mind trick. ♪ menutaur! make it a double, yeah! oh, look, we're doing great. nice mane!
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we're winning this war. you look and we just passed a try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo new high of daily cases. and make it a double for a buck more. the facts basically are too order now with no contact delivery. powerful for his spin attempt. >> so kind of sticking with that swing state focus, democratic presidential candidate joe biden seems to be moving farther to the left with his economic policy. at what point do you think he risks losing support from moderates and conservative republicans who he could have potentially swung in his direction who are looking for an alternative to donald trump? >> in that spin, a lot of questions people have had as joe biden embraces this new activist left of the democratic party and certainly embraces on economic populism, is it going to turn off middle of the road voters? well, i just don't think the trump campaign has been able to have that conversation. and i think the question is will we ever even get to that conversation, or is the virus so
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dominant right now and such the dominant problem that, look, we can have a philosophical debate in a couple years where we are get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. headed economically. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! right now we're in the middle of the war we're losing. do we have the right people in it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... charge? do we have the right policies in order to get us out of it. try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. look, donald trump would love to order now with no contact delivery. have an economy conversation. the problem is i don't think the virus will let him have it and let him draw those distinctions you just painted that they think could be helpful to them. good morning. going to be fantastic. i don't know if the virus will i hope -- it's going to be hot. let that conversation. >> i wish it could let us all you should be okay, 55 degrees move on. we look forward to seeing you in right now. it is comfortable. it is mild. we are seeing plenty of sunshine about 45 minutes from now. throughout. we hopepress." he'll havecarvalho and larry a little bit of low cloud coverage. right now 62 degrees. wind speeds are calm. we will see an increase in those hogan plus an interview with onshore winds heading into the afternoon. yes, we're in the 60s now.
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task force member. look at how hot we're going to be. let's take a tour. be sure to join right after this newscast. coming up in 30 minutes from east san jose 97. now our nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston will be morgan hill, 100 degrees. back. he's been off the last couple of we are above normal you can weeks. we'll take a look at a decision looming over parents, teachers and students right here in the either go to oakland so you'll be cool in the 70s or we'll see bay area. will schools open next month? will students be kept studying triple digits. concord 101. at that in 30 look at that 101, antioch. minutes. in other news now a fire livermore, 103. ripped through a historic fremont, 87 degrees. california mission and firefighters are trying to pinpoint how it started. that's a good range of temperatures there. get this. flames erupted inside the fearly then we'll see 60s in areas like 250-year-old san gabriel mission half moon bay. talk about micro climates and yesterday. the church contains artifacts the various temperatures dating back to1700s. depending on where you live. as i mentioned tation. san mateo, 78. san francisco will be the mission was actually comfortab undergoing renovations. it had been closed for the past comfortable. right now breezy win at about 20 miles per hour. so definitely seeing a little several months because of coronavirus. bit of mother nature's ac.
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>> it is so tragic on so many at least that wind will give you a nice breeze for the afternoon. that breeze will have us worried for inland areas. different levels. we'll dry out which means low >> much of the mission was humidity. 102 in clear lake. destroyed. the church's original altar sono sonoma, 96. ukiah, 101. look at the fire danger. brought in the 1790s was by fire danger i mean anytime we miraculously saved. see humidity below 30% we get one church member calls it a little miracle. concerned because anytime that you look out into a mountain you golden gate transit is see all that dry, brown brush. cutting back on its commuter that's pretty much fuel for a service due to the plunging demands because of covid-19. potential fire to start or easily spread. the transit agency is cutting service in half from both marin right around 2:00 we'll see the winds start to kick up. and sonoma counties into the city. look what happens to livermore, morgan hill, clear lake. this applies to bus routes that less than 20% at times. of reco operate during peak hours. some routes will be suspended completely until further notice. overnight but overall by monday others will see reduced service. at 3:00 areas like ukiah and clear lake will be dry. this is the largest change so hour by hour wind speeds, we'll notice the winds increasing between 1:00 and 2:00. far. it takes effect starting this week. 20-plus-mile-per-hour winds now to making it in the bay, which means the three factors i always mention, hot
7:17 am
home sales plunged but prices temperatures, low humidity and winds elevated fire danger. as far as the air quality right remained high according to the latest numbers from zillow. now the north bay and the south experts say there are fewer bay is relatively good. buyers but far fewer houses on the east bay, watch out. the market. so the demand is still there. we're still seeing brush fire smoke from nearby areas. interest rates just above 3% keep that in mind. a brief cooling down into the also are helping with home 80s for san francisco down into sales. median prices for single family the 60s. but still going to be pretty dry homes rose in most bay area overall for the week. counties. in santa clara county the median home price is now $1.25 million. dog walking forecast, great weather, in the 60s. contra costa county is about comfortable. if you live inland i want to $660,000. give you a quick reminder if alameda $900,000. it's too hot for your hands,you san francisco fell slightly to $1.53 million. sunday morning, not doing his job. 7:17. we're going to go on a walk right now. it is time to check in with vianey arana for a look at our you want a treat? microclimate forecast. we both worked in much smaller uh-huh. he lifts his head for that one. markets than this, vianey, and back to you. >> all right, vianey, thanks so saw home prices much more much. now to the most magical place on affordable than that, haven't we? >> oh, yeah. earth, it is back open. prior to moving to the bay area
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i lived in el paso, texas. i just thought it was the i think my rent was $500 a month happiest place on earth. for this beautiful apartment. disy world is the most magical place on earth. the gates reopened yesterday. >> a shock indeed. walt disneyworld was close the >> that's true. we do have good weather. for nearly four months. the magic kingdom and animal el paso still has some of the best sun sets i have ever seen in my life. kingdom reopened. el paso, i will give you that florida is seeing a big spike in and your desert-like weather. it's going to feel a lot like one of those dry inland areas infections. here today. mandatory masks, temperature we're starting out mild. checks, reservations required and there is no park hopping we are seeing some low clouds right now. wow. here. we have the marine layer going back to a little bit of norma y normalcy. on. that will help keep the coast and the bay cooler today along at the most magical place on earth. with an onshore flow compared to i had to relook. just how hot it's going to get in the inland area. in san jose it's 52 degrees we're both l.a. girls. we know disneyland. >> of course. right now and just taking a look we'll send you off with this at walnut creek, a beautiful look at san francisco and thank you so much for joining us. shot at 62 degrees. have a great sunday. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. anytime we're talking about high
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pressure warming us up, that - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. fire danger becomes elevated. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. we want you to be careful out there. look at the humidity. i fast forwarded to 1:30 p.m., less than 30%. clear lake, 13%. morgan hill about 18% when it comes to the humidity. we get a little bit of that recovery overnight. but what if you could startdo better than that? then we dry out again heading into tomorrow afternoon. like adapt. di in new ways. and then we're mwinds. to new customers. an increase in onshoreafternoon. what if you could come back stronger? faster. better. we're going to get gusty at at comcast business, times. san jose and livermore up we want to help you not just bounce back. through ukiah and clear lake. but bounce forward. and now, we're committed to helping you do just that with a powerful and reliable internet 20-plu and voice solution at a great price. 20-plus-mile-per-hour winds. we'll be keeping a close eye on that as we look at the time call or go online today. line, though, look what happens to the winds heading into the overnight hours. get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. we start to see some areas die down a little bit. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah!
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it's beautiful! keep in mind the air quality the say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo next 24 hours. and make it a double for a buck more. north bay, bay and coast is order now with no contact delivery. good, but the east bay and santa clara valley are moderate right now which could mean it will be more sensitive to the sensitive groups if you suffer from any sort of lung conditions or breathing or respiratory problems, anything like that. if you live in an area where there was fire burning or is a fire actively -- a brush fire nearby, something to look out for. let's talk about the temperatures because right now the coolest part of our day. look what happens right around 3:30. wow. 100 degrees in through fairfield. we're talking triple digits for concord and then stay relatively hot into the afternoon. and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. a cooling trend heading into - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program monday. aside from that it's going to be visit right now very brief. by tuesday and wednesday we warm or call back up into the 90s. yes, we are above normal for during business hours. this time of year even though it's summer. we hit the triple digits pretty
7:21 am
early. for now, back to you. >> we bought a blowup pool for my two sons. ♪ this sunday, surges, >> perfect. >> that's the only respite we shortages and schools. >> we don't have a national have. plan. thanks so much. we don't have a national it is 7:21. we do have much more ahead on strategy. >> covid-19 cases exploding with "today in the bay" coming up. bay area college students shortages of beds. reaching out to help younger >> frankly, we're running out of students who are having to room. >> equipment and tests. adjust to all this distance >> i got told i would get my learning. it's a unique program that's spreading across the world. results back in seven to 14 we'll tell you about it after this. days. >> a surge driven largely by states reopening too early. and by foolish behavior. >> president trump is still denying the crisis. >> put out the fires as they come out. you call them
7:22 am
7:23 am
welcome back as we lock forward to the sta year. distance learning is here to stay. so this summer some bay area college students are helping younger students to navigate this new world. "today in the bay" shows us they are helping not just local students but kids in 31 countries. >> reporter: when classes were shut down across the country and turned online during the pandemic a group of california college students saw a need. >> that's where it all got
7:24 am
started. >> reporter: a sophomore at harvard, she came home to palo alto to finish the year online. she learned her younger peers were having trouble. >> palo alto is a really good school district. even then my friends were struggling with the changes. i could just imagine what other students across the country had to deal with. >> reporter: with extra time on her hands she and some friends from different colleges started an online teaching center called wave learning festival. >> what if we have college students keep teach these short interactive classes to middle and high school students. >> we'll give each of you a topic. >> reporter: more and more college students volunteered to teach these free, live, interactive online classes. the courses available range from introduction to the cardio thoracic system to who is the greatest athlete of all time. it launched in mid-june but already more than 3,000 students from 31 different countries have
7:25 am
logged on. >> we built this awesome community of learners. we have no grades. there's no test. >> reporter: clear across the country anna rodriguez, a senior high school student, saw a friend post a link on instagram. >> and the minute that i saw it, i pimmediately thought, free learning this is awesome. >> reporter: she's about to start her third course in art history. >> a great opportunity to learn from young people that are going into fields and really on the edge of all this new, sort of interesting pieces of academics. >> reporter: and her mom likes it, too. >> it's like a blessing, middle and high schoolers so they don't lose all the knowledge they've gained over the past year. >> at the heart of it we're trying to solve these issues of educational inequalities, and those problems have always existed with or without the pandemic. now it's even worse than before.
7:26 am
>> reporter: a pandemic has made learning different for now. and out there is a group of smart kids hoping to help younger ones stay interested and get through this. ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> wow. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up a surge in coronavirus cases and deaths this past week in california means new action to slow the spread here in the bay area. we'll tell you what's being closed beginning tonight. and a follow-up on president trump's commutation of roger stone's prison sentence. the president defending his decision, while one lawmaker is breaking with party lines. ♪ menutaur
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get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more.
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good morning to you. it is sunday, july 12, 7:28. the sun is shining on first street. a warm morning ahead. the deadline to file your taxes is this wednesday.
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just a friendly reminder there. thank you for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana joins thus morning with a look at your microclimate forecast. it's going to be one of those days where if you are outside you want to take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. it will get hot. if you're around the bay and the coast we have mother nature's uv. 62 degrees. we're fairly mild to start out. there was a glitch in the graphic, but we are going to be heading into triple digit mark especially into the concor into the tri-valley. san jose will be seeing the 90s in the forecast. we're going to get a little bit of a cooldown. aside from that you want to take advantage of right now because it's going to get even hotter and the air quality coming up in a few minimum. kira? >> vianey, we'll see you in
7:30 am
about 15. thank you so much. the rules about what we can all do and we cannot do are changing daily it seems and in several east bay counties. contra costa county for one health leaders announced they are tightening guidelines around mask wearing and indoor gatherings because more than 8% of new covid tests in coco county are coming back positive. county leaders say that's a sign the virus is spreading quickly. the reopening process was contingent on cases not surpassing that 8% mark and now that they've reached it they need to rethink their return to normal. >> i've been concerned at how quickly it has skyrocketed. two weeks ago we were seeing about 3.9% everyone being tested positive and we've reached this 8% benchmark. we set a cap at 8%. and now we realize we need to scale down, keep the community
7:31 am
safe, and really encourage people to take these safeguards to slow the spread. >> starring at midnight tonight, indoor gatherings considered high risk -- that are considered high risk for spreading the virus will be banned. the order primarily pertains to religious services. any services scheduled for this morning are still allowed. masks must be worn at all times when dining outdoors except for when actually eating or drinking. outdoor worship and protests are still allowed in contra costa county. and here is a closer look at the positivity rate. the supervisor just mentioned these numbers. the graph shows the percentage of people testing positive each day over the last two weeks. you can see it rising and dropping. rising most recently. it's gone up nearly 4% since june 27th. hospitalizations in the county are still rising as well. as we told you yesterday morning outdoor dining is now no
7:32 am
longer allowed in alameda county. the state tightened restrictions and county leaders realized they're not in compliance. after that startling announcement friday night, some restaurants decided to ignore the new rules and go ahead anyway. "today in the bay's" jintgyinge conejero saab with more. >> reporter: patio seating and a closed off first street in downtown livermore. >> you can't sit in your backyard forever, right? this has to open up to some extent. >> reporter: if there was anything stopping people from being outdoors it was the intense summer heat and not the new covid guidelines released friday night mandating alameda county to pull back on its outdoor dining forcing restaurants to only offer takeout or delivery. >> it's a really tough thing for these restaurants. >> reporter: the executive director for livermore downtown inc. says livermore and other cities decided to push through with their weekend plans because the city has not received orders
7:33 am
from alameda county enforcing the new guidelines. >> people were prepped for the weekend, and that would have been devastating to find out friday night all the stuff you just ordered for the weekend failed, throw it away. >> reporter: the owner of three restaurants in alameda county, couldn't agree more. >> this was the last life line a lot of people had. if that gets pulled away there might be more restaurants closing. >> reporter: one owner admits she wants to see more enforcement of face coverings with outdoor diners to ensure the safety of her staff. next week the county plans on filing a state variance allowing it to resume outdoor dining. in livermore, nbc bay area news. be sure to stay up to date with the very latest on the coronavirus cases including closures and openings. we have the headlines and new developments all in one place on our website,
7:34 am
in other news now we are following up now on president trump's commuting the prison sentence of one of his longtime advisers roger stone. the president, meanwhile, is defending his decision. kelly o'donnell has this report from the white house. >> reporter: a major reversal from president trump -- wearing a mask for the first time publicly, visiting service members at a military hospital. >> i think it's a great thing to wear a mask. i've never been against masks, but i do believe they have a time and a place. >> reporter: but that mask is n friend, political adviser and felon roger stone. >> in this country they want justice. roger stone was not treated properly. so i'm very happy with what i did. >> reporter: the president erased a 40-month prison sentence that was to begin tuesday. stone was found guilty by a jury
7:35 am
of lying, witness tampering and obstructing the russia investigation. prosecutors said he was protecting the president. yet mr. trump claimed stone is a victim. roger stone was targeted by an illegal witch-hunt that never should have taken place. a master of spectacle, stone poured out his gratitude. >> mr. president, thank you for giving me -- thank you for saving my life. >> reporter: he went out largely alone. some white house officials are outraged though not surprised by the decision. concerned in part about how it plays politically. senior officials tell nbc news the justice department played no role and that attorney general william barr personally counselled the president against clemency for stone. new fallout, democratic house intelligence chairman adam schiff. >> if you cover up for the president, if you withhold incriminating evidence for the president, you get a pass from donald trump.
7:36 am
>> reporter: republican senator mitt romney labelled the move unprecedented, historic corruption. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, the white house. >> former special counsel robert mueller has written an op-ed on roger stone published by "the washington post." in it mueller called stone a rightly convicted felon. he also said the russia investigation was of paramount importance and, quote, stone was prosecuted and convicted because he committed federal crimes, end quote. mueller added that stone became a central figure in the investigation into election tampering for several reasons including communication with russian intelligence and advanced knowledge of leaks before the release of emails stolen by russia. back here locally the san francisco tech executive caught on video making racist remarks earlier this month has resigned. michael lofthouse says he stepped down as ceo of solid8.
7:37 am
on july 4th he was captured on this video holding up his middle finger to a family celebrating a birthday at a carmel valley restaurant yelling racist obscenities at them this video went viral. likely you saw it. lofthouse has since apologized and now says he is beginning his journey back to sobriety and has enrolled in an anti-racist program. crews worked late in the night closing roads and getting ready in anticipation of the black lives matter protest. there will be a heavy police presence as members of law enforcement from all across contra costa county will be there to help because tensions are anticipated to escalate. business owners are boarding up windows in case thi tensions in. this is just one. video from fourth of july shows the couple painting over parts of a martinez city approved
7:38 am
black lives matter street mural in front of the county courthouse. white supremacy flyers. the police chief released a letter to the community that says the police department plans to disperse protesters if there is any violence or any damage. the demonstration begins at 4:00 and we will have complete coverage right here on nbc bay area this afternoon beginning at 4:30. it is 7:38. still to come on "today in the bay," president trump has given an ultimatum to the country, open school as usual next month or be denied funding. political analyst larry gerston breaks it down in just a few minutes. first, the giants are getting ready for opening night. how they're
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