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tv   ABC15 News Sunday  ABC  August 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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breaking news, the maricopa county sheriff's department moments ago confirmed the violent death of a three-year- old. it happened in the northwest valley near 111th avenue and olive avenue megan thompson joins us live at the scene. what our neighbors doing tonight? >> reporter: right now, neighbors we talk to say this neighborhood is very active, keeping their eyes out for each other and staying vigilant but from what they tell us, this happened inside a home here in young town. the sheriff's department is in going into many details, only saying it was a violent death for this child which is raising questions tonight. those who live in the area say
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mother with a handful of kids living with her. one neighbor didn't want to show his face but says for a crime scene, deputies were eerily quiet. >> i said did you guys come in in stealth mode and they said yes because it was after the fact. they didn't come in with sirens, which i would have heard directly but they did say it was something i didn't want to know. >> reporter: we have been pushing for a response police but they say detectives are still investigating. expect more details tomorrow. new information about a man accused of a brutal murder in phoenix yesterday. he has been identified as brandon sutherland and he faces two counts of first-degree murder. he is accused of killing a man
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neighbors tell us he is a former marine. it happened at a mobile home park and officers were called to the scene yesterday afternoon about reports of a man hitting a woman. when they arrived, police found a man and woman in their 60s dead with severe cut wounds. sutherland was also at the scene. he surrendered and a knife was recovered. the names of the victims have not been released. neighbors tell us this tragedy involves all family members but have not told us how the victims and suspects may have been related girls suffering severe burns after a boat explosion on the lake pleasant. both girls, just 13 years old. one was airlifted to the hospital with second-degree burns over about half of her body. the family had just put the boat in the water and when they started it, something sparked the explosion. >> there was a brief flash of fire but we don't know the reason. >> four people and two dogs
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we will stay on top of this in hopes of preventing this in the future. it's going to be a tough first day at school at the bradley academy in good year. jesse wilson has been missing for three weeks. >> there is a desk with his name on it. school's august 8 and i'm expecting him to be in it. >> that was exactly 2 weeks ago when so many people were optimistic that jesse would be that is not what has happened. we are alive at the school -- we are live at the school with more. >> reporter: the first day of school is supposed to be happy but you can't help but notice all the sad reminders that show us jesse wilson is still missing. flyers to the actual desk standing in front of this school, painted in yellow with
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he was last seen. a search by buckeye police has included fbi, border patrol and volunteers. police tell us today there is no update in search efforts. they have checked parks, rough terrain, and surveillance video all over buckeye over three weeks. two weeks ago, that desk was put up school officials were very positive, hoping jesse would be fair for the start of the school year but as that doesn't seem to be the case. police have set up a tip line in this still ongoing search for jesse wilson. if you think you know something, buckeye police want to hear from you. call 623-349-6400. they need all the tips they can get. things are drying out and heating up in the valley. taking a live look outside. dutiful blue skies.
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>> those storm chances will stay well to the north and east of the valley. that's where we see some of those thunderstorms while in the distance, looking back to the northeast. desert doppler not picking up on any thunderstorms. we are dry in the valley but we do have storms rambling through. that has been quite a bit smaller today as compared to the last couple of days. we rumblings through the snow brick area. various body down through parts of pinal county and pima county at this hour, near tucson. if you have had a couple pop-up showers, they have only lasted 10 to 15 minutes. valley rain chances remain out of the forecast tonight.
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sustained breezes at 10 miles per hour out of a southerly direction. in chandler, 12 miles per hour in the southwest direction. 1080 is where we are sitting after 1090. tonight, triple digits through 8:00, upper 90s and still very warm toward 9:00. very dry, mild overnight as we hit the upper 80s. winds light but the changes coming to our forecast as we track a tropical storm. i will means for rain chances in a couple of minutes. farming more breaking news, mcso deputies are investigating a shooting near dunlap. raquel cervantes joins us from the scene. what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: very limited information right now. very early in the investigation but deputies are on the scene
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shot multiple times and taken to the hospital for treatment. that person's condition is unknown. we do not have any information as to who this victim is, what that person was doing but shares deputies are -- sheriff's deputies are on the scene talking to people. right now, deputies have jack rabbit trail closed at dunlap and traffic is being diverted. we are working to get more information. reporting live, raquel cervantes, acb15 news. two causing huge delays north of the valley. they happened near black canyon city. the first happened south of rock springs exit in the second just north of that. the backup was up to 10 miles at times. no word on when the traffic will clear out. check out this car fire in the valley. this is an incredible image of the northbound lanes. it happened about 3:30 pm.
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into the sky. crews just finished cleaning that area. firefighters say they are lucky to be alive. why a phoenix family was fortunate enough to escape
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we nee
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the search is still on for the serial street shooter and we are continuing to check with phoenix police on new leads. there have been nine shootings, seven killed. in the latest attack, you can see those bullet holes. on july 11, a man and a four- year-old were stopped at an intersection when the shooter fired at them. the bullets missed. a witness came outside after black bmw driving by. a $50,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to an arrest. polls show hillary clinton widening lead over donald trump. how the republican is trying to reverse that trend.
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and a nine-year-old boy are lucky to be okay after a fire at a phoenix home. the fast- moving fire broke out at 14th and mckinley. one of the women in the house smelled smoke and woke up the other two. >> at the beginning, it was just like real light, like something burnt in the kitchen. but it got dark and the smell was just like, it was bad.
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hospital as a precaution but was not seriously hurt. family dog survived but two cats were not so lucky. investigators are trying to figure out the cause. there were sparking -- working smoke detectors near cave creek road when a wife, husband and four-year-old girl escaped to safety. their pets also survived but another pet, a reptile, firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading. no word on what started the blaze. a new abc news poll shows hillary clinton adding to her lead over donald trump but trump has a new line of attack. >> the people of this country don't want somebody that is going to short-circuit up here. >> the republican nominee trying to use clinton's own words against her.
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consistent with what i have said publicly. i may have short-circuited. >> trump is pouncing as clinton widens her lead in the washington post poll. clinton now up eight points with gains among women and consolidating support within her own party. senator and fellow republican jeff flake spoke out today saying trump has to make a change. >> i have yet to see donald trump change positions he needs to tone and tenor of the debate sufficient to win the election. >> flake says he hopes mike pence has influence on donald trump to help with that change. a 17-year-old arizona boy drowned during a family reunion in utah. the sheriff's office says it happened yesterday afternoon at otter creek state park. relatives say chase leroy clark was swimming with others when
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across the nation, a deadly accident in kansas city at a water park when a 12-year-old boy died on the world's tallest waterslide. park has been shut down since for this investigation. slide where the accident happened draft riders 169 feet at 65 miles per hour. in san francisco, another deadly accident in the sky. two skydivers killed when their pa their bodies were found at a nearby vineyard. the company is now investigating what went wrong. in ohio, 24 people were rushed to the hospital for drug overdoses. they reacted to thc laced candy that was given out. many of the patients say they thought it was marijuana edibles but it turned out not to be. authorities are trying to track down the men that were selling
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blue skies and hot temperatures. >> made it to 1090 today. coming up tomorrow, some big changes on the way that you will see in your forecast. current conditions outside, 1070 our to keep, 1100 -- 1070 in @ la tukey -- awatuki. not expected to the bigger side tonight. we have had showers and thunderstorms spotty across the high country through the white mountains and across canal and pima counties. dew point still sitting in the upper 50s here so we're not dry but we are dryer than we were a few days ago with dew points in the 60s and 70s. 400 dew point to the west with dryer air moving in -- drier
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we are tracking a tropical storm bringing moisture into the state of arizona over the next 24 to 48 hours. this is tropical storm javier with the latest winds sustained at 50 miles per hour and 58 miles per hour gusts with this tropical storm. it continues to move west and makes a turn to the northwest as we go into tuesday and wednesday so that is going to bring some moisture into arizona and into the valley. that means rain chances will be increasing and we could be looking at the potential for localized flooding so that is something we have to watch. rain chances tomorrow, still looking very minimal across the valley. i want bring them in the forecast just yet. dry monday with chances of showers and thunderstorms across south them southeastern arizona and cause continue to roll in on tuesday with a
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thunderstorms going up slightly tuesday as moisture increases. wednesday right now looks like it could be the day we see heavier rainfall. we bring that coverage in the valley to around 60%. heavy rain the biggest threat with this as it moves through thursday. 40% chance of showers and storms and dryer air works its way back into the valley as we get into the weekend. it will be the middle of the work week we have to watch. we will keep you updated on that as we get closer. 910 at the grand canyon, 1090 bullhead city, lake have a c 1090, and overnight lows in the 50s north, 60s and 70s along the rim with upper 80s along the valley. highs tomorrow very similar to today. 1110 in yuma, 1000 in lake have a sioux, 990 kingman and
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take a look at your east valley forecast. 790 tonight in cave creek. 1030 tomorrow. afternoon high temperatures slightly above average and close to 1100 tomorrow afternoon. that moisture increases so we will bring those rain chances back tuesday, drop those highs just a little bit and it will be very warm out there. mid-90s on the way under mostly cloudy skies and a of rain. we will keep you updated on heavy rain wednesday but lingering chances thursday and dryer next weekend. we have jason snavely back. we didn't know you were such a historian. >> what's the history? stay tuned. but not just one history update, but multiple history books. a historic sunday around the world in sports.
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today, the diamondbacks make it official. they have released veteran pitcher josh commentor, the same guy who was the opening day starter just last season. they certainly broke out their best today with eight
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going. three runs in the 4th. five more in the 5th. the d-backs end up running away with this one. they top the birth 9 -3, taking 2 out of 3 for the brew crew. >> we were trying to make things happen on the offensive side. dies of started to square off the ball and that lengthened the lead. i think that was a very impressive game. >> reporter: while that game was going on in downtown phoenix, history was made in the mile high city. right off the right-field wall. extra bases and more importantly, the 3000 hit club. the 30th player in major league history to rack up 3000 career hits come a with a triple nonetheless.
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baseball. alex rodriguez will officially hang them up this weekend. a-rod will play a final game in pinstripes later this week. he will immediately assume the position of special advisor and instruct her. fresh off saturday's red and white practice, assyrians decided to give the cards -- bruce arians decided to give the cards the day off. there is a focus with this team. this year's squad has shown even more character and has an even better work mentality day in and day out than last year's mentality. the players say it has to do with how things ended last january. >> when you have the opportunity and the chance to make the super bowl again the following year, but lights a match. i think everyone is focused and
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now. we actually get to hit somebody else next weekend -- week and it's the start of the road to super bowl 50 one. >> and preseason begins in five days. cardinals football back on abc15 with the cards hosting the raiders at 7:00. pregame at 6:30 pm and live coverage starting at 4:00 right here on abc15. baseball history today. same story in the worl golf. james spirek shoots the lowest round in pga tour history. how about that? a 58 in the final round of the travelers. never been done before. today, jim's. becomes mr. 58. >> history lessons all around. >> a history buff today.
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written on a scorecard. talking about some weather numbers. >> we do have a pop-up showers southwest of maricopa and maybe some brief, moderate rain. expecting the valley to stay dry today and tomorrow. another hot one with 1090 in sedona, flagstaff 80s and tonight, we talk about the
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news, tragedy at a major water park. a child somehow dying. the park forced to close. details coming in at this hour. donald trump facing dangerous poll numbers. the republican nominee losing ground. the huge group of voters lining up for hillary clinton. but now trump unleashing a new at >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. crash course. the frightening wipeout. the cyclist crashing in the middle of a race, rushed to the hospital. midair takedown. the crowded cross-country plane forced to divert. a passenger accused of attacking a flight attendant, taken away in cuffs. why are these incidents on the rise? the consumer alert tonight. phone hijacking. thieves taking over your cell


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