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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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coke?couldn't beat out blake sims and given the job by nick saban and he had played very well. >> you 1w?love that break ?v?h right there, jake coker, standing tall hf7in the pocket now you are going to throw the deep out. great read. been a lot of played very, very gswell at college that struggled at the p] pro level wo#for whatever ?ykmr >> ]i?he was xd??jameis pc5wins backup. he knew he wasn't getting on the field as long as winston was there, and he transferred to alabama. two years ago, sims led alabama+ to the c ollege football playoffs, and they lost to ohio state. tough to make this roster.
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and stanton and for the number 3. possible that the cardinals rofstick with the two quarterbacks. >> this t> overthrows to shipley. and not just if the card will mas decide they want to put them on =/% other teams will 06watch the film. and coker will play a lot because carson will not u0y lot in the pre-season. so you will see a .oblot of barkley and coker. cardinals going for e?on vio4t? 5. >> look at carson palmer. larry did l and did you see jared veldheer standing behind him? solid v&0as a rock.
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pocket and he is ripped down. sacked back at the 44-yard line as the car:)@als turn it over on down. while we have an opportunity in the exchange of possess:myi want to remember two men who were born koon the same day, february 17th. buddy ryan in 1931 and dennis both passed away this summer. cardinals tifrom 2004, 2006 and buddy, 1994 and 1995 with tremendous success as assistant coaches and p with head coaches with denny in minnesota reaching the nfc championship game twice and buddy in philadelphia leading the eagles to the playoffs 3 times. atkinson g4-?is tackled.
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denny very well, 5/and he had . big impact on this organization. he didn't get to see the win ?of ?in p became p >> and larry fitzgerald, being drafted member 3 overall. i will tell you now, david, remember back bec were eyebrows that were raised about him being drafted. you know him. you know his dad o+and that's w you drafted him. >> atkinson jnd?inside the 10 ap endzone, touchdown, raiders. i see your 3w?point on fitzgera remember. that was /o!the same draft h)y/y produced phillip rivers and ben roethlisberger who were drafted w3?larry fitzgerald but the %q? cardinals took fitz and he is
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cardinals' history. ind >> george at kin son has rushed for 97 cards on 5 carries with 2 touchdowns. >> and you think back to the ly draft in 2004. an tonightio smith, i
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minnesota staff for a while with coach green. obviously, the fitzp" 1 family, including larry senior, goes way back with denny. >> it's always tough when someone like dennis green and his passing, it happened so abruptly. you know, it's tough when heyou larry fitzgerald and his family, very close with the green family, and i know he went through a difficult time when dennim many players did. it doesn't surprise me. dennis green had the a/sreputat of being a player's coach. a lot of guys loved dennis
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guys when he did pass. >> jackson shipley the cardinals down h??31-10 lat in the fourth quarter. and speaking of larry fitzgerald, everyone wants to see if he can do it again, age 32 in his j?13th season and 2 touchdown receptions shy of 100 much and bgashipley is out to t 30-yard line. signed a 1-year exns inish his career as a cardinal as long as they want to have him. >> zmfo?the japanese fighting f >> he doesn't like when you call him that. >> no, he does not like it whatever but google it. you want to look at a japanese fighting fish. >> we did google it and showed 8it like it. >> are you going to tell me it doesn't look like him?
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a single minded purpose. have you ever seen them in the ive him the pig. >> i thought you ."?meant he looked like it. i remember the movie naked gun. [laughter] experience the new contour c?fr fox. experience cable v???tv redefi for details. >> japanese !.-?fighting very territorial. one of the most vicious killers in the sea. >> how about larry x?in the playoff p3=verqvl?game here -9? bay? the winning touchdown in overtime &swand the long catch ovml something brings out 'rthe best in larry lufitzgerald. the cardinals are just trying to run this out gsand get the
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>> boy, just great news for the organization and the fan base that larry is coming back. what a player, what a guy. i mean, just the face of the organization as it stands right now the cardinals are happy to have him. >> there was fku?a time kwn4?wh seemed untrue a couple z ago he can't do it at the level that he once did, ?and last he c year, 109 catches, 9 touchdowns. and 1absolutely shines ?j7?in t jamie foxx here for verizon. did you know verizon has more than three times the 4g lte coverage of sprint? and i'm jamie foxx for sprint. pretty much the same coverage if you squint. you are not jamie foxx! sprint is last nationally in 4g lte coverage.
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? so yeah, i've got a brain. ? ? a degree is a degree. ? ? you're gonna want someone like me. ? ? but only if you have a brain. ? (music fades out) >> we just got rep after rep after rep with one another, tha twe have rep after rep afte rep, and that's so important. you combine the rhythm and timing with the athletes we have, and it's a potent system. >> carson palmer told us during the interview that he never had more offensive weapons than he does right now. we talked about some zv?of the question marks and the 1wzq? offensive line.
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i'm like licking my chops with my offensive line. umphrey. at the beginning of camp, it depends on who you talk to about dj humphries and palmer was all over him in the ? ? interview. he comes in and gets a quarter s and a half >> he will be qlso critical a? develops. i believe the cardinals, you can't go into a super bowl season, you can't go into the season saying you know what? we have a question mark and we'll just throw him out there and see what happens. you have to some type of insurance &'?policy as well. you don't want to stall the confidence o?u)dj humphrey's offense. you don't want to do that. but you also have to make a
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out. if that's the case, that means you want pe%?a pro. remember when eric winston, when hmt?eve keim signed him tw days before training camp opened or the day before? he showed up and in %q?xgcav6th david, he was your i2?starting right tackle. remember q+5that? >> yep. >> i could see another situation like that happening if dj humphries does not develop but i tell you what, developed more year mto year than any player i had seen for ardinals. last vomyear, the xl?effort was there. the intensity wasn't there. he looked like he was out there just slapping it around. he -/awas immature. now he cares and nobody brings the intensity to practice during training camp like dj humphries. >> no doubt that the offense was headed for sbig things. number one last year in yards
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number 2 in scoring and number 2 in touchdowns for 59 and they got everybody back. every yard and point accounted for returns in 2016. it wasn't a great offensive performance tonight but don't want to read too much into it this pre-season. not showing a whole lot. and the first team offense was out rofthere for about 2 minute ee cardinals in the pre-season op and %y?@?that something is call video. they got film footage of the young guys and now, the coaches can really, really teach. you have game film to look at. you weren't working d&?against guys that you had seen since really, march. now all of a sudden, you're working against pev?se you haven't (?worked against
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planning. a lot of room to grow here. >> 31-10 the final score and we'll come back and wrap things
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>> arizona cardinals, preseason football last been brought to you by university of phoenix, by desert school we're here for human kindness and by hyundai, proud partner of the cardinals. 31-10 the final score in the pre-season opener. sthe cardinals. next up, they travel to practice with and against the )3 chargers and play san diego a week from tonight. and we should mention the most important thing about tonight, as far as we know, nobody got
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injuries. ?talk about 0cuykmthat any pre- season but this year especially when you have 7s?a championship ready g#?season. >> you can players, so always a great thing to have the options. i know ba !.e?is happy. >> we talked at the end of the telecast that the biggest guy on the offense is dj hl?humphri and all dies on so3brandon a and m, starting at cornerback. he was challenged. >> this is the challenge for brandon williams. look at him, a half-hearted press. and that's against a guy like amari cooper and missed on the press and the you inance for the position -- nuance.
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will plearn a lot based on what he saw and how the coaches will coach him up. >> one other thing, david johnson looks good. limited action and we saw the 1 run, 23 yards and he is ready for a special season. >> he really is. and you factor. david johnson, you can line 1hi up, david, and just running the football, what a dangerous, and? you want to line him up. he can 6mh routes. the guy is ?incredible. the cardinals will use him and ride that horse and get him the ball. >> enjoy the beach in san diego for a couple of days, a thought i really don't want to have, on the beach. >> i will do a couple of flexing megss jnd?sessions. >> thank you for watching. the zo7raiders 31 and arizona, 10.
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friday, the cardinals and chargers with pre-game starting? at 5:30. so ko?long from university $l x2
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breaking now at 10:00, a mesa police officer put in a situation no cop wants to be in, having to use their service weapon. >> it's a shooting near country club. we know a specialty unit was going after a murder suspect at the time. we don't know if anyone w hurt. we have a crew on the ground to get answers now. a huge investigation underway near 75th and camelback. we just learned a 48-year-old man was shot and killed after some kind of fight. police now activity looking for the gunman who they believe knows the vehicle. >> and if you know anyone heading -- victim.
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heading home from the game, tell them to be careful to avoid accidents like this. and the cardinals took on the raiders right here on abc 15, and we have post-game coverage you won't see everyone else. >> fay fredricks is live. >> but first katie raml and craig fouhy are live. >> reporter: yes, everyone was ready for this. >> reporter: ask cardinal -- the cardinals jumped out to an lead them on a drive, then things fell apart, but andre is coming upright now, so i'll stop it. >> good to be here. >> reporter: i know it's a loss, and you want to win every game, so what's the take aways? >> just have to come back action correct the film. see the mistakes you did make and try to better yourself for next week. >> reporter: we had the lead early, then things unraveled at
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beginning of the second. >> i mean, it's tough man. a lot of guys on one team, everything is trying to get reps, so it's a lot of mental thoughts going wrong at one time, but the physical match up, i felt like we were ready to play, just didn't get it done. >> reporter: how good does it feel to be back on the field? >> it was great, great, amazing. >> reporter: you returned kicks before, you know how tough it is. j. j. fumbled that one, how tough is that on the mind? >> it's tough. kick returns are not as tough as punt return, but it's a little different game. you have 11 guys running directly at you and avoid them. >> reporter: what was it like being out there? fun just to get hit again? >> oh, yeah, actually i got hit on a kick return, and that woke me up and i was ready to go. >> reporter: and for the offense as far as clicking,
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>> we just have to stay consistent. we have all the talent in the world, so just stay consistent and stay healthy. >> reporter: and all the skill positions on offense back this year. >> it's amazing yeah. >> reporter: and a reassuring feeling, that's the last thing they have to worry about is getting a job. >> right, right, we'll see what happens. we have all the tools, let's go to war. >> reporter: and you're a runningback, you're chs johnson, david johnson, taylor, a stable of runningbacks. >> >. yeah, we have a lot of talent in the room. any of the guys can pretty much play on any ball club, but unfortunately we can't keep everyone, so we have to keep competing each and every day. >> reporter: tell me what coach told you guys after the game. >> all right j get ready for -- just get ready for sunday, time
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arians is taking the podium now, let's listen. >> i thought individually there were some really good things with the young players, although collectively it was not very good. the turn overs killed us -- turnovers killed us, giving them short fields, and giving up easy touchdowns. two long runs, totally out of gaps and missed the tackles. not really concerned with those injury-wise, pretty clean. a couple of but no missed time come sunday morning practice, so it was a good beginning. good start. >> reporter: good start and only the look ahead to next -- and of course the look ahead to next week already. meantime right now fans are just pouring out of the stadium, and we're checking in with fay fredricks on the great lawn. >> reporter: yes, we're on the great lawn, and here are the fans! [ cheering ]
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that football is bam back, can you tell? yeah, i think so right. listen the cardinals fans here wish the score was different, but the thing i keep hearing was pre-season, pre-season, pre- season. we talked to a few of them outside the stadium. >> all i'm going to say is it's pre-season. a lot of football left. >> they didn't play the best tonight, but it's pre-season, and i think definitely we're going all the way this year for sure. 100 percen we only saw the best players for just a little while, so when we get the first team in i think we'll do fine. >> reporter: all right, so as you can see a lot of fans just leaving the stadium [ cheering ] >> reporter: having a good time. you know, last year the team started 2-2 in the pre-season, and went on to a great season. i'll send it back to you.
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going on there. hard tom even make out what she's saying. >> reporter: tony jefferson here now, and thanks for coming up. we talked about brandon williams, the rookie from texas, and the raiders came out and picked on him early. >> yeah, man, you have to expect that. i think for the first time he didn't do as bad why some techal -- just some technical stuff, but he's a rookie and i think it's good for him. it to make the changes before the regular season? >> oh, yeah it's huge. the guys from college get adjusted to the new rules. college is a lot different than the nfl, so it's a good thing. >> reporter: tony, some new faces in the defensive back field, so that has to take time to get acclimated to each other. >> yeah, at the same time we have mostly guys, we know the
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>> reporter: so justin bethel still were on the sidelines threw brandon into the mix right away. >> yeah, it's a lot different from college, especially the rules, so you know, liker i said, brandon's thrown into the fire right now, but at the same time i have confidence in him, and i know he'll get better as the weeks go on. >> reporter: well in the next game, and back to the studio. >> yes, it was exciting to see the cards back on the field. and we have the mesa officer involved shooting, and kim tobin is out there now. >> what were you hearing right now from officers? >> reporter: they're still waiting to talk to the public information on scene, but this whole area is tamed off with
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scene tape along hunter and grand. we see a lot of activity, a lot of officer gathered in the area. right now police tell us they were trying to make contact with a homicide suspect. somehow or another gunshots were fired, and we know that no officers were hurt in this. we don't know how badly the potential suspect was hurt if at all. i did talk to a neighbor here, and he said he heard a big crash outside the home, and gunshots. he hit the floor and told his mom to do so too. they ducked for cover and ran outside, and he did see a man in hand cuffs, but we're waiting to get that confirmed by police, but an officer involved shooting near country club road. officers are okay. we're waiting for information on the suspect. back to you in the studio. thank you. meantime an intersection shut down at 12th and northern, and
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driver crashes into a woman that may have been walking into the street. she has a tough battle ahead in the hospital. we'll continue to follow this one for you. and video of the wild chase in chandler. the driver stole the tow truck and refused to stop. even going the wrong way at one point. it took a police canine biting him to finally stop him. no name or picture yet because he's still in the hospital from the bites. now to an abc 15 exclusive. motel, but only one of them would check out. >> gabriella hardy in jail accused of shooting her boyfriend in the face. she immediately called someone, but it wasn't 911. >> reporter: and the person she called, in just a moment. fester as you mentioned -- first as you mentioned court documents say it all happened inside a hotel, and now the suspect is back inside a building with a lot of beds
10:31 pm
reporter and cameraman found an interview, the suspect's mom. i'm looking for a carmen. >> that would be me. >> reporter: court documents say her daughter was with her boyfriend at this motel 6 near 52nd and mcdowell. the documents say the woman was straddling him on a bed, picked up an ak47 and shot him in the face, killing him. mom says it was all accident. she didn't mean to kill her boyfriend? >> oh, no, no. >> reporter: how does she know? she says her daughter called her before calling the police. >> she said the gun went off, i said what do you mean the gun went off? she says it went off and hit him. >> reporter: the two were dating for a few months. he was visiting from las vegas
10:32 pm
record. clean, and mom says the relationship were fine. three people were with mom in the apartment tonight who don't know anything about the case. >> what can i tell you? she has three kids that now i'm taking care of. >> reporter: for her daughter was a night away from home, a night with her boyfriend. with him now dead she could be away for many more nights to come. and the assing paperwork say -- arresting paperwork says they were drinking and smoking marian happened, yesterday. a freak accident offering little comfort for those that new a valley veterinarian. >> he and two others died from losing oxygen when they fell into an underground grain storage. nohelani graf, and -- is there, and people are hoping to find comfort. >> reporter: yes, the support system was certainly there, all
10:33 pm
candle, share a story, and hopefully leave with a smile instead of tears. when you live in farm country, one of the most important people to call is the vet. >> he'd get somebody to help you. >> reporter: dr. bill trione, the go to for horse care. >> everyone knew him and loved him. >> reporter: and this is the herd he cultivated over the years touching dozens of lives. >> neighbor, or our friend, bill always treated you with kindness and respect. >> reporter: shepherding the community, teaching them to be better animal owners. >> not only were our animals better for knowing him, but we were too. >> reporter: sharing his strong faith. though he's gone and hearts are heavy, they find joy in sharing memories [ laughter ] >> reporter: and know he'll always be watching over them, just from a different place
10:34 pm
>> reporter: and those lanterns you saw are also meant to honor his neighbor who died trying to save the doctor as well as his of assistant. a similar turn out that what we saw tonight expected tomorrow morning for the formal funeral services. now back to you. thank you. live pictures now from air 15 on the officer-involved shooting in mesa. an update is just moments away. clear and quiet across the area tonight, and as we into the weekend our valley forecast dries out with storms still possible in the higher terrain. it's going to be hotter, we have uv and air quality alerts to track for you.
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