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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  August 15, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 news, taking action. a fight leads to a stabbing in phoenix. one man is dead. we will have a description of one of those alleged attackers who is on the run right now. and rising floodwaters in the south and the rush to save lives. we will get you caught up on this state of emergency. plus we are taking action to prevent drownings and our -- in our own back yard, as two toddlers fight i'm justin pazera. >> and i'm dan spindle. thank you for being wi us for the valley's only 11:00 newscast. a construction worker is at a trauma center right now after 6-foot sections of rebarb fall onto his leg. abc15 was above the scene near where it happened in mesa. this is near the loop 101 in guadalupe. we are told that man is conscious and alert. stick with abc15 for the very latest updates. we will try and get a condition update for that man.
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driver who hit and killed a woman in a wheelchair. we are told that the woman was in the bike lane near 48th street and mcdowell when she was hit. another driver saw that crash, blocked off the street, just to make sure she would not get hit again. they performed cpr on her until the ambulance got there but she didn't make it. police are looking for a dark colored truck that most likely has front end damage. one man dead after a fight breaks out near seventh avenue and camelback. police are still looking for one allison rodriguez has more from the scene. >> reporter: we have the phoenix mobile command unit on scene over here. lots of crime scene tape up here still and also several police units on scene as well where this happened just in between two local businesses. police tell us a fight broke out between several transient men over personal property around 3:45 this morning. we are told that one person tried to steal some personal property from two other men, did manage to get away with it
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and that's when the stabbing occurred. we believe that person who was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead was the person who had initially robbed these two gentlemen. now police are still trying to sort out some details here. but we do know that one person was in police custody and they were still looking for another. at this point it's unclear if these people all knew each other or if they were strangers. we are hoping to learn identities and some names a little bit later on today as detectives get further on in the investigation. reporting in phoenix, rodriguez, abc15. >> thank you. happening today, two big decisions that could impact the choices that you get to make come november. a judge expected to decide if there are enough valid signatures for the initiative to raise arizona's minimum wage. opponents claim the signatures were not collected correctly. the measure wants to raise the minimum wage from $8.05 to $10 an hour in january and then to raise it to $12 an hour by 2020. happening today, maybe the
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would legalize recreational pot in our state, a judge could rule on prop 205 today, opponents filed a legal challenge against that proposition claiming that the text was misleading and confusing for the thousands who actually already signed the petition to get it onto the ballot. maybe you got caught up in a bad traffic delay this morning, north of the valley. i-17, it had to be shut down because of a serious crash near cordes junction. air15 up over that area just after that wreck cleared up. police the injuries were but we are going to let you know if we find out. a wild ride for some school kids, high school kids in phoenix, their school bus was involved in a crash with a truck. that scene of this crash near 52nd street and thunderbird. great news here is that no one was seriously hurt. the cause of that crash still under investigation. but it appears the driver of the truck may have pulled out in front of that school bus. all the talk about the rain and now we have clear skies so
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heat too. it's because we have had drier air move in. so that's what kept our forecast pretty quiet through the weekend and today another similar setup, that dry air dominates our skies, so far mostly clear but our temperatures are heating up pretty fast. we are already at 101 in phoenix, that temperature just coming in at the top of the hour. we have hit the triple digits in phoenix, also chandler, glendale both at 100 degrees. 99 still in mesa and 98 in deer valley. as dry air continues to dominate our temperatures will get hotterth some may come close to the 110 mark including phoenix, sky harbor, set to hit 109 today, glendale your most accurate forecast also at 109, 106 in chandler and mesa and deer valley, up to 107 degrees so we are in for a very hot day today but we have also got storm chances for parts of our state. i'll show you what to look out for here in the valley and when rain chances return to the phoenix metro in your seven-day forecast. >> thanks, iris. that's the weather here close to home. take a look across the country, a state of emergency,
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20,000 had to be rescued after this historic flooding in southern louisiana. >> yeah, some of the images coming in just really horrifying really, that area just getting drenched with about 20 inches of rainfall since friday. that's more than triple the amount we see in an entire year. the waterlogged area expecting more rain today so changes are -- or chances are the water will rise even more, roadways there littered with cars abandoned after passengers had to evacuate. that's where some rescues took place. some stuck in cars, others trapped on rooftops. it could be a while until that water recedes. >> the weather service told us because this flooding is so far above anything that they have ever seen, they can't really model or predict how wide the water is going to fly and how deep it's going to get. >> and louisiana's governor is really trying to find a silver lining here saying that he's grateful to see the state coming together. the national guard trying
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night of violence in milwaukee. police shot and killed a black man during a traffic stop on saturday, the officer is also black, apparently he ordered silva smith to drop his weapon, when he didn't comply, several rounds were fired. now smith is dead and his sister is speaking out. >> i lost my brother. i can't get him back, never, never. that's pain. this is real hurt. i can't look my brother eye and say i love you. i don't even have a facebook to tell my brother i love him. >> protesters are saying they will not rest until the officer involved gets charged. investigators believe the shooting was justified and say they have body camera video to back up their claim. back in the valley, two people are dead and two toddlers in extremely critical condition right now after a dangerous weekend on the water. abc15's nick ciletti is taking action for us with what all of
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preventing drownings. >> we are here in front of cardon children's medical center where we are working to get an update on the condition of the twin toddlers found in that hot tub at the tempe complex, yesterday in this tragic near drowning incident toddlers were found just before noon yesterday, apparently the mom looked away for a few seconds and the twins were able to wander off into that hot tub in what is being described as a tragic accident. experts that we have spoken to in the past say it's not the kids we have to worry ou it's also adults. >> i think in so many cases we think that as we become adults we don't have to take all of the safety measures really, for not wearing helmets when on our bikes and going into the water by ourselves. we always tell kids don't go swimming alone. >> reporter: so far this year 38 drownings and a lot of those involve adults. more than two dozen of those were involving adults. lori says part of the reason why is because much drug and alcohol -- of drug and alcohol use, those things can be distracting and inhibiting our
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focused and stay safe. we are working right now to figure out if any of those may have played a role in those adult drownings and of course as soon as we get an update on those two little toddlers here at cardon's we will bring you the update and let you know how they are doing this morning. reporting here in mesa, nick ciletti, abc15. still ahead on abc15 news at 11, a safety alert if you're getting ready to tuck the baby down for a nap, why the room they are sleeping in could serious dangers to them. plus it's enough to scare any parent. what a day care worker is accused of doing at a popular chain of gyms. now to the poll of the day. which big event moves to glendale are you looking forward to most, the guns n' roses concert or the cactus kickoff? log onto and vote by clicking on links.
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if you have a newborn at home, how well are they sleeping in there's a new report in pediatrics. it is finding that babies are sleeping in dangerous environments. researchers looked at video recordings from the homes of over 150 infants, even when they knew they were being recorded we hear that parents did not follow safe sleep practices. many babies put on their stomachs or sides. that's a no-no. surrounding them with loose blankets or stuffed animals, also not good, and pu in bed with mom and dad, not recommended. now to the ongoing obesity crisis in the u.s. more than 1/3 of americans now considered to be obese. >> a new study from the american medical association shows lower income americans, they tend to have higher obesity rates. researchers think that's because they have less access to nutritious foods and outdoor space for exercise. arizona ranks in the middle for obesity. apache county and northeastern arizona had the highest rate in the state.
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rally for red newsletter, abc15 partners with the mayo clinic as part of our commitment to heart health, we encourage you to know your numbers, your cholesterol, your body weight, blood sugar and your blood pressure. learn even more at all right. temperatures are already in the hundreds and we are in for a sizzling hot start to the week. we will talk about how high temperatures will go, the storms that will be possible
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now to
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exclusive, there is new concern over safety for your children at a very popular valley gym as we have got new information about an arrest of a child care employee accused of taking inappropriate videos of a child. abc15's katie connor has more. >> reporter: this is a very extinguishing story, especially -- disturbing story especially for parents who use these day care centers. a civil lawsuit reveals this isn't the only location that's gotten in ou victims' attorneys claim dhs found several violations at the gyms in gilbert, tempe and goodyear for incomplete staff applications and lacking fingerprint clearance cards for some of the employees to actually work around children. court documents reveal edward orth took a video of a 4-year- old little girl naked when she was changing in the shower stall at the child care facility. in the video investigators say you could see orth looking around to make sure no one was coming. the video was uploaded to child pornography websites. the most shocking part to all
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kids according to victims' attorneys. now, as for orth's case, he is due back in court next month for his sentencing. reporting from phoenix, katie connor, abc15 news. >> katie, thank you. here is the quote from lifetime fitness. the response here, they say we want to emphasize this incident happened last year, lifetime released a statement in response to that civil lawsuit saying in accordance with our policy, we don't comment on pending litigation, we intend to vigorously defend ourselves in this matter. a crime alert from buckeye police department, being reminded to lock your doors and not leave anything valuable inside your cars. the warning comes after 19-year- old tyler fillmore and 25-year- old jonathan harty were arrested for breaking into a car and stealing a wallet. police say that the two men racked up debit card charges. a valley marine is laid to rest while his killer remains on the loose. we are talking about dustin shirk. the funeral this morning.
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people playing pokimon go. he was given full military honors. we did a status check on that gofundme page to help his mother pay for funeral costs. it is only about halfway to the goal of $10,000. big day for asu as the arizona center for law and society officially opens. that is the new home of asu sandra day o'connor college of law. the school is hosting an invitational only gala tonight, downtown phoenix is the location. they will be celebrating with form sandra day o'connor, all scheduled to be there. also today you can take part in a national event called city hall selfie day. we fudged it because we took the picture of the picture of city hall. yeah. head down to city hall in person and take a selfie, post it on social media with a #cityhallselfie and #phxcityhall, a growing effort to connect the community with their local government and a
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the country. if you are heading out there you might have to gloss your forehead because it's hot out there. >> we have made it into the hundreds already. abundant sunshine you will see. less humidity, so that's the good news there as we like live -- look live with our phoenix valley cam you can see how clear things are out there. nothing but sunshine so far and our temperature has made it into the hundreds already at phoenix sky harbor but notice a difference from last week when we were tracking those higher dew point levels in our dew points are actually lower, putting our relative humidity at 24% with that temperature of 101. but something else to note is because those dew points are in the 50s today, we are not dealing with the heat index or a higher feels-like temperature. so it's 101 degrees and that's what it feels like when you step outside, it's not going to feel humid or muggy today. good news there. now, up in the high country we have got a little bit more moisture and storms are going to fire up today and you can already see those clouds really
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with our cliff castle casino cam at camp verde you can see the i-17 there and the clouds building up as we await storms to fire up in the high country. but the valley really looking to stay quiet today. we are going to have to watch, though, our storms off to our north. now, right now abc15 desertdoppler all clear even to our south and southeast and the high country for now quiet but again as you saw from that camera, we are already starting to see those clouds bubble up and it's just a matter of time before we start to see a few more storms firing up along the that's really where our best potential for storms will be today, and you will notice that on futurecast that those storms will start to develop here as we go into this afternoon and i mentioned we are going to have to keep a close eye on these storms as they could come a little closer to the valley, right along that northern maricopa county border right along the foothills locations at higher terrain north and east of the valley. we could come close enough to where we will see those clouds building up and those storms could kick out some gusty winds that would move into the valley, make things a little bit breezy at times here late
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but other than that, i'm not expecting any rain in the phoenix metro. but we will keep a close eye on those storms. going into tomorrow, a similar setup where those storms fire up in the higher terrain and could inch closer to the valley but not expecting that rain in the phoenix metro. really our rain chances don't start to climb until about wednesday when we see another boost in that monsoon moisture, not a surge but enough to bring those storm chances back up a little higher. so through midday, so through the next couple of hours, we will watch the storms developing along the mogollon rim, this afternoon we will keep an eye on northern and northeast pocket of maricopa county as we could see a few storms coming closer and again by this evening those storms could send stronger wind gusts our way making things a bit breezy. otherwise it looks like the valley will stay dry today and into tomorrow. by wednesday those storm chances start to go up and they don't surge too far as again we will get some moisture in here but not a ton. 10 to 20% chance for storms especially thursday into friday morning, looking to be the more promising window for rainfall
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the weekend. with the dry conditions today and tomorrow, the heat is kicking up. so we will talk about those high temperatures this afternoon and when we will start to see that temperature dropping again in just a bit, guys. >> thank you, iris. in your entertainment headlines the valley is welcoming guns welcoming guns n' roses to the jungle. the night train rolls into the university of fenix stadium on the band's "not in this lifetime" tour, our crew was there as the stadium was transformed. you can log onto to give you really cool this tour. we know that a team of 250 people were able to get everything ready in less than 48 hours. the concert starts at 8:00 tonight. if you're going keep in mind only clear bags or small clutch are going to be allowed in. meantime adele is stopping by to say hello. the british singer has two shows at talking stick resort arena and while they are sold out we took action and checked on stub hub for you. there are over 600 tickets listed for both nights.
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from between 85 and nearly $1000, but if you want to go on wednesday night, you're going to have to dig deep into your pockets. tickets are ranging between 85 -- dan is shaking his head no -- and $1700. >> can you imagine $1000 or $1500 for a concert ticket? i like adele but we will leave it there. an animated movie comes to life in a very a-- and a very adult animated movie makes its debut but not strong enough to reign supreme at the office. suicide came in first, sausage party coming in second, raking in 36.6 million and a $19 million budget to make the money back. rounding out the top three, petes dragon brought in $25 million. the half of the olympic competition in the books. the athlete to watch out for today in rio. entire communities across the south submerged in water. just devastating. still to come, the latest
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the olympic games in rio winding down with a second week of competition underway. >> today we are watching to see if simone biles earns another gold medal as she competes on the balance beam. we want to say congrats very own alex naddour taking home the bronze medal for the pommel hourse. this is the first ever medal for the men's team. the u.s. dominating in the medal count with one week left in the summer games, we are leading the way with 26 gold, 70 medals overall, great britain has 16, china has 15, while russia and germany round out the top five. the cardinals preseason rolls on with the cards taking
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watch the game right here on abc15. cardinals pregame starts this friday at 5:30 with kickoff at 6:00 but our live coverage is going to start at 4:00 right here on abc15. and get the ultimate fan experience with abc15 and your arizona cardinals. the cards are back and we are giving away tickets to the carnes-broncos game -- cards- broncos game on september 1st. download the app and look for the contest entry for your chance to win, go to more info. good luck. 20 inches of rain and more is on the way. coming up next, the very latest on the search and rescue efforts across the south amid epic flooding. trying to sell stuffed animals to get ready for food because he hadn't eaten for
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the number of people being rescued in southern nearly tripled in size to 20,000. parts of the area receiving more than 20 inches of rain since friday, and at least five people have died. abc15's kenneth -- abc's kenneth moton has the latest. >> the bayou state underwater. incredible images of flooding coming out of louisiana, an extraordinary water rescues -- and extraordinary water rescues caught on camera. >> please help me. >> this woman in baton rouge pulled from her sinkle car in
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just in the nick of time. at least six people are dead, 20,000 people rescued from the rising waters. >> even though it was an unnamed storm, it was historic levels of rivers and creeks rising and i will tell you that we have not seen anything like this in the past. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard is in the air making daring high water rescues. the l.a. national guard is on the ground, more than 200 roads are closed or impass south louisiana, the water is dangerous in terms of the coverage on the roads. >> reporter: right now 12,000 people are in shelters. many of them grab whatever they could -- grabbed whatever they could, others escaped with just the clothes on their backs. >> we tried out the back door, there were fires and we tried out the kitchen, there was a snake so then we fought through that and then finally got in the car, tried to leave but we
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declared louisiana a major disaster. the weather is improving but the rivers continue to rise. water levels are not expected to recede for two more days. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. new video from just one of those rescues that we have seen in louisiana right here. you can see a woman who is stuck on the roof, she is being pulled to safety by a coast guard helicopter. that pilot there says that the water had nearly reached that roof and they are going to need help now and for the next few arizona, they are taking action. right now volunteers across our state, they are headed to the flooded areas, they are going to be taking emergency response vehicles loaded with food, water and supplies. while another volunteer that specializes in technology will head out from sky harbor airport later this morning. from rising floodwaters to some intense flames driving thousands from a california town. a 3000-acre wildfire has now destroyed more than 100 acres in northern california.
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still been recovering from a devastating wildfire that tore through a year ago. the latest fire just one of 11 burning in that state. across the nation now, sadness and anger in milwaukee over the shooting death of a man who police say was armed. today several people arrested, two days of protests really gripping that city. protesters set several businesses on fire, including a gas station. at least two police officers were hurt, one person was shot, the unrest started on saturday after the of 23-year-old sillvo smith. one man who was out there said violence is not the answer. >> what we doing -- what we doing is not going to make a difference, it's really going to make things worse really because we doing too much. we burning stuff down, you know, and we are not -- we are not contributing to what we are supposed to be contributing to.
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another person ran off on saturday after being pulled over at a traffic stop. one officer opened fire when police say smith ignored orders to put down his gun, a gun police say was loaded. milwaukee's mayor says police body camera footage of that incident shows smith was holding that gun. as for when the public will see that footage, we do not know that as of yet. this next story, this is heart breaking, folks, listen, a police officer in ohio goes beyond the badge to help out a young boy found trying to sell his stuffed officer steve dunham got a report about a 7-year-old wandering alone in front of a drugstore to get some money to eat. he bought the boy a sandwich there at that subway and then brought him back to the police station. >> would like to go home at the end of the day feeling like they have done something positive and had some kind of positive impact. >> the police say that the boy and his four brothers lived in just squalor, their home reportedly full of cockroaches and urine.
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endangerment. the kids are now staying with other family members. in democracy 2016 today hillary clinton accusing donald trump's campaign manager of being a little too friendly with russia. according to the wall street journal, ledgers found in ukraine showed $27.7 million in undisclosed payments to paul manafort. the money from a pro russia political party in ukraine manport has ties -- manafort has ties disclose his employees' ties to russia for pro kremlin entities. in a statement today manafort says he never received a single off the books cash payment. members of congress are going to be granted access to notes that were taken during hillary clinton's three hour fbi interview. director james comey says she put sensitive information at risk with her private e-mail server, no criminal charges were ever filed. several republican lawmakers have asked for more details. it has been a month and
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buckeye police now saying the search is likely a recovery operation. volunteers are now being asked to stop helping in that search because the likelihood of what they will find. >> i can't believe that, you know, he hasn't came back home and for us that's very scary and, you know, i hope that he comes home, you know, i hope that that boy, he's okay, you know, somewhere in -- and hopefully just scared, you know. >> investigators tell us jesse's mom is cooperating in this case but foul play has not yet been ruled out. a tip line in the case is still open. that number 623-349-6411. breaking overnight, a phoenix police officer is okay after being hit by a red light runner who may have been impaired. take a look at the scene here, it happened around 3:00 a.m. the corner of 19th avenue and greenway. police were just leaving that scene nearby at the time of that crash. the driver who caused the crash is now in custody.
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in arizona courts as a teen awaits his murder trial. leonard ma rain know's -- ma rain -- also in court today, two people facing second-degree murder and child abuse charges in the death of a 2-year-old girl, the toddler died in ryan reid and alison clemente's car in 2012. the autopsy of t girl, savannah cross, showed she was physically abused and exposed to drugs at the time of her death. so remember this high-speed chase right here through the valley? joshua monogold is returning to court today for a pre-trial conference hearing. he is facing several charges including theft and robbery. so it's monday, you need a job, but maybe the summer heat
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coming up next, we will get you help from goodwill so you can stay focused and get back to work. plus, you're going to want to check your credit card statement, especially if you have recently taken a vacation. the hotel chain just hit by hackers. first, though, this is the news to make you smile, maybe after you catch your breath. watch this on this monday morning. strangers in a boat save a woman and her dog. the woman's car, you see that? her car is sinking. she is inside the car. yeah, this is during that will will not give -- guy there will not give up. he pulls the woman. minutes later the dog pops up.
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it is summertime and so oftentimes people get disturbed searching for a new job, but
11:40 am
work, right? we brought in kimberly hall from goodwill to talk about this phenomenon. people get down on themselves even more than other seasons. >> right, it is so warm out and most tend to stay at home but we want to encourage them to continue with their job search process. there are so many opportunities in arizona, thousands of jobs that are available, even through the summer months. >> we talk about a lot of job fairs and companies hiring different events. what are some good pieces of advice you can give people to make sure they stay on the right track? >> sure. one is ne of influence. there are so many back yard barbecues and things going on where you can connect with family friends that know people who know people. we want to encourage, let people know you are looking for work, share your resume, e-mail it out. you never know what opportunities are right around the corner. >> a helped a family member get a job via a facebook post i knew. i like how this says consider contract position, maybe there's a job that you don't think is right for you but it
11:41 am
>> right, right. contracting is always a great way to find out what is available, what you may be interested in that you don't know of right now because you've never tried it. another great opportunity is volunteerism during the summer months, whether it's a nonprofit or whatever, but we found that 27% of people who are unemployed are more likely to find work because they volunteer. >> so it can actually lead to positions? >> to work in your favor, absolutely. >> and maybe expand your field as well, expand your abilities of what you can do. >> you have got it. you have got it. you learn so much when you volunteer for you get to see the background of what they do and their mission and vision of the organization so -- >> kimberly, is there a place we can get more information like that? >> sure. we want to encourage folks to come into any goodwill career center, find them on our website at >> great advice to get out there and get the jobs. >> thank you, dan.
11:42 am
by hackers. what to do if you are affected. and those clouds really starting to build up across the higher terrain. we will talk about storm chances up there and what to expect here in the valley next.
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and right now you can save even more during our huge anniversary sale. happy anniversary to me. get pepsi, 12-pack 12-ounce cans, 4 for $10. doritos, fritos, or cheetos, select varieties and sizes, $1.77 each. usda choice petite sirloin steaks, buy 1 get 3 free. albertsons huge anniversary sale.
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keeping an eye on wall street for you right now, the dow is sitting up 80 points. your personal information may be at risk if you took a vacation within the last year.
11:45 am
states in washington, d.c. may have been targeted by hackers. we are finding out that hei hotels and resorts, they were the ones hit. that's the parent company of the marriott and sheridan hotels the and the hyatt and westin hotels also. names, credit card numbers and version codes -- verification codes may have selected. right now target is trying to get more customers to buy groceries from the wall street journal reporting the shoppers just are not visiting the retailer often enough to purchase fresh meats, fruits and vegetables before those items spoil. in fact, they are starting to hurt their profits for the big retailer. they have actually made several efforts at target to revamp the grocery business which accounts for a fifth of target's revenue. twitter is in talks with apple to launch an app for apple tv. the deal would allow you to watch nfl games on apple's set top box. twitter won live streaming
11:46 am
seems like an interesting match- up, doesn't it? twitter and the nfl. the first live stream set for september 15th. that is when the new york jets visit the buffalo bills. you probably heard about google fiber, the service that has promised internet speeds 100 times faster than standard cable. well, now the company is wireless -- the company's wireless technology could be coming to the valley. phoenix one of just 24 hours selected for some major testing when it comes to high speed connectivity but don't get excited. it won't happen overnight. the tests will last two and only select volunteers will get to help google set it up in the early stages. tonight is the first self- driving oversight committee meeting, chandler is the fourth test city for google's self- driving cars. you might have seen them on the roads around the valley. the city wants you to come in and share your input on it. we have put the details on tonight's meeting on our website at a big change today at the faa. the agency is making the transition to digital radio communication. right now controllers and
11:47 am
blue sky using -- verbally using analog radios. controllers are going to be able to send routine instructions directly to the flight deck at the push of a button, reducing workload and fewer communication errors. when it comes to great mobile service, phoenix ranks 64th out of 125 major u.s. cities. that is according to a new list by route met contribution -- metrics. the site ranks cities according to speed and call and text performance. so the top five for cell phone service, they are going to be lansing, michigan, indianapolis, atlanta, milwaukee and chicago. if you are still hitting the stores for back-to-school shopping, you are not alone. this is the second busiest time of the year for retailers trailing behind only the holidays. a survey from the national retail federation shows the average family with children from kindergarten through 12th grate is -- grade is spending an average of $673 on clothing,
11:48 am
supplies. ain't that the truth? that is nearly 7% jump over last year. maybe you're not going back to school but a lot of people are going back to work today and we are taking action to help you land your next job. of course we just talked to goodwill will ways to find that job. hundreds of jobs up for grabs at a phoenix job fair now through 2:00 this noon. a whole lot of companies are hiring on the spot. take in plenty of copies of the resumes, dress to impress. happening at the phoenix hilton airport at the address on your screen. august is drowning prevention month and daisy mountain firefighters are taking action to help their community. >> we want to introduce you to the piper family. they were adopting their young grandchildren and they needed a pool fence to keep them safe. they talked with the daisy mountain firefighters charities, they were able to raise enough money and present the pipers with a check to buy and install that fence. now they are safe and they are ready for some pool fun. which, of course, that is needed, very important to have those fences.
11:49 am
>> and the temperatures today going to get hotter than they were even this weekend. i want to start off by showing you a cool picture. with all of the monsoon rains that we have had over the last week or so, that's been very beneficial for the wildfires up in the high country. this picture courtesy of the national weather service in flagstaff, the wildflower blooms so beautiful, courtesy of the rain they have had in the high country. starting to see the storms fire up along the rim. remember the last time we looked at abc15 desertdoppler, we were watching those cloud blow up but not a whole lot of rain yet. within the last 20 minutes we are starting to see some of the storms popping up near the 40 east of flagstaff, another pocket of storms just southwest of the 40 there northwest of paulson to scattered storms starting to develop or rather isolated storms as we go into this afternoon, we will see more scattered storms along the mogollon rim. the valley, though, is all quiet right now and when you look outside you're going to see this, mostly clear skies. we have abundant sunshine and we are likely going to see
11:50 am
afternoon. all of this sun will help create that ozone pollutant and today it's going to reach unhealthy levels potentially for folks with respiratory issues. so the arizona department of environmental quality has gone ahead and issued an ozone high pollution advisory for today and that also has been extended into tomorrow. so if you've got respiratory issues, know that those ozone concentrations, that clear pollutant that you won't be able to see could reach unhealthy levels for you so indoor plans might be the way to go here as you go into this afternoon or plans, rather, for the rest of today and also tomorrow. and really all of us may enjoy being indoors a little bit better because of how hot temperatures are getting out there already. we are already seeing those temperatures running four to 5 degrees warmer in several valley cities than 24 hours ago. phoenix is already in the hundreds, glendale you're up to 103, 103 in laveen, we are at 103 also in chandler, ahwatukee, you're already hotter, inching up to near 107, 100 in peoria and we are at 102
11:51 am
fast. we've got some light breezes out there too, between about five and 15 miles an hour and we will keep some of the breezes in place as we go through the afternoon and know we could get stronger wind gusts thanks to storms nearby over the higher terrain. they could send gusty winds away so we will be watching for that through the afternoon. but other than that, plan on sunny to mostly sunny skies and temperatures heating up to 102 in phoenix by noon, 106 by 2:00 and then your high today up to 109 so shy of that 110 mark this afteron again, scattered storms along the rim, some of them could come close to that higher terrain just northeast of the valley. possibly sending some gusty winds into the phoenix metro. but not expecting any rain here in the phoenix metro today or even tomorrow, just those scattered storms along the rim. by the middle part of the week, though, we will see more storms in the high country and we will start to see those storm chances go up in the valley. at least a 10 to 20% chance through the end of the week into the weekend. temperaturewise, though, today dealing with the heat up to 109
11:52 am
out to our west, temperatures will get even hotter out there, between 110 and 115 this afternoon. so very hot day in the valley and across our desert areas in our state, temperatures again reaching above that 30-year average of 105, so stay hydrated, do your best to stay cool as we go into this afternoon. overnight the lows drop into the low to mid-80s across the valley with a low of 87 in phoenix, down into the 60s in sedona. 109 today and tomorrow as we start to bring up those storm chances, though, will start to drop and by friday we are down to near average at 104. in today's "right this minute" video a man comes to the aid of a fawn trapped in a fence. >> easy, easy. easy. i'm here to help. >> you can hear that homeowner trying to calm that little deer down. he walks over and uses an electric screwdriver to try to remove one of the posts on his back yard deck to free the animal.
11:53 am
that deer manages to wiggle free and run back into the forest. to see all the day's top videos every weekday right here on "right this minute," right here on abc15 every afternoon at 2:00 p.m. coming up next, we will recap the top stories including the stabbing death of a transient. we will have a description of
11:54 am
11:55 am
abc15's poll of the day ou ford. >> we wanted to know which big event moved to glendale are you looking forward to. 70% say that they are looking forward to that guns n' roses concert tonight, the arena bowl 10%, and u of a versus by yu20%. as we approach the noon hour we want to recap the top story for you here at abc15. a construction worker is recovering after 6-foot long sections of rebar fell onto his legs. air15 over the scene in mesa near loop 101 and guadalupe.
11:56 am
conscious and alert. police on the hunt for a driver who hit a woman in a wheelchair. she was reportedly near 48th street and mcdowell when she was hit. another driver saw that crash and blocked the street so she would not get hit again. unfortunately that woman in the wheelchair did not survive so police are looking for a dark colored truck that most likely has front end damage. a fight between two transients ends with one of them getting stabbed to death. this attack happened outside of a bar at seventh avenue and camelback. police still searc attacker who said -- who is said to be about 5'5", 60 to 65 years old with long blond hair. fay fredricks just got in the studio with a check on what's happening on "the now." >> phoenix police notice an uptick in crimes when it comes to buying and selling items through online exchange sites. we will talk about what's behind that and how to keep yourself safe. a woman takes matters into her own hands when her electronics are stolen. how she tracks them down.
11:57 am
dozens of dogs. police say she wasn't supposed to be there. tonight she is giving us her side of that story. all coming your way at 4:00 on the now arizona. let's talk about that most accurate forecast. starting to see ai few -- a few more storms firing up along the mim. we will keep a close eye on the higher elevations to the north and east as we could sew a few storms coming today and tomorrow. stay hydrated, up to 109 this afternoon. tomorrow same picture but then by wednesday, thursday, friday, we start to feel the humidity kick up, the storm chances increasing as well especially as we head again into thursday and friday with the monsoon moisture returning. >> yeah, moving towards the end of august, of course. it kind of wanes and then we go, now it's just hot. >> and september usually you
11:58 am
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