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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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what. the devastating loss a families dealing with as another member of their family tries to recover from a flesh eating bacteria. a tough story for this family. we will tell their story coming up in a bit as we say good morning. >> wednesday morning starts off humid. we could really hear the rain coming down at the studio. >> we have the pockets of showers in spots across the valley. i'm still tracking some of that late -- light rainfall in some spots the southwe mainly. things have quieted down across central phoenix. we have a little spring collection your ahwatukee. mainly over the historians and around tolleson and levine we are getting some of that light rain at this hour. you can see it's mainly the green color indicating the lighter rainfall versus the darker reds over the history is we saw earlier. plan on rain chances through the morning to stick around
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am. after that chances taper off. this afternoon and evening we could see that potential of more storms rolling in. if you commute into work early this morning watch for a few showers. it's 87 degrees outside. by this afternoon 109. very hot. we will talk more about the storm chances in a few minutes. let's look at the roads. it's pretty quiet. any spots that could see some damp roads are not totally impacting yo commute we have crash in the north valley that is just about clear there telling us this could be weather related here. your slowed back to about 19th avenue. or so. desert drive time will be about eight minutes. once you're past seven street it really eases up from there. we will have a look at the east valley in a couple of minutes. breaking news.
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somebody up and seconds later a car speeds by. the person in fire out -- inside opens fire. that is what detectives are telling us happened in levine. the victim has died in the shooting. justin pazera is live on the scene your 51st avenue. and southern . there is a very large police presence. >> reporter: there is. detectives are combing the street and streets a couple of bl flashlights looking for the evidence. you can see detectives here where it happened, just beyond one of those squad cars. there was a pt cruiser, that is the victim's car that was involved in all of this. police say around 7:40 last night they were called to this neighborhood. there was a fight between two groups. three hours later police were called back out to this neighborhood a few blocks away.
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police believe a couple of those people in one of those groups were trying to retaliate . they shot a man trying to pickup someone for a ride. that man was innocent. he was the wrong target. as for the suspect, police believe don't have one yet because during the first call, during the fight, nobody was talking. they don't have much to go on as far as that. as soon as we do get a good description of who police are looking for we will immediately pass that along. live in phoenix with abc 15. where learning information about a situation in apache junction. mcso saying it was a bb gun a man and the deputies when they went to his go -- to his home. deputies eventually shot the 53- year-old man who later passed away. he was wanted for a range of things cleaning drugs, weapons charges. all deputies involved are doing okay. police are trying to figure out if a shooting was in
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was cleaning some offices when another man approached him with a hammer and he shot intruder. ar-15 spotted the hammer laying there on the ground. the worker says he fired in self-defense. a man who was shot died in the hospital. a mesa family having a rough go of it as grandma just got home from the hospital. she had about with a flesh eating bacteria. a fire took out everything they have. even their pets. kyra and her three kids and parents for us to stay in a hotel right now. she was cooking dinner with her stepdad started yelling fire. they all got out okay with the clothing on their backs. four cats and two dogs died in that fire. >> i feel like i should have run in there grabbed them, but i didn't, i just froze. >> a firefighter did manage to save one dog. they don't have the money to
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we put a link to a donation account on abc keller into magic dust keller elementary in mesa is also collecting clothing and toys for the kids. they can use boys clothes size 9 and 3t. the little girl is a size 4. anything you can do to help other family would be greatly appreciated. now exclusive on jessie wilson. he is a 10-year-old missing buckeye boy. we have learned jesse's mother was no stranger to police. this exclusive report. jesse has been missing for more than a month and there have been no signs of him anywhere. >> we have watched police officer search in the middle of the desert just like this. is also a possibility he ran away from home to a spot like this, not in someone's car and took off. he could be anywhere. avondale police report is setting light on a potential child abuse allegation back
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that the mom, jessie wilson, wasn't getting enough food to her kids. when police showed up they found two little boys tied to their bed. mom told an officer it was because the boys were getting out at night the same thing she's telling us now, six years later. we want to be very clear, the mom has not been charged with any crime. police say she is cooperating with investigation. we are also learning new information on the devastating murder of a three-year-old in youngtown. mcso telling abc 15 they found evidence of drug activity inside the home. deputies arrested shea holloway last weekend. they say he pushed his little brother down the stairs and stabbed him to death. right now investigators are trying to figure out if the drugs are connected to the murder. he has been back, glenda
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prison. today the nau shooting case heads back to court. stephen jones killed a fellow student last october as well as injuring three more. he claims it was all self- defense. his trial is slated to begin in april. we reported on the heroin epidemic across the country and bringing it closer to home, glendale pd once to get on top of this deadly trend for education the department hosting three different training events this week. the first one is drug addiction treatment facility just off the i-17 at indian school. addresses on your screen. where it is today. for more information check out the glendale police department facebook page. who are they giving money to? we're talking about pinnacle west to the parent company for aps. they got two subpoenas from a grand jury. this is related to the 2014 elections, which the fbi is currently investigating.
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corporation commission so is can increase rates. the sound of the ice cream bell ringing, dangerous for one little girl as she was hit by a car. you will be shocked to find out which car it was. we will tell you how she is doing this one. -- this crash is all clear that. the traffic is will have a look at some of your desert drive time's. 87 right now.
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looking at desert doppler tracking a few spotty light showers in parts of the west valley. most of us are dry. you may notice some lingering puddles in your neighborhood in
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across parts of the valley. still raining over the astray is. over some of the desert areas to the stalf -- to the south. tolleson and levine also seeing some light showers. enough to wet the roads just south of the i-10. also still tracking a few light showers there would dell. -- near waddell. there is early this morning thereabout 7:00. after that we actually get some skies clearing. we will see mostly sunny skies for the rest of today and this evening we could bring back storm chances. some could move back into the phoenix metro and produce areas of dust. temperature-wise, 87. we have had a little bit of a cool down because of the rain it moved
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the high today of 109. we will talk storm chances the rest of the week, next. that crash on loop 101 at seventh street is now completely clear. still seeing sluggish conditions on the 101. i want to focus on the east valley were things are really quiet. this is us 60 westbound from country club to the 10. a crash in the west valley this is in peoria. northern avenue at 99th avenue. it is off the 101 say you could see a little congestion getting on and off the freeway. i will give you the look at the rest of your west valley commute in a few minutes. if you want a car title loan you might have to give up your car keys. joe lets you know why one valley man couldn't get his car back. we will take you back to the southeast louisiana is dealing with tremendous flooding
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morning. this morning's gma first look, a 12-year-old hunter from utah under fire after posting these images on social media. posing with a giraffe, zebra, all killed while hunting in africa with her dad. >> it's something i cherish and enjoy. i want other people to see what i have been able to experience. >> areata and her father took a hunting trip last week one of many over the past five years. they say all hunts were legal. areata sick and an animal hater, even threatening the 12-year- olds life. some are defending the father daughter duo, writing let the haters hate. hunt away areata. >> we are proud to be hunters and will never apologize. >> we will hear more -- more
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look at that lightning show over northern arizona last night. thank you to andrew for sending this in. he captured that strike in the flagstaff area. we want to say thanks to be anke who captured the approaching storm and so beautiful wildfire images as well. when the next round hits send us those abc more devastation for the people of louisiana. the flood waters, some have started to recede in particular areas. however, the waters are rising downstream. after touring the flood ravaged area the governor says he expects nearly half of the six parishes there to be declared disaster areas. he also impose a curfew last night after reports of people looting. is that disgusting and horrible?
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at least 40,000 homes have been damaged. 11 people have died in the worst flooding in state history there. more than a dozen arizona red cross workers from our state arrived there last night. i was, i want to bring you in on this as our weather expert. is more rain heading that way? >> over the next few days storm chances will gradually drop for tha we still have that threat of the flooding in parts of texas as more rain continues. i wanted to point out, those are actually flood warnings still in effect. the problem is you are getting a lot of the water that is slowly receding into some of the rivers and that is causing that flooding. the flood warnings will continue to be in effect through today. they are still going to continue to deal with all of the major flooding in several spots across louisiana. out to the west we have flash flood watches posted for parts of texas as that area is now
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rain. you can see the heavy rain falling in parts of texas now as we get into some of the gulf moisture. the threat for flash flooding in texas. it will take a while for that water to proceed in parts of louisiana. we will look at the valley forecast in a few minutes. a woman accused of killing her child no longer facing first-degree murder charges. the grand jury came back with second-degree murder charges with extreme indifference to human life. that is a quote for natalie russell. 22-month-old methadone and methamphetamine overdose. russell's family says she has been struggling with detox and jail and has finally realized her baby is gone. >> now that she is off the methadone and seeing clearly, i think she is in a grieving stage really bad. >> when i talked to her the other day she told me that it's still's -- still not real to her. she does not acknowledge and
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>> russell has been moved to high protection custody since this is a high profile case. the epa says it's responsible for a spell but the navajo nation says it has been not been compensated for any lawsuits -- losses so they have now joined the lawsuit with new mexico. joe ducey here. five years after taking out a only to find out they have lost your keys. >> >> reporter: inherited from his grandmother, this 1968 plymouth vip and its keys became collateral for tom skilling ends title loan. >> i kept up good with the loan and then i fell and shattered my arm. >> reporter: it took more than five years, but tom finally paid off. why is it hidden? he says nobody knows what happened to his keys. >> at any time somebody could
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in the ignition and walk off with something that is yours. >> we pushed. >> we don't have the manpower to look for them. >> reporter: he tried again. the manager agreed to rekey the car but couldn't get approval. we contacted southwest title -- title loans who responded almost immediately, [anchor reading quoted material displayed on screen.] a few days later, >> i feel great. >> reporter: tom got call he was waiting for. >> he ended up reimbursing me enough to buy the locks and get them put in. >> i'm glad. finally, after all that time. >> reporter: thanks for southwest title for coming through so quickly after we got involved. i'm joe ducey. have a great day. if you have a problem let me know. we are waking up to a live
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phoenix valley cam. we picked up some measurable rainfall overnight at phoenix sky harbor. about 1/10 of an inch, will take it. we have some spotty light showers over the phoenix metro. most of them falling as light rain. right now we are seeing a few new pop-up showers near the glendale area and sun city. moderate rainfall. nothing very heavy. enough to maybe require the windshield wipers as you drive into work as this continues to slowly work to the south. this is impacting spots along grand avenue and 67th avenue, 75th avenue. as well , and parts of eastern peoria. further to the west along the loop 303 tracking a few light showers as well pushing to the south. all very spotty so far this morning. that will continue for the next
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also getting in on a little light rainfall, all very light. storm chances in the forecast heading back into this afternoon. you can see much of the area of the state is under a storm threat. at least a slight chance for most of us of getting some showers and storms into this afternoon. this morning a slight chance of showers through about 7 am. after that i. >> our skies to clear. little more sunshine going through midday into the afternoon. by this afternoon we will be watching for storms to fire back up along the rim. a few could move off higher terrain and into the phoenix metro just like yesterday. we will have to keep an eye out for patchy blowing dust. tomorrow more promising for storm chances. that is why the storm chances are going up for thursday. today a 10% chance this morning. we could see a stray storm again by this evening.
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there is a chance we could bump that up higher into thursday. tomorrow looks to be the most promising day for rain across the valley. the storm chances are dropping heading into the weekend. keeping them at an isolated chance each day, even going into next week. temperatures today will still be at 109. but, notice as the monsoon moisture increases temperatures drop. by the weekend hour highs in the low 100s about today's hour by hour temperature forecast in a few minutes. also delays in the north valley on the 101, they have completely cleared out. you shouldn't find any delays. i want to focus on the west valley. it is getting busier on i-10 traveling eastbound. an 11 minute desert drive time from 75th avenue. to the mini stack. for the most part looking good
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it is building near glendale southbound. i will break down the rest of your i-17 commute in a few minutes. a couple of arizona entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the current political climate. how they are giving a classic card game a presidential twist. the future of the d-backs and chase field hinging on today's county meeting. levine. police say at least one man is dead, an innocent bystander.
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good morning. trending al conklin -- 20, trump you and feel yeah. >> those are the names of two new card games being launched here in phoenix. the games are a lot like the game old maid, but instead of matching numbers and try to match pictures with the same quotes from donald trump and hillary clinton. those are quite the profile images. everything is made here in the balance they are trying to raise $10,000 to roll this out across the country. if you would like to learn more we have that information on your screen. >> election day will be here fast. i'm tracking showers early
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midday before more storm chances and heat this afternoon. i will break that all down next. we are seeing some delays on i-10 at 83 avenue. we will have a look at the drive on i-17. a trip to the ice cream truck turns devastating for one family. you will never guess who was behind the wheel. i want to see some of the brand-new images. these are live images coming in right now from california. this is that wildfire i was telling you about. this thing has really turned devastat in. first justin bieber and now a dell. crooks deceiving you.
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10-year-old jessie wilson has been missing for more than a month. this morning we got our hands and documents dealing what it was like inside his home. that stories coming up. coach bruce arians in our thoughts as he had to be rushed to the hospital. >> rain for some of you. i was will keep a close eye on the storms and have the most accurate forecast. good morning and thank you for starting your day with us. >> this morning so many of us talking about the weather. >> sprinkles but i don't see the lightning we saw earlier. iris, is anything going on right now? >> this shower in the
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no lightning as of now. much of the action has been across west valley early this morning. that particular shower i was tracking earlier, look how it flared up and produced slightly heavier rainfall over grand avenue and 59th avenue. watch for a few slick spots in that area if you're heading out within the next half hour or so. certainly this will leave behind some lingering puddles through the early morning commute. not seeing any lightning with this. we also had a few showers near the loop 101. those are fizzling out as we look to the west. we had some light rain near buckeye, that light shower pushing out over palo verde and fizzling out. much of the state is including -- is included in this 10% chance of showers until about 7 pm. clearing skies a bit before this evening when rain chances go back up your today's high
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i will show you the cooler seven-day forecast in a few minutes. looking at the roads, even though there are showers in glendale it's not impacting the freeway commute. i haven't seen any slick roads near i-17 or the 10. a little patch of slowing on i- 17, and eight minute desert drive time from i-10 stack to the i-10 split near about seventh street. i-10, no delays yet. i can tell you it's pretty heavy between 83rd and 67th avenue. i will give you a closer look at your commute on the i-10 in the east valley in a couple minutes. breaking news, if you're just now waking up there is a very large part of -- police presence in the southwest phoenix area following a deadly shooting. a man was getting out or into his car at the wrong place at the wrong time when someone drove up to him, opened fire,
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first reporter on the scene with all of the newest information what is the latest? >> reporter: they are starting to tear down this crime scene they have taken down the police tape so this mobile command units will be coming out. they will let us get a little closer to the area where this all happened. what we know at this point, if you -- a few lots from this location police spotted to a fight call around 7:40 last night. arguing. whatever that was it was bad enough for police, they had to come back later. the person that was shot and killed was just a guy here to. someone up for a ride. that person, we don't have a lot of details on that person, we know it's a male victim.
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hospital. in the last few minutes they towed away his pt cruiser so a detective will be going through that. also trying to pinpoint exactly who this is. they said the first call, the folks were not talking so they have the task of trying to figure out who actually did this. live in phoenix with abc 15. just a terrible story for everyone involved in this, a little girl is an extremely critical condition after she was hit by a police cruiser. the three-year-old was getting ice cream your 75th avenue. and camelback and darted into the street in front of the cruiser. she suffered several skull fractures and was rushed to the hospital. everyone, including the officer involved, all incredibly distraught at what happened. >> [ indiscernible ] it was an accident.
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are with his three-year-old in the hospital and her family. >> the officer involved is a 35-year-old woman who says -- who is said to be an eight year veteran of the police department. good news is we are told the little girl was breathing on her own winds -- when she went into surgery. >> that is a tough story. he has been missing for more than a month. sadly, there is still no sign of this missing 10-year-old buckeye boy. jessie wilson, exclusive information and are shedding some light on his home life. katie conner is live in buckeye with more. what do we know this morning? >> reporter: we're learning police did a check on jessie wilson's home a few years ago and found two young boys tied to the bed. this was in 2011. jesse's mom told officers the boys were getting out of bed at
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harness to keep them in. the cops decided there was no need for any further action or follow-up. fast-forward to this july, 10- year-old jesse disappeared.'s mom says he ran away from home. >> we are playing out every scenario that we have. we have to be realistic and we have to look at every available option.>> reporter: jesse is a high profile -- is the fourth high-profile missing child case do want to make this very clear, jesse's mom has not been charged with a crime and police do say she is cooperating with this investigation. another investigation following closely. this guy, we all want the phoenix serial street shooter off the streets. one group is taking action and asking police what they can do to get this guy behind bars work there determined to catch him.
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know how they can be better witnesses. >> what makes me nervous is i'm kind of convinced the shooter or shooters don't look too much like this sketch. we are depending on that entirely. >> we are told more than 30 detectives are now working a full-time street shooter task force. we want to keep reminding you there is a $50,000 reward in this case. what will happen to our home team? a meeting today for maricopa county officials to talk about selling chase field. the diamondbacks. we know they have been at odds with the county in a very public battle about who needs to pay for the renovation costs. now the board of supervisors will host a special session of voting on the potential to bring in a private buyer picked the d-backs say they did reach out to investors at one point. we do know the price tag is somewhere
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makes us on easy with the unknown. >> definitely. sticking with sports, we expect to learn more this afternoon about cardinals coach bruce areas. he is waking up in the hospital this morning. cardinals were in san diego getting ready for their second preseason game against the chargers. shortly after they got to the stadium for practice the coach told the team's medical staff he wasn't feeling well. he had some tests done last night. craig caught up with larry fige update. >> i just heard about him now. he's going to be fine. >> we heard he is doing better. he is in some discomfort so we are concerned for him. he is our leader. he's a heartbeat of our team. we really wish him a speedy recover. >> the toughest coach in the
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63-year-old aryans is a prostate cancer survivor. we should get an update on his condition around noon. the shock and heartache from last week's underground rescue, juan pablo garcia came to the us five years ago and ended up here in arizona. he worked under the direction of dr. dill try on. he's a well-known fact that we have heard a lot about. juan pablo had a nine-year-old girl and send money to support her. >> when he came to california he wanted to take classes he needs to take so he could become a full veterinarian here in the us to support his family. >> juan pablo tried to save his boss from that underground grain storage area. another neighbor try to help out , all three of those men died. i want to take you out for abc 15 live drive in the west valley.
5:40 am
right now lyft driver is around 59th avenue. where we are seeing a pocket of heavier showers. you can see cars driving by picking up water on the roads. i want to encourage you, if you do encounter the showers it's important to take it slow driving through some of the wet roads. right now look how isolated that shower is. it has expanded a little bit over parts of glende grand avenue. we are picking up some heavy rain in the red. no lightning from this vantage point. the storm threat is low this morning. we will keep watching for that as we go. the threat for showers is there through about 6 am to right around 7:00 before the shower chances taper off. you may gets caught under a shower like this as you head into work in the glendale area. showers are slowly tracking to the southeast. to the west we had a few more
5:41 am
astray is. things down there also winding down. this area is the spot of focus. i will watch that as it could impact parts of i-17 going through the next 30 minutes or so. a stray shower possible through 7 am and then clouds breaking up . we will end up with mostly clear skies through the afternoon. this afternoon and evening we will have to watch and storms could move off the higher terrain and into the phoenix metro. a 10% chance driving home again later on. we will talk about th drivers and east valley a waking up to no delays and dry roads on i-10 traveling westbound. a seven minute desert drive time starting at loop 202 santana and tell you hit the 60. in the west valley i-17 and the 10 are starting to slow down. you are seeing those delays on i-17 southbound to about the durango curve. willie extending on the 10 between 80willie extending on the 10 between 83rd and about 43rd avenue.
5:42 am
camera, i-10 at 67th has sluggish conditions until about 43rd. we will have a look at the north valley driving in a couple of minutes. a california breaking news happening right now. devastation left behind with the blue cut fire. this thing is racing across landscape. >> a consumer alert will have you running to check your credit card accounts. the hotels hacked and how crooks were able to get your
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with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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good morning. this is abc 15 mornings. i love this few. you can see red mountain -- i love this view. you can see red mountain in the distance. we will have your most accurate forecast with iris working to help plan your day. that is coming up in a few
5:46 am
people are out of their homes at this moment, at least a dozen buildings have been destroyed. these are live images coming in of california. this is active fire burning. this is from earlier. this is video from earlier. the blue cut wildfire is shooting flames 80 feet high in some spots and has become an a 28 square-mile monster. interstate 15 is the main route between less angeles and loss vegas and is shut down. we got this new images coming in right now. at some points we have seen that fire crowning. it's jumping from treetop to treetop and moving fast. at one point burning 1000 acres and hour. >> on facebook and facebook life we break down the very latest. today in court we could
5:47 am
christopher mckenna. he is a former scotts hill teacher and track coach accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. he is facing three dozen charges ranging from sexual exploitation and lowering a minor. the 37-year-old even sent naked pictures and made sexual comments to a teenager on twitter. this after he got caught. we could get a change of plea for this couple accused in the death of a four-year-old back in 2013. police say and the mother, melissa hitting her daughter in the stomach are both are charged with child abuse and first degree murder charges. a consumer alert, especially if you are going out of state and into a hotel. give your credit card company a copy the 20 highest cheriton, marriott and other hotels were all part of a hack attack and an unknown credit card compromise. the hotels related -- were located in 10 states and the
5:48 am
if you have spots you like to visit like santa barbara, san francisco they were affected by this. this mostly went down between december of last year and this june. one showdown, one to go. adele is getting ready to say hello to phoenix for a second night. as thousands watched her show last night, some fans were devastated because the tickets they botch were fake. marissa sanchez two tickets. when she tried to get in she was told the tickets weren't real. >> my sister is blaming herself. i'm like it's okay, it's monday, it sucks, but there's nothing we can do. she is crying in the corner. >> so disappointed. she says she bought the tickets on craigslist from a man named david sanchez. the ticket office told her at least six people bought fake
5:49 am
we always issue that warning about buying tickets on craigslist. >> i feel sick. is not always easy to know if the ticket is the real deal. we are taking action with a five step checklist. the experts say make sure the font is the same across the entire ticket. look closely for spelling errors . if there's a website link check to see if that is a legitimate website. also, on ticketmaster they don't put co it might sound crazy, but say to grab a paperclip, heat it up and put it on the edge of the ticket for a freeze -- for a few seconds. if it's real only the front of the ticket will start to turn brown. if it's fake it will start to show on the back as well.
5:50 am
if you have a second come to your tv and check out this sunrise. a beautiful view as we look out toward the east. some scattered clouds. it's a different view as he looked toward the west and southwest valley. here is downtown phoenix. still tracking areas of rainfall over the higher terrain. still seeing light rainfall this morning. this little shower flared up heavier rainfall. i have been watching this, under 1/10 of an inch for most of them. producing light rain, but enough to make the roads wet or require winchell wipers, especially in the areas around 59th avenue. between grand avenue and the i- 17. that shower is impacted parts of i-17. it is an isolated shower we are
5:51 am
much of the rest of the action has slowly tapered off this morning. as we go through the day today there is a 10% chance for rain through about 7:00. after that clouds start to break up further. we will see mostly sunny skies through much of the day until this evening when we could get another stray shower or storm as storms fire in the higher terrain's first and could move into the phoenix metro. also, get ready for more heat. 87 now. a quick reach a high of 109. yesterday we topped out at 111. the 30th day so far this year with temperatures at or above 110. we will stay just shy of 110 this afternoon. over the next few days storm chances are going up and our temperatures will start to trended down. by the weekend highs near 103. we will talk about thursday storm chances in just a bit.
5:52 am
alerts or tieups this morning. you can see those delays extending through the 10 right now. in the north part of the valley six minute desert drive time from 75th to the 17. we had a crash in that area earlier, but no delays there. on the 17 or 51 southbound i don't see any congestion yet. i will keep a close eye on that. the i-10 in the west valley has delays extending back towards 83rd avenue. back towards 83rd avenue. not easing up until about 43rd avenue. first we have to talk about rocking in rio. one man says forget the headlights. he heads south to catch his seventh olympics. two kids go to the emergency room every hour because of stroller injuries. coming up, the brand-new report
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grand canyon university's newly remodeled golf course is thriving in the heart of phoenix. featuring over 7,200 yards of expansive tees and tree-lined fairways signature par threes greenside bunkers premium greens
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this summer with great rates as low as $15, available now. book your tee times at a few more days for americans to grab a medal at the olympics. in the meantime, we are leaving the medal count with 24. 28th gold -- 28th gold. china, great britain, russia and germany are all rounding out the top five. we have all loved watching the olympics these last two
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>> david is a financial planner who has called ahwatukee home for 25 years. this week he traded the desert for the brazilian beaches and squeezing in some spectating in between. he is a huge olympics fanatic. this is his seventh olympic games. the first time was a summer olympic games in atlanta in 1996. what about headlines around the rio games? safe issues, zika? david says it has been smooth sailing. he heads back to the valley on saturday. the sun is coming up and i have spotted a rainbow over the astray as. i will show you where the rain is still falling now, next. you will see some slow and go on i-17 around the durango curb. exactly what you can. >>, coming up. brand-new information on a missing buckeye boy.
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contact with the mom.
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5:59 am
a man trying to give someone a ride shot and killed in levine. what we are finding out about this drive-by shooting. the sun is up and we are waking up to rain in parts of the valley. i will show you where you will find the wet roads and what to
6:00 am
wednesday in your most accurate forecast. the images coming out of louisiana just keep getting worse and worse. thousands of people have homes underwater. the shocking numbers on the flooding coming out today. you have to see this to believe it. it is incredible. breaking news coming in, it sounds like we have a massive rescue operation happening off the coast of puerto rico. there something happening on board a fairy carrying more than 500 people. we are sharing some images from their. let's start with the most accurate forecast. some of us saw some raindrops this morning. >> some of us waking up to showers and a chance of more storms this afternoon. right now you can see the east valley is quite as we wake up to scattered showers --


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