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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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a man is dead after a run- in with an arizona deputy. what the suspect is accused of doing that sounded the alarm. thousands of people rescued as entire communities remain underwater. so many volunteers pressing pause on their own lives to help people in louisiana. more than two dozen wildfires out west. we will get you caught up on two of those largest forcing evacuations. good morning. >> thank you for joining us for the valley's only 11:00 newscast. in phoenix a fight ends with a person pulling out a baseball bat and hitting a man at an apartment complex near central and bell. earlier we saw several people led away in handcuffs. at first this came in as a
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neither victims nor suspects are cooperating so police have few warns out for arrests. surveillance video in one a man dish of a man damaging an american flag. police are trying to figure out who this guy is. you can see him take down the flag at a park in hayden and mcdowell. he is throwing it to the ground and breaking a light nearby. if found he could face charges or criminal damage. an innocent bystander was shocked overnight and killed in the west valley. detectives a investigation near 51st avenue. and the southern. police were called to the neighborhood for a fight. hours later they were called for a shooting a few blocks away. investigators believe people in one of those groups that were fighting were retaliating. they shot the 28-year-old man who was trying to. someone up for a ride. he was the wrong target and was not involved in any of this. police do not have a suspect at this point in we're told they're not getting much help
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a pima county sheriff's deputy recovering after he shot and killed it to sunman during a fight that started with a report of a man trying to take pictures and we were children to his car. deputy colby nodal found the car, try to get the driver to pull over and ended up in a driveway. that's when the suspect got out of the car and started fighting. the suspect was shot and died at the hospital. deputy nodal suffered cuts to his face and head and is expected to be okay. raindrops this morning across the valley? raindrops and some thunder this morning. this is video in phoenix near 51st avenue. and the southern. >> you can still kind of feel the humidity. do we see anymore rain? >> the chance of more storms over the next couple of days as we get a boost in the monsoon moisture. we had some showers overnight
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the clouds we started out with our thinning out. now we are looking at mostly cloudy skies this is a live view . still feeling a little humid out there. going into this afternoon we will keep the mostly sunny skies. that will contribute to our poor air quality. we are under and ozone high pollution advisory going through the rest of today. this has been extended into tomorrow. that will be an impact for those with respiratory issues. there is a chance of a few storms later this afternoon. i will break down those chances in a bit. temperatures already in the hundreds. we will talk about that cool down coming our way and lower temperatures coming our way in the seven-day forecast. right now volunteers from our state are taking action in louisiana. and american red cross volunteer left for the baton rouge area. we have been showing you all of this flooding. this is fallacious 11th
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an estimated 6.9 trillion gallons of rain falling in one week. thousands of homes have been destroyed. this is devastating. also, new video giving us a better perspective of the devastation in louisiana. entire neighborhoods underwater four days. a casket on earth seen floating down the street. blamed on this flooding. the louisiana governor expects nearly half the states parishes will be declared disaster areas. >> we are still very much in an emergency search and rescue response mode for much of the four parishes. saving life is the most important priority we have. >> since the beginning residents are coping with their own losses and have been reaching out to help neighbors. lady gaga is helping the
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today she tweeted she and her family would be donating money. she didn't give an exact amount. taylor swift donated $1 million yesterday and is encouraging her fans to chip in as well. prayers going out to a little girl in hopes that she will pull through after a tragic crash. she was breathing on her own this morning. back row was getting ice cream last night your 75th avenue. and camelback and darted into the street in front of a police cruiser. she fractures and was rushed to the hospital. everyone, including the officer involved, is distraught at what happened. >> accidents happen. maybe [ indiscernible ] it was an accident. >> our thoughts and prayers are with this three-year-old in the hospital and her family. >> an officer is said to be an eight year veteran of the police department. an exclusive update on
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boy missing from buckeye we have learned jesse's mother was no stranger to police. katie conner is digging through a report and brings us the latest. >> reporter: we watched police search the middle of the desert like this. there is a possibility jesse ran away from home, went to a truck stop or gas station and got in someone's car. they got on i-10 and he could be anywhere. a new police report is shedding light abuse investigation. back in 2011 avondale police received two complaints that jesse's mom, crystal wilson, was not getting enough food to her five kids. when police showed up they found two boys tied to their beds. at that time the cops decided there was no need for any further action or follow-up, because mom told an officer it was because the boys were getting out at night and she had to keep them inside. that is the same thing she is telling us six years later.
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and the police chief tells us she is cooperating with the investigation. we now know more about the flood situation in apache -- a swat situation in apache junction. deputies say the man was aiming a bb gun at officers. he was shot by police and later died. all of the deputies involved be okay. he co in prison. today the nau shooting cases in court. stephen jones doesn't dispute killing a fellow student last october as well as injuring three others. he claims it was self-defense.'s trial is supposed to start in april. the valley baseball battle reaching a fevered pitch. why the county is considering selling off chase field. three homes and businesses destroyed by a wall of flames. coming up, new information on a
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are evacuated. it's time for the pull of the day. do you think the d-backs should stay at chase field or build a new stadium? hop on abc to
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the d-backs could soon be homeless. two hours from now maricopa county will talk about possibly selling off chase field. the diamondbacks have really been at odds with the county a public battle over who needs to pay for renovations. today the board of supervisors will have a special session voting on the potential for a private buyer the d-backs say they did reach out to investors at one point. that is all they are saying now. we do know the price tag is at least $60 million. we just got an update on bruce areas -- bruce arians health care. >> he is out of the hospital
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diego. the cardinals are getting ready for their second preseason game against the charges. right after getting to the stadium for practice, apparently the coach told the team medical staff he wasn't feeling well. he was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains. >> craig is in san diego with the team right now. he caught up with larry fitzgerald and cameron matthew after they got an update. >> i just heard about him right now. he's going to be fine. >> we heard he is doing better . he is in some discomfort so we are all concerned. he is our leader and the heartbeat of our team. we really wish him a speedy to cover. >> still no word on what actually caused the pain. the 63-year-old is a prostate cancer survivor. the wildfire grows even more dangerous overnight. we'll tell you how many firefighters are now working to contain those flames.
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heating up. we are in for another hot day.
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this is scary. a state of emergency as a fast- moving wildfire explodes, leveling everything in its path -- in its path. >> the fire burning 80,000 acres in san bernardino county.
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two major highways are now shut down. no word yet on the cause. several homes and businesses have been destroyed, including a historic diner. at least one church as well. >> this is the worst i have ever seen. it is getting used to the idea, being homeless. >> six firefighters suffered minor injuries trapped by flames while protecting homes in a canyon. more than 1300 firefighters are there on the ground. >> another destructive fire in northern california. much of the town of lower lake leveled by the clayton fire. officials say looting is a major concern as firefighters mop up that fire. a serial arson suspect has been arrested for starting out boys. 's a package of drugs pulled out of a teenagers brought.
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has a street value of $40,000. phoenix pride lgbt center in downtown phoenix is closing. the nonprofit says it has seen fewer than 10 visitors a day and doesn't have the funds to stay open. programs are moving to a temporary space and resources will be available online. that censure open in march 2014 after the one voice community center closed also because of a lack o unless you have been living under a rock you know adele is in town performing again tonight at talking stick resort arena. some fans couldn't get in last night because there tickets were fake. marissa sanchez tells us when she tried to get in she was told the $400 tickets she bought were bogus. >> >> my sister is blaming herself. i'm like it's okay. it's money, it sucks, but there's nothing we can do.
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>> such a bummer. she bought the tickets on craigslist from a man named david sanchez. and then the ticket office told her at least six people spots. tickets from that same person. >> you get there and that's a bummer. i'm not a fan of adele. >> >> i'm over it. we have some very nice conditions this morning. the viewers are doing a great job sending and beautiful pictures of the clouds across the valley. we even got a little rain in some spots overnight. this picture of our sunrise is from david smith giving us a beautiful few. there is a rainbow out there. we had a beautiful full rainbow across the valley early this morning. this shot is courtesy of our photographer who was out there
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spell -- showers fell. we did get around 1/10 of an inch in several spots including phoenix sky harbor with those early morning showers. things are much quieter now. you can see even -- you can even see the clouds have really cleared out now we are under a mostly sunny skies over camelback mountain. all dry in the valley right now. i have been tracking a few storms firing up terrain. right along the eastern mogollon rim from flagstaff over the white mountains. seeing storms get going. also, near the grand canyon at jacob lake seeing a few showers and storms developing. a lot of lightning with the storms near jacob lake and flagstaff. indoors might be the best place to be as the storms are producing lightning and could produce some pockets of heavier rainfall. aside from that, it's quiet across the rest of the state.
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could see more storms along the rim. we could see a few storms move into the phoenix metro. an isolated chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm. chances kicking in this evening . it is something you want to keep an eye out for this afternoon. over the next couple of days we will get more monsoon oyster as an area of low pressure inches closer. that will help boost our storm chances tomorrow. more chances across the high country and by tomorrow afternoon a slightly better chance for scattered storms in the valley. today watch for storms to develop along the rim. some good bring strong wind gusts and a lot of lightning pickpockets of heavier rainfall as well. going into this afternoon we will have to keep an eye on those storms as they could drift off the higher terrain and into the valley. the threat is low, but a chance. we will watch that through the afternoon. into tonight things look
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much more active across the high country. looking more promising for scattered showers in the phoenix metro. chances are higher for thursday . and isolated threat going into friday, saturday and the weekend and into next week as we keep the monsoon moisture around. today a 10% chance of storms this evening. tomorrow that bumps up to 20% chance. we will update you as we find to the forecast need to bring it up higher. for now a 20% chance of storms tomorrow. better chances in the high country. isolated chances going into the weekend and next week. temperatures today will still be hot. we will see temperatures drop as the rain chances go up. i will show you that drop in the seven-day forecast. get the ultimate fan experience with your arizona cardinals. the cards are back and we are giving away tickets to the cardinals, bronco game on september 1. download abc 15
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entry for your chance to win. go to abc for rules and more information. good luck. the cardinals preseason roles on as they take on the chargers in san diego. see the game right here on abc 15. the pregame starts friday at 5:30 with kickoff at 6:00. our live coverage from san diego startup 4:00 right here on abc 15. the coming up, grab a friend as we focus on fitness today in our workout wednesday segment. it's all about fewer.
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i wodon't know where about con-artistsso whend committing medicare fraud...
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these ookshink we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, prott it
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it's wednesday and time for our workout wednesday segment. >> we are making it a party this time. we have patricia hear from village health club and spots. >> we are going to show you some really fun things to do with a partner. sometimes you come to a group fitness class you are expecting a whole room full of people. we might match you up with somebody. >> show us how >> i will get into a plank. christian will hold on my ankles and execute a squat. >> i have never seen that done before. >> you want to find somebody who is of equal ability and strength and fitness as yourself. >> i do planks, but how much
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traditional plank? >> this is much more intense. as she is lifting up it makes my core strength more challenged. i am making a diagonal change. >> [ indiscernible - multiple speaker ] [ laughing ] >> you don't even have to do this in a group fitness class. you can do it with a friend. >> absolutely. this one i will press into patricia's hop over the top. basically that would be it. if your partner doesn't want to do this we could do here or come over the side and do a hop. >> so many variations for different levels. >> i see your resistance band over there.
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of this with your microphone, she is not missing a beat over here. >> [ laughing ] >> right here i want to make sure i can get a strong, stable connection to the wall patricia is going to do some lunches. she can do some jumps. we can do any variation we want through here. this is challenging her with a little cardio challenge. i'm using a wall squat and challenging the thighs and >> so many variations. i think we have a full screen of all of the exercises we went over. thank you so much for coming in. >> it's fun. >> they are still smiling. still to come, flames forcing 500 people off a fairy. we have brand-new pictures and videos from the open sea. an attack caught on video at an ice cream shop.
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we have new video and pictures coming from the waters of puerto rico more than 500 passengers traveling from the dominican republic were forced to abandon ship the cause of a fire. the us coast guard called out to help local crews will passengers off the ferry. the ship later was able to dock
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up about a video making rounds on social media. it appears to show a male officer in washington dc pinning a woman against a patrol car. you will have to be the judge on this one. the video looks like her feet are dangling several inches above the ground. that woman in the video is furious about this incident. she told a local tv station she plans to sue the department. the dc metro police department spokeswoman says authorities are aware of this video and are investigating. frightening moments downtown cincinnati. two people scrambling onto a rooftop after their scaffolding collapsed from a skyscraper. people cheered as workers made it across federal inspectors are investigating what caused the scaffolding to collapse. mother has a meltdown at the detroit ice cream shop. literally. apparently, this isn't her first desert induced rage. the woman smacks the ice cream worker in the head. apparently the store didn't have the flavor she wanted.
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didn't have the flavor for her son's birthday. of ice cream. we didn't have that. she was not going to take no for an answer. >> does she look familiar? she is the same woman who apparently drop kicked the cake at a grocery store. the victim who got hit is suing the woman and we are told charges could be filed. a crisis surrounding the zika virus in new york city. 49 pregnant women have tested positive for zika since april. one baby has been board -- been born the city has tested more than 3400 at risk pregnant women. it has committed $21 million to protect new yorkers from zika. federal health officials say there have been more than 400 zika cases in new york city. i would be able to live with myself if his family lost him. >> an inmate is apologizing to a texas couple after stealing their car. look what happened in this
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terrence edge gets out of his car to grab demand -- to grab the mail and leaves the car running. that's when the rubber jumps in and goes sprinting back to his car and grabbed the handle. the suspect speeds away. he is recovering after banging up his knee and getting bruises. and busted game of trust. a woman's diamond ring supposedly was stolen by a guy who was cleaning the air ducts at her house. police say he stole the ring from underneath cabinet. he is a professional, 80 transactions in the last year most of which include women's jewelry. he is now charged with theft and trafficking stolen property. the woman did get her ring back. it was pond for $600. investigators recovered it at a shop in mesa. more about the shocking murder of a three-year-old in youngstown. mcso says they found evidence of drugs inside the home. deputies arrested shea holloway
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of pushing his brother down the stairs and stabbing him to death . right now investigators are working to determine if the drugs are connected to that murder. a mesa family cannot seem to catch a break. grandma is just home from the hospital after a bout with flesh eating bacteria. >> now a fire has taken about everything they have, even their pets. kira and her parents and three kids forced to stay in a hotel. she was cooking stepdad starting yelling fire. >> they all got out with just the clothing on their backs. >> i feel like everything is my fault. i should have run in and grabbed them, but it didn't. i just froze. >> a firefighter saved one dog who is in bad shape. they really don't have the money to help them out. we put up a link to donate to also, keller elementary school in mesa is collecting
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they could really use boys clothing size 9 and 3t the little girl is a size 4. police are trying to figure out if a shooting was in self-defense. a man says he was cleaning some offices when he was approached by another man with a hammer so he shot him. air 15 even spotted the hammer laying on the ground. the worker says he fired in self-defense. the man shot died at the hospital. this woman accused of killing her child faces first-degree murder charges. the grand jury has come back with second-degree murder charges with extreme indifference to human life. the baby died of methadone and methamphetamine overdoses. natalie russell's family says she has been struggling with detox and jail and is finally realizing her baby is gone. >> now that she is off the methadone and is starting to think clearly i think that she is in a grieving stage.
11:35 am
other day she told me that it is not real to her. she does not want to admit she is gone. >> russell is now in protective custody. housing sheriffs officials tell us she was moved there for her own protection as this is a high profile case. you might be surprised to hear inmates are working at schools south of the valley. checked into claims about the fourth unified school district. they have been contacting those contracting inmate about 15 years. not when classes are in session. one parent said she saw them the day after her child told her about it. >> you could see them as clear as day. >> we investigate these things and try to make sure that is not happening. >> district denies mom's claims. they say inmates have not been around since this summer. we all want the phoenix's serial street shooter off the streets.
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searching for one group is taking action and asking police what they can do to get this guy behind bars. about 50 people packed in this room yesterday at the mountain view police departmt. are not wanted to know how they could be better witnesses. >> what makes me nervous is i'm convinced the shooter or shooters don't look much like the sketch. we are depending on that entirely. >> we are told more than 30 phoenix detectives are working a full-time street shooter task force enough, there is a $50,000 reward available in this case. an arizona mayor refusing to go to a conference because the invitation was in english and spanish. >> you could tell that this man has absolutely no love for mexico. >> that is john cook, the head of the border mayors association. he emailed a meeting invitation to what you can city mayor, ken taylor. taylor said he would not attend
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spanish and mexican. he now says the comments have been taken out of context. donald trump has a 1% problem. when a new report just what a new report shows about support he is getting from a key
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turning to the campaign trail. donald trump has been working to appeal to minority voters. so far it doesn't appear to be working. according to a new poll out from the wall street journal only 1% of african-american voters want trump to be america's next president. a new shakeup in the trump campaign. he has made some big changes to his management team as controversy surrounds his one top staffer. >> hillary clinton continues to deal with fallout from her private emails. kenneth has the latest on the
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in gop nominee who says he's not changing his campaign style -- is instead making changes in his campaign structure. kelly and conway promoted the campaign chair. steve bannon hired as campaign ceo. trump said in a statement they are extremely capable, highly qualified people who love to win and know how to win. campaign chairman paul mannafour is still on the job amid a barrage of negative stories about his past. the latest is the ap reporting he held a pro-russian political group in ukraine secretly route at least $2 million to washington lobbying firms. it was a possible federal felony. the trump campaign shakeup came hours after he made his direct appeal to black voters. >> i'm asking for the vote of every african-american citizen struggling in our country today
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better future. >> trump, who has declined to speak at naacp and urban league events made his famous in nearly an all-white crowd in west bend wisconsin. stark contrast to hillary clinton who was in west philadelphia. just as those concerns with her private email were being handled -- handed over to congress. thousands of clinton's deleted emails recovered. those emails will not be made public and we should get a possible release date next week. abc news in washington. coming up, a car maker who is doubling its staff to put carlyss -- driverless cars on the road soon. joe lets you know why one valley man couldn't get his keys back. storms are firing up
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new video just in from gretchen nicholson. look who is back in the valley with all of those gold medals. that is michael phelps. his flight landing at sky harbor this morning after his record- breaking performance in rio. i saw some other video of michael. he is not taking any questions right now.
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wall street. right now the dow is up. it's just about even. only .62 points, sitting at 18,552. for the is becoming the latest automaker to jump on a driverless car bandwagon. the president and ceo announced he plans to put mast produced fully autonomous cars on the road in five years. they won't be marketed towards drivers, they are intended for ride sharing and ride services. a pretty tall order so the automaker says it will double its workforce in california by the end of the year. get ready for crowds if you're planning to fly out of town over labor day weekend. us airlines is expecting nearly 16,000,000 passengers. that is 4% more than last year. airlines are adding extra seats on jets for the uptick in
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staying in business despite being forced to file for bankruptcy. univision just purchased the website for $135 million in an auction. gawker became available after losing a $140 million judgment in the hulk hogan invasion of privacy lawsuit. who are they giving money to? pinnacle west which is the parent company of aps has been issued subpoenas by a grand jury. we have confirmed it is in relation to the 2014 elections which the fbi is currently investigating some have accused aps of trying to buy votes on the corporation commission so they can the navajo nation is taking on the feds with a lawsuit after that big mind spilling colorado last year. it contaminated rivers including some tribal lands in arizona. the epa says it is responsible for that spill. however, the navajo nation says it has not been compensated for losses. they have joined the lawsuit with new mexico. good morning. joe ducey here. five years after taking out a
11:47 am
your keys. >> inherited from his grandmother this 1968 plymouth bip and its keys became collateral for tom killian's title loan. >> i kept up with the loan and then i've fell and shattered my arm. >> reporter: more than five years for tom to pay it off. why is it hidden in this garage? he says nobody knows what happened to his keys. he pushed. >> we don't have the manpower to look for them. >> he tried again. this time a manager agreed to rekey the car but needed approval. >> i have heard nothing from them since. >> reporter: we contacted southwest title loans and a representative said, [anchor reading quoted material displayed on screen.]
11:48 am
>> i feel great. >> >> reporter: tom got the call he had been waiting for. >> you reimbursed me enough money to buy the locks and have them put in. >> finally, after all that time. >> reporter: thank you to southwest titles for getting involved so quickly. they say they no longer require a set of keys. have a great day. if you have a problem let me know. trending right now, trump you and >> those are the names of two new card games right here in phoenix. entrepreneurs just launched a kick starter campaign. they say the games are like the game old maid but instead of matching numbers and suits you try to match pictures with quotes or moments from donald trump and hillary clinton. >> everything is made in the valley. they are trying to raise $10,000 to roll it out nationwide. to contribute or get more information we have it for you
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>> that would be worth a good laugh. we had a little rain and thunder and lightning this morning. >> we had an isolated storm. now we see mostly sunny skies. that is contributing to poor air quality. we are under an ozone high pollution polity today. this is extending into tomorrow. we're seeing enough clearing in the skies to start creating some ozone, the pollutant that you can't see. it's when the sunlight pollutants in the air to create ozone. today's ozone concentration is at the unhealthy level with folks with respiratory issues. keep that in mind. that extends into tomorrow as it looks like the ozone concentrations will stay elevated tomorrow as well.. a few clouds out there. we have a few lingering clouds.
11:50 am
comparison to what we started out with after showers world to parts of the west valley and central phoenix. mousing storms firing up across the mogollon rim and northern arizona. from jacob lake to the grand canyon and right around flagstaff, producing quite a bit of lightning and a few pop- ups in yavapai county and a few pop-ups around eastern portion of the rim and the white mountains. the storms producing some dangerous lightning. if you are in high country keep in mind the storms will continue to develop this afternoon. you want to stay alert. you can keep the mobile app handy. you can actually track storms on desert doppler on your phone. the storms right now are producing quite a bit of lightning and some heavier rainfall in spots, especially along the 40. you can see that southeast of flagstaff. use caution in that area. . we do still have a slight chance of a storm going into
11:51 am
that 10% chance in the forecast for this evening. tomorrow that chance getting better as we see a boost in monsoon moisture with monsoon moisture looking higher for thursday. not everybody will see rain. there is a chance for scattered storms on thursday across the metro. an isolated threat every day through the weekend as we keep some lingering monsoon moisture around. at least an isolated threat each afternoon. in high country that is where the best potential will be storms. temperatures today still heating up fast. upper 90s out there with a lot of 100s. 105 and gilbert. 103 living. this afternoon we are sitting at 102 in phoenix. we will warm up quickly. at 4:00 today's high of 109. still very hot this afternoon. staying in hundreds through the 8:00 hour. yesterday was day 30 of the
11:52 am
or above 110 this year. we are three days away from that all-time record. it doesn't look like we will make it to 110 today, but we will watch that closely. know what is just releasing the latest climate info for july. it came in as the hottest july on record and the hottest month on record ever as far as data goes back two, 1880. july of record-setting. will keep watching temperatures closely as we could continue to add up the 110+ days. we saw plenty of time through august. staying just below at 110 here in the phoenix metro. temperatures over the next couple of days will trended down. i will show you that in the seven-day forecast. now to today's right this minute video. some whales putting on quite a show in canada. [ laughing ]
11:53 am
that, julie. >> that was a little too close. wild coast adventures captured just incredible video of humpback whales breaching and british columbia. voters and kayakers were gathering to watch a humpback whale nurse her calf for about 30 minutes. suddenly, whale after whale started jumping out of the water. holy cow. it created an unbelievable once of the time lifetime visual experience. >> when you go whale watching you are lucky if you see one. that is amazing. >> see all of today's top
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backs should stay at chase field. maricopa county is considering selling the stadium to a private buyer. 69% said the d-backs should stay put 31% say no. they should not hold a new stadium. as we come up on the noon hour want to recap our top stories. police are working to good answers after man was hit with a baseball bat. this happened in a fight near central and bell the victim and suspect are not cooperating with investigators. the blue -- the bluecut fire is bernardino california. or the 80,000 people evacuated after the blaze through -- grew 30,000 acres overnight. they are now shut down. the california governor has declared a state of emergency. bruce arians is now out of a san diego hospital. the cardinals head coach had some test -- had some tests done overnight after experiencing stomach pain. you can watch that preseason
11:57 am
good morning. coming up at 4:00, fire crews exhausted. you just saw the video as those flames rage out of control in california. we will have the latest on those massive wildfires burning and shutting down highways. hot and red in the face. their kids are writing a school bus with no air conditioning. plus, everybody wants to make a profit. one ioc executive scott scalping tickets. you have to hit the reason he is not behind bars. that is all coming your way at 4:00. we will be watching the skies. there is a 10% chance of stray storms into the valley this afternoon and evening. something to watch out for.
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i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free.
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farms. ? >> carla: grab your shades. we're hitting the sand with easy delicious beach bites. i've got a fresh spin on a make-ahead summer salad perfect for seaside snaking. then, michael's showing you how to have a family clambake cleveland style. plus, mario's in the kitchen with the fabulous blake lively, and they're making a cheesy italian favorite you can sink your teeth into. it's all about catching waves and delicious flaves, right now, on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] hey, dudes and dudettes, welcome to "the chew." during the summer there is nothing radder than packing up my trusty swim trunks for a day at the beach. but it just isn't complete without something to snack on.


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