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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 18, 2016 1:06am-1:41am MST

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abc 15 breaking news. >> a very busy night with stories breaking all across the state. a person hit in the street and left to die, a person carjacked and a home up in flames but first chief meteorologist amber sullins with a weather alert.
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lightning as it was on the way out to sun city. abc 15 desert doppler you can see the lightning now, rain, i- 10, citrus road, and then to the north, to peoria avenue at this hour. more showers and thunderstorm activity. this is really intense. to the west approaching wickenburg and prescott rain too. coming up hour by hour so you know what to expect. tonight a deadly hit and run happening and shutting down 44 44th street. avoid that stretch between mcdowel and palm lane. sun city, 111th and grand avenue, a lot of firefighters, flashing lights, smoke, a house gutted by flames tonight.
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anyone was inside and how it started. video you won't see anywhere else. police looking for two men and a woman who carjacked someone at this fry's. one of our abc 15 producers was inside the store as police arrived. employees told her they believe they got everything on surveillance video so hopefully that can track down the three people. an update to news we broke on abc p.m. two u.s. swimmers taken off a flight, jack conger and gunnar bentz can't leave till they testimony against ryan lochte and his claims he was robbed at gun point in rio. conflicting reports whether ryan lochte is changing his story. not a police officer but repending to be -- pretending to be and our first look at him. it is believed believed the man
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said he was a cop and took her to a secluded area where he sexually assaulted the woman. if you can help identify this guy call the real flagstaff police. new tonight at 10:00 p.m. an ice cream truck driver heard the screams as a three-year-old was hit by a police car. the girl just tried to get an ice cream last night. he s wander back to the street and next thing he saw something he will never forget. [ speaking foreign language ] >> when i heard the children scream i looked and saw the police car run over the little girl. >> the girl was in extremely critical condition. she has not been publicly identified yet. his job title said delivery guy but he wasn't just
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online. abc's nohelani graf tracking down neighbors in phoenix. sometimes you don't know what's happening next door. >> reporter: or behind a closed door in your own home for that matter. the suspect had a roommate, they are just as shocked. but for detectives there was no missing the 200 files they say were shared from his computer. detectives watched his ip address. watching and sharing more than 200 child pornographies. to people who know him it is like he lived a secret life. she a hard worker. liked to talk sports. he saw the detectives during the arrest.
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eye. cyber crime. >> something about fraud or something like this. >> reporter: something told him child pornography was more likely but he says it still didn't add up. >> not the john that i know. so very disturbing and disheartening. >> the evidence exposes a guy with a real problem and he knew it. confessing to his pr confessing to detectives. but even a lawyer may not be able to save him now. >> what were you thinking? >> reporter: he was a pizza delivery guy. right now they haven't connected his victims to people he met in person. back to you. >> thank you. an argument with a bus driver leading to an arrest and new video, the argument the reason cops were called in the first place. this guy already had a warrant out for his arrest.
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watched. they stole the surveillance camera recording. as you can see we still have the video tonight that could catch these guys. abc's navideh forghani is live. they got a way with a lot. >> reporter: yeah. $30,000 worth of stuff taken from this home. they were very comfortable breaking into this house. they actually walked around the house, looked through the inside. they did not notice the cameras because one of them admitted to how long he was watching the house. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: you can hear the concern and panic from burglar number one. he wants to get out of the house they just broke into monday night. just seconds before the conversation he realized there might be a chance they are
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down. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: trusting him was a bad move because the cameras were picking up everything. >> feeling violated. you see people walking around your home like it is your home. >> reporter: he feared the worse when he came home and found glass on the ground. footen from surveillance cameras confirmed it all -- footage from surveillance cameras he says he could tell one of the suspects has experience. >> it doesn't take a trained eye to notice michael has done this before. >> reporter: he is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the rest of bolt men. >> -- arrest of both men. >> i want to prevent them from burglarizing other people. robbing other people. >> reporter: the owner is hoping tonight that someone might recognize the suspect's
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video. he is hoping someone will recognize the voices and turn them in. $1,000 reward for information getting them behind bars. we posted all the video on back to you. >> thank you. with each passing day police are building a pile of evidence on the serial street shooter. no arrests yet. abc 15 uncovered details in the latest police reports. perhaps the most striking, in three of the attacks witnesses report seeing somebody else detectives have said they think accomplices are unlikely but they are not ruling it out. [ indiscernible ] used to go where? >> to school in the middle of the night. >> the first time we are hearing jesse wilson speak and it is thanks to body camera video from april when he was
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street. a month since he has been missing. last night we broke the news about his home in 2011 when cops found two kids tied to their beds after reports of child abuse. one neighbor tells us she remembers seeing the straps. >> why she have that and she say because they -- the -- they don't behave. yeah, that's right. >> reporter: world you do that -- >> no, >> no charges were filed. dcs remains silence as the search for jesse wilson continues. kids coming home dripping in swept because they don't have air conditioning on the school bus. she keeps getting the run around from school officials. abc's kim tobin talked to her and buses are not required to have air conditioning? >> reporter: they tent have to
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it -- they don't have to have air conditioning but now it is a window issue. if they roll the windows down they get in trouble but the district says they are allowed to. a mom says her kids are coming home sweaty and exhausted. >> hot. >> makes you want to cry. >> reporter: she says her kids have suffered with no air conditioning for several days on the their bus -- on their bus. >> soaked at the end of the day. >> their faces is like red. >> big red when they are super hot. >> reporter: we reached out to the school district, 80 percent of the buss have air conditioning. they use non-ac buses when other are out. kids are allowed to lower the
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>> someone got in trouble for opening the windows. >> they say if you touch the winnow we are going to -- windso we are going to give you a -- window we are going to give you a pink slip. >> my kid might end up on the floor and the driver won't see it. how do i know he will be okay? >> reporter: the mom will keep pushing for change till her kids are comfortable. >> feels like you are in >> the school district replaced the buses and the new ones have air conditioning but it will be several years before the entire fleet is fully air conditioned. >> i remember the hot bus rides and not being allowed to put the window down. thank you. batter up. bitter up? the diamondbacks could have a new landlord. the board voting to sell chase field for 60 million dollars.
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gone down in value but the face of baseball has changed. >> we have got more seats in the facility than what is currently provided for in new facilities. tv is taking a more prominent role in baseball. >> diamondbacks spokesperson saying they are looking into the offer. burning out of control, the challenges in california on a wildfire for the history books. your hoh? does yours come with a runway? theirs does. i am jon erickson, the story coming up. >> and showers popping up in the valley tonight. rain coming down in chandler. this was near price. a 20% chance for more showers and thunderstorms over night and through the early morning commute tomorrow too.
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outdoor refresher course.
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the numbers staggering. 25,000 acres destroyed. 35,000 homes evacuated and the fire near san bernardino is only 4% contained. drought making the job really difficult for firefighters. the flames eggnited dry brush and crew -- ignited dry brush and crews say they anything like this. tonight's story about a hoh with runways and pilots and a plane. here is abc's jon erickson. >> reporter: in the middle of the desert. on the way to wickenburg. if you don't like this view, neighbors can pull on to their own private air strip is take off to a different view. the fight is between the owner and the hoh.
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for? >> reporter: where sand turns to sky the idea is to get into the sky. that is why the hoh has its own runway but a disagreement over a safety zone has one property owner battling with the hoh. should pilots have to use part of the pavement in case anything goes wrong? the maricopa county supervisor said no. he is the lawyer for the property owner who was fi the decision. the property owner who owns the land. >> she lives in the netherlands. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: a high flying desert mirage. someone looking for a tumbleweed finds a tarmac. no planes taking off tonight as the storm took over the skies. the woman is not a member of the hoh and an hoh rep declined
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this property owner wanted to build a building here, there is no way she could now because the safety zone on the runway has disappeared. jon erickson, abc 15. jan brewer taking heat for her comments about hillary clinton. look what he said tonight. show you the quote. the people want to fight her. they are tired the killer. she has said that was a stumble of the tongue. he wanted to get her point across that she leaves donald trump will win -- believes donald trump will win. a conflict afor two days. -- for two days. a busted pipe. tonight we learned there is another leak. so the water and air will be shut off again tomorrow.
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>> my biggest concern is my grandson and my husband because my grandson is only 5. my husband is sick. >> a supervisor tells abc 15 the property is 40 years old and things break down a lot. a consumer alert about your ac. remember this term r22? it is a refrigerant that keeps your unit delivering any new orders will be banned by 2020 because of environmental concerns but it is getting harder to find. a lot of units built after 2010 don't use it at all. if you have an older air conditioner you might be told to buy a new unit. if you had tickets for tonight's adele concert, she
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last night's concert made her say that is it. she woke up sick. if you had a ticket you can say i will be waiting because we saved the best for last. we will reschedule. >> they were scammed out of $400 but an abc 15 viewer stepped up and bought them tickets for tonight's show that will now be happening at some point. you can get a refund and when she comes back it will be water under the bridge. all right. video to show you coming in out of kingman. wait for it. lightning there. after that the power went out. a viewer telling us that the good thing is it was quick and
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a look at abc 15 desert doppler showers in the west valley. near wadel. it is really isolated right here just off to the west of loop 303 near greenway and that cell is headed off to the northeast at this hour. to the west, quite a show. lightning lighting up the skies as the storms build south of wickenburg, moving to the northeast. we will keep an and prescott seeing showers too. a lot to track and some -- in some spots tonight. future cast, prescott and to the northeast. there is a chance we could see more of that over night and tomorrow into the afternoon hours more rain chances. mainly for the higher terrain. a chance in the valley too 20% through the end of the week. right now 97 degrees.
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and breeze picked up. 14 at phoenix sky harbor. and scottsdale. the winds in deer valley 24 miles per hour out of the north right now. gusts at 33 miles per hour. watch out for gusty winds. rain over night. and we may see showers into the morning commute too. currently 72 right now in sedona. prescott 65. 59 flagstaff and 63 show low. lows along the rim in the 50s tonight. temperatures over night in the 80s from the valley west. and then tomorrow cooler. still hot but closer to average after a high of 109 today. 105 tomorrow. 87 sedona and 75 degrees in flagstaff. the valley lows tonight in the 80s and tomorrow highs 103 in mesa and fountain hills. 105 apache junction. 104 ahwatukee. 104 goodyear and litchfield park too and laveen 105.
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in effect tomorrow too. since saturday. it keeps getting extended. air quality unhealthy tomorrow. keep that in mind. your hour by hour in the valley. 90:18 a.m. chance of show -- 91 at 8:00 a.m. and chance of showers. triple digits will be here. 104 on friday. 103 saturday. weekend and 10% for the first half of next week as we start another climb. i am craig fouhy in san diego with the arizona cardinals. the news on coach bruce arians
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breaking news. live pictures at 53 and mcdowel. this is a shooting investigation. and this is serial street shooter -- shootings has happen. we will stay on top of this. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> the news of the day today was bruce arians is out of the hospital, back with the team. we caught up with him today. he surprised us. he showed up for his news conference today and then on the practice field as the cardinals had their second
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chargers in san diego. coach talking about the diagnosis and what is ahead as the players talking about how much he means to the team. >> i thought it was a kidney stone at first but i didn't have chills or fever. so it wasn't that. basically that is it. drink fluid and no big deal. >> he is a tough guy. fighting through it. tough when with your health like that. keeping our thoughts and prayers -- like to have him back out as soon as possible. >> the cardinals will have a walk through tomorrow, that is closed to the public and the media and the game is friday night in san diego. pre-season game number 2 and bruce arians is back with the football team. more from san diego tomorrow. with the cardinals in california, craig fouhy, abc 15 sports. two more days till the
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san diego. coverage starts friday at 5:30 p.m. and kickoff at 6:00 p.m. right here on abc 15. >> and don't forget, you can get the ultimate fan experience with abc 15 and your arizona cardinals. we are giving away tickets to the cards and broncos game on september 1. all you have to do is download the abc 15 mobile app and look for the contest entry for your chance to win. it was going to happen, making his major league debut. the diamondbacks drafted him last year and traded him braves. he went 2-4 in his first game. who needs go to the gym when you can just think about
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would you agree you can't help who you love? love included a 53 year age gap. he is just 18-years-old but his wife is 71. he says he has always been attracted to older woman. he left a relationship with a 77-year-old when he met her at a funeral. the couple says they know it is unusual but they never been happier. they are so happy they are documenting their journey together on youtube. >> boy. yes. all right. maybe you don't like to exercise, i have good news for you. visualizing or thinking about exercise could work. that is according to a new study out of germany. researchers say those thoughts could increase your heart rate and when you move you will be more efficient.
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>> yeah. visualizing myself at a treadmill right now. >> with an ice cream cone. [ talking at the same time ] there we go. abc 15 desert doppler pop ups tonight. there is a chance continuing over night and through the morning commute tomorrow. 20%. isolated showers but that chance continues for the rest
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>> today on "fablife"... ?? fashion court is now in session. are you in your daughter's closet stealing her things? i sentence you to one hour in the "fablife" fashion closet. let's bring out the convicted closet criminal. >> plus, chef cat cora. >> chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. it takes 12 minutes to bake. >> i wish you could smell what's happening. >> and... how are our phones aging us? hold this. >> no, i don't want to hold your phone. (cheers and applause) welcome to "fablife." today is all about the truth, and, baby, it's gonna set you free. >> uh-oh. >> plus, joe zee is throwing on his judge's robe. i'm excited about this. and he's hearing from a mother/daughter fashion fiasco. and of course our finance friend nicole lapin is teaching us all about the side hustle, and we have the amazing chef cat cora here. >> whoo, that's amazing.
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else joining us that will not only be honest, but just wants us to feel beautiful. that's not a bad thing, right? >> i love that. >> okay, but it's not the perfect boyfriend. i'm sorry, lauren. i know lauren's like, "wait, hold on." well, sort of it could be. it's dr. jason diamond. welcome. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> nice to see you. okay, so we've all got smartphones, and we're all addicted. i will be the first one to raise my hand. >> second one to raise my hand. >> i mean, i need to go to rehab for it. >> yeah. >> but, um, but you actually say that our phones are aging us, and that's the scariest thing 'cause we sit here on "fablife," and we talk about antiaging remedies, but we didn't realize that the phone was actually causing a lot of that. but explain that to us. how are our phones aging us? >> i am scared to hear about this. >> i know, i know, it's gonna disappoint a lot of people. so, basically, the social media craze, the cell phone craze over the past six years, people end up in a flexed position with their neck-- this is extension. this is flexion. we're flexed all day long, and when you're flexed, it


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