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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 18, 2016 2:40am-4:00am MST

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>> it's all right. >> it's not over yet. >> we have no more events, but thank you. >> coming up, khloe kardashian opens up about her cancer scare. she has a message for her fans. and taking flight, the largest aircraft in the world making its maiden voyage, and wait until you hear what people are calling it. >> first here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather
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about 20 minutes and touched back down. it's known as the flying bum. can you guess why? the obvious reasons seen from behind. it's part air ship, helicopter and plane. it's 300 feet long. about 50 feet longer than the biggest passenger plane. cisco systems is laying off 5500 employees starting this summer. they're the world's largest manufacturer of networking gear. it has struggled with sluggish demand as technology has changed. more of the corporate customers are relying on remote data centers instead of online networks. and at&t is eliminating fees for data overages. starting sunday users can choose a plan to slow down their data speed when they approach their data limit instead of paying the overage fee. verizon announced a similar plan last month. the washington monument is closed because of elevator problems. a cable broke loose causing it to stop about 500 neat up. there was only one employee on board, but 84 visitors were forced to walk down the stairs.
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month. it was a power problem forcing it to close this past weekend. the police department in king, new hampshire, agreed to pay a woman $300 after a mix-up. the officer there broke the car window to save what he thought wsz an infant strapped into a car seat on a 90-plus day. but the infant was a doll. something the officer quickly realized. >> that's understandable. >> and i went to put my finger in the mouth, and it was resistance, and i'm like, this is a doll. it felt like a baby. it looked like a baby. everything about it was baby. >> the woman who owns the car says she started collecting the realistic looking infants after her own son died at age 20. she's agreed to put a sticker on
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the doll is not real. >> good idea. khloe kardashian with a message after a skin cancer scare. >> doctors found and removed a cancerous mole on her back. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: the kardashians are known for sharing the most personal parts of their lives on reality tv. now khloe kardashian is opening up on her website about a skin cancer scare. >> this is the first time she's really getting into detail about what that experience is like and her really real scare with skin cancer. >> reporter: the 32-year-old reality star said several years ago after getting a few moles checked out, doctors found a cancerous mole on her back. there was one mole on my back that was skin cancer, she says. i had eight inches of skin removed. it was painful. it was a lot of skin, but most of the time the removals haven't been that bad. >> khloe hopes to share this story in hopes it would make people speak to their doctor if
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their skin. >> reporter: the star shares this chart on the abcs of skin cancer to help others identify irregular moles saying i haven't had a problem in years, but i wanted to share my experience so that if you notice something doesn't look right, you will take action and in a january episode, she refused to take a test to find out if she was a carrie her at risk of developing breast cancer. she says now i'm extra aware of my skin, body and moles. linsey davis, new york. >> the cdc says skin cancer is the most common cancer. it's great she's speaking out about it. >> they recommend everybody should check their own bodies at least once a month and see a dermatologist once a year. >> and everyone can get it. even if you're black. it doesn't matter your skin tone. >> people think if they're
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susceptible. everybody is susceptible. the little girl sparking a controversy, the big game hunter getting death threats after her latest trip. >> why she says what she's doing is helping animals.
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? ?
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sparking outrage this morning after posting photos after a recent trip that she took with her dad. it's because the photos were of animals she a 12-year-old girl is sparking outrage this morning after posting photos after a recent trip that she took with her dad. it's because the photos were of animals she killed while the two were hunting big game together. >> some even threatening to kill the young girl, and now she and her dad are speaking out. clayton sandell with the story. >> reporter: it's the big controversy over big game. >> it's something that i cherish and i enjoy. >> reporter: on an african hunting trip last week with her father, the utah posted pictures of her kills. this impala, this zebra calling it a dream hunt. the photo with a dead giraffe racked up 73,000 comments. some positive, but mostly outrage and even death threats. one saying you and your red neck father should be hunted. >> they love animals. we love animals too. it's just we also love hunting. >> reporter: they did nothing illegal and point out some african countries rely on money
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conservation efforts. >> they don't understand that conservation aspect of it. >> reporter: but many wildlife groups say trophy hunting should be a thing of the past. >> it's 2016. we shouldn't have to kill an animal to save it. >> i'm a hunter. no matter what people say, i'm never going to stop. >> reporter: and as her for her online critics, she said she's simply going to ignore them. many of us it's not hunting if you don't eat the animals. the family has said that the giraffe they killed, the meat does go to local villages. and you often hear from the big game hunter that is the animals are going to feed people. >> feeding some 800 orphans is what they claimed over the next month from their kills over the last month or so. >> but they also say there's another big problem which is poaching, which are people who go after endangered animals and are not giving to the same
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. k-y touch. ben-hur is considered one of ben-hur is considered one of the best movies of all time in the u.s. it's on the american film institute's list of 100 greatest movies. >> many think it's time for a remake. chris connelly sat down with the cast headlined by morgan freeman. >> reporter: along with the brother turned against brother story line, an action set below decks and behind gleaming steeds. >> there's nothing more spectacular than seeing four horses riding in unison. >> should have stayed away.
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>> reporter: rising star jack houston found that playing leads in this 2016 incarnation also meant performing with the imminent morgan freeman. sometimes actors are intimidated by their first opportunity to act with you. >> that's as it should be. >> yeah. >> i'm a really good actor. >> reporter: what should people know that's different about this version of the movie? >> i'm a big lover of the '59 version. while that's a story about revenge, this is a story about hope and love and forgiveness and redemption. >> this is more of a re-imagining. >> reporter: backing the quest for freedom, what's fun to play about that? >> i'm quite a powerful character. it's good to be the king. >> reporter: another significant update, it's multicultural approach heartening to the woman
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beloved. >> i'm middle eastern and iranian. to play a major role is one of the first times. i love that she has a voice, and i love that she's strong. in a way that women haven't been portrayed in this era. >> i watched my father be killed. i know what it's like to want to take your feelings out on others. >> reporter: all for the eternal chariot race. george lewis painting the "star wars" homage with this scene in "the phantom menace" and one cranking it up with twists and thrills. this one has a lot to live up to. >> no lack of action scenes in it, clearly. no, not at all. but the original one, 11 oscars. tying for the most ever. >> no pressure. >> let's see if you can do that, morgan freeman. >> that's the news for this half
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this morning on "world news this this morning on "world news now," breaking overnight. two u.s. swimmers pulled from a flight amid new questions in rio. were they and ryan lochte really victims of an armed robbery? and hundreds of passengers rescued from a burning ferry. we have dramatic video of the smoldering ship as the u.s. coast guard jumps into action. and a man's incredible weight loss. shedding 300 pounds. the one simple thing he did when he got hungry and why it is being called the walmart diet. and team usa takes gold, silver and bronze. the first time any country has swept this olympics event. it's thursday, august 18th. from abc news, this is "world news now."
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morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> you wanted to say friday so badly. >> i was so close to it. the new york tabloids are talking about -- they went at the whole controversy right now. i thought they could have been better. water gate here from the new york post. >> and hot water. this all in reference to ryan lochte. >> and his teammates. >> and the armed robbery they apparently were a part of? that's being called into question. >> but then there was a ve in fact, the breaking news from brazil overnight, the two american swimmers still in rio pulled off of a plane moments before taking off as those questions swirl about the armed robbery. >> here's video of jack conger and gunnar bentz at the airport where they were briefly detained overnight. they reportedly will not be able to leave brazil until they testify about claims that they were robbed at gunpoint along with ryan lochte and another teammate early wednesday morning. yesterday the judge ordered the
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lochte claimed they were held up at gunpoint by men with badges who pulled over their taxi. >> the judge says their stories don't match up. look at this video that was obtained by showing the swimmers arriving at the olympic village around 7:00 sunday morning, roughly two-and-a-half hours allegedly after they were attacked. the judge questioned the time gap and also wondered why they seemed so upbeat if they had just been robbed. grabs his badge and kind of hits his teammate there playfully. in the head. do you do that after an armed robbery is what the judge is questioning. >> a lot of questions about that. why he left brazil early. why the others were trying to leave before being done being questioned. the brazilians say we want answers and you're not going home until we get them. >> exactly. it was all hands on deck for a massive rescue after a ship went up in flames with more
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>> the burning vessel was approaching puerto rico when passengers were forced to jump down emergency slides. an all-out effort to save those onboard. at one point even the firefighters were told to abandon the ship to save themselves from the fire. gio benitez is on the ground in puerto rico. >> reporter: new details of the terror at sea. more than 500 passengers and crew wearing life vests ordered to abandon ship evacuating the emergency slides into rescue rafts surrounded by coast guard, boats and choppers. a crew member saying the fire started in the boat's engine room, crews battling from boats, dousing the side of the blackened ship. witnesses spotting the emergency unfolding about a mile off the coast of san juan. >> it's gotten worse. we've seen more vessels responding. >> reporter: two dozen passengers hospitalized. some with broken bones.
3:04 am
smoke inhalation, dehydration and, of course, shock. this woman leading a frightened child ashore. moments later -- collapsing before being carried away on a stretcher. it's on fire over there one grateful passenger saying. thank you, god. a paramedic cradling a newborn. a group of children holding hands as they were led to safety. gio benitez, puerto rico. a small bit of progress this morning in the battle against the wildfire in southern california. fire crews have the blue cut fire 4% contained. the flames are spreading near el cajun pass near interstate 15. dozens of homes have been destroyed. mara anderson among the thousands of residents still worried about her home.
3:05 am
you know? and it's kind of getting used to the idea of being homeless. >> no deaths were reported, but cadaver dogs were searching for anyone who was possibly overrun by the flames. the cause of this fire a mystery this morning. donald trump holding a rally in north carolina after shaking up his campaign staff at the highest level. the second campaign overhaul in two months was aimed at letting trump be trump. embracing the tone that got him the nomination. as hillary clinton joked about the shakeup, her controversial e-mails ca up again. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign team shaken and stirred after several poll numbers against hillary clinton. >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. they can make him read new words from a teleprompter. but he is still the same man. >> reporter: chairman of conservative brightbart news steve bannon is the new campaign
3:06 am
kellyanne conway was promoted to campaign manager. >> going into the last 12 week homestretch we look at this more and more. >> reporter: the associated press reports it was the influence u.s. policy, a possible federal felony. the gop nominee who held a round table at trump tower called islamic terrorism and also briefing. he told fox news he wouldn't trust the intelligence. >> not so much from the people doing it for our country. look what's happened over the years. i mean, it's been catastrophic. >> reporter: clinton will get the same classified briefings after touring a high school in ohio. rally supporters as the state department prepares to release thousands of deleted e-mails from her private server. the fbi recovered the deleted e-mails during this investigation. the state department says next week a judge could decide when
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diane and kendis? a death toll from some of the worst flooding in louisiana history has risen to 13. an elderly woman was confirmed as the latest victim yesterday. tens of thousands of residents remain in shelters. about 70,000 people have asked for help from fema. as the flood waters recede, health officials warned there's an increased risk of the west nile virus that is carried by mosquitos. a new storm formed in the atlantic overnight. it's far from land. we will be tracking it for you. looking at the radar, severe storms are bringing a change to the northeast. heavy rain in d.c. and maryland, and storms are moving through new york and new jersey. the storms come following days of extreme heat and humidity on the east coast. and back to the olympics now. it was a big night on the track for team usa. >> a history-making night. the u.s. women ran into the record books with a clean sweep. meantime, on the beach, a pair of americans made sure they
3:08 am
>> reporter: revenge for team usa on the beach. kerri walsh-jennings and april ross celebrating after beating another high ranked brazilian team in the bronze medal match. this is walsh-jennings' fourth medal in the olympic games. the u.s. women also on track to making history in rio. the americans swept the medals in the 100 meter hurdles, the first time that's happened in olympic history. brianna rollins was the first to earn the gold medal. nia ali got the silver, and kristi castlin just leaning her way to the bronze. a nice redemption after the u.s. men were shut out of the medals in the 110 meter hurdles for the first time ever. over in the long jump, a hop to the top of the medal stand taking the gold. in the process, she ousted her teammate and defending olympic champion brittany reese who ended with the silver. for the u.s. men a major upset
3:09 am
in his heat. the american stinter pulled up too early and the final two runners passed him. the final was supposed to be a rematch between gatlin and bolt. bolt qualified in his heat. now there's only one other american in the finals. and ashton eaton hoping to defend his title as the world's greatest athlete. he leads the competition after five events. his u.s. teammes strong with both in the top ten. and over in the pool, the women's water polo team getting a shot at gold thanks to a big win. they beat hungary 14-10. they're now guaranteed to bring home the gold or silver. bolt, by the way, when he was qualifying for the 200 meter, he said i wasn't trying that hard. i'll run faster next time. he kept his promise.
3:10 am
that's the best time in the world this year. >> but the beautiful thing about that, you saw the canadian runner. usain looked over at him. they were smiling. it was like one of those things like when you achieved your squad goal and you and your buddy are at the club together like this is cool. >> when all they needed was a high-five. coming up, investigators uncover what caused several people to get an electric shock on an amusement park ride. and a man who completely turned his life around by losing more than 300 pounds that started with a trip to walmart. and which can out our behind-the-scene pics on "world news now". behind-the-scene pics on "world
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what you're looking at and listening to is a wild shootout caught on camera in chicago leaving one police officer injured. the authorities were chasing a suspected carjacker when he opened fire. a bull officer's windshield and grazed his face. the suspect was arrested after losing control of a stolen suv. he's a convicted felon on parole for armed robbery. a grass fire in a wooden trestle made for a bad combination in california. this happened near san jose where a fire near an abandoned train bridge spread and then the trussle. the smoke was visible for miles away. a nearby apartment building was evacuated. luckily nobody was hurt.
3:15 am
tower in new york has been arraigned. 19-year-old steven rigata used five suction cups to scale trump tower all the way up to the 21st floor. he entered a no plea from a hospital room where he's still a patient. bail was set at $10,000. an update this morning on the 6-year-old girl who was badly injured in the ferris wheel accident in tennessee. briley edwards has been released after suffering a after a 40-foot drop. two others were hurt in the fall. the other two were treated and released from the hospital last week. safety inspectors are blaming mechanical problems for the incident. and a live wire sent six people to the hospital. >> five of those injured were kids. they were shocked while on a ride. linsey davis with the story. >> reporter: victor williams was second from near tragedy
3:16 am
amusement park when an electric current flowing through the ride the scrambler shocked them. >> the child is conscious and alert and has been removed from the electrical source. >> reporter: two of the boys with burns to their hands. the parents rushed to the park in new london, connecticut, tuesday. >> the electrical current going through his body, he created circuit with his body. s. >> this is the fourth incident at amusement parks in just days. from this roller coaster just last week. and days before that, a 10-year-old was killed as he rode the world's tallest water slide in kansas city. his father says he wants assurances that such a tragedy would not strike again. back in connecticut, detectives determined a live wire was touching the scrambler, creating the dangerous current. these rides are once again operational and everyone is out of the hospital. linsey davis, new london, connecticut. coming up in our next half hour, the warning about something in the mcdonald's
3:17 am
first, the walmart workout. the inspiring story of a man who dropped more than 300 pounds, and it all started with a walk to the store. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
3:18 am
? okay. it's all right. >> no? >> not what i would have gone with. maybe -- ? i want to walk 500 miles ?
3:19 am
with that. >> everyone is very confused right now. you're about to understand. >> and you'll get inspired, hopefully. you're about to meet a man who lost more than 300 pounds starting with a simple walk to walmart. >> his friends called him passable pat. he was more than 600 pounds. his doctors told him he could die in his sleep. and that was a really wake-up call. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: ever since he was little, pat brocco was always known as the big kid. >> my nickname was fat pat. or fatty patty or fat c. >> reporter: and until three years ago he weighed in at a shocking 605 pounds. already prediabetic, his doctors told him he was in serious danger. >> he said it's possible you might die. that's when it hit home. >> reporter: that's when he went
3:20 am
mirror and took this photo. >> my stomach was down to my thighs. my chest was hanging down here. i was disgusted. >> reporter: and so his your snow started by throwing out all the food in his house deciding every time he was hungry he would walk one mile to the closest walmart and one mile home to eat his meal. doing this for a year and a half losing a whopping 200 pounds. >> you walk to walmart three times a day and you end up walking six miles, it was amazing. i had never walked six miles in my life. i was doing it every day. >> reporter: saying good-bye to junk food, fast food and soda and hello to clean eating. >> it was basically vegetables, meats and clean carbs. >> reporter: carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa and learning that he'd never be able
3:21 am
my downfall, i took it out and started losing weight again. >> reporter: to workouts at the gym, inclines on the treadmill, lifting weights and now he can do it all. >> at 600 pounds, i couldn't go to the gym. i couldn't do machines. >> reporter: from fat pat to possible pat. 330 pounds lighter. not only changing his own life but encouraging his 1-year-old son as well. >> i had to set an example for my son so he could come up and be possible pat too. good job. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> what a transformation. >> he's a different man, and he had some surgery this week to remove some of the excess skin he had after he realized that's one of the problems with that. >> he went from 53% body fat to 10% body fat. he used to eat 11,000 calories a day and now eats 2,200 calories a day and he's training to be a
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seen my pants? lasts up to two times longer. tide, number 1 rated. time now for "the mix." a creative ploy for the animal lovers out there. this was a creation of the humane society. they thought they came up with a nice idea to get some pups adopted. meet the pupaccino. >> so these are -- >> these are stray dogs. they took them from the shelter and decided to give them a cup of whipped cream to lick up. it has the similar effect of a cappuccino. you know the foam on the upper lip? that's what happens to dogs when the dogs enjoy whipped cream and then they put out the photos to show how adorable and
3:26 am
>> i just in the last 20 seconds wanted to adopt -- oh, that guy, that guy would be great. >> and not only does it get them out there in terms of the photos. it also gets them out there physically. it's not fun to be cooped up all day in the shelter. they got to run around and have whipped cream. >> that's great. very good move. from that cuteness to something that is horrifying for many of us. having a run-in with a skunk. it happened to this biker in qu?bec, canada. not just one skunk. >> they are cute, though. >> an entire mob of skunks. he's out biking and then -- >> it's thmo >> -- and he's videotaping it and thinking, wow, this is going to suck. apparently they actually don't spray him. they just briefly stop to say hello. >> sniffing around his feet and everything. they are not afraid, are they? >> how did he not freak out? >> i don't think a lot of people would have been able to keep their calm in that scenario. >> i might have been scared from
3:27 am
>> those said hello and went off. a lot of people are terrified of lightning. maybe we haven't seen a lightning bolt as scary as this one in arizona. someone posted this to, i think it was instagram, saying doesn't that look like a dinosaur? see the mouth on the right? it looks like the t-rex is about to chomp down? so if you're not scared of him already, you may be of this guy. >> i see a butterfly. >> okay. this, look at this. a party in a box. the uk is really rocking out. pizza hut has presented, teamed up with many deejays and created this pizza box that can actually play music. >> how does it work? >> it's only in the uk right now. it's a new promotion. >> does it come with pizza? otherwise i'm not interested. >> i don't think so. >> just the music. >> party in a box.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the raging wildfire in southern california still burning, leaving a path of destruction and expanding overnight. and breaking overnight, members of the usa swim team pulled from a plane in rio while trying the leave the country. see the video prompting auor account about an alleged robbery involving gold medalist ryan lochte. and a record-breaking daredevil learning a valuable lesson. he made the world's highest bungee jump. yeah, he screamed a lot, but he forgot to empty his pockets. what he dropped that's going to cost him. >> whoops! and adele is issuing an apology. she posted a late-night video on social media. see the emotional message to her fans and why she's not saying
3:31 am
this august 18th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hello. >> she was hoping to say hello to phoenix. >> and then i'm sorry. >> yeah. that's a different singer, though. we'll get to that. let's start with the west and the progress against the huge wildfire in southern california. crews now say the blue cut fire is 4% contained. >> the flames are coming close to several communities near san bernardino. dozens of homes have already been lost. this is from the firestone. >> this is nuts. fire on both sides of me. >> reporter: hundreds of firefighters on the defensive fighting the massive and fast-moving blue cut fire on the ground and by air. >> this is a monster of a fire that is moving faster than any fire i've seen in a very, very long time. >> reporter: the fire is showing no mercy on san bernardino county. two firefighters have been injured.
3:32 am
forced to leave. officials telling everyone to follow the orders to get out. >> i think this is the worst that i've ever seen. you know? and it's kind of getting used to the idea of being homeless. >> reporter: even the main road leading evacuees to safety is engulfed in flames. triple digit temperatures and fierce winds adding fuel to the fire. >>'m heat out so we can put it out to mitigate the smoke impacting the freeways. >> reporter: with hot spots still burning, we do not know how many homes or structures have been destroyed by this fire. there is a little bit of good news, though. firefighters telling us that the fire is now at least 4% contained. diane and kendis? >> thank you. now to the breaking news from rio where two u.s. olympic swimmers were pulled off a plane. take a look at video of jack conger and gunnar bentz after they were removed from a u.s. bound flight wednesday night.
3:33 am
government's investigation into sunday's alleged gunpoint robbery of the four american swimmers including ryan lochte that you see there on the left. they reportedly will not be allowed to leave brazil until they testify about that robbery. lochte is back in the usa. while the men claim they were robbed by a gunman posing as police officers as they took a taxi back to the village. surveillance video recorded after the alleged incident is raising questions about their story. here's matt gutman with the details. >> reporter: abc news learned brazilian police are investigating whether olympic swimmer great ryan lochte lied to authorities about the night he and three fellow swimmers were allegedly mugged at gunpoint. lochte with 12 olympics medals told nbc on sunday -- >> the guy pulled out his gun, he put it to my forehead and told me to get down. i put my hands up and i was like, whatever.
3:34 am
flashed badges and were dressed as police officers taking their money but not their phones. a brazilian judge with a warrant to have their rooms searched and passports confiscated. all on suspicious of giving a false sworn statement punishable by up to six months in jail. the phones are critical and could determine where the men were that night. lochte posted this snapchat inside this club at 2:40 a.m. the documents say they left the club at around 4:00 a.m. driving 40 minutes to the olympics village. just before 7:00 a.m. they reenter the village as seen on this security footage. the brazilian judge saying the brazilian timeline does not match the surveillance video obtained. the judge also wondering why the
3:35 am
gunpoint. only later did they provide a statement. police say the men were so drunk they were unable to give much information regarding the perpetrators, the vehicles the criminals used or the license plate. >> is there any concern that ryan lochte and his teammates may have been trying to cover something up? >> i couldn't possibly comment on that. >> reporter: the usoc wouldn't comment on it. but abc news has confirmed that lochte is back in the u.s. his lawyer telling us he gave statements to the state department and the fbi, but says there's no question that the robbery did occur. we have learned from police sources here that the two men, jack conger and gunnar bentz were pulled off a u.s.-bound flight. the two men are being questioned by police. they're now investigating them for providing false testimony to
3:36 am
the authorities here in brazil have left the door open to prosecuting all four men. the coast guard is investigating a fire that forced more than 500 people to evacuate a ship off puerto rico. passengers were forced to exit the ferry on emergency slides. more than 100 people were treated at the scene. 24 were hospitalized. no life-threatening injuries. the ship was coming from the dominican republic with many children on board. mechanics tried to put out the fire for two hours before finally sounding the alarm. donald trump is heading into the home stretch of the general election under new management. he put two long time associates at the top of his campaign and sidelined the man calling the shots. that means we can expect to see more of trump's free-wheeling style. we'll get the latest now from tom llamas. >> reporter: at trump tower cameras ushered in for what looked a lot like a trump cabinet meeting. donald trump surrounded by his
3:37 am
there at the end of the table, his new campaign ceo, steven bannon and new campaign manager, kellyanne conway. trump not saying much during this photo op, but this sends a clear message. trump is going back to his way of doing things. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change. i don't want to pivot. you have to be you. >> reporter: bannon, a one-time goldman sachs banker and film director stepping down from his current job as head of ultraconservative brightbart news. he's never worked on a campaign, but the trump team touting in a press release, a magazine article calling him the most dangerous political operative in america. trump, a guest on bannon's radio show in may. bannon making sure the candidate wouldn't be swayed by republican leaders calling for a more moderate tone. >> the trump people want to know when they hear paul ryan talk unity, what they feel is going to be a collapse of what you ran on and a collapse of what they backed you on. >> my folks have nothing to worry about.
3:38 am
i won in landslides based on what i was saying and on my ideas and themes and my statements and policies. so i'm not going to go into a room and go back to the old stuff that's not working. >> reporter: conway, the new campaign manager, says like the primaries, they're banking almost entirely on trump. >> we'll never have the money and we'll never have the man pour that hillary clinton has in brooklyn, but we don't need it because quality candidates matter. >> reporter: this is the second major shakeup for the campaign in two months. it comes on the day his motorcade pulled in to get his first classified intelligence briefing. trump seeming skeptical about the value of those briefings. >> do you trust intelligence? >> not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. look at what's happened over the years, it's been catastrophic. >> reporter: hillary clinton in the battleground of ohio reminding trump the clock is ticking.
3:39 am
in this election. i keep track of them, cross them off. and for anyone waiting for donald trump to suddenly become more responsible, remember what a great american, maya angelou said. when someone shows you who they are, believe them. >> i spoke with trump's new campaign manager kellyanne conway who tells me that her initial advice to donald trump because that's what voters want. tom llamas, abc news, new york. mcdonald's attempt to add a healthy touch to the happy meals appeared to have backfired. fitness trackers are no longer a part of happy meals. fitness trackers were pulled after reports of skin irritations were possibly caused by the band. >> was that 48 hours? and then boom, it's gone. >> did you like the tracker you got with your happy meal? >> it was cute. thank you. a tourist from ireland said he learned an important lesson. you empty your pockets before
3:40 am
>> good tip. >> the guy was brave enough to jump off a high bridge, the highest bridge in the world during a trip to south africa. >> he was also brave enough to record it, even the part when his phone slid out of his pocket plummeting to the ground. >> oh, no. i dropped my phone! >> keep in mind, the same phone was stolen earlier during a trip to italy. he eventually got it back from the police. he was very lucky that time around. not so much this time around. >> if it was my phone, i would have said it's okay. cut me loose. i'm going after it. >> i'm going after it. i need that phone. >> i need that phone. enough of this hardness. that's kind of cool video, though. coming up, the american sprinters making history, taking not just gold, not just gold and silver. gold, silver and bronze. >> okay.
3:41 am
>> i thought there might have been another one there. >> i kept the suspense up. >> and hello from the other side. adele's emotional message to fans that's coming in "the skinny." and it is the penultimate samba appearance for us, isn't it? are we almost done? >> first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
3:42 am
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>> did it go off? yeah, it really did. we're amateurs at this. >> we need some lessons. >> only two more. kerri walsh-jennings is coming home from rio with a beach volleyball medal. but it's not the one many expect. >> three-time gold medal winner and april ross bounced back from the semi final loss. kerri walsh-jennings had her first loss at the olympics but they won the bronze medal. germany won gold defeating the other brazilian team that beat the americans. in track and field, a first for team usa. these ladies, the american women swept the 100 meter hurdles, brianna rollins, nia ali, and kristi castlin took the gold, silver and bronze. it's the first time all three women from any country will sweep the event in the olympics. >> girl power!
3:46 am
the jamaican star is having such a good time during his 200-meter semis that he shared a laugh with an opponent. bolt and de grasse were grinning at each other as they approached the finish line. both men qualified for the final, and this picture is now making the rounds on the internet. >> and he does it like no, no, no. the finger thing. and golden girl katie ledecky is back home. she received a huge ovation getting off the plane at dulles airport outside of d.c. >> she sent out this tweet that reads back in the usa, thanks to my gators. sr friends for the welcome home. that was a shout out to her school in bethesda, maryland. and michael phelps may be retired, but you can't keep him out of the pool. the most decorated athlete in olympic history spent time in the water with his fiancee nicole and son boomer and posted
3:47 am
>> cute. and now to the medal count, shall we? for the second straight day, the u.s. picked up nine overall medals. that raises the american's total to 93. the u.s. has 30 golds. china and great britain are tied at 19. >> all right. 30, 32, and 31 with the medal count. i liked it when it was 28, 28, 28. >> it was very nice. we still have several days to go. when we come back, adele's >> why the singing sensation had to cancel her concert. "the skinny" is next. but now we samba.
3:48 am
3:49 am
? >> it is "skinny time." and there are some very disappointed adele fans out there this morning. forced to say hello from the other side instead of from the other side of phoenix instead of from the arena. she canceled her show because of this cool message to her friends. >> i'm so sorry to let you down. i know lots of you were flying in from all over.
3:50 am
do, but i have to look after myself because i have 70 more shows to do. i will reschedule the show, and i will come back and smash it for you. i'm really, really sorry. have a wonderful evening without me. >> oh. >> and fans are offering her support saying they hope she feels better. this was supposed to be her second night in phoenix. she says she pushed it too hard tuesday night and now the cold has gotten the better of her. she can't muscle it out anymore. >> we wish her well. it's kind of cool to present that video there, showing her raw to her fans there. to a much different kind of apology now. blake shelton is saying sorry for tweets from earlier in his career that have him in hot water. twitter users dug up the old offensive comments that range from homophobic to misogynistic. >> and comedy has been a big part of his career, but he said anyone that knows me knows i have no tolerance for any hate
3:51 am
he admits jokes can be inappropriate, but they're never hateful. many of the old tweets were reportedly deleted. one of the most iconic scenes from "star wars" is coming to life. take a look. ? >> a cantina from a new hope will be recreated as a pop-up in hollywood, can you believe it? >> it's not up and running yet, but it will start taking reservations soon. the creators are billing it as a two-hour immersive experience. they say costumes are encouraged. >> that should get "star wars" fanatics plenty of time to debate who shot first? as well as time to argue who are his parents? all these deep thoughts from the cantina. >> what costume are you going to wear? that's the big question. >> i don't know. that's a tough one. last year i was a storm trooper. >> a storm trooper? >> yeah. >> i've been laia before.
3:52 am
you would make a good laia. >> the bun? >> i can see it. >> it's like ear muffs.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
? ? a live picture in rio where it is 77 degrees, and they're an hour ahead of the east coast this morning, heating up, though. >> and most of us don't have what it takes to qualify for the olympic medals, but there are other ways to get in on the action. >> one super fan is snapping pictures with most of the top american athletes except for one elusive champion. abc's t.j. holmes is there. >> reporter: who is that guy? the final five are all smiles posing for a selfie with him. here he is with u.s. track star, allyson felix, and here all buddy buddy with ryan murphy. who is he?
3:56 am
texas, the undisputed selfie king of the rio olympics. and there he is behind aly raisman during her medal ceremony. you are a selfie whiz, what is it? >> right place right time. if they would give medals to spectators, i would for sure get a gold for my performance this olympics. >> reporter: brent describes himself as a sports super fan. he used up all his vacation time and work to be here. his wild ride in rio and his impressive collection of selfies won't be complete without that one selfie he's desperate to get. michael phelps. >> phelps is like my white buffalo. he's the reason why i skipped my flight home. >> reporter: that's right. brent had to call his boss to ask for more vacation time to stay in rio longer to pursue a coveted selfie with phelps. will the gamble pay off?
3:57 am
that our interview with him is just a front. >> tell me the trick now to doing a selfie. >> yes. let's see here. what's the trick? look around for me. yeah. what's the trick? >> oh! >> there's a trick to doing this selfie. >> no way. >> yes. >> what's up, man? so good. this is not real. >> reporter: he just called you his white buffalo. he's been trying to track you down this whole time. >> here i am. here we are. >> in rio. >> how long are you here for? >> i was supposed to fly home three days ago and i skipped it to try to meet you, and it happened. >> what a great moment. nice job. >> he got his selfie with michael phelps. >> who's the most famous person you've taken a selfie with? >> oh, i don't know. i took one with dominique dawes yesterday morning. i think my favorite person to take selfies with is kendis gibson. you know that guy? >> i'm thinking beyonce. that will be who i'd go for.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, two u.s. olympians pulled off their flight home. brazilian authorities are now holding them amid questions about whether they were really robbed at gunpoint along with teammate ryan lochte. also breaking now, the monster wildfire tearing across southern california consuming 40 square miles so far now closing in on neighborhoods. new flooding overnight as severe storms hit the east coast, plus the destruction left behind in the south and midwest. and back in rio, clean sweep. the americans own the 100-meter hurdles as the hoops team loaded with nba stars, they move on, and our golden girl, simone biles, rewards herself, yes,


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