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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  August 18, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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. all new at 11, breaking news in sun city west. police launching an investigation after a body was found in a car. air 15 scanning that scene right there near rh johnson boulevard and camino del sol. no word on an identity, but police do think that this death is suspicious. and as soon as we learn more, of course, we will bring you more details. and major developments coming out hour. american athletes including ryan lochte, claim they were mugged in rio, but what actually happened? abcs adrian bankert has the latest. >> reporter: new developments today surrounding 12-time olympic medalist ryan lochte and three other olympic swimmers who claim they were robbed on the streets of rio. brazilian investigators and the ioc looking into whether false statements were given to police.
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them. >> reporter: a federal police source in brazil saying surveillance video shows one of the swimmers breaking down a bathroom door at a gas station and then getting into a fight with a security guard. it comes the day after fellow swimmers jack calder and -- who were with them that night, were pulled from the houston flight. >> and i sat there and they came -- and you need to depark the plane. >> reporter: and overnight, the jack conger and gunner ben it, z were released by local authorities with the understanding they would continue their discussions about the incident on thursday. james fa -- eagan is communicating with local authorities. abc news learning that loch te is back in the u.s. and saying he had a gun to his head, professional. >> pulled out -- previously. >> and he pulled out his gun and said -- and i put my hands up and i was like whatever.
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and a brazilian job questioning the demeanor of the men when they returned to the olympic village. as seen here in surveillance video obtained by the daily and police saying that the men paid about $50 in both u.s. and brazilian currency to compensate for damage to that gas station door. besides lochte, the three swimmers in brazil are being questioned by authorities. adrian bankert, abc news, new york. and also breaking this morning, foer turned tv analyst darren shepherd sentenced on rape charges. he'll be spending 18 years in prison for drugging and raping as many as 16 women and four different states, including here in arizona. now, two of the victims attacked in november of 2013. sharp pleaded no contest to charges and initially, he was supposed to serve 9 years but a judge rejected that deal because it was too lenient. and michael -- [
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two years supervised -- brie pleaded back in june to planning the whole thing. he set up a rival bail bondsman by putting a tip online. and monsoon moisture making a return this morning nor. air 15 capturing a video of raindrops and making the streets slick all over the valley and look at the lightning creating a show in the skies. we were sent this video of the strikes as they were out and about all and allison was out and about all over and chasing some of the storms and that is breezy there, too. >> and times we're seen very breezy and our phoenix valley camera to see the darker and thicker clouds and making their way to the sunshine here and into experience on and off. and let's show you where dessert doppler is now and we can see not a lot. a lot is moved out and broken up. we're seeing activities to the south of us here near maricopa
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throughout the morning and even if we go to the east, the southeast near gila bend and south of buckeye and where we're seeing the showers earlier today. and that is breaking up definitely as well. and a closer look for us here in the valley shows we're dealing with a little bit of lingering moisture and not a lot of activity as far as that goes and as we look at dessert doppler now. we're going to track this throughout the morning and we have a breakdown of the rest of the afternoon hour-by-hour. and firefighters after battling a chemical fire. there was smoke near 32nd street and mcdowel. we're told the neighborhood is safe right now. one firefighter has a knee injury and five suffered smoke inhalation and others had to be hosed down to make sure they didn't get chemicals on them. >> and once the fire was extinguished, a lot of smoke was in the building and it was released when we went ahead and knocked the doors open. >> even though you use chlorine
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well with water. so when they were spraying down the fire, it was making a really dangerous mess for them. it's not yet clear what started that fire. the fire investigators expected to be at the scene all day long trying to figure that out. right now, a man is in critical condition after he was stabbed by the upper body. this is video near third street and roosevelt. and there were no witnesses and -- on this one and we'll let you know if of who they may be. and a man was shot and killed in the driveway in maryvale. and that is close to two other deadly shootings tied to the cereal killer. katie connor has the latest. >> reporter: the victim was walking on the sidewalk near the corner when she was shot at and ran down the sidewalk to the driveway where the blue tahoe collapsed and died. some neighbors told police they
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night, followed by a car screeching away. police say there is no connection between the victim and the home where he died. less than two miles away, manuel garcia died on june 10th on the right-hand side of the screen, the scene of the triple murder on june 12th. two women and a 12-year-old girl were killed sitting in a car in the driveway. detectives connected these two scenes to the serial street shooter. neighbors in the area are on edge. investigators said there is no indication that the latest shooting is connected to the serial street shoot now, detectives are trying to identify who the victim is. reporting in maryvale, kerry conner, abc 15 news. and there is a pile of evidence on the serial street shooter. no arrests yet and abc 15 uncovered key details in the latest police report. perhaps the most striking is that at least three of the attacks, witnesses report someone else and detectives repeatedly said they think accomplices are unlikely and
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right now, the police are investigating a shooting in tempe that left one man dead and happened overnight near kuwanis park and we're told this started as a fight between two men and both were shot. the other man is expected to recover and detectives say they only have really vague details about a suspect but one witness saw someone get away on a harley. and the d'backs will have a new railroad. the maricopa county board of supervisors are voting to chase field of a price tag of at least $60 million. not only has the stadium gone down at valley with wear and tear, it's getting difficult to fill the seats. a d back spokesperson released a statement saying they're looking into the offer. >> and the news is not sitting well with everyone. check it out. a phoenix man set up a go fund me account and he's looking to raise $60 million. and a monthlong school fight coming to an end. but not with any real resolutions. the arizona board of education
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saying it's the direct result of on-- his ongoing feud with the superintendent diane douglas. so we reached out to miller and trying to learn more about his decision, but he's not commented any further. and a potentially dangerous bacteria putting babies at risk. new details from the hospital where it was found. >> and firefighters are struggling to get the upper hand on a huge wildfire. the progress they're making at this hour. >> and now for a poll of the day, do you believe ryan lochte's story
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. new developments from prince george county hospital in maryland. a potentially dangerous bacteria has been found in the water pipes. earlier this month, the hospital found bacteria on a few -- ya few babies in the nicu. >> and two newborns died in the same nicu earlier this year.
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the hospital has been running continuous water sampling and testing as well and they're also working to disinfect the plumbing there. and with college students heading back to campus, they'll need to be up to date on the immunizations. the guidelines are changing. the arizona department of health and several other organizations, excuse me, they're releasing new recommendations for attending school in arizona. we know the changes include a new vaccine against meningitis you not to crack your knuckles, right? and researchers say it might be good for you now. the study presented at the radio logical society of america said people cracking their knuckles have more flexibility after doing it. when you crack a knick, you pull a part two of surfaces of the joint bringing down the pressure and allows gas in the fluid to dissipate. >> and a historic wildfire is burning out of control. how veteran firefighters are
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destruction. >> and we are scene -- keeping track of the accurate forecast. and we're keeping some of the
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. this is just in from the mesa police department. lieutenant rick van gulder is retiring months after arrested for dui in gilbert. his blood alcohol level was .306. she was charged with superextreme dui.
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destructive wildfire burning 60 miles from los angeles. the bluecut is now charred more than 20,000 acres in the san bernardino national forest and this is what it looks like from space. more than 1300 firefighters are trying to get the flames you were control and the fire is only 4% contained and fire officials say people are in imminent danger and shouldn't ignore the evacuations. they're in place for several communities and the fire's path. the flames flaring up from the middle of the five-year drought. >> and how many years of fighting fire, i have never seen fire behavior so extreme. >> and we bought the house a month and a half ago is any. >> i can just hope and pray it will be standing. >> more than 34,000 homes are at risk for burning. today. >> people in louisiana are starting to clear mud and debris from their homes. historic flood waters receding near baton rouge, at least 13 people have died. as we told you yesterday, several red cross volunteers
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disaster areas helping people get back on their feet. more than 70,000 have signed up for government assistance. and he's not a police officer, but he's protect -- pretending to be know one and now we're looking at him with the new sketch here and we first reported earlier, it's believed the man in the sketch watched uck to a woman in flagstaff on sunday and said he was a cop and took her out of her car to a secluded area where he sexually assaulted that woman. might be able to help identify the guy, call the flagstaff police department, the real one. there is no telling where this guy can strike again. and they're calling this the most diverse class -- [ indiscernible ] in history. asu welcoming incoming freshman in record numbers, 11,500. the official head count and more than half are from arizona and are staying home to go to school and 2,000 are part of the barrett honors college.
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first day of school. >> and i was out there at the downtown phoenix campus there and seeing some talking with them and they're excited. rougher than to set the alarms and i get. that. >> and going from summer to, you know, getting back and you're right. absolutely of the. a bit of a gloomy start and we break down the temperatures. the rest of your thursday here and by 1:00, 101 and we're not as warm as we have been getting and clearing out a little bit there and by 3:00, hot will keep a 20% chance for showers and the heat and -- [ indiscernible ] and again, pop- up. and keep track with that free abc 15 mobile app and follow our chief meteorologist amber sullens and this is a look at future cast here and what we can expect the next 24 to 48 hours and we see later on the chance that we talked about for showers and things will clear out a bit and by tomorrow
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and we can't rule out neither stray shouter by tomorrow afternoon. and early evening about that time. so, this is a closer look and a concentrated look with future cast here. as we see this into the afternoon, and into the evening, you start to see slight chances, right, to the south of us there and that is what we have to look out for. we have enough moisture and we'll see if the heat pops up enough to create all of that instability and that would give us showers and we'll keep chances and isolated showers to the north of us as well tomorrow afternoon. and it looks to be slightly wet. we'll dry off into the weekend and some things by saturday and sunday will look calm. hopefully won't ruin plans that you have and look at the rain chances here. in the high country, higher than here in the valley. twenty% chance today and dropping that down tomorrow. we'll bump it up on saturday before we slowly start to take that back counsel on sunday and we'll keep it at -- back down on sunday and we'll keep it at
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the forecast highs in the valley, 104 is the average and we're on target for that. 103 info uptain hills and mesa and 104, tempe and glendale and levine as well and partly clear skies there and with a slight chance for isolated showers and a quick snapshot across the state, 88 in payson and 90 in sedona; 95, prescott and waking up with temperatures in the morning and the upper 50s and cooler there and 60s in sedona and payson. temps in the 40s there and upper 40s terrible. still, chilly in the grand canyon and waking up with temps and 52 degrees there and cooler than what we're experiencing here. and into valley, some of the cloud cover am is acting like a blanket here and the temps are in about the mid- to low 80s and some spots into the 70s like wickenburg, anthem and cave creek as well and they are woos throughout the night as well and this is a look at the
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keeping things seasonable. 104 and 105 and drop things more by saturday and where the rain chances are at about a 20% and we start to cool that off a bit and we'll be seasonable. sunday, monday, tuesday as well and bumping up a little bit and by wednesday and in just a few moments, i will show you the rest of the breakdown for today and hour-by-hour. so you can plan the rest of the thursday and morning commute. >> thank you, allison. >> and so many fans disappointed this morning after they did not get to see adele because she cancelled her second show in phoenix and we found out that show has been rescheduled for november the 21st and that is the week of thanksgiving. and that is great news for the two girls who got scammed on tickets on tuesday and an abc 15 viewer stepped out and bought them legit tickets. and star wars fans will recognize the cantina and there is a pop-up version of the space bar coming to earth and hollywood to be precise and
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environment where you can eat, drink, and hangout as if you were in a galaxy far away. and reservations can be made soon. leave the droid at home. and the cardinals preseason rolls on and they take on the chargers in sunny san diego. and cardinals pregame that starts tomorrow night at 5:30 and the kickoff is at 6 and the live coverage with craig starts at 4:00 here on abc 15. and the ultimate fan experience with abc 15 and your cardinals. the cards are back and we're giving away tickements to the cards-broncos game on september 1st. just download the abc 15 app and look for the contest entry and your chance to win. go to for rules and more info. of course, good luck. and so it's thursday, which means our friends from the wildlife world zoo will be here switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs wildlife world zoo will be here with us and we're going to of high-speed internet for just $20 a month.
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. you notice allison is stepping back a bit right now? we have this special guest in the studio. just kind of a slithery friend and we have christy. the wildlife -- . >> and she's not. she's not the slippery friend. >> yeah. >> and a different friend. >> exactly. >> the wildlife world zoo and >> this is ferdinand. >> yeah. >> and he loves that name. awesome. >> and he is a bull snake. >> and this is really, really cool. we were talking during the break about the survival tactics. you know, they say what is it, in -- what is that, sincerest form of flattery when you imitate someone? >> yes. >> and they pretend to be rattlesnakes which, is going to help them survive in the wild. the animals are smart and know not to mess with rattlesnakes.
11:25 am
and getting the s-shipped posture before the snakes -- s- shaped posture and shake their tail. shake it on the ground and it looks like a rattle. when it's making a rattling sound or hitting against something. >> yeah. >> and a lot of people and animals mistake it for a rattlesnake. a rattlesnake when they shake their tail, it's going to stick straight up in the air. these guys, tails are parallel to the ground. >> oh. and -- . >> i don't know if i'm going to be sticking around long enough to se tail is rattling. and i know most people, they freak out about snakes, but these are a good thing to have around. >> they're absolutely. and these bullsnakes are great. they control the rattlesnake population. >> right. >> and they going to control the rodent population, which attracts rattlesnake snakes. >> you want to leave the bullsnakes alone. they're not going to be aggressive and more put up a front. >> yeah. >> and that is the best. you know, you do that thing and you don't have to fight.
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>> and go away. he's a lover and not a fighter. the reason i am staying back, i always trust the experts, right? if you say the snake is not going to bite, the alligator, whatever? i asked is ferdinand friendly? it's better to exercise caution. >> that is smart. if you were handling a cat or something before coming in, he could mistake your hand for food. they have an excellent sense of smell. he has the nice round head and typically they have a triangular-shaped head. they have venom pockets behind their eyes. >> and i'm going to be running. >> yeah. >> and not what that is. okay. >> and christy from the wildlife world zoo and aquarium, thank you so much. >> and thank you for having us. >> and you're open 365 days a year. look at is that. there are the hours on the screen if you want to see ferdinand as yourself. and coming up on abc 15
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somebody and drives off leaving them for dead. the latest on the crash that shut down the road for hours. plus, we'll have an update to a story that broke a lot of
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. developing news out of phoenix. a hit and run. loves are expected to have an update on the driver. it happened at 44th street and
11:30 am
hours. so, as soon as we get an update for you, of course, we will let you know. >> police say a fight inside's car caused a bad crash overnight in north scottsdale. pima road was closed near thompson peak parkway. scottsdale police say the 19- year-old edward redondo grabbed the wheel and jerked it to the right causing it to go off of the road and flip over. four people were seriously hurt, including redondo, who will face charges when he gets out of the hospital. and exclusive not going to see anywhere else. police looking for two men and women who car jacked the -- who car jacked a vehicle. one of the producers was inside the store when police got there. employees told her they believe they got everything on surveillance video. hopefully it can help cops track down the three people. and an ice cream truck driver heard the screams as the three-year-old was hit by a police cruiser.
11:31 am
popsicle on tuesday near 75th avenue and camelback. as the ice cream man got treats for the rest of the group, he didn't see the little girl wander back towards the street. the next thing he saw, something he will never forget. [ speaking spanish ] [ through translator ] when i heard her scream, i saw the police car had run over the little girl. >> at last check, that little girl is in extremely critical condition. she and -- [ indiscernible ] and being here. >> look around. >> a hidden camera catching two burglars in the act in arcadia and one is confident he's going to pull the break-in off without a hitch. the partner had a bad feeling they were being watched and walked away with $30,000 worth of stuff. the homeowners are afraid they have been hitting other homes
11:32 am
$1,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. >> and i want to prevent other houses from being hit and these guys from burglarizeing other people and robbing others. >> one of the suspects had a distinct tattoo. we posted the raw video on and you can check it out and if you know anything, call police. and a leak forcing an apartment complex to shut down the ac and it had been down for near 35th avenue and dunlap two days. and no you take a look. the first problem, a busted pipe. and now there is another lake and for some, it's unbearable. >> and honest, my biggest concern is my grandson and my husband because my grandson does omit 5 and my husband, he's six sick. >> and a maintenance supervisor said the property is 40 years old and things break down. and happening around the
11:33 am
after an attack in a police station in turkey. it happened after a car bomb went off. a police officer and two bistanders were killed. the attack was being blamed on rebels who carried out several similar attacks on the nation. and new video this morning from greece. eight turkish military officials arriving on the country by helicopter and they were ordered to be extradited afternoon failed military coup in turkey last month. and that deny any involvement in that attack. and back states, 17 people sent to the hospital after a bus crash in pennsylvania. this is the scene overnight about 30 miles east of the state capital. the witnesses say the driver appeared to lose control of the bus. 23 people were on board at the time and it slammed into several cars, a bridge, a fire hydrant, a utility poll, error error -- pole, a church and a dumpster and pushed into the porch of a home. and they live to tell the
11:34 am
the weekend in eastern texas and surveillance video shows them uploading groceries when lightning strikes the suv and that strike barely missed the younger son, too and the couple called 911 and neither were sent to the hospital and they want other families to realize it takes a second for your whole life to change and that glad they made it out okay. >> and new information about the gunman and the army saying micah johnson had his weapons confiscated while he army and he was being investigated for sexually harassing a fellow soldier. the army is saying it found a stash of stolen weapons, including grenades in his barracks and he stole another soldier's medication. johnson was killed in july after shooting and killing five dallas police officers. and are you scared of heights? the washington monument may not be for you. it's closed today after an
11:35 am
and 84 people had to make the trek down the stairs. the monument was closed last weekend and also in july for an elevator problem. and we have an update to a heartbreaking story we shared with you earlier in the week. wal-mart taking action now for a little boy found trying to sell his stuffed animal to buy food. and the company not treating him and his family to a shopping spree. a police officer -- [ indiscernible ] tracked down the little boy and bought him a sandwich before taking him back to the >> and it's unbelievable that someone and some company would do something like this for people they don't know. sam walton started this company taking care of people and that is what we do. without wal-mart, there is nothing i could have done personally, but my company had my back and that is what they did. they -- i asked a question and they said no hesitation, do it. >> and the boy and his siblings were take know away from the parents after police found them in deplorable conditions at home. they're living with the grandmother.
11:36 am
next month. and [ indiscernible ] >> you used to go where? >> to the school in the middle of the night. >> if you you could hear that there, the faint voice is the first time we're hearing jesse wilson speak. he is the 10-year-old buckeye boy who has been missing for more than a month and thanks to newly released body cam footage from april of this year and that is when he was found by neighbors down the street from his home. we broke the news about the boy's avondale home in 2011. when co to their beds after reports of child abuse. one neighbor told us she remembers seeing the straps. >> and i tell the lady why she put, show have that and she said because they don't behave. >> you're a parent, would you ever do that to your kid? >> no, no, no. never. >> and no charges were ever filed in either case.
11:37 am
and more than two dozen wildfires scorching the landscape in california. the weather conditions making the firefight so difficult. >> and a crook didn't stand a
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11:39 am
. the bluecut fire is still out of control and coming dangerously close to homes and a major freeway. fueled by intense winds, crews are still trying to keep the fast-moving fire from devouring more dry brush. >> and get a line stretch to here. the shelter behind the building. >> reporter: right now, cal fire saying it charred over 31,000 acres.
11:40 am
destroyed. 34,000 still in jeopardy. in san diego, firefighters attack another wildfire by air. >> had roughly two minutes to get out of the house and that is two minutes to grab whatever you can and go. they were young and -- [ indiscernible ] they were screaming at us. >> reporter: around 50% contained to the north, the clayton fire is also slowly down. around 4,000 people in the area north of san fran the evacuation orders will be lifted, but when it is, many people hoping that this is not what they come home to. in west cahon valley. a texas thief accused of stealing a bike might have learned his lesson not to do this again. that is because he had three football players taking him down. earlier this week, the football captain noticed the suspect taking an assistant coach's bike. that is when three stopped him
11:41 am
until police arrived. >> and he helps us out a lot and in practice and meetings. he goes wherever he can to help us out and he's great to day that to him. >> the suspect is facing theft charges. as for the coach, he's glad to have his bike back. and check it out. 68 pounds of methamphetamine. they were found during a traffic stop near salt lake city. the driver pulled over after following another car too closely. the drugs have a street val to be the largest -- largest meth seizure in utah's history. the police believe the driver is trying to take the drugs from california to canada. and breaking news right now, the major pot-growing operation is being busted right now in the west valley air 15 is over that location now and this is going to be near 95th avenue and deer valley. ncso deputies are serving search warrants at a second location in peoria and a third
11:42 am
the story is now developing, so count on abc 15 to get you more information throughout the day. and three e-mails, three attempts to get your personal information. only one is a scam. coming up, joe let's you know who might be contacting you soon. >> and storms possible after early morning action with some rain and lightning as well.
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and keeping an eye on wall street for you, the dow is down 4 points. and if you love being one of the first people to get your hands on the latest iphone, brace yourself. a source for the website 95 max said iphone 7 and 7 plus are not going on sale until september 23rd, after other reports that said the smartphone would hit stores earlier. for example, bloomberg reported last week that a september 7th release date. and first verizon and now at&t is raising the data plan prices. they go into affect on sunday and doesn't impact current customers too much. you can stay with the plan you have right now; how far, if you want to change any data levels, you have to switch to the new plan and that is going to cost you more money and prices will vary between 15 and $25. and so you will soon be able to score deals on the latest smartphones or gadgets. best buy announcing 50 deals
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the 50th anniversary. and the sale starts this monday night in stores and online. >> and a consumer alert tonight about your ac. remember this term r-22? also referred to as freon? it's a refrigerant that keeps your ac unit delivering cool air and turns out that new orders of freon will be completely banned by 2020 and that is because the environmental concerns and it's been harder to find a lot of ac units build after 2010. if you conditioner, beware. you might be tempted to buy a brand new unite. and mcdonald's is pulling a fitness tracker from happy meals. there were reports of issues. and a cheeseburger, chocolate milk, apple slices, and a kid's fry adds up to 560-calories and depending on your size, it could take from about 3,000 to
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and good morning. joe ducey here playing a game called guess the scale. i have three possibilities, you decide which scam is not like the others and let's start with the u.s. census going on now. she got two census letters. there are a few things not looking right. no date and responding promptly will prevent mailings, phone calls or personal visits and i didn't think the census bureau did personal visits. is this a scam? or this one. we rec an opportunity to make money from car -- [ indiscernible ] we did research and didn't find much of the company. it's hero energy based in china. the e-mail said that preston is a suitable match. and preston said warn others in the valley if this is a scam or is it this the final contestant from kathy who received a e- mail from the united states office of personnel management and talks about a malicious cyberintrusion against the u.s. we determined your social security number and other
11:48 am
go to a website and two are real and one is the scam. and there is a legitimate census. the american community survey is going on now and there was a cyberintrusion where some information was breached, but we haven't been able to find any legitimate business that contacts you out of the blue, including hero. scam or no scam, that is i scam. i'm investigator joe ducey. have a great day. you have a problem, well met know. and only -- let me know. only the runway, got the okay to change the safety rules and that is not sitting well with neighboring property owners. the airstrip is along 237th avenue near highway 60 and almost to morristown. the county supervisors gave the go ahead to scrap a safety zone that was part of the south runway and the woman owning the property south of the runway thinks that decision affects her land into the safety zone
11:49 am
>> and she lives in the netherlands and this is reverse robinhood zoning, taking from the dutch to give to the poor, poor private aircraft owners. >> a rep for the hoa declined to comment. and one flat right or pricing changes through the year. council members are expected to vote on that through the meeting. the proposal would change the rates of $1.50 an hour to a variable rate and it could be as can be as low as $1 an hour. and a good question. how's it shaping up out there? hot and rain? >> a little -- . >> i was going to sea snow. >> not quite. >> and not quite the season and that is up north for sure. >> and i don't know why snow came into me mind. maybe for cooler weather? >> i know. and you're going to get in today and we'll be cooler than the last few days and this is a
11:50 am
and we see the break in the clouds and thicker around 5, 6 and through 8:00 as well and right now, you can see that and as we look at what is happening outside and you are starting to see the blue out there and 91 degrees and typically go last week this time of the day we would be flirting with triple digits and we have to take what we can get. the dew points are in the 50s not feeling incredibly muggy when you step outside and this issy look at the dessert doppler, what we have going on now and there is not a lot. the state is not getting hit a ton and we have some activity the last few hours and that is breaking up near maricopa and into the south west of valley and we activity nearby as well and that ask not mean we won't
11:51 am
as well and not a total washout but a few sprinkles that we get here and into the valley, we're not getting a lot either and they're isolated and some pockets, some sprinkles and a couple on the windshield. and you won't get a total washout and the rest of the day, and 98 degrees by lunchtime and 1:00 and that is going to be hot and 101 degrees and 2:00, 102 and that is not where we're topping out. and we're going to keep a slight chance that we could see some more isolated showers into the evening and later on in the day and that can change with the daytime heating and such and adds to the instability and the air and that is what causes this activity as we usually get during the mop soon and into
11:52 am
of showers here but we'reinging a quieter saturday morning overnight as well and some scattered chances north of us and we're expecting this to be quiet here in the valley and take a look as we break down the rain chances and drop offing it by tomorrow and into the weekend and we're going to keep a slight chance for showers says we start the and we'll continue's couple of degrees today. as long as they right and get that if not below the valley today. and 102 in anthem; 104, glenndale and peoria and across the state here, you can see 98 in payson, warm there, too; 90, sedona and 85 in prescott. the overnight lows in the 50s and 60s up north and for us here, the overnight lows are
11:53 am
and coming up in a few minutes, i will show you the seven-day so you can plan out the rest of the seven days. >>. and today's right this minute video, a baby creates -- when her mom leaves the room and she is enjoying her first-ever taste of nutella, a sweetened hazelnut cob spread and i can relate to this and this is from australia and the two-year-old hands her the safety treat and when mom comes back, two minutes later, she gets quite the surprise after she stops laughing and picks up her camera to record her eating the chocolate goodness. and you see all of today's top videos every week day on right this minute and it's here on abc 15 at 2:00.
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i wodon't know where about con-artistsso whend committing medicare fraud... i wodon't know where it me me so mad i wanted towhend give them the old one-two o,lways check your medicare to statements for errorsift these ookshink we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, prott it
11:55 am
. new to the results of our
11:56 am
poll of the day. we asked if you believe ryan lochte and other olympians if they were robbed in rio. there has been a lot of debate about this if this is true or not. 18% say that they do believe it. 82% say no way. and as we come up on the 12:00 hour, air 15 is over a pot- growing operation. this is being busted in the west valley and this is a live look now. the nco deputies are serving a search warrant at a total of three locations in connection with the operation and cou abc 15 for more information throughout the day on this. and we have a question surrounding whether members of the team usa swimming lied to police. 12-time olympic medalist ryan lochte and other swimmers claim they were robbed in the streets of rio. the federal police in brazil said surveillance video shows one of the swimmers breaking down a door at the gas station and getting into the fight with the security guard. and just about 4:00 and i
11:57 am
indiscernible ] >> and not a lot. >> and absolutely. talking about the wildfires. the devastating wildfires waging in the west now and wildfire scene is not over yet. breaking down the outlook for the rest of the year and withdrawing support for donald trump. one organization is asking a senator to do that and plus, not unconscious by a bolt of lightning. can you imagine? one family is happy to be alive and that is video you have to see to believe. coming your way at 4:00 on the and finally, the world's largest rubber ducky is leading a parade now and this is video from tall ships duluth in minnesota. and this duck is 61 fight tall and weighs 11 tons. >> and that is a lot of duck. >> okay, and this is a last look at the seven-day forecast.
11:58 am
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. if the sun, sand and a steel drum band get you going, then you're in the right place, because today we're setting sail with an hour of island eats. michael's got an easy, breezy treat so good it will drive you nuts -- coconuts that is. then, i'm hanging with the fantastic art smith and we're putting a tropical twist on a so plus, clinton's in the kitchen with the always-fabulous brooke shields, and they've got a crispy seafood favorite that will have you shouting tac-oh yeah baby! we're drifting away to deliciousness, right now, on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] aloha, and welcome to


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