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tv   ABC15 News Sunday  ABC  August 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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an aspiring musician shot and killed in phoenix while celebrating his birthday. police are asking for help to find the shooter. a valley man hurting after a bee attack. not just because of what happened to him but because of what the bees did to his dog. we start with alert. we have a dust storm morning. >> that dust is coming into the valley. this is the view from i-10 from adot. as we look at the radar, the dust storm warning itself is just for pinal county. that's the brown on the map but the outflow boundary, where this dust is, that dark green you see arcing to the north, that's the dust storm -- that's the dust storm headed our way.
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effect until 6 pm. winds have been 30 to 40 miles per hour and visibility reported to a quarter-mile or less in some cases down near casa grande. we are going to continue tracking that. in the meantime, we also have shower and thunderstorm activity farther south near maricopa and to the west of casa grande. this is hitting stanfield. thunder and lightning there along with heavy rain. more spotty showers across central portions more rain across southeastern arizona and more activity to the north as well. we've got a lot to track on the map. here in the valley, a slight chance we could see a stray pop- up or two over the next several hours as these gusty winds, this outflow comes in. watch out for that dust. we haven't had any blowing dust warnings issued yet but that dust is coming in and we will keep tracking it. phoenix police are searching for a shooter and
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killed celebrating his birthday outside a phoenix strip club. friends and family are mourning the death of d's deluxe. we have more on -- d deluxe -- dmac deluxx. >> an aspiring musician's 'life cut short, his body found in the parking lot of the knights in motel. >> i still don't believe it. i don't want to believe it. just to see him laying there is like - was celebrating his birthday inside the jaguar strip club. family members told detectives he left for a moment and the next thing they heard were gunshots. >> he came out of the club and nobody knows why he left but this is where he ended up. he is definitely not the person
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ground at all. >>reporter: friends say mcdonald was up and coming in his career and loved people. >> everybody loved him. i can't understand why something like this would happen. >> he is an inspiring -- aspiring artists. he made music. that's something he would like to do besides collect cars and motorcycles and take care of his kids. >> reporter: detectives are unsure how mcdonald made his way from the motel. his body was found during a property inspection after fateful shots were heard. maryellen resendez, acb15 news. >> they have it very few details released surrounding the death and they hope surveillance video will help. they are asking anyone with cell phone picture's or video to come forward. if you have information, you are urged to call silent witness. as always, you can remain unaware -- you can remain anonymous. amber sullins tracking that
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live drives. we do have that dust reducing visibility's just south of the valley. do we have that live driving -- that live drive image? the warning only in effect for pinal county but it's coming up into the valley. raquel cervantes is tracking it for us right now. >> reporter: i want to give you a li looking at right outside. in the last minute of driving on the i-10 east, we just kind of rolled into this dust where visibility is dropping. we are trying to stay safe out here but we are on the i-10 east near chandler. as we were passing by, to my right side, heading west, that's where we saw that blowing dust just rolling into the area. if you are out here, you can see this dust is really just creating a potential hazard for visibility. the noise your hearing if you
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storm warning in the area. so, be safe and for now, we're going to send it back to you. >> let me update you on that dust storm morning. that beeping and her shot, that is the national weather service extending the warning into the phoenix metro. in just a matter of seconds, you will see the computer take that brown shading and profit over phoenix as well. this dust storm warning is in effect until 7 pm tonight. again, the outflow bo that line of green racing up toward the valley, that's where our wall of dust is. visibility down to a quarter- mile or less in parts of the south valley as this thing comes in and continues to spread north. it's going to approach tempe and a matter of minutes and then up into mesa, scottsdale, phoenix and parts of the west valley like avondale. we will keep tracking for you. a dust storm morning until 7 pm for the phoenix metro.
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sevens lounge near 80th and glendale. just after 11 pm last night, police received reports of gunshots in the area. lamarr thomas -- lamarr thomas was found with gunshot wounds. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. there is no suspect information at this time. a man says a woman shot at him while he was driving on i- 10 in phoenix and fortunately, he was not hit. dps says it happened last night the man says he was heading westbound between 51 and i-17 when a white kia drove up, a woman rolled down the passenger side window and fired a round into his car. the victim pulled over at the 7th street area and mcdowell. investigators say they have no idea what led to the shooting. the searches on for a driver who hit a motorcyclist and then took off. it happened at 43rd and bethanie this morning.
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was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. the car involved was a silver malibu. a second motorcyclist was able to avoid getting hit. if you know who may have been driving that car, please give police a call. we have a silver alert from phoenix police. they are asking for your help to find this missing 69-year- old woman. they say xiao li left her home around 9:30 am. she was wearing a white son had, green shirt, b and carrying a black handbag. if you have seen her, be sure to call phoenix police. a mountain climber recovering after falling into a crevice at public oh park and making things -- papago mountain park and making things worse, he did not have a cell phone and he was alone. he was trying to free climb the mountain when he will fell. he was there for about two hours without water and was a
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rescuers arrived. a rescue team member rappelled, lowering the man into a basket stretcher. he was lowered to safety and taken to the emergency room. we are awaiting word on his condition. we are going to get back over to amber sullins, tracking all that dust moving into the area. >> a warning until 7 pm. you can see live drive has pulled off, doing exactly what you are supposed to do.
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back to our weather alert. the valley is under a dust storm morning. you're looking at i-10 and wildhorse. visibility significantly reduced in the area. do not try to head out right now. if you are at home, wait for this to clear. the warning is in effect un 7:00. if anyone is on the road, they probably got the alert on their phone but you may want to give them a heads up that they should be pulling off because it's going to thicken up really rapidly as the core moves into the valley. visibility is going to drop in a matter of seconds and it could be very dangerous. a dust storm morning for the phoenix metro until 7 pm. you can see the map real quick. let me get you back on the map. you can see exactly where the dust storm morning is. for the valley and south in
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drives. that stuff is coming in. you can see visibility significantly reduced south of the valley. we remain under a dust storm morning until 7 pm. we could see hazards tonight and your hour by hour forecast coming up in just minutes. it wasn't their backyard but now it's their problem. a phoenix family puppy stunned
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a fire -- as firefighters were on cnet 7th and thomas, megan thompson joins us with how their problems are still sing -- still sing the -- still stinging tonight. >> reporter: they had some uninvited squatters, bees, who decided to make their presence known by swarming and stinging the family who lives here. >> it's like having a needle poked into your body and someone just rubs it around. >> reporter: the scars and th sounds still swarming in their mind. >> any buzz i hear now, i don't want to be around it. >> reporter: jeremy was stung 20+ times across his body but says he would take everyone to save his two dogs at side. >> it would have been worth it because in the end, i don't want them in pain. >> reporter: the lady on the right stung upwards of 50 times . on the left, more than 400 times. somehow, i live tonight. >> usually, the first day, they
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tramp is a one 1 million case. >> reporter: but the family's concern about the hive next- door is nothing new. they've tried contacting the homeowner for months and reported it to the city. >> there is no way to fix it on our end and it shouldn't have to be our end because we don't on the house. >> reporter: the homeowner will have to pay for foaming and eradicating but the family just wishes the fix would have come sooner. >> it's hard to think that they don't have the conscience to take care of their home that they own. >>reporter: and their focus is on tramp, staying cautiously optimistic. this family is very thankful to their neighbors. they are the ones who took the dog to the vet right away and they are the ones that started a gofundme page to start paying for the astronomical veterinary bills. >> we are tracking that dust moving into the valley. we want to give you a quick shot of our reporter who is out
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they pulled over for safety. this is what she saw coming from the west and south. just that big wall was the moment she was talking about. our anchors are still working tonight even though they are off. you can see this huge cloud of dust moving in. let's get to amber sullins who is tracking all of this. what are we seeing? >> reporter: this is the area covered. the entire valley under a dust storm morning until 7 pm. a as well. as we zoom in, you can see we are getting in on some rain over south chandler right near queen creek road and price road. a couple heavy pockets of rain showers and then the dust itself is pushing farther north. behind it, showers and thunderstorms still sandwiched between maricopa and stanfield. more spotty stuff elsewhere
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moisture still in place. again, dust is the biggest threat across the valley. it will continue to be through the rest of the evening. your hazardous forecast, about another hour on this test threat and its highest on the scale. we could see gusty winds in the moderate range and when heavy rain with a couple pockets possible. the health threat pretty low but storm chances themselves at about 10% across the valley. it's mostly dust come a just a few pop-ups here and there over the next several hours. another slight chance tomorrow. temperatures currently in the upper 90s to low 100s. still very hot across valley. across the state, they have dropped quite a bit near casa grande a because of the rain. it's down to 80 degrees there, 81 degrees sedona, 60s and 70s along the rim. sedona will bottom out at 62 degrees. phoenix will drop down to 81 degrees and then hit 101 degrees tomorrow. about a degree hotter tomorrow then we were today. more triple digits out to the west as well. the storm chances will be slight here in the forecast tomorrow as we see valley
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we had on over to the west valley, most spots at 100 degrees after that early morning start in the upper 70s to low 80s. by afternoon, low to mid 80s. by 5:00, upper 90s to low 100s as you head home from work. here is the next seven days. storm chances slight on monday and tuesday. drier air will clear them out completely starting wednesday. from wednesday on, we're not looking at showers or thunderstorm chances in r valley forecast. temperatures stay at or below normal, low triple digits each day. early morning lows in phoenix will be in the low 80s. all eyes are on the valley as that dust comes in. you can faintly see to the north of where that shower activity is in chandler, an outline of light green. that is not rain. that is where our dust storm is. the radar is picking up on that. it's headed through tempe, sky harbor next, and then it will
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we will keep track of it here but the dust storm morning in effect until 7 pm as it continues to progress north across the phoenix metro. switching gears now, getting back to or sports. craig is home after he was in san diego with the cardinals. >> somebody had to do it. the team was back on the field at university of phoenix stadium. jason snavely spent the day out there. >> reporter: a pretty good first day back. there were more players on the field and we have en camp. a number of players ready to
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fresh off their 16 point loss to the chargers in san diego friday, it was back to work for the arizona cardinals. that's where we find jason snavely. jason, we had some new faces out there today. >> reporter: really the story of the day out here and glendale. several key players returning to the practice field but none more important and the return of tyrann mathieu. he hit the field today for the first practice since tearing his acl last december. one of the toughest injuries to bounce back from and he did it in just eight months. very impressive. other notable returns, smoky brown cleared from the concussion protocol today and justin bethel and frostee
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season surgeries. good news from today's breast -- press conference with bruce arians. he said 95% of friday night's mistakes are fixable, it's just the preseason, and in no way has their confidence and shaken. >> our starters have played 15, maybe 20 plays. that's not even a good house. we have had bad halves before and come back to win games. that's all history. continue to look at ou installations and move on. it's not a doomsday situation by any stretch of the imagination.>> reporter: there you go. you heard it from coach. it's not a doomsday situation. let's all take a deep breath and just remember it's the preseason. i also thought it was interesting that he mentioned
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20 plays in the first two weeks. that will be a completely different story this sunday afternoon in houston. >> get back here to the station safe. a quick look at the final week of training camp. the cards will practice tomorrow at 2:00 and then take tuesday off. they will be back on wednesday afternoon and then wrap up the public portion of training camp on thursday afternoon. get the ultimate fan experience with abc15 and your arizona cardinals. we are giving away tickets to the cards-broncos game. all you have to do is download the abc15 apland look for the contest entry for your chance to win. go to got for the arizona diamondbacks wrapping up a four game series in san diego looking for a split against the padres. brayden schenn play on the mound for arizona but he gives up seven runs on seven hits including two home runs, a triple and a couple doubles. finally, leaving the game with the d-backs trailing 7-0. the bullpen, not much better. patrick corbin pitches the seventh and eighth innings. the d-backs lose two out of three at san diego and 9-1 the
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nascar sprint cup night race to today. the race often runs in tennessee. rain even caused issues late in the race today but after starting 24th, kevin harvick completes 128 laps. denny hamlin with seven to go. both drivers burning out of the finish line. hamlin's third and chris buescher finishes fifth. >> we knew we had the in the cars every week. it's been one of those deals where things just not going exactly right but to have the win now and to get that momentum before we get into the adjacent get things rolling is really what we needed. >> can you believe there is just one week left of training camp? >> they've got to get it together. >> three days left to see them. we're going to throw it back to amber sullins tracking
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and as it comes in. we do have a major dust storm moving in from the south right now. a dust storm warning is in effect through the valley for another hour and a half. there is a look at the dust cloud. visibility down to a quarter- mile or less inside this thing. we can see it on the radar as well. if we go back to the radar, i will show you where this is. it's this line of green. it's moving up to the north. this line here has now moved through tempe. it's going to hit scottsdale next and then it's pretty close to the airport as well so it's going to continue to push past sky harbor in the next 15 minutes or so and then push upward camelback after that. let's take a look now at live drive because the visibility was so significantly reduced that racquel had to pull over. it looks like it's improving a little bit where she is at because she is on the south side of this storm. it's moving away from her into the valley.
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from the dust storm coming in. if you do not have to go out right now, don't. you want to avoid that at all costs because the visibility has been downright dangerous less than a quarter-mile to a few hundred feet in some cases. we are going to be live on facebook immediately following this newscast at 5:30 pm. we will continue to breeden knew
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welcome to "world news tonight." olympic swimmer ryan lochte changing his story. admitting he was drunk when he said he was robbed at gunpoint in rio. >> i was still intoxicated. >> tonight, lochte's public apology. admitting he overexaggerated his story. but says he still wasn't lying. politics of race. reaching out to minority voters. so why are some african-americans calling his outreach offensive? path of destruction. >> tornado on the ground! >> tornadoes tearing across parts of the midwest. damaging homes, flipping cars. new flash floods leaving neighborhoods under water. wedding massacre. new developments in that deadly terror attack overseas. the suicide bomber, as young as 12 years old. and, race against time.


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