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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump takes on hillary clinton and those thousands of new e-mails. saying she gave clinton foundation donors special treatment. >> the clintons made the state department into the same kind of pay-for-play operation. >> trump calling for a special prosecutor. terror attack in virginia. accused of stabbing two people, possibly trying to bye head one. tropical threat. three systems brewing in the atlantic. the caribbean on alert as we hit peak hurricane season. missing tom. the patriots' star quarterback, nowhere to be found at preseason games or practice. even his teammates now questioning where he is just
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and good morning, america. we both love that song. >> great song. >> could be the theme song of patriots fans this morning. wondering where their star quarterback is. we're going to get into that tom brady mystery coming up. and olympian ryan lochte facing more questions about his future after the million-dollar mistake in rio. what is next for him? let's get to the race for the white house. more e-mails causing more trouble for hillary clinton. donald trump attacking her on the stump last night. striking different chords on his immigration plan. jon karl is on the campaign trail in cleveland. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. trump did strike a different tone on immigration in an interview last night on fox news. at his rally in ohio, he was on message, opening up a new line of attack against hillary clinton. overnight, donald trump struck a
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saying he only wants to follow existing laws. >> we'll get rid of the bad ones. we have gang members, we have killers, we have a lot of bad people that have to get out of this country. as far as the rest, we're going through the process like they are now, perhaps with a lot more energy. we're going to do it only through the system of laws. >> reporter: he cited president obama's record on deportations. >> what people don't know is that obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country. i'm going to do the same thing. >> reporter: before a large and enthusiastic crowd in akron, ohio, trump took the fight to hillary clinton. >> i just get the feeling we're to going win in a landslide. >> calling for a special prosecutor to investigate her. >> after the fbi and department of justice whitewashed hillary clinton's e-mail crimes, they certainly cannot be trusted to quickly or impartially
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new crimes, which happen all the time. >> reporter: reading from a teleprompter, trump kept his aim squarely on the clintons. >> the clintons made the state department into the same kind of pay-for-play operation as the arkansas government was. pay the clinton foundation huge sums of money and throw in big speaking fees for bill clinton, and you got to play. >> reporter: before last night's mostly white audience, trump once again told minority voters that democrats had failed them. >> crime, all of the problems, to the african-americans, who i employ so many, so many people, to the hispanics, tremendous people, what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance. i'll straighten it out. >> reporter: while making his latest appeal to minorities,
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candidate who's softening on illegal immigration. >> we're going to build a wall, folks. that wall will go up so fast, your head will spin. and you'll say, you know, he meant it. and you know what else i mean? mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> reporter: trump had planned a big speech on immigration this week. that's now been put on hold. his aides say he's still working on the the details. amy? >> thank you, jon karl. brian ross joins us with more on the newly released e-mails involving the clinton foundation and a top advisor to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, amy. this new batch of the e-mails appears to show how friends of the clintons appear to have sought special access when she was secretary of state, precisely what she promised not to at her confirmation hearings. it was her promise under oath
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clinton foundation. >> that will not influence, it will not be in the atmosphere. >> reporter: the e-mails show the crown prince of bahrain, after first trying normal channels, was only able to arrange a meeting with the secretary of state after intervention by the clinton foundation, to which his government had given between $50,000 and $100,000. clinton foundation executive doug ban wrote to clinton's aid, huma prince was a good friend of ours. the meeting was arranged within 48 hours. offering bahrain cp 10:00 tomorrow for meeting with hrc, the initials of hillary rodham clinton. >> mrs. clinton and her staff treated the the state department as an arm of the clinton foundation. >> i'd like to invite to the stage -- >> reporter: as previously reported by abc news, another big foundation donor was appointed to a sensitive international security board by secretary clinton even though he
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mr. fernando, brian ross, abc news. when we first reported on the connection, he went after our cameras and threatened to have us arrested. >> you will be arrested. >> i'll be arrested for asking questions of this man? >> reporter: he resigned after we raised questions about his appointment. we spotted him at that convention as a clinton superdelegate. >> i'm trying to help secretary clinton get elected. >> reporter: the new e-mails were obtained by a groupal a clinton campaign spokesperson dismissed as a right wing organization that's been going after the clintons since the 1990s. they said despite those e-mails, clinton never took action as secretary of state because of the donations to the clinton founda foundation. that's their response, amy. >> all right, brian, thank you. >> let's get more from matt dowd. the foundation. 14,900 e-mails now being called to come out before the election.
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donald trump calling for a special prosecutor. you have allies of the clintons saying they're going to have to shut the foundation down. is that the way to fix it? >> it's a big problem, george, for two reasons. it reinforces the idea that you can't trust hillary clinton. all this stuff adds to that. the second thing is it points to washington and says it's corrupt, it's out of control, which is donald trump's message. to me, the only way to fix this is a clean break. if i were them, i'd call up the gates foundat can we turn this whole operation over to you and give the entire operation to them and get out of that business. >> donald trump, we're getting some slightly mixed signals on the immigration plan. he said on the stump, we're going to build the wall. he goes on "bill o'reilly" and basically seems to say that he's going to enforce the laws that are on the books right now, sort of intensify what president obama is doing but not repeating that he's going to do a mass deportation force. how much of a shift are we seeing? how much difference will it make?
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shift. now we're seeing another shift backwards. i think this is a good message for his base. the group of voters, 40% or 41% of the vote he'll get. the problem donald trump has is he has to get somewhere north of 35% of the latino vote to win the presidential election. the message back and forth and the stuff about the wall is not going to help him there. it does help him with the group of voters that are solid for him. >> meanwhile, all presidential campaigns try to define their opponent. i think what we're seeing here, donald trump's speech last night, hillary clinton planning a speech about what she calls his all right base on thursday, an intensification like we've never seen before, both campaigns making this all about the opponent. >> well, that's what's interesting and different. we have about 75 days left in this, george. you can mark this down. whoever this race is most about in this campaign is going to lose. that's what we're going to see
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we're seeing on the campaign trail right now. matt dowd, thank you very much. george, it is hurricane season and we have three tropical systems now brewing in the atlantic. one is gaston, on the verge of becoming a hurricane. ginger is here with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. we're weeks away from the peak of hurricane season. the atlantic is showing up as it typically does. fiona, dying out. gaston as you mentioned but that's storm. our eyes are on this wave in the eastern caribbean right now that looks like modeling trying to take it into the northern caribbean. the next 48 hours, it has a 60% shot of developing into a named tropical depression or tropical storm. the conditions are great water- wise. plenty of warm water, a lot of dry air it has to fight through. i would like to see in the next couple of days, a lot of gelling of our computer models. right now one takes it to florida, another totally kills
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wildfires. dozens burning from california to washington, out of control, forcing hundreds of evacuations. clayton sandell is on the scene in spokane county, washington. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's a smokey sunshine in washington state. this is one of ten homes that firefighters say was destroyed by the fire south of spokane. this and scenes repeating all over the west this morning. overnight fires across the west, in california six fires burning, firefighters working around the clock, hundreds of homes destroyed. >> sad. just want to help. >> reporter: on california's central coast, a 52-square mile blaze, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. 34 homes burned to the ground there along with 14 other structures. >> gone up in flames.
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>> reporter: in washington state several fires have burned more than a dozen homes. we went to find firefighters on the front line, working hard to make sure that number doesn't go up. we're on the fire line. the flames are moving down the hill, toward this house. right down here, you can see, a line of firefighters hoping to protect that house and keep it from burning down. this morning, crews are working to contain at least seven fast-moving wildfires wreaking havoc throughout the state. and this morning, there are also large fires burning in oregon, officials tell us that means resources, everything from firefighters to air tankers, are stretched thin. amy? >> clayton sandell, thank you. now to a possible isis-inspired attack in virginia. the fbi investigating a suspect known to authorities and is accused of stabbing two people on saturday night. abc's david wright is here with the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. apparently he didn't just stab them. authorities believe he tried to
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the fbi now suspects this knife attack may have been an act of terrorism inspired by isis. an urgent call for paramedics in the immediate aftermath of a knife attack saturday night. >> there's two patients. one with a leg laceration. he's got a tourniquet applied by police. one male subject with a necklace rags. >> reporter: the couple returning home to their complex at the pines complex in roanoke told police a stranger jumped them. the attacker shouted allahu akbar, god is great, as he wielded his knife, seriously injuring both people. 20-year-old wasil farooky is now in custody. sources tell abc news, the fbi is investigating whether the suspect was trying to behead his victims in an isis-inspired assault. federal authorities say they've been aware of farouki for some time. and that during the past year,
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have tried to sneak into syria, where isis has been recruiting and training foreign sympathizers. >> they seek to send operatives to kill people in their name in the united states if they can. >> reporter: the fbi director recently warned that isis is reaching out to troubled souls worldwide, hoping to recruit potential killers. >> if they can't send an operative or inspire someone to travel, they hope to motivate people to kill on their behalf. >> reporter: the fbi director says the bureau is tracking about 800 people in all 50 states who have consumed isis propaganda online. the tricky part for them is trying to figure out who was just watching it and who might be motivated. now to the latest on bowe bergdahl, the army sergeant captured by the taliban after walking away from his post in afghanistan. the army has charged him with dez ergs which could mean life in prison. now his lawyers are moving to dismiss the case. linzie janis is here with more. >> reporter: good morning,
7:14 am
bergdahl's lawyers are suggesting that the military general who made the decision to charge bergdahl was biased. they want him disqualified and the charges dropped. bowe bergdahl back in court. the 30-year-old's lawyers trying to get the desertion and other charges against him thrown out in a series of high-stakes hearings. >> sergeant bergdahl has been basically in a holding pattern for over two years. >> reporter: he was freed in 2014 in a controversial prisoner swap with the taliban. he had been held prisoner for five years. afghanistan. the army sergeant's attorneys trying to convince a judge monday that the u.s. military mishandled his case, arguing that general robert abrams, the four-star general who recommended bergdahl face court martial, should not have been able to make that recommendation because of his knowledge of bergdahl's five years in captivity. >> we get bergdahl who was a traitor and they get five of the
7:15 am
>> bergdahl's lawyers worried that repeated comments -- >> remember sergeant bergdahl? >> sergeant bergdahl's's >> reporter: could affect his ability to get a fair trial. the judge has ordered general abrams to testify on wednesday either in person or by phone. if the judge were to disqualify him, it would rewind the clock on the case, allowing another commander to decide if he should be punished at all. >> thank you. breaking news from afghanistan. an american service member has been killed. another injured in hellman province after their patrol struck an improvised explosive device. this comes just one day after we learn that the u.s. is deploying 100 troops to the capitol of that prove vens which is in danger of being captured by the tell taliban. they were helping afghans boost security in that region.
7:16 am
making headline. fans wondering where in the world is tom brady, the quarterback missing from preseason games and practice. ryan smith is here with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. tom brady is football's ironman, never one to miss a practice when healthy, let alone games. after lining up a series of no shows, fans and even teammates are wondering where he could be. with less than three weeks before the nfl season begins -- >> touchdown! >> reporter: this morning t brady, football's main man, is nowhere to be found on the field. after missing two straight games to start the preseason, the new england patriots excusing their four-time super bowl winner from practice for personal reasons. what reasons? head coach bill belichick was typically mum on the subject. >> i don't comment on personal situations. >> i don't comment on personal situations. >> reporter: okay, but even the backup at quarterback, jimmy garoppolo, seemed mystified. >> you're guess is as good as mine. >> reporter: the superstar
7:17 am
least. suspended for the first four games of the season after losing his deflate-gate federal appeal in july, brady is allowed to practice in the preseason. he missed the first two games due to a family member's memorial. before preseason game two, he seemed fired up, posting this on facebook. who's ready for some football tonight? but he wasn't. slicing his finger with scissors, reportedly trying to pry something out of the bottom of his complete cleat, leaving the game shortly before kickoff. >> i thought he was going to start. it's how we roll. you always have to be ready. >> reporter: some reports saying brady is expected to practice today. hopefully putting an end to the nfl's version of where's waldo. all right. brady fans, don't panic. star players occasionally miss preseason practices for noninjury reasons. like him missing practice last
7:18 am
when the games do count, his streak of 14 straight seasons as the patriots' season-opening starting quarterback is going to come to an end unfortunately. >> a lot of eyes on him unfortunately. thanks, ryan. >> straight to ginger. we have to go straight to north las vegas. ktnv, our affiliate there. one of the reporters was seeing the flooding. one to three inches falling very quickly. not just in nevada but also northern new mexico. not the thing to do, driving through it. that guy rather confident. not a great idea. you will see potential for flash floods. there are watches in colorado this morning. here's the area i'm looking for.
7:19 am
and coming up here on "gma," a deadly love triangle. a former executive on trial for the second time for killing a romantic rival. was it jealousy or insanity? nancy grace joins us live. and travel alert. cheap flights day.
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airlines typically lower their prices. we're going to tell you how to score the best and the biggest deals and the catches to look out for. and ryan lochte's million-dollar mistake. sponsors are dropping deals with the olympian after that scandal in rio. we'll have what's next for him. and ask, can he recover? all coming up on "gma." 6 he recover? all coming up on "gma." i've been taking fish oil from nature's bounty to support my heart. i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! ! hey listen. whatever you do, don't marry dan! hey babe, i'm dan. hey babe, can i get 14 dollars for... thank you. 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty [ school bell ringing ] one day, ms. jenkins told us to make whatever we wanted with crayons. whatever we wanted.
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pure leaf. for the love of leaves. the time is now 7:23. i'm christopher sign, and across the valley, the rain is pouring down this morning. right now, i want to check in with meteorologist iris hermosillo for a quick check of that accurate forecast, iris. >> yeah, you know, what, chris, we had storms move across the valley early this morning. boy, what a difference a couple of hours make. after 6:00, things starting to trend down, and we are looking we look live with our phoenix children's valley hospital cam this morning. and things quieter on abc15 desert doppler as the rain has really started to push northeast of the phoenix metro and over some of the higher terrain. still raining along the eastern mogollon rim, near winslow, parts of i-40. as we go into this afternoon, more storms will fire along the rim. we could see a stray storm clip the valley, especially the northeast valley. just an isolated shot.
7:24 am
hundred later.
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taking a look at your roads, we are seeing slow and go on the west and east valley. your desert drive time here this is i-10 westbound from loop 202 san tan to u.s. 60 is 18 minutes. part of the problem is we have a crash off to the side at ray road. a quick look from our adot camera. we have a crash partially blocking the right lane. this is i-17 southbound at the i-10 stack. look for some extra delays there as well, chris. the rain was causing problems today, especially on the roads. look at this bad crash. this is on the loop 202 san tan going southbound. we know four vehicles were involved. there were multiple injuries. that road has since reopened. that's the newest information we wanted to pass along. it's just about 7:30 right now. we are back in 25 minutes with more local news as we send it back to good morning america. your breaking news updates
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homicide investigation that's happening at bell and tatum in
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nefiber? nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber?. i am drawing on my experience in elementary school. [ cheers and applause ] >> you talk -- >> the -- guy who pulls your ponytail. >> the ponytail-puller. that meant he liked you. maybe donald trump has a secret crush on you and -- his way of expressing it. >> this is how great rumors get started. welcome back to "gma." that's hillary clinton on "jimmy kimmel live" last night. joking about how she's preparing for upcoming debates with donald trump. clinton also jokes about her e-mails as well as trump calls for a special prosecutor to investigate her e-mails. also right now, president
7:31 am
the flood damaged or destroyed more than 60,000 homes. and a scary moment for amusement park riders. a hershey park roller coaster came to a stop, stranding riders for 30 minutes before they could safely get down. officials investigating why the ride came to a halt. and take a look at this movie poster. it's getting a lot of reaction this morning because of something that's there that shouldn't be. can you spot it? we're going to get into that coming up in just a bit. >> it doesn't look like anything is in the right place. that's all coming up. we're going to move on now to a gripping courtroom drama in georgia. a former executive is accused of murderin mistress. he admits to the shooting outside a day care center in 2010. jurors decide if he is mentally ill or a cold-blooded murderer. abc's linsey davis is tracking the case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what motivated hemy neuman to kill a man outside of that georgia daycare depends on who you believe. prosecutors say he's an
7:32 am
>> that's not insanity. that's good old-fashioned murder. >> reporter: this morning, for the second time, a jury is deliberating the case of hemy neuman, a former g.e. executive who admits he shot rusty sneiderman outside a day care in 2010 but claims he's not guilty by reason of insanity. >> if hemy neuman was faking his mental illness, if he planned this thinking all along, i'm going to he could have done a better job. >> reporter: but prosecutors say neuman had a premeditated plan to kill sneiderman, a father of two, as he dropped his 2-year-old son off at daycare. the motive? neuman was having an affair with andrea and was obsessed with her. >> rusty had something he wanted. the only way he was going to get that something was to kill the man that had it. >> reporter: back in 2012, a jury found neuman guilty but
7:33 am
but the state supreme court overturned the conviction, ruling his mental health records should not have been a part of the evidence. in the second trial, his defense team is weighing heavily on the testimony of a psychologist. >> that he had undiagnosed and untreated by polar disorder. >> reporter: they say he was visited by a demon with the voice of barry white and an angel with a voice like olivia newton-john. >> you will come to the right verdict. that is hemy neuman is not guilty by reason of insanity. >> reporter: if delusion does not exist, you must convict. >> reporter: prosecutors say he isn't delusional. he's simply a selfish murderer. >> he wanted something that someone else had. he was going to do whatever it took to get it, including that, committing murder. >> reporter: the victim's wife, andrea sneiderman is out on parole after being convicted of perjury for lying under oath.
7:34 am
her lawyer said she had nothing to do with the murder of her husband. the question is not if he's guilty. the question is, is he insane? >> let's take that question to nancy grace. nancy, the host of "nancy grace" on hln. thanks for joining us again this morning. convicted the first time. gets the retrial on a technicality. how much of a chance does he have? >> well, i tell you, i think it's going to be second verse same as the first. the defense can't get over the hurdle that they'r this is old as david and bathsheba. he sees her. she works for him. he falls in love with her. there are hundreds and hundreds of e-mails between the two. they would go on trips together. work trips. where she would ask for adjoining rooms. he asked her to marry him. dinners. flowers. romance. i don't know how they can deny
7:35 am
they're saying that the sex affair was just a delusion. well, right there, you lose the jury. not only that, there are videotapes of him talking behind bars where he says, well, poisoning would be impossible. stabbing would be too messy. a week before, this young father is gunned down outside the day care where he drops off his 2-year-old son, he was caught lying in the bushes outside the people's home, trying to kill him then. i'll tell you what happened the first time. they got guilty but mentally ill. that's the worst possibility for the defense. because, you go to a treatment facility and then when you get well, you go to jail. and he had great lawyers the first time. as a matter of fact, one of his first lawyers, bob ruben, was my public defender for years. i tried cases against him. very good lawyer. i don't see how they can pull this out. >> you made a strong case for the prosecution. last time around, andrea sneiderman played a key role in the case. she was used by both the
7:36 am
this time, she hasn't testified. >> i think that is a mistake. because, last time, the defense said, yes, hemy neuman had the gun in his hand. but andrea sneiderman pulled the trigger because of their relationship. it's not going to work. they're trying to deny this relationship. they're claiming he saw a demon that was barry white. remember him? i can't get enough of your love, baby. and the angel was olivia that's the extent of his mental illness? no jury in their right mind is going to buy this. i can tell you this much, juries don't like it when you hide something from them. it's best to just put the whole thing out there and argue your case. and with the defense arguing there was no sex affair and no motive for murder, they're going to lose the jury and the beginning of the closing statement. >> you put your case out there. nancy grace, thank you very much.
7:37 am
all right, now to a terrifying home invasion caught on nanny cam. a burglar with an assault rifle breaking into a home. police believe this was just one of his stops in georgia. abc's steve osunsami has the latest. >> reporter: georgia investigators are hoping someone who sees this video can identify this gunman, caught on nanny cam, robbing a young couple's home in atlanta. watch as the man is seen here entering the home while the family was away with what police believe was an ak-47. police say he stole a flat screen, a laptop and jewelry. >> he seems to be by himself as far as we know. we're not sure. >> reporter: this is not where police say he began thieving. investigators say the same man is a suspect in at least three other robberies four miles up the road. and just an hour earlier, police believe he was robbing another home, and this time, barbara lyles anderson was home. >> he said lay on the bed with your face in the pillow. and that's when i thought, okay, he's going to rape me and then
7:38 am
through an unlocked door in the kitchen, put the gun in her face and kept her in the bedroom while he searched for cash, jewelry, and then walked off with her flat screen tv. >> i started to cry a little bit. it was after i had given him everything. he said, don't cry. you'll be okay. i'm leaving. >> reporter: police believe he's the same person who robbed a woman a week ago in a park nearby. they produced this police sketch to help find the suspect, and they're underlining this morning how helpful the home videos can be. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> boy is that frightening. our thanks to steve osunsami for that. coming up on our big board. million-dollar mistake. the major sponsors dropping ryan lochte after his scandal with rio. can the olympian recover? and fashion giant zara accused of duping customers. did they overcharge millions? and cheap flight day is officially here. how you can save big bucks on airfare. we'll talk about it in two minutes. air fair. we'll talk about it in two
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sunny hostin at the table. we'll get to your story in a bit. we're going to begin with another tough day for ryan lochte. speedo, ralph lauren, airweave, all ending their sponsorships of lochte after that scandal in rio. espn's darren ra vel joins us now. pretty devastating day, a million dollar hit. when you think about it, ryan lochte actually faired well. actually, most of the marketing is done leading up to the olympics and through the olympics. ryan lochte made off with most of his money. the ralph lauren deal had ended. they just said they will not renew him. it's not clear that he'll be back for the 2020 games so what would speedo have to do with him coming to an end of a ten-year deal. ryan actually faired pretty well. yes, $1 million loss. but he did make most of his money. >> ryan did release a statement regarding speedo's announcement. he said, i respect speedo's decision and am grateful for the
7:42 am
partnership has afforded me over the years. darren, where does he go from here? can he parlay this into something good? >> first let's talk about the details. overnight there has not been anything new from the brazilian authorities and you can consider that new in itself. because, one, the fight that they said happened did not happen as we know yet. the vandalism in the bathroom, we still haven't seen any evidence of that. no broken mirror. no broken door. it seems like they were paying for a sandwich advertisement. that's one. if the story does not change, ryan lochte is looking better. so that's one. two, it depends on what ryan lochte wants to be. does he want to be an a-list star? b-list star? with the medals around his neck? or does he want to do the whole bar scene, club scene. he could make a lot of money in vegas at the day clubs. i would say one more thing. remember this, his social media
7:43 am
>> notorious. thank you so much, darren. we appreciate it. now to a new lawsuit that could send shock waves through the fashion industry. the suit is claiming that zara, the fashion giant frequented by celebrities used deceptive practices in the u.s. unjustly enriching the brand to the tunes of billions of dollars. sunny hostin is here now. what exactly, sunny, does this suit allege? >> it's alleging that zara used bait and switch pricing. you think you're getting this high-end fashion at affordable prices. but you're paying a little bit more. for example, in the lawsuit they say this customer, devin rose, loved this shirt, saw the price of $9.95. actually, it was $9.95 euros. he goes to the cash register, ends up paying $17.90 per shirt. the actual true converted rate should have been $11.26. we're talking about zara, the company everyone loves, i use
7:44 am
paying more than they think. >> a spokesperson said, zara usa vehemently denies any allegations that the company engages in deceptive pricing practices in the united states. so will they be able to recover from this? >> i think it's going to be a bit difficult. my good friend, mark geragos, filed the suit. he's a great lawyer. my sense is they'll have to settle for millions and millions. that's usually what mark geragos gets for these types of cases. it's a pr nightmare. now people are thinking i'm not really getting high end fashion at these affordable prices. i'm getting duped. customers don't like that. it doesn't feel good. i think they'll start perhaps questioning zara and not buying the zara clothes that we all have come to love. >> bring your calculators and check your receipts, right? >> exactly. >> thank you, sunny. on to a story for anyone planning to fly soon. today is august 23rd, they call it cheap flight day. airlines traditionally begin to lower their prices from the peek
7:45 am
our business correspondent, rebecca jarvis is here. how do travelers make this break work for them? >> you want to think of this as black friday for ticket prices. prices start to fall 10%, even 20%. united and southwest have introduced their own fare sales starting today for the rest of a lot of the fall going forward. your very best bet here is to start your bookings after labor day. that's when the travel season really starts to fall off. look at the middle of the week. possible flexible dates always help. flexible locatio you can even look at one-way tickets. sometimes one-way tickets turn out to do a little bit better on prizing. the one key here, if there is a catch, is that once we get into thanksgiving, christmas, the holidays, that's when travel picks up again and that's when the ticket prices unfortunately start to go up again as well. >> those flights already filling up. rebecca, thank you. thanks to sunny and darren as well. coming up, movie mistake. a flaw in the poster sparking backlash. the question is, can you spot it? we'll be back in just two
7:46 am
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7:48 am
we're back now with the ? oops, i did it again ? we're back now with the movie mistake making headlines. i like the britney spears. take a look at this poster for the new sci-fi film "arrival." it's supposed to show the hong kong skyline. something is there that's not supposed to be. abc's t.j. holmes is here with more on the story. t.j.? >> like what's not supposed to be there? how about a big spaceship about to attack the place? for the people of hong kong, they say this is secondary. this right here is their primary concern. because it's not supposed to be there. it belongs in shanghai. >> that's what they call a ufo. >> reporter: it's the ominous new sci-fi thriller, "arrival." >> more objects have landed around the world. >> this is one of 12. >> reporter: mysterious orb-like
7:49 am
everywhere and hovering at various spots around the planet including this one, hong kong's victoria harbor. but hold up. that's shanghai's oriental pearl tower located more than 700 miles away. the blunder caused a firestorm online. one person said it was like putting the statue of liberty next to the hollywood sign. hollywood is typically called ought for on-screen faux pas. remember ts baby from "american sniper." remember this scene from "spiderman"? this scene, spidey breaks a lamp, seconds later, it's back without a scratch. in "gladiator" check out this compressed air cylinder. they didn't have those in ancient rome. a stormtrooper hits his head. here it is again. and one we can't believe. that's luke skywalker not calling for princess leia, but carrie, as in his co-star, carrie fisher. the studio immediately released a statement saying sorry about the mistake but they put it on a
7:50 am
the mistake. this is a big deal as well for people of hong kong. we know the relationship between china and hong kong can be complex and contentious if you will so this was a pretty big mistake. >> big money possibilities, too. china is a huge market. >> absolutely is. still, it's got attention, we're talking about it. everybody let's go see "arrival." >> i kind of want to see it now. thanks, t.j. coming up, our abc news exclusive. caitlin jenner's ex is sharing their love story and the moment she knew things would never be the same. pl, important new guidelines this morning. dr. ashton joins us live. we'll be right back. dr. ashton joins us live. we'll be right back. kids. important new guideline this is morning. if i want to go up... hello... if i want to go down... noooo... then if i want to come back again... it's perfect. yes! now that we've added adjustable base, my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit, lift the head up a little bit, and it feels like i'm just cradled. i love the adjustable bed cause i love it when i'm watching tv. and there you have it. change your sleep, change your life...
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7:54 am
you're seeing here the fire danger for today. a lot of it is to the east of washington state. they have gusty winds up there. that weather brought to you by harvoni. your local weather right after
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning, the time is 7:56. i'm christopher sign and boy, we saw a monsoon in full force this morning. let's get right over to my friend, meteorologist iris hermosillo with a look at the rest of your day. good morning, iris. >> luckily things have cleared out, specific after 6:00 -- especially after 6:00. much quieter on abc15 desert doppler. temperatures, though, got a nice little cool down here because rolled through. we are still sitting in the 70s in many spots with mid-70s in glendale. phoenix checking in at 77 degrees. now, as you get ready to head out on that morning commute, those temperatures will be in the mid-70s to near 80. by this afternoon, topping out near 100 with just a slight chance of a stray storm this evening. i-10 is still the trouble spot, slow in the east valley as well as the west valley. take a look, still sitting at a
7:57 am
eastbound from the 101 to the 17. a crash we have is on the 17. let's give you a look from our adot camera, partially blocking the exit ramp. i-17 southbound at cactus, you could maybe use thunder bird instead. i want to update everyone on a discovery in phoenix, a body apparently discovered outside a north phoenix apartment complex. we know the victim is an adult male. we do not know if the body was in the trunk or the seat. we saw what appeared to be blood on the officers do not believe this crime, this murder actually happened here. officers believe the body may have been there for a few days. goldschmidt happens, the d back's win over the braves in walk off fashion. check them out on asu night. the team is selling a special set of tickets that came with an asu hat.
7:58 am
out. it's also 1 dollar hot dog night as well. just about 8:00 now, we are back in 25 minutes with more local news. all of your top headlines, including your sports, your weather, your traffic, everything you need to know is at your finger tips on
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new overnight. hillary clinton under attack. donald trump calling for a special prosecutor to investigate as she tries to laugh it off. parenting alert, new guidelines this morning about sugar and your what you need to cut out of their daily diets now. dr. ashton with the latest. life with caitlny. >> my remarkable husband came to me one day and said, i need to tell you something about myself. >> how they fell in love and the stunning moment that linda first met caitlyn in their marriage. sfwhmplgts all that and pump up the volume.
8:01 am
we say --- >> good morning, america. and good morning, america. nice crowd out there in times square. this morning. along with the mechanical bull. we start with a fun announcement. we have the first "dancing with the stars" pro who will start the next season. there he is, val. he's going the o join us live f los angeles. we have a behind sneak peek. the new season of "dancing" coming up in three weeks. what has two of the the biggest move you have stie stard running a newspaper stand? >> i don't know. what does? >> interesting things happening down under. >> a tiny clue. let's get the morning rundown from tom llamas. good morning. the big story, donald trump
8:02 am
more of her old e-mails could be made public. he's demanding a special prosecutor to investigate a pay-for-play scheme between the state department and the clinton foundation. >> reporter: the state department is reviewing 15,000 additional e-mails from hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. they were discover and turned over by the fbi last month. at a speech here in ohio last nigh >> the justice department is required to appoint an independent special prosecutor because it has proven itself to be really, sadly, a political arm of the white house. >> reporter: the clinton campaign dismisses trump's allegations as quote utterly false. once the e-mails are reviewed, they could be released in mid october, just weeks before the presidential election.
8:03 am
hillary clinton didn't seem too concerned. >> jimmy, my e-mails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. so, we have already elsed, i don't know, 30,000-plus. so what's a few more? >> reporter: it was more than a year ago that she said she had turned over all of her work-related e-mails. that turns out not to have been accurate. meanwhile, trump may be soft. ing his stance on after promising to deport 11 million unment toed immigrants, trump told fox news he'll focus on kicking out immigrants who have committed crimes. there's a new appeal for help in what people are calling the apex of horror. they're looking for a cease-fire so convoys can deliver aid. 275,000 people have been cut off from food and water. word this morning that a daredevil known all around the
8:04 am
jumps like this was killed in the alps. alexander polli crashed into a tree. he was 31. a wild scene on the streets of a major city. this stampede breaking out as hundreds of people are playing pokemon go. they pushed through an intersection of taiwan's capital chasing for a rare creature. we have all tried to impress th s romantic date. one guy stepped a little too far. overnight, police in pittsburgh responded to a strange call. reports of a guy stuck between two buildings. he got there because he decided to impress his date by jumping from one building to the next. guess what happened? he missed. crews spent hours drilling through walls to get him out. the good news is, he is okay. but this literally was probably the worst first day in history. >> he got the date after this?
8:05 am
i mean -- i don't think the second date. >> everything is so competitive. you gotta do what you dot that do. >> you could make it across a building, though, right? >> it depends on how hot she is. >> why don't you give us "pop news "? speaking of hot, tyra banks is heading back to school. from working the runway to running a classroom, professor banks has a new gig at stanford university for the 2013 semester. the supermodel announced she's beyond excited to teach a course on creating and maintaining a special brand. she tweeted there will be no lesson on smizing, or smiling with your eyes. we'll see what it takes to be tyra's model student. amy, do you know how to smize? >> no. i'm going to look like an idiot.
8:06 am
out. tyra says three things. you need great lighting, don't move your mouth. think of something that makes you happy. so. i'm thinking -- i'm thinking about -- zli think that's ron burgundy. >> i'm thinking about pancakes. >> you look surprised. >> i can't do it either. next up, it takes two marvel men to make a shoot go right. chris helps worth and tom hiddleston production of the new "thor contracts heats up. hemsworth captioned this, selling pick thtures with my ma. hiddleston was directing traffic. fans not keeping it low key. or should i say loki. see what i did there. got it?
8:07 am
smizing. "thor" hits theaters november 17th. finally, everybody is getting that back to school feeling. we're gearing up for huge things here at "gma." it makes you feel like take that first day of school, remember when you were going back? don't believe me? take a look at this. [ alarm ringing ] ? >> hey, michael. >> good morning, michael. >> looking cool, mike. >> love you, >> strahan rock. >> hi, guys, i'm on the way. >> oh, michael, you're looking good. does he look a little bit different? >> hair cut? >> looking good, strahan. >> some people were just born to say -- >> good morning, america. >> that is not the same michael strahan i remember in the giants uniform. he didn't look like that. he was bigger and faster. >> he's got a future. >> he'll be here every day at
8:08 am
>> the real michael. >> not the minimichael. and here's a look at what's coming up. sugar overload. the new guidelines about how much your kids should have and the foods pushing the limits. we have dr. ashton. he she's right here. you're sweet enough already. plus, linda thompson opens up about her marriage to caitlyn jenner. and play swing. my boy, drake white is performing live. coming up on "gma" in times
8:09 am
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8:13 am
? don't got a lot of money ? there's drake white. he's performing live coming up. first, we want to get into the new guidelines about sugar and your kid. the american heart association is out now with its first ever statement on the issue. they say you should limit their sugar intake to 25 grams. just six teaspoons per day. leaving less room for added sugars. american kids and teens on average consume up to 90.5 grams of added sugars daily. that's triple the amount recommended. >> a diet high in added sugar for children increases the chance that they'll develop childhood obesity. that they'll have unhealthy levels of cholesterol. that they have insulin
8:14 am
>> reporter: children should have no more than 25 grams of atted shoeingers. six teaspoons. 100 calories. before the age of 2, babies and toddlers should not consume any drinks with added sugars. in one day, their sugar intake shouldn't exceed what's found in two bowls of spaghetti, four corn dogs or three cheese burgers. joiping us now who has her masters in nutrition. why is it so important that the recommendations came out by the aha? >> we're talking about added shoeingers. and really, there's mounting evidence that sugar is the major culpriting probably more so than fat and salt in our diets. it triggers addiction centers in the brain. inflammation in our body.
8:15 am
it all puts us on the path to heart disease. the american heart association taking the lead in targeting future patients they don't want to have heart disease. >> and giving parents information they don't necessarily know. >> 25 grams. that's the recommendation. care that to how much sugar kids consume? >> it's jaw-dropping. this is the ideal. what's recommending for all children over the age of 2. it looks like about that much. this is the average that children ages 2 to 5 years of age are getting. >> added sugar? >> about double. this is between 6 and 11. e three times the amount. this is what teen agers are getting. >> ooh. >> this is not ideal. >> this is mostly in sodas? >> this is all added sugars. it sneaks up. let me tell you what i mean about hidden sugar. if you look t things like condiments, ketchup, that can have about 12 grams of added
8:16 am
pizza, added sugar. things like yogurt. we thing they're healthy. with just these foods, you can be over your 25 grams a day. we aren't got on the sweets, treats, or dessert yet. >> parents can do things like smoothies with fruit. >> encourage the healthy thing. the american heart association says no more than one sugar-sweetened bench a week for kids. go for will you-fat milk. and berries, everyone loves a smoothie. up next, linda thompson opening up about her relationships with elvis presley and caitlyn jenner. and her life now. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis.
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back now with a revealing interview with linda thompson. the former wife of caitlyn jenner has a new book out. the moment their lives would change forever. chris connelly joips us with more. >> reporter: following caitlyn's emergence last year, linda thompson is sharing her
8:21 am
anguish is far greater than her own. >> ladies and gentlemen, elvis presley and bruce jenner have left the building. >> reporter: ah, but she's here. her memoir, "a little thing called life" kron clling her time with elvis presley and the person we now know as caitlyn jenner. >> i think more than anything, it's been a relief for caitlyn to be able toer true self. when i first met her, she was in a bruce jenner body. he was just an incredible person. still is. i said to her, you have to giver yourself credit. you kicked manhood's butt. >> reporter: wed in '81, by '85, they were raising brandon and bro brody. >> my happiness was complete. until brody was 18 months old
8:22 am
my remarkable husband came to me and said, i need to tell you something about myself. >> reporter: linda fears it was an affair. it proved more consequential than that. >> he said, i identify as a woman. those words, excuse me, what does that even mean, you identify as a woman? he said, i am a woman. i would like to become female on the exterior, because i have always been female on the inside. it was earth-shattering. it was devastating. people can't understand, you must have had no. none, never, nothing. >> reporter: linda says therapy sessions along with jenner would bring her greater understanding. >> my deeper compassion wept to brous. for her to have felt so wrapped in the wrong body, it broke hi heart to think he had struggled so long and so hard. >> reporter: i guess in some ways, you met caitlyn on a frip to new york.
8:23 am
understand this thing called transgender. bruce said come to new york and be with your husband. husband was the word i was looking for. i went to new york, knocked on the door, fully anticipatory we would have a lovely, romantic week end. >> reporter: in that '80s encounter, linda was unprepared for who she said she saw. >> i crumbled. i just went oh, oh, no. i started crying. she said, i'm so rory. i thought it was ior you see who i awe thentingly am. not until that moment did it sink in that that crewly was who caitlyn felt she was. i had to respect that and honor that and move on with my life. >> reporter: in 197, she met elvis as a movie theater. and you can't remember the movie? >> no. would you be able to if elvis presley were sitting next to you, magging on you.
8:24 am
lover, confidant, confessor, care giver. >> when my son was old enough to appreciate the impact, he goes, mom, you know, he's the original pimp daddy. >> reporter: caitlin jenner's people tell us she was unavailable for comment. lipd da's book is a feast for elvis fans. loaded with stories. an affectionate portrait of the king of >> what a portrait. >> she tells it with great compassion and feeling for the people in her life. >> we can tell. thank you. linda's book, "a little thing called life" is available today. i'm many my had. my boots. because it's country play list week here on "gma." i wanted to say hello to kinsley. you're from where? >> utah. >> she got up superearly. we wanted to give you a high five this morning.
8:25 am
it is a beautiful morning. some of the coolest air that we have had in more than two months in a lot of places. new york city, hasn't been this cool since june 18th. look at the number. it's a brief reprieve. we're going to heat back up to close to where we should be. it's >> i'm not quite sure how i've avoided riding a mechanical bull
8:26 am
stick around. coming up, "the view" celebrate its 20th season. we have all the buzzyest moments. and a country music morning.
8:27 am
good morning, it's 8:27. i'm christopher sign and going into court in a few minutes, it is judgment day for a phoenix woman who ran down her boyfriend with her car. back in may, misty wilky police said she didn't mean to hit him. he had just dropped a bomb shell that he was hiv positive she says he cut her with a knife. new court documents reveal witnesses heard her threaten to kill her boyfriend with her car. wilky cut a plea deal and will be sentenced today. he survived by the way. happening today, defense attorneys for sergeant bow berg berg -- bowe bergdahl will try to get his sentence thrown out. mccain told reporters that bergdahl was a deserter and had
8:28 am
searching for him in danger. bergdahl is facing a possible life sentence. iris. we are looking at mostly clear skies after early morning thunderstorms. things really quieting down out there. as we look at your most accurate forecast, there's a slight chance we could get a stray storm late this afternoon and evening. storms could clip by the valley. we'll be watching for that. other than that, though, a fairly nice day with temperatures right at 77. now, 90s bethune and a high of -- by noon and a high of 100 de traffic jams and crashes. on the 202, neither are blocking as well as u.s. 60. but it's very slow as you can see on the 10. in the east valley, let's give you a look from our adot camera. we're going to see heavy delays. i-10 at 75th avenue. it does ease up until you are at the mini stack. >> we are back in 25 minutes with more local news as you head back to good morning america. your top stories on happening right now, and
8:29 am
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." nice crowd out here this morning. and we're going to move on now to a big anniversary. 20 years and counting for the women of "the view." they're getting ready to launch their 20th season. they have a lot to celebrate. some of your favorite co-hosts, past a p back at their journey. on the abc news primetime special airing tonight. for two decades, "the view" has made headlines. >> planned parenthood was consulted on this stuff. >> reporter: and courted controversy. >> she got on her show and went absolutely crazy. >> and there he is, hair looping. everyone deserves a second chance. >> reporter: it was the brain child of barbara walters. >> i have always wanted to do a show with women of different generations, backgrounds, and
8:31 am
>> he's not been -- >> reporter: it's become a huge success. >> don't want it then. >> why is that? >> reporter: taking on the day's hottest topics. the kitchen table debates people are having at home. >> if you kick every latino out of the country, who is going to be cleaning your toilet, donald trump? >> oh, that's -- >> they always -- >> latinos are not the only people doing that. >> i didn't mean it like that. come on. i would never mean it like that. >> often, they're ahead of the curve. think about, years ago, whoopi was forcing conversation about the "n" word. >> because it exists and pretending it's not there by bleeping it is ridiculous. >> when some people were afraid to talk about it off air. >> when i heard you say it. it was fine. you said it a different way. when i heard you say it, i didn't like the way you said it. >> oh, my god. anybody see "the view" yesterday? it was ugly. >> did iraq attack us, elizabeth? >> iraq did not attack us. >> you would not even look me in the face. and say, no, rosie, why don't
8:32 am
i'm 6. >> because you're an adult. >> so are you. >> i'm not going to be the person for you to explain your thought. defend your own insinuation. >> if you're watching "the view" and it goes split screen, don't leave the room. because fireworks, anger, blood. it's like "game of thrones" basically. >> i said we should pretend like we're walking out of here. that's what we did. >> i understand what you're saying. >> no more. that's it. >> i had forgotten that one. they were really going at it there. joy behar sat with robin to reflect on what it's like to call the show home for so many years. >> oh, my, how time flies. the ladies of "the view" are gearing up to launch the historic 20th season. we want to take a look back with joy behar. the only current co-host there right at the very beginning. >> yes, yes. >> you were there. you remember. >> i do. i was there. well, i was part of the first
8:33 am
interviewed by barbara. she put a few of us together. and the first group that clicked was the group that ended up on the air. star jones, debbie matenopoulos, meredith viera, and moi. and barbara. of course. >> and barbara. did you think 20 years later it could still be around? >> no. not really. we didn't think it would last a year. it was not getting picked up all over the country yet. barbara had to go door to door, please, take us. if not for her, we wouldn't have stayed on the air even a year or two. >> if it wasn't for that, we wouldn't have seen some of the shows we have seen since that time. you have to remember now, it's common place to see women sitting and talking about. 20 years ago, not so much. you were breaking the mold. >> i know, people have been saying that to me. >> you like to keep it light. sometimes it -- >> no, we don't. >> it can get heated. there's something about the feuds that really get people
8:34 am
>> well, the minute that you give an many on television, you lose half of your audience. most people, a lot of people don't agree. you give a political opinion, you create enemies. we don't care. we enjoy that. that's called "the view." we like to speak our mind. do what we want to do. say what we want to say. it's the greatest job. who else is going to pay you to do that? >> well, that's why, 17 of the 20 years, you have been there. >> yes, i have. it's near my house. i don't want to schlep. >> it's on the way. >>ky do it on the subway. it's two stops. so easy. >> what can we expect in the anniversary season? >> think that's going to be interesting this year. it's an election year. we're all fired up. we don't agree with each other. we have conservatives and liberals sitting there. and it's going to be fireworks again. >> don't miss abc's one-hour special, "the view, 20 years in the making" tonight at 10:00. >> can't wait to watch it. >> i can't either.
8:35 am
you can see "the view" tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. on abc. guess what? ginger is here behind me. first time ever on a mechanical bull. >> hey, and we're going to go slow at first. i'm going to do it one-armed. this could make it in a 20-year anniversary piece. let's check the forecast. it's country play list week right here on "gma." that's why i'm bull. it's why you're seeing a forecast for nashville, boot hill, alabama, cowboy lake, california. bull one, virginia. hey, you want me to do this? should i go for it? shall we go? let's go for it. yeah, why not? we got a little time. here we go. until then, that's the big picture. whoo!
8:36 am
>> yeah, totally been on this whole time, george. i'm totally on. they can't get me. they can't get me. >> oh, she goes down. another first for ginger. now we're going to move on to the film about the first day of america's first couple. "south side with you" zeros in on one day in the summer of 1989 when michelle and barack obama wept out. >> barack, you seem like a really sweet guy. how many times do i have to tell you, we're not going out together. >> well, michelle, thank you for saying that. you seem like a real sweet girl. i have to correct you. we are, in fact, out, and we are, in fact, together. >> but not on a date. this is not a date. >> and we're joined by tika sumpter, who plays michelle. and parker sawyers, the young barack obama. kind on uncanny. >> thank you. >> you get that.
8:37 am
girl. >> i am. i am. i'm excited. >> you say this film was a gift to your daughter. >> yeah, i got to play such a strong, independent, complex woman, who was a prize in the movie. a lot of times in these movies, women are chasing men. barack had to win me over. >> and i did. >> he did. he did. >> and your barack obama is kind of uncanny. i was so interested to read that the director wanted you to bring more of yourself and a little less of barack to the role. >> yeah, it was a -- i started off with a full-on impersona impersonation. there's no blue america. there's no red america. and he's like, no, no, no. this is years before. so just a 28-year-old trying to get a girl. >> and so interesting. you come from a family ba background in politics. you say barack obama inspired you to get into acting? >> yes. just what they've accomplished together.
8:38 am
nervous thinking, are they going to watch the movie? >> i think we're more excited than anything. we're superproud of the work we did. we really prepared. we worked really hard. it's a love story. it's a date movie. i think they'll enjoy it. i hope they'll enjoy it. >> i think they'll enjoy it. i think they'll enjoy it. >> i think they will. >> you think he might call you up with notes? >> michelle might. >> i want to know what michelle thinks. >> you care more? >> about my depiction, yes. >> and i think vice versa. the same. was she really like that? >> john legend had a big role in the movie. helped get it made. has the song, "start." >> he came in later on. he was inspired to write an original song. and we were like, come on. come on over. get on the production team. we were excited to have him. it's called "let's start." a gorgeous song. there were a lot of sniffles when it played at the end. yeah.
8:39 am
>> what do you hope people get out of this movie? >> it's something refreshing. it's sweet. i have seen a lot of people leave after screenings with a smile on their face. and that's -- that's beautiful. >> there are so many themes throughout. it's about forgiveness. change. seeing yourself through somebody else's eyes. but ultimately, it's a good date movie. so men can take notes. i think they'll enjoy it. i think they'll enjoy it. >> i can't wait to go see it with my wife. thank you all. >> oh, awesome. >> "south side with you" opens nationwide on friday. let's go back out to ginger. now a sneak peek at "la la land." one of the most highly anticipated movies this summer. ryan gosling, emma stone. your exclusive first look at the new trailer. ? ? here's to the ones who dream
8:40 am
? here's to the hearts that err here's to the mess we make ?
8:42 am
8:43 am
of the ballroom, that's, of course, ginger, taking on "beauty and the beast." with val -- >> chmerkovskiy. >> thank you, ginger. val is joining us from los angeles. val, you have had such a busy summer. 45 cities. tell us about the tour. >> yes, it was amazing. i went on tour. the maks and val tour, live, our way. my brother and i shared the stage 50 times. it was beautiful. it was incredible. i want to say thank you to everybody that came out. it was a special show. it was a narrative of our life. but in the process, i think we spoke on behalf of a lot of families out there that, you know, are celebrating life through love and support. maks and i lived out a dream this summer. and it was beautiful. >> it was so good. if you didn't see it -- >> you saw it. >> maybe there's another one coming. we'll talk later. >> we have, val. >> and another way. >> we have a sneak peek. this is what everyone's been
8:44 am
of the upcoming season of "dancing with the stars." this is a first look at season 23. >> yes. ? want to make you feel good oh you just want to make you feel good tell me all your problems ? ? maybe i can solve them i want to make you feel good just want to make you feel good ? >> "dancing's" back, america. and it feels good. "dancing with the stars," two-hour premier, live, september 12th on abc. >> oh, val, it looks so good. you front and center, baby, just where i like to see you. >> what a stud. what a stud. >> what a stud. i've seen those turns in person. they're special. you have a whole crew coming with you. the pros, our favorite red head, sharna burgess. she'll be with you. witney carson.
8:45 am
we danced with him. i love him. who doesn't love those dreamy eyes? >> and lindsay arnold and allison holker. what can you tell us about the new season, val? >> it's going to be amazing. we're going to have an incredible cast, as always. i'm excited for the pros. you know, we have a lot of different pros coming back. some pros from back, back in the day coming back maybe. you know. i'm excited. i'm excited. it's constantly evolving. we have a nice mix of you know, balance of young, young kids that are inspired and very motivated to bring out the essence of this generation. but also we have some classic conservative dancers from the past, as well. so i'm excited. >> you've become a classic, by the way, you're vintage. >> i know, am i vintage now? >> didn't want to miss, sasha farber. gleb savchenko.
8:46 am
ginger all the most difficult names to pronounce? >> finally, val. can you put your foot up? you know we love your sock and shoe game. is it strong this morning? >> oh you know what? we got the exclusive jordan pieces right here with the bart simpson socks. because you know. >> bart simpson. cool. we have a lot of announcements coming up in the next couple of days about who is going to be on the show. have you started rehearsals yet? >> i have not. to find out, hopefully, my partner could fill out those incredible dance shoes that ginger filled last season for me. it will be a tough season to follow. >> you should see ginger's face right now. >> and whoever you are, girl, i'm watching you. >> ginger's coming for you. >> val, thank you so much. and we are revealing the "dancing with the stars" cast right here on "gma" next tuesday. cannot wait. no one will fill your shoes. >> i'm just kidding. she'll be great. coming up next, drake white.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. drake white is one of billboard's hot new country artists to watch and his just-released debut album already topping charts. here he is with his latest hit, "livin' the dream."
8:50 am
? everybody said we wouldn't make it baby love don't live around here much lately ? ? times are hard and hearts break like the bank oh yes they do ? ? lot o on up leave your soul on the shelf collecting dust live in a world of broken promises ? ? and empty tanks but look at us look at us with our picket fence ain't got a lot of money but we're making a dent ? ? old ford truck with a dog in the back ain't we living the dream big blue sky green green grass ain't doing half bad for a half full glass ? ? kiss me baby just like that
8:51 am
? put on a little keith whitley back porch dancing singing with me i'm no stranger to the rain ? ? no no we ain't pour a little bit of homemade wine make some love take our sweet time now why the hell do we complain ? ? look at us with a picket fence ain't got we're making a dent ? ? old ford truck with a dog in the back now ? ? ain't we living the dream big blue sky green green grass ain't doing half bad for a half full glass ? ? kiss me baby just like that now ain't we living the dream ?
8:52 am
dream ? ? look at us we got a life out here outlaws in-laws coolers of beer ? ? spot on the wall to hang last year's deer now ain't we living the dream ? ? red white and blue flag hanging kids in the back just a tire swinging ? ? fireworks are booming and banging now ain't we living the dream ? ? look at us with a picket fence ain't got a lot of money but we're making a dent ? ? old ford truck with a dog in the back now ain't we living the dream ? ? big blue sky green green grass ain't doing half bad for a half full glass ? ? kiss me baby just like that
8:53 am
? oh, oh, yeah ? ? ? they say we'd never make it baby love don't live around here much lately ? ? what do you think about that ?
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
drake white. that was great, thank you. you have to join ginger on the bull next time. >> i'll do it. >> thanks for watching, everyone. good morning, the time is now 8:56. a suspect is on the run.
8:57 am
were walking their dog when someone came up to them, asked about their dog, then the stranger fired one shot and took off running. the victim is expected to be okay. a murder mystery unfolding at this apartment complex near tatum and bell. a body was found inside that car right there. they do not believe the incident happened here. the guy may have been dumped. they believe the body has been there for a few days. we do have clouds across the west valley. a few storms right near pee yore ra and glendale. this batch will continue towards scottsdale. as we go through the day today a few more storms this afternoon into the evening.
8:58 am
heading into wednesday and thursday. we still have slow spots. loop 101 as you are heading toward scotsdale. this is northbound. we have a crash off the 60. the southbound lanes are blocked off right now. i would try to use mcclen tock. it is about 9:00 now. we are back with a
9:00 am
today, look who is back making healthy it is sasha. >> life is beautiful at the cabaret. the musical coming. >> what happens when you turn the classroom into real life skills. you get this. blended morning. more on the curriculum more on


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