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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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breaking news, video from the scene of a stabbing in phoenix. this investigation just getting started near seventh avenue and camelback. the guy who was stabbed tells police it happened during a confrontation with a man, investigators know who they are looking for, when we get details we will pass those along. we are just getting this into the newsroom. donald trump's campaign is scouting locations in mesa, arizona for an august 31 speech on immigration policy they are searching for venues in our state that can seat more than 500 people. we will let you know when that is announced. drivers catching a wave in phoenix after early-morning rain poured down on 44th street. the monsoon moisture made for dangerous driving across the valley. we have more from the east
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>> reporter: we are standing along the 202 where you can see three lanes have just reopened after being shut down for an hour and a half. after two serious crashes happened this morning, let's get to the air15 video. at about 5:30 there was the first crash involving three vehicles. one of the cars actually hydroplaned, lost control because the roads are so slick and a lot of you got caught in the to see how that could have happened, the roads were slick across the valley. after the first crash, there was another crash because a car was getting close to the first scene trying to slow down and then somebody behind that car actually rear-ended the driver. we are told three people total were injured but those are non- life-threatening injuries, nick ciletti abc15.
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pictures and videos of the ring, not just what you see but also what you hear, rumbles of thunder along with the rain and lightning. keep them coming. seven then to us. the question is, is more rain on the way, things are beginning to dry up as you can see right now from the phoenix valley camera looking toward camelback mountain a of cloud cover right now, not seeing much in the way of rain but what did fall this morning, just over the last six hours. .35 inches in peoria, the same in scottsdale. .02 inches in paradise valley and gilbert, right now our doppler radar is quiet but there is still a couple of stray showers back to the northwest near sun city. a few spotty showers possible
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disturbances across arizona. continuing to move to the east and light to moderate showers in sedona and right now we have thunderstorms out near young. here is the valley forecast for the rest of the afternoon. 10% but overall most of us will stay dry, mostly clear to partly cloudy skies today. how warm does it get? i will let you know coming up. right now las vegas is dealing with flash flooding. look how high the water god, six cars including an ambulance stuck overnight, all of the rain too much for the roads nearly 7000 people, they lost power overnight so crews worked through the night to get it restored. a wreck in glendale really tying up and intersection happening this morning. we haven't heard if there is anyone hurt in the crash but we will pass that along when we
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woman who ran down her boyfriend with a car. she accepted a plea deal in may, she said she did not mean to hit him, she was distraught and trying to get away, the man dropped the bombshell that he was hiv-positive and was taunting her, so he cut her with a knife. documents show witnesses heard her threatening to kill her boyfriend. in phoenix police are searching for answers after a body was found in a car, work crews saw what appeared to be blood on the driver seat but police don't think the murder they think he was killed on saturday. and then left dead in the car. residence in the areas thought something was suspicious and they called police. 51st avenue and broadway a man was shot in the leg so police tell us a man and a woman were walking their dog when someone approached them. while asking about the dog the stranger pulled out a gun fired one shot and then ran off. the victim is expected to
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officers say the shooting looks like it was random. they have not made any arrests. he admits to doing it and not regretting it. a man shot his roommate in self- defense. this morning we are hearing from the friend of the man killed in his home. abc15's megan thompson joins us from that home. spoke a couple of tweets come into question, mostly because it is too close to come home after near chandler heights. one of them saying i need to move out before a viciously murdered my roommate. the other says buying a gun is so easy, the 21-year-old man told them a scuffle broke out. police have now confirmed for certain about the attack. we are told neighbors never expected anything like this to happen and social media might
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seriously. >> as it proves right now it's transpired into something violent. but i would say anytime there is concern you should take precaution. >> his attorney said people often say statements that aren't meant to be taken literally. but the friends are taking the threats literally. police are holding the man on second degree murder charges, he is behind bars on a $750,000 bond. megan thompson abc15 a fire claiming the life of a couples dog. video from the fire. phoenix fire says one apartment caught fire and smoke moved through the three-story complex, firefighters try to save the dog but sadly it was exposed to too much smoke. the fire department sent these photos now the couple will need somewhere else to stay. you have the right to use
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so why your doctor might not be the best person to guide you. caught on camera, a burglar pulls out an assault rifle while breaking into a house. here from the victims. did the weather wake you up overnight? let us know if the thunder and lightning did. or if you slept right through it. log onto to vote.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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has been in arizona for years now but most doctors have not been trained to prescribe it, half of the states in the u. s. allow medical marijuana so most states are starting to require doctors to study the possible side effects. and its interaction with other drugs. >> your mood feelings and possible signs of depression have no filter on social media.
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are depressed. researchers found people who are depressed put up pictures that were bluer, grayer and darker also depressed users posted more frequently using more filters. they are exploring new avenues for early screenings for mental illness. a health alert for ladies. your nail polish may be toxic. we are learning how bad it is, a study finds nail polish a certain ingredient also known as t php ends up inside your body. the chemical is a bigger concern for young girls since it could possibly disrupt hormone systems.>> only do it once in a while for a special occasion. be conscious of not biting your phenols. >> the fda is not required to approve cosmetic products before they go on the market, the best advice be sure to
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a nanny camera picturing a
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a traffic alert, the intersection of 59th avenue and indian school still closed. crews are trying to repair this 20 foot hold between the street and at the sidewalk at the
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university's golf course. no word on when the road will be repaired. they installed a nanny cam but never imagined it would catch a thief in action. police in atlanta say this guy terrorized a woman inside of her home demanding jewelry and cash. >> he told me to lay down on the bed with my face in the pillow. i pointed to the jewelry box he went over there and flipped it up gun. >> a short time later four miles away he was caught on the nanny camera in a second home after kicking in the door. the owner got away with two tvs, a safe, a laptop and a 60- year-old family ring. it is the moment that won -- one business hopes will catch this guy. he was stealing sunglasses but
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in a memorial box or a friend of this business. strangely enough we are told this guy bought a shirt right before swiping the shades. if you recognize him please say something. we have the documents we were waiting for on a former police lieutenant arrested for super extreme dui. the newest piece of information on the man. his wife was along for his very drunk right. it is not a crime to be a passenger of a there was no internal investigation and she is on the job right now. we told you last week her husband richard did resign. as each day passes he is missed that much more. more than one month since 10- year-old jesse wilson disappeared from his home. he should be in a fourth grade classroom right now but nobody has been able to find him, that is not stopping people from searching. a private search group is joining the effort called find me and was founded by a retired
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some of their methods are very nontraditional like using psychics but they hit the ground with search and rescue workers. >> searching for him is difficult. >> the extreme heat, we have had the showers and thunderstorms of course. last couple of days but we have a drier weather pattern setting up. as you look with me we have showers and thun across the northern trained in flagstaff, sedona moving up to the east. a quiet forecast ahead for the valley. pretty dry right now, but a couple of sprinkles near sun city and peoria over the last half hour. here is the futurecast, expecting more showers and thunderstorms the rest of the afternoon across the high country, that is where we could see heavy rain, gusty winds and the potential for small health with stronger thunderstorms.
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east taking us into the 6:00 our. a few clouds moving into the valley. a stray shower at 10% with the highest coverage continuing across northern and northeastern arizona, into tomorrow much clearer conditions across the valley and the state and as you look at this forecast into tomorrow afternoon if you're traveling north that is where we will see spotty showers and storms again with mostly clear skies here in the valley tomorrow afternoon. as we get a pretty nice forecast across the valley before we see a little rain chance return to the forecast. we will see that coming up. we are currently not seeing any clouds at their. 88 glendale, right now at goodyear you are at 90 degrees, 80 scottsdale, 88 in mesa, 88 in gilbert and we are at 90 in maricopa. we had a nice cold on this morning as the rain moves through.
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when speeds on the light side today as we look at the satellite radar composite we have a few breezes as thunderstorms rolled through, a few high clouds to the north left over. as you look at the forecast across northern arizona here are the temperatures currently, 60 in flagstaff with showers and thunderstorms a little bit cooler in sedona at 59. 74 in kingman, climb temperatures up to 103 before we take it back into the 80s tonight we will see triple digits across the valley with upper 70s and 80s this evening. 72 tonight in tucson. a chilly start tomorrow morning in flagstaff, the valley forecast looks like this, 100 and's gusto. 99 glendale, 99 peoria with lows tonight in the upper 70s. a pretty nice cool down into
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if you're going to the diamondbacks and braves the first pitch at 6:40. upper 90s with clear skies, a dry night, 8:00 p.m. down to 94. again we will be in the upper 70s to low 80s into tomorrow morning. a drag forecast mostly sunny on wednesday, thursday we are up to 104 and then we have a return of the moisture into the end of the week forecast and into the weekend isolated rain chances about 10%. overtures holding your average saturday and sunday. in entertainment news, britney spears taking action for victims in louisiana. teaming up with the american red cross and crowd rise to raffle off the outfit she will be wearing at the upcoming mtv muted -- video music awards. it is a chance to win the outfit or a chip to new york city to meet the star in person. aly raisman has already been to the olympics twice so how do you follow that up?
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football player. and oakland raiders player asked her on a double date with his teammate and his wife. she said yes because he is kind of cute. she will have to figure out when she is going to be available, she is about to kick off the kellogg's tour of gymnastics stopping in glendale in a month. starting as a fun night out might turn out to be a million- dollar mistake. ryan lochte now losing four sponsored deals for being robbed in brazil. there may be an opportunity that is the perfect fit for them, the online betting site is already taking bets on whether lochte will appear on the bachelor or dancing with the stars before the end of next year. get the ultimate fan experience with abc15 and the arizona cardinals. we are giving away tickets to the cardinals and broncos game on september 1. just download
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contest entry. go to for your chance to win. good luck. it is tuesday so we have got a pet in need of a loving home. we will introduce you to this little guy coming up. wildfires flaring up across
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this little guy is in need of a good home. he is so cute. >> i brought a little teddy bear this morning, this is gizmo. 12 weeks old, german shepherd may be a little fluffy child in their. he is adorable.
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didn't realize a puppy requires a lot of work. >> yes they do, they need house training and they will go through a few chewing stages and they need a lot of exercise and socialization. so now he is looking for a new home where he can get all of that. >> look at that face. gizmo will mark up the camera with a little bit of time the action. but he is probably going to get a little big. pounds or so, extra fluffy he will need a little bit of brushing and a lot of playtime, make sure you can keep up. when i put him on the ground, he wants to go and play. >> you were also talking about it is important to get your pups vaccinated. >> it is important that puppies get their three vaccinations and if you have an adult dog they get a yearly vaccination. the humane society has low cost vaccines throughout the month
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offering $19 pet vaccinations. call the number on your screen to make an appointment or you can come in friday. we have a walk in clinic from 8:00 until 4:00 p.m.>> that is such good advice for the pet owners, make sure little dogs stay healthy. >> absolutely, keep them healthy and happy and up to date. of course we do it cost. >> if anybody wants him what do they have to do? >> he is available for meet and greet and sharing puppy kisses today. if you want to stop by and get some puppy cuddles you can adopt him. >> gizmo wants a home. thanks, ashley. >> still to come, the fight is on to control wildfires from southern california. to the pacific northwest, we will take you to the front line as crews worked to save homes. a man hurts more than his
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speaking out for the very first time, lawyers for the family of the little phoenix girl ran over by a police vehicle are opening up. the incident happened one week ago in the area of 67th avenue and camelback. three-year-old vanessa was outside and had just gotten a popsicle from an ice cream truck when he phoenix police officer hit her.
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condition since. she is in a medically induced coma and has a long road to recovery. >> her mother, her 10-year-old brother, and her seven-year-old sister came to her side. suffice to say these are the images that they will never forget. >> we asked the attorneys at the family is planning to sue the do right now they have not ruled anything out and it all depends on their own investigation. we reached out to the phoenix police department a short time ago. as soon as we hear back we will let you know. massive wildfires in the west, dozens of them from southern california to washington. many of them burning out of control forcing hundreds of evacuations in spokane county. >> overnight, wildfires flaring
11:30 am
california, six fires burning across the state, 10,000 firefighters working around the clock, hundreds of homes destroyed. on california's central coast a 52 square mile blaze forcing thousands to evacuate. 34 homes burnt to the ground along with 14 other structures. >> gone up in flames. >> in washington state several fires have burned more dozen homes. we went to find firefighters on the frontline working hard. >> we are right here on the fire line, you can see the flames moving down the hill toward the house. down here you can see alina firefighters helping to protect the house. >> crews are working to contain at least seven fast-moving firefighters wreaking havoc. >> there are large fires burning in oregon, montana and wyoming.
11:31 am
everything from firefighters to airtankers are stretched thin. abc news spokane county washington. develops out of virginia, the fbi investigating a ninth attack, a roanoke man charged for the random attack of a man and woman at an apartment complex. the man yelled god is great in arabic during the attack. today defense attorneys for the accused army deserter will argue john mcca this is video from fort bragg yesterday. accused of impermissible meddling by saying that a senate panel would hold a hearing if he wasn't punished for walking away from his post in 2009. >> on his threat to hold the meeting in the event he is not punished that raises fundamental issues. >> decision-makers in the case
11:32 am
and they want the case tossed out. he is currently facing life in prison. beside what is happening at fort bragg senator john mccain is looking ahead to the primary election which is about one week away. there will be a campaign rally just a few hours from now at his headquarters on 16th street and highland avenue. this as voters gear up to the polls. a playground opening to honor an arizona woman killed by a terror group. the playground was built for kayla mueller from prescott. after she was held captive and killed in syria. president obama touring baton rouge today. some people say the visit should have come sooner. obama chose instead to finish his plan vacation at martha's vineyard, more than one dozen people died due to the floods and 60,000 homes were damaged.
11:33 am
a vigil forms outside of a home where an unarmed man was shot and killed by a state trooper. investigators say they try to pull daniel harris over but he did not stop leading them on a seven mile chase. it did not end until he pulled into his driveway and got out of his car. neighbors think he was trying to communicate using sign language before the trooper fired. his family is hoping for some sort of changes with vehicle gi authorities when the person driving is deaf or hearing impaired. a judge making a decision on a controversial topic, guns on campus. attempting to block a texas law allowing concealed handguns in college classrooms denied. professors from the university of texas challenged the law, they argued guns could be dangerous when classroom discussions get to political. roads are more dangerous than ever before according to a
11:34 am
traffic deaths in the united states were up 9% between january and june of this year compared to the year before. more than 19,000 people lost their lives in all, 2.2 million people were injured. the trend being blamed on a stronger economy and lower unemployment. talk about an epic fail. a guy gets trapped between two buildings for four hours this morning in pittsburgh. rooftop to rooftop to impress a woman he had just met, crews first tried breaking three restaurant while to save him. that didn't work so a rope was used to pull them out. the man hurt his ankle but it could have been a lot worse. a top judge in maricopa county explaining how the child welfare system is failing kids who have been abused or neglected. >> there are a lot of resources
11:35 am
family when they have had kids removed, at the end of the case we weren't checking in to find out what his next. that has been a week part of our system. >> she said simple resources like childcare substance abuse counseling and food baskets can help families avoid another crisis. was it all a setup or should he have to pay up? that is the question that won't be answered until february. we know tyler costs will have requested by the state. accused of raping several girls in san tan valley when he was a teenager. he claimed the girls worked together plotting against him. muslims in the community have a strong message for isis with a national billboard campaign saying hey isis, you suck. it went up in phoenix over the weekend. a spokesperson says education is needed to tell the public muslims don't support isis.
11:36 am
are echoing. >> it is good to separate and see that this is from actual muslims because the things that isis does and stands for is not in our religion at all. >> the first billboard went up in chicago, the group hopes to have the campaign spread. an update on the billboard featuring frank smoke running for state senate. a group of firefighters were his opponent not him. the billboard has been taken down, he says he never try to imply any fake endorsement and he claims some firefighters do support him. he is also calling out his opponent incumbent jeff dial accusing him of misrepresenting his past military service. a claim that first came up last year with no solid proof. we spoke with the state senator last night and he said it is a lie being spread.
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donald trump puts his speech on the back burner. pushing back the immigration speech because it is fine- tuning its policy and the language, trump was planning to deliver the speech thursday in colorado. trump will lay out his immigration policy in mesa, arizona where they are looking to hold the speech on august 31. in the meantime the trump campaign continues to go after minority voters and hillary clinton brushes off questions about the emails. the race to the white house goes on. here is the start. >> rallying a crowd in akron, ohio. >> i just get the feeling we're going to win in a landslide.
11:40 am
americans for their votes before a mostly white audience. >> we will get rid of the crime, you can walk down the street without getting shot. >> he is expanding his plea to hispanics. >> rick klein says his outreach to minority voters is also for white voters. >> he wants to cut into the margins and give white voters comfort in a campaign. >> trump asked supporters to make sure they watch the polls. what i am talking about. you know. >> there are circles on the right wing that feel like voter fraud is a rapid issue that needs to be controlled. >> meanwhile controversy over hillary clinton's email continues. emails released by a watchdog group show a closer relationship between the clinton foundation and state department. the fbi has handed over 15,000 new emails off clinton's
11:41 am
last night on jimmy kimmel clinton laughed off the allegations. >> my emails are so boring. i am a book -- embarrassed about that. we have already released 30,000+. >> both trump and clinton are preparing for the main event, the debate this fall. there is little doubt these will be the most watched debates ever. abc news washington. this time could be paying more to power your home. we let you know why some consumer advocates say it is not fair. we are sitting in the 80s
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i wodon't know where about con-artistsso whend it me me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two o,lways check your medicare to statements for errorsift these ookshink we're clueless, they don't have a clue it's your medicare, prott it
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breaking news out of mesa. we are learning about a motorcycle crash in the area of country club and southern. police say that the writer of the motorcycle has died. the police department is investigating that. the area of country club southern, expect long delays, traffic restrictions in the area. we just launched air15, stay close for updates. watching wall street, the dow up 24 points. 18,500. whether they like it or not, automakers will have to stick to the deadline to make cars more fuel-efficient.
11:45 am
rejected by u. s. regulators that is good news for the gas pump. the goal to have all new cars top 50 miles per gallon by 2025. a consumer alert and an upset target shopper. sometimes the same product in a couple of different spots in the store but you expect to pay the same price. one father in kansas says his child's medicine that he got in the baby i'll was one dollar cheaper near the pharmacy. our sister station out there went undercover and found the same thing, other shoppers were surprised. >> that is crazy. i had no idea at all. >> eventually targets corporate office gave an answer. only saying that it was an error in their pricing system but no telling how many people overpaid before that was noticed. is art imitating life or the other way around?
11:46 am
using ramen noodles to barter behind bars more than cigarettes. that is the jails are -- currency sometimes seen, the main reason ramen is cheap to buy and tastes better than the typical prison food. it is hard to complain about free money, but if it is from a class-action settlement you will want to know if it is real or fake with scammers more sophisticated than ever the consumer federation of america says these are red fikes, partial payments to send money to get the rest. wiring funds by western union or the company named on the check and the company name on the envelope are completely different. signs of a real check include less than $100 and you only have to cash it. good morning, talking about aps and their plan to stop using appliances when you get home from work. here's the plan. >> we have been investing.
11:47 am
restoring electricity. >> we have to replace the infrastructure. >> it all costs money, aps says the company has shelled out the cash. >> it is not unlike a credit card. >> he says it is time to pay up, utilities asking the arizona corporate commission to cover ratings for aps cost since the last increase. you would likely see two changes. a fixed monthly service charge going up. >> it we have a reliable grid. >> the second change mandatory demand rates have diane brown worried. here is how it works, they find the one hour you use the most energy between 3:00 p.m. and at a clock p.m., that is the amount you pay for peak hours. >> we don't think it is fair to consumers to say based on my one hour i have to pay the same amount for over 100 hours a
11:48 am
to manage the highest demands of the grid of raising bills an average of $11 per month. >> if you move your energy usage outside of that window you will save money on her bill. >> rates going to in effect july of next year. but the case is still being considered. you might feel like a rotisserie chicken when you are out in the sun so kfc thinks you might is mel like a. giving away 3000 bottles of sunset giving off the scent of its fried chicken. they are doing it to promote their extra crispy chicken. the company has hired actor george hamilton who is known for that dark tan to play the kernel and a new commercial. >> you could not give me a bottle of that.
11:49 am
i would, why not? >> i don't want to walk around smelling like chicken. if you are headed out to lunch what does it look like rex >> may be some patio time in the 80s. been in the 80s for a long time. maybe get some lunch, mostly clear skies in phoenix. here is the 24 hour rain total so this includes this morning and yesterday afternoon, a decent total across the valley. over in edge fair, summit and northbound in about one inch rain. scottsdale, .43 inches and morris town the severe thunderstorm the strong thunderstorm yesterday dumping around 98 hundredths of an inch. as we look outside, it abc15 dolls are tracking sprinkles north of sun city, northeast of sun city west. these are headed toward cape
11:50 am
valley through the afternoon. things are looking pretty nice. right now 82 in cave creek, 80 in scottsdale, 82 fountain hills, 91 maricopa and current temperature out the door sitting in the 80s as well. hour winds have been light all morning long unless you were underneath showers this morning. temperatures outside across the head country we have showers and thunderstorms rumbling through. 60 in flagstaff, payson, low 60s in sedona. you have bumped out of the 50s. here is the futurecast, we continue to look at the threat for showers and thunderstorms across northern arizona as a disturbance this to the northeast across the four corners. heavy rain across northern arizona today for the valley rain chances are very slim with passing clouds here and there. rain chances around 10% through the rest of the afternoon and
11:51 am
friday and saturday, isolated chances with even decreasing chances across the higher terrain. through the week. we keep chances at 30%, so today, tuesday 60% cutting chances in half across northern arizona as we wrap up the week. highs today in the 60s across flagstaff, 40s tonight, 56 winslow, tonight 67 in globe here is a quick look at the valley forecast, 100 phoenix, 98 mesa, chandler hitting the century mark. slightly below average highs looking for clouds to be passing through as you look at your most accurate forecast with me tomorrow a little bit warmer, 102 warmer on thursday up to 104 and then moisture working its way in friday to saturday. isolated rain chances, very slight chances friday and saturday, 10% with cloud cover morning lows in the upper 70s to the low 80s. a makeup
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the internet by storm. look at this. a licensed cosmetologist who taught herself how to do body and face painting. her unique style involves putting her hand over her face and creating an incredible work of art. each design takes hours to complete as she has to perfectly match her hand to her face to create one seamless look. after the art is completed she removes her hand to reveal an image on her face different but fits in with the overall design. you can see the top videos every weekday on right this minute right here on abc15 at 2:00. coming up the results of
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breaking news in mesa, you can see air15 on the way to the scene for a motorcycle crash. police say the writer of the
11:55 am
the mesa police department is investigating, expect some traffic restrictions possibly some delays in the area. abc15 poll of the day brought to you by sanderson ford.>> results of the poll of the day we wanted to know if the weather woke you up last night, 79% said yes, 10% is slept through it, the rest you've got the kids and the pets waking we want to recap some of our top stories. right now police investigating a stabbing your seventh avenue and camelback. the guy who was stabbed told police it happened during a confrontation with a man. investigators know who they are looking for. when we get details we will pass that along to you. the donald trump campaign scouting locations in arizona for an august 31 speech, that campaign they want to choose a venue
11:56 am
possibly mesa. we will let you know when that is officially announced. a gilbert man claims he shot his roommate in self- defense. friends of the man killed accused of twisting the story on social media. one tweet reads i need to move out before i viciously murder my roommates. police have not confirmed if the words of the suspect or are from someone else. let's get a quick check of what is coming up. >> for the second the tsa has seen a record number of weapons at american airports. we are not just talking about guns, also a new morning about health problems in the western u. s. caused by wildfires. before you make any upcoming dinner plans we have a smart shopper report on restaurants. join us, for the now. finally happy birthday to
11:57 am
washington's national zoo celebrating her little second birthday. the second of three surviving cubs born to the same panda. one year from now she will go to china to enter the breeding program. she is so cute. the forecast looking nice today, sitting in the 80s. we will warm up to 100. very isolated rain chance, 10% chance. at her chances across the higher terrain. we will keep you updated, 102 on wednesday, dry on thursday with a slight chance of rain friday and saturday. >> we have a look at the crash in mesa. that is the one we were telling you about, a fatal crash so just be aware if you're going out there you could see traffic restrictions.
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? >> announcer: today, it's all about you because "the chew" wants to have what you're having. mario's turning one viewer's leftovers into a brand new dish. plus, carla's raising the bar on dessert with a decadently delicious treat. and you'll never guess what happens! >> key lime pie! >> announcer: when clinton and his childhood friend hit their favorite hideaway. >> this one is a lush. >> i learn from you. >> maybe so. >> announcer: the party starts right now here on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> hello and welcome to "the chew." you know there so many things about summer that we love. the fresh fruit, grilled steaks, michael symon in flip-flops. it's really hard to pick a favorite, but today our favorites are what you guys at


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