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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MST

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. right now on abc 15, police looking for a guy who escaped the back of a patrol car in the west valley. and dps searching for that guy after of grand and 103rd avenue. >> reporter: it started with the traffic stop that ended here at the gas station. the surveillance cameras may have captured it all. early this morning, a trooper found a significant a drugs in this car. the driver was slapped in handcuffs and put in the back of the patrol car. when the trooper turned around, the suspect got away. and fred gaskey saw it all. >> and i said to my friend jay, i said, listen, that guy can jump out of there easy and get out of the car and no sooner than i said that, he did it. >> reporter: dps searched the entire area and couldn't find the suspect. right now, they're looking through that surveillance video, trying to nail down a suspect description and signed
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one, we'll pass it off to everybody at home. and thank you. >> was it road ram or something more? -- road rage or something more? police searching for a woman who started shooting at another driver on the i-10. >> and police are looking for her car now and it's a white keysa soul sport. -- kia soul sport. she rolls down the window and points the gun at the truck and fires, leaving bullet holes in the side of it. >> and liston the -- to the dispatchers. >> and a white kia sedan, gun at rp and gun was reported at a black handgun and apl vehicle exited on the exits and rp heard a pop and something hit their vehicle. >> and a pop and were talking about that on faceback, a terrible feeling. dps believes a driver of the kia, a black woman in the mid- 20s. >> she was driving erratically before this happened, too. if you have any information, police need to hear from you.
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valley freeways, leslie merit jr. going to court trying to get his gun back. he is snow longer face anything -- no longer facing charges. the dps crime lab standing by their conclusion that his .9- millimeter handgun is in fact the weapon used in several shootings last year. identify. and this is an update to a story we brought you yesterday. the water is finally back on at an apartment complex in glenndale. it was reported last night hours after a pipe was broken and a car crash at 67th avenue the city trucked in water to help families make it through a hot day. >> and i was out there early this morning and it was beautiful out there. >> yeah. >> and we're talking the upper 70s? >> and it's been a nice couple of mornings. the phoenix sky harbor officially down to a low of 77 degrees and we're heating back up and who have mostly sunny skies and that is allowing those temperatures to warm up and they into the 90s across
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91; 93 in glendale and chandler, deer valley, 92 degrees and into the afternoon, it's into the hundreds, the low 100s, and a repeat of what we felt yesterday, as far as the temperatures go and your most accurate forecast for chandler, 102; deer valley and mesa, up to 101 this afternoon. phoenix to hit a high of 103 and now, we're under the mostly clear skies right now and we'll watch for more mountain storms and talk about the wind gusts that can come our way because of the storms and the higher storm forecast on friday and saturday. and all new at 11, a man who police say was living in the country illegally is accused of having sex with a 16- year-old and gabrielle fernando quinones was found on tuesday hiding out in a mesa hotel. the abuse happened four times the fast few weeks and court paperworks shows the girl's mother record theed a conversation with him where he admits to the acts. and chandler police hitting
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solve a mysterious murder near a gym and officers and detectives canvas an area near the l.a. fitness at dobbson and warner. they were out there trying to gather information that leads them to a killer. the 84-year-old was found with stab wounds one week ago today, excuse me, and i am not sure this is the right video for you. but since then, nobody is in custody and police want to know what you saw, even if you think it's insy can't. >> and people -- insignificant. >> and people who saw or anything, saw something suspicious and later found out it could have been related, that is what we're going after. >> and there is a $1,000 reward if i can lead police to this man's killer. call 480-witness with information. and we have more online with the correct picture of the victim there and if you anything, police need to hear from you. >> and this next video is tough to watch. and some of the debris, shoes. yes, the people hit literally knocked out of their shoes boy a car. one victim, a young girl about
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girl is in critical condition right now. and officers say she and two adults were walking across the street near 35th avenue and greenway and they were not in the crosswalk when hit and the driver took off and officers say the driver's mother took him to the precinct. and police may be looking for the passenger in that car. and phoenix police hoping reward money will help them with a deadly shooting. this happened last month at the night's inn and it's one of the four recent slightings at the location and this is brought to weekend and the victim identified now as fernando chavez and deaths say she was gunned down in the -- and police say she was gunned down in the parking lot on july 16th. call silent witness if you have more. you can remain anonymous there and that is on the screen now. and getting new information about a crime that put a phoenix man behind bars. court paperwork shows thompson was stalking his accident girlfriend before allegedly
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next week near cape creek and peoria and we're working to get that surveillance video from there. thompson and the woman got into a fight and she asked them to call 911 when thompson reportedly shot her before jumping over a wall and running off. he was found yesterday at a bus stop and at last check, that victim is in extremely crit kill can. >> and another look at two of the four people busted in glenndale. ramon muniz charged with running an illegal gambling ring. it was inside the megabike cafe. there it is and thousands in cash would change hands on video poker and slot-type games. at times, it made the cafe 8 to $10,000 a week in profits. >> and i come by and -- and come back through and the next thing you know, it's got like what -- [ indiscernible ] and i
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for? >> and that was what the heck is going to? the state gage -- gaming department is looking to see if this leads to other gambling game busts. >> and those against raising the minimum wage in our state and in a particular ballot initiative want the arizona supreme court to weigh in here. last week, the judge ruled in favor of the initiative. and if approved, wages would go up to $12 an hour by the year 2020. and those against even having judge's ruling was wrong and the argument, the opponents didn't challenge the petition soon enough and you'll be able to make that chose in november, allison. >> and how the company behind epipens is making sure you can do both. >> and a deadly attack on students in the middle east. who officials believe might be about hind the gun fire and explosions. >> and now, let's go to the poll of the day: do you think the minimum wage should go up? yes, to $12 an hour and yes or
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are. you can hop on to
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. good news, especially if your kids live with dangerous allergies. the company behind the epipen said it's taking action to lower the out-of-pocket costs for the treatment. over the past 9 years, the costs went up at hundred% and part costings could be reduced through a savings card that would cover up to $300. and more patients would be eligible for the assistance program as well and great news for a lot of families. the u.s. surgeon general is reaching out to every doctor in the country. and warning them about the opioid epidemic and he is asking for solutions to curb the use of addicted drugs. and more than 165,000 people
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to pain medication. and you may want to head to the kitchen before lien and turns out that snacks this late is a good thing and researchers say to make a sleep sandwich, a banana with lettuce and this is why. the banana provides magnesium and potassium and that spread made from yeast extract, popular overseas is rich in vitamin b to boost melatonin. and lettuce. the romans thought it for sleep and they can make you rest and feel full as well. and i am not sure about that and the lettuce? okay. militantings storm -- militants storm the american university in afghanistan. new information on this and students have been killed. we're going to look into who might be responsible for that attack. >> and our temperature is warming up to 94 degrees. the storms start to develop up north. i will take you around on the
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i wodon't know where about con-artistsso whend committing medicare fraud... i wodon't know where it me me so mad i wanted towhend give them the old one-two o,lways check your medicare to statements for errorsift
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semore ways to fight fraud at . new developments following the attack on american university in afghanistan. and we know at least 12 people were killed, 19 others hurt and in this siege that lasted for hours. >> and yes, students ran for their lives or hid in classrooms, too. the police describe the attack as complex with three attackers, one blowing him up at the university's entrance to let the other two walk in. >> and we didn't feel good and safe. and there for -- we jump from the second floor and escape.
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students were killed and nobody claimed responsibility for this attack yet, but the taliban is a prime suspect. >> and the search for survivors continues 24 hours after the 6.2 magnitude quake rocked central italy. several people now confirmed dead and meantime, aftershocks jeopardizing the safety first, those responders there and as they attempt to rescue people trapped underneath all of that debris and this ma know is th [ speaking in native tongue ] [ through translator ] >> i can only remember i didn't breath. i called for help. i was grasping and thought i was dead. >> and beyond that destruction, look at this. a glimmer of hope. a 10-year-old girl pulled from the rubble and italian officials say the rescue efforts will continue until all survivors are found. a heartbreaking update on a fire near the las vegas strip. the flames tearing through a warehouse that was filled with school supplies for kids. organizers were planning to use
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this weekend. it's not known what sparked the blaze. nobody was hurt buthe animals from a nearby pet hotel were moved for their safety. and good deeds go a long way when it comes to helping the local heros, too. a young boy in new jersey serving us an example here. >> and this five-year-old boy bought lunch for the men and women in blue. william spent his allowance money on subway sandwiches for the officers and delivered the food to the police department, respects officers and wanted to make sure they had a healthy meal and as a thank you to the boy, he went home with number of gifts from the officers and the police department issued a statement thanking william for the meal. you're never too young to start thinking, you know, those who put their lives on the line. >> and that looks like a nice spread. >> and my kids don't get that much. the first responders, anything. >> and right.
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and i have some news to share heating back up and sunny skies and we're watching some storms developing in parts of the higher terrain and over the last six ours, the -- hours, the time lapse from the department of environmental quality and show nothing but high clouds and plenty of sunshine across the valley and we saw a drop in the monsoon moisture the last 24 hours and the dew points, how we measure them, dropping about 4 degrees in phoenix and in areas to our south. and but, there is still enough lingering moisture storms going across the high country. it's been quiet and through the day today. our storm chances are lower and into this afternoon. not quite the case, though, as we look into the north and north of flagstaff, seeing the scattered storms and pretty soon lightning and some pockets of heavier rain -- heavier rain as well and this is between flagstaff and tuba city and west of there, south of the grand canyon, seeing pop-ups
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we're seeing along i-40 and some storms producing pockets of heavier rainfall. and notice the movement of the storms, too and they're pushing further off to the east and that is a change from yesterday where the storms were moving from northwest to southeast, getting closer to the valley and eventually, they moved in and today's storms in the higher terrain will slowly push off to the east and giving us less of an opportunity to see them move into the phoenix metro. that is why the threat for storms is lower in phoenix. the heber and grower, too. and there is lightning with those and use caution if you are in that high country area, if you're in the white mountains, rather, and into the rem here or north of the rim. that is where our best storm potential will be and a five isolated pop-up --'s few isolated pop-ups into the higher terrain. and again, those storms should stay away from the phoenix metro. keel queen -- we'll keep an eye
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get a few gusty winds from storms developing 92ish and we'll be watching for that, too and alert you if anything head says our way. and going into tonight and tomorrow, we're going to see another bost and monsoon moisture. tomorrow, that means -- tomorrow, that means better storm chances and more widespread through the day tomorrow and by tomorrow afternoon, especially, we could see storms firing to the south and that is going to be a death threat for us, too and go active weather into friday and also our saturday. for today, again, the storm chances are low with a chance of gusty winds from storms nearby and tomorrow, they creep back up, especially as we head into tomorrow afternoon and evening and that threat will carry over into saturday, too and we'll have a potential of strong winds and gusts as well and pockets of heavy rain and we'll watch that the next few days and we'll keep you posted and after saturday, our storm
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the high pressure builds back in and we have dry conditions in the valley and an isolated threat in the high country, and we'll talk about temperatures for today and they're going up and i will break than do -- that down in the seven-day forecast. and it's the arena bowl. yes, football and a championship game happening in glenndale and our photographer was at the gila river arena and the crew was finishing up. and the arizona rattler tomorrow in the arena bowl. the tickets for that game start at $9 apiece and can you believe it? buy them at the box office or ticketmaster. >> and the coyotes are making history with the first female coach ever in the nhl. and they did it by hiring don gray as their skating coach. before working part time for the coyotes last season, she worked as a skating consultant for several nhl teams, including the toronto mapleleafs and the ducks.
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and abc 15 is your home for cards preseason football and get theult mat fan experience with abc 15 and the cardinals. we're giving away ticket tower the cards-broncos game on september 1st and just download the abc15 opinion pan and --
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's your turn to make the switch. . for the this -- for this weekend, the arizona diamondbacks are paying tribute to all of the players we know and low of that have helped build the wonderful franchise. >> and here to explain more is former d back jay bell and thank you for being here with us. we appreciate it. >> and i saw that you saw that was a shortstop and i was when
11:24 am
second. most people remember me as a 2nd baseman. >> yeah. >> and you're versatile. >> and yeah. >> and that is what we appreciate about you. >> and this is fun for fans every year now and that is a tradition they get to see you in action because it tugs at the heartstrings. >> and it has. for me, it's been fun and last year when i was working with the reds, i know happened to be in town when it was put on and this year, the reds happen to be in town. i am not working for them anymore but this year, sanderson sponsored this and the game that night is at 5:10 and we're anything to play at 2:30 and that is really, really pretty special and gives us a chance to get out there before the game and we're going to be there at 1:30. the gates open at 2:00 and the game starts at 2:30. >> and can you tell us some of the people we're going to see in. >> there are going to be a lot of us. the guys that played in the world series are going to be
11:25 am
to. >> of course. >> and mark fetters and steve finley, louis gonzalez. brandon webb is going to be there and there are quite a few guys. >> yeah. >> and great they're still connected to the organization as well. >> u had. >> and you like to see the successful franchise and they keep their guys strong and the team connects to the fan. >> and jj putz, i saw his name on the board and he works as a office. >> and yeah. >> and that is nice to have a guy like that and whenever you get an organization like this, the guys really enjoy spinning too time and maintaining the relationship. >> and show us the swag? >> and the first 20,000 people that entered the stadium on saturday get these shirts and sanderson ford has put this
11:26 am
us to have them as giveaways and this is a giveaway on saturday. the fans coming in, buy your tickets, come out for the reds game. >> yeah. >> and come early. get there at 2:00 and be able to come out and meet former players and you have to have a ticket to the game that night. >> okay. >> and to get into the alumni game and that is open seating. >> yeah. >> and you don't have to -- . >> right. >> oh, great. >> and you can come down fro >> okay. >> and it will be good. >> and that signs like a good time. >> and if up. >> and thank you so much for being here. >> and thank you. >> appropriate it. >> excited for you. >> and check it out. >> and see the snakes and support them. >> and this is a tough story and this is the destruction, the tornado cleanup going on and flattening buildings across the midwest and coming up, new developments as the cleanup efforts continue. >> and we have to talk about the valley forecast, too,
11:27 am
tomorrow, an ozone high
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. this just interest the abc 15 news -- this just into the abc 15 news room. we could learn new information about the serial street shooting information. phoenix police announcing a news conference at 1. in an hour and a half, the police chief joe yonner, mayor greg stanton and the attorney general are going to speak. count on and our
11:30 am
that come out of this conference and we are expecting to stream that live online as well. cleanup is underway in the midwest after a strong strick of tornados touches down and that is tough to see and this is from one in indiana. >> and incredible. the largest yesterday was an ef- 3. many homes and businesses damaged. heavy rain is causing major flooding in other parts of the re more. >> that is hitting the neighborhood. >> reporter: tornado emergency in indiana. >> we hid into the basement and it was crazy, like our roof got ripped up. >> reporter: the residents are getting a better look at the mass destruction outside of indianapolis. eight twitters responded. >> and that is a very active afternoon for weather for us. >> reporter: roofs torn off of apartment buildings and homes and neighborhoods obliterated and vehicles tossed like toys.
11:31 am
cocomo with 165 miles per hour winds. >> and there is a lot of power outages throughout the city. >> reporter: and students took cover in school hallways and customers and workers in the now flattened starbucks survived in i bathroom. this 14-year-old boy got to safety in the home in time. >> and jerked the door out of my hand and we shut it. and we ran to the bathroom, the furnace exploded. >> reporter: an for the heartland, iowa flooding after eight inches of rain and more fell. and they left the field to help the neighbors. >> and making sure they were safe. making sure their possessions were safe before, you know, and kind of going back and playing the game. it was easy to do. >> and. >> reporter: no reports of deg or serious injuries in indiana, only minor. emergency officials said people did what they were supposed to do and took cover. kenneth moulton, abc news, washington. and across the nation now,
11:32 am
shoot and kill a suicidal man. this is video the scene. -- from the scene. the deputies called out after the driver was pulled over for speeding and investigators said that man refused to drop a shotgun. and all three have been placed on administrative leave. and the victims in the orlando pulse nightclub attack. the hospital said that it's not going to bill anyone who was treated there. instead, they're writing off more than $5 million in hospital care. staff say that they're payg forward the kindness they received from people who reached out and supported them following the attack. and some new information on a deadly zipline fall in delaware. the state police say the 29- year-old tina werner fell 35 feet at a state park yesterday. she was on a platform waiting to take the ride down when she fell. they performed first aid on her and she later died at the hospital. and this case is being investigated. right now,oul play is not suspected. >> and caught on camera, street performers in the las vegas
11:33 am
never seen before and two guys getting into a brawl and forced cars to stop: >> somebody get hit by a car. >> a there are guy jumps in before walking away and the fight started over sharing space in front of the bill ageio. and -- bellagio. and airport security is not much and one agents went too far. a young boy detained for something he keeps -- that keeps him alive. this is what mom said with what happened, watch. >> shocked beyond belief. in walk says the head of department -- walks the head of the department of homeland security for the entire airport. >> and also four police officers. with everything: guns, tazers, all of that. >> and you hear him? at 9 years old, so articulate
11:34 am
wearing. he was diagnosed with golden hars syndrome. and he's had 15 open heart surgeries and the mom said they have documentation allowing him to skip the metal did deckeddor -- detectors for a two-minute screening. over the weekend, though, he was stopped. >> and i don't think the tsa should be in the business of making kids feel bad about disability. >> and stead -- instead of, you know, trying to stop crime. happened and they're working to get in touch with the family. and new developments in the kidnapping of three kids in california. as you saw last night at 6, they were found safe and the couple they were with on the run still. britney humphrey and joshua robertson are armed and dangerous. humphrey is the kids' aunt. besides kidnapping, they're personning of interest in the murder of the children's mother. her body found days ago in california.
11:35 am
in albuquerque. switching over to democracy 2016, arizona is a hotspot for donald trump. he's officially coming to phoenix next week and his speech is expected to focus on immigration after working to soften his message this week. he's moving away from some of the more controversial plans like the promise to deport all 11 million undocumented workers. and that speech was originally planned for a rally in colorado did it. one expert said that arizona is the right >> and you come to arizona. you have people like joe arpaio show up and this is the message you want. the place you want to do this. >> reporter: and next wednesday, trump will speak at the riot, the hyatt regency in downtown phoenix. and meantime, wikileaks promising to release damaging information. the founder said it will happen before election day. assange not confirming if it's going to be game-changing information, but that the release is going to be
11:36 am
files from the democratic national committee. and happening today, dolores larte is expected to join arizona latina elected officials, kicking off a new campaign this afternoon. they're urging people to get out there and vote against trump and senator mccain. >> and it was a story broken wide open by the abc 15 investigators. the arizona attorney general's office is taking action on its own. it's jumping into the legal fray, if you will, involving advocates for individuals with disabilities, or a. they have filed 1500 lawsuits since the beginning of the year, seeking damages for businesses that have parking lots that are not ada compliant. and now the ags office intervening. in a court filing, they believe the group exceeded its authority and can't collect fees in these types of lawsuits. and there is a serial robber on the run in our state. pima county sheriff's deputies looking for this guy. he has been at four different places, including a subway
11:37 am
holiday inn express. the m.o. is the same each time the guy walks in and said he has a weapon and makes off with as much cash as he can get his hands on. and it's thursday. you know what that means? our friends from the phoenix
11:39 am
. i am okay, guys, it's thursday, like i mentioned. >> you have to be fearless sometimes. >> we're talking about who is going to feed the animals. i said i will do it. i don't mind. first, let's bring in nicole. you're joining us from the phoenix zoo. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. >> and he's calm right now. >> yeah. >> and they whipping around a couple of seconds ago. >> and this is the colombian black-and-white tegu and they're found in south america. he has that long tale and --
11:40 am
>> and that is as big as he will get. seven different kinds and the largest is up to five feet. >> and why they related to the monitors you see in southeast asia? >> and a little bit different. >> okay. >> and what are the biggest differences? >> the cool thing, this is starting -- he is sticking out his town and has one like a snake. >> -- tongue, and has one like a snake. >> yeah. >> and using that to locate their food. >> o believe you have some delicious, what do we do with these? >> and we brought you a snack. >> and some mealworms and -- . >> and i said i would do it. >> and for you at home, i'm going to do it and not excited. >> and you're not eating it. >> and -- judge set it down? >> and yeah. >> and. >> going to give it to the hornby. >> yeah. >> and we're going to introduce the other friend. >> okay. >> and is thera a name? >> this is aja.
11:41 am
business. >> he loves to forage. he's going for meal worms. >> tell us what he is again? >> the largest of the two different species of ground hornbills. >> whereco you find them? >> in africa. >> and what an incredible animal that is. >> and he makes a booming call. you notice the throat patch underneath the neck is inflated still and that is how he communicates and has that on top of the beak and that is very -- . >> and yes, more, give me some. >> and some events going on and they should see the great creatures, right? >> and we have our show that is going to start in october called it's in the bag. >> and he's eating them now. >> cool. >> and we have a friend here who has pockets full of more. [ laughter ] >> and all right. >> this is the phoenix zoo. thank you so much. and awesome. >> yeah, super cool. and we have more news to come. a new recall affecting
11:42 am
own one of them. the defects you need to know about. >> and do you take the glucosamine pills? are they helping? joe will let you know how three lawsuit settlements could mean money back for you. >> and those temperatures, they're warming up.
11:43 am
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racks ] [ normal voice ] call... get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $70 a month for a year. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. . all new at 11 right now, glenndale police are searching for a missing father and infant son. take a good look at the screen.
11:45 am
ramon salasand 10-month-old abraham salaswere last seen near a home in glenndaleer in 24 houring -- glendale 24 hours ago. if you see them, contact glenndale police right away. and we have some breaking news happening right now as we speak and this is judge the into the abc 15 news -- this is just in into the abc 15 news room. this is 7th avenue and dunlap. all i can say is what i see. there are units on scene with you see folks who look to be questioned by police right now. i can't tell if anyone is in cuffs and looks look they're sitting alongside the road there and a massive police situation, a barricade in that neighborhood and the area of seventh avenue and dunlap. and we're letting you know about this and we'll fill you in with details once we come into the newsroom. and watching your money on wall street. and the dow is down 28 points
11:46 am
to 18,453. a consumer alert impact, more than 113,000 cars on the road and ford recalling a half dozen models for a variety of defects. the fuel pumps in some, including the taurus and flex and that can cause cars to stall. the pumps in transit vans and lincolns, they could fail altogether. and finally, the suvs, the escape suvs are being recalled to rare calibrate the software -- recalibrate the so impacted posted on the web page at >> and amazon is making grocery shopping easier than ever. they're testing drive-thru click-and-collect stores. it would allow you to order food and other items online and you can pick them up later. and exact details are under wraps but we know that amazon has two stores in california. a third is going up now in so. we'll let you know if the
11:47 am
valley. >> and federal regulators are saying the chipotle handbook violates labor laws and they need to be changed. the national labor relations board said chipotle can no longer ban workers from criticizing the company on social media -- media and it must champ a policy that stops workers from talking about politics and religion. you may not know the maker rexall sundown, but you should know the names it's sold >> if you bought the glue kia mean at target, walgreens or cbs, it's likely you are covered under the settlement ask can get cash back. >> reporter: the glucosamine supplements are sold as kirtland,croinger and safeway brands. they made false statements about health benefits on labels and means $8 per bottle and up to 104 back. and is your subaru using more oil than it should?
11:48 am
that caused excess oil consumption and means extended warranties by three years. or. >> and if you had to get your car fixed because of an ole leakage problem, you might be able to get them back. >> and if you're like me, you're at home depot a lot. and depending on how you checked out, you could be due money back. >> and during a window in 2049, if you use a self-checkout line, there is a chance you are included in a settlement. >>ep debit credit cards between april and you will get 18 months of free credit monitoring and could gets up to $10,000 if i can prove documented losses because of the breach. >> and none of the companies admitted wrong doing. to qualify and for deadlines, go to to click on sections and let joe know. call the assistant phoenix volunteer team. and e-mail me or find me on
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know. and job openings are in the helps and there is a range of possibilities for you. depending on what you need. and in order to find good applicants, there is going to be a hiring event going on and you have until 4:30 this afternoon to get on out there. and a huge day for the grand canyon and other national parks and monuments. today, can you believe it? the 100th anniversary of the national park service and it was created back in noon 16 by president woodrow wilson. anba tasked with managing 14 national parks and 21 monuments. agency, get this, oversee 58 national parks and 150 national monuments and, of course, the grand canyon state, we're proud of the grand canyon. >> and we are. you know what? three entrants this weekend. >> and go. >> that might be a bad weekend to go and saturday -- storm chances in the forecast. you know what? take it slow on the roads and pull over if you're having a
11:50 am
bad weekend, for sure and hotter, though and getting out of myself and talk about what is happening now as we talk storm chances in the valley and today in the high country, the valley storm chances are low and you can already see those clouds are building up as we look off to our north. this is our cliff castle casino cam and you can see the clouds bubbling out there over the higher terrain in our state and that is where storms are firing up here within the last hour and we're seeing s heber to southwest of show low and storms near greer and a bit of lightning with that is to to the north of there and some storms popping up. the strongest storm, really, though, east of two guns and you can see the heavy rain with the storms in the red. a lot of lightning in that, too and some small hail as this tracks to the east-northeast and this is an impact for e-40. and to the east. you may want to travel a bit or
11:51 am
out there and this is going to create hazardous conditions in that area. and north of flagstaff, seeing storms. is any in the northwest pocket of the state and near the grand canyon and a pop-up out near press to the to -- prescott to the east of there and other than that, nothing there in central arizona from wickenburg to the south, all dry and the valley clear for few irnow. into this afternoon, though, there is a chance that we can see more storms in the higher terrain and possibly a pop-up or two in surrounding desserts. valley rain chances, though, again, remain fairly low and not zero percent. you want to stay alert. we'll have to watch for that and keep an eye on the sky and not looking at promising rain chances for the phoenix metro and mountain storms continuing to develop. and they can sunday gusty winds our way and we can feel stronger breezes here into this afternoon because of that and the better storm chances will
11:52 am
and that is going to bring a threat of more storms and some dusts and strong winds and some areas of heavy rainfall and over the next too days, know the mop soon is going to stay active and it. wise, we're at 94 degrees and under mostly sunny skies and warm to 96 by lunchtime, today's high of 93 and that is below the average this time of the year, which is 104 and it will be hot and making it into triple digits this afternoon and could be worse, though woken 01 in mesa; 102, god year and surprise and triple digits in anthem. the high of 100 in casa grande and to west, hotter and also seuol deana and the temperatures will cool off into the mid-40s in flagstaff and upper 50s in payson, a low of 81 in phoenix. a lot of the valley dropping into the upper 70s to low 80s here this afternoon and 103 today, and we'll watch for gusty winds, possibly a
11:53 am
surrounding desserts. the storm chances looking low. and drying out sunday into next deures paster. thean, eae t. tope,,
11:54 am
ipid. end ryy. niquula nus, f sh,
11:55 am
. let's go to the results of the poll of the day. we asked you if you think the minimum wage should be raised. 44% of you think it should go up to $12 per hour. a quarter of you want $15 an hour and the rest say the wages should just stay where they are. as we approach the noon hour, recapping the top stories here at aches 15. the chandler police going door- to-door looking for clues in the stabbing death of a retiree and it's been a week since the 84-year-old sheba swamee kate was found stabbed to death near dobson and warner, still no arrests. a man accused of sheeting his ex-girlfriend at the workplace and stalking her, according to documents filed in
11:56 am
the shooting happened one week ago at an apartment complex near cape creek and thunderburg. the woman remains in critical condition. and still no sign of a man who fled from dps after a traffic stop in sunset. -- city. we're told the man was handcuffed and managed to slip out of a window and slipped into the night. we're awaiting surveillance images there to see where the suspect may have taken off to. and all right, let's get a look at what we're working on for the now with-of-a- fredericks. thank you for be -- with fay fredricks. you. law enforcement and all of us want him off of the street. brand-new details on the serial shooter case coming your way at 4:00. and also, one summer ago, freeway shootings that terrorized the valley. you remember, that of course. and we have new details as the leslie merritt jr. controversy continues to play out now and you mentioned this as we told but that phoenix teen accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend, well, today, he is going to be speaking to us from jail.
11:57 am
on the now arizona. >> and thank you. thank you, faye. >> finally, this picture going viral. did you see this? a utility worker in texas literally diving into his work headfirst. jimmy cox had to plunge five feet into a flooded hole to clamp a broken water line. the homeowner said she is proud that he went above and beyond or below, i guess you could say, to stop the gushing water. >> and he deserves a raise. a day off. >> and the means are going to go crazy on that one. >> and seriously. >> yes. >> and worried about th. and hey, we'll keep an eye on the sky. overall, the valley rain chances are less than 10%. in the high country, that is where the best potential will be. and tomorrow, a boost in monsoon moisture means better storm chances and week be talking dust, too and stronger storms. we'll keep an eye on that and getting hotter and drier next
11:58 am
11:59 am
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