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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  August 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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8:00 p.m. a 10% shot. 10:00 p.m. and over night 20%. and temperatures in the mid-90s at 7:00 p.m. 93 at 8:00 p.m. and 92 at 9:00 p.m. tonight. coming up your forecast, the storm chances over the next few days and when we could get a break. breaking news update from the abc 15 live desk. it effects your commute. part of the road just reopening after water main break causes a sink hole. live pictures for you near 35 35th it wasn't in time to save the bus. getting stuck three hours go. at this time only southbound 35 35th avenue is open. watch your kids around water at this hour as a 2-year- old girl is recovering over at the hospital. she was pulled from the bottom of a pool in chandler.
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got her breathing. it is unclear at this hour if the pool had a fence. one man holding a community hostage with 7 random murders. the chase to hunt him down going hard. there is now 75 grand on the table. abc's jason valentine is in downtown phoenix. a big show of force tonight. >> reporter: absolutely. we will show you that. police got 1500 tips from the community and every time we put the serial stree the news they get a bump in the number. they are hoping upping the reward to $75,000 will add more help to those tips they are hoping to get. law enforcement officials from five agencies, local, state, the fbi and u.s. marshals, the phoenix mayor too.
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emotional twice, immigration status should not stop somebody from coming forward. >> no charges whatsoever from my office. this is a team effort. everybody in the community. we need them to participate. is that clear? i don't want anyone to be reluctant in coming forward. whether they think it is significant or not. >> reporter: and of course if tips could be anonymous. police have a task force of 30 detectives working the case 24/7 and a unit to keep all the tips straight. back to you. new updates coming into the abc 15 live desk, the devastation in italy. the death toll from the earthquake jumped to 250. and new since world news we are learning an 8-year-old girl pulled from the rubble after 17
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and doing well. it is all about the gun. the once freeway shooter wants his weapon back. abc's joe bartell is live downtown. is he getting it back? >> reporter: yeah. the gun has been tested and retested. but there is a fight about what the evidence shows and in the middle of this is a man trying to move on with his life. >> the legal back and forth in the freeway shootings case heating up again. >> they are the only ones making a connection. everyone else say there is nothing there. >> reporter: the defense attorney is talking about dps who sent one of their investigators to court to answer tough question about the gun and whether it was a match. >> so if atf could not make an identification was atf wrong with respect to the original dps findings in september?
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idea. >> reporter: dps taking to their guns and the gung siding with them for now -- guns siding with them for now. three different investigators. >> dps wants to save face and they keep hanging on to this. >> reporter: leslie merritt jr. has moved on. he is back at work and spending time with his family and his civil lawsuit against investigators is moving forward. >> the la speed ahead. nothing that happened today escs that utah -- effects that lawsuit. >> reporter: there is no time line of when the gun could be returned back to leslie merritt jr. back to you. >> thank you very much. police revealing who was gunned down last month at the knights inn but they have no suspect. this is the 25-year-old. gunned down friday night on
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if you were a witness or know anything call silent witness. this case will be harder to crack. the guy shot couldn't tell police about the gunman. the victim shot near 19th avenue and glendale. no one knows where a suspect is tonight. he escaped from the back of a dps car this morning. hours later nothing. no sign of him. abc's chris gros is in sun city for us tonight. how is dps going about trying to find this guy? >> reporter: yes, that is the question. i just got off with dps and they are saying this guy is at large. in the meantime right now they are using police work, they are going through back channels talking to law enforcement groups but also possibly looking at surveillance video that was captured by those cameras right there.
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stopped for an expired registration. troopers found drugs in the car. a witness said he flipped out of the car and made a run for it. we hear he was spotted at hospital before heading north, that is the last time he was seen. business owners are shocked to hear he got away with the cuffs still on. >> just told the mechanic call him houdini. being handcuffed he would have hit the floor. the ground. would have made a noise. >> reporter: he used the window to reach over and unlock that car from the outside. he got away. dps looking into this case. they are going to update us as soon as they know. back to you. >> thank you. back on the streets.
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prostitution. we just learned about robert richardson's arrest yesterday. a news producer. his home busted. he will be in court september 7. he called mesa home but he is here illegally and accused of sexual assaulting a 16-year- old four times. police say he admittedted it in a conversation with the mother. he has been in the u.s. illegally for 14 years. from the abc the 911 calls from the orlando nightclub shooting and the decision isn't coming soon. the judge sent it back to the state court. it was in june when omar mateen opened fire and then police killed him. it left 49 people dead. 50 injured.
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bills for the victims. new at 6:00 p.m. people in trouble for troubles with illegal immigration. >> we want all immigrant detentions to end. we think it is cruel and unusual punishment for people who are struggling to make a in the country. >> this flair up comes on the heels of a report calling private prisons dangerous and abusive. the department of justice is parting ways with 13 because of the findings. a very low blow. thieves take off with items valuable to a family. including a flag draped over a coffin of a marine corps veteran. abc's sonu wasu has more.
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moving could be stressful. emergency finding all -- imagine finding out your most prized possessions is gone. >> flag layed over the coffin of my dad when i was a teenager. earned it fighting in vietnam. your dad fought for the country. such a hard time -- >> reporter: items that money can't buy. wedding photos, baby photos a hand made teddy bear. >> i know it has no monetary value to you. just try have it in your heart to bring it back. return it to the apartment complex where you got it. >> reporter: they were stolen from a garage at the retreat at the raven apartments. he moved to chandler now but left this note for the thieves, pleading for them to drop the items off, no questions asked.
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>> reporter: sonu wasu, abc 15. gone for too long, the search for a father and a baby. >> want to get paid to shop? there are secret shopper jobs. joe lets you know you have to know where to look to avoid the scams. >> the ideas to help a school save money. how scraps are helping their budget. >> live from universities of phoenix stadium, many reasons to get excited about the arizona cardinal the defense. hear what coach has to say about the defense coming up. >> visibility improving in the southeast valley. the blowing dust canceled early. we will look at your most
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from the abc 15 live desk a search for a father and his 10- month-old son. take a moment. stop what you are doing and look at the picture.
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noon. ramon salas was heading to pick up his girlfriend. she is beside herself. this is the truck he was driving. a grey 2002 ford f-250 crew cab truck with arizona license plates reading bpx9465. police looking for clues in the death of an 84-year-old man found outside a la fitness. found with stab wounds a week ago and today police hit the streets trying to figure out why. abc's allison rodriguez has more. >> we want to get justice for the victim and their family. >> reporter: police canvassing the area this morning trying to get any information on a mysterious death. officers chatting up businesses and going to neighborhoods to see if anybody saw something that leads authorities closer to finding the killer. his body found august 18 at an la fitness parking lot.
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anything, seen anything. that saw something suspicious and found out it could have been related, that is what we are going after. >> reporter: police say there is surveillance video from the gym and detectives are pouring through the footage. for now they need anyone who has information to give them a call. >> the smallest thing could break a case. >> reporter: allison rodriguez, abc 15. a $1,000 reward if you could lead police killer. joe ducey here. talking about things that could be legitimate or scams. mystery shopper jobs. it is a scam if they ask you for money up front. >> but there are real mystery shoppers out there. >> if they pay you up front or
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the real ones are not going to guarantee you won and we have links to all of the real ones on the let joe know facebook page and on joe know. tell us what you think. a valley school district redefining the term chop shop. they were having trouble finding parts for its natural gas buses and learned surrounding districts were selling theirs buy up the buses and use them for parts. >> helps us in down time. buses aren't down as long. we can keep them going. on the road. we don't have to wait for parts that don't exist. a lot of times we are waiting three weeks for a little part or something and we have them ready to go. >> the district says the idea
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natural gas buses saving a half million dollars. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> pack up and head back to tempe. the arizona cardinals down to their final practice of training camp. >> glad about it too. the regular season two weeks ago. jason snavely live from university of phoenix stadium. can we fast forward to the patriots game already? >> reporter: we are not the only one tha pre-season is fun but we want to see our team, not the backups. we want to see our team. no secret thepression record hasn't been anything to get excited about but there are still reasons to get excited. one being a stout defense. and bruce arians would have to agree. he doesn't like to gush when it comes to his team but this morning he wasn't shy about the
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defense. >> you know, they have been playing high level already. and, you know, they have been put in bad situations. but, yeah, i think our defense has a chance to be really solid. [ indiscernible ] [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: yeah. fast start would help. while a good showing the next couple weeks would be nice, he is already thinking about new england and he has for the last several months. >> get the ultimate experience with abc 15 and the arizona cardinals. you can get the ultimate fan experience with abc 15 and your arizona cardina ls. we are giving away tickets to the cards and broncos game on september 1. all you have to do is download the abc 15 mobile app and look for the
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to win. look at that storm. all the white stuff on the ground. hail there. you can see it piling up as well. sent in from a abc 15 viewer. property hit with strong storm this afternoon and a live look at abc 15 desert doppler right now and a look at our weather network. tracking severe thunderstorm activity at this hour. a look at the showers in. they come in from the southwest. we have more with thunder and lightning along i-40 between flagstaff and williams at this hour. to the south, rain over the last 30 minutes. heading towards cottonwood in the higher terrain. clipping off to the northeast towards had watten wood area. flood -- cottonwood area. flood advisories as well. storms to the west and to the
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valley in the clear right now. the blowing dust canceled early. hazy skies down there across southern portions of maricopa county and pinal county as well. blowing dust that reduces visibility no longer the case at this hour. we will keep storm chances in play into the evening and tomorrow as well. 20% chance here. here is the hour by hour 10% shot through 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. 20% 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. and over night and there is a chance we could see action tomorrow morning as well. then an increase chance, 20% in the late afternoon and evening tomorrow. temperatures in the 90s here. 11:00 p.m. 89. 80 over night in phoenix. 6:00 a.m. hitting the lows and 90s tomorrow afternoon. mesa, chandler, glendale low
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airport. 72 sedona. 56 flagstaff. tonight 40s and 50s along the rim. sedona 60. prescott 58. kingman 68 degrees. tomorrow highs near 80 degrees in pace aen. 82 sedona and 70 in flagstaff. 70s in [bleep] low and window rock -- show low and window rock. we track 20% chance for showers and storms sunday drier air. humidity drops and temperatures increase. 102 on sunday. 106 on monday. and your seven-day forecast coming up. you asked us to take action and tonight we have results after a string of school hoaxes. >> should we question the timing? sheriff joe arpaio's campaign manager is. what he says about a decision to pursue charges against the lawman. >> not a new way of life but
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troubled by the timing. sheriff joe arpaio's campaign manager questioning a judge's decision to recommend charges. the election is tuesday. and it will be sheriff joe arpaio's toughest race yet after 23 years in office. it could be tough on the streets but new tonight hope for those who don't have a place to call home. a temporary shelter near 12th
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through the end of february. the maricopa county board of supervisors approving the funding. people are left homeless because of things they can't control. once he recovered and found a place in the shelter he started looking for work again. >> 20 job searches a day. >> the shelter will house 250 people every night and the county will help housing. how natalie russell almost lost a second child to a drug habit. >> and a new outlook after this stand off. why a arizona man is off the hook for someone's death. >> looks like the safety equipment checks out but the reason a woman fell to her
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this is abc 15 news taking action. >> shocking new details about a mom accused of murder in the over dose death of her daughter. abc 15 learning she was not the first child to over dose in natalie renee russell's case. melissa blasius shows us what happened to her older son. >> reporter: natalie renee russell was living in these apartments with three of her children when she died. abc 15 has found documents talking about born in 2005. he is now living with other relatives after he almost over dosed at age 2. the boy's dad filed to get emergency full custody in 2007. the motion says the boy was brought to the icu in mom's care for ingesting a narcotic. natalie renee russell wasn't arrested but child welfare workers were called in. natalie renee russell was not fit oo parent.
6:31 pm
daughter drank methadone and instead of taking her to the hospital investigators believe she tried to revive her by injecting her with methamphetamine. she died. natalie renee russell faces a second degree murder charge. it is unclear what role if any the prior over dose situation will play in her murder trial. back to you. after all this a huge s.w.a.t. scene, a man is now off the hook facing no charges after a man is found mcso says he likely died of natural causes. investigators say the person of interest just helped him since he was homeless. they say there was nothing criminal going on. from the abc 15 live desk police are saying a fugitive captured, wanted for the killing of a woman in southern california pkidnapping her three -- and kidnapping her three kids.
6:32 pm
but theywere just found in colorado. the kids all found safe. >> good news. a woman torches her ex- husband's shed. police say the 36-year-old set the fire on august 19. police say she texted him and sent pictures and said i will destroy everything and say good- bye shed. sh flight out of town. is donald trump changing his stance on immigration again? depends on who you ask. some say the republican presidential nominee is softening his policy with his focus towards minority voters. the campaign is crafting a new message on immigration. they are working on how to explain his ideas. there is a chance that message will be rolled out in phoenix next week. taking action for parents
6:33 pm
put in a frightening position. hours after our story on the threats that caused lock downs the school let parents know what has been going down. three threats in one week, all turned out to be hoaxes. they are asking parents to talk to their kids about the consequences. the school has to take every situation seriously. new developments from the abc 15 live desk about the zip out of delaware. the 59-year-old unclipped her safety wires and fell 35 feet. according to the operator. she had completed safety training before hopping on. investigators claim there were no issues with the equipment. she was trying out the zip line to cross it off her bucket list. marketed to the wrong
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a pharmaceutical company facing a lawsuit for its fen not spray. it -- nentinal spray. -- fentanyl spray. it is supposed to be used on cancer patients. oregon reached a settlement on a similar case last year. k-9s and their sense of smell, this bust recorded at the crossing yesterday. a mexican man here tried to smugane bunch of meth and heroin -- smuggle in a meth and heroin. all right. your most accurate forecast, showing the dust that picked up south of phoenix here. an hour or so ago. pushed east into sun lakes and chandler. a blowing dust had been canceled. not a big threat of seeing more blowing dust in that area. that could reduce the visibility. in the meantime we are tracking temperatures that are still
6:35 pm
holding on to the low 100s. tonight 95 degrees at 7:00 p.m. 93 at 8:00 p.m. and 92 at 9:00 p.m. a 10% chance of showers and thunderstorms and then we up it tonight. right now all the storms are in the higher terrain and heading to the northeast. we will watch what is going on to the southwest. that could pop stuff into the valley tonight. in the over night our -- hours and tomorrow coming up. the national parks service, 282 acres are being added. they are donating the land to the popular park. the airport getting $9 million for a makeover. the airport announced one of the largest grants it received. the project is set to begin
6:36 pm
what is a difference a week makes. his 7th day of giving back to our heroes. documenting it on facebook from flowers to buying beers for all the veterans. we asked him about his motivation. >> i watched after those -- i saw a senator from milwaukee say we have to look inside ourselves and we what -- to see what we can do to do better. >> great idea. he wants to challenge everybody to do something to make the world a better place. take a picture and most on social media with #7 day difference. >> it is awesome. good idea. congratulations. hope you get it going anywhere. democracy 2016. big news for asu students. we just got word the university is going to have a polling
6:37 pm
time ever on election day. now this took work to get it done. the group calls it a great accomplishment. it will be at the sun devil fitness center. he is fast but can't run from the law. police coming after ryan lochte. what is next for the troubled swimmer. >> a murder mystery in mississippi. who would kill two noners are
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z23emz zvpz
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developing out of italy, strong after shocks. 450 of them. making the rescue efforts difficult. rescuers are going through the mountains of rubble there. just hoping to find more survivors. the cadaver dogs are also helping to find bodies.
6:41 pm
365 injured. and we want to show you new video that is just coming in. you recollect see the city in ruins there. we just learned new york city's world trade center is honoring the victims by lighting up in italy's colors tonight. developing now, the hunt for the person who killed two mississippi nuns. they were found stabbed inside their home. police say there are signs of break in and their car is missing. chargescharges for a pair in prescott. they were busted for having loads of hard drugs for sale. and they stole guns and mountain bikes. investigators are looking into whether they are connected to other drug cases in the area. another break in the case. investigators one step closer to solving a san francisco murder. the new details on the suspect. >> and the growing backlogs
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the company now promising a discount. and our smart shopper team did the research to help you find deals on tickets. >> and showers and thunderstorms in the higher
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from the abc 15 live desk learning more drugs are off the streets right now. we got to show you thes pictures sent to us from dps. 2400 marijuana plants cleared from a abandon cullivation site. a team -- cultivation site. a team had to uproot all the plants before they could be destroyed. no arrests yet but police did get a report of two armed men confronting a tribal member near the crop. new information on the brutal death of a san francisco
6:46 pm
bringing the total to four. one of them a 19-year-old captured in flagstaff earlier this week and she will be extradited to california. the assault happened in may and lasted two days. the victim's body found floating. developing now, brazilian police moving forward with charging two time olympic medalist ryan lochte for filing a false robbery report. ryan lochteed he and three other americans were forced off the road, robbed at gun point. surveillance video shows they were faced by security guards after vandalizing a gas station rest room. the penalty for filing a false report can result in 18 months in prison. ryan lochte lost four major sponsors early this week over the controversy. but today he picked up a new sponsor.
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parents seem reluctant to let their kids play football but a school district is rolling out a new program called safe football. the program will train every coach and player in the district over the next three years and could help players avoid serious injuries. in response to public outrage over the cost of epi pin the company is expanding the program to help patients pay for the pack jumped more than $600 and now they are announcing a $300 savings savings card. your forecast. abc 15 desert doppler, we scan the skies and track storms in the valley. we are in the clear but we are seeing showers and thunderstorm activity and the clouds from the valley with this activity.
6:48 pm
one cell to the south of young kinging out lightning. it is weakening. and storm movement is off to the northeast. to the west, flagstaff seeing the activity. i-40, williams, storms there too. south of cottonwood and more over the last hour in the higher terrain between prescott and humboldt. one moving into the area as we speak. here is what we are tracking through the next several hours. watchingev southwest. right now we are in the clear. storms may start popping up in the next few hours. if they do they will track to the northeast towards had valley. here is what we are watching hour by hour. a 10% chance for showers and thunderstorms through 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. 20% at 10:00 p.m. tonight and continuing into the over night hours. chances of a shower tomorrow morning and then another chance again 10 to 20% tomorrow afternoon and evening.
6:49 pm
dew point 50 degrees. and winds out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour. we have much of the valley in the low 100s. but to the north in the 90s at this hour. scottsdale 98. and deer valley 97. lows tonight in the upper 70s across the valley and highs tomorrow in the 90s. not expecting triple digit heat in the valley tomorrow. or on saturday. as we increase the cloud cover and humidity and increase the storm chances. hour by hour, 80 de 80s at 10:00 a.m. and 90s around lunchtime and up to 98 degrees around 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon here. and ozone high pollution advisory tomorrow. keep that in mind if you are going to be outside. you may find it difficult breathing. next 7 days. sunday we dry out. triple digit heat returns and hotter for the start of next week with highs at 106 on monday and tuesday.
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heading out to wild horse pass. young drag racers are fearless when they fly down the track. >> reporter: wild horse motor horse park, where professionals exceed 300 miles per hour. today it is the place where a 10-year-old will clinch her need for speed. >> really cool. >> reporter: what is it like when you go pedal to the medal? >>he body just swings back. pushes your back. and it just feels like really awesome. >> reporter: you ever been racing for two years, how did you get started? >> my dad. >> reporter: you didn't want to do it? >> no, i wanted to do it. i wanted to go fast. >> reporter: they have their dads to thank for getting them into racing. >> my dad used to race.
6:51 pm
>> been in my family for a while. >> reporter: they love drag racing and they are out to show everyone it is not just for boys. >> to show them cars isn't just for guys. >> they always, like, ebrag about them --, like, brag about them about how this is for a boy. not a girl. >> reporter: isn't it scary? >> sometimes. get nervous. >> i know if i am doing what i am supposed to be doing there is nothing wrong going to ha >> the best part is? >> going fast. >> intensity. >> when you win it is, like, the best part of your day. >> reporter: congratulations, you are this week's small stars. and now here is a look at tonight's prime time line up on
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are you ready for some football? is your wallet ready? our smart shopper did the research to help you get to the game for the best price. dan spindle has it details. >> reporter: three competitors are about to take the field to see who could give you the best
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you to buy from fans and that could mean a great price. i searched for three tickets to the october 2 game against the rams. seat geek $370 for three tickets in section 139. nfl ticket exchange 20 bucks more for the same. $394. stub next the seahawks october 29. we searched for the best price. this time nfl exchange has the better price. 2 seats up in section 444 for $414. seat seek 434. and stub hub $449 for the same section. game after game the best prices vary per site depending on
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far in advance you want to buy. not one site had the best price over all. i like the seat geek, tells you if you are getting a great or awful deal and allows you to sign up for alerts. you really have to check a number of sites. be careful if you are trying craigslist or ebay because you never know who you are buying from and there is no guarantee. how is this for a price? free. watch sunday's pre-season game for nothing right 15. big sink hole in your top stories. city bus we have been showing you stuck for hours is finally out -- you see it loaded there. it was towed away moments ago. the mess is still being cleaned up. this is caused by a water main break. only the southbound side of 35 35th avenue will be open. avoid the area if you can. dps do not want leslie merritt jr. to get his weapon
6:57 pm
longer the suspect in the freeway shooting. $75,000 now on the table to catch the serial street shooter. he is behind 9 shootings, 7 deadly. call silent witness with any information. you probably heard us talk about silent witness, how does it work if you have the tip? tonight at 10:00 p.m. a look as we answer the question, how does staying anonymous really work? and an outburst, the lawmaker caught on tape using just about every bad word you could think of in describing his opponent. abc 15 desert doppler showers and thunderstorms in the higher terrain now. a chance for some in the valley tonight.
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there's a swell of excitement at gcu as the lopes gear up for their season and they're ready for action. the only ncaa d1 men's soccer team in the state will dominate the field at our brand-new 6,000-seat soccer stadium. head coach schellas hyndman leads this all-star squad at the epicenter for soccer in the state. watch the gcu lopes season opener against the central florida knights at gcu stadium on august 26th at 7:00 pm. dont miss out. get you tickets at
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tauheed: tonight, the sweet 16 concludes... -are you ready? last shot, to punch their ticket to the quarterfinals. that keeps the strategy pretty simple. take what we have, drive forward -- bang. nto the box, the baddest bot in the battlebox, taking on a young gun. all of my matches are gonna end in knockouts. man: let the bot battle begin. -- captions by vitac -- tauheed: the tournament's two largest weapons get set to collide. man: uh-oh. uh-oh, bob! oh! tauheed: and the reigning champ... bite force!


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