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tv   ABC15 News  ABC  August 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am MST

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investigators are on the scene of a deadly officer involved shooting. this happened near 50th avenue and thomas. mary ellen is joining us live from the scene. you have been there all morning long now. what are police telling you? >> reporter: police are now confirming that they did evacuate. possibly up to 16 apartments adventure that shooting. after that shooting took place. many residents were out here they are trying to let some of them back in. you can see the police presence at the scene. we are off 57th avenue and thomas. according to police this started at 3:00 a.m. when a woman inside an apartment was confronted by an exboyfriend or former lover. she was able to actually get a text message out to police. or out to family members asking for help.
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apartment. >> the person in the apartment was able to get word to a family member who then called. the suspect presented a gun. pointed it at the officers. one of the officers fired on the suspect ending the threat. >> reporter: we are told there are seven officers that actually confront had the suspect. we are told that suspect was in the hallway when he actually pointed that gun at officers. they of course returned fire. the suspect is dead here at the scene. we are told by neighbors a k-9 that dragged that body out of the apartment. and phoenix police are confirming that that did indeed happen. they did use a k-9 to help them retrieve that suspect from the apartment. since they didn't know exactly what was going on inside the apartment. coming up at 5:30 we'll hear from witnesses who was at the apartment building. we are live in west phoenix. we are waiting to learn the
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walking. here's the scene. this all happened early this morning near 50th avenue. you can see the shoe there. phoenix police are still investigating. we talked with a driver of the vehicle who did stay on scene and is cooperating, as well. she tells us this victim stumbled on to the street. he suched an injury to the head and was rushed to the hospital. a buyer e-- fire erupting at 35th avenue and this home. dozens of firefighters called out to this one. we are told heavy smoke and fire was spread through the three-level home. you can see lots of damage in the garage and attic, too. everyone who was inside was able to get out safely. that's good news there. investigators are looking into what sparked the flames. we are learning details about a power outage in north phoenix. about 11,000 people spent the night with no lights after a car hit a transformer.
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and 11th avenue. 428 customers are still without power right now. we just checked. power should be restored to all of those people by about 2:30 this afternoon. right now investigators are still trying to figure out what an on object really was. a man said he found a stick that look like a bomb and brought it to the carefree fire department. firefighters put it outside and called in the bomb squad. you can see the bomb robot picking up a stick. it puts the stick box. then you can see the bomb squad carefully carrying the box away. they put it in a truck and took off it and blew it up somewhere. the fire chief says if you find something that could be an explosive just don't even touch it. >> if anyone finds anything suspect in their homes they believe is an explosive they leave it where it is. don't touch it. don't bring it to a fire
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station. leave it alone. >> in this case thankfully nobody was hurt. the fire chief says they did not figure out yet, as we mentioned, what that was. as soon as they do, we'll be updating everyone. we knee a lot -- know a lot of people are curious about that. calls are coming into police for black cars. this is a sketch of the this is after somebody spotted a black bmw along the i-10 and did call police. this is what we were able to catch on our scanners. take a listen. >> he is not behind the vehicle anymore. they said they think it is the serial shooter. >> these types of calls coming in quite a bit this week. our scanners found two reports on monday on thursday drivers were following a black car. yesterday morning someone
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near 77th avenue and osborn. police are investigating each call that comes in. we spoke to a woman that lived next door to the call that came in. she is glad people are paying attention. >> we are all looking for each other's safety. then at the same time i think it is sad. it is our neighbors. we see the black older model just call in for safety purposes. >> police are working around the clock now. we can not stress enough how valuab if you know anything please call silent witness. they have upped the reward to $75,000. we have been taking action every single day to keep getting the word out about the serial street shooter and the 7 people he's killed. yet hispanic leaders tell us that in their community don't know enough about it to help out. >> community is tired.
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communication. we need to connect it and get it done faster. >> she says a lot of spanish speakers have not heard about the street shooter. block watch groups have been trying to raise awareness in neighborhoods but say a lot more still needs to be done here. it has been a deadly week in the valley. we are talking eight people dead. seven wounded in the last seven days. two of the shooting calls came from south phoenix thursday night. both located within half a mile of each over. police say two blac invited into a home when one of them opened fire. two people dead in that one. a few hours later a man with gunshot wounds shows up at a hospital saying he was shot in that same area. police are not confirming if the shootings are linked. the incidents have residents in the area on edge. >> it is bad. we don't let the baby play outside. that's for sure. we are always inside when we are here. >> police are earn couraging
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call silent witness. new developments in the death investigation involving a teenager girl. this is heart breaking. she died in front of her friends freewaying a game of chicken with a train. the group of kids will not face any charges. they were with the 15-year-old in wilcox last month when she was the only one who could not get out of the way in time as the train came barreling by. armed robbery going down in phoenix near 19th this is at and her ball store in the neighborhood. we are learning shots were
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department of justice will now investigate if the sheriff will face criminal charges for ignoring court orders. we asked for an interview with him but we have yet to hear back. 24 story make lot of headlines. basketball star duane wade is mourning the loss of his cousin. she was fatally shot while walking with her kids on chicago's south side. the 32-year- to register her kids for school. wade posting on his twitter account saying my cousin was killed today in chicago. another act of senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no reason. unreal. police say she was not the target. they are now questioning the person that they believe fired those shots. this man facing charges in
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in mississippi. police charged 46-year-old rodney sanders with two counts of capital murder. the two sisters never showed up to work on thursday. their bodies were discovered ten miles from where they lived a short time later. both were 68 years old. sanders is being held by authorities until his first court appearance. let's go over to kansas city now where heavy rains are drowning the city there. you can see some of the cars just submerged in water. look at that. incredible. parts of the city are completely off limits as emergency crews scour the area looking for anybody in need. the heavy rain followed a system that produced tornado warnings with at least one touching down outside of the city. there were reports of downed tree limbs and branches. fortunately no major damage to any structures there and no injuries. that's some good news. you are saying we could see some of that later on this week. >> the thing is this morning we
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picking up rainfall.
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everything happens for a reason. and that nothing should be a regret. so many of you watched this exclusive last night. never before seen video of kayla mueller and new outrage expressed by her parents over how the u.s. government handled the situation with their daughter before she eventually died in isis captivity. >> my name is caylee. i need your help. i have been here too long. it is very terrifying here. >> it is heart breaking to see her that way. this is a proof of life video from three years ago. the aid worker later died at the hands of isis. mueller's parents breaking their silence about the failed efforts to bring their daughter home alive. >> well, it is hard to even recall some of these things because you just go into almost a
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you can't even stand up. >> i saw how thin she looked. i saw her eyes were clear. she was very steady. it broke my heart. i also saw her strength. >> kayla dedicated her life to service. and a way for her legacy to live on is through students two share her vision. >> the memorial set up at au. it is dedicated to students interested in international relief. the fund was started by phacois i members who didn't know her directly. they were so inspired by by the impact she had on the world at such a young age. >> to have that sort of bravery be extinguished from the world it shocked all of us. look around at the other
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wants to do those kind of things in the world and make a huge difference. this seems like a great way to honor her. >> this scholarship is donation- driven. we have a link at you can search for the kayla mueller scholarship. in less than an hour a playground will open in her honor. it will serve as a memory of kayla's dedication to children. her parents will be there as well as arizona senator on. there now. look for her reports on abc 15 news starting at 6:00. we have several road closure over the next cup. days. these are all weather dependent. you could see schedules change a bit. the plan is to close down loop 101 northbound from mcdonald to 90th street 10:00 p.m. friday to 5:00 a.m. monday. if you are used to the closure
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51. i-17 is closing from indian school to thomas. it is a short portion. this is 11:30 on saturday night until after 7:00 on sunday morning. you can hop off and use some of those side streets to get around it or maybe the 51 as well. hop out to grand avenue where you'll see this closure. lichfield will will be closed on grand avenue. they are doing deck pour to the bridge overhead sunday night into monday morning. for more details we have a bunch of other closures head o from the streets to the skies nick is tracking those. he's been busy moving radar around. you are picking up showers across the state. >> i want everyone to be care only the roads. even though it hasn't rained in the valley you might see areas
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roads will be slick. here's what the forecast will be like. monsoon 2016 not over yet. this is what it looked like earlier today. if you were up this early, you might have seen exactly what was happening. this is bell and the 51. all of those flashes of lightning really just going at it. the thunder took. you can hear it. the winds were going. it was quite a show mother nature waking a lot of us up with it. 82 at phoenix skyharbor. humidity is elevated standards. we are at 46%. that air will feel a little muggy. winds right now out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour. as we check in with the rest of the valley good morning scottsdale. 81 right now. here's the live look at abc 15 desert doppler. this really just tells the story. you can see all of the heavier shades of yellow. the reds, the oranges, that's going to be the heavier showers also here over my shoulder we
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this is winslow and two guns. this is along the i-4. you can see this system here. the trend is for it to track north and also to the east. that's what we have seen. i was saying earlier, i spoke with the national weather service in flagstaff. some places there just this morning already getting over half an inch of rain. we'll check back in with them later. those rainfall totals are definitely going up. the most part in the valley we saw some places with maybe two tenths of an inch up to a quarter of an inch. here's future here's what will happen over the next 12 hours this moisture will dissipate and dry out. there is more dry air coming in from the south. it is really strong, too. it is going to keep us nice and dry tomorrow and really into much of the work week. then things change midweek. i'll show you that coming up. talking about our rain chances for today. i'm going to give it a 10% chance through 2:00. after that we'll up it to a 20% because the air heats up.
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can not trial out the threat of blowing dust. you can get our abc 15 mobile app. we'll send you push alerts. we have an ozone high pollution advisory. if you are in the sensitive groups be careful. 99 today's high. storms possible through the day. not going to be a washout. keep in mind, especially later on we could see storm activity. 79 overnight low. i think it will be a little bit muggy. not as bad as it is now. the air will feel sticky. 102 tomorr if i had to pick today or tomorrow to be the better day. tomorrow definitely the better day. it looks calmer. 104 on monday. we'll stay in the dry pattern. up to 105 for tuesday. after that we start to see the monsoon moisture return for wednesday with. get to 102. 10% chance of showers. looks like we'll hold on to the same chance of showers wednesday through friday. next weekend looking nice and clear. it is going to be a little bit warm out there.
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look at the highs in the east valley and the west valley. plus, if you are headed to the game tonight against the reds we have you covered. we are giving away tickets to the cards broncos game on september 1st. download the abc 15 app and look for the contest entry for your chance to win. go to for rules and information. if you are heading to the game tonight againstyou could win mo 50/50 raffle will benefit operation santa clause. annual holiday drive by abc 15 makes a big difference in so many lives. if you play the raffle tonight thank you and good luck.
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8:23. 82 at phoenix skyharbor. not a bad picture we have a mix of sun and clouds. can't rule out the chance of a pop up shower in the valley. high country today this morning really just getting nailed. we'll have more on that in that few minutes for you. plus, those storm chances through drought the day. here's a look at tonight's
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we know waking up can be a little bit rough. what if you are a student trying to juggle it all? >> don't worry we are taking action for you. we'll help you out. here's dennis from smoothie king. these drinks are healthy and they can give us a much-needed boost to get through the day and help us achieve our goals, right? >> that's right. we just unrolled our new line. it is our smoothie. we have almond mocha. we have raws berry mocha and a vanilla flavor and a cinnamon latte. all of them contain caffeine, which is with our cold blue coffee that is new orleans- style. we have it packed with loaded protein to keep you full through the day. >> is this an idea of what would go in it?
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with the water and our blender. >> do you want some help? >> oh, sure. all of it goes in there. >> you have so many varieties to pick from. >> we do. we have about 70 different kinds of flavors. >> something for everybody. >> we are a purpose-driven menu. which means that whatever you are looking to achieve. whether you are looking to stay whether you are looking to cut down on calories. >> all right. we have 30 seconds left. >> then you would just stick it on here. close it off. >> look at it. i love the industrial blender. >> yeah. there it goes. >> this is the final product? >> this is the final product. this is our almond mocha. go ahead and give that a try. >> that looks really good.
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>> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> smoothie enhancers. five locations through the valley. i hope they can hear me over the blender. go to smoothty that's their website. i'm going to try this real quick. >> it tastes like ice cream. >> and it is good for you. >> you are on to something. >> there you go. >> thank you very much. coming up still, a lot more news. will he or won't he? donald trump playing with emotions if he flip-flops on his trip to the valley. baby animals are usually cute and cuddlely. nobody wants to cuddle up to these. baby rattlesnakes. popular valley location where
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8:30 on the nose on this saturday. thank you for joining us. so happy to have you starting your weekend with us. nick is tracking your most accurate forecast today. it is a busy day around abc 15 dessert doppler. >> things calming down a little bit. here in the valley at least. a lot of you waking up to get the newspaper or to go for a quick run or walk the dog you are noticing wet pavement. we had rain move through.
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i want to zoom into the valley. the only area that was kind of picking up moisture in the last half hour was cape creek. you can see sunflower is really getting it right now. if we looking to at the high country flagstaff around two. all is tracking north and to the toast along the i-40. keep in mind that's coming for you. we'll take a look at rain chances throughout the day and let you know when the best chances chan that way you can plan your day accordingly. that's the coming up. a man pointing a gun at police forcing police to shoot and kill him. that's what authorities are saying. abc 15's mary ellen is live at the scene at 51st avenue and thomas. you have been there all morning long. what are people saying. >> reporter: they are saying this happened after 3:00 a.m.
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gunfire. they say any where from six to more shots were fired. police are still out here at the scene as they process the scene to make sure officers did everything right as far as what happened between officers and the suspect. this all happened after 3:00 a.m. this morning. police say they received a call from a family member who got a text message from the woman inside one of these apartments saying that her exboyfriend had showed up on drugs and with a gun. police showed up at the door and the suspect refused to cooperate with them. he pointed a gun at them. officers then opened fire. witnesses say shortly later they were evacuated. >> i don't have nothing with me. i had to leave everything in my apartment. my wallet and everything is
8:33 am
witness we spoke with said as he crossed over the apartment where that suspect was a k-9 was dragging that body out of the apartment. phoenix police do confirm they used the k-9 to retrieve the body from the apartment to make sure everybody was safe on the outside. we are live in west phoenix. abc 15 news. >> thank you very much. i know you'll work your sources to get us an update. the death toll is rising in that devastating earthquake in italy. check 290 people now confirmed dead. the latest bodies recovered this morning inside all of that rubble. it is just devastating here. italy's president visited those hardest hit area as he thanked the rescue workers who have been working around the clock since early wednesday to try to save as many people as possible. the president only allowed at the outskirts of town. it is too dangerous to enter the heart of all of that destruction.
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bond, james bond, if you are familiar with golden dry that's probably what you are thinking of. there is a new bolden eye this morning. the fbi is looking for him here in phoenix. he is responsible for two bank robberies at chase bank. both sides he wore gold rimmed glasses, hence the nickname. if you know anything that can catch him sent tips into the fbi. new video coming from the moment police arrested a guy who hopped an airport fence and drove a truck into an airplane in omaha. aviation expert says this may be a sign of a bigger problem. >> the larger issue is here that the backside of our airports in this country generally are not secure enough. that's a fact. >> while a report released this year looked at tsa security
8:35 am
it is a list sky harbor appears on more than once. a west phoenix watermain back in operation now 24-hours after it burst causing a huge sinkhole. a bus got stuck in it when this all first happened. louis took his video with this i-phone. he watched as thousands of gallons of water kept going deeper and deeper underneath the cars for sale. he says he called his boss in a panic. >> the streets were horrible. i was scared you know? and the water was filling the streets. and my place to work. it was all very crazy. >> i would have called the boss to see what to do. >> while the pipes are fixed road crews tell us they'll need the entire weekend to repair the pavement. you saw the air 15 video with the bus there.
8:36 am
take so long. math at school is normal. meth at school not so much. that's what is forcing students from their classrooms at mountain point high school. trace amounts of meth found on campus there after their security guard abruptly quit and moved out in july. >> i don't know what they are thinking. i wish that there was more education maybe for the kids and whoever. but, drugs can just ruin their lives. >> last week a foul odor lead to air samples and surface testing. sure enough three classrooms needed to be cleaned and retested. the school says nobody was in any danger. was waging a war on leukemia. 5-year-old way i can't say has been a fighter all his life. he just lost one key thing that helped him get stronger and
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tricycle. somebody cut the lock off of the bike. his parents are starting a fundraiser to try to get him a new one. you can search for it on donald trump confirming he'll in fact come to the valley this week. trump tweeting he'll be here wednesday after some republicans said he was canceling his trip. it is not going to be at the hyatt in downtown phoenix like previously announced. he said he is looking at a bigger venue. we have convention center to see if maybe they have been contact about thosing anything. trump has spoken there before. from their calendar that could be a feasible option. former governor jan brewer is going to help open trump's campaign office, it is his new one. it is in las vegas.
8:38 am
az auto rv in mesa catching thefts on their security cameras. they are offering up a big reward for any tips that lead on the arrest. -- tips that lead to an arrest. >> we are serious about this. we are offering up a $5,000 reward to catch these guys. >> the tailgate is worth $1,000. smith thinks these crooks are likely hundreds. we are taking action to get to the bottom of a scam making rounds in phoenix so you don't become the next victim. >> con artists are trying to rent out properties and they don't even own them. they are taking listings from local property company and posting them on facebook and craigslist. we tracked don't several hopeful tenant twos -- two say they are out of the cash deposit and a place to live.
8:39 am
albert johnson. >> those are probably fake profiles. here's how to protect yourself. do your research. look up an address on a ligitimate rental site. if a property company is listed you can call and verify that the person you have been talking to does actually work for them. >> if somebody is asking you for money before showing you the property don't get involve in that. this is a developing story from north carolina. a judge there ruling three people must be alwe restrooms matching their gender identity at unc campuses. the judge block the university for making two student and an employee for following the restroom provisions enacted earlier this year. a big spike in heroin
8:40 am
debating the benefit of the drug narcan. around 90 people od'd in cincinnati in the last two days. some people say narcan is a lifesaver and helps drug users get into treatment. others say it is enabling them. people use heroin then overdose, they get revived with the narcan and repeat what they call a vicious cycle. a warning this morning for those of you looking at the trails if you want to hit up the trails. a picture is worth words. this may give you a thousand creeps. it is a den of baby rattlesnakes in scottsdale. park rangers tweeted out this photo of the fearsome family. they estimate there were 18 snakes inside the den. they warn that the babies are the most poisonous ones. you definitely have to be
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i know a lot of people want to hit the trails today. do they need too pack the rain gear or can they leave it at home? >> in the valley for the next few hours they'll be okay. later on, especially if it heats up, we could see a greater chance of showers. rights now 82 degrees. it is sticky outside. it doesn't feel as good as you think 821. 90s by mid-morning. today's a little below average. there is a warm upcoming our way. that's coming up. we'll check it out in your seven-day forecast. do you want your security deposit back? do you need your air
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time 8:44. your next flood donation will be screened for the zica virus. food and drug administration annoyancing some new mandatory tests. it used to be only toe in the areas where zica virus transmissions were happening. virus is spread mostly by mosquito. it can also be spread through sexual contact. good news if your kids live with dangerous allergies. milan, the company behind the epipen says it is taking action to lower out of pocket costs for the treatment. over the past nine years the costs have gone up 400%. patient costs will be reduced through a savings card that
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more patients will be eligible for milan's assistance program. i get a lot of complaints about bugs and water leaks and no heat from renters who don't know their rights. you do have a right to a safe, clean environment where you can live with appliances that work. if you can not get the landlord to fix it you have the right to take action. start by putting your requests in writing. that's when the clock starts ticking. send a certified letter detailing exactly landlord is breeching the lease and that by law they have ten calendar days to fix the problem. or you can voice the lease and move out. if it affects health or safety make it five days. about the security deposits. you have the right to know what it covers. landlord has 14 business days to send you an itemized list of why you did or did not have your deposit refunded. don't agree with the decision. you have the right to take the
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judge desize. have pictures to help prove your case. you can never with hold rent. it won't get you anywhere. pay your rent. send your certified letter and give them time to fix whatever it is. go to and let me know if you need my help. let's get to a consumer alert infant t recalled because small parts come off posing a choking hazard. it is from the alex branded sets. recall includes baby builder, first pops and the first snaps. toys were sold in sets of 14 and 26 pieces from december of 2009 to june of this year. consumers should contact alex toys directly in order to get the full refund. let's talk about your most accurate forecast on this
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pool day. but maybe doing something else outdoors will be a good idea. >> it is a mix of sun and clouds today. yeah, we can not rule out the chance of a stray pop up shower happening later this afternoon in the valley. the high country continue to get nailed this morning. we'll show you that in a second. meantime life look outside. judging by this camera you can see downtown in the background. 82 tempe. 82 nice mix of blue. but then we see this. live look at abc15 desert doppler. this is where we are seeing the bulk of the moisture. it seems like it doesn't want to let up. see flagstaff here? we can see yellows, reds and oranges. that means the more intense heavier downpours. if you are watching from flagstaff you are just really getting it right now. if you can safely, share at we'd love to see you photos and your video. we know you have gotten more
8:48 am
already this morning. this rain for next hour or so will track along i-40 towards winslow. keep that in mind. sedona you have another half hour of this. happy jack also. this has lightning, too. be care. if you are outside. here's a look at consumer reports temperatures across the state. it is chilly in flagstaff. 49. 55 sedona. in the here's future cast. all of this moisture here kind of loses steam. it will dry out really nicely. then we'll stay in the dry pattern for the next several days. i think tomorrow will be the better of the two weekend days. as we have been saying all morning today is not a washout. we can not ruling out the chance of pop up shower
8:49 am
also maybe blowing dust. download the abc15 news mobile app. you'll get the alerts as soon as we know what's happening. 90 by 11:00. it is a quick warm up today. 97 by 3:00. today's high 99. it is a few degrees below average. it is still warm but we'll take what we can get. 10 for the uv. burn times under 15 minutes. east valley 97 fountain mills. tempe 98. west valley warmer. 100 on the nose in goodyear. here's the seven-day forecast for you. 102 on sunday. nice, sunny conditions. we'll dry out. warmer on monday. 104 here. 105 on tuesday. midweek that's when we start to work in the moisture chances. we'll continue to track that
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now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. so many viral videos now days. you like to click on them on your facebook page or twitter. some of them make you laugh. some pull of your heart strings. some restore your faith in humanity. >> they are trying to make kindness go viral. they started a dance challenge.
8:53 am
it. cool. look at that. i don't think i could move that way. kent joinings here with some of our other dancers from the beat kind crew. thank you for being here. we appreciate it. it is a little early. >> thank you for having us. >> never too early to be dancing. >> right? we have to ask. how did this project get started? >> we started as a teacher appreciation program and then we thought what do the kids need in order to street each other better and build good relationships. we started the be kind crew. the be kind pledge is a foundation of our program. we go to schools off over the country to teach kids it is cool to be kind and give them the tools of kindness using hip- hop. >> you are literally taking the show on the road. what kind of response are you
8:54 am
students and the parents? >> we get a huge response from the kids. some of the schools have seen a 75% reduction in referrals to the office after implementing our programs into their schools. as far as the challenge goes we have been getting national recognition. we have professional sports teams. denver nuggets, detroit pistons. we have the mayor of gilbert. we have firefighters and kids. everything is get -- everybody >> you have a lot of people on your page. what exactly is the challenge. what do people have to do if they want to make their own challenge with some of their friends and family? >> there is enough negative on the internet right now. we wanted to flood the internet with kindness. we created a viral video that we want everyone to share. we want everybody to make their response video. film yourself doing the moves to jump out the whip.
8:55 am
people to do the same. >> that's super cool. i love that. now you are going to show us how we do the dance moves, right? >> right. >> we have a minute left. i saw a lot of this going on, right? >> i don't want anybody getting hurt here. >> okay. >> arms up like this. then have a nice little bounce. step back and lean with it. then double it up.
8:56 am
we want to mention quickly because we have 45 more seconds. your website, if people want to know more about it and what you are about. >> be kind people you can find us on all social media platforms. be kind dance talent is the hash tag. >> thank you for being here. a great way to take action.
8:57 am
99 today's high. 20% chance of showers. can't rule out pop up shower activity through the entire day. especially this afternoon. and possibly some blowing dust. download the free abc15 mobile app. take it with you and track the showers as you go. >> thank you so much. have a wonderful saturday.
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." did you know some marine mammals are 20 feet long, like killer whales? hurricane jack: look, jack, right at the front of the bow. jack: boy, that is close. i've met mammals that live in the scorching heat-- hoo! and others that thrive in the north pole. i guess this time of year you can only see them from a helicopter, huh? jody: in my opinion, the best way to see them. jack: there are even flying mammals, millions of them. ben: look, the bats are coming out of the cave.


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