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tv   ABC15 News Sunday  ABC  August 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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this is acb15 news, taking action. >> a plea from a grieving valley father whose little girl was taken to -- taken from him too soon. her killer, never caught. we might be out of the triple digits but that does not mean less trouble on the trails. we are taking action after yet another and video you just have to see. why a transit police officer is being hailed a hero tonight. a valley father pleading for after a short answers and justice after a roof some discovery on a valley highway. it was more than a year ago that two teenagers were found shot and killed on the side of the road. all new tonight, the girl's father is speaking out telling acb15 megan thompson, what he needs to move on with his life
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>> reporter: this is sophia gibbs, her father says he spoiled her beyond belief. mcso has had a difficult time getting information since her death so they are hoping a father's plea will help crack the case. >> it is so tough to go through. >> reporter: for james gibbs, this last year has been something he can't even describe. >> i have no life. >> reporter: sophia was a star on the softball diamond, but without her on the field her father focus >> my whole world was wrapped around having the van, the easy out, the cheers, everything. now, we have nothing. >> >>reporter: and the stress of the search for answers now taking a toll on his marriage. >> reporter: it was this that split us up. we are so mad at each other for whatever reason. >> >>reporter: their daughter
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her boyfriend, jesse romero, feet away from her, slumped over a fence. any leads lost along the desolate highway they were found on. >> it would help me so bad to be able to put this behind us because nobody, nobody will talk to me. >> reporter: there is a $1000 reward for any information to find out what happened sophia and jesse. as always, you can remain anonymous with family witness. any information would be helpful. one tip could solve it all. the father of a phoenix toddler killed four years ago finally feeling that justice on the way. savannah cross was killed in december 2012 while at a home daycare run by ryan reid and allison clement. detectives say ryan reid abused the little girl and allison clement did nothing to stop it
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reed pled guilty to second- degree murder, child abuse, and attempted sexual conduct with a minor. family members say he is facing a sentence up to 35 years. they say allison clement has not accepted her plea deal and has until tuesday morning to decide. >> you know, if she don't want to take it, we will help the court system buried her. i don't see how you can sit there and allow what happened to my daughter to happen. and then not expect to be held accountable for not doing >> if allison clement does not accept the plea deal, she will go to trial at the end a of next month. they have been called the septic tank murders. we are expecting new information about a suspect in these grisly crimes. the pinal county sheriff's office saying the two cold case murders happened in the casa grande area.
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victim found in a deserted wash in 2009. the second set of remains found in a septic tank in 2014. the men were reported missing in 2008 from a west phoenix home. the two murders are being linked to a violent mexican drug gang. the sheriff's office has identified one of the suspects. we will learn more details at a news conference in the morning. we are taking action to help you save phase on the trials -- trails. despite cooler temperatures, mountain rescues continue in the valley. acb15 chris sgro joining us we just had one last night. what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right. with this one earlier today and the one last night, that is now two in less than 24 hours. mountain rescues happening here at pie as to what peak -- piewestua peak. a man had to be helped down the trail when he felt like he
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thankfully, he was treated with an iv and did not have to go to the hospital but with these cooler temps, you still need to bring water because you could still get dehydrated out here. often times you will have the city of phoenix and trail workers to tell you to make sure you have enough water to get up and back down the trail. you have already left about half of your water, turn around. make sure you are comfortable with the trail and how one you will be out. gets a little nicer, like we talked about it's deceiving. just pay attention, know your own limits. know what you are capable of. how many times have you been on a particular trail? >reporter: yesterday's rescue was late at night around 8 pm but that woman had been up and down twice before needing to be rescued. she ran out of water. it just goes to show you that out on these trails, you can never bring enough of this. >> you always got to pack that
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temperatures have been running slightly below average the last couple of days. today, in the upper 90s. the average high 104 degrees. a hot afternoon after starting at 77 degrees this morning. the overall lows also below average but high pressure is building in and things will heat up. we will talk about that forecast and these warmer temperatures are already here tomorrow. hour by hour, still in the low 90s tonight. i 9 pm, a beautiful night. clear skies, clear start tomorrow. in the 70s tomorrow morning and then we are headed up to that average high of 104 degrees, sunny skies and a dry start to our week tomorrow. that air quality is improving just a bit. the ozone healthwatch all day for tomorrow. we will have elevated ozone layers. we will be in the moderate category if you have plans outdoors. water vapor luke showing where we have the moist air versus the dryer air here in this tan color. that is moving in from the southwest. this monsoon moisture right here
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that means shower and thunderstorm chances will be coming to an end. i will let you know when in a couple minutes. we now know the name of a man killed by phoenix police after turning what appeared to be a bb gun at an officer. he was 25-year-old angel torres junior. they were called to an apartment earlier yesterday at 50 set -- 53rd avenue. the woman who lives there text of a family member saying torres, her ex-boyfriend, was armed and appeared to be on drugs. pointed a firearm at officers. that firearm turned out to be a replica bb handgun. no one else was hurt. police say the girlfriend reported a history of domestic violence with torres extract this is a tough day for many at the phoenix police department. on this date 12 years ago, they lost two officers in the line of duty, jason wolf and eric white. they were killed while investigating a shooting call
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out this picture of a memorial at 19th and memorial. valley firefighters jumped into action to save a four- legged friend from a house fire. how they got some help and how they had to get creative. we brought it to you as breaking news last night.
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welcome back.
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lifesavers at an apartment fire with the help of a good neighbor. they used a bag to rescue a cat. firefighters sent us these photos. the blaze broke out at an apartment complex. there were no people in the smoke-filled apartment but a cat was found in one of the bedrooms having trouble breathing. a neighbor, who is a paramedic, grab the bag and gave a cat oxygen. after a few minutes, the cat appeared to be doing a whole lot better. the owner arrived shortly afterwards. democracy 2016, an update on donald trump's visit to valley. the presidential hopeful tweeting out "i will be making a major speech on illegal immigration on wednesday in the great state of arizona." they are looking for a larger venue because of the crowds. we do want to find out where this is. so far, no response. ? >> mourning the death of a musical superstar, how the world is remembering juan
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you just have to see have a police officer saving a man just in the nick of time. and outside right now, a really nice day. in the upper 90s still.
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phoenix police say a bicyclist was hit and killed by a drunk driver last night on
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the 35-year-old bicyclist was crossing the street outside a crosswalk and turned left when he was hit from behind by an suv. the bicyclist died at the hospital. police say the 39-year-old man driving the suv showed signs of impairment and was cited for suspected dui. a drunk driver also likely to blame for an early morning crash at the loop 101 near i- 17. this was the view from our adot cameras. no other cars were involved. we are told impairment was likely the cause. no word if the driver was hurt and taken to the hospital or arrested. a crash caused a lot of issues on the loop 200 too. a car rolled over in the westbound lanes near 40th street. dps says one person was thrown from the car, rushed to the hospital. no word on that person's condition. all lanes are open and traffic is moving as usual. a woman is recovering after
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into this telephone pole near glendale. police are still investigating what caused the driver to go into it but she is expected to be okay. a teenage boy found shot to death in the middle of the street into son. police now saying he was shot by friends while trying to rob several people. we are told several patrol officers heard gunfire this morning and shortly afterward found the victim's body. they say it is jonathan schmetterling who was trying to rob a group of people walking friends started shooting. jonathan was hit and killed. the group they were trying to rob ran away. only tonight, two arrests in the chicago murder of dwyane wade -- dwyane wade's cousin. a woman was shot and killed while pushing a stroller on friday. two brothers have been charged with first-degree murder. darwin sorrells junior and
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with attempted murder because they were trying to shoot someone else when she was hit in the crossfire. latin american superstar juan gabriel has passed away today. the music icon sold more than 100 million records during his career. a brill was on tour and had just performed in los angeles friday night. he was scheduled to sing in el paso texas today. he was 66 years old. video from new jersey. a transit officer being hailed a hero. this is after pulling a man from the track just seconds before a train comes speeding by. look there. the cop had only two seconds to spare. we are told the man had earlier walked off the train, jumped onto the tracks and had refused to move. arizona is getting a new resident. a young bear prompted the safety alert at melt women.
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we are told the hikers and campers are being warned about this there. it was acting pretty comfortable around people. the bear was now caught near rose canyon lake. the bear is being relocated to arizona wildlife park in williams. talking about furry friends, we have sunday morning video from peoria family home. they sent us these photos of three very curious young bobcats seen hanging out in the trilogy development. among did show up about 20 minutes after the pictures were taken. she got the kiddies under control and probably got them out of there. >> they are just like peeping. >> you want to go pick them up but don't do it. let mom take care of it. weatherwise, we have been talking about cooler temperatures. >> cooler, yes. we will take 90s over triple digits. the forecast is going to be warming up for us. a lot of sunny skies in the valley.
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arizona. storms yesterday are headed out today but we still have a few spotty and scattered storms across desert doppler radar right now. these are very spotty and really very light. we have had some lightning to the northeast of flagstaff. those are dissipating at this hour and will continue to do so as we go through the rest of the evening. rain chances coming to an end to the north. it's going to be a really quiet, nice evening ahead. dinner on the patio would be nice. clear conditions there in the southeast valley. 97 degrees in chandler and mesa gateway, 90 degrees at the airport and glendale, the only spot sitting at 100 degrees at this hour. wind speeds light for the most part at the northwest direction in phoenix at 8 miles per hour. 14 miles per hour at falcon and light winds for loop -- luke air force base.
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side tonight. breezy or across the northwest and pocket of the state. on that backside of that system, 12 miles per hour wins in kingdom -- kingman and bullhead city. temperatures have warmed up west as well with triple digits for bullhead city. protect malik have a c 100 degrees. a warmer afternoon even in flagstaff. you can see this low pressure system move off to the east with showers and thunderstorms ahead of it. a couple on the backside. that will continue to move to the east tonight and then much wh high pressure begins to build in. all of those shower and thunderstorm chances stay off to the east as we get to that monday afternoon forecast. statewide, things will be pretty dry for us. maybe a stray shower across the northeast and pocket of the state but overall, this is the story for us for the next couple days as all but monsoon -- all that monsoon moisture works our way. we have been in the upper 90s
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104 degrees tomorrow, where we should be this time of year. tuesday 106 degrees. a little more cloud cover and 104 degrees wednesday. a slight chance of a stray shower moves back in. moisture beginning to work its way back in by thursday. that brings us to a 20% chance of showers and thunderstorms with an isolated chance us we wrap up the week. not looking super active. it is going to be hot and warmer tomorrow. all of us in the 70s tomorrow morning. 102 degrees gilbert, 103 degree north of those highest locations. flagstaff at 45 degrees, 44 degrees in window rock and at the grand canyon. highs tomorrow afternoon back in the 70s and upper 70s. a beautiful day at the grand canyon. 105 degrees in port said and phoenix, we are hitting 104 degrees, 106 degrees tuesday, breezes returning wednesday and thursday, 102 degrees friday. next weekend looking hot and dry. the arizona cardinals laying in a nationally televised game in houston.
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out how we had hoped. we were hoping to see serious improvement from carson palmer and the offense but that didn't happen. the offense of struggles continued today and the cardinals fell to 0 -3 in the preseason.
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acb15 sports brought to
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>> reporter: the arizona cardinals in houston taking on the texans. preseason game number three. we were hoping to see more production out of the offense that unfortunately, carson palmer did not have one of his best days. first possession, third and seven, carson is to dave johnson but it is picked off and five plays later, the texans have a 70 to 0 lead but the cards to come back and score on -- on an eight play drive. dave johnson taking it in from 3 yards out and were tied at seven. on the next cardinal possession, carson throwing the screen pass but it is picked off by john simon and simon takes the 59 yards for a touchdown. five turnovers on the day for arizona and the cardinals fall to the texans 34-24. we are giving away tickets to the cards-broncos game this thursday. download the acb15 apland look for the contest entry for your chance to win. for your rules, visit
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if you don't go to the game, watch it right here on acb15. it is the final preseason game of the year. our exclusive coverage starts thursday afternoon with kickoff at 6:30 pm. >>reporter: the minnesota vikings opened their brand-new stadium with a game against the chargers. teddy bridgewater comes through with 161 yards passing and a touchdown in the first half, leading the vikings to three scores on their first five possessions. minnesota opens u.s. bank stadium with a three to to 2 -- 30-2 win. this was the largest home crowd in franchise history. reporter: the arizona diamondbacks looking for a win against the reds at chase field. archie bradley pages 6 solid innings holding the reds on two runs at and five hits. two runs coming on back-to-back home runs and the 2nd. by the time, the d-backs already had a four run lead. a three run home run in the sixth to make it 92 -- 9-2 arizona.
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reporter: the championship game between south korea and new york in the little league world series. pitcher ryan harless strikes out and limits south korea to five hits as new york wins 2-1 to become the first united states winner since 2011. it was also new york's first championship since 1964. the irish hills in michigan 400. kyle larson takes the lead from chase elliott to go and then hangs on to grab his first win in the nascar sprint cup series. with the win, chase gets himself a spot in the 16 car field in the chase for the championship. it is larson's first sprint cup win. kevin harvick runs out -- rounds out the top five. >> that's a lot of work after that third race.
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thanks to target and everyone on this team, chad, the pit crew. i thought at that last stop we wouldn't make it back. >> rate for kyle larson but the cardinals are still struggling on offense. >> i know. this was the team we hope to see this season. >> we hope the cardinals will get better and better but we struggled a little bit today. i am getting a little concerned about the offense.
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welcome to "world news tonight." outrage in chicago. two brothers charged with gunning down the cousin of an nba superstar. one just released from jail, still wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. tonight, the emotional plea from the city's top cop. >> when will enough be enough? a pair of united airline pilots arrested just moments before takeoff. accused of being too drunk to fly. plus, investigators on the scene of that emergency landing for a southwest flight. a piece of the engine ripped right off. the charter bus crash that left a fire chief dead. the mangled wreckage. and now, the shocking discovery about who was behind the wheel of that bus. the desperate call to 911. and the frustrated dispatcher on the other end.


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