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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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right now policing glenn dale are swarming this neighborhood after getting reports of shots being fired. ar-15 is giving us this look at where this is happening near 67th ave. and missouri. we are working to find out if anybody was hurt. there is possibly a gun man on the run. when we get an update we will pass that along. more breaking news. an intense police situation ending moments ago in avondale. swat showing up, surrounding homes to served search warrants. a man and a woman were arrested in connection with a string of burglaries in the west valley. police saying this was a high risk warrant. avondale police say the suspects face felony burglary charges. we will keep you posted as we learn more on that.
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for the valley's only 11:00 newscast. more news to get to, a motorcycle officer in checked out after winning his bike down in phoenix. we are working to figure out what happened. ar-15 is over the scene near 20th st. and union hills. officers are pushing the bike off the roadway. thankfully no other cars were involved. problems for drivers in the west valley this morning. a backup was caused by a avondale boulevard. six or seven cars and a semi involved in this one. trooper say there are injuries, that we don't know how serious they are. the cause is thing investigated. auto -- i was always tells us we can't let our guard down when it comes down to those monsoon storms. >> let's check in with iris. >> it will be another hot day.
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on keeping a close eye on the skies. so far all quiet. i expect things will remain quite. by later this afternoon and evening the storm and dust threat is moving back into the valley. more monsoon moisture when you step outside. it will be humid today and muggy tomorrow. that means storm chances will be back in the forecast. all quiet in the valley now. we will watch this area in southeast arizona as storms fire up. also, more storms developing over the next few already seeing a little pop-up. this area will be want to watch, southeast arizona. eventually storm chances moving into the valley. right now 97, humid and warm. by this afternoon a high of 105. a chance of storm and dust. i will break that down and let you know when we could see those storms in a few minutes. donald trump is coming to phoenix for a heavily anticipated speech on
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in mexico city. he will meet with that country's president before flying to the valley. that olive branch coming after more the year of trump willing against undocumented immigrants and even directly and openly insulting mexico. >> hillary clinton was also invited to meet with the mexican president. she's using the opportunity to call out trumps comments about the nation. in a statement clinton -- clinton says in part, [anchor reading quoted material displayed on screen.] clinton added what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico. once again thrusting arizona into the national spotlight. >> donald trump will take center stage tonight at the phoenix convention center. katie conner has more on what could be one of his most anticipated speeches yet. >> reporter: doors open at 3:00.
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6:00. donald trump is expected to talk on immigration. initially he took a hard line on the issue, but now appears to be backing off. governor ducey will introduce trump tonight and will be the first time to see appears publicly with trump. the governor did not show up at trumps last four big rallies in arizona where thousands of supporters of protesters gathered. recent polls show trumping clinton are pretty much neck and neck in arizona. the last democrat to win in arizona was bill clinton back in 1996. there will be plenty of supporters inside the convention center and thousands of protesters outside. we do know security will be very tight. katie conner with abc 15 news. we're following the latest results from the primary elections. officials are trying to figure out who some of the winners are. >> some of the races are still too close to call, including the republican primary for
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kristine johnson appears to be close to wrapping this one up for the republican nomination. jones all but declared victory last night. andy biggs trust by less than 1000 votes and is not ready to throw in the towel yet. >> someone who's not still counting votes, -- >> to come out so strong in pima county and into now county woman to have such a wide victory this is where the majority of votes are, this is where i served. the people who know me best. >> you will face halloran who ran away with the race on the other side of the aisle with the democratic nomination. >> sen. john mccain will head to the november election. even before voting was over yesterday sen. mccain told us he felt really good about his chances. right now he has 52% of the votes. dr. kelly ward from lake havasu is a 39%. inflicted this will be mccains sixth term in office.
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to continue serving arizona. thank you from the bottom of my heart. [ applause ] >> after this mccain will face and kirkpatrick in november. a lot more races to cover. we will bring you more of those primary results coming up throughout the show. gunfire outside a tucson medical center. tucson police say a woman was reportedly shot near the parking garage. the hosp that was lifted around midnight. the woman was taken to another hospital and is expected to be okay. we're still trying to figure out if she was an employee, visit or patient. police in phoenix investigating a home invasion where a man was hit over the head with a baseball bat. police say the call came in after midnight as an assault near seventh street and thomas. two been kicked in the apartment door armed with a baseball bat, a handgun. a man and woman were inside.
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it targeted for this was random. phoenix police trying to get to the bottom of this car fire. a man lit it after getting into a fight with another guy your 15th ave. in missouri. the suspect started a second fire on a stranger's balcony. thankfully nobody was hurt. police say it was a dangerous situation. the fire center could be facing arson charges. brand-new information about a hepatitis outbreak linked to a popular we will let you know which states were impacted. an update on a story use our right here, more than 1000 lawsuit filed by the same group this year alone. why the attorney general's office is moving to throw them all out. cardinals preseason action continues tomorrow with the broncos. we want to know what is the best way to watch? at a stadium, with friends or right here at home on abc 15?
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a health alert. hepatitis outbreak is being linked to frozen strawberries from egypt. >> the first cases were reported at tropical smoothie base in virginia. more than 50 cases now being vacated -- reported in maryland, oregon, north carolina and wisconsin. one victim and carolina says since july he made parts of the -- stops parts of his daily routine. now he doesn't feel so great. >> i was like oh my goodness, i don't even want to keep water down. >> at least two people have filed lawsuits tropical smoothie ceo tweeted out an apology saying he immediately pulled the affected strawberries from the cafis in virginia as soon as they were contacted about the recall. >> so far none of the hepatitis a cases have been
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our state. several governments shelling out major bucks to help fight opioid abuse. 44 states will get a total of $53 million to cut down on overprescribing and killers, increase access to treatment and make sure the antidote is widely available. we are working right now to find out if arizona to be one of those dates benefiting from this. as soon as we find out we will let you know. they claim they're helping people with disabilities. are they really just lining their own pockets? how the arizona -- a tenor -- atty. gen. office is taking action.
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the attorneys general's office taking action again after our investigation into ada lawsuits hitting businesses. ag asked the judge to consolidate every open case filed by the controversial group called advocates for individuals with disabilities. if the judge oks at the ag plans to try to dismiss all of the groups lawsuits. we discover the group filed more than 1700 cases this year. tragedy on the navajo nation. officer from that community in arizona was killed in a head on crash. this happening in the northeastern part of the state. arizona officer identified as luther frank. he was responding to a call along route 64.
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his dog named beautiful is now back home. we told you yesterday someone kidnapped the dog and started sending texts and demanding money for one of our abc 15 viewers helped crack this case, tipped off police in phoenix. the dog's owner tells us he doesn't want to press charges, he just wanted his dog back. his job was to hand out flyers. this court decided to use it as a cover-up for a crime. a homeowner tell tablet and a laptop were snatched near 67th ave. and deer valley. a problem for the crook, the business he was working for was too advanced for his scheme. >> apparently with the company they have gps trackers on their employees so they could tell everyplace they had been. there were green dots all around my house. >> he said once police caught up with him the woman quickly got her stuff back.
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travel when. the gila river indian council doesn't want to see that happen. their voting to appeal a judge's decision to move forward with construction. the council feels a project would desecrate sacred land. we are tracking new wildfires burning in california. the bogard fire growing overnight about 1000 acres near riverside. earlier evacuations affecting about 700 people have been lifted. the human -- the fire is 10% contained. fire by september plan to contain the cedar fire by september 10. crews now have is at 75% contained. firefighters still don't know how it happened. in the valley there are two career fairs happening. job advertising holding a fair at the sheridan mesa hotel. that is near dobson. in the phoenix career fair at the renaissance glendale hotel and spa has already started.
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about these and other job openings this will probably creep you out. three big snakes were found outside scottsdale. these are the kind of along the rain forest. we showed you those pictures now we will show you the video. the 7 foot longbow a just about gave this lady a heart attack as she was taking out the trash. earlier scottsdale fire also found two burmese pythons, both about 10 feet long in the exact same spot. where are the coming experts think somebody probably owns all of them but isn't doing a good job of taking care of them. >> they were very underweight, so when we got it here -- normally when you get then they are really skittish. this one was not. >> if found the snakes owner
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maybe they will find their way back home. >> maybe they're coming out because are feeling it's more humid out there. the dew point has climbed over the next -- over the last 24 hours it will get more muggy as we go on. as we get monsoon moisture back , so far it has been really quite across the valley and across the state. not seeing a lot of action yet. as you look live with the ph some clouds in the distance over some of the higher terrain. we will see more that as the day goes on. we will see more that over the higher terrain northeast of the valley. we will have to watch that going into this afternoon. temperature-wise, we have been warming up. into the upper 90s already. unlike yesterday due to the extra moisture in the air. we're sitting at 97. the dew point is up, upper 50s
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they were in the 40s a couple of days ago. that is the monsoon moisture working its way back in. over the next couple of days the dew points will continue to go up. today we have the moisture. tomorrow we get even more. tomorrow it will feel muggy and stay muggy going into friday before we get the drier air starting saturday. over the next couple of days the storm chances, because of the monsoon moisture, will be getting higher. today all quiet on desert doppler in the phoenix metro. even as southeast. it is not as active yet. this area will be one to watch as storms will begin to develop this afternoon across southeast arizona. they could regress further north towards casagrande and that is where the dust threats will come in. we could get some strong wind from the storms that will help develop new storms closer to the valley.
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rim. right now one little shower developing south of mormon make. this area will be the focus for more storms going into this afternoon. we will keep an eye on those. it is all due to this boost in monsoon moisture moving in along with a weak disturbance from mexico. that will combine and give us a chance of scattered storms across the rim and southeast arizona. a slight chance of a storm in the valley late this afternoon and into the evening for chances continue overnight into tomorrow morning. tomorrow during the day with more monsoon moisture in place widespread storms in the high country and eastern and southeastern arizona. a better chance of rain in the valley also. today the 10% chance in the forecast, the timing this afternoon and evening, late afternoon and evening will be the better time frame. watch for storms that produced strong wind and possibly localized heavy -- heavy rainfall. the dust threat is in the moderate to high range because of the storm threat to the southeast.
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10% and 20%. that is through friday. the best potential tomorrow for rain and overnight into friday morning before we see a slight chance of an isolated storm friday afternoon. drier weather hits our way into the weekend. by labor day it is looking dry and hot. i will break down the temperature forecast for you in a few minutes. i will have the seven day also. don't miss any more preseason action as the world champion denver broncos come to glendale to take on the arizona cardinals coverage starts tomorrow at 6:00 with kickoff at 6:30 right here on abc 15. developing now, chris brown is out of jail on $250,000 bail after the 14 hour standoff with police. he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly deadly weapon. a woman called police claiming brown pulled a gun on her. he is denying that and went off on instagram while police were searching his home. >> i barricaded myself in my house? have you seen my house?
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-- i'm not coming out. so what? >> he's due back in court in three weeks. this is not the first round of legal trouble he has been in. he was convicted in 2009 of assault to then girlfriend rihanna. we know many of you are still reeling over the death of mexican singer jaun gabriele who was supposed to perform in the valley this october. we have been able to confirm if you bought tickets for his concert you can get a refund but it has to be arranged through your tickets seller.'s for the next season of bachelor is a ways away. did you catch the big announcement? nick fiala will be the new bachelor. in case you're wondering, that means his dating situation on that show apparently doesn't pan out. >> hot on their trail, they made off with 30 $30,000 worth
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action and leading police to one of the suspects.
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new information about a pair of burglars on the run. >> we showed you this a couple of weeks ago. these guys -- these guys collected $30,000 worth of stuff from a phoenix home. yours took action and led police to one of the suspects. >> that is the amazing part. we find out that was a key to catching the sky.>> reporter: you might call them the bickering bandits. or the
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a paranoid prowler over and over urging his accomplice to leave. but, the most important name tossed around? michael. putting that name to a good look at this face was all it took for a viewer to make that got feeling a reality. michael heinz busted. police could end up connecting him to more break-ins hopefully making the connection to his partner in crime. in phoenix with abc 15 news. she has been in charge of elections in maricopa county for almost 3 decades. right now helen purcell is in the political fight of her life. we have the latest numbers. this couple is taking it
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there was not a standoff. our tactical operations unit took the normal precaution of
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giving every opportunity for people inside the residence to come out. >> the suspects now facing felony burglary charges. we are tracking the results of the primary election. a few races too close to call. >> helen purcell is now losing in the gop county recorders race. she's the one who took the blame for the long lines during the presidential preference election in march. >> purcell about 350 votes behind her challenger aaron flanery. purcell has held a job since 1988 and when have been going for her eighth term. in glendale the race for the mayor is neck and neck. purer than 200 votes between jerry wires and his challenger mark burdick. wires and other leaders have dealt with a lot of turmoil in that city in recent years over the drama with arizona coyotes. another interesting race in the east valley where jeff title is one of -- more than
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. this took a nasty term because of some unanswered questions about dials military record. problems keep coming for elections officials. a lot of people had issues with the secretary purcell -- secretary of state results site last night. no reason why but likely all of the people trying to check results. they're still trying to recover. the state lottery is out of luck when it comes to the new software. completes are coming in because the new system read the winning scratch off tickets at more than 2900 locations. officials say they can still print and read tickets for games like powerball in the mega millions. people with winning tickets are told to hang on until the issues with the new system can be fixed. an update on the freeway shootings. dps telling us the reward is no longer on the table. it used to be $50,000. with the prime suspect cleared we're told that money is not available anymore. dps once you to contact them if
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the big island of hawaii is bracing for hurricane madalyn. this is what it looks like from space. the category one storm looks to come dangerously close to the islands eastern coast. its impact will be felt in the next day or two. neil carl linsky is in hilo hawaii with the story. >> reporter: the rains have started and they have been boarding up the windows on the big island, gettg hurricane madalyn to make a direct hit or come very close. this is unusual behavior for the hawaiian islands. they are expecting waves up to 25 feet and possibly mudslides and wind damage. all public schools have been open and also they shut down the port in hilo, making matters worse, another hurricane is just a couple of days out. hurricane lester. that would be unprecedented if both hurricane to strike the
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right now the us is closely monitoring a situation in syria. the public face of isis confirmed dead in a coalition airstrike. this is a major blow to the terror group. the founding member of isis is known for calling on lone wolf style attacks in the west, particularly france. the pentagon says isis is losing its influence and control throughout iraq. police chief looking to fire all six officers involved in a deadly shooting of a black teenager. dash cam video showed an officer shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times in 2014. that officer is now facing a first-degree murder charge. the police chief once the other five officers fired for giving false statements during an investigation. this news comes as chicago reports one of its most violent months into decades. check out this video of a
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after a small plane goes down. craft went down less than a mile away from the airport in sparks nevada. the ntsb is now taking over the investigation on this crash. this heart stopping video, a louisiana photographer being called a hero for saving a pregnant woman from a burning car. the news crew was honest -- on the way to a stor rouge. the woman crashed and couldn't get out. the photographer pulled her out and carried her to safety. he says he didn't even think twice. >> we normally go out and cover stories like this and would never be a part of the story. we are human first. we tell the story second. >> i think that is a great model. the driver was taken to the hospital. her family says she and the unborn baby are both expected to be okay.
11:35 am
unexpected arrival in iowa. christian hughes was at work last friday and got a phone call that would change his life. his wife was in the hospital in labor. the thing is, they didn't even know she was pregnant. after three hours that little lady made her arrival. >> someone ask have you picked out any names? i kept looking at the signs of the hospital and seeing the names aims unity use. >> since her arrival on friday her older sister set up a fund raising page to help with unexpected medical bills. put on your running shoes.
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welcome back. we are here on the patio and getting ready to sweat. it is all in good fun. and also for a good cause. we will try to bust that stress. >> we have labor day weekend coming up. we brought in experts from orange very fitness. we have click turner, one of the trainers. you have several exercises you will walk us through. >> yes. >> let's get going. >> the a push-up mountain climber. this will engage the chest, the triceps and the core and cardio. will drop down to the ground, knockout nine climbers and drop- down and do a push-up. drop-down into those. mountain climbers into push-ups. i recommend 8-16 refs to get up the heart rate up. >> i'd like you are combining everything. >> it's important to combine
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exercises. it is very beneficial for the heart. >> are the some of the exercises where if somebody came out to try a fitness class they would be doing? >> yes. we do all kinds of fitness fridays. >> this get you for muscle fatigue and all of that? >> yes. perfect. your burning so many calories during the workout and the more consistent you are and the more last longer and feel better about your workout. it's very important to stay consistent to build it up. >> what's another one we can show viewers? >> another great exercise is going to be a squat jump. this will increase the heart rate. it will work the quads and hamstrings. you can do this with weight, no wait, it's just personal preference. feet wider than your shoulders, squat with a hop at the top. real light on the feet soft on
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you will keep up the heart rate and engage the legs and work the core at the same time. >> you make it look so easy. i have done this before. >> i barely get up when i do them. >> as far as the orange theory classes, can anybody of any level come? from a beginner or do you have to have a background? >> i say 8 to 80. we are for everybody. anybody, any age. you're working together as a group right at your own pace. you will constantly be pushed at your own ability. >> great. we have time for one more exercise. the last exercise we will do involves dumbbells. i will show you guys. the first thing you're going to do is squat down, do a five second hole. this will really work the stability muscles in the legs., up into a press. come back down and hold for
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stabilize the muscles and engage the core. you are adding a shoulder movement at the top. you are incorporating shoulders and core and squatting. >> getting the endorphins going. thank you so much. check out orange theory at the moon valley location. we still have a lot coming up including history made today in cuba. the first flight landing in the island nation. other ai suit. 's construction, -- happening around your condo? why one valleys -- one valley condo owner says the neighbor's construction damaged his home
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we are watching wall street. right now the dow is down 78 points, sitting a landmark day in travel. us cuba relations as well. the first commercial flight in more than half a century landed with 150 people on board in cuba. the flight left fort lauderdale this morning. most of the passengers are members of the media or other vips. others are travelers headed to cuba for vacation. soon nine other airlines will head to the island nation.
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have to? that's why so many of us search for bargains. can you tell the difference between a counterfeit and the real thing? they're not just showing up on street corners, there showing up online. msn compiling a list of the most counterfeited products including rolex, cartier and other exclusive brands. your best bet is to always choose reputable sites or go to the store in person. and accused scam artist states. christopher looper on he could keep getting away with it. scottsdale police say he can't people into putting a deposit down for rental property that he didn't even own. the victims caught on quickly and led police straight to him. good morning. if you live in a condo you are affected by what your neighbors do around you. they could be allowed or take out a wall that syncs your floor. that's what this man says happen.
11:46 am
the unit below him had until -- >> i could hear them cutting>> reporter: last fall the lower unit owner had a contract to remodel, taking out the wall to open up the floor plan. he says his condo hasn't been the same sense. >> the floor sunk along the wall. all of this did not exist. countertops and backslashes. -- >> reporter: a structural beam was removed without the structural support to hold his floor. he wants the condo fix. he found the contractor didn't have the ce value with the plan before hand and thought that would get him some help. he says his age away wanted nothing to do with it. the contractor, helio bird a contracting said they did nothing wrong and pull the permit after the work was started. >> that's when i contacted the city of phoenix. >> reporter: the city contractors agreed they did not have the permits for the
11:47 am
that didn't fix greg's floor. a spokesperson tells me they would have no role in ascertaining or verifying if any damage occurred as a result of new construction. so, greg filed a complaint with the registrar of contractors. >> they wanted to attribute this to normal settling of a building. >> reporter: in a statement the roc says investigator was not able to determine whether -- whether the settling was due to the contractor or the previous issues the residents experienced with settling. agency says by the time it inspte three months after its completion the permits were in place. no violations, no fines or help. >> i was flabbergasted. >> reporter: greg says he's filing a complaint with his insurer. i'm joe ducey. have a great day. if you have a problem let me know. if you or your kids aren't seeing as clearly as you should the company vsp global is rolling out their mobile eye care clinic, giving kids and
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that is at 7th ave., south of i- 17. they're open to the public and talk 5:00. it is on a first-come first serve basis. iris is joining us right now. we were just outside and we were a little sweaty. >> the temperatures are heating up. it's not going to feel comfortable this afternoon or the next couple of days. we have storm chances to track. all of the monsoon moisture makes a return. temperat degrees lower than they were this time yesterday. we have yet to make it into the hundreds of phoenix sky harbor. we are running about 4 degrees below that, right at 97. the temperatures in the yellow, those are the air temperatures. right now it is 97 degrees in phoenix. we are close to the hundreds in spots like glenn dale in goodyear, right at 99. 96 scottsdale. look at the numbers in the green, those are the dew points , how we measure the monsoon
11:49 am
making it feel a bit humid as they have climbed into the upper 50s. going into this afternoon and tomorrow the dew points will climb back into the 60s. that means the monsoon moisture has moved back in. it will feel humid to muggy over the next couple of days. that is also going to contribute to the storm chances . something else you will feel when you step outside is light breeze, between 5-15 miles an hour across the valley. we will keep those in this afternoon. we could get even stronger with the storm chances are there. we are sitting at 97 now. climbing to one on -- 101 by noon. more cloud cover this afternoon. the high will climb to 105 degrees. the storm chance kicking in after 3:00, a 10% chance for valley storms. i think bigger concern will be the dust threat and the wind threat through the evening.
11:50 am
its way from the southeast will keep the storm chances in play through the next few days as the monsoon moisture sticks around. as you watch futurecast by 2:00 we will see more storms across the room. looks like we will see more storms to the southeast. as the storms moved to the north they could send gusty wind our way. that could mean storms in the valley. the gusty wind could help produce storms in the phoenix metro. the storm chance today a dust threat heading into this evening. a slight chance for storms overnight. tomorrow during the day more widespread storms across northern and eastern arizona. we could see some storms in the valley tomorrow as well. again, that storm hazard, the dust in a moderate to high range , thanks to any storms and outflow winds from the southeast. the wind threat is there is any storms that develop in the valley could produce a strong wind and also at least localized heavier rainfall. a lot to watch for this
11:51 am
handy. not just today, but over the next couple of days as storm chances stick around. not as hot as yesterday but still 105 this afternoon. up to 91 today in sedona. upper 70s in spots like show low. also flagstaff this afternoon. across the valley temperatures will be in the triple digits in all of the valley cities. buckeye at 105. 104 in tempe. 103 overnight tonight a slight chance of showers for thursday morning as temperatures fall into the low 80s across much of the valley. you'll notice across the state the low in phoenix is 83. in flagstaff the low all the way into the upper 40s. the most accurate forecast, a high of 105 today. tomorrow that temperature -- going into friday chance of
11:52 am
and isolated threat of storms in the afternoon and the drier air moves in. going into labor day a high of 101 with sunny skies. i have to remind you, something is happening at abc 15. we are collecting your old bikes that may be are taking up space in your garage. consider donating it and letting it be a holiday miracle for a child in foster care. we are teaming up with the earnhardt auto center for the annual campaign. you can drop off your bike and 20 different earnhardt locations, volunteer to help fix the bikes or donate money. you can find more information donate money. you can find more if you think life is tough for humans it is brutal in the animal kingdom. >> watch an attack, camera in south africa. and african antelope was
11:53 am
watch what happens. the crocodile suddenly pounces. the water buck gets pulled underwater but somehow manages to get his head above water and regain its footing. >> the animal slowly makes its way to shore. the crocodile is still clamped onto its stomach. the water buck falls over. the crocodile loses its grip and the lockley -- and the lucky antelope pops up and is able to run to safety. >> lucky is the ke see all of today's top videos see all of today's top videos right here ? ?
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he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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now to the results of our poll of the day. what is the best way to watch the cardinals? 13% said at the stadium.
11:56 am
friends. most of you said you are for staying at home and watching right here on abc 15. want to recap the top stories. police swarming this glenn dale neighborhood after reports of shots being fired. this is near 67th ave. and missouri. we are working to find out if anybody was hurt and if there is a suspect on the loose. a second police situation in an avondale neighborhood. swat surrounding a home to serve a high risk search warrant. we were there overhead your woman were arrested in connection to a string of burglaries in the west valley. donald trump going to mexico before flying to the valley. he is meeting with the mexican president. tonight he will deliver his speech on immigration. count on us for up-to-the- minute information from the phoenix convention center. good morning. you are talking about the donald trump visit.
11:57 am
it's expected to get that major immigration speech after his very controversial visit with the mexican president. controversial for donald trump and thinking mexican president. all of that was more coming up. plus, the latest results of our primary election. we will have much more on police arresting a pair tied to a burglary ring. >> we will at 4:00. a woman arrested for a bizarre prank. she released a bucket full of warms and crickets on the subway. she says she did it while posing as a homeless woman to help shed light on how homeless people are treated. keep an eye on the sky. a chance of storms this evening and also the threat of dust
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