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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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. three big stories at 10:00 p.m. storms on doppler and the hearts of the community with a two-year-old boy. two words, gun shot and hospital. kim tobin is live with the details. >> reporter: tragedy we are
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inside pch, rushed here after he was shot. the child found his dad's gun and was maying with it when it discharged hitting him in the leg. investigators will be asking questions about how this happen. the child was brought here with non-life-threatening injuries. -- here on air and on our mobile app. this is what some are seeing and hearing. the rain video. a live look right now. abc 15 desert doppler showers
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south phoenix getting heavier pockets there. the streets, seeing the heaviest south of southern. and to the east. more activity to the south and southeast. storm chances continue for the next couple hours and tomorrow and friday. more chances in play too. your forecast coming hours after his speech donald trump already out of the valley tonight. a motorcade leading him to phoenix sky harbor on route to cincinnati. capping often quite the day for him off -- capping off quite the day for him. >> some i assume are good people. >> that was then, this is now.
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mexico and the leadership and friendship that we have between mexico and the united states. >> friendlier tone but not a softer stance. trump promising no amnesty and his vision for a make or break issue in the election. >> come on in. come on in. not anymore. >> trump listed 10 steps for system. he said mexico will pay for the wall and vowed to hire more i.c.e. officers and border patrol agents. >> day one my first hour in office those people are gone. >> saying america is first, trump said he will remove those on expired visas. hillary clinton could be deported by his new task force. >> immigration law doesn't
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keeping criminals out. it exists to protect all aspects of american life. >> trump brought up locals killed by illegal immigrants. >> to add to that, his vision of screening tests for visa applicants. and a certification pause to make sure immigrants share our values and talked about bringing back the 287g program, to enforce immigration law. plus a promise to repeal executive actions from president obama. abc's jon erickson has been at phoenix convention center getting crowd reaction from donald trump's immigration speech. >> reporter: to see the reaction to donald trump's ideas, just go across the street from his ideas.
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the most violent was an elbow right here. police quickly separated the groups. shouting from the ground and from the rooftops. as trump started talking inside, she wasn't listening. >> reporter: anything trump could say that would turn you into a supporter? >> no. >> reporter: he told me the only way he would support trump is if trump trump said no amnesty. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: what did the people hear inside? >> most violent criminals have to go first to bring rule of law back. >> trying to make everything fair for america. that is what i got out of it.
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goes on. the barricades weren't enough to keep the two sides apart but there has been no word of any arrests out here when protesters and supporters could get too close. police would get in the middle. and that is what kept the peace out here tonight. >> lots of strong emotions. thank you very much. before donald trump took the stage big names singing trump's praises. governor doug ducey leaving no uncertainty about who he supports. sheriff joe giuliani and mike pence also speaking. we posted the speeches on our abc 15 mobile app. democrats bashing trump's speech tonight. he says trump's immigration plan is offensive. >> i think we are underestimating the intelligence of the american people and the reality that we are living in in this country. that is the most offensive.
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a wall unrealistic. donald trump made a stop in mexico meeting with president enrique pena nieto talking about that wall. we mentioned trump insisted mexico pay for it. president enrique pena nieto making it clear tonight that is not the case. hillary clinton also blasting donald trump saying his visit can't make up for a year of insults. trump said he had collaboration. abc's talked to the fbi director. >> reporter: the only way law enforcement could be successful is to work together. >> what i learned is i am most effective when i have trusted partners. >> partnership that has proven success that arrested this man convicted of assaulting a 9- year-old girl in 2003 in
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time behind bars. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i took the chance god gave me to walk outlet -- out. >> reporter: u.s. marshals credited mexican authorities for making an arrest. the directorsaid after meeting with communities and officials he realized they want the same thing. >> comforting to know people want to keep their community safe. i was caught off guard by the question what are you doing to keep guns my country. >> reporter: information on stolen cars and fugitives is being shared. >> the peace that is evolving, intelligence sharing, the information sharing. >> reporter: the hope is that will lead it a level of unconditional trust. >> in a perfect world one day i would like to have somebody
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share that information. >> reporter: navideh forghani, abc 15. >> advocates of immigration reform praising a decision by the city council tonight. they approved the city i.d. cards. it will hope those undocumented immigrants or homeless. it could only be used as a second ear i.d. -- secondary i.d. pair of cell phone store robbers. two locations h and managers worry they will strike again. abc's nohelani graf on this story tonight. they make it clear they are armed. >> reporter: they are not carrying guns but they are bringing heavy metal. this is the first store that was robbed carrying a baseball bat. but it is the similarities in the second robbery that employees are dialing in on. >> 5 to 10 minutes.
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employee was left alone and how quickly this guy knocked out the robbery. a bat, he headed for the cashier. >> he locked himself in. >> reporter: he cleanups out the cash register. 300 bucks. >> right here. took the entire thing. >> couple came into the store twice just before the robbery raising red flags, askingbo the most expensive phone. >> i think they are scoping things out. >> reporter: workers say the guy was hispanic. shorter. wearing a red hat, white underarmor. similar to the robber who hit another store the next morning. the weapon different this time. >> a machete. a big blade. >> reporter: the robber was smarter. had an employee open the safe
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alert system. >> so weird how they knew where they were going and navigated so easily. >> reporter: police can't they if they are connected but employees aren't ready to rule it out. safety changes are already underway and they are beefing up staff and notice the new sticker, not as much cash on hand. if you recognize the suspects, call police. back to you. a primary concern for police and our community. it is also pop culture is picking up on it. rolling stone doing a profile on the serial street shooter. 9 attacks. 7 murders dating back to march. they explore if they are connected to the freeway shootings. police explored every possibility but haven't found evidence connecting the crime. a $75,000 reward is offered for any information leading to an
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valley scam spreading out of control. >> legal pot could be a reality but it could mean your chances of buying a gun go up in smoke. >> this poor man. >> a wounded warrior and a national hero. after finding something that belonged to him. >> and showers and thunderstorms in the valley tonight. abc 15 desert doppler showing
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oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day. it's that simple. breaking news, a teen in a lot of trouble if caught. an 18-year-old armed with a gun robbed a papa murphies. stealing cash from the safe and taking off in a car towards i- 17. a different kind of pain at the pump. an update to a safety alert.
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state. some in the valley. so far this year 52 skimmers have been reported at arizona pumps with half of that this month alone. officials are saying that they are cracking down and ramping up efforts to find them. [ indiscernible ] >> authorities yooacheck your bank activity and be wear while filling up during the labor day weekend. nothing is free in life and a woman may be learning that. accused of stealing $74,000 worth of stuff from target. hitting 16 stores in 5 valley cities in a month and mostly taking electronics and trying to pawn them off. she is charged with theft and trafficking. a baby who deserved so much
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baby. according to police the baby died while in the care of a babysitter. we are learning the babysitter admitted to leaving the child at home. when she got back she found the baby unresponsive in his crib. >> are you that heartless? okay, you know, sleeping, doesn't matt [ speaking foreign language ] >> he was a happy, laughing, happy baby. >> no charges seem to have been filed. in the news again, two former reporters pleading guilty after their baby tested positive for cocaine. the baby was taken to the hospital in may in distress after being breast fred. police say killing 9 black
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colorado -- breast-fed: a couple races too close to call. one for congress in district 5. christine jones leading by 875 votes and it could be a few more days till an official winner is declared. maricopa county recorder helen purcell blamed for the long voting lines in march trails her republican challer by 300 -- challenger by 350 te for glendale mayor. he is holding on to a lead. less than 200 votes. this race could be changed by a cluster of ballots left at a middle school over night. it is official, rejecting a final legal challenge over recreational pot. you will be voting on this come november. tonight a new twist in this. if you use marijuana it could prevent you from buying a gun
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list. law prohibits anyone who uses a controlled substance from buying a gun and marijuana is listed as a controlled substance. few years ago a nevada woman was turned away for this reasons and recently the court upheld the decision. proving there are so many kind hearted people in the community. a woman stop'em stumbled upon two checks while -- stumbled upon two ec the checks made out to a well known army veteran wounded in action. president obama introduced him at the state of the union in 2014. the woman wanted to make sure he got his cash. >> this poor man has done so much for our country. he suffered for it.
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was repaid. kindness goes a long way. >> the father was cashing his son's checks when they slipped out of his pocket. he called to thank her. quite a light show tonight. >> yeah. especially out to the east. more of tonight's rain. video coming in. the lightning from our cam. in queen creek. pointed to the east this evening. as the lightning was striking and the rain out there as well. take a look at what we are watching on abc 15 desert doppler. we will zoom in to the showers kicking out rain. out near gun avenue and baseline -- 51 avenue and baseline in the orange. moving from east to west across the valley tonight. mesa, the rain starting to pick
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starting to move to the west towards the mall area. it will continue on towards doddson. to the south, a few spotty showers but they are dwindling down. we will continue to keep storm chances over night 10 to 20%. 10% through 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. into the afternoon tomorrow more chances for monsoon storms in play as monsoonal moisture still sits over the state. 93 degrees. dew point in the mid-50s here in phoenix and across the valley. winds picking up as showers roll through as well. gusts 30 miles per hour in some spots. winds sustained 17 out of the east, southeast. temperatures, we see a drop off near apache junction. they cooled in the last hour. 83 degrees there. 88 queen creek.
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through the area temperatures drop once the winds hit your area. a look to the north. 60 degrees flagstaff. 64 show low. low activities in prescott and payson. tonight upper 50s there. casa grande 79 over night. to the west, lows in the 80s for gila bend, lake havasu and triple digits tomorrow. same in phoenix. slightly below couple degrees. sedona 87. flagstaff 75 tomorrow. and the higher terrain stands the best chance for showers and thunderstorms. future cast here going into the afternoon shows the chance working into the phoenix metro, and over night into friday too. day by day. higher terrain 50% chance. 10 to 20 here and drying out through the labor day weekend. 97 at noon. triple digits in the afternoon
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fountain hills, cave creek in the 90s tomorrow. not bad as far as temperatures go. and the temperatures get better through the labor day weekend. low 100s saturday, sunday and 100 degrees on monday for labor day. lows in the 70s. tracking trouble in the tropics causing concerns from florida to hawaii. the latest in moments.
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tropical storms and hurricanes posing a threat tonight. florida under a state of emergency as a tropical storm approaches the gulf of mexico. could come night. hurricane madeleine down traded to a tropical storm around hawaii and hurricane lester behind it that could drop heavy rain by sunday. >> we have rocks all over the road. some of the houses flooded out. >> and the biggest threat with the rain, the possibility of mudslide. a trip to the gas station one family will never forget. this surveillance video out of connecticut. a car reverses into one of the
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toppling it over on to another car. and a woman narrowly escaping and then strangers rescue her sons from the burning car. two cars charred. everyone escaped unharmed. not the official start of fall for a few more weeks but tomorrow the brewery releasing its pumpkin porter. it will be available only till thanksgiving evening. be on the look out for pumpkin spice. do you like to clean? we have an excuse so you don't have to do it. up to you. chemicals found in cleaning products can damage your lung function by up to 14% over a 20 year period. some are listed on your screen.
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live pictures right now, we told you a bicyclist hospitalized after get by a car. the driver stayed on scene. police still out there right now. look for updates on abc15 mornings. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> a regular season season so close we could taste it. some fans tasted it today that lunch inn. the ultimate bird game dining
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cardinals. and hear few words from there swag himself. >> -- from mr. swag himself. >> another thing to know you have a chance but you still have to do it. talking about it doesn't do a thing. >> the super bowl champion in the pre-season finale. coverage begins at 6:00 p.m., kickoff at 6:30 p.m. only on abc 15. >> miller on the mound for the diamondbacks for the first time in six weeks. givers up two runs in the first. after that seemed to find his groove. after the first he throws five scoreless innings but still gets the loss. giants win it 4-2. it is
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for an outfielder. forecast, showers winding down. a chance at a few more pockets. and more chances thursday and friday before the forecast dries out. good news, it is not going to get hotter.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, aaron eckhart from "so you think you can dance," cat deeley and music from nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats. and now, believe me when i tell you -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thanks, everybody. hello. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thank you for coming.


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