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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 1, 2016 9:30pm-10:35pm MST

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who brought the wood. the guy had a lot of great runs. ='!c% williams as well. ran the ball zo7very well. but you could just see the power. 6' 2''. 235 pounds. penny and he's going to make it tough. he's one of those guys we were ?and will he change the minds of the arizona cardinals because i think coming in here, o be aal task for him to make this team. but how do you let a guy like that of performance. >> we don't know if he'll )??be around. he got a good work in b >> a lot of rereps out there. playing in the three technique. see him get that penetration right there at the point xl?of attack. used his hands g/and continue use his hands. you see the disruption once again. a disrupt tor. off the play action. gets the pressure on (??opaxton lynch and rsneventually
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could see rozit right leer. that's more effort and that's what i want ; he stopped his feet but he kept his hands going and the effort was there. and with robert, that's what you want to pc5gobsee. that consistently to 8?+ring f?y the table? game in and game out. >> paxton lynch fun to watch. first round draft pick and now preseason is done. reduce the roster and get ready for the patriots for sunday night football. >> boy. that's going to be great right om lp? brady, but game week u ?wis coming up here and you can almost smell it. i don't know about you, but i am 4h?jacked up for this. it's going to be a great atmosphere. sunday canight football. the red sea right here at university of phoenix stadium. >> come on out and join the fun. prompting to be a -- promising to be a special season of arizona cardinals football. can they top what rofthey did om year?@2gmc% let's get it moving and welcome
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thanks for watching cardinals !w football. once again, our final tonight cardinals win 1?>o next telecast ?&new england and arizona sunday the 11th. on nbc sunday 6opkonight footba saying good night from the university of phoenix stadium. hey phoenix, it's thunder dan majerle head coach at grand canyon university. coming to gcu was a great move for me. join antelope nation by enrolling as an evening student at our beautiful campus in the heart of phoenix. earn you bachelor's, masters or doctoral degree to take your career to the next level.
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scholarships available. see you on campus! go lopes! find your purpose at grand canyon university.
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breaking news right now. a man rushed to the hospital after being shot near 32nd and cactus. we are told all of this happened during a card game inside a closed business. there are two suspects on the run. and the big mystery as -- of this fireball on the interest rate. troopers are looking pretty closely since it appears no one
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no sparks in the 17 but a lot of flashing lights. a few people heard dps helping out after the site -- side of the northbound lanes started moving. a little -- a lot of questions after a 12-year-old is hit by a car. the driver is still near the scene. the injuries did not put the child's life at risk. what a game for our cards against the super bowl champs. >> team coverage from the great lawn and the great university of phoenix stadium. >> we are lives and glendale. >> reporter: we're standing here with matt barkley. what a great night for you. you came in. you were going to play the whole game. how do you feel? >> it feels great knowing we have a win. knowing we were the most physical team out here by far. that's where it started.
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whole game and really just proud of how we finished this preseason. truck the chemistry is already storm with you guys? >> we started mashing the last couple days and i was playing with the guys i've been working with and we moved the ball down the field and put points on the board which was our goal. >> 30 points is not bad. you came back with pinpoint passes with two touchdown passes. >> the defense even helped. we are just happy we were able to move the ball and put it into the end zone and get a win after going zero ditch -3 the previous three weeks. >> are you feeling pressure coming into this knowing where the roster is and the cuts are coming? >> no, i was not. i knew i just had to play my game, just go through my replay one out of time and worry about
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i don't get caught up in that. i don't get worried. i'm not nervous or anxious. i think that comes from a lack of preparation. i felt prepared, comfortable with the game plan. overall, a good night. >>reporter: on a personal night, this means so much to you to be so close to home. was your family able to be a part of that? >> yeah, my family in california is not far away. they were able to come out recently. they are kind of hanging around. >>reporter: a year ago, you were with the eagles and made the cuts. you got traded to the cardinals. it is a business after all. >> no doubt. it's even more evident this week when you see guys, you grow cleef -- you grow close to players and learn things about them and then they are just gone. that's the harsh reality of the league but in a sense it motivates you to perform and
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door.>>reporter: you had a great night and a great win. have a great weekend. coach arians is at the podium. >> he didn't have to play much, just wanted to see a little bit. we tried some in preseason for training camp. he had all the leg, he just kept missing. this was the time to do it and he hit it right down the pipe. it was a great kick. i was happy for him. >> [ indiscernible -- low volume ] >> the stock has really risen. he might have played his way on the football team. that's one of those decisions were talking about.
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>> [ indiscernible -- low volume ] >> congratulations. nice pic six for you. >> i appreciate it. so good to finally get one. >>reporter: what is it like when you finally get that ball? >> the biggest thing is don't drop it trying to run. i caught it and i just was running for my life trying to get that touchdown. like i said, it felt real good. >> does it off? >> a little bit. you come out here every week. you try to win. we haven't been getting it done. it feels good to get it done. >>reporter: your game on the defense is highly touted. everybody is talking about how good this defense can be. where do you see yourself sitting in? >> whatever it takes to help this team win, i am willing to do. my goal is to be the best i can in special teams to get to the next level. that's what i want to be. >>reporter: you did a great job
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with that pick six. i appreciate it. >> thank you. we're going to send it upstairs. kim tobin is with fans.>>reporter: we have had so much fun with the fans. they are walking out of the stadium right now. a lot of people cheering saying the super bowl is coming. people are super happy to see them finally win this game. they say it's preseason so they're not going excited but for tonight, they are going to take this win. great, we finally win a game. >> we beat the super bowl champions. >> the cardinals won every time and got way more than the broncos. >> that's wonderful. >> september 11, baby. the cardinals, kill the patriots. >> get them. >> yeah baby! >>reporter: they are ready for
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the fans told me they are really excited about the rookie quarterback. they think he is going to be a great person behind carson palmer. a lot of people say it's about being healthy. if we can make it through that, they say we will make it the whole way. we hope they are right. >> it's nice to know that our backup players did well. colin kaepernick is not alone. san francisco 49ers safety eric read meals with kaepernick before they played the chargers. so many already upset because kaepernick sat in protest of racial oppression. with three, you have a crowd. jeremy lane also set during the national anthem. the firestorm in san diego will go through the night. labor day may be around the corner but the monsoon not out yet. a lot of rain hitting parts of the valley. if you live in maricopa, you
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a downpour there. the wind and dust picking up. to the view from chandler as a thick wall of dust moved in. shields getting a great view of the dust. jason valentine also caught in the thick of things. >>reporter: a wall of dust. >> we're headed south on 347 toward maricopa. >>reporter: live drive in the thick of it south of the valley, dust shopping visibility to a quarter-mile at times. watch the cars in front of us disappear. on the i-10 at queen creek, we had to pull over with a dozen other drivers. that is the safest move but notice some still have their hazard lights flashing. for future reference, experts say no lights at all if you pull over for drivers could get confused and virender car. no more dust but heavy rain and ahwatukee and then sunset as the storm petered out.
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ahwatukee got over a half inch of rain in 30 minutes. here is a look at totals. tempe out 1600 -- 16 100's. tonight, no showers to track in the valley. we did see a lot of green on the radar. those are outflow winds picking up the breezes across the phoenix metro. we have 21 miles per hour winds in chandler and 13 miles per hour at phoenix sky harbor. we also have showers and thunderstorms in the high country. we are going to take a closer look in j >>reporter: i am -- reporter: raymond chandler police are looking at a handful of fires near chandler and mcclintock. this fence totally charred. this is totally cleaned up. the flames went right up the tree and the fires and the damage only got worse.
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hey phoenix, it's thunder dan majerle head coach at grand canyon university.
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he made threats and had time to plan before he was released for jail. a cheating scandal was the source of murder. nick soboleski believes the victim was involved with his girlfriend while he was in jail. he shot and killed him one week ago. students taking action and getting results from their school after they walked out of class monday. akai union high school is working on two since students were told they couldn't wear black lives matter shirts. the school will review its dress code policy and create programs to talk about cultural and racial differences. a lot of flames but not a lot of answers about what went wrong. how this rocket explosion complicates more than the
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hey phoenix, it's thunder dan majerle head coach at grand canyon university. coming to gcu was a great move for me. join antelope nation by enrolling as an in the heart of phoenix. earn you bachelor's, masters or doctoral degree to take your career to the next level. engage with industry expert instructors in small classroom settings where you can get the support you need to excel. scholarships available. see you on campus! go lopes! find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit someone's hacked all our technology.
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seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. this video pretty much says it all. we have got a ways to go before commercial flights can safely take off into space. space x is now retracing its steps trying to figure out what caused its rocket to explode in
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process. nobody was hurt here. the spacecraft was carrying a satellite to expand internet surface in africa. a consumer alert we want to make sure you here before labor day weekend. thieves want to steal your credit card information and they are doing it by inserting skimmers inside gas station pumps. if you want to stay safe, look for newer pumps because it will likely have layers of se it is up to you to take action. >> the first defense, go in and act -- ask the clerk. second line, pay cash. or a very low limit credit card. >> we told you last night, 59 skimmers have been found in the valley so far, up from just 11 last year. the best rule of thumb is to check your bank accounts regularly because most banks will take off fraudulent charges. we are taking action to protect your family.
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have interactive maps showing you where these gas pump skimmers have popped up so far. there is a feeling of pure joy when you pick somebody up at the airport but one mom had the scare of her life and her five-year-old son never made it to the gate at jfk from the dominican republic. she says he was in boston because of a mixup with jetblue. >> i am told he is not there. i say oh my god what did you do to him? where is he at? >> that is obviously a pain in her face. she says she did everything right, even paid extra for a flight attendant to watch her son. jetblue believes there might have been a passport mixup somehow. the airline apologized and offered the family vouchers for future flights. she says she will never fly jetblue again. a zika threat has been located in florida. the virus was just found in three groups of mosquitoes in
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officials believe the biggest threat now is a pretty flower that serves as the perfect breeding ground. miami beach is removing all of the flowers from its landscaping. the plant traps water in the middle attracting the mosquitoes immediately. all eyes on florida right now as hurricane hermine is making landfall labs -- as we speak. there is a live look from the dryer side of this storm. i want to show you what it looks like i'm clouds and radar because if you are on the but, the easterner edge, heavy rain, very high winds, rough surf, and we have the threat of tornadoes in the mix. already several tornado warnings out there. we will keep a close eye on this. look for updates on acb15 mornings and good morning america as we continue to track that hurricane making landfall. back here, monsoonal moisture has led to showers and outflow winds flowing through the
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this is just thickening up those gusts near 20 miles per hour. we have a >> we are watching. isolated pop-up showers near guadalupe and.scene. that is about it. very light there and more activity to track and the higher terrain. that's i-40 to the west of williams and stretching to the west of chino valley. a few spots across southern arizona also seeing showers but much of the heavier stuff is closer to the state line. we are going to keep an eye on all this. we could see a stray shower or storm in the overnight forecast and tomorrow. the better but will be tomorrow once we get daytime heating going on the afternoon. tomorrow, 103 degrees. here is what it looks like on futurecast going into tomorrow morning. a chance of showers in the higher terrain. late morning early afternoon, we see it build down closer to the valley and up the chance to 20%. and then we dry out into the
9:54 pm
chances look best tomorrow with a slight chance and saturday's forecast. dryer on sunday and monday. if you have travel plans are labor day weekend, flagstaff low 70s, sedona mid-80s, payson low to mid 80s, and by sunday and monday things are looking dry even up there. in the valley, temperatures dropping to 101 degrees. 101 degrees for labor day as well. our only storm chance in the weekend is tomorrow. dry saturday, sunday and monday. the monsoon mo a comeback and temperatures drop even more. we will take a look at your seven-day forecast in the next
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a game of cards takes a terrifying twist. >> breaking news since our last half-hour. detectives coming the scene near 32nd and cactus. one man rushed to the hospital after he was shot. >> what are police telling you about the shooter?
10:01 pm
call around 8 pm. it is still active. you see a group of officers next to a backdoor. that is where this all went down. there was a small group playing cards in this abandoned business right there. there is nothing really inside the business just a table and they were all playing cards. that's when two blackmails kicked down the door. they told everyone to get to the ground and demanded money from them. at some point, shots were fired and one person was shot twice in the abdomen extremely critical condition. what's really interesting is everyone was hanging out playing cards, they all bailed except one person and that person waited 10 minutes before making that phone call. police are asking questions about that situation. i spoke to a neighbor who lives nearby. he didn't want to go on camera but said this might be an abandoned business known for selling drugs outside the back
10:02 pm
a very interesting situation and that man is in critical condition. new video into the newsroom since the top of our newscast. that scary situation on i-10. a viewer sent us this picture car was up in flames near baseline. nobody hurt here but troopers still have a lot of questions because nobody was even around when they showed up. are they looking for an arsonist? that is what police are trying to determine after a string of suspicious fires sometimes blocks or houses away. >> damage. >>reporter: we are in an alley but this fire started on property and burned its way through the fence. the homeowner says the wood pile where it started didn't start itself on fire so it had to be somebody else that here in the valley. the damage amplifiers have only gotten worse. it's the wake-up call no one wants. >> the doorbell rings and it's
10:03 pm
i have a fire.>>reporter: he runs out, and his truck that he just rebuilt, torched. >> about 1520 foot tall flames. >>reporter: he grabbed a hose with firefighters with one word in mind: arson. >> there was no ignition source back there so the fire department thinks someone started it. >>reporter: blocks away, this trailer catches fire. owners used a fireworks in the sure 01 a police officer. reports of a car followed. then, tom gets fateful door knock. >> there was a fire behind my house and if it spread, i needed to be prepared to leave. i have two children. >>reporter: his neighbors house was being gutted. >> the whole back of the house, flames shooting up. >>reporter: now, a trend. >> kind of paranoid now. >>reporter: paranoid, scared
10:04 pm
emotions escalating just like the fires in this neighborhood is ready to send a message. >> we look out for each other and this is unacceptable. we are going to find you. >>reporter: police really can't say yet if the fires are commit to but they are working with investigators to figure that out. meantime, people reporting any suspicious activity is what they really need to get to the bottom of this. >> their job title is intolerable to one woman, it's lifesaver. cabrera walked into the bank last week with a woman who went up to the counter and tried to withdraw $19,000. the teller could tell something was suspicious but didn't let on and said they would go check with the manager when they really called police who eventually arrested cabrera. that woman was kidnapped by six strangers carrying guns who also stole her car.
10:05 pm
the car as well as the other five guys. he thought he was clever using all fours to break into a home but he didn't know he was being watched. this isn't the first time we have seen these break-ins. >> police hope somebody will be able to recognize him. >>reporter: the security science warned to stop this -- weren't enough to stop this break-in, through the pet door. if you don't believe cindy, take a look at the proof. >> lifted up the doggie door and looked in. >>reporter: when he saw the house was clear, he made his way to the back bedroom. >> through everything out of the drawers, went through all the jewelry. >>reporter: the alarm went off and cindy watched a man inside her home on her cameras. >> you feel like you had been you know violated. >>reporter: now, she hopes someone will recognize him and call same witness to get the
10:06 pm
doggie door is unavoidable but you can put on a closing panel. even with small doors, criminals try to unlock the door to let themselves in. for extra safety, use a secondary lock that is harder to reach. a big -- big swing with primary races too close to call. acb15 breaking the news on twitter that helen purcell has retaken the lead in the county recorder but only by the slimmest of margins. she is the elections and the one so many people blamed for long lines back in march. the other big race for congress is kristine jones leading andy biggs. this margin cut to 578 votes on top of a total of 38,000 ballots that still need to be counted. for months, it was a case of whodunit and now what will the punishment be. or than a year after abc15 told you about the arrest of randy tucker, he is facing federal charges for a series of cyber
10:07 pm
baron. he is accused of hacking government computer systems in chandler, mason and madison, wisconsin where he allegedly crashed their dispatch system for emergency workers. a true patriot and undeniable hero. a man who doesn't deserve to be associated with the name pat mills -- pat tillman. we are talking tens of thousands of dollars that have been stolen.>>reporter: police say the the pat tillman vfw post, a.k.a. post 40 and avondale. as you probably know, pat tillman was an asu football player who went on to become an arizona cardinal and joined the army after 9/11. he died of friendly fire in 2004. this post renamed itself in his honor but according to avondale police, the post president is
10:08 pm
$100,000 from the club over the past two years. we talked to an army vet who is not with the vfw but has a strong reaction. >> the shock turns to outrage and he ought to be convicted because that's stealing from veterans. >>reporter: we left a message for mr. davis tonight but have not heard back authorities say he has been released from jail. by now, you probably know the numbers. nine attacks, seven murders and a $75,000 reward to find the phoenix serial shooter. one of the surviving victims is asking for help. we told you about calvin davis. he tried to give man well -- manual garcia -- manuel garcia cpr but his insurance company
10:09 pm
totaled in the process. his insurance says the shooter would need to pay for it. we are taking action to let you know about a great money- saving opportunity. health care is expensive but now kids care has started at the health insurance program that covers family -- families who make too much money for medicaid. monthly premiums guaranteed to stay at $70 or less. to learn more, go to get another day of monsoonal look at that dust storm. one of our crews captured this on their camera on i-10 near maricopa. a light show in the sky tonight. that lightning out near the fort mcdowell area. those storms that broke down to our east and northeast are sending gusty winds through the valley. the green you see on the radar is not rain. that is seafront winds moving into the valley right now.
10:10 pm
phoenix, mesa, chandler the strongest at 21 miles per hour winds and costs a little bit higher. in the meantime, shower chances 10% for a couple more hours and then it looks quiet for the overnight. tomorrow afternoon and evening, more thunderstorms possible in the valley. a peek at your labor day weekend and how long it will be before we dry out coming up. it's the final tuneup before the regular season. the cards capping off their >> so many of you watching on abc15. >> the exciting part four guys on the bubble, who are trying to get out there, wonder if they are going to get one chance or the whole game to shine. >>reporter: we saw a lot of that. of course, they came away with a 38-17 win which never hurts for fans. just for pride and overall. we talked about the running back, elijah wood. we talked to him after the game. he came out here.
10:11 pm
dave johnson, chris johnson, and here is elijah fifth on the depth chart. and looking up going to i have a chance? he came through. 23 carries, 113 yards, a touchdown and a two-point conversion. he came out afterwards just beaming because he knew what he needed to do. we caught up with him and said great job and he was just beaming from ear 23 carries, 113 yards, two- point conversion. how do you feel? >> i feel good. i feel blessed with the opportunity that i got tonight. i am real humble for it and thankful for it.>>reporter: you've got to be. what a great feeling it has to be knowing cuts are coming up. >> that wasn't really on my mind. i knew i wasn't going to get the opportunity to showcase my ability so i wanted to maximize
10:12 pm
deep down on the depth chart, you study like you are going to start a game. that's what i was doing all of week. >> you know he said i didn't feel the pressure but he made a name for himself. whether he makes the cardinals are not, he may have another shot. >>reporter: when he saw it starting to go well for others, the team came together. we will have more straight ahead. back to the for somebody to get paid millions of dollars, it's ridiculous. >> military night and colin kaepernick in town to play. the two not mixing so well. plus, an abc15 investigation now being used as an attack ad against paul
10:13 pm
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lying about -- paul w -- paul babeau lying about issues. new ads have been released exposing this issue. >> reporter: this attack ad started airing on several stations. the congressional campaign is behind it. the ad will play a role in his race for congress. >> the congressional candidate supported abusive practices and dragged about them. the 32nd spot is made entirely of clips from our reports. because of that, we want to be clear that acb15 had nothing to do with this production. the ad includes video from stories that aired in 2012 and earlier this year. we obtained a home video that
10:16 pm
inhumane practices, and described them in detail, and even bragged about them. if you want to see the new out for yourself, find all of our records documenting the abuse and raw video on a special webpage we created at fair or foul? republicans creating this wanted poster of bullet holes claiming that ann kirkpatrick is dodging bullets. debbie gifford is upset with the poster saying "in a state and country that knows the toll of gun violence to well, there is no room for invoking the use of firearms in politics." he has been leading the way after a dark day for law enforcement. dallas police chief brown saw five officers killed any sniper attack but he is announcing his retirement after 33 years with
10:17 pm
mayor says he is not being forced out. rules on medical marijuana dispensaries are being heightened to control where they can be and how many can exist. city council unanimously approved the changes. the minimum distance between each dispensary doubles to just over 2600 feet and the distance from schools, homes, churches and parks tripled to 1500 feet. to military. to others, he is standing up for his beliefs and pushing for change. no matter how you see colin kaepernick's protest, those in san diego didn't appreciate it tonight. >>reporter: to top it all off, it was military appreciation night here. as many people expected, colin kaepernick did not stand for the national anthem and people let him know they didn't appreciate that. those are people booing colin
10:18 pm
when the national anthem came on, they were all standing. he went out of his way to kneel down so he didn't stand for the national anthem. many people here did support him but there is a lot of military in the crowd who really took it to heart. >> men and women bleed for this. i've seen it firsthand. for somebody to do that, to get paid millions of dollars, it's ridiculous. >> reporter: a lot of people colin kaepernick but we can't show them to you on tv. looked like a nice night in san diego. weatherwise. >> a little taste of the monsoon here today. >> a little dust and rain but after all that, it's really nice to see this. gorgeous clouds. at the end, a rainbow. beautiful from levying.
10:19 pm
we still have some showers to the north stretching from the west to chino valley up diagonally to the northeast. it's crossing i-40 mainly to the west of williams and then stretching to tuba city to the northeast -- tuba city to the northeast brca1 i-10 right near the arizona-new mexico state line, that is moving north. lots of moisture still in place. 62 degrees dew point. humidity at 38%. it is soupy out there tonight. 91 degrees our current temperature. breezes are picking up as winslow out and storms break down to the east. a few breezes here this evening ends temperatures dropping into the 80s across much of the east valley. we have tempe, chandler and gilbert at 89 degrees, 87 degrees south hills, the west
10:20 pm
as winds coming from the east, this temperatures drop a little bit in the next 30 minutes or so. to the north, 57 degrees flagstaff, 61 degrees show low. 50s for prescott as well. here's what to expect tonight. mostly clear skies. showers are going to wind down to in the next several hours in the higher terrain. there is a slight chance of a stray shower or two in the early morning forecast. overall, we have to wait until the later morning hours rain showers redeveloped. nice, quiet overnight forecast for most of us. tomorrow afternoon, 84 degrees in sedona, 71 degrees flagstaff, 75 degrees show low. phoenix 103 degrees. here is the timing on rain chances tomorrow. we keep it in the higher terrain first in the late morning. lunchtime, the possibility of some of that coming down with better chances into the afternoon hours and then going into saturday, really just going to be a slight chance across the higher terrain and the valley dries out.
10:21 pm
going to dry out as we get cut off from our moisture. tomorrow above average for this time of year. we will be in the 80s and tell 9 am. look for highs of 102 degrees and gilbert and tempe, 101 degrees scottsdale and may set. 100 degrees in man-to-man 103 in peoria and avondale. 103 degrees again saturday, mostly sunny skies. we dry that forecast through the weekend. on sunday and monday hitting 101 degrees. was dropping into the 70s ac the borders are going to be really nice next week. temperatures drop even more by wednesday and thursday with highs in the 90s. moisture flows back in with a slight chance for storms back in play. that's a wrap of the cardinals preseason. >> probably really excited to move on to the real thing. >> reporter: excited but still nervous. a lot of guys feeling the pressure. >reporter: --
10:22 pm
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>> reporter: welcome back to the university of phoenix stadium. a big win over the broncos. finally, a preseason win. >>reporter: a lot of people were nervous. we were even looking at the stats about how long it would be since that had happened to have a great record in the year. >> exactly. we were crossing our fingers and they won. a commanding win. so much pressure on these young guys to perform. one was a third string quarterback. matt barkley out of ufc. he came into camp just a few days after having a baby boy. >> that's pressure. >> reporter: here he comes tonight. he knows he has to perform well and he did. he finished 20th 29 and two touchdowns. he was just so excited about performing the way he felt he could have all preseason.
10:26 pm
able to put the ball in the end zone and get a win after going zero ditch -3. to get a win like this is huge. i knew i had to play my game, go through on play at a time. i don't get caught up in that. i don't get worried. i'm not nervous or anxious. i think that comes from a lack of preparation. i was comfortable with the game plan. overall, it was a good night. >>reporter: i think i am more nervous than they are. >> i would agree with you. something else to keep them in balances having family close. they were here tonight. >> fun to see his family here. now he's got a real good shot at making the practice squad. >> we are up against some deadlines. >> to have to cut from 75 253.
10:27 pm
out here tonight that believe football is life but there is a way to save a life as well. signing up to be the match, they had a registry center set up out here tonight to drive that. it's so easy to do a cheek swab. it takes seconds. if you weren't able to get involved, you can book online. so easy to do. they keep you in the register. >> and save a life. great to be out here tonight. we wrap up the preseason and we get ready for september 11 against the patriots at 5:30 pm.
10:28 pm
hey phoenix, it's thunder dan majerle head coach at grand canyon university.
10:29 pm
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you have been looking forward to. >> college football is back. asu opens against nau tomorrow night and crews have been working so hard to finish those innovations that sun devil stadium. a couple changes. just like cardinals games, they have a clear bag policy, banning most purses. >> getting in could take more time. all fans have to enter from the main concourse level. that is a temporary change for renovations. you might be going somewhere for labor day. millions of americans will be hitting the roads and while gas prices are up week, it's not that bad. the national average is $2.22 per gallon and even cheaper in arizona at $2.10. last year, hour average was $2.55. we just found out about a second armed robbery in 24 hours in anthem and there are a lot of similarities between this one at the hand and stone massage spa and the one at a pizza shop last night.
10:32 pm
possibility. we are tracking your forecast with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms but it looks dryer through labor day. saturday, sunday and monday are dry in the valley and sunday and monday even dry across much of the state. the monsoon moisture will return toward the middle of next week. >> a few 90s creeping in. >> and did you notice the 70s for score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed...
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score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th.
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>> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, winona ryder, casey wilson, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from yg. and now, in the meantime, here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my name is jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] i'm glad you're in a good mood.


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