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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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this is abc news taking action. three major stories. live on the scene of an officer-involved shooting. loop 202 where they are investigating a crash blocking all of the lanes. could we see rain showers today? >> it's friday, a lot of breaking news, first, are we going to see storms? we're keeping a close eye on the radar. >> we have a chance for a few showers, but i'm not seeing anything on radar it's all dry on the valley and across central arizona and across the state. but i've been keeping a close eye on satellite as well we have mostly clear skies. a few clouds to the south.
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chance between now and 6:00 we could see a stray popup shower. it's a low chance, but i'll be watching. right now, 86 degrees. mostly clear skies. partly cloudy, hot but also still humid and there is a chance for more storms today. now the timing a little different from the last few days i'll break down your planner and show you when we could see the storms and talk about the weekend in just a few minutes. happening now, the breaking news, police are on the scene of an officer- involved shooting pinpointed on the map in a neighborhood just off of deer valley near 35th avenue. it's east of that location. getting out to katie conner. you're the first reporter on the scene. how is the police officer here? >> reporter: no officers were hurt in this shooting but we are far from the original scene. it happened in a neighborhood
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above the walls there. we were here as one person was rushed to the hospital just after 3:00 a.m. police are not releasing a ton of information they are calling it an officer-involved shooting. one person was hit. their condition not known. no officers injured during the shooting. back here live, you can see the entire street here lined with undercover detectives and patrol cars going in and out of crime scene. now deer valley is shut down to 33rd avenue. more breaking news as a major artery is shut down now. coming in from our cameras several vehicles involved in a very bad crash this morning. one is upside down. this is the loop 202 at 32nd street. allison rodriguez is at the
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interview and you confirmed it's a deadly crash. >> reporter: one person is dead and the two vehicles involved, they're still on scene here behind me. you can see the white vehicle and that dark colored suv turned upside down here. investigators, they're still on scene. you can see them around, some flash lights and they take photos and trying to piece it together. our cameras were rolling around 1:00 a.m. you can cameras what a mess it was. i'm told that the smaller white sedan car was speeding through on the 202 and struck that darker colored suv that's what sent a passenger flying through the car. that person, that man we have been able to confirm is pronounced dead and we believe he died on scene. one was a woman, one was a man. both are okay.
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are not releasing much information because they need to notify next of kin. it's going to be shut down for the next three hours as they put it together, piece this together and clean the area up because they know that rush hour will start and it's going to be a nightmare. >> it is going to be a mess for most of the morning. let's give you a closer look. it's 202 red mountain just before the that's the closure. you could hop off and traffic is light. a little bit of a backup. state route 143 to the 10 and drivers coming through later this morning to take the 60 to the 10 because you're going to want to avoid that. happening overnight, two people hit by a car while at a light rail platform. we're there on the scene. one went through the windshield of the car. another driver flagged down the
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told him to get back to the scene. he was likely impaired. the two people hit are going to be okay. it's a tremendous amount of breaking news happening this morning. >> right now, the search is on for two suspects after a game of cards takes a twist one man is rushed to the hospital. a group of guys were playing cards inside of the hooka lounge closed at the time when the shooting happened. the victim was rushed to hospital when life-threatening injuries police are looking for two black men in their 20s we're expecting to learn more. police are trying to figure out if they have a serial arsonist on their hands. the latest and largest happened at a house that was empty at the time. neighbors are concerned that
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bolder. >> you have to wake your kids up because of a fire. >> he was just blocks away and had to grab a garden hose to help firefighters put out the fire in his yard. he thinks someone in back alley set it. the job title is bank teller to one, this man walked into the bank of america near 19th avenue and was with a woman and tried to withdraw $19,000. the bank teller could tell something was off but didn't let on. she said she had to talk to the manager, really, they called police. the woman was kidnapped by 6 strangers carrying guns who
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as well as five of those other guys. now downgrades, tens of thousands without power. joining us from tallahassee. >> an unbelievable amount moisture coming on shore as the eye wall starts to approach where we're standing. the city of tallahassee gave out thousands of sandbags if you heard that, it was a transformer going out. crews cannot work in this because it's too dangerous. flying limbs, trees, all things
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if you're at home tonight, you're in a good spot. we're in a safe area under a garage and we're out here reporting as the storm continues to move across the area. a couple of lights, they just got knocked out. we're expecting probably by the end of the night, all of the lights around us will be off and you'll see me getting hit with rain we'll be here and covering hermine as she makes her way the east coast. we'll talk about who to do. this storm is not messing around. the good thing here is that it's moving through extremely fast. at last check, it was 14 miles per hour. back to you. >> as you were talking, getting reports of wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour as the storm continues through the area. tens of thousands without power. from georgia, let's bring it back home. let's talk about the local forecast and how people can
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>> we have made it to friday. there is at least a 10% chance of a stray shower. it's something i'll watch and keep you posted if i see anything that could impact your way into work. it shows the 10% chance, a chance for storms later. not a huge chance, but we could see a few popups there's plenty of moisture and it's going to be a hot and humid day. so we have storm chances but dry right now getting ready to hit the roads. temperature-wise, mild this morning. sitting in the mid-80s in several valley cities deer valley at 84. 85 in glendale. good morning in mesa, waking up to 79. by this afternoon, our temperatures just barely touch the triple digits into the low 100s. it's going to be a humid day. breaking down the hour by hour
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i'll show you what to expect in a few minutes. most of our freeways look good this morning. nice and light. remember the closure that i will give you a look at in a second. i want to head up to the north part of the valley because we have a closure deer valley road is closed between 32nd avenue and 35th. the 101 is a good option. the big mountain. you can see it's closed off. you can see the crash over on the right-hand side. it will be for most of the morning giving you a look at the smart routes in a moment. they dominated the field, how will the cards play going into the regular season? how about the main attraction? craig is breaking it down. summertime fun not just for people. a trio of bears showing no shame
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cool off. the cuffs get ready to come off for a man convicted of raping an unconscious girl.
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we have some iue roadways keeping a close eye on the doppler, we'll check in with both of them in a moment. you're following some breaking news from the live desk. a few stories, we're on court watch, where turner is set to leave jail. he is serving 3 months in jail after serving a 6-month sentence for raping an unconscious woman outside of a fraternity house in 2015.
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will be released as time served. many believe it was too lenient. one changing his plea to guilty. he was one at the shooting rampage at lax three years ago. he agreed to murder and other charges and prosecutors will not seek the death penalty. >> choppy waters rc vessel to slam into the rocks rescue teams called out to save 15 people and a dog onboard. the boat slammed into the rocks and got stuck in the spot because of a strong current. those people needing to get to shore. nobody was seriously hurt. as for the boat, it is pretty banged up. remember the story of goldy locks and the three bears?
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>> the trio of bears not being shy, they jumped into two swimming pools in california. >> mama bear playing life guard. not everyone happy about it. >> i thought i told you guys to get out of here, no go. come on, get out of here. >> once the bears had in the pool and worked up an appetite, they decided to dumpster dive. the first game of the season, the arizona cardinals, first game of the season, it's in sight as they end their preseason bid in a big way. sports director craig fouhy wrapping up things from the stadium. >> reporter: the fourth and final preseason game and a win for the cardinals, now it's
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office. >> they have 36 hours to make the cuts. the cuts have to be made by 1 :00. they have to go from 75 to 53. it's tough, especially when so many played in the game against the broncos. you have barkley who had two touchdown passes. what a great time for guys to shine in that fourth and final preseason game. >> this is a time when they want to cut some of the to get the looks from the other team. >> don't be surprised if the cardinals make cuts by friday afternoon or evening because they want them to get picked up by another team. it happens all the time. a lot of these guys feel good. big smiles on their faces after great performances it's going about a fun next few hours as we watch the cubs and
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>> thank you. big weekend ahead. >> college fall is back. asu opens its season tomorrow night at home. crews have been working hard to finish renovations. a couple changes to remind you about, just like cardinals games, they have a clear bag policy. >> also getting into the stadium could take more time as fans enter from the main concours level. that's a temporary change to deal with what is going on. >> a big game happening tomorrow. i know you have to get out the door. let's talk about what is
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there's a 10% chance we could see it here this morning. mostly clear, you're in the clear for now as you head out. 86 is the current temperature. that humidity is still elevated. the dew points sitting at 63 degrees making it feel like it's in the upper 80s. you're going to feel the mugginess in by sunday and monday, we're all dry it's not going to feel humid or uncomfortable and that means that the storm chances will be clearing out as we head through the weekend. we have to watch for them today. this morning, a 10% chance of a stray shower from 6:00 to 7:00. after that, as the atmosphere
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rim, a few popups as well. the threat will be there as longing as we see the storms firing up. by midday to mid-afternoon, we have a window here where we could see a few storms within the phoenix metro. a 10% chance of it happening between noon and 6:00 as we head into tonight, things clear out, we get the dryer air, a chance of storms and in north central arizona, the valley looking mostly sunny an all clear for our sunday and also our monday. today, that 10% chance this morning, then a bit of a quiter period. by lunchtime, the chances go back up. storm chances don't look to return until the middle part of next week. a dryer weekend ahead.
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news, it starts after sunset. temperatures will be warm we'll drop from the mid-90s at the start of the game into the 80s and it looks like we'll see the clear skies, dry conditions perfect for football. 86 is the temperature now. today, here's how the warmup happens we'll only make it into the low 100s. 103 here this afternoon. then look at your seven-day forecast, as we go through the weekend, the saturday hotter. topping out at 104. sunday, monday, those temperatures drop again and we're looking at highs in the low 100s as we head into labor day with morning temperatures in the 70s.
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, for drivers headed in, the drive time is 11 minutes from 75th avenue to the ministack. if you're trying to get to the ministack from the other direction, it's westbound at 32nd street and it will be for most of the morning. you could hop off before that and use mcdowell. you may have to use u.s. 60 from the ten as it will be closed for most of the morning. sticking with the roads, a lot of you getting ready to head out. millions of americans are prices are up compared to last week, it's not all that bad. it's cheaper here in arizona with $2.10 last year at this time, the average was $2.55 per gallon. it could be worse. >> no kidding. thank you. it is the end of the road for the workweek. time to let loose for the weekend. there are plenty of things to do
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>> bomb shell organizations. local veterans are not happy about it. we have breaking tech news samsung suspending sales of its newest phone. >> batteries have exploded. there are 35 cases so far. customers can exchange the phone for another model. check out the new tractor. it's driverless. it's monitored and controlled using a computer or a tablet. the sewny was once the
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breaking news out of north phoenix. police are on scene of an officer-involved shooting.
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live in phoenix here on the 202 where a bad crash leaves one person dead. how long this is expected to be closed for this morning. damaging winds, big waves, hermine is here. it's no longer a hurricane. there's still cause for concern. breaking news first on abc 15. >> as we begin the 5:00 hour, we're following breaking stories, they come with traffic alerts we want to start in north phoenix where shots are fired. an officer-involved shooting off of deer valley and 35th avenue. katie is there this morning. the first reporter on the scene good morning. >> we know that one person was shot in the officer-involved shooting. it's not clear who pulled the trigger. detectives are gathering, it's not clear if they're waiting on a search warrant to go in. it happened on the other side in the neighborhood back there. with i know it happened just before 3:00 a.m. police are calling this an officer-involved shooting. one person was rushed to the hospital.


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