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tv   ABC15 News Saturday  ABC  September 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm MST

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vindication in the opener this year. >> steve: they are rewarded by continually playing the big boys to start the season. >> brian: give them credit. think how far this win is going to go not only for wisconsin this season but how far it's going to go for paul chryst and recruiting in this region. >> steve: nationally this marks two teams that have lost in the first week, back to 1972, nebraska was top ranked an this is going to be an interview you want to hear. here's todd. >> todd: coach, you grew up in wisconsin, coached in wisconsin, went to wisconsin, you come back as the head coach. you told me you were on the field four other times, once for a concert and three times to watch friends play. how was this for you? >> obviously i'm happy but i'm really proud of this team. that's what i love about this
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obviously i'm happy but really because what they did and they put it out there against a really good team. i'm proud of this group and i'm really happy for them. >> todd: it's hard to know what you're going to get from a quarterback who hasn't really played and started a game since 2011 i think it was and first collegiate start to come out in this environment. what did you see in bart houston? >> he was bart. he's going to compete and there's going to be a couple plays we're going to want to learn from but he competed and i was just proud of the way everyone played together. we had that spurt where we gave them some momentum. the fumble and the pick six. guys just stayed with it and hats off to the team. they came through in a big way. this was fun because it took everyone. >> todd: i know you have a whole season to play and this is one game but watching your players and how excited and emotional they were yesterday to walk through on this field, to get this win against an lsu team
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could be a national champion, how much does this mean for all these young men who grew up packer fans watching brett favre and the other greats? >> two things. one, we want to enjoy the moment. they put themselves out here and they can't take that away. then i think there's another part. we as a team this year, how we choose to take this and go forward, that's on us. that's the challenge. right now i want them to enjoy it. it's a great opportunity. it was a challenge but areat opportunity and they took advantage of it. >> todd: great job, coach. congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> todd: we have bart over here. hey bart. how are you doing, man? how are you doing? >> doing good, very good.
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lsu is a great team. best of luck to them, but we drove, we fought. the defense made plays. we made some plays. i'm going to have to get a lot better next week too. >> todd: you're named after bart starr, first start of your college career is here on lambeau field. what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot, i think it means more to my dad. that's his favorite player. i don't know, you couldn't have made up a better story, i guess. it's an awesome experience. i love i'm so happy. it's a great time. >> todd: there were some ups and downs. things weren't going well. how were you able to overcome that? >> keep confidence, keep driving and keep going. i think we might have gotten a little satisfied after the first drive in the third quarter and
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i was telling our guys, we got to keep the confidence up, keep driving, keep striving for victories. >> todd: heck of an effort today, man. congratulations. >> thanks. >> steve: this is a disney movie, brother, right? this is real close. this is a movie script. wow. a special afternoon in a special place. >> brian: between college and nfl. >> steve: no question. you didn't see this one coming. bart houston hadn't started since 2011 in high school. starts and wins at lambeau field. be sure to tune into abc tonight at 8:00 eastern for saturday night football presented by wells fargo, usc/alabama. in the end, they did the leap. there's no flag on the play.
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giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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this is arc bc15 news -- abc15 news. a valley man is shot in his own driveway. what he may have seen two criminals doing before he was hurt? anyone heading north of the valley, what drivers are going through hitting the highway.
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devils and wildcats kick off their seasons. >> i can't wait for it. we begin with that travel nightmare. thanks for joining us tonight. drivers find it slow north of the valley. these are some photos tweeted out. you can see that bumper-to- bumper traffic. northbound traffic has been steady since 11:00 this morning with cars going about 10 miles per hour slow down. abc15 is live on i17 right now, so, joe, what have you been seeing as you've been making your way up there? >> reporter: well, kim, we are between black canyon city and sunset point. traffic was sluggish a few minutes ago. the backup right now from
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miles or so. it's moving but not as fast as it should be moving. even gridlock for a period of time getting into pay son. this is a holiday traffic corridor and you can't speed and they want you to keep your speed down and eyes up on the roadway. they don't want any acci are you inning this holiday week -- ruining this holiday weekend. >> thank you. we're going to take a look at our traffic map right now. a live look for you. we use these in the morning. we'll let you know what to expect. you can see in the valley u we have troubled areas but really green going throughout i17. we'll keep checking on that. more traffic trouble north of the valley. this time on sr87 heading into
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traffic is improving, but earlier there was a backup that remained steady for hours. that looks like it caused a lot of headaches. a scare for a pilot and passenger who were forced to make an emergency landing in good year. there was smoke in the cockpit and they landed on a road. nobody was hurt. we have breaking news update for you to a story we broke this morning. a phoenix man leaving for work left fighting for his life after he driveway. this happened in southwest phoenix at 35th a of and southern. he was leaving for work at about 4:30 this morning when you got into not a argument with two suspects. he was shot in the chest. they noticed car doors were wide open when he got there. they are investigating whether the suspects are connected to car burglaries in that area. they may have led to that could not frantation with the man
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the victim has never had any issues. detectives are searching surveillance videos. one man was stabbed several times. this happened at the circle at 16th street and roosevelt. the victim was asleep in his car when someone walked up and started attacking him. one of the to be wounds was to his neck. he's going to be okay. a suspected drunk driver in jail after crashing into a police cruiser. the good news, no officers hurt in this one. a witness tells us the driver of a truck was asleep in his truck in the median at baseline and southern when police
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and narrowly missed an officer. we're working to find out what that impairment was and figure out what he's being charged with. did you feel your house shake? an earthquake this morning centered in oklahoma felt as far away as arizona. only one minor injury reported, but there's plenty of minor damage in oklahoma today. the 5.6 quake happened this morning. people even reported feeling it. it was unlike smaller quakes that he's felt over the past couple years. >> it was a sustained quaking. it lasted a long time. it was something that, you know, you had your presence of mind to be able to check on children and do different things like that. >> dozens of water wells were ordered to shut down today by
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a spokesperson says it's due to scientific links that an increase in the underground disposal of wastewater induces these kinds of earthquakes. 15 firefighters jumped into action to rescue a 41-year-old woman from south point today. she broke her ankle coming down. they had plenty of wire. they had cell phones so they contacted the rescue teams to tell them where they were. a big day and both asu and u of a football fans. they are showing off their new stadium. chris is live there. chris, pretty fun assignment today. they're showing cool stuff off. >> reporter: oh, yeah. that's right. we're less than four hours away from kickoff, but fans have been out here for as long as 12 hours. you take a look over here. we have skirt steak on the grill. we're going to show you paul
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and they're the biggest sun devils fans you've ever seen. paul, he's been a fan for 25 years, and he's never seen sun devil stadium renovated. they're waiting for -- new improvement. more than $260 million and did you see that excitement? that's how excited they are for this game. also some other changes game day. remember, you guys have to have the clear bags now when you're getting into the game. you can't be bringing any purses or any backpacks. they want to you carry these clear bags that you see right here about this size. they're handing them out to the students in the area. a lot of excitement and changes to asu game day. we're going to keep track of it so you know what you need to know before kickoff. >> so much fun for the fans. i'm biased.
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tonight. we have a preview of the game. >> we'll talk about both games, but this is the 40th meeting between these two teams. much the recent history hasn't been kind to the lumberjacks. the last time they hosted them in 2012, it was a late august game they got beat up. this fall, the sun devils have yet to name a starting quarterback. they have four starters on offense and 6 on defense. add that to the coming off a 6-win season and we're not sure what 2016 is going to bring quite yet. on the other hand, the lumper backs have one of the top quarterbacks in the nation and they're sitting in the top 20 in the preseason poll. the sun devils should dominate this one later tonight. out west, wildcats take on the cougars in the kickoff classic in glendale. you're looking at video of the last time they met.
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in the las vegas bowl. the wildcats won that one. the cougars and cats have split the last 6 in the series. tonight's game is at university of phoenix stadium with kickoff set for 7:30 that should be packed with fans out there. two big games tonight. >> it makes you want a burger or hot dog. everybody is grilling out, enjoying their day outside. not a bad day to be outside enjoying the kickoff of football season here. taking a look outside, you can see not a lotted of clouds in the -- a lot of clouds in the sky. our meteorolog what we can he expect -- what we can expect? >> gusty breezes between 20 and 25 miles per hour. valley wise, here's what you're temperatures look like. 105 in phoenix. 103 in scottsdale. asu tonight, we will still keep bruises through about kickoff and then lighter winds in the 90s but 8:00.
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end of the game. more coming up in a couple minutes. pistol-whipped at work, your heap is needed -- help is needed catching armed robbers. we'll show you the surveillance video. a valley family asking four your help.
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burglar caught on video. they need your find to find the guys. it happened june 30th at 25th avenue in phoenix. two men in their 20s game into that store demanding cash and cigarettes from the clerk. one of them hit the worker in the head with a gun. the two had their faces covered and went behind the counter. they felt a backpack and plastic bag with cigarettes and beer before taking off on foot. take a look at this video. if you have any information, you are urged witness. you can remain anonymous. final numbers pouring in. they show a big turn of events
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good news today for president happened -- andy biggs. all the ballots have been counted and he has a razor thin
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5. here are the unofficial results. he leads former god toy executive by just 9 votes. she was ahead since bream day, but we've seen that lead shrink. the race to replace matt in district 5 apparently heading to a recount. biggs released a statement saying in part, over the last 48 hours, we have witnessed one of the most remarkable he electoral turn around. we started yesterday down more than 500 votes and finished it by winning the election 9 votes. we'll continue to cover that one for you. another tight race for the county recorder herself. cord egg to the latest numbers, she's ahead by 185 votes. she came upped fire for -- under fire for the long lines during the presidential preference election. it's open now, odyssey
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>> i like that one over there. there's one upstairs that i like. >> i like the colors. >> they're excited to see all that stuff. a big hit with the kids. we found thousands of people in line for the grand opening today. the founder says the phoenix metro was the only area in the country without an aquarium this size and has 200,000 square feet filled with thousands of >> we've been assembling a collection of fish. we've brought the penguins from south africa. we flew in fish from the great barrier reef in australia. >> a lot of people checking it out. we're finding the numbers out for you. hopefully we'll have them for you tonight at 10:00. laura, a lot of people outside having fun. >> of course.
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highs have been honging -- anging -- hanging around 105. the doppler is quiet and as you look at the state with me, even statewide, we haven't seen the showers and thunderstorms. i've had a few up across extreme northern mojave county. we're sitting at 105 now. dry air has moved in and it is here to stay for a couple of days. arizona wildcats tonight taking on byu in glendale. going to be a few breezes through the 8:00 hour and we'll get into the 80s by the end of the game keeping clear skies all night long. it will be clear across the valley tonight and a little cooler as all of us dip into thes. going to be -- 70s. going to be a gorgeous start in the morning. this dryer air has moved in across the state. the more moist air moved off to the east. that's where you'll find the green color. we continue to dry things out over the next couple of days and as you look at the future
4:26 pm
any showers or thunderstorm chances tomorrow across the valley or the state. so if your travels take you down to the south, things looking very nice as we're traveling around visiting family and friends and enjoying the extended weekend on this labor day. we stay dry sunday, monday. dry weather. them we start to see the moisture return. we'll bring the rain chances up slightly here in the valley, a country tuesday and then wees and thursday -- wednesday and thursday, the rain chances up to 20%. 70s across the valley tonight. back up to 100 tomorrow and chandler will hit 101. upper 90s tomorrow in peoria. as you look at current temperatures outside, 70s, very nice there in flagstaff. 82 in prescott. 40s north tonight. jackets needed tomorrow
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looking for 80s.
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let's start with college football. the sun devils with a late start as they host the lumberjacks. this is when they met in august of three touchdowns as the devils dominated the jacks winning 63- 6. they led 42-0 by halftime. this year, the sun devils haven't named their starting quarterback and have just 10 starters back. >> we still have a chip on oar shoulder -- our shoulder. last year's report was 6-7. we have a big chip on our shoulders. we're preparing and getting
4:30 pm
healthy. >> he have withent played nau before. looking at the film t only shows you so much until you get out there and get the game experience. i guess on saturday we'll see. they have some d line that came back and starting linebackers from last year that came back. that's the only thing we can really bank on right now. the wildcats take on the cougars in the cactus kickoff classic tonight at university of phoenix stadium. this is archived video of the last of 2008 in the las vegas bowl. the wildcats won that one much of the cougars and cats have gone 3-3 in the last games of the series. they're set to kick off at 7:30. number three oklahoma staking on tuesday ton down in houston. cougar quarterback throws for 321 yards and two touchdowns while brandon wilson goes in
4:31 pm
make it 26-17 houston with 8:28 to go. the sooner quarterback throws for 323 yards and two touchdowns, both of them to mark andrews. he's just a sophomore. houston pulls off the win. in the pac 12, the 14th ranked huskies hosting rutgers. the sophomore quarterback throws for three touchdowns while john ro returns this kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown. pettis returns a punt for a score. the huskies dominate 48-13 your final. after wrapping up the preseason with a win over the broncos thursday night, the arizona cardinals have been in cut mode the last 36 hours trying to get to the league mandated 53 man roster by 1:00 this afternoon.
4:32 pm
minutes ago, matt barkley, two receivers along with linebackers donald butler. teams can start signing players to the 10-man practice squad tomorrow. coach arians talked about how tough this is to make the final cuts when he met with the media yesterday afternoon. >> cut wise, there's guys that made a -- we're still in deliberations. there's a lot of things that can happen here in the last 24 hours with other teams, our team. so there's not a lot to say about that right now. >> this was tough on them right now. all those guys that were hoping to make the roster, the dreams that we had, a number of them shattered. hopefully they get back on the practice squad. >> thank you. heading out to sea, still causing a lot of problems.
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all new tonight two, years later and the family is searching for answers in their loved one's murder. he was shot and killed in may of 2014 walking from home to work. abc is live. his family is speaking out about this. >> they are the family and asking for public for help if anyone knows or remembers anything, any bit of information, that can help them bring them peace and justice for kevin. it was may 7th, 2014 that he was lk the bar near 7th street and northern. he had stayed to help a coworkers close. he was blocks away from home. he was only 35. his father says whoever did this took away not only his son but his future grandchildren. his family says he had beat cancer before he was killed. >> i mishearing his laugh, even if it was laughing at me.
4:36 pm
and he loved to play jokes. >> until there's an arrest or whoever did this is out walking around and can do that to your family. >> silent witness is offering a reward of up to $4500 in this case. anyone with any information should call silent witness, and you can remain anonymous. back to you. >> thank you. it has been a busy 24 hours for valley firefighters. we start with an overnight fire at an apartment complex at i17 and green way. two gunshots damaged by flames. everyone made it out. it's unclear if anyone had to go to the hospital. another one where firefighters were called out. we're working to learn what happened here. there were also firefighters at this house fire. we're told this is a vacant house. nobody inside at the time. firefighters able to stop that fire from spreading. we're told the kitchen area was
4:37 pm
no word upon what sparked it? another fire this morning, this home going up in flames south of downtown. a huge response at this one, dozens of firefighters battling the flames. the people living here made it out safely. as soon as we learn more, we'll let you know. a weather alert for you. what's left of hurricane hermine headed out to sea, but the danger is not over yet. it is graining strength as it moves north and millions along the east coast are at risk for this weekend. coast with more. >> reporter: hermine blasted through the carolinas and virginia, battering coastal communities with wind, rain, and surf. >> i couldn't get out here. it was windy. i couldn't get on my deck and it was just black. >> reporter: that meant 60 miles an hour winds strong enough to rip the side of this track and knockdown trees. >> it was like an explosion in my backyard. this -- everything went up in the air and around.
4:38 pm
tornado leaving several injured. >> we're getting multiple calls regarding a house collapse. unknown how many injuries? >> reporter: fire crews responded to a hotel where a small electrical fire forced an evacuation. families sent down to the lobby watching as the wind tore through the city. in virginia beach, the surf is barreling in. residents left waiting out the holiday weekend at home. >> this is labor and this beach is empty. even the die hard surfers who take advantage of these waves are not out here because the rip currents are deadly as well. that's the case up and down the coast. >> reporter: the focus moves north. hermine is back in the atlantic gaining strength as a post tropical cyclone. warnings and watches extending up into new jersey, new york, and connecticut. residents heading to hardware stores. >> people are inquiring about
4:39 pm
flashlight. >> reporter: where hermine made landfall in florida, residents are surveying what's left. >> this right here sets you back a whole year at least. >> reporter: millions hoping the rest of this storm won't be as bad. atlantic city, new jersey. we're also tracking noshing lester nothing of the hawaiian islands. it will not be a -- it will not be a direct hit. sustained winds hour. gusts at 104 miles per hour. we will continue -- it will continue to decrease in strength. not going to be a direct hit on any of the hawaiian islands, but we do have high turf warnings out and hurricane warnings all around the islands right now as we head into monday, tuesday, it will be off to the northwest and things are looking clear back to the southwest as far as the tropics
4:40 pm
out there. beautiful night across the valley. 36 due dew point -- 36 dew point. we'll keep breezes tonight. lighter winds by 9:00 many lows in the 70s. no rain chances as we go through the evening. more on your labor day forecast coming up. >> thank you. a sad discovery in minnesota. authorities there just confirming the remains found are those of a ch back in 1989. 11-year-old jacob was taken at gunshot nearly 30 years ago at his home. the remains were recovered after a man named a person of interest in the case was questioned by authorities and told them where they could be found. dna tests are now being connected. a police officer killed in the line of duty while chasing after a suspect. two officers were led on a foot pursuit, shots fired in both directions.
4:41 pm
the officer was hit and he passed away at the hospital. two officers were the fresno county sheriff's department shot and injured this morning at a county jail. they were responding to an active shooter in the lobby. they were taken to the hospital for treatment. at this the, it's not known how their conditions are. one suspect is in custody. a small plane went down in florida today killing two people on the says na went into the flick -- says na -- plane went down and is submerged into 40 feet of water. they are trying to figure out what went wrong in the sky. strom going to church today taking his appeal to african- american voters. >> i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination
4:42 pm
that must still be made right. they will be made right. >> trump attended service at a black church in detroit. trump faces backlash for talking about problems in fronts of mostly white crowds. trump gave brief remarks saying he would bring economic change. >> it's not about the speech or the message today. it's what follows it. is there going to through? >> the former rival joined him. carson took the businessman on
4:43 pm
(vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth
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now it's your turn to make the switch. president obama is at the summit where u.s. and china signed on the paris agreement on climate change. they submitted their nation's plans to reduce carbon emissions.
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pleating as meet -- meeting at president. if you're going to be doing some shopping over the holiday weekend, we're taking action with four stores having some big sales for you. you can expect deep discounts on gas, grills, and appliances at home depot. lowes is slashing prices on patio furniture, macy's officer site wide discounts online, and wal-mart has patio and garden items on clearance as well as a lot of back to school items. lots of you the highway. while gas prices are up compared to last week, really not looking too bad. the national average is $2.22, even cheaper in arizona at $2.10 and this time last year, our state average was $2.55. as you make your labor day weekend plans, don't forget the plans for that designated driver. law enforcement across the state will be out looking for those drunk drivers. there's a lot of ways to get home safe. you can call a friend, uber, or a taxi.
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free on monday. they're willing to tow you and your car up to ten miles. ask for tipsy tow. it's good monday night through tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m. and as you take a look outside with me right now, we are going to be tracking some pretty pleasant mp through tomorrow as we go back to the forecast and see what's going on out there right now, we've had breezes. look at the valley cam with me. phoenix right now has had breezes between 20 and 25 miles per hour. here's a look at the winds out of that southwesterly direction. 10 to 15 miles per hour. we do have some gusts at this hour near 25 miles per hour at the airport with gusty conditions right now there. so here's the plan tomorrow. we are going to be looking for
4:47 pm
day out of the east-southeast around 5 to 10 miles per hour. throughout the afternoon as you're making sunday afternoon plans, we'll be back between 10 and 15 miles per hour. those will be sustained with gusts up to around 20 miles per hour again tomorrow afternoon. the forecast is going to be staying hot and dry. that's what we're ex we canning out there right now to -- expecting out there right now to continue. the winds are at 14 miles per hour. here's the temperature plan this evening. 94 at 8:00. 9:00 at 91. then weep dip knot -- we'll dip into the 80s. we'll be looking for the 70s. cool night tonight where we stayed in the low 80s. we'll take 5 to 6 degrees off as we head into tomorrow. then in the afternoon, we'll be back up to around 101. today we topped out at 106. afternoon highs tomorrow will be cooler. still going to be a sunny, warm
4:48 pm
gusts up to 30. air quality forecast looking okay. it is going to be in the moderate category. if you do have plans outdoors and you're sensitive to the ozone levels, again in the moderate category tomorrow afternoon. winds gusts stronger across the high country. 30 miles per hour gusts in flagstaff along the rim between 20 and 25 miles per hour gusts. as you look at 70s in flagstaff, 80s in winslow. lows tonight in the 70s. lake havasu at 74. 73 in the bend. low 70s in tucson and the highs tomorrow, a little cooler as compared to today. a pleasant day in sedona, 83 as you're making plans over this weekend. so as you look at your most accurate forecast with me, not
4:49 pm
a few clouds, we see the the monsoon moisture return. 20% chance for showers and thunderstorms. the tropics as we get into the middle and later part of next week that, could send richer moisture that could increase rain chances. keep an eye on that forecast as we get closer. a few breezes return. morning lows in the 70s. >> thank you. do you know a breast cancer survivor or someone tt the disease in are they using their experience to give back to the community? they want to you nominate someone to have their story shared here on abc15. they will also win a $500 gift card. for rules and to nominate someone for the stories of strength, go to the last date to nominate someone is september 11th. dreams realized, some destroyed. we're talking about all the mandatory cuts across the nfl.
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join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed... only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! teddy bridgewater sam bradford. the vikings believe they can be a super bowl team and they're hoping bradford can lead them to houston next february. the eagles are expected to go with first round draft pick. after wrapping up the preseason with a win over the broncos, the cardinals have been in cut mode the last 36 hours. some of the guys released today
4:53 pm
backs, two receivers along with donald butler. they can start signing players to the practice squad tomorrow. it's time for the all stars. we're headed to the football field for week number one of the youth football season. they are excited to get the season started. it's just after 7:00 on a typical saturday morning and the players and coaches are already on the field preparing for an 8:00 kickoff. before we take the first sn, you have to get weighed in. >> 94. check your fingernails and cleats. once the pregame checks are done, it's time to warm-up. and then get the game started. >> red team won the toss, deferred their choice to the second half. white team will receive. >> the parents are in place. the ball is on the tee, and it's time for the fusion in white to scare off against the
4:54 pm
2016 season. >> for every team on the field, there's a support staff working behind the scenes and probably none more important than the water boy. >> that's what i call high quality h2o. >> meet the 12-year-old who keeps them hydrated. after a scoreless first quarter, the fusion put toth number 22, jones, takes it in around the left side. the pat is good and they're up 8-0. on the next drive, the fusion run off tackle ride, but jack steals the ball and returns it for a touchdown. in fact, he does it twice in one game. congratulations fusion and firebirds. you're this week's small stars.
4:55 pm
recent small stars, visit our website, you can also e-mail us or contact me on facebook or via twitter. we've been talking about the sun devils in tempe, the wildcats in glendale. chris is out with the fans all afternoon. chris, how's it going in the heat? how are the fans doing? ready for game one? >> reporter: the heat isn't so bad. thank you for helping me get this assignment today because i've been trying to find the tailgaters and we have some winners here. we're going to join fill out here on the grill. look al these -- look at these dance moves. we've got the tailgating favorites and we're having a great time. these guys, they've been out here all day. some of them getting set up as early as 4:30 this morning for tonight's game making sure they get a great spot for this
4:56 pm
20 to 30 years. that's how long this stadium has been renovated. we're to get to see that first glimpse. no matter what, they're excited for the home opener and they can't wait to see what's new inside the stadium. >> very proud, not just a football fan but totally for asu because it all of it changed for the better, and they're doing a great job all the way around. >> reporter: now, of course, what's a little dale gating without throwing -- tailgating without throwing the football around. we told you about the clear plastic bags that new policy that went into effect. also a new policy, you can bring in water bottles, but not like this. it needs to be full and sealed or it can be completely empty for you to fill up inside the
4:57 pm
>> chris, i was hoping for dancing out of you over by the hot dogs and the barbecue. >> he thought about it. >> that's coming up. >> people are excited for the game. >> the weather is nice, dry out across the valley. take a look at the forecast. it's not much different for u of a in glendale. 90s in the forecast. can we bring the up? >> i do not want to dance. >> we just need music. >> before we leave, do you have an old bicycle taking up space? think about donating it for a child in foster care. this is the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. you can learn more on our
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welcome to field and stream stores kickoff week. >> chris: an ambition so rarely attained. cc we call it a dynasty. >> the trojans of usc, your bcs national champions. >> alabama, back on top. another building block in this dynasty. >> chris: dynasties rule. reign. dominate. tonight, the last two teams to hold that distinction face off. the trojans, who once ruled the sport. and now, aim to regain that


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