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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  September 3, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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>> right now, the hunt is on for whoever pulled the trigger shooting a valley man in his own driveway. plus, the string of fires within a few blocks. one neighborhood is taking action. >> football is back. the university of arizona wildcats taking on byu out in glendale and the arizona state lumber jacks. two night games here in the valley. first, breaking news, fire and medical tweeting out about a bad crash on u.s. 60 at superstition mountain. three vehicles are involved in this. eight people in total, two of them immediately rushed to the hospital. we have a crew headed to the scene. we will pass along any updates as soon as they come in. phoenix police and firefighters investigating after a man's
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firefighters are investigating arson. this happened at an apartment complex at 43rd and thunderbird. no information as to how the fire started. one neighbor woke up to the sound of fire trucks overnight. >> last night, id heard sirens and i got up. there were a bunch of fire trucks outside. i think it is scary. it is weird. i didn't think that would ever happen here. >> police have not released that man's identity. people in a chandler neighborhood on high alert tonight after a string of in the area. six suspicious fires in the last month at chandler and mcclintog. the latest last night. neighbors are taking action now. the fires have been ruled suspicious only. they are not calling it arson, they are searching for a connection they might share. just last night, a fence caught fire. the home right behind it was gutted in a fire earlier this weekful and before that, fire started in a trailer, car,
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one man telling us he was driving around tonight searching for anything suspicious and wondering if he would see more police out there. >> i'm just worried about my house. my property. like i said, everybody around here just works for a living. and i don't want to wake up in the middle of the night and find my house on fire. >> neighbors are very concerned at this point. police investigating searching for patterns between all six of these fires. it has been a busy 24 hours for valley over. on your left, an apartment fire in greenway. thankfully, everybody made it out safely. on your right, a house fire at seventh and southern. we are told this was a vacant house. nobody inside at the time. firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading. the kitchen area was pretty damaged. no word on what sparked it. dozens of firefighters called out to the scene as this home went up in flames. we are told the people living there made it out safe.
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story we broke this morning. a phoenix man leaving for work fighting for every breath after he was shot in his own driveway. this happened in southwest phoenix at 35th and southern. detectives say the man was headed to work at 4:30 a.m. when he got into an argument with two suspects outside. one pulled a gun and shot the man in the chest. when police arrived they noticed a few car doors wide open. detectives investigating whether the two suspects are connected the area and if that led up to the confrontation. >> every time they drove by, and when they come out of the cars you know, always say hi, how are you guys. you know, they are nice. i mean, i never see them be in trouble or anything like that. >> detectives are checking home surveillance cameras that may have caught the suspects and the crime on video. right now, a man recovers
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stabbed several times. this happened at a circle kidnapped at 16 street in roosevelt. witnesses say the victim was asleep in his car when someone walked up and attacked him. one of those stab wounds was to the neck. the victim is expected to be okay. police have not said what led up to all of this. amazing video just into the news room from an abc15 viewer. look at that. that car engulfed in flames. adot tweeting about the crash earlier today. all lane this fire. college football is back. and in a rare event, both arizona state university and u of a opening their season right here in the valley. it felt weird to say that. >> fans from tempe and tucson out in force tonight cheering on their respective schools. abc15's chris grove spent a little time with both fans. a lot of energy tonight clearly on the field and in the stands. >> reporter: yeah.
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now bitter rivals on the field not taking each other on tonight. instead, it is the battle of the fans. each of them putting on a show trying to see who has the best tailgate, the better fans, and of course, who has the best food. >> it's all good. >> reporter: while the duel in the desert is not on tap tonight, fans from asu and rival u of a went head to head in a battle of the brat and who could bring the ultimate tailgate experience to college football. >> it is all about the heat. >> reporter: fans more than excited for what the new year brings including a newly renovated sun devils stadium. something paul mendez has never seen in the 20 years he has cheered on the devils. >> we used to climb the mountain to see it back then. the stadium was small. now it is big. i'm inside now. >> reporter: speaking of big, u of a in the valley playing inside the university of phoenix stadium. something that has wildcat fans
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it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> it will be crazy. we will win the game. but ... don't be too offended fans. >> reporter: now, of course, who had the best tailgate, i have to say for me, it is quite a tossup. we had some really great chicken from uoa fans and the ribs paul served us up from the asu fans were pretty good too. they will have to decide on the field this time this year. guys, back to you. appreciate it. but you are not wearing a red shirt. coach today graham and the sun devils open the season against northern arizona university. there is nothing like running out of that tunnel on opening night. but, sophomore manny wilkins, the guy with 12 snaps leading the devils on a seven play 44- yard drive. he takes it in from 13 yards out. the faithful are loving it.
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running right over actually hurdling the lumber jack defense with this. he is like in the olympics. in the third, the devils are up 10-6. more coming up later. >> can't wait for it craig. a gorgeous night on the gridiron and everyone where else in the valley. perfect for football tonight. >> gorgeous out there. mostly clear skies. we topped out at 106 today. average high 103. we were slightly above that. if you look at the time lapse, clouds back to the north. much of the state quiet. outside, we are at 91 in deer valley. 94 glendale. a lot of 80s in the east valley. all of us dipping into the 70s tonight, so beautiful start sunday morning. we will warm up quickly into the 90s by noon. highs tomorrow will take a couple of degrees off the afternoon high temperatures around 101 in phoenix. a few more breezes as we get into the afternoon hours.
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early evening tomorrow. the if you have plans to be outdoors to look forward to and also the air quality forecast, tomorrow, those levels running just a little high. as we say in the moderate category, sensitive to moderate ozone levels. we will be talking about what to expect for the rest of your labor day weekend. all in a few minutes. >> thanks. we talk about getting out tomorrow. welshing bet tore night, earlier today though, backups on i-18 and state route slowing people trying to hit the high country. adot reminds signs to slow down and pay extra attention. as you make plans don't forget to plan for the designated driver. law enforcement across the state is out searching for the drunk drivers. you don't want to be one of them. there's plenty of ways to get home safe with an uber, a sober friend, a taxi. but if you nighed help getting a ride home, aaa is offering to do this for free monday.
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your car up to ten miles. call 1-800-aaa help and ask for tipsy tow. dozens have been hospitalized because of fair rides. tonight, the latest accident that has people questioning if they are safe. >> trembles felt miles away, but the ground actually kept people safe in the oklahoma earthquake. >> plus, why let a little water get you down? this arizona couple keeps the
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>> it has been quite the summer for amusement park scares. a ride's computer in memphis detected a problem and went into avety mode, but the operator panicked and stopped the ride before the safety bar was in place. the people injured in the moonraker ride were able to walk away without too much
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tonight. a developing story, a new jersey police officer fighting for his life in the hospital after an early morning shooting. atlantic city patrol officers stopped a group of men and the men opened fire on the cops. one suspect was killed. a man hunt is now under way for the five others who ran away from this scene. imagine the panic at a fresno jail when a visitor in the lobby starts shooting. two unarmed officers seriously hurt. both shot in the head fresno detectives say eventually, a lieutenant returned fire hitting the shooter who also got hurt tonight. he hasn't been identified. cops are saying that he has a long criminal history. so, what set him off? all this? apparently, he didn't like being confronted after cutting in line. a foot chase, new mexico leads to a shoot-out leading. this man has a long criminal history. he took off running, shots were
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the suspect died at the scene. the police officer, 33-year-old clint corvini has died at the hospital. he leaves behind an eight-year- old daughter. it has been the big talk, the 5.6 magnitude earthquake that struck oklahoma. we are learning why there one more damage. experts are crediting the type of rock in that part of the country. hard bedrock able to absorb more of the earthquake's energy. we have seen part of the buildings crumble there. development, nearly 40 waste water disposal wells had to be shut down. hermine has left thousands without electricity and killed two people. it spawned a tornado in north carolina closing beaches as far north as new york. winds are now up to 70 miles an hour as they move northeast now toward maryland. it is expect today regain
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weakening to a tropical storm by tuesday. and talk about good sports. look at these two from arizona. getting married in the middle of that weather mess. and their wedding photos there, just as hermine dumped rain at kittyhawke, north carolina. fortunately, their i dos happened before all of this came in. the rain and wind made a pretty great backdrop for the photos and they will have big memories for years to come. got married in the eye of the tropical storm. >> rain is good luck. >> they say that. they had some luck and they will have a good wedding and obviously, hopefully the guests had fun too. i'm sure they did. everybody probably had fun in the valley. weather was gorgeous. football, a lot going on out there. i think the only thing we could complain about, a storm -- a little warm this afternoon. wind speeds sustained out of the southwest around 5 to 15
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a little breezier there in the west valley. top wind gusts, mesa gateway, 25 miles an hour gusts. sky harbor, 26 miles an hour gusts. tempe, right around the 24 miles an hour gusts. we will see these return throughout the afternoon, out of the southeast around 5 to 10 miles an hour. picking up sustained winds. 10 to 15 with gusts up to around 20 throughout the afternoon hours. once we get into the evening things will be much more calm. that is what is happening tonight. we had some of those stronger around 35 miles an hour. 10 sustained right now in kingman. light in winslow. dew point temperatures are in the 30s and the 40s statewide. 41-degree dew point, so we have drier air continuing to felt nor across the state. and we will continue to do so as we go through the next couple of days. here's way. all of that monsoon moisture getting pushed off to the east. we have a storm system up to the north bringing some of the breezes in tomorrow. you can see how dry it is going
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watches down the west coast. maybe some tropical moisture we will be watching that as well as we get into next week. that could bring the rain chances back up as early as wednesday. so, be watching that sunday, monday for your labor day, we are keeping things dry. isolated rain chance with more widespread rain across the high country coming up tuesday with rain chances around 20% right now wednesday and thursday. we will be watching that forecast for you and keep you updated. here's the plan for tomorrow. some of those breezes, highs a little bit cooler. afternoon. topping out at 106. tomorrow, 101. labor day, 102. plenty of sunshine. light winds in the monday forecast. 52 right now in flagstaff. 68 in winslow. 61 show low. 90s for bullhead city. 92 out the door here in phoenix. lows tonight in the 50s along the rim. we will have 40s for flagstaff. so, a cool start there. jackets needed in the morning.
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96 for an afternoon high in stafford. look at the forecast with me. not going toe see a lot changing. those temperatures staying slightly below average. 96 wednesday. more clouds move in. isolated rain chances. we will have breezes as well. 97 next friday. 101 next saturday. morning lows in the 70s. poor craig has been running around here back and forth keeping us updated. they keep scoring. so his work co >> opening weekend of college football, that means a very busy day. long day. but a lot of fun. it is all worth it when the team runs out of the tunnel.
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>> coach todd graham and the arizona state sun devils opening the 2016 season against northern arizona university. there is nothing like out of that pat tillman tunnel in the opening game of the season. manny wilkins leads the devils on a drive. he taxite in from 13 yards out. put the devils up. and the fans are loving it out there at sun devil stadium. in the second, wilkins takes off. rambles 28 yards running right over hurdling the lumber jack defense. they hit from 33 yards out. the devils take a 10-3 lead into halftime.
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with the devils up 13-6. out in glendale, arizona wildcats hosting byu and the cactus classic. the pass is picked off by francis bernard at the byu35. 11 plays later, cougar tug back brayden takes it out. wide left. byu takes a 9-0 lead. with one second to go in the first half, arizona with a shot from 52 yards the kick misses misses left. right now, we are in the fourth quarter. oklahoma taking on houston. greg ward jr. throws for 321 yards in two touchdowns while brandon wilson goes end line to end zone making it 26-17 houston with 8:28 to go in the third. baker mayfield throws 323 yards and two touchdowns.
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scottsdale desert mountain tight end mark andrews. houston pulls off the upset beating the sooners 33-23. out in the pack 12, the 14th ranked washington huskies hosting rutgers. jake browning throws for 287 yards and three touchdowns. john ross, a touchdown. dante pettis returns a punt for a score. the huskies get a kickoff and a punt return for the first time in the same game since 2001. the huskies win. 16th ranked ucla taking on a&m and college station. this one goes to overtime. the bruins fight back scoring on a seven play 64-yard drive. and then a three-play 77-yard drive with josh rosen throwing to kenneth walker for 62 yards in the touchdown. the bruins go for two and tie the game at 24-24.
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one. trevor night into the end zone. and a&m steals a if 4-21 win over the bruins. the 24th ranked oregon ducks hosting uc davis up in eugene. oregon goes for two. takes an 8-6 lead early. oregon freshman quarterback dakota krurc a with three touchdowns. freeman scores two on the ground. the ducks score over the aggies. after wrapping up preseason, the arizona cardinals have been in cut mode. here are some of the key guys released earlier today. quarterback matt barkley. running back elijah penny and kerwin williams. jackson shipley. donald butler. shaq riddick. ten guys will be reassigned. hopefully some of them will find a home. >> don't send them away. it is fun college football. >> it is. we are back. >> thank you craig.
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a desperate plea for your help. a valley family calling for justice after their son was shot. his killer never tracked down. plus ... age is just a number right? well, one 12-year-old's business is getting a lot of
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>> a business gaining attention in illinois. but it is not run by your typical owner. no, this is 12-year-old jayden hammond. his parents taught him the benefit of entrepreneurs early on so they were excited when he started his own gourmet vegan popcorn company building it on
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he says it is a big learning experience and his little sister says it is not easy working with the family. >> i feel happy sometimes, but sometimes, i don't feel happy because jayden is always bossing me around like a baby. >> the family spends their time growing the business at markets. jayden donates 5% of his earnings to the flint water crisis every weekend. do you have a bike around taking up space? why not donate it? the recycle your bicycle campaign. drop off bikes at any of the 20earnhardt locations. you can find the full list at still to come, attacked at work. now a valley clerk needs your
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behind bars. labor day sees a lot of people
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>> following breaking news tonight at 10:30, superstition fire and medical on the scene of a bad crash at u.s. 60 and superstition mountain. raquel cervantes just geting to the scene. what are you learning tonight? >> reporter: we just got to the scene a few minutes ago. emergency crews are cleaning up
10:31 pm
let me show you what this looks like. the truck that is now on the bed of that tow truck was flipped over. it still is right now. you can see that white car is also in pretty bad shape. just a few hundred feet, just by that, this is also involving a truck that was carrying, that was towing along these water, these jet skis. superstition fire telling us that this involved eight patients and two people were taken, were rushed from the scene taken to local trauma centers. we are not sure of their conditions or the six other people's conditions but people are working to reopen this scene and they are working to get this all cleaned up now. traffic is restricted to one lane. that left lane there. and dps is saying that this will take about 60 minutes to an hour-and-a-half to get this all cleaned up. we are working to get some more information. when we have it, we will be sure to bring that to you.
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two years later and a valley family is searching for answers with their loved one's murder. tonight, they are asking for your help. it was may 7, 2014 that kevin ore was walking home from work at rum runner bar near seventh and northern. hours later someone passing by found him shot to death in the road just blocks away from his house. he was only 35 years old. kevin's family telling us he had just beaten cancer before he was killed. arrest or ... whoever did this is out walking around and could do that to your family. >> silent witness is offering a reward of up to $4,500 in this case. anyone with information urged to call silent witness at 480- witness. remember, you can remain anonymous. silent witness offering a reward if you can help solve this case. a circle k worker pistol whipped during an armed
10:33 pm
it happened in the early morning hours of june 30 at 25th avenue and glendale in phoenix. two men in their 20s came into the store, demanded cash and cigarettes from the clerk. one of them hitting the worker in the head with their gun. they had their faces covered. filled up the backpack in plastic circle k bag with cigarettes and beer before running off. this man is behind bars for allegedly taking a stolen truck on a joyride. prescott police say renaldo de los santos stole the construction truck. it got close to hitting people and other cars. officers caught up to the vehicle. he surrendered. right now, he is being held on $15,000 bond. a suspected drunk driver in jail after crashing right into a police cruiser and the good news in this, officers not hurt. a witness says the driver was asleep in his truck in the
10:34 pm
southern. when police approached him, he woke up, made a u-turn. hit a police cruiser. we are working to find out more information about his alleged impairment and what charges he is now facing. a sad discovery in minnesota. remains found are those of a child kidnapped back in 1989. 11-year-old jacob wetterling was taken at gunpoint 30 years ago from his home in saint joseph. they were ref covered after a man in the case allegedly told them where they could be found. dna tests are now underway. threats made against the new sandy hook elementary school. officers arresting a 28-year- old man for calling the school and making a threat on the first day of classes. investigators are looking into this man's threats against other schools. this new sandy hook opened this year after the old one was demolished following the 2012
10:35 pm
people dead including 20 students. a tragic scene in florida after a small plane crashes killing two people on board. it went into the atlantic ocean just east of fort lauderdale. the wreckage was found 200 yards offshore in 40 feet of water. the plane had several distress calls but investigators are trying to figure out what happened. with the water crisis in flint, michigan still impacting so many families, one company is stepping in to help installing a one of a kind machine in homes it is called echo low blue water generator. it uses the humidity in the air to generate pure fied water. it can make eight gallons a day. the goal is to get the machine into more than 200 homes in flint. something residents say they desperately need. >> i'm tired of bottled water. and having to go get it, lug it home, take the bottles tack and all that.
10:36 pm
an application to be considered at the program. they are providing machines at no cost. well, turning to weather now. it was quiet across the valley and really statewide today. as you look at the desert doppler, not seeing a lot of storms. monsoon moisture well off to the east staying there the next couple of days. temperatures topping out at 106 today. 15% humidity. dew points in southwest winds much lighter at 9 miles an hour. overnight, the valley looking at 70s , maybe low 80s early tomorrow morning with afternoon highs back in the triple digits. it will be right around 101 tomorrow afternoon here in phoenix. afternoon breezes. a few breezes across the high country waking up in the 40s . afternoon high ins the 70s if your travels take you north, it is going to be nice, not looking for much in the way of a rain threat there tomorrow either. statewide, those shower and
10:37 pm
here. i'll let you know for how long. what to expect labor day and once the chances return coming up in a minute. turning now to election 2016. donald trump spent the day in church reaching out to african- american voters. >> i fully understand that the african-american community has suffered from discrimination and there are many longs that must still be made right. they will be made right. >> trump attended service as a black church the republican nominee clapped along with the worship today. he has faced criticism for talking about problems within the african-american communities in front of mostly white crowds. trump told the crowd that he would bring economic change, but some remain skeptical. >> it is not about the speech or the message today. it is about what follows. will it be follow through? >> ben carson joined trump at the service.
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take the businessman on a tour of his old neighborhood. barack obama at his last g20 summit as president. the u.s. and china signed up to the paris agreement on climate change. they same to reduce greenhouse emissions but more countries must join before it can take affect. congressional race so close it could go for a andy biggs leading former exec christine jones by just nine votes. that's right. nine. she was ahead since primary day, but we have since learned the lead continued to shrink in recent days. biggs released this statement saying we have witnessed one of the most remarkable lektorial turn arounds in the history of arizona poll tings. we started more than 500 votes. finished it by winning the election by nine votes. the spokesman for christine jones releasing a statement
10:39 pm
to leaving no stone unturned and in the end, we are confident that christine jones will be nominated to run in the general election this november. another tight race we are following for county recorder herself helen purcel. she is ahead of evan flannery by 185 votes. she came under fire for the long lines during the presidential preference election. labor day and if you will be doing shopping for the action with four stores having big sales. you can expect steep discounts on gas, grills, appliances at home depot. they are slashing prices by 75%. macy's offering site wide discounts online. everything from jewelry to kitchen appliances. and wal-mart has items on clearance as well as a lot of back to school items. searching your home, police need a warrant, but what about
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>> if police want to search the medicine cabinet in your house, they have to have a search warrant but an investigation allows them to tap into electronic prescriptions without a warrant or probable cause and it is happening in arizona. mark greenblatt investigates these intrusions. >> i had no idea that a police officer just on a whim could go into my medical records. >> reporter: utah firefighters ryan pile and marlin jones had their lives turned upside down. >> i could have lost my family and career. >> reporter: while local police were investigating the theft of prescription drugs from an area
10:43 pm
state's data base that tracks prescription drug records. and conducted a warrantless search into the prescription drug histories of all 480 fire department employees. >> they said just so you know, we looked at your medical records and feel you are taking medications inappropriately. >> reporter: they were charged with felonies not for the thefts but for charges related to doctor shopping. for pile and his wife, it threatened an adoption. >> it was these two kids we potentially could have lost. that is what hit the hardest. >> reporter: the local mayor says the police simply used the tools they had available. >> we were acting purely according to the way the state law permitted us to act. >> reporter: the charges were eventually dropped but it promptedth tout require warrants. 31 states allowing law
10:44 pm
confidential electronic prescription drug history without any type of judicial authorization. it adds up to 340,000 searches in the past two years. that is six times the amount in states that do require judicial review. in indiana, they need to provide a case number. in west virginia, no case numbers required. only a promise of investigation. and of the 31 states that don't require a search warrant? 23 don't even audit program. when utah finally did an audit, the state concluded warrantless access may have resulted in questionable use in more than half of the cases sampled. but states like new mexico don't conduct audits and don't require warrants for law enforcement. >> you trust them. >> absolutely. >> reporter: mike gunthin is unaware of any abuse of the data base. albuquerque police told us they
10:45 pm
be illegal. but state records reveal a different story. there's a police officer who accessed it more than 30 times. getting patient information. what's going on here? >> i have no idea. but i'm glad you have brought this to my attention. >> reporter: and so, he said he would reconsider the state's position on warrantless searches. >> we need to take step to monitor that and audit. >> reporter: scott michael san attorney with the watchdog group public citizen. >> when that type of information can be rifled through by law enforcement with the power to prosecute, that is a very scary thing and should give us pause. >> reporter: as some state legislatures pass new privacy state guards, the dea is trying to get around them arguing an ongoing litigation that state laws shouldn't stop the federal agency from still tapping in without a warrant.
10:46 pm
this investigation and to see the rules for arizona, log onto our website, and, turning to weather now, a beautiful saturday across the valley and the state right now. we are sitting in the 90s after hitting the triple digits once again. a few 80s in anthem. 90 in good year. tempe, currently at 93 degrees. statewide, some 50s , cool in flagstaff. out the door in sedona, 73. along the rim, 90s out west for bullhead city. radar composite not showing not much happening. we have had a few storms happening this evening. that's about it. we are getting into a drier weather pattern at least the next couple of days. as you look with me on the futurecast, we are going to see all of those shower and thunderstorm chances well to the north. out to the east. we do have a disturbance that will be going through bringing in breezes tomorrow.
10:47 pm
and dry statewide. then we will turn our attention to what is happening down south in the pacific. we have moisture that could move in as we get into the middle of the workweek next week. we will be talking about those rain chances slightly in the forecast coming up on tuesday. but, as you are making your labor day plans, hot and dry tomorrow, we are talking 101 from 106 today. it will still be warm. 102 monday. sunny, hot, dry, and we will keep the isolated rain chances in the forecast, tuesday, and ... here is where we should be this time of the we are right there. forecasted high tomorrow, rather for monday, it is going to be 102. the average high 103. and we did have the record set at 113. that happening in 1945. no records on the way for us. temperatures across the high country if you are traveling, tomorrow, into monday, in the 70s across flagstaff. 80s for sedona. and the upper 70s and low 80s expected in prescott. sunny skies sunday, monday,
10:48 pm
in. isolated rain chance about a 10% chance coming up tuesday. breezes return. showers and thunderstorm chances wednesday and thursday. leaving them at 20% 90s in the forecast wednesday and thursday. then we are back in the triple digits next saturday with morn lows in the 70s . do you know a breast cancer survivor? someone battling this disease are giving back to the community. abc15 want you to nomi someone to have their story shared on abc15. honorees will win a $500 gift card. for official rules and to nominate someone for abc15's stories of strength, head to the last day to nominate is september 11th. well, looking to start the season with a win. the arizona wildcats opening the 2016 season in glendale.
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>> abc15 sports, brought to you by sander son ford. >> the arizona state sun devils opening the 2016 season against northern arizona university. after a 6-7 season last year, the devil coming out with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. manny wilkins leading them on a 44-yard drive seven plays. he takes it from 13 yards out putting the devils up 7-0, and the faithful are loving it there. in the second, wilkins takes off and rambles 28 yards.
10:52 pm
hurdles the lumber jack defense. there's a field goal. and they take a 10-3 lead into halftime. we are in the fourth with the devils up 20-6. out in glendale, the arizona wildcats hosting byu in the cactus classic. down 3-0. anu solomon with a third and 14 rat the 41. his pass gets picked off at the 35. 11 plays later. cougar full back brayden takes it in. the extra point sails wide left. they take a lead. with one second to go in the half, arizona with a shot from 52 yards out. but the kick misses left. right now, we are late in the fourth quarter. late in the fourth quarter, the wildcats just took the lead. 16-15. all right, turning to baseball, the arizona diamondbacks in denver. game two of three against the
10:53 pm
chris owings with four hits. he hits singles at each of his at bats on the night and his run scoring single in the second gives arizona a 1-0 lead. jake lamb hits a two run home run in the third. that is his 27th of the season. it is enough to get the d-backs to win in colorado. the d-backs get the win 9-4 the final. coming off a loss in connecticut last night. the phoenix mercury in new york taking on the liberty. the back to back not them. phoenix down by 26 in the third quarter before mounting a little bit of a comeback in the fourth after tarasi draws contact. mercury assistant coach todd ejected for arguing with the officials. phoenix pulls within 11th in the fourth. they get towned at madison square garden.
10:54 pm
sport clips help a hero to 100. 41-year-old elliot sadley takes the lead. then asia to hold off a late charge. in first place for his first win at darlington. 32 year starts. denny hamlin makes a late push. daniel suarez finishes third. kyle larson fourth. in case you missed it earlier, the arizona cardinals have trimmed the roster to 53. matt barkley was cut. elijah penny. linebackers donald butler. shaq riddick. that's a look at sports.
10:55 pm
we upped the ante at culver's to create the new crispy southwest chicken sandwich. all-natural, whole white meat chicken breast. topped with spicy pepper jack cheese and jalape?o ranch. the perfect cheese for pepper jack is going to be creamy and mild, and it's really going to tone down the spiciness of the peppers. you're going to taste the cheese first, and then you're going to get just a little bit of warmth from the peppers. it's really good. a bold new flavor and only here for a limited time. mmmhmm.
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>> creatures of every size and
10:57 pm
the odyssey aquarium in scottsdale is now open. >> i like that one over there. and ... there is one up there that i like. >> i like the colors. >> they like all of them. a big hit with the kid. thousands of people waited in line for the grand opening today. the founder says the phoenix metro was really the only area in the country without an aquarium this size. it has 200,000 square feet now. filled with thousands of anim as they are spending their labor day weekend enjoying sea creatures. >> that looks like a lot of fun. >> labor day. so many plans. people want to know what to expect. >> forecast looking pretty nice. we will cool it down just a little. still a warm afternoon. 101 tomorrow, 102 monday. isolated rain chance tuesday. better chances wednesday and thursday. >> all right, thanks for
10:58 pm
i'm not jumping through hoops for a sale. a limited time only? i'll tell you whose time is limited. coupons, really? i'm still looking for their socks. seriously, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always offered amazing prices on the brands you love, every day.
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