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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 news, taking action. >> the frantic search for a man continues at a valley lake. we speak exclusive to his parents to tell us they know he'll be found alive. and a well known technical school is closing up shop. and the sponsor that just signed on to foot the bill for a big game. >> students at a school in the valley might have the school day cut short. classes have been evacuated because of a fire in an ac unit. the building filled up with smoke and we're told that one student is being checked out for possible smoke inhalation. we're making calls to find out if students will be allowed to return to class.
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a junior high school on edge right now. a 13-year-old posting a picture of a hand gun on social media and told students not to go to class. the students told police they saw similar posts. a uniformed officer will be posted at south valley junior high school because of this. >> good morning, i'm justin pazera. >> and i'm it's try right now. and meteorologist iris hermosillo is tracking some changes. >> it's dry across the valley. we have the clear skies too as temperatures are back in the mid-90s. the change in the last few hours, the dew points going up. we started with the dew points in the upper 30s. and they are now at 50 degrees. and remember the dew point is how we measure the moisture in the atmosphere.
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a close eye on hurricane newton over the baja, california peninsula. it is loosing strength. it's weakening as it moves over land. and it's going to impact our state over the next 24 hours. the multiple will continue to increase and it's going to feel humid. and our high makes it to 100 degrees. and we have a chance for late day storms and possibly dust and better rain chances tonight and t i'll detail the planner and tell you the biggest hazards to prepare for. and we haven't seen any rain but we're seeing the effects of newton at sky harbor. and we're taking action to see how the storm is impacting flights. we saw a number of flights delayed or canceled heading to cabo san lucas. and i just checked and that
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connects in dallas and that one is also delayed. and alaska airlines also canceled some of their flights. i checked with those airlines and delta and aeromexico. and all of them had travel advisories and promised to waive fees if you wanted to change flights. and several airports are dealing with a computer glitch. british airways had one in five flights delayed because of problem with the check-in system. the airlines' problems coming a month after delta suffered a global outage that led to three days of delays and cancellations. the desperate search continues for a 24-year-old man missing since sunday at lake pleasant. this was breaking news yesterday at 11:00. that man disappeared while boating to celebrate the labor day weekend. and they lost track of their
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desperately searching for him. i spoke exclusively with the parents and they were visibly distraught as they looked out on the water, believing that their son is alive. >> he was a dreamer and we still believe that he's alive and well somewhere. we just don't know where. >> reporter: mcso has been out since sunday using sonar to look into the water. the family has been told the water is too cloudy for divers to look for him. he's a good swimmer and they hope he's on the shore waiting for help to arrive. firefighters are watching a scrap yard after a big fire yesterday. you may have smelled this. the liberty scrap yard caught fire, mole tires and metal. toxic gases posing the biggest threat.
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>> we hear that all the time. a lot of times the gases get compressed in a confined area. if you sat around a campfire and all of a sudden a log explodes, the rapid steam is expanding. >> fortunately no one was hurt and investigators don't know what started the fire. >> >> this man is in custody after police say he hit and choked somebody in paradise valley. joshua randolph is facing charges for it happened near tatum and lincoln. the paradise valley police department is reminding everyone if you see something strange, say something. itt tech is shutting down. itt is accused of cheating and misleading students. 8000 employees have been laid off and what does that mean for all of the students? if you received a degree from
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if you're enrolled as a current student and you were not able to complete the program. you could get your debt forgiven. motel six will be leaving the light on for the cactus bowl. this year's game will be december 27th in downtown phoenix. a broadway and tv star will be singing she received tony award nominations for wicked and 20th century. the arizona cardinals will be taking on the new england patriots. happening tonight, remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. you're invited to a candlelight memorial honoring nathan martin who was killed 11 years ago today while serving with the navy in iraq. the group will also pay tribute to hundreds of men and women
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serving their country. a former police officer back in court today. jeffrey streeter is accused of secretly recording women at an avondale tanning salon. investigators say he put a camera phone on top of a dividing wall back in 2014 and recorded as many as 20 women whale they undressed. he is a nine-year veteran of the good year police department and has pleaded not guilty to the charges. and a valley running a studio that served as a house of prostitution is in court today. there was a police raid of his business. the charges from 2013 were dropped and he was reindicted last year. new questions when it comes to the effectiveness of a popular version of the flu vaccine. why it might not protect your kids. >> and a bittersweet reunion
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men he fought with. and do you rush to get a flu shot every year? maybe you wait? or maybe you skip it all
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welcome back. parents, we have a serious health alert your need to hear about. tham pediatrics out with new recommendations about the flu vaccine. >> the nasal mist should not be given to kids. the nasal spray did not protect kids against certain strains of the flu virus seen the most in the past three flu seasons. >> it's recommended that every kid over the age of six months get the injecteddable flu vaccine. you really need to take the
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influenza twice. both times i thought i was going to die. i took care of a teenager who did die of influenza. >> doctors should start offering flu vaccines to patients no later than october. and receiving the shot early in the flu season should protect you all season long. tucson wants to crack down on spice. the city is seeing a jump in the sales of a new memo will be reviewed with -- banning ingredients. no word on how much this could cost tucson. coming up next, we're helping a world war ii veteran pack his bags. the group providing the 90-year- old with a once in a lifetime experience. and a flash flood watch for
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well, it's one of those story that is just makes us smile. a glendale world war ii veteran will be in our nation's capital. he boarded an honor flight in sky harbor, taking him to see the world war ii memorial for the first time. mario mobilia enlisted the day after he graduated high school
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pearl harbor. he's excited to be reunited with the men he fought with. >> it's going to be a fun day, to be with other guys, exchange stories, et cetera. >> the trip is paid for by honor flight arizona which has helped 1200 veteranned. >> sadly, a lot of our vets are no longer with us so we thank you for your the tucson fire department posted this video on facebook. the family got out safely. a barking dog alerted them to the smoke and the fire. investigators are working to find out the cause. and firefighters want everyone to check their smoke alarms. two words we haven't had to say lately -- wildfire watch. and on the colorado, wyoming
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by lightning sunday night. warm, dry conditions not helping the more than 100 firefighters right there on the front lines. >> you can see your favorite cardinals players on the field sunday or tonight. david johnson and patrick peterson will be at cowboys saloon for a special charity event. it's called the march of the super bowl. the main event is at 6:00. and ta and charles barkley will be on hand as well. crews are installing the ice at gila river arena. it's the 55 degrees in the arena, and 12 degrees on the ice. wow. >> 55 sounds good. >> a little bit. >> and it's going to sound better this afternoon. temperature-wise it won't be so
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starting to increase and it's not going to feel better later. hurricane newton is slowly working to the north. and that's set to have an management on our state over the next 24 hours. right now we have the clear skies, not a bad looking day as we look out over camelback mountain. our temperature is 95 degrees in phoenix with much of the valley just barely making it to the low 90s. it's been a gradual warmup far. 91 in mesa, chandler, gilbert. and fountain hills. peoria, 92. 91 in anthem. 95 in ahwatukee. and a slow warmup this morning. and part of that has to do with the increase in moisture. we've seen the dew points climb in just the last few hours, but compared to the last 24 hours, the dew points are up by several degrees at phoenix sky harbor. and especially in southern arizona as the monsoon moisture
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gradually increases. it's getting a boost from the tropics here. sitting in the 50s to the southeast. and they'll continue to climb. by tonight, phoenix dew points in the 60s. it's going to be a muggy night and will stay muggy tomorrow as well. starting to feel the cloud cover to the southeast. all of the moisture with hurricane newton as it sits over the peninsula of baja, california. it's a and it's starting to show signs of weakening. and over the next 12 hours as it continues to track north over the gulf of california it's going to weaken to a tropical storm. and staying a tropical storm as it goes through northern mexico and eventually crossing into our state as a weak tropical storm or an area of low pressure as it moves in to southeast arizona. track still similar to where it was this morning with the main impact in areas just southeast
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but we've got chances for showers and storms here in the valley too. and any storms that develop will have the potential of producing very heavy flooding rainfall. we have to keep a close eye on this. the forecast to weaken to a tropical storm over the next 12 hours. and then it will move into northwest mexico. and eventually moving into southern arizona as a tropical storm or an area of low pressure by early tomorrow morning. the markets in southern arizona we'll see showers and storms developing by mid-afternoon today into tonight. the more widespread rain for the southeast arizona happens as we go into tomorrow morning and through the day tomorrow. for the valley. we have a slight chance of dust in evening. and a slight chance of a few storms as well. but for us, the better rain chances kick in tonight and through the day tomorrow with a 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms in the valley. again, those chances starting to go up late this afternoon into the evening with a better
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the day tomorrow. now, scattered chances or chances for scattered storms around the valley and the threat of heavier rainfall. we'll talk more about the hazards you need to be on the lookout for and temperatures are dropping further by tomorrow. i'll show you that part of the forecast next. >> okay, iris. developing now, new video of bill cosby arriving at a pennsylvania courthouse. today he could learn the date for his he's accused of drugging and molesting a woman he mentored at temple university in 2004. the defense is hoping to suppress days of testimony. switching gears, the ladies hoping to become the next miss america are in atlantic city. the preliminary events are
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there was an openly gay contestant. miss missouri is the first openly gay title holder in his state. >> mississippi arizona has been tweeting. we wish her of course all the best of luck. >> you can see how far she goes. miss america airs sunday night right here on abc15 at 8:00. if you ever considered a job in tv news, get the resumes ready. abc 15 is job fair that's this thursday from 10:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the afternoon. it's at the pima community college in downtown tucson. on the to the interviews are possible. be ready, head to for more details. >> doesn't it seem like bikes and kids go hand in hand? not every child gets the
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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two wheels, a frame, handlebars, a bike. when you donate you used bike, arizona foster k more. they get hope. they get freedom. they get something to call their own. for years, the folks at recycle your bicycle have been taking your donations and fixing them up and giving them to kids in the foster care program for the holidays. and there are several ways to donate. if you have a new or used bike
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earnhardt auto location. or go to the website and sign up to donate or be a volunteer. every child deserves to move forward. all you have to do is bring the wheels. >> and we're so excited to be teaming up with earnhardt again this year. >> we're going to have volunteers in the studio answering your phone calls and gathering the donations. this is pete quaid from and is one of the devoted volunteers. phone bank is open from 4:00 to 7:00 today. first of all. went to thank you for all you do. and you're one of the guys that rolls his sleeves up, getting your hands dirty, and fixes the bikes. >> it's very fun to do it. it's a great experience. we bring in a thousand bikes. we deliver a thousand pikes every year. we've been doing it for the
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experience. we have 100 plus volunteers on any given saturday. we clean the bikes up, we fix them up. and then we get to deliver them to the kids. >> and you can really repair just about anything. >> my bike is kind of in bad shape. anything but rust pretty much. >> anything but rust. the nicer the bike is, the less work for us. and that's a positive. but we can do anything from minor repairs to major repairs. generally, we good bikes. people are really generous. >> i want to ask you, what is it like to see the bike go from not so great to something wonderful that's make a kid smile? >> it's fantastic. it's a great experience. i've been talking my friends into coming down and doing it and they love it. hard to get people in at first. but once you volunteer, you keep doing it over and over.
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>> any earnhardt auto center. we take on any bike. we'll take on anything and be more than happy to turn it over to the kids. >> and focus can donate money or be a volunteer. >> it's one of the most fulfilling things i've done in a long, long time. >> thank you for all you do. still to come on abc15 at 11:00. hillary at a loss for words while meeting with e the coughing fit slightly interrupting her message to voters. >> and a tiny robot has been right now, get the centurylink prism tv essential package bundled with up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just 70 dollars a month. you'll get over 150 channels,
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let's get right to breaking news right now near los angeles. this is a live aerial picture of a serious train crash that just happened. the train crashed into a truck the train stalled at the scene. this is a metro link train. and we're hearing that passengers are hurt. but i just looked on twitter and saw some of the affiliates reporting thankfully no serious injuries. and you're looking at live pictures. and we'll stay on top of this. traffic is definitely snarled as they try to clear the scene. a new poll shows a tightening political race.
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over hillary clinton. >> you're right. 45% to clinton's 43%. clinton and trump sat exclusive with david muir. karen attractives is in washington with the latest. [ no captioner audio ] >> stand by for us. it's already been a marathon election season. but now the sprint t finish line. and the campaign trail is crowded. on the tarmac in cleveland yesterday, there's hillary clinton's plane. right over there, donald trump's. david muir with exclusive labor day interviews. clinton blasting trump saying he created a diplomatic incident with mexico with his claim that he didn't discuss payment for the border wall.
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mexican president contradicted him. he didn't choke. >> i don't choke. i've been given a pluses for the job i did in mexico. >> reporter: i'm going to make a decision or something will whether it's more or somebody else. depending on the time, by that time we'll have a secure boarder and a wall. >> and clinton with a literal choke, a coughing fit at a rally. trump i get allergic. >> we have 63 days to go. >> this as a new poll shows the race in a dead heat. >> if hillary clinton thought she could coast in the home stretch of this thing, she better tighten up her track shoes and buy a bigger box of cough drops and be prepared for a close race. >> reporter: the candidates are
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hillary clinton is in florida and donald trump is in virginia. wouldn't we all like to get a seven week summer break? right now congress is back in session and has a long to do list including approving legislation to fight the zika virus, and approve a new budget to keep the government up and running. think your vote doesn't count? think again. it's been a week since you voted in and one race is still too close to call. it's the republican race for congress in district 5. andy biggs overtaking christine jones. but the final margin is nine votes. it's a process that could take a while. a judge has to order a recount. and then the actual counting begins. the results are then presented to the court as which point an
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it's all paid for through taxpayer money and could take weeks. maricopa county's top election official is learning there won't be a recount. purcell beat flannery. he says he doesn't have the resources or reason to doubt the count. he hopes purcell learned a lesson. >> if you win by margin you might want to correct some things. i think she's taken that to heart and she's had two clean elections after what happened in march. >> long lines prevented some people from voting in march. rough surf in new york. this is hermine. and it could have a big impact on areas from new york to new england. officials in new york
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because of deadly rip currents. four $80 tickets have been issued to surfers who ignored the warnings. bureaucracy turner has a -- brock turner has a new title, sex offender. the 21-year-old registered at a sheriff's office in his home state of ohio. he was convicted of sexual assault of an unconscious woman and served half of his sentence. there's no reason you should ever photo lineup. it might be happening without you knowing it. and in ohio, the attorney general's office is confirming they've had inquiries about the fbi accessing the driver's license database. if you match the description of a witness, your photo could pop up. it's getting a lot of mixed
11:36 am
>> a slight invasion of privacy. >> i think it would keep a lot of our community and our state a lot more safer. i don't see anything wrong with it. >> this could help solve more cases. a points say it's an invasion of privacy and they question the accuracy of the facial recognition software. in arizona, the fbi does not have complete access to driver's license photos but negotiations it's been two years since a little robot was dropped on a speeding comet. the batteries went dead and it hasn't been seen since. the european space agency confirmed it's lodged in a crack on the comet. scientists working on the project -- you can imagine -- are thrilled about this. >> we had a very good idea that it was located in this region.
11:37 am
yes, it's definitely there. that's the icing on the cake. >> it took 10 years for the space probe to speed up and reach the comet. it released -- landing on a comet. we have a furry friend in
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we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck. that's just common sense. and that's something we can all agree on.
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le. welcome back. maybe you're a furry four legged friend. we have not one but two potential furry four legged friends. >> who do we have here? >> this is rita. and then we have her best friend marie. chinese crested ended up at the arizona humane society. this is a very rare dog. >> did they come together.
11:40 am
emergency animal medical technicians rescued them. they'd been left out in the yard with no shade. that's bad news for a hairless dog. >> these dogs can get sunburned. >> you can. you have to keep them protected and keep their skin covered. and they are sensitive to the cold. so you have to bundle them up when it gets chilly out as wellment >> so that's something if somebody wants to adopt that you >> grooming is not demanding because they're hairless. but you have to keep an eye on their skin and make sure they are not overheated or that the skin is not drying out. >> are you looking for a home for them to go snot >> yes. they're on the buddy season.
11:41 am
and marie is on the -- the strong silent type. >> you can tell rita is the outgoing one. >> she likes to be in the middle of whatever is going on. come down and meet them. they've been at the shelter for a week now. and they are such good dogs, they look a little wild but they are sweet and have a great personality. >> sometimes the wild ones are the most fun. >> yeah, there you go. and if these girls are not available. so many wonderful animals. just open your heart and give them a chance. it will be worth it. thank you, ashley. a lot more news to get to. did you hear about this? are you okay with your hoa taking pictures of the inside of your house? how one valley woman thinks hers is crazy. and 95 degrees. and starting to get a little
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keeping an eye on wall street, the dow is up 15 points. 18,519. topping business headlines, volkswagen just announcing they are buying the truck maker navistar. the teal is expected to help
11:45 am
and provides volkswagen's truck business a foothold in north america. volkswagen is trying to move forward following the emissions cheating scandal. and general motors as settled two cases related to the emission switches. nearly $600 million has been awarded to victims and their families of people who died accidents caused by defective switches. it might seem that gas stations are offering good prices -- unless your car takes premium. >> so i checked the price differential between the low grade and premium. and it was 50 cents higher. >> okay, so you won't catch it when you pull in.
11:46 am
advertise the higher prices. shell has some of the highest differences. and in some places, 75 cents. what can you do about this? see if it requires premium or if it's just suggested. if it's suggested you can downgrade to the mid-grade so you don't waste so much money. if you're heading to disney world, a heads up if you go with your kids, they're going to have to start fingers to get in. disney says the new process will block the use of stolen and shared tickets. previously, tickets would have been easy to transfer because there were no finger images attached. to you love our loathe your homeowners association.
11:47 am
the my hoa crazy? she was definitely not crazy. >> in front of her house. >> so you are allowed to park in front, no problem. >> it's where she parks. >> behind the house is where she doesn't park. in the garage -- >> it may look kind of crazy to somewhere else. >> they took a picture of the inside of my garage. 36 she calls it an invasion of parking vehicles and other garage pumps only. >> a not so friendly reminder. if the violation is not corrected in 10 days. >> telling me i can't have my things in my garage? that i must park a car there? where do my rights come into play? >> she uses her garage for an
11:48 am
>> if i have violated parks, give me a ticket. i've never done it. >> i let both coolly station north and the arizona property management know we had the same concerns. and then i got the e-mail calling it an initially courtesy notice. and after investigating further, the association has determined there's no violation at issue. good bottom line, hoas should be addressing real concerns. >> instead of coming to people's homes and taking pictures inside garages. >> call the volunteer team or e- mail me. if you have a problem, let me know. we're not hearing as much about pokemon go lately. but it's still a really big thing. you are invited to play now
11:49 am
there are 10 pokey stops and three gyms set up around campus. i think she's gearing up to head out. it's 43rd avenue and thunderbird. there you go. and food trucks to help power your time. >> that's cool. >> make it a community thing. that's actually kind of fun. >> you are our favorite sun devil. >> you are too kind. >> and hard at work tracking the changes. >> all eyes on hurricane newton as we are out there. not seeing signs in the skies, at least not over the valley yet. i want to show you something. we have mostly clear skies over the phoenix metro. and the deck of clouds is slowly starting to move into southern and southeast arizona. and we'll see more of them in the valley by this afternoon into this evening. and especially in the overnight hours.
11:50 am
moisture in ahead of that storm system in the tropics. still a hurricane right now over baja, california. but i'll show you the track in just a little bit. and in the valley, it's 95 degrees and mostly clear skies. and all dry except for the humidity climbing a bit. we'll see more clouds as we get into this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies likely by this evening. our high will warm to 100 degrees by 4:00. and it's going to feel a little more humid that it felt this morning. by 6:00 this evening. the temperature is in the mid- 90s. and the storm chances are up and there's the threat for dust. all clear in the valley and a few light showers west. the area around nogales will be the focus for more thunderstorms. and the storms could produce pockets of heavier rainfall.
11:51 am
the south. there's threat of dust with any cuts that come out of the storms. that's what we'll be watching for initially. newton will weaken to a tropical storm soon. and by this evening. making land physical -- landfall in mexico. a tropical depression as it moves into the southeast pocket of our state. the main impacts with the system will likely be southeast of the phoenix metro. and we could get pockets of heavier rain in the valley too. it's important to stay alert as we track this system. so for this afternoon, plan on the storms to get going to the south. and possibly dusty conditions. a slight chance of a stray thunderstorm in the valley this evening but the better chances hold off until tonight and tomorrow with the best potentialover all across southeast arizona and that's likely where the heaviest rain
11:52 am
pockets of heavier rain. storm chances 40% overnight. and 40% through tomorrow. and we'll be under a flash flood watch starting at 11:00 here tonight for the phoenix metro. and startling a little bit earlier at 5:00 this evening for southeast arizona as storms will have the potential of producing the flooding rainfall. we'll keep you posted as things develop over the next couple of the storm chances linger through the end of the week. drier air by saturday. and sunday into monday, there's a 10% chance of a stray shower or a thunderstorm. the main focus will be the increase in moisture. and temperatures will go from 100 today to 90 tomorrow. this is just coming in to the newsroom. a san tan valley teenager arrested after he tried to burn
11:53 am
family members inside. luther cruz is being held on attempted murder charges. he put a 20-gallon propane tank in the living room. poured tequila around it. and went for matches. his sister called 911. the sheriff says the 911 operator could hear the struggle going on in the background. in today's right this minute video, a unique friendship really starting to develop here. >> the rhino helps a goat reach the lees and in return, the goat gives the rhino a back massage. the goat and rhino are hanging out together in south africa. >> the sanctuary says it's one of the biggest rhino orphanages in the world. see all the top videos on right this minute on abc15 at 2:00.
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at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
11:56 am
now that the results of the poll of the day. if you get your flu shot every year. 76% of you get vaccinated early. 3% wait until later in the season and the rest opt to just skip it. as we come up on the noon hour we want to recap the top stories. we're finding out if students will be to the fire in the air- conditioning unit. one student had to be checked out for possible smoke inhalation. a missing man -- a 24-year- old man was with a group of friends on the lake sunday. and he slipped away from then. chintan shan's parents believe their son is alive.
11:57 am
him. and outrage over high school pranks. why parents in one valley community are upset about what happened before a recent football game. and a new study shows your chances of getting a raise are not as good if you're a woman. and don't forget we're teaming up with earnhardt auto centers for the bicycle campaign. we have a phone bank. and volunteers are collecting your donations. and bikes will be refurbished and given to foster kids in the area. >> >> we'll be under a flash flood watch tonight through the day tomorrow. and could bring heavy rain to parts of the state, including
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>> announcer: it's been so fun hanging on the beach with you guys this summer. >> yeah, but i wish you did a better job with the sun screen. >> oops, missed a spot. >> don't you guys think we should be getting back? america's hungry. >> as soon as i finish my sandwich, we can get out of here. well, i'm ready. mario, are you >> i'll take that as a yes. now, let's get to the studio. our season six celebration starts right now! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> announcer: today, the big day is finally here, and we're kicking off season six in style with our best dishes ever, surprise celebrity guests and we're making one family's dreams come true.


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