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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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this morning. stay with us for good morning america and have a good day. >> [ clip playing ]>>reporter: a woman is shot and killed, but not before making a very important call to authorities. >> [ clip playing ] strong words from our state senator. strong words from our state senator. and rain, wind, tropical storm newton creating quite the buzz in the air was on the sky. >> and now it is moving off to
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like tucson and stafford, the valley looking all clear as you head out the door. you will see some lingering clouds as you head out the door, but i am not expecting much in terms of rain. temperature wise we are sitting at 76 degrees and two points are still elevated. it will still be a little muggy when you step outside with the humidity sticking around. we could see a stray shower and i will explain those storm chances coming up. first, a deadly shooting on state route 51. a woman is dead and now the hunt is on to find out who gunned down that driver. >>reporter: i want to give you a live picture from one of our many a dot cameras. obviously
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the road was shut down and that is where we find allison rodriguez. a witness may have seen the suspects? >>reporter: yes. they tell us they saw the shooter's vehicle drive up behind him here on the 51. is filmed past him and that is when he says those shots were fired. >> there is about five rows that went off and three rounds were shot the lady that was driving the vehicle was struck. >>reporter: this was the scene overnight. you can see it was blocked off until 1:30 am. according to police the victim called 911 telling police three men were chasing her. they say she got on the highway and the truck was still following her.
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fired and her call was disconnected. when police get there she has gunshot wounds. she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. this whole incident causing major backup. police are looking for a white utility truck with a ladder rack and a toolbox that was last seen exiting the 51. police need your help, they need to find these people. you can call silent witness and remain anonymous. >> while the freeway is back open she says the shooting cause a major traffic mess. officers found for vehicles. you can actually see drivers doing whatever it takes to get off the 51, even going the wrong way and down and all wrapped to do so. a man escapes a house fire
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details are limited, but our team says firefighters put off the flame -- put out the flames. nobody was injured and unfortunately the home is a total loss. >> this car chase has so many of us glued to the mobile app. we are now hearing from the two people who survived the case. court documents name rodriguez asked the suspect. they also say sergio escondido was the one shooting at police during the getaway attempt. he told a judge he happened working hard to save up for his mother's chemo treatment and that is why he should be let out of jail.>> what my court date comes, go ahead and give me the death penalty or life we have for life.
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quarter of $1 million. he mentioned the death penalty because each suspect could face a murder charge since the job are of that issue the dive. the chase finally ending after the driver flash the godhead officers. coming up we will hear from the job or sister who actually got an apology before her brother's death. could today finally be the day for a dramatic ending? sentencing has already been de convicted of faking cancer to get a taxpayer-funded abortion. from a con artist to a murder, jodi ares just landed a dirty job. according to nancy grace it might not even happen. >> and a lot of speculation
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is actually going to file a motion to keep jodi areas from having to scrub toilets behind bars. they are claiming that she is being singled out. >> 36 road is serving a life sentence for stopping her acts 29 times and then cutting his throat and his mesa home. now to an update on officer attacked and staff inside a jail. the sheriff's office posting he is a strong fighter and is going to survive. he has been with the department for six years. >> arizona has the unique category of having a county without a single health care provider. despite there being no offer and no exchange the penalty still exists.
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action. many healthcare providers are now dropping their coverage and leaving thousands without options. senators john mccain and jeff slate introduced legislation that will exempt people from government penalties if they live in a county with one or no health insurance providers under the exchange. not long after being introduced one company changing it's too, blue cross and blue shield is saying it will stay with the exchange, but it will be the united healthcare and aetna have already pulled out. nearly 10,000 people in that county use the exchange. back at the live desk, a horrific story. a woman is kidnapped and killed all while her husband and police are desperately running out of time as they search for
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officer say she was kidnapped at a gas station and stopped into the trunk of a car. she actually called her husband from the trunk saying someone approached her and hit her on the head. officers were able to track her phone, that an hour and a half after the call her body was found. the fbi will now take over the investigation. we are getting our first look at a murder suspect who escaped las vegas. that is alonzo perez t his cuffs just enough until they break right in half. do you see that? and then he disappears. she sits there for a moment pretending and then escapes. he grabs a chair, removes a ceiling tile and is gone. it took 25 minutes before anyone realized he is god. by the way, he is already back in custody. a pretty surprising site in
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it is a funnel cloud that appeared over the town of williams. never touched down, but it is not something we see every day. >> a goes to show the power of mother nature. how about this, do you remember what happened a couple of years ago when we were tracking another tropical system? a little dij@ vu as we see some of this incredible video. today marks two years since we tapped into tropical burst mountains -- moisture. who could forget the scenes we saw that day? i tend -- interstate 10 turning into rivers. not a dry spot in the valley. some spots saw 5 inches of rain that day. flashback to a couple of years ago. luckily, yesterday system.too
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you can see rain amounts ending up a quarter of an inch and most valley cities. spots like nogalis upwards of 3 inches of rain. the south portions, they are going to begin to dry out gradually today. as you head out the door this morning we are clearing out where looking for drive conditions as you drive into work. >> with those dry rose -- roadways we are not seeing any delays. a six minute drive time just before union hills. it looks a little slow, but pretty minor at this point. taking a look at interstate 10 you are seeing it pick up slightly, but still pretty
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those inbound lanes are filling up a little bit. and you might want considering -- consider parking the car and taking a bicycle and staff. the city council is voting on this tonight. is passed, 300 bicycles will be station across the city by early next year. you will be able to 24 seven by simply paying a kiosk. it is 4:41 am and trouble keeps piling up for itt tech. they are educated, but don't see anything wrong with it?
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y23eqy yvpy with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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new developments in the itt tech closures.
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the company violated federal law by not providing 60 day notice. the lawsuit is seeking class- action status. itt announcing it will shut down all 130 campuses including its three campuses in arizona. a sad story coming out of detroit, a 12-year-old girl killed when she touched a downed power line and was electrocuted. she was playing with another girl with a found alive. the girls faer >> she was fun-loving, a beautiful energetic kid. she was smart and playful and she had a great soul and a tremendous spirit. it is a shame that this happened. >> tragic indeed, but neighbors say the line happened down there on the ground for months and nothing was ever done.
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belongs to the city. heroine, professional, and now carfentanil, drug users are taking it to the extreme. the overdose cases are on the rise. now law enforcement one change. >> if a terrorist came to cincinnati and blew up a building and kill that many people the outrage would be out of control. >> here is what they are asking. that one blanket immunity for anyone who turns in the jugs. yesterday authority still the courtroom showing why it is not an epidemic. authorities want to get the job sophistry. one drug now legal is medical marijuana. the new law goes into effect today. a committee must create rules for producing and distributing. ohio is the 25th state to legalize marijuana. it may not
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as medical marijuana cardholders grow another were beginning to lineup. >> a dangerous combination on college campuses. more students are smoking marijuana and fewer think it is dangerous. a study says 38% of students have used marijuana in the past year and that is compared to 30% back in 2006. when asked about the dangers only 33% tho harmful. the zika battle is taking a few steps back after senate democrats blocks a billion-dollar measure for a third time over a provision that would prevent money from going to planned parenthood. the cdc says they are now out of money to control the virus. lawmakers are hoping a new weapon will help reduce the spread. they will be releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to reduce the mosquito
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if you want to take action you can do a build it yourself zika prevention kit. the cdc and encouraging anyone who lives in areas where there have been infections and pregnant women to do this. the kid would include a bad neck, insect repellent and condom. time for your morse -- most accurate forecasts. we are waking up to quiet conditions around the valley. as we look at mostly clear skies and a dry will see a few high clouds. other than that not expecting much in terms of rain. there is still lingering showers in southeast arizona from tucson to douglas up to stafford. that is where the thicker clouds are. some of those could still track a few showers and light sprinkles, but the bulk of them will start to fall apart and dissipate over the next couple of hours as they clear off to
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we are waking up to mostly clear skies, but when you step outside you are still going to feel that lingering tropical moisture. it surged into our state yesterday. we had a cloudy day with rain across the valley, but today that moisture is lingering. our two points in the upper 60. that means it will feel -- dewpoints that means it will feel muggy. it will not be until sunday until we start to see a return for moisture. again, morning showers in southeast arizona clearing out fairly early in the day. once we get some of that daytime heating we could see pop-up storms. an isolated chance along the
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the valley. most of us will stay dry, but it is something to watch for. overnight we are clear across the state leaving behind mostly clear skies and dry conditions for your friday and saturday. it will not be until sunday that we see a return and rain chances. for today, just a 10% chance the twain 3:00 and 6:00 this afternoon. a 10% chance as the valley tries out friday and saturday. we will see a return and storm chances as we go into monday and tuesday before we bring dry air in here tuesday. because of lingering moisture we are only going to make it into the 90s today. below average. it will be tomorrow that we bring back triple digits and we will stay in the hundreds before and another job in the
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your freeways are nice and light, but we do have a crash on the surface streets. it is going to be chandler boulevard at loop 101. it doesn't sound like it is impacting traffic too much. once you are on the 101 just an 11 minute drive time. freeways looking great, but you have to deal with a crash on chandler boulevard. countdown clock is set. we are hours away from a big rocket launch with the little erica -- little arizona wildcat on board. are you interested in the new iphone 7 was to mark what do you do with your old phone? apple says hit the road, jack.
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iphone 7 will not have a headphone jack. the new iphones will have a second camera, more memory, and will come into shades of black. they will also be water resistant. you might be wondering how you are going to listen to music on your iphone 7, it will come to your phones that goes into the lightning port or you can order the new wireless earphones that go on sale next month for $159. tim cook's big announcement surprises were spoilt when amazon put up a page with accessories for the iphone 7. it happened again when apple's own twitter account revealed the phone itself. those are your tech bites.
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it is prostate cancer awareness month and a th men will take a proactive approach to their help. eight years ago a man found a lump. after using -- losing his wife to breast cancer month earlier he decided to get it checked out. doctors discovered he had prostate cancer and were surprised. his prostate was removed. today he is cancer free, but it is all because he stayed on top of his health.>> breaks my life
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hear a story of a man with prostate cancer that has spread. you can catch that one simply by having a blood test. do not ignore your body. for that matter, maintain a relationship with your doctor. >> the american cancer society recommend men discuss these strandings with their doctor starting at age 50. a california high school cheerleader getting extra love and support. all 57 members of the football team playing and watch flour at the girls feet. lunch is the color for leukemia awareness. last month this young lady was diagnosed with the disease and is now undergoing daily chemo treatments. happening today nasa preparing to launch a rocket with the help of scientist.
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its kind. take a sample and return to earth. nasa posting this video. the university health to build a camera suite. the rocket is scheduled to return in 2023 and launching from cape canaveral at at 4:45 pm our time. are you ready for football? it is the opening game of the regular season the last super bowl. this game probably won't look the same at all. cam newton and company are back and hungry for another ring. kickoff is tonight at 5:30 pm. temperatures get a little warmer today, but still only in the 90s by this afternoon. i will show you your tribe time next. and out of concern this morning after a woman is shot
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been following all night for you.
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a murder investigation is underway because of what happened to one woman jogging on the highway. coming up, we have brand-new witnesses that you have to here. how much religion should be
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we will show you this house fire coming up. welcome aboard abc 15 this morning. what a difference a day makes. the doppler much quieter this morning. as you are getting ready to head out the door you don't have to worry about any rain. we have a few lingering clouds out there. other than that, plan on dry roads. thoscl through the early morning hours. it will also feel humid when you step outside. you are going to feel lingering moisture. the current temperature is down to 76 degrees. by lunchtime, still humid and warming to 87. today's high only 95 under mostly sunny skies. so far your commute looks


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