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tv   ABC15 News at 500AM  ABC  September 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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we will show you this house fire coming up. welcome aboard abc 15 this morning. what a difference a day makes. the doppler much quieter this morning. as you are getting ready to head out the door you don't have to worry about any rain. we have a few lingering clouds out there. other than that, plan on dry roads. thoscl through the early morning hours. it will also feel humid when you step outside. you are going to feel lingering moisture. the current temperature is down to 76 degrees. by lunchtime, still humid and warming to 87. today's high only 95 under mostly sunny skies. so far your commute looks
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take a look at our freeway, all grain out there. this is going to start around dunlop avenue. we do have a crash off of the freeway. it is chandler boulevard at loop 101. it doesn't look like a huge traffic impact. we have a crew on the way to check it out. we will give you a look at that, plus the drive on interstate 10. the recess back on the run after a deadly shooting on state route 51 last night. this investigation carrying into the morning. allison rodriguez is life where the shooting happened. allison, the wrote way back open. >>reporter: a very different story overnight. it is moving freely right now, but hours ago it was crawling with officers and crime scene tape. we watched as the police it
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we have a look from our adot cameras. police say a woman called 911 saying she was being chased by three men and a white utility truck. other people were calling 911 saying the truck was all over the road. all of a sudden shots were fired and the victims by what one call ended. we spoke with a witness who saw what happened right after that. >> her car beard over to the left and hit the wall. saw her -- i couldn't see her anymore. >>reporter: a scary situation for this guy. he stay with police overnight answering questions. now, police are not identifying this woman just yet and we do not know the motive. we do know these guys got away so police need your help. if you know anything give them
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utility truck with latter tracks and a toolbar in the back. >> a scary situation there, allison. i want to stay in phoenix where a man is fortunate to be able to escape his burning home. justin is near 56 street and thomas where the flames broke out overnight.>>reporter: chris, i can tell you the only thing left on the re lot of phone. the fire trucks are gone. houses are still standing. i am told everything inside is destroyed. our crews were here with those firefighters, a man and his two adult sons live in the house. the man was the only one inside. thankfully he is okay. phoenix fire telling us the fire started on the back patio and spread.
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roof. the family is going to stay with relatives. again, every one is okay this morning. asked boris was started the fire -- as far as what started the fire is unknown this morning. so many people clued to the story as that high-speed chase happened on wednesday.>> i am sorry. i am sorry he said they messed up and now they're chasing me. before i could say who or what or where are you, let me come and get you he told me to call my mom. >>reporter: she says that was the call she got from her brother just after tuesday's bank robbery in avondale. it wasn't until she saw the live police chase and recognize
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together. she wants to be clear about what happened right there, that bundle he threw out of the window she says it was a long sleeve shirt and not a bag of so the cash. >> i didn't even get a chance to scream at him or ask where he is going. it was just i contact and alaska by. >>reporter: asked for the phone call, she was standing there holding the gate open when he told by. she says she caught her sister- in-law to coming kids the kids because she knew something was wrong. coming up later we will hear from the two suspected accomplices that are now behind bars. right now deputies are searching for two people who while a cvs pharmacy last night. we're told both men had guns and took cash and took off in a white dodge minivan. if you know anything, call father witness. dive crews finding the body of a 24-year-
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he was last seen on sunday when he somehow got separated from his friends who were swimming. the share of promising that detectives will continue to investigate this and determine what happened. a new push this week by both arizona senators for a permanent memorial honoring those killed in the 2011 massacre. they sent a letter to washington after another letter went out last week asking the fund the memorial. a charter school at the center of a lawsuit accused of teaching religion in class. a group says hermitage -- heritage academy uses curriculum rooted in religion and that it teaches creationism and says students are forced to memorize religious principles. assess since the school is funded by taxpayer monday --
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religious viewpoints. police say a 21-year-old took more than $3 million from drake the tour bus blogging to -- the logging to drake. somebody send this video. it is drake angry after being told about the highs. we are told the briefcase belonged to his dj. hotline and that arrest was made. here is some news, he has the number one song of the summer. one dance took over the summer. there you go. >> there is a silver lining, chris. we have new information about a pending development downtown. the city of phoenix telling us the council approved a new
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incentive for a new fries store. they still have to vote on the agreement. the plan will bring apartments, offices, and a restaurant to that area right there. aps is hoping to reduce rates in the future after the arizona corporation commission approved an agreement. a little later this year they will start building a new data center. several new construction jobs will be available once they break row. a huge problem even causing car crashes. now the efforts to roundup while plurals is in full swing. plus, have a stall that i will map out for you next. temperatures right now
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this is certainly something scary to find close to a school. a whopping 11 foot 450 pound alligator. florida police captured the gator yesterday morning. apparently there have been some calls about the alligator before. do you know what, it the last couple of days with all of that tropical moisture that moved into our state. yesterday a muggy day and today not that comfortable. we are still looking at lingering moisture. the dewpoint combined with the temperature of 75 gives us a relative humidity of 83%. when you step outside it is still going to feel a little sticky and it will stay that way during the day.
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that lingering moisture we will keep a 10% chance for a straight thunderstorm as we go into the afternoon. that daytime heating combined with moisture can create that. right around 3 pm to 6 pm we could see that. a high of only 95 today and i will show you went the hundreds return. drivers in scottsdale want to look out for this stall. it is northbound at the shape boulevard exit ramp. it is blocking the right side, so cactus roche -- cactus road could be a good alternative for you there. valley wide, i am not seeing
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indian school. if you are planning on getting the new iphone 7 joe will tell you how to make the most money if you decide to sell your old one. those three alumni battling it out once again, but this time for a good cause. right now there is a murder investigation at a very pop in the resort. we will take you to the scene and let you know what unfolded. a possible break in a 20 year mystery surrounding a college freshman's disappearance. investigators digging up a campus hillside searching for her remains. >> it has definitely been tough. we do not have closure and it has been 20 years. >> christian smart was just 19 years old when she vanished in 1996. according to investigators this man offered to walk her home and was the last person say with her. he remains a person of interest
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charged or arrested. shortly after her disappearance the trail went cold. although her body was never found she was presumed dead in 2002. we will have the latest developments coming up live at
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welcome back, is 5:15 am. ease valley drivers have a pretty nice wide at loop 101 right now. we do have a crash out in the west valley. we have to talk about this great borough roundup. land management officials are rounding up while plurals in an
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the roundup after a decrease in accidents. they are also being blamed with ruining crops. a new helicopter tour is set to open today to give you a breathtaking view of the hoover dam. the helicopters are now offering ride -- rides by the hoover dam. all cars across the valley are bringing a big bucks for arizona universities. adot say they have raised roughly $750,000 for scholarships. the university of arizona leading those three schools with nearly 25,000 specialty plates. we are learning a man is dead after he was attacked at the wyndham orlando resort. a very popular resort there. officers say the victim and his
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lot when they were approached by an armband who demanded -- armed man who demanded money. there was then a struggle and the victim was shot and killed. several students in illinois are recovering after they were injured in a bus crash. a car and bus crash causing the bus to rollover. the students did go to the hospital and are all expected to be okay. investigators are now trying to figure crash. another person killed in a tesla crash. police say the car hit a tree and burst into flames. crews couldn't get to the java right away because they were concerned about getting electrocuted. they are now investigating to see if the driverless system was in use. the new iphone 7 comes out september 16. if you are thinking about trading up joe lets you know
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craigslist, -- amazon, craiglist are generally the best places to sell your phone. i tried selling an iphone five as an sick sex -- 6s you can set your price and sell quickly or hope for more money. colburn says before you sell make sure you have everything backed up either to the cloud or your computer. and then, protect your privacy. >> you must do a factory reset. everyone has the ability to
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we have more than just the iphone 7 to look forward to. a look at two new playstation consoles is being unveiled today. the ps for -- ps4 will launch in november for about $400. it is slimmer and more efficient and will be available a week from today for about $300. iris, is the market type of girl? >> i take it all school. let's talk about your most accurate forecasts. as you are getting ready to head out the door a nice change from yesterday. you don't have to worry about brain slowing it down. the roles will be dry. that lifeboat from our valley camera and this view from
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whole lot of action around the valley. a few lingering clouds out there, but that will be it. and to our southeast that is where we are still tracking a few lingering light showers. it is starting to taper off as the moisture pushes off to these. that moisture and energy continues to push further off. water vapor energy will show you the richest moisture that moved through our state yesterday is now moving over to texas. meanwhile we are starting to get a little bit of that dryer. that will start to push in and push out that moisture slowly throughout the day. there is enough lingering moisture to keep a 10% chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm although i think much of the valley and state will stay fairly quiet. as we go into this afternoon futurecast will show you there is not a lot happening other than a few storms firing up. a slight chance of a stray storm and an isolated chance.
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and humid temperatures. dry tomorrow and on your saturday before that moisture starts to move in. today with that lingering moisture our high only makes it to 95 degrees and then triple digit said in tomorrow. >> i am still not seeing delays in our freeway. 10 is picking up. we have had a couple of crashes on our surface streets and one of them is west of 83rd avenue. taking a look at your speeds it doesn't look like it is impacting indian school. 83 avenue northbound is a little slow. remember, the 10 is starting to slow down. this next story is truly
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this elderly couple is having a photo shoot inspired by the movie, the notebook. the couple has been together 57 years, so their granddaughter arrange the shoot as their gift. as soon as the photos are posted online they went viral. easy to see why.>> you may fun of me for not think the notebook. i will tell you what impresses me most, these are role models together 57 years. you do not hear that very often anymore. >> you and laura are well on your way. >> yes you are -- yes we are. 16 years. most people are looking over to retirement, right? we have new details on retirement rates in america. coming up at 5:30 am we are hearing from the accused accomplices on that bank robbery on tuesday that turned deadly
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where a murder investigation is now underway. traffic moving freely, but that
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it was doggie destiny
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toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. way you think about retirement you probably imagine it to be a long-term well earned occasion with a lot of sleep. >> think again, it seems most
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retirement. a new survey suggests 70% of americans plan to work as long as possible. bank found 38% of people say they simply enjoy their jobs i want to say -- stay active and engaged. people like this man who could have retired 10 years ago. >> i know retirement is going to come, but right now it doesn't feel like it. >> as long as you are still enjoying it. bank rate also found people are also concerned they were out live what they had saved. about half the people surveyed hope to officially retire in their 60s, even if they still keep some type of job. if you have to get out the door sill things are feeling good right now.
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first this attack happened last month and now another deputy is recovering from an ambush. we will let you know what happened and how he is doing. plus entertain -- plus, interstate 10 is still heavy. there are in lot of slow going cars in chandler. nasa and the university of arizona are teaming up for a new mission that launches
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a deadly situation that unfolded right here on the highway. coming up we will tell you what happened and hear from someone who saw the aftermath. one robbery suspect killed in two behind bars. we are hearing from one of the tuesday's chase, robbery, and shooting. thank you for starting your day with us. >> it is starting to clear in the skies, but it is getting messy on the roadway. >> we have a slow start on interstate 10 this morning. a part of the problem is this new crash.
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87th avenue. in fact, let's give you a look at your desert drive times. 15 minutes from 75th avenue. to the many stack. i think it will get worse with that new crash. and then another crash in chandler, live pictures of the scene. you can see a tow truck on the scene. this is chandler boulevard near loop 101. it will be a good area to avoid. moved through our state yesterday clearing off to the east. i told you i would keep an eye on the sky, those high clouds drifting back in. so far no rain this morning. there is going to be lingering moisture around the state so storm chances are still in place. we will talk more about that in a bit.
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warmer this afternoon. 75 right now with a high of 95. we will talk more about storm chances next. i want to talk about this crazy scene on the valley freeway. shots fired, a woman is dead. drivers stranded for hours. the deadly confrontation happening on state route 51. allison rodriguez is that that location. first and foremost, unfortunately died, what about suspects?>> all we know is they are on the run. the woman was unable to give enough of a good description. i want to take you here and show you live on the 51 where i am. you see things moving, but what a difference just a few hours makes. the place was crawling with police and little while ago. according to authorities the
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dispatchers that three hispanic man and a workstyle pickup truck were chasing her. they say she got onto the highway and the truck was still following her. all of a sudden shots iron and her call was disconnected. when police got here they found her vehicle crashed into the central wall. she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the whole incident causing major backups. >> [ clip playing ] >>reporter: nobody else was seriously hurt, but police say the suspects dig it away. they want you to be on the lookout for this white utility truck with ladder racks and a toolbox. if you know anything or see anything -- i know people were
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>> and allison, there could be an update coming out any moment. if you get that let us know. the backup was awful. drivers were stuck for hours as the investigation started. at one point the backup was over a mile long. you can see here how drivers had to get off the 51 going the wrong way. air 15 capturing the birds eye view, cars going every which way. you can imagine drivers wondering how to maneuver out of this after sitting at a standstill for hours. happy to say the area is back open. a phoenix man is okay after escaping a burning home. firefighters say the home is right near pen shop and is a total loss. they believe the flames were sparked somewhere on the back
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no word of what may have caused the fire. so this we get another update we will let you know from the scene. we are hearing from the two surviving suspects from tuesday's bank robbery. court documents say ruben rodriguez was the driver and another was the one shooting at police. he told a judge he has been working hard to save up for treatments. he says she has cancer and that is why he should be let out of jail. >> women chordae comes, give me the death penalty, locked me up her life. >>reporter: he was not let out. in fact his bond was set at a quarter of $1 million. he mentioned the death penalty because both to face a murder
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valley chase ending with a driver being shot after officers say he flashed a god. one mother tried to get help for her son but it was too late. we brought you this story yesterday morning. phoenix police officers shot and killed the man after they say he lunged at them with a knife. his mom says he had a history of mental illness and days before officers shot him he tried to kill her. she says police are not to blame. >> i really do not hold any animosity towards my son or police. i think the mental health system here is broken. parents need an easier way to get their children health even when they are adults. i think a lot of the shootings was stopped.
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lethal force. a detention officer is recovering after being attacked inside the jail. three mas jump the officer and staff him several times. he was last listed in stable condition. just last month we told you about an attack inside the same jail. if you watch this video you will see to it may sponge the detention officer. eventually, another officer had to jump in. a big day of the courtroom and now a former mesa police officer gearing up for trial he is accused of killing an unarmed man. after a couple of delays, should lease -- shalese shitner could be sentenced. blue cross blue shield of arizona saying it will stay with the affordable care
5:38 am
have already pulled out. nearly 10,000 people in the county use the health care exchange. and other valley city looking to get a little greener. tempe is expected to join the city bike share program. if past 300 bicycles will be stationed across the city. you will be able to rent the 24th seven and all you have to do is pay at a it is a mystery we are all wondering, is there life outside of earth? in just a few hours a mission looking to answer those questions will lift off. it is led by the university of arizona and will use a probe to fly to an asteroid ever turned the sample to earth in 2023. the mission gives scientists a chance to learn more about the origins of our solar system and if life could've started in
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tropical storm noted sending showers here to parts of arizona. tucson saw some wet roadways. people spent most of the morning filling sandbags. it never came. while in new mexico they were pounded by storms. horrible rain came down and homeowners try sheltering at home. tours huddled at hotels. the storm broke windows the trees, knocked out power, the storm not as powerful as hurricane norbert for two years ago. nothing significant here locally. >> no. the storm system was forecasted barry accurately.
5:40 am
we even saw nearly 5 inches of rain in south tucson yesterday. and not to track yesterday, the valley not as much rain. we did get some measurable rainfall. this morning it is a little dryer as you head out the door. not seeing any rain. as you look at abc 15 desert doppler all this cleared to start up your day. we do have a lingering chance for rain in our do points -- dewpoints are still elevated. we will get trier air in here friday and saturday before the moisture return and storm chances go back up. we will talk more detail about today's focast next. we have a new crash on i 17.
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southbound. the delays right now on the 10. we have a crash a 75th avenue, pretty much that entire stretch is looking a little slow. east valley is very quiet. we still have a stall off the 101. the shea boulevard exit ramp is partially blocks on the righ hand side. in our next traffic check we will take a look in the north part of the valley. they were denied access, but her family thought to have her buried and arlington. how it arizona congresswoman help to make it happen. a simple cut became infected and now a teenager is fighting to keep his hand. a military helicopter makes
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i am just getting word that
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy.
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's going like "i don't remember!? it took an act of congress, but now a female world war ii pilot is finally getting the recognition she deserves. she was a group of women who world war ii so that men were freed up or combat. she died last year and was denied the chance to have their ashes place in arlington. a congresswoman was the first female firefighter to fly in combat. she sponsored a bill overturning the ban. >> these were feisty, brave, adventurous and patriotic women. they served even though they were intended to be active duty,
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sexism. >> roughly 1000 women served from 1942 until 1944 and fewer than 100 are still alive. veterans in a much deserved appreciation and our state and a job fair. dozens of jobs are up for grabs at luke air force base today. the event will feature national and local employers for men and women tr calling on nurses, a health network is looking to hire 100 nurses. the company is holding a job there next week. they are also looking for administrative, food services, and housekeeping. donald trump is back on the campaign trail today. he is heading to a key battleground state, ohio. he tweeted this morning thinking many of the polls that felt he did best in the
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clinton and her twitter battle after the rnc chair criticize her saying that she was angry and defensive the entire time she was on the stage. she responded " that is exactly what taking the office president -- of the president looks like. mazda making a recall today. the rear hatches people and injure them. the recall covers 2010 to 2013 mazda three compact cars. 2012 to 2013 mazda 5 bands. -- vans. if you need repair the dealership will cover the cost. pretty amazing video, two-
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one guy uses a sledgehammer to smash the glass is still the jewelry while the other flashes a gun and keeps frightened staff in check. as they get away the store's manager chases them down throwing off a combined including a couple of wicker chairs. from a little cut to this, a high school freshman is lucky to still have his hand after a cut became in fact did with a flesh eating bacteria. >> when the surgeon came in she cannot believe how severe his finger was. it was discolored and he couldn't fill it. the swelling increased and the antibiotics were not working. >> doctors say the boy had necrotizing fasciitis were could've led -- which could have lead to amputation or even death. his mother wants to remind parents this can happen to anyone so this impact equipment and keep an eye on any injury.
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funnel cloud coming in just north of the valley. pretty cool. we saw a lot of clouds and rain across our state yesterday. some rain did fall in the valley, but luckily no funnel clouds. let's find out what we can expect today. iris, you nailed it yesterday. >> it was southeast arizona that got hit had measurable rain in the valley. as you are getting ready to head out the door we are not seeing ray. you will notice some of the lingering clouds as i told you you with the once our son worked its way into the horizon. those clouds sticking around in the morning before we see
5:50 am
temperatures will be in the 70s across the valley. look at two points that are sitting at 70 degrees. it will not feel very comfortable with lingering moisture. it is going to be pretty sticky this morning. even though two points. this afternoon still muggy throughout the day. some of that lingering tropical moisture will still keep storm chances in play today. especially a cross eastern and southeastern arizona. also, a slight chance across the higher terrain. most of us looking to start drying out. i wanted to give you a heads up there is an isolated chance today. watch for a stray shower or storm as we head into the afternoon. the timing between 3:00 and 6:00.
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by 3:00. we are under a uv alert today. let's give you a look at desert tribe times. if you are starting in the north part of the valley just eight minutes on us 101 eastbound. if you are taking the 17 we are already seeing a backup from an earlier crash that i show you. we are right near around indian school and before that you will see some slowing. on the 10 it is superheavy. part of the problem is this crash off on the right-hand side. again, it is not blocking traffic. we will give you a closer look at those desert drive times next. do you have an old bicycle taking up space? consider donating it for a kid in foster care. abc 15 is teaming up with earnhardt auto centers for the
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campaign. you can drop off your bicycle at 20 different locations, or volunteer. city official trying to change a shooting trend in chicago. things already getting tricky between the pirates and
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5:54 am
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apparently after sitting during the national anthem, cabinet -- colin kapernick is getting plenty of money in jersey sales. it is opening games of the 2016 regular nfl season. it is a rematch of last year's super bowl matchup with the panthers versus the broncos. this game when i looked the same. cam newton and company are back and more hungry for ring. the broncos are struggling here . kickoff is today at 5:30 pm.
5:56 am
continue to get better even with age. is that a cheap shot? you decide. a little more added pressure to pass chandler jones because he is taking on his old team for the very first time. today we say goodbye to newton. it has cleared off to the east. we have lingering arizona and we will talk about lingering storm chances next. we will take a look at some other hot spots around the valley. we had our own chase this week, but this one. we will show you the crazy ending. plus, the delta airline outage was a huge problem last month. now we are finding out just how much across the airlines. a woman driving on state
5:57 am
we have a crew on the scene. allison rodriguez is being
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right now, terror on the freeway. a manhunt growing for a suspect accused of shooting and killing a woman on state route 51.
6:00 am
forget. new developments in the bank robbery chase that ended with her brother being shot and killed by police. it has been seven weeks and still no sign of jesse wilson. now there is a new effort underway. so much to get to. thank you for starting your day with us. >> we have already had extra delays from a few crashes. this is a look at the backup. th everything is clear. but this is back to glendale avenue. you will want to give yourself extra time. let's give you a look at your desert drive times. we just dropped down to 12 minutes. still, much lower than normal. this will be until you hit mcdowell. once you pass that crash things are looking better. take a look at the west valley. we still have a crash eastbound


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