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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  September 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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like unwanted garbage. >> reporter: the couple who pleaded guilty to fraud originally told people the dogs ran away. >> then it was a lie, he was dead. >> reporter: they came back to decomposing bodies. >> >. we had a hard time identifying him. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: one of the 23 was this boy's service dog. >> he wasn't best friend. i've been angry and upset for the past two years. >> we really are sorry, and it's the way they think it is. >> reporter: the hughes' grown daughter was in charge of the dog that is night, and begged for forgiveness for her parents. >> >. i know they have to serve some time in business or -- in prison or jail, but i ask you
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>> reporter: and the reason why this couple will not be going to jail at the same time is because of those children. they have eight children, a couple of them are very young, and as things are developing in court right now we've just heard that the wife's sentence will not start in january, but february. we'll have much more reaction to these sentences coming up at 6:00. back to you. >> yeah, we've seen that before where parents split the time for the children as well. thank you for the reporting. meantime, is what one father says he just did this afternoon. glendale police say a group of men actually attacked someone near 47th in northern, but during the fight the dad intervened and was himself stabbed. the father and son with expected to be okay. new details about the guy arrested after he assaulted mesa police officers. the 30-year-old is facing charges accused of being high
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rammed a police cruiser. he stopped a mile away and turned himself in. no officers were hurt. she wanted attention, and boy did she get some? this woman from chandler is facing arson charges, accused of trying to burn down her own house. she poured gasoline in the bathroom of her home near chandler boulevard and arizona avenue and set it on fire. originally rose jordan told police she knocked over a candle while in but later said she wanted attention from her boyfriend. and an update we wish we didn't have to bring you tonight. a 2-year-old girl that fell into a pool has died. she fell in the pool monday at her home. she was taken to the hospital on critical condition. we're told she passed away yesterday. tonight four people fighting for their lives after this plane crashed near wickenburg. investigators still on scene at this hour sifting through
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all over the front yard of a home avenue the plane collided with a dumpster. all four people on board are in their 60s and suffered serious injuries. what caused the crash is under investigation. and we're making calls to learn about the cause of death of a hiker rushed from camelback in the past few hours. he was a 26-year-old man from switzerland hiking with friends who got separated from his group, and workers heard his cries for help. he collapsed on the trail and bystanders started cpr. he later died at the hospital. he did appear to have plenty of water, but i've been out there twice this week already, and it's still really hot out there, and tough take precautions. >> >. yes, you have to stay cool, drinking plenty of water. temperatures near average, but we're still in the triple digits. 102 in phoenix today, upper 930s in chandler, and -- 90s in
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101 in tempe, 100 scottsdale, and triple digits for peoria and surprise, and we'll cool down through the next couple of hours. now dewpoint temperatures are drying, we're sitting in the 40s and 350s with the dewpoint -- 50s with the dewpoints right now. warm out of the south in glendale at 12 miles per hour southwest direction there, and goodyear. here's a look at temperatures tonight staying in the 90s right through 11:00, more on the forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. valley children left with no answers after bus drivers for the roosevelt school district decided to protest. navideh forghani is at the. district office, and did you get any answers -- at the district office, and did you get any answers? >> reporter: yeah, it took awhile, but a got a statement from the. district superintendent just now, and she says they've had staffing issues, and today a group of bus drivers calmed out
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their resources were extremely exhausted picking kids up from school. they weren't able to get all routes covered, and the routes were about 30 minutes behind. some kids did miss school. the bus drivers didn't want to go on camera but said the call outs were plans in protest to send the district a message they were upset because they haven't gotten raises in years, and the drivers are some of the lowest paid in the valley. i wanted more answers from the superintendent because the statement she sent out was pretty vague, but i seem to get her face to face. >> we understand, we just wanted to talk to her directly. >> i'm sorry, i came out to give you the press release. >> no, i got the press release, but i had additional questions. >> i don't know. >> i know, but she does. can i talk to her? >> wait here, and we'll be right back. >> reporter: now, her assistant did come back telling me to e- mail the questions in, and i
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questions answers for instance on how competitive their pay is. she says in the statement that they are pretty competitive, but i'm hearing from the bus drivers they're about $2 lower than a lot of valley school districts, so we're still trying to get transportation questions answered, so we'll keep digging and keep you posted on how it developments. >> obviously frustrating for you to try and get answers, but frustrating for the parents whose kids were affected. thanks. and we're getting brand new desk after the shooting we were temperaturing you about teaboard were -- telling you about at the border crossing. we brought it to you as breaking news last night, and they were investigating a truck driver for smuggling when the 26-year-old driver drove right at officers nearly gunning one of them down. he was hit several times, and is in stable condition in tucson at the hospital. also, a 16-year-old boy was in
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tonight he's in border patrol custody a valley family needs your help. right now they're trying to find this missing man, edward butler, last seen last night in mesa. he was heading to glendale to see his brother but never made it. he was driving a silver toyota truck. he suffers from memory loss. even more trouble for the guy accused of nabbing jewelry from drake's tour bus. what police say he asked women while on asu's campus. >>
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better news on that power outage was tracking for you. it's down to about 1100 people
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not expected for them to be back on until 740 tonight. you can see the boundaries on the map. and we should let you know the cause, we're just learning was a car crash at 16th street and deer valley. took out a major power line. that had impacted about 4,000 people, but once again we're down in to about 1100 without power. it's nothing to laugh about. the creepy clown sightings making their way to arizona. somebody biking down a street in yuma wearing a clown mask. it's a trend in the us aimed to scare people apparently. it's gone a step further actually in the carolinas though where people dressed as clowns to try and lure kids into the woods. he's suspected of stealing drake's dj hot line bling, and now this man is accused of going to asu to ask students
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dorm room with $400,000 in stolen jewelry. jason is live in tempe, and jason, how did king get in >> reporter: well, it happened at the barrett honor college that's surrounded by gates, and it's generally locked, and certainly would have been locked at 3:00 a.m., but police say he probably just asked someone to open the gate or walked in behind a student, and then talked his way past the security person at the front desk at one of the king told the front desk he was there to visit a friend, and they just let him in. eventually he walked into an unlocked room, and tried to climb into a bed with a girl and offered to have sex with her. she called the police, and they showed up to arrest king who had the rap tarp's jewelry with him -- star's jewelry with him. we found a guy that lived across the hall from the girl, and he shared the story.
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and he wanted to show them the jewelry. the girls kind of pieced it together, and told the cops we think he was the guy with drake's jewelry. >> reporter: police say king openly admitted he was high on marijuana and pcp. coming up at 6:00 what the university is doing about security.
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there's a brand new twist in the race for district 35's congressional -- 5's congressional seat. christine jones is asking for more ballots cast in the wrong
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comes just hours after a june ruled only 18 of the -- judge ruled only 18 of those would be counting bringing the deficit from 9 to 16 votes. her challenger biggs just releasing this statement saying i suppose after losing the election and then the lawsuit she's hoping the third time's the charm. it's time to allow the county and state to complete the canvas so we can complete the recount process. and tonight we're the tatters remains of a specially designed ambulance, the wrap ripped and cut some time during the night. >> megan thompson walks us through the damage, and the plans on fixing the mess. >> burning the top of the hood. >> reporter: he believes they took a blow torch to military seals. >> the navy and coast guard portion. >> reporter: he's the owner of emergency medical veterans response. he says he woke up this morning to something he couldn't
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the damage until actually i got to asu for the 9/11 tribute run where i had a chance to look at it in the light and see how much damage was actually done to it. >> reporter: the company provides medical aid. >> we do youth football games, jv games, high school varsity games, some local concert venues. >> reporter: and works with the us military on special projects. >> the wrap has only been done about 7 months. >> reporter: and now it has to be completely redone. the damage past patching up. >> they're not cheap. about $4,800 for this one in particular. it's completely ruined. >> reporter: he started a go fund me page because replacing it isn't in the budget right now. if you'd like to help go to our website, megan thompson, abc 15 news. across the nation, remembering the lives lost 15 years after one of our
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9/11, and today cities across the us held memorial parades and ceremonies to honor the victims. in new york, the nypd came together for a march through the city, and at the pentagon a moment of silence in the center of courtyard. and here at home, thousands of flags line tempe beach park right now. a group of volunteers has been really busy since sun rise putting each flag in place. they represent each life lost in the attacks, and a name tag is attached to each flag. >. a stark reminder of the threats we still face here every day. abc 15 news just confirming the arrest of a kentucky woman accused of promoting isis. the 55-year-old appearing in federal court in just the past few hours allegedly lying to the fbi when they confronted her about advocating terrorist
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media account. much more ahead on this, it's still developing. national security at the forefront of the conversation in democracy 2016, and we're going live to florida right now. donald trump just taking the stage? stage in pensacola. in the past few hours he made the case of how to protect our country to -- country to officials in washington. north korea performed it's5th nuclear test, it's 4th since hillary clinton became secretary of state. it's just one more massive failure from a failed secretary of state. >> national security experts on both sides of the aisle are chilled by what they're hearing from the republican nominee. that may be the number one reason this election is the
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>> both candidates will take a rare day off on sunday in observance of 9/11. and good news for the buckeye man struck by lightning in april. he's getting released from a rehab center, and he's about to be reunited with the person who helped him right after he was hit on horseback near his home. he's been getting treatment ever since, and tomorrow he's planning to catch up with the neighbor that saved him. no showers and thunderstorms across the valley or state today. it's been hot, it's it's been clear. 102 right now in phoenix after topping out at 103 this afternoon. west winds at 9 miles per hour, dewpoints in the 40s. here's the plan, keeping it dry tonight. a few high passing clouds throughout the evening. 95 at 9:00, lows dipping into the # 0s by tomorrow -- 80s by tomorrow morning. winds on the lighter side about 5 to 10 miles per hour. breezy at times today. lighter winds in the forecast today. looking at saturday, the upper 70s to low 80s, and warming
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afternoon. by noon tomorrow, phoenix at 97. we'll be topping out at 104. 103 at 5:00. 95 mesa tomorrow. glendale around 84 in the 8:00 hour, and highs back near average in the triple digits, and valley-wide, the air quality forecast is in the moderate category with elevated ozone levels, so if you are out and about and sensitive keep that in mind tomorrow. futurecast pretty quiet across the state of arizona and the southwest. there's going to be a slight chance through the white mountains of a few showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. that's about it, much of the state going to continue to be on the dry side as we get into the saturday forecast, and we'll increase shower and thunderstorm chances as we increase the monsoon moisture into sunday, so if you're heading to sedona this weekend 92 tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, very slight chance of a high country shower tomorrow. better chances in sedona coming up sunday. about a 30 percent chance of rain. and we'll also see the rain
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about a 10 percent chance of rain sunday. better chances valley-wide. 20 percent chance coming up on monday. so again still going to be on the slim slide through tuesday of early next week, and then take them out of forecast by wednesday. a dry nice night ahead in the 70s across the valley. a few 80s. like glendale in the morning 81, 82 in ahwatukee. apache junction up to 103 tomorrow, 103 in chandler. 103 in tempe, that's the afternoon high. 102 in scottsdale, and asu taking on texas tech, the kickoff 100 degrees. a beautiful day, but a hot one tomorrow. south/southwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. dry night ahead for the sun devils and red raiders out there. 76 right now in flagstaff, 88 in sedona. 86 in payson. overnight lows along the rim back in the 50s, so cool start there. flagstaff and the grand canyon, window rock in the 40s. 83 tomorrow window rock, 91 in winslow, 81 in show low, and if
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heading southeast to tucson in the upper 90s. here's the most accurate forecast looking like this. slight chances coming up sunday, a little more cloud cover in the forecast. very isolated rain chance. 99 on monday, 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, isolated rain chance tuesday, and then wednesday, thursday, friday, back to sunny sky, highs approaching 100 again late next week. do you have an old bike just taking up space? consider donating it and letting it be a holiday miracle for kids in it's the annual recycle your bicycle campaign. you can drop off old bikes at 20 different locations, donate money, were volunteer to help -- or volunteer to help fix up the bikes. find a full list on not your typical day on the job. how a store clerk is doing after this crash and the all too common mistake that lead to it, but first here's what's coming up on world news tonight. >. coming up, breaking news, the major new alert about
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the federal government issuing a warning a short time ago. the new alert about 9/11 in new york, and the scare, the car york, and the scare, the car dangling from the paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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caught on video, today at work one clerk did not expect this, an suv smashes right into the business sending the worker flying. surveillance cameras actually picked up multiple angles of crash in connecticut. look at that guy, wow. somehow that clerk just had might mor- injuries. -- minor injuries. police think the driver hit the gas instead of the brake. it's a shocking photo taking the internet by storm tonight, and a warning some may
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in ohio passed out in the front seat, a boy in the back. police pulled them over. the man passed out as soon as the officers walked up. they released the photo to drive home the danger of heroine. the boy is now in children's services. wow. new at 6:00. a fight until the end after the abc 15 investigators expose alleged abuse by a group supposedly helping people who are handicapped. the attorney general laying his arguments today. whether you forgot or not, arizona is ready to forgive. a new city giving criminals a chance to walk away from jail time. >> reporter: a south phoenix father is taking the fight against his daughter's bullies right across the street from the school where it's all happening, and how he's doing it, it's with a sign that's gotten a lot of attention. a car or a house, sometimes you need a lock smith, but how
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i'm joe ducey, coming up i'll tell you how to find one to trust. and just a quick look outside. 102 right now. high school football games kicking off soon, it's going to be a warm one. mostly clear skies all night long, mid-90s by 9:00, down to 80 tonight, and tomorrow we have asu and the cardinals and the diamondbacks. >> a lot going on. >> yes, and 9/11 ceremonies. >> yes, stay cool and hydrated. >> yes, tailgating for sure. what are we talking cardinals sunday? >> a slight chance of rain, and
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse,
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tonight, breaking news. the suv up in flames. and tonight, the new and urgent warning just issued about a particular kind of smartphone. after several fires now reported. and the faa, now saying do not pack them in your luggage. we're also watching severe storms set to hit this friday night. the system now moving east. ro treacherous driving ahead. and the other driver nightmare late today. the car dangling from a parking garage. the driver crawling out. on the scene tonight, authorities and the new discovery. as they look for clues in the missing student making national headlines. donald trump, and his praise for president putin.


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