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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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>> that's what is making news in america this morning. this is abc15 news, taking action. >> a crash shutting down part of i-17. we'll tell you what happened and who police are looking for right now. shocking new video of a valley teen jumped by her classmates. what the parents of the child are doing. and it was time to honor the victims of 9/11. and hillary clinton was forced to leave the memorial early. her illness is forcing her to take a break. >> thanks for waking up with us. >> good to be back bright and early, dark and early, what it might be. >> iris, up near payson there were some storms possible.
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the north valley and the high country. we have storms around the phoenix metro. it's mainly the northeast valley and fountain hills where we're tracking storms and producing heavy rain. moving to the north, northeast, and a lot of lightning with that cell. the rest of the valley fairly quiet and this area will continue to track up the beeline highway. and north of the valley, storms near cave creek the northeast. and the lightning show in payson, strawberry, and continuing to push to the northeast. if you're in the high country, know that the storms will continue to track to the northeast, eventually working their way closer to i-40 if they manage to hold together. a heads up, when thunder roars, indoors is the place to be. across the phoenix metro. isolated storms.
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few more pop-ups but the chances are not high. something to keep an eye on. know that we've got more storm chances this afternoon. i'll show you that plus the temperature forecast. breaking news on the valley freeway. a stranded motorist getting out of his car and is killed near the i-17 and thomas. and dps trying to track down the driver who took off from the scene. justin pazera is on live for us, what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, chris, you know, this is such a sad story. the driver's shoe is on i-17 right now. we have to keep this a wide shot. we don't want to identify the car because they are working to notify the person's family right now. what i can tell you, you can kind of see the gray suv in the right-hand lane. apparently, that car was having problems. the driver of the vehicle got
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was going on with the car. that's when the driver was hit. the person that hit the person took off. right now police are looking for the driver. we know it was a white truck. that's all we have at this point. and it should have front end damage. you can see the police activity on i-17. this is northbound around thomas. already this morning. adot has put up signs warning drivers if you have to take this way, the entrance to i-17 is closed mcand you'll see a lot of police activity. from there, a big scare happening overnight for students in flagstaff. police officers sending out an alert. if we can kill justin's mike, that would be great, thank you. this is the tweet.
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into the newsroom. imminent threat on the flagstaff campus. avoid the area. we did reach out to flagstaff and nau police. no word back. regarding the alert, it said the situation has been resolved. it's our understanding they were looking for a person with a gun earlier this morning. it has been resolved. many parents may have wondering and that's the latest information we have. she was attacked and knocked to the ground, gasping for air and all of it caught on camera. and a valley dad is taking action after the school didn't do enough. this father not just sitting back and watching things happen. >> reporter: he's trying to turn this into something with a purpose. he's going to be protesting on
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start this morning. he's trying to get the word out because he claims school officials did not do enough to stop it. the dad tells us this all started with cyber bullying last week. his daughter is a freshman and decided to confront the students to see what was behind all of this and it did not go well at all. she was pushed and punched and shoved to the ground. and at one point she struggling to breathe. >> i don't know how to explain as a father when you walk up and see your daughter laid out. and then to find out that she had been jumped. let alone the fact that she's only about 100 pounds. >> reporter: so we did reach out to the school and officials tell us that they are looking into this incident. the father here marcus heinz,
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to start the protest. he's doing more than just protesting. we'll detail his plan of action. right now phoenix police are searching for the suspects involved in a drive-by shooting in tollson. this happened at a house party. two 15-year-olds were shot one in the back of the neck and the other in the face. neighbors heard a hail of gun with 50 teens running for cover. the shooters were in two a black mercedes sedan. if you know anything about this, phoenix police want to hear from you. an accused shooter is behind bars after he fired at a car while standing in the median. the two people in the car say they were heading westbound on i-10 and saw a man and a woman standing in the median. the man pointed the gun at the
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the driver's windshield. the woman involved has not been found. the intersection of ellsworth and ocotillo open after two cars collided. the area dealing with major construction. we're told a woman ran a red light slamming into another driver. that woman is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the investigation is ongoing and deputies believe speed was a factor in that crash. three people are dead this morning after a plane crash in reno, nevada. the plane crashed on take off. it did not hit anybody on the ground but fell in a parking lot damaging several cars there as you can see. investigators are looking into what caused the crash. the pilot ran ntsome kind of
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near 11th street in glendale, you can see the detectives around the car. on the right-hand part of the screen, that's a crime scene response van. this is an active crime scene and an active investigation happening right now. carlos, thank you very much for giving us a better look. police officers are on the scene investigating what happened. and we're waiting on an update. when i know what that i have been able -- what they've been able we're tracking storms mainly in the northeast and east valley near fountain hills working up the beeline highway. we have one pocket of thunderstorms producing a lot of lightning. that's pushing slowly to the northeast. also up near payson and north of cave creek we're seeing more of those storms, pushing to the northeast through the high country and through gila county. across the valley. things are fairly isolated and the threat for isolated like
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the early morning commute. through 8:00 i have the 10% chance in the forecast. and after that a bit of a lull and more storm chances this afternoon. i'll break down the details in just a few minutes. taking a look at the roads, the freeways are looking good as far as the speeds go. you're seeing red on the 101 through scottsdale. that's weekend work that's already opened up. and i-17 where justin pazera is this morning. the right lane this is i-17 northbound at thomas road. the entrance to get on the freeway at this area is also closed off. use indian school instead and this is because of the deadly wreck. new concerns this morning over the democratic nominee's health. concerns forcing her to cancel events. and donald trump set to mark new territory today. and war games in the south china sea.
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powers set to head face to face for a battle never seen before. and new flames sparking in greece. this wildfire causing dozens of evacuations for people who live there. what investigators are saying
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donald trump and hillary clinton taking a break from the campaign trail yesterday to honor the victims of 9/11. this video is the one peop are talking about. sparking a lot of concern. that was hillary clinton kind of stumbling, nearly falling as she trice to get in a van. several people helping her inside the vehicle. she's canceling plans to visit the west coast today and tomorrow. her campaign saying she has pneumonia. and she became overheated and
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post office building in the nation's capitol -- two chefs backed out because of the trump's commits about mexican immigrants. 46-41% to hillary clinton. that's fallen 2 points since august. trump is slowly there. libertarian gary johnson with 9%. and jill stein at 2%. >> reporter: in glendale, two schools are closed because of cracks just like this. landmark elementary school off 49th avenue will be closed for five weeks. the districts conducted a study after noticing some of the cracks and decided the schools
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students and staff in. the school is expected to resume on a thursday. there'll be community meetings for parents and i'll have more on that coming up at 5:30. 4:45 now. and two world powers going head to head in a newly declared war games. this is the china and russian navy. both police rescue drills and the simulated seizure of an enemy island. this all unfolding at an undisclosed location. russia has been the only country to speak up in china's behalf. 300 firefighters and
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a northern greek island. several homes have been torched. and entire villages are having to evacuate. lightning is believed of the sparked the fires. a state of emergency has been declared on the island there. this one is burning in washington, d.c. this is the yard fire and it's burned 500 acres so far, forcing school cancellations for several students in the area. a level one evacuation has within issued for people who live there. they're on alert and have to get ready to leave. insure minutes to -- to kansas we go as police mourn the loss of a fellow officer this morning because of a bad crash there. brandon collins was sitting in his patrol car following a traffic stop. a truck driver slammed that vehicle into the back of a car.
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scene. he leaved behind two young daughters. more violence in chicago as police look for the person who opened fire on a star football player. he was shot in the hand and the stomach. the shooting happening hours after a matchup with another school. the injuries are not life- threatening but he'll have to use a wheelchair and is forced to quit football. a reality star of rain. toby willis, the star of the willis family. he's being held without bond and is waiting extradition to tennessee. authorities think he took off to kentucky to avoid police. the reality show features him and his wife and their 12 children and their music career. alexis area content has
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two of the family members are confirming the death. the 47-year-old was surrounded by all of her siblings when she passed including patricia arquette and david arquette. you were not dreaming if you saw flashes of light outside your window. we've now all of the lightning is moving northeast but pretty incredible as we look to the north. and again, very bright coming through the window blinds, that's for sure. especially if you're in cave creek or the northeast valley. much of the storm activity from just a few hours ago has started lifting to the northeast in spots like payson and the higher terrain. and i've been tracking the isolated cell continues to track to the northeast.
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quiet. drier in the west valley. a stray shower not out of the question. so far, things are quieting down across the immediate phoenix metro. if you've got to head out in fountain hills, you have lightning nearby even though the storm is tracking to the northeast. keep in mind, lightning can strike 10 miles away. it's important to be careful early this morning. and we have the storms lifting through payson impa like strawberry. and north of sunflower over the higher terrain. and the storms will continue to track to the northeast. and if they manage to hold together. heber, heads up. but it could make it close to i- 40 this morning. that's where the strongest storms are right now. much of the valley is quiet. and chances are still in the forecast through this morning for more of the pop-up storms. and you can see the shower that
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few radar scans. it's something i'll be watching through the morning. and as you head out you may see the lightning and get caught under a stray thunderstorm. the chance 10%. and sitting at 88 degrees. the moisture increases and it's going to feel a little bit more humid. and that's going to keep the storm chances in play as we head into the afternoon. by 10:00 we're up to 90 degrees. 94 by noon and today's high in the upper 100 degrees. phoenix will hit 100 degrees around 3:00. and we've got the 20% chance for storms as we get into the afternoon. still we're tracking an area of low pressure off to the west. and that's boosting the monsoon moisture. we have the storm chances this morning and this afternoon. and as we go through tuesday and wednesday we'll bring in drier air and that will start to drop the storm chances. today looks to be the most
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phoenix metro. the chance for storms, very spotty. a lull in the midday. and then the storms will get going on the mogollon rim. and we could see storms across southeast arizona and pinal county. this evening there's a chance for storms in the valley. and the best potential will be across the southeast valley. 100degrees by this afternoon. that will be the high. and then over the next few days we'll see th drop. highs through the rest of the week in the upper 90s. we'll talk more about the afternoon storm chances in just minutes. abc15 dessert drive times brought to you by centurylink prism. >> all of the freeways are nice and light. you're seeing a lot of the restrictions back open. let's take a look at the east
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the only issue we have is from the adot camera, remember this is on i-17 at thomas. the right lanes are blocked. the entrance ramp is also blocked off if you're trying to travel northbound. use indian school instead. eight-minute toss the top of the hour. are you crazy about the cards? we'll console you as we talk about the red birds live on our facebook page. every monday and friday u' see one-on-one interviews some of your favorite players, and surprises. and we'll be sharing your thoughts as we interact together live on facebook. again, that's every monday night and friday night at 7 p.m. are you ready to dance? the premiere that we've been waiting for is finally here. the stars set to face off for the trophy. dancing with the stars. a mockup in flames a day
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be to blame. samsung stock opens at the lowest level in two months. >> the company issued a warning about the galaxy note catching fire. tesla is upgrading the autopilot feature which has been linked to a deadly crash. >> the software update will be available in a week or two. and a spin on the phrase never judge a book by its cover. a device can read pages through a cover. it can read up to nine sheets of paper without flipping a page. >> and teens with diaries are
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ceo nate money or volunteer to help fix up the bikes. it's time to dust off the dancing shoes. dancing with the stars is back. the show premieres tonight on abc15. >> they always have such a diverse cast. we've got ryan lochte, laurie hernandez. marilu henner, former texas governor perry. i'm tracking lightning and thunderstorms. and we have chances for storms as the morning goes on. i'll show you the morning by morning forecast. we're on the scene of breaking news. the i-17 northbound. you can see the crime scene. justin pazera has new information. and a gunman on the loose after bullets fly at a popular mall in north phoenix.
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his car on i-17 hit and killed. now the search for the person who did it. and hillary clinton facing new scrutiny about health and transparency after a big stumble on sunday. happening right now at 5:00. iris has been pinpointing the forecast. and we have a thousand customers in the fountain hills and reports of a brush fire in that area. >> that's where we've seen lightning and the heavy rain. let me show you the latest on desert doppler. i'll show you where the storms are. basically, moving over roosevelt lake and we had areas of heavy rain, strong winds and a lot of that lightning over fountain hills. you see that? so not surprised that we're seeing the power outages in that area. as you look at desert doppler


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