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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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singing along with them. >> beautiful moment. this is abc15 news, taking action. >> i'm justin pazera live in phoenix where a fire ripped through an apartment complex. we're hearing from good samaritans who rushed in to try and save a family. i'm struggling trying to chemotherapy. and she's already on stage four. >> he says he's being honest but did this suspect lie in front of a judge? the exclusive tip from his godfather. i'm shocked. my heart is racing. >> so his fox trot wasn't that
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dance floor. ryan lochte's first dance ends with two people in handcuffs. we begin with breaking news. a dangerous morning after officers were targeted on the job. christopher sign is standing by. >> reporter: three phoenix police officers rushed to the hospital after being attacked off camelback and 24th avenue. katie conner is live on scene with the latest. first and foremost let's talk about the officers. >> reporter: fortunately, the officers are expected to survive. two of them have serious injuries. earlier this morning, the three officers were right outside this qt investigating when the driver of a maroon car drove right at them. the guy got out of his car and -- the third officer who was
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paramedics rushed the officers to nearby hospitals and the suspect was also taken into custody and taken to a nearby hospital. he'll be booked after treatment. investigators are trying to figure out if he tried to target these officers or if this was a random attack. police think that impairment was a factor in all of this. >> my goodness. katie, we also got updated in the newsroom. the injured officers were rushed to saint joseph's hospital. we've seen several officers arrive holding vigil. two of the officers have serious but non-life- threatening injuries, one with a head injury and one with broken bones, and the third officer who fought with the suspect has minor injuries, updates throughout the morning on this breaking story. of course our thoughts are
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injured. good morning to you and thanks for starting you day with us on this tuesday. >> if you're up early, you feel a difference in the air. >> the temperatures are cooling and we're in the 70s in phoenix. you know we've got cooler spots across the valley as we kick off tuesday morning. a few spotty high clouds but nothing bad. mostly clear and you can see how quiet it is on abc 15 desert doppler. plan on dry conditions and showers like what we started with yesterday morning. a gorgeous drive to work and temperatures will drop a little bit further and we'll end up in the low to mid-70s in much of the valley. by this afternoon, only in the 90s, but we have storm chances to talk about and stronger winds in just a few minutes. >> reporter: i'm justin pazera live in phoenix where fire investigators are trying to figure out what started this
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and mcdowell. you can see all of the damage on the second floor balcony. it's believed that's where the fire started. family members are okay. a family of four lives in the unit. we talked with one guy who saw the orange glow and he knew he needed to start knocking on the doors to make sure people were getting out. they were running to get fire extinguishers, and all of that did not the family is okay. but that second floor unit just a complete loss. right now the family is going in, trying to get stuff out. as for what started it. fire investigators are trying to figure out exactly how it started. the breaking news continues from the abc15 live desk. and happening early this morning. an intersection in surprise shut down due to a deadly crash. it happened just before
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it happened near reems road and waddell. look at the damage to this car. unfortunately, there were two people in the car. the female driver in her 20s died on the scene. the passenger was transported to the hospital in serious condition. the driver of the truck, a man in his 60s also taken to the hospital in serious condition. it's my understanding that he is being tested for impairment. and we have to abc15 exclusive. and a bank robbery suspect could have lied in front of a judge. >> i'm struggling trying to get the mom for her chemotherapy. and she's already on stage four. >> he's facing a number of charges, including first-degree murder for the robe and chase that ended with police shooting an accused accomplice. we tracked down the man's
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have cancer and it's just a employ to get out of jail and he needs to stay in there. >> the next court appearance is. prosecutors are not taking any incident lightly. this man is facing 10 charges after police say he shot at a car on the i-10 near the i-17 stack. that's not all though. officers say the 22-year-old also assaulted the car had its windshield blown out and the people inside the car were not hurt. no new leads after a deadly shooting on the 51. tomorrow marks a week since -- was killed. police believe the killer is driving around in a white work style truck. she'll be laid to rest on saturday. joggers taking a run on the
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exposing himself as joggers were on the stretch between glendale and northern. african-american man in his late teens or early 20s. he's in a light colored sedan. in 30 minutes, we'll hear from one of the first victims and learn about his m.o. to a crime alert. targeted twice in a year, a central phoenix neighborhood. a clear video the homeowner says the suspects drove up to his a.c. work truck and used a hammer and a screwdriver and busted into the truck. they hauled out expensive repair equipment. >> they are very quick. within two minutes they are in and out with $2000 worth of specialty tools.
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investigating another similar break-in around the same time. if you know who they are, contact the phoenix police. i drop my son at school every morning. where am i going to drop him now? >> parents hoping for answers after two schools closed for repairs. the students can't go back to school until thursday. even then they'll have a different campus for five weeks with split half we could get answers from itt tech after the announcement they are closing their doors. there's an information session on thursday in tempe. it starts at 6:30 p.m. and students can get updates on the closure and guidance on options for the future academic endeavors. excuse me, excuse me. >> wow.
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during the fox trot as two men are on stage to protest ryan lochte. you can see them. they were wearing anti-lochte shirts underneath their dress shirts. they're getting arrested there. and were booked for trespassing. lochte and his passenger cheryl burke was shaking in their tap shoes. >> when we realized -- it broke my heart. >> during the rio olympics, lochte and his teammates were involved in a drunken dispute. did you get rain at your
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tan valley. the winds also quite strong with the storms that rolled in. the rain following in the -- falling in the area for 10 minutes or so. a dose of rain through pinal county. and today, not completely done with the storm chances although the chances are a little bit lower. but there's the potential. we'll be watching as we go through this afternoon. something else that's changing is that the winds are kicking up across the state and not necessarily storm related we'll feel the breezes in the valley through the afternoon ask in northern arizona. and we'll get a nice dose of cooler air starting today. a nice 79 degrees under mostly clear skies. and light breezes out there. all dry as you drive into work. we'll warm to 89 by 10:00 and then high clouds roll in. 93 by noon and a high of 98 this afternoon or rather upper
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chance for storms. we'll talk about who has the best potential for rain next. the commute is starting off quiet. the west valley on the 10 -- there's a crash at 59th avenue and mcdowell. you might want to use 51st if you're trying to hop on the freeway. and here's a look at loop 202. i want to give you a we had a crash at alma school blocking some lanes, everything is cleared and you can see things are lightening up. time is 4:41 and he trained for the wilderness. but this tour guide missing right now in the grand canyon. and weather is delaying the search and rescue.
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?? you didn't listen to your parents. u failed over, and over, and over.e. and look where it goyou. good morning. just about 4:45 on this tuesday
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outside at tempe. 79degrees as you wake up. meteorologist iris hermosillo telling us it's a little nicer this morning. first over to the live desk with chris. >> search and rescue teams are gearing up to look for a missing tour guide in the grand canyon. the 34-year-old did not return to camp after a trip down the colorado river on sunday. the national parks service says members of the group yesterday. they were high winds yesterday and they could not fly in to search. the countdown is on to election day. you think the candidates have a full load ahead of them for the democratic nominee. hillary clinton taking it easy. her pneumonia diagnosis having her sit out today.
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have the support of her husband and daughter as they take the campaign trail for her and say she's not hiding anything. >> all of her health indicators are good. she's very strong. >> donald trump even wishing clinton a speedy recovery after he released a new ad about his supporters. >> you could put half of trump's basket of deplorables. >> meantime donald trump's campaign getting bigger in arizona. several victory offices will be serving as phone banks in our state. you might get a call between 5:00 and 8:00 tonight. there are several offices across the state and they are looking for volunteers if you're interested in helping
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bubble wrap. be careful the next time you do it. it could be mistaken for gunfire. a college student called 911 claiming she heard gunshots at the nearby military academy. that area went on lockdown and police didn't find anything. >> be careful with the bubble wrap. a driver makes the wrong turn. he reverses and slams into a store there it is. oof. >> the merchandise goes flying and a clerk goes flying as well. here's a different angle for the you. the driver hit the clerk working behind the counter, this is maybe a little tough to watch. he'll make a full recovery. and amazingly, he didn't have any broken bones from the whole ordeal. >> check this out. 4:47. and talk about fire power and a
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look at that right there. flying over south korea to show force against north korea. the bombers are nuclear capable. and the flyover happened days of north korea made its 5th nuclear test. pretty intimidating. >> that's what it's meant for. he's spent more time in space than anyone. and now the earned scott kelly a movie deal. endurance, my year in space. the book will start from his early years to the record breaking space trip. let's talk now about your most accurate forecast in case you've got to get out the door soon. it's going to feel really good when you step outside. a little humid but temperature- wise, the temperatures have cooled into the 70s pretty much
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and we have low 70s out there. mesa is waking up to a temperature of 73 degrees. we're in the mid-70s right now. and scottsdale, upper 70s for you. and look at the upper 70s in peoria. and glendale and deer valley. 78 to 79 degrees in those areas so a very nice start to the day. and know that we could see the temperature drop a degree or two as we head to the 6:00 hour. phoenix officially coming in in the 70s as well. and feeling a little bit of the humidity but not bad. winds out of the east at 10:00 and we have breezes across the valley. as you plan the morning, plan on mostly clear skies and a gradual warmup today. we'll go from 79 now dropping just a bit further by 6 a.m. and back to 80 by 7:00. and 83 by 8:00 and 89 by 10:00. the 90s hold off until after that.
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outdoors, you have a few hours before it starting to feel a little warmer. speaking of the breezes, we have winds light between 5 and 10 miles per hour across the valley. and the winds will get stronger through the day. and not just in the phoenix metro but across the state. winds up north are between 10 and 15 miles per hour. the winds up north will get stronger, sustained between 20 and 25. and gusting 40 to 45. in the valley, the wind gusts will times 25 to 30 miles per hour. as the winds kick up. the strongest in the high country, we have wind advisories up north and a red flag warning for the northwest pocket of the state in the pink along the upper colorado river valley. watch for strong cross winds if you're traveling up north. the winds are kicking up as we track low pressure out to the west. it's bringing the winds. we still have to watch for a slight chance of storms in the
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chances are low and there's that potential, especially if your live on the foothills in the east valley and north valley. chances for storms on the mogollon rim and we could see a stray shower or a storm in the valley. chances at 10% between 3:00 and 7:00 this afternoon. otherwise, partly cloudy skies and a high of only 98 degrees. check out the temperature through the rest of the week. highs in the 90s through saturd. forecast is next. abc15 drive drive times brought to you by centurylink prism. >> crash free and delay free on the freeways. if you're hopping on the 101 in the north valley. just a six-minute drive time. eastbound from 75th to i-17, east valley drivers are seeing the same conditions. right at alma school, either direction should be fine.
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in a couple of minutes. if you love burritos. we have a deal for the you. you can get a burrito that the mexican grill for only a dollar. >> that's not fair to show us right now. yoga -- let's talk about that. it's calm and relaxing. a new type of yoga is causing a bit of a frenzy. >> already a 500 person wait list is the reality here. yoga with the mats and relaxing while goats are roaming around and join in the outdoor class. >> it's so much fun. and they are friendly. and they've been head butting and playing around. they're really funny. >> okay. the class is so popular that the instructor may tie to do year-round classes at a covered
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the political drama not ending for the town of guadalupe. two election losers are now taking over the council seats. ? [ music ] ?? there's no ice on the dance floor while things heat up with two celebrities becoming the front runners. >> a big change comes to facebook messenger. >> users can make purchases within the app without being directed to it will roll out more widely by the end of the year. >> samsung believes it has a fix for the galaxy note. >> the government is evaluating the new battery as fast as it can. but owners are recommended to stop using the galaxy note seven. and a paralyzed woman has completed a half marathon.
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five days. and adding to the challenge, she's 16 weeks pregnant and had to train through morning sickness. >> those are your tech bites.
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vearrlin'ned byltra? yeah h twer of tts of bnd. wn as ne. ?[ music ] ??
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kaepernick to stand up during the national anthem. kaepernick got a few more followers. a fan ran across the field during the game. look at that. just like the 49ers ran all over the rams getting the win. season 23 started off with a bang. >> kind of a scary moment involving ryan lochte. >> and the night belonged to one of we're talking laurie hernandez, she impressed her partner. >> she dreamed about being on dancing with the stars. and as an ambassador of the show, i want to make sure it exceeds her expectations. >> i know it's early but if you want to get outside for early outdoor activities, it's going to be a very nice start.
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we're starting with breaking news, a scary situation t right now at 5:00. i'm christopher sign. three phoenix police officers very rushed to the hospital. they were attacked.
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right at them near i-17 and camelback. katie conner is live at the scene. do you have an update on the officers? >> reporter: the officers have sustained serious injuries and investigators are looking at surveillance video at that qt. a sergeant and two officers were standing outside and all of a sudden, this happened. >> you can see in the video that they hear the they see them and try to run out of the way. and two of them get struck seriously. >> and police say the driver gets out and cites the third officer who manages to pin the guy down until backup arrives. abc15 was the first station there. two suffered broken bones and are in serious condition. the suspect was slapped in handcuffs and taken to a nearby hospital.


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