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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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was. they actually said he was very aggressive to law enforcement in the court paperwork. we're waiting for him to be brought into the 4th avenue jail, but this was him earlier on scene as he was arrested. we were the only ones on scene, and i dicked into his -- digged into his history, and found out he has a lo aggression with police. in today's incident three officers were part of today's attack, and of course we are trying to find that motive, and as soon as we get a chance to talk to him we'll ask him that very question. >> thank you. the surveillance video from the qt is tough to watch, but police want you to see it to understand the danger they faced, and they're heroic actions after the fact.
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of story. >> reporter: this qt just opened in the last hour or so. the customers able to go in the door where the glass was smashed. workers just finished repairing it. right where that truck is where the officer were standing, and the suspect was at the pumps when he floored the car toward the officers who just finished working a call. the officer on the right was saying hello to a rookie on his first day. the the sergeant first. he has a broken leg, but manages to call for back up. the rookie meantime flips up over the car and slams into the window of the bf as the car -- qf as the car smashes into the window as well. the suspect gets out of the car, and the officer not hit
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>> the officer hit and goes into the window, that's jeremy, first day on the squad. extensive injuries, but he gets back up, you can imagine getting hit that hard, but he help it is other officer take him into custody. >> reporter: the chief a normally calm day, but he was pretty worked up over there, pretty upset, extremely upset, that it happened to his officers here in the city of phoenix. the sergeant is recovering at home with a the rookie officer, jeremy, he's still in the hospital but expected to be okay. the other officer banged up as well, but expected to be act. >> a lot of people across the nation are angered, and we know at any moment things can change with this. so we're saying on top of it. the suspect will be booked, charges filed, and all that will be developing, and you'll want to mobile app handy in case it happens while we're off
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feeling after thinking someone threw something on their balcony overnight, but now the crews say it looks accidental. it started near the back patio water heater. we walked through the home today with a woman that lived there for a year and a half. and now the forecast, we've been tracking chorals and thunderstorms all afternoon to the -- showers and thunderstorms all afternoon to the east, and a lot of activity, round afte near florence junction and queen valley over the last several hours. farther to the east and northeast, a lot still playing out in the higher terrain, eastern portions of rim and white mountain, and southeast arizona u all of this happening as low pressure approaches from the northwest, pulling the moisture up from the south and bringing us cooler air and picking up the winds across the state. in fact winds right now at the time higher terrain, the i-40 corridor especially over 20
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per hour up there today, but the highest are the 41 miles per hour gusts in kingman, and winds start to taper off into the evening forecast. we still have a wind advisory in effect for the areas still shaded in tan, and a red flag warning for potential fire danger for the extreme northwest sliver of the state until 11:00 p.m. so winds backing off tonight, and temperatures dropping too. we'll take a look at the forecast for the rest of the week coming up. >. change of plans in flail, t hours 24 hours after it seemed like things are sorted out by students effected by unstable campus, tonight we're told students from challengerring will attend a former -- challenger will attend a form school. they'll report to school on friday. what will the jury decide? tonight the case against a valley yoga instructor in the hands of a few people. the woman is accused of some pretty awful things at a party.
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underage boys touch her. police waiting for test results say too many drinks led -- to see if too many drinks led to a woman's death. a man in a truck hit her car. the driver died. and a husband and wife found dead inside a sun city home this weekend, and it's a mu the couple identified as a couple 87, and 84. >. he fired aid bb gun not loaded, threatened to hurt himself, and put up a fight when officers tried to make an arrest. that's the word from police who tried to book him into jail sunday night. more may come of this case as the police continue to look into evidence. he turned his back on a lot of people, and new tonight a tempe pastor getting a taste of
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st he can't enter south africa for a planned speech this sunday. >> he's been openly critical of the lgbt community and the government there is worried about his message of hate and violence, but anderson is moving on to his next event. and top candidates in congressional -- two candidates in congressional district 5 are waiting for the results of a recount. in the race for the white house, supporters are hard at work tonight holding outreach training sessions to get out the vote. we caught up with them tonight near 7th street and washington. the democratic party plans to hold more events like this throughout the week. >. for the republicans in our state it's trump tuesday, and for the last hour they've been working to get the word
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real, and that's why the phoenix mayor dozens of others -- and dozens of others are asking the government to end the grid lock. they want lawmakers to find a way to get rid of the zika virus. today we spoke to the one behind the push for action. >> it's a little discouraging to see a public health issue treated like a political football. the zika virus is a very real threat to the public health of people in mesa, arizona. >> the state of florida experiencing the worst of it. so far they've had more than 600 travel-related zika cases state- wide. an asu student says he was burned by acid when his samsung cell phone caught fire, but his phone is not the galaxy note 7. samsung is currently trading that one out for similar issues, so the question tonight, are we seeing more phones with the same issues? maryellen resendez talked to the student and the company to get answers. let's start with the student.
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this. >> reporter: patel is a student here at asu, and he says he doesn't want to slam samsung, but when his cell phone spontaneously come busted it had -- come busted it had so much smoke it set off the fire alarms in his apartment. >> it was the freakiest accident. >> reporter: he knew something wasn't right. >> i hear sizzling first and smell this definitely burning smell. i thought at first, but then a second after, the intense burning sensation hit my thigh. >> reporter: at same time the smoke was rising into his face, and that's when he realized the burn was coming from his cell phone. >> tried to get my pants off as fast as i could, and then my room was filled with smoke. >> reporter: he was streeted for an acid burn -- treated for
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been worse. the screen actually buffered the burn. >> my screen was face down to my thigh. if it was the other way around, you have images of my floor. that would have been my leg. >> reporter: he hosted what happened on -- posted what happened on facebook trying to warn other users. his is a different model than the one samsung is trading out on the website. that one is a galaxy note 7. >> i'm lucky it didn't happen maybe when i i very well could have passed out from the smoke. >> reporter: now a spokesperson for samsung did contact us and told us quote that safety was their number one priority, end quote, and they're in contact with patel and thoroughly investigating his case. they take any of the incidents very seriously. maryellen resendez, abc 15
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thank you. and there's help on the way for those with the galaxy note 7, but the us is not part of plan yet. new phones with new batteries are handed out monday, but only in south korea, then a software update for tuesday, but it's only available in south korea. from a church to a jail cell. decades of dirt clearly outlined against a valley pastor. many money can help get to a renewed push to find a killer in the valley almost a month after a mysterious and brutal crime. joe lets you know how the volunteer team took bad situations and turned them into refunds. seems like a typical monday night football game until i fan decided to run onto the field in the 4th quarter, and that's
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because an open road is always calling your name. because life is sweet. because every moment counts. midfirst bank will always be true to your money -
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from the live desk we're getting a look at the man dps is after he hit someone pulled over an i-17 and thomas. they need your help finding smith. they believe he's driving a gray chevrolet impala, but he's considered armed and dangerous, to just call police if you see him. dps is telling us at the time of the crash early yesterday morning smith was actually driving a chevrolet pickup truck which likely would have front end damage. as for the man killed, just 19 years old. he was on the side of the road trying to fix his broken down suv. he did not survive the crash. a lawsuit against sheriff joe arpaio back in the courtroom. a former jail inmate, martinez, is suing the sheriff. >> she says she was shackled as she gave birth in a hospital in 2009. new at 6:00 we hear from her attorney. >> it's a story that many
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they've set foot in a jail. the idea of being so vulnerable and needing other people to protect you, and instead being shackled. >> the lawsuit was originally thrown out two years ago. >> but an appeals court says a reasonable jury could conclude the office of arpaio caused her harm. massive destruction after a woman started this house fire. neighbors saw the woman in the home before the flames got out of control. the homeowner says he was away on business, and the 44-year- old woman was staying in the recently burned down. witnesses told police she was smiling and drinking a beer as she watched the flames. she admitted to putting a propane tank inside the home but said she wasn't to blame. a show of support to protect sacred land. we've been watching this valley protest here, and we want to show you the pictures here. a lot of people showing up in the past hour. it's been slowly growing, but you can see it's at indian
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signs and banners out there standing with tribal nations trying to stop the oil pipeline inned in in the. we're one of 30 cities around the country taking part today in this day of action. all this coming as the company say it is project is now 60 percent complete. some workers did pause today, but that was to move dozens of damaged equipment they say, while workers in another area were >. tv and internet orders can be confusing, all the deals, what the person ordered versus what they received. john says he didn't know he added a program service until he found the extra charge on his banks statement, and the company won't remove it, so he let me know, and the assistance league of phoenix got to work. jane had a conference call with the right person, the company removed the service, and gave john a $168 bill credit.
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experience with an exterminator, she let me know. a company said they could take care of it, but she says the work wasn't done and she wanted her money back. and our problem solvers took over. the company said they did the work, but agreed to disagree and gave virginia back to money she paid. finally jennifer says she took a phone carrier's wireless system on a trial basis, she returned the phone, but carrier charged her anyway saying it was only 14 days for the trial period. the volunteer went right to the top, and in just four days jennifer had all the money refunded. watch out for the free trial offers, you give the card number for shipping cost, and pay a lot for a service you never wanted. the assistance league of phoenix team can help you too. call, e-mail, or like the facebook page, and tell me about it there. i'm investigator joe ducey.
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abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. in case you missed last night's monday night football game, you have to listen to a short clip from the westwood 1 radio broadcast. let's pick it up in the 4th when a fan runs onto the field. >> somebody has run out onto the field. some goof ball in a hat and red shirt. he takes off the shirt. he's running down bythe 350, he's at the 30, he's bare chested now running the opposite way. he runs to the 50, to the 40, he's drunk but there he goes. the 20, they're not going to get him! we'ving his arms -- waving his arms, and oh they tackle him at the 40-yard line! [ laughter ] >> isn't that the best? later he said that was the most action they had all night.
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>> it was just hilarious [ laughter ] >> he's drunk! [ laughter ] >> oh my goodness. so much fun. taking a look at the time lapse today we had the queen creek cam pointed farther out to the east, and it was storm after storm in florence junction and queen valley. we saw several come through the area, and tonight looking at the queen creek cam you can see the skies starting to just a little bit in the area, batlets take a look at what we're -- but let's take a look at what we're tracking right now on desert doppler. still numerous storms in the higher terrain, and portions of southeast arizona as well. everything is marching off to the northeast, so nothing coming into the valley any time soon, but there is a slight chance of a stray pop up or two over the next couple of hours mainly for the east and southeast valley location, and we'll start to see drying
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93 at 7:00 p.m., 91 at 8:00, and mid-90s right now all across the valley. mesa and tempe at 96, glendale at 95. overnight we clear the skies out, and abundant sunshine for tomorrow. 75 for the low, and 96 for the high, about five degrees below average for tomorrow afternoon. here's what it looks like hour by hour. 8:00 a.m., temperatures in the upper 70s in phoenix, mesa, glendale. upper 80s at noon, and 90s by 5:00, green light on all outdoor activities tomorrow. just hydrate because the forecast is looking drier, so hydrating is important for the rest of the week. warming up, but still below affirm to kick off the weekend. more on the seven-day forecast
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be back coming up in the next hour half. legal weed, a new joint in the valley with 1 million reasons the show off. they're pushing all of the right button, and they're terrifying. the warning you'll want to hear if you have kids in school. a victory ahead of the big score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed...
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score big at casino arizona and talking stick resort during the $500,000 guaranteed cash giveaway. the cash will be flying every weekday starting september 5th. join the half million club with $500,000 guaranteed... only at casino arizona and talking stick resort! >. from the abc 15 live desk, police in mexico just
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drug lord has been detained for her involvement in the recent wave of killings. police say the woman was arrested in sonora and detained with another man that allegedly helped her run the criminal activities there. new at 6:00, a new lawsuit is brewing over arizona driver's licenses. this one is over a policy allowing some immigrants to get driver's licenses but not others. among the immigrants who license -- qualify but have been denied are a test pick abuse survivor. -- domestic abuse survivor. the state is reviewing the claims. workers wanted in the valley, hundreding of can be hundreds of -- hundreds of jobs up for grabs at four hospitals in phoenix and glendale at a hospital fair. a lot of flames, and what
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tonight one business getting ready to rebound. a crime full of hate. we watched the suspect walk into jail in tonight's most shocking story. power and influence abused in one of the worst ways. in one of the worst ways. what happens now we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. and take control today. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse,
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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breaking news from the abc 15 live desk, a deliberately mowing down three phoenix police officers just booked into vail. navideh forghani following the story closely, even telling us they were plenty of red flags about the guy 20 years. what do we know? >> reporter: well, steve, yeah, officers 20 years ago definitely warned about payne because he attacked them during a traffic stop. we saw him just get carted into the 4th avenue jail. he didn't have the too much to say. this 44-year-old, like you said, drove his car into three
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those officers definitely could have shot him, but he didn't. he was questioned all today, and we're hoping the court documents tomorrow reveal more about his motives. does he hate law enforcement? is he part of a group. we're wacking on that now -- working on that now, and we'll have more coming up tonight at 10:00. we spoke blm fiorina group, and he tells me -- phoenix group, and he tells me that is against acts of violence, and he think this case will hurt their cause. >> thank you so much all right, disturbing details now dating back decades, new tonight a valley pastor behind bars as a handful of victim, children at the time are coming forward to explain how the self-proclaimed man of
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megan thompson just got the court documents, and shows how all the allegations came to light. >> reporter: at least five victims put him behind bars, and he has chance of bailing out because of the offenses. he's charged with sexual conduct with a minor and monthless station of a child -- molestation for a child. the details are too graphic to say on air, but the were people he knew personally or preached to at the church. one of the victims told her mother she was hurting herself stemming from an incident with morales dating back five years or so. but it turns out he went to mexico to marry a 10-year-old girl, getting her pregnant at 13 or 14 years old. abc 15 went to the church, which was closed, calling the number then on the website. >> please leave your message.
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now the two charges could become much more. phoenix police say the investigation is still on going, and the number of victims in the case hasn't been finalized yet. he's due back in court thursday. thank you. a brutal murder still unsolved, and police in chandler need your help. they hope a boost in the reward will help. silence witness offering $2,000 after a man is found stabbed to death in the parking lot of an la fitness. police already searched the area, but have yet to solid lead. the man was killed almost a month ago. while crews are busy rebuilding what they lost at that construction site, we know the holiday inn next door, also damaged, will reopen february 15th. the hotel burned down while under construction. investigators haven't released a cause. asu police are warning parents of a scam after a mom
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claiming to have kidnapped her daughter. that parent that lives in southern california said the caller made up a story saying her daughter witnessed a murder. turns out her daughter was safely in class. police say calls like this are often scams, and the caller won't let you off the phone threatening you if you don't pay. >> the more time you have to develop a plan of action. some opportunities you should take are trying to get in touch with the loved one maybe or calling from another phone. anything like that. >> still terrifying. police say scammers find information about you on social media, so make sure you check the privacy settings as well. well, it's been a breezy and cowedly did i in the valley as -- cloudy day in the valley as the low pressure moves in. here in the valley though pretty dry, not much in terms of measurable rain fall, and the high hit 98 with temperatures across the valley
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hour. here's what we expect tonight. 91 at 8:00, and89 at 9:00 p.m. there's a slight chance at 10 percent of possibly seeing a stray shower in the far east or southeast porks of valley -- portions of valley, but most of it is farther east than that, and we're going to continue to watch those move to the northeast throughout the evening hours. look for pockets of heavy rain, cloud to ground gusty winds, and it's unlikely we'll see any storms in the phoenix metro. drier air is on the way moving in tomorrow. no more rain chances in the valley for the rest of the week. sunny, dry, and warm. we'll go day by day through the forecast coming up. immigration advocates are happy tonight, and you can hear it in their voices. they're happy about the decision by the phoenix city
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phoenix id. advocates say the fight is well worth it. >> >. they put themselves opt line, and -- on the line, and we thought that after two years ago the group would become less and less, but it became stronger and stronger and more united, and the message became more clear. >> the new identifications help them get city services and also help the hopeless and other -- homeless and others who can't get a driver's license. the old scottsdale bank dollar renovation in the form of marijuana. a dispensary opens to the public tomorrow. they have advisors and a doctor on staff to educate customers. one loyal tempe customer is glad to see the company expand. >> this is only about 15 minutes from my house versus 35, so it's definitely much more accessible to us.
6:36 pm
patient carls can actually cam -- cards can actually come into the buildings, tour it, and hopefully leave with an appreciation. >> there's more information ability harvest scottsdale, including the address on the website it's a story we sadly had to tell many times in arizona. a child left in a hot car. but in atlanta jurors will decide if a father did it on purpose. day two of jury selection ending just a few hours ago justin harris. this is the second attempt at a trial, forced to move 275 miles away from where police say the 22 month old boy, cooper, died. many of the jurors before saying they were familiar with the case, already decided on his innocence on guilt. we'll let you know when the trial begins. a group of curious students finds something scary in a school bathroom. why their teacher is now in big
6:37 pm
wild animal. she pulled over to help it out, but was in for a huge surprise. >. a semi truck is weaving
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from the abc 15 live desk, a pennsylvania teacher resigns after elementary students find her loaded gun in the school bathroom. authorities say the christian schoolteacher put the holstered pistol on the toilet tank when she about it. she resigned and is also facing charges. >. a bob cat is put down after biting a woman in san diego. the woman stopped to check on it after it was hit by a car thinking it was a house cat. when she got close it bit her in the arm. it was put down because of injuries. three fires in 20 minutes. police in arizona now looking for a fire bug. >. a heartwarming surprise for some kids at phoenix children's hospital how it was
6:41 pm
favorite baseball team. what a night for asu's junior runningback, but it's how he's handling the national recognition that's caught me by surprise. and winds howling in the higher terrain. wind advisories in effect for the next couple of hours.
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well, did you miss it today? applies pursuila police pursuit lasting hours over a stolen big rig in california. it started around 10:30 and ended some three hours later when the driver surrendered. it was stolen from a company that transports hazardous and dangerous waste. a string of arson fires in flagstaff, and investigators
6:45 pm
deliberately set in one neighborhood, all starting within a span of 20 minutes. the fires quakily put out, and -- quickly put out. it's been an on going problem in the area. a human heart, not something you expect to see in the middle of a field, but it happened in ohio, and now police have a mystery on the hand, trying to determine why the heart was left behind in a bag, and who it belongs to. an ems crew found it in condition a faulty pool electrical blamed for the death of a north carolina life guard. the 17-year-old found dead in a neighborhood pool. a 911 caller reported the pool's water was electrified. an underground wire was corroded sending power through the pool water. >. football players across the nation are expressing themselves during the national
6:46 pm
football player, but one high school player is receiving attention after taking a knee to pray during the national anthem. he claims he received racist text messages. >> two teammates called me a bunch of n words, and they're going to say it. >> police and school officials are investigating. the hand made sign is in booth bay harbor, maine, and it's getting a lot attention, showing the assault rifle saying black rifles matter. many call it threatening and racist and want it taken down, but the homeowner say nos way, it's not meant to be racist just catch championship. >. and there's a textbook
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rejected. if the state school board approve it is book it's up to the district to determine if it's used the class. chandler police are taking action to help a little girl in need. raising money to buy a customized bike for the 12-year- old leah with down syndrome and autism and she's nonverbal. they're teaming up to raise the $3,000. >> the insurance would though the cover the cost of the bike because it's durable medical equipment, and the were fundraiser is to purchase her a special bike to ride with her family. >> they'll present the bike to leah on sunday in chandler at a park where there's an event for special needs kids. >. some arizona diamondbacks took time off from playing ball to visit the kids at phoenix children's hospital, and you could see the kids' eyes light up as the players
6:48 pm
taking part. >> it's just a good time to come out here, you know. i feel like i'm a very compassionate person, love spending time with someone else and bringing a smile to someone's face is really cool and special to me. >> we're sure it's special to the kids as well, so huge thanks to have arizona darks. well something caught my -- diamondbacks. >. well, something caught my ear today. not belage, setting touchdown night, but how he's deflecting the praise even today. he was quick to distribute the praise. >> there's 10 other guys on the field besides me, and those touchdowns, you know, i happen to have the ball in my hands, but there's 10 other guys working, and i truly believe we had 8 touchdown, not just me. >> he set a pac 12 record sunday night with eight touchdowns in a single game, and tied a national record
6:49 pm
saying hey look at me, he's showing some real class, and that's worthy of real recognition. good job. >> does he get eight team balls then? >> i think he does. that's incredible. eight in a single game. and they were running the wild cat, but they're not calling it because of that team down south. they're calling it the sparky. [ laughter ] painted anywhere. >> it will be interesting to see though. the game is coming up soon. >> thanksgiving, i know it. >> yeah, that's good. i'm a little afraid [ laughter ] >> hoping for football weather. >> i know! we're starting to cool it down. the sunset tonight is absolutely spectacular. wanted to give you the view, live look right now from the phoenix children's hospital cam and from the valley cam. we're starting to lose some of the most brilliant colors, but
6:50 pm
it's been a breezy day here in the valley, and incredibly windy up north. look at the wind in kingman, top gusts over 50 miles per hour as the low pressure moves down from the great basin it pumped up the moisture from the south, and now tomorrow we get to enjoy the cool down. 95 right now. winds at 20 miles per hour at phoenix sky harbor, it's 95 in glendale and tempe as well. 92 in deer valley and scottsdale. 87 89 in anthem. across the state temperatures still? 90s for places like casa grande and gila bend as well. prescott and sedona both at 73. 63 in flagstaff, and 54 in show low. so there's a shower and thunderstorm activity that we're track, mainly con fin -- tracking, mainly confined to southeast arizona, and looking at desert doppler you can see quite a bit of lightning with the storms to the south as well
6:51 pm
near the white mountains, and across southeast arizona as well. nothing in the valley, and only a slight chance of a stray shower in the far east and southeast valley for the next hour or two, and then dry overnight and through the day tomorrow with tomorrow's rain chances confined to the far eastern areas of state as the moisture starts to clear out and the drier air is moving in. still some breezes up north tomorrow as well, but here in the valley they stay less than 10 miles per hour. 89 at noon, tomorrow afternoon will top out in the mid-90s. so a little cooler than today, and about five degrees below average. 94 in mesa and fountain hills, 95 in ahwatukee and tempe, and the west valley, 96 in avondale and peoria as well as glendale for tomorrow afternoon. up to the north lows in the 50s for payson and sedona. 54 in kingman. 44 in flagstaff. and tomorrow 70 there. show low hitting 75. window rock at 76.
6:52 pm
80s. so staying below average here in the valley. highs in the 90s through the end of the week. lowsdown to the 70s -- down to the 70s here in the valley by the end of week, and the triple digits are back in play by sunday. >. another sign that water once flowed on mars. you're looking at a dune-like pattern on the red planet taken by orbiter earlier this year. the dunes are formed by water, and shape island. >. you could say investors are going to pot. cannabis creating a lot of venture capital buzz this week in new york city as companies involved in the marijuana business pitch their business models to investors. it's a shark tank like you've never seen before. they're looking for everything from accessories to smoking
6:53 pm
that has an interesting edge in the industry. i compare it to the beginning of the gold rush. >> the timing of the event is particularly important with marijuana initiatives. on the ball lot in nine states in the us, including arizona. a new total body exercise class is bringing the sand indoors, and we're not talking about desert sand. it's focused on the balance an strength surfers use every day. the sand box fitness craze uses the unstable surfboard forcing you to use your core. here's what's coming up in prime teen on abc 15; a full hour of the middle, fresh off
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is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico.
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it's lemonade, man!
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your top stories starting with the guy everybody talking about. mark payne being processed at the 4th avenue jail after trying to run over three police officers on purpose. the officers are expected to recover, but have a long list of injury. >. this is the guy that hit and killed a 19-year-old man and took off without looking back. they believe smith is driving a gray chevrolet impala. he was driving a pickup truck when the incident happened. if you know where he is call
6:57 pm
the case against a valley yoga instructor is being decided after the prosecution say she was involved in sexual activity with boys at a party who were underage. a training of fires terrorizing a-- strain of fires terrorizing a chandler neighborhood. plus we showed you the video and many of you watch it unfold live. a wild semi chase through parts we tag along with i driving instructor to -- a driving tractator tonight at 10:00. and tonight the skies clearing out into tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. below average temperatures, little taste of fall here for the rester of the week, then the triple digits back on sunday. >> just a taste.
6:58 pm
the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old.
6:59 pm
up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
7:00 pm
[ crow caws ] frankie: out here in the middle, there's nothing a parent looks forward to like our kids coming home from college for the summer. get this crap out of my doorway. oh, come on, mom. i only have a week till i ship off to dollywood. [ door closes ] this is my vacation. yeah, we just had finals. we got to recharge. when am i supposed to recharge? i've been empty for years. you can recharge once we're grown. for now, would you mind quick grabbing me a pop? wow. i thought she loved us. okay, guys, this is not how it's gonna go. i am not stepping over mount craperest every time i want to get into the house. i am tired, and i need you to get off your butts and move your stuff now. [ both groan ] god, fine! do you know there's, like, three other ways to get into the house? there's the back door, the garage,


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