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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  September 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MST

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4:30 right now, his head is low but for shame or something else? the man accused of intentionally running over three phoenix police officers makes his initial court appearance late last night and abc15's katie conner has new information on bond. and this is a person of interest in a deadly hit and run. >> your drive on i-10 is pretty light but it looks like we'll have a crash. we'll have the details and the rest of the valley commute. good morning. it's wednesday morning and abc15 news this morning, and boy, shocking video, if you haven't seen that yet. but we start with the forecast.
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spotlight over the valley. the clear skies allow us to see the bright moon, but the moon has set and mostly clear skies to enjoy. if you are heading out noon, we have mostly clear conditions and very nice temperatures. we are actually down into the 70sin most spots with the exception of phoenix sky harbor, still holding on to 80 degrees but not a bad start to wednesday morning and by this afternoon, our temperatures warming but only into the upper 90s, too. we'll talk about the drier air moving in and how long we'll keep the 90s in the 7-day forecast. i don't know about you but i cringe watching this video. my gosh, the attack on police officers. this has gained international attention with more than a million views on the abc15
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you were sleeping, the suspect behind the wheel made his first court appearance. katie cancer live and katie, what is marc payne's bail? >> reporter: a judge just declared a couple of hours ago that he is too big of a threat to the community. you can see payne walk off slowly and slump over before the judge. payne is facing several ch including attempted order in. this video is making national news. you can see him stalking the three officers and then dragged straight into them sending one of the officers 20 feet into the air. in court, payne kept quiet and avoided eye contact which clearly frustrated the judge. >> i need for you to please stand up straight and give me your name and date of birth.
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up? >> reporter: payne is due back in court next week. >> katie, we've outlined everything about this coward behind this act. but what about the heroes, the officers who protect our families? how are they doing? >> reporter: the one officer that went flying in the video, he is still in the hospital this morning but is expected to be okay. the other two officers are at home right now. >> unreal. katie conner, thank you for the brand new information. we'll look at the video one more time. good morning, america is in town right now and are already working to bring you more. that begins at 7:00 on abc15. and it still gives me goose bumps, danielle. >> we said that the fact that the officers are okay, it's a miracle. and it was a tough day for police officers as a whole. two officers are recovering from this crash. air 15 was over the scene as
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one officer went to the hospital but those injuries are not serious. police are searching for a driver they say kill aid driver on i-17 and thomas. you saw some of the video on early monday morning and police are looking for this guy. they think he hit and killed 19- year-old javier gonzalez, and they say that smith may be driving a gray chevy impala, considered armed and dangerous. no rest for the weary just days after announcing the pneumonia diagnosis. hillary clinton will return to the campaign trail with just 54 days to go until election day, and her schedule will be packed. her campaign was not sitting it out. >> even though this is not my
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hillary clinton as the next president of the united states of america. >> president obama on the campaign trail and her rival, highlighting mothers. donald trump bringing working gop moms on stage saying they should be compensated for their work. among the workers, working applicants, his daughter ivanka. >> this is not a woman's issue. it's a it's an american issue. it's an issue often discussed but yet to be solved. my father will change that. >> with just eight weeks ago, there are a lot of key deadlines coming up.
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early voting before that, but you must request a ballot through october 29 and for more information on where to register and how to do so, and we have confirmed that students will be heading to the old cordova the academy still needs renovation. a chandler neighborhood burned by a series of suspicious fires are taking action to protection themselves. folks at mcclintock and chandler boulevard now have home cameras because of at least six suspicious fire that -- fires that we have reported on. >> nothing will happen on my property without being picked
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camera. >> that homeowner was asking us to hide his identity. chandler police are working the case very hard. if you know anything, please give them a call. >> this is not a matter of if. it's a matter of when. that's what the folks in florida understood, that this is on its way and sure enough, the public officials who predict how this will progress the way. keeping the zika virus at bay, dozens of lawmakers are asking for action. they want the gridlock to end saying they need funds to study zika and want to lawmakers to help.
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-- santan valley is on west nile but now, the zika spraying will be added. and i want to you check out the winds. look at this. this is a super typhoon hitting taiwan and now heading to china. look at this person on the motorcycle trying to get up. oh, the video changed on me. regardless, this is the equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. that's how devastating hammering the area with heavy rains and damaging winds. more than 1000 people evacuated. no update on the injuries or deaths related to this. but we'll keep an eye on it, and we'll bring it back home now with our weather. iris? good news. temperatures are run being very cool across the valley, 70s to low 80s. if vu plans to get out early
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have mostly clear skies. officially at 80 at phoenix sky harbor. thesunriseat 6:11. but we should see the sunlight likely before 6:00 in case you want to get out early. i want to point out dew points in the mid-50s. so they've been dropping over the last few days and will continue to drop today as we get drier air in here dropping below 50 degrees even, right in the comfortable range. temperatures will heat up but only in the 90s. i'll show you the hour by hour planner and the 7 day next. mallory? iris, the crash i showed you at the top of the show, i- 10 at 43rd, it has cleared. it sounds like it involved a motorcycle and extra lanes are open and shouldn't include any slowing. a look at the desert drive time, 7 minutes westbound from the 202 to u.s. 60 and the rest of the valley, all green and no
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about. we'll give you a look at i-17 in a couple minutes, chris. mallory, it's the fire power that can send chills down your spine but north korean leaders are reacting, and it's not goose bumps for america's show of force. bugs around food, not good. the bugs in food, worse. the bad practice of this subway that is scaring customers away. >> they fell over. you have to see this.
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different model from the galaxy note 7, the model they were recalling. he said he was writing an essay for class when he smelled smoke and felt a strong burning sensation on his leg. that's when he ripped his pants right off. >> i hear sizzling first and definitely smelled burning. i thought it was my computer first but sensation hits my thigh. >> this is scary here. samsung sent us a response. we are in contact with mr. patel and are conducting a thorough investigation into his case and doing everything we can to help him. meantime, samsung plans to issue a software update for the recalled note 7 phones saying it will help with the
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yesterday's show of force by the u.s. calling the flyover of bone b -- b 1 bombers a bluff. north korea warned, quote, they had better stop their rash actions. from there, i want to show you incredible video out of sao paulo, brazil. look at this right here, a fire ripping through a shanty town. most of the shacks in the area have been destroyed. the latest information, dan, no injuries to report. good news, chris, and a quarter to 5:00. the heroin epidemic is taking its toll across the country. police officers in tucson are learning how to combat opioid overdoses with medicine, narcan. it can work within seconds to
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overdose and potentially save someone's life. to san officers began looking into the drug months ago when the overdoses began to rise along the east coast but to the just for heroin or fentanyl. >> i am not talking about this on heroin. someone could have a prescription drug of oxycodone, a child could get into it, and there are large amounts of that aren't open -- opioid. >> the goal is to equip all officers with the drug, and it's dangerous for the person overdosing, but, chris, the calls, it's also dangerous for the officers, too. >> right now, our officers deal with so much, and 11 of them were patrolling when they
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had headaches. they may have been exposed to fentanyl, powder that went airborne. they seized 350 grams of raw heroin. the 11 officers are in the hospital. the phoenix va is taking a big step with better health practices with robots. they will destroy deadly germs and bacteria that are stuck on hospital surfaces that can cause hospital-acquired infections. the va is the arizona to use this technology. brand new safe space for dementia patients and their caregivers begins today. it's the memory cafe. once a week they can go and meet others with dementia to stay active and get connected to programs. the tempe mayor start that does program in a quest to make his city the first dementia- friendly city in our state. the cafe information again
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the mesa police department is mourning the loss of retired k-9 officer, rico. he just passed away yesterday. he served six years as a patrol dog before retiring in 2010. some subway employees in indianapolis are taking the slogan eat fresh to a whole new level. >> cheeky there. watch this video of a father taking his two kids in, and the employees are using a zapper over the lettuce and it zaps the bugs, kills them, and they fall on the food. >> it's unreal. we couldn't believe it was happening especially with the customers until the restaurant as well. i mean, we were just in shock. >> a lot of countries eat bugs. >> gets you going for that cuisine. maybe this is for you, but the facebook video went viral and the health department got
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steps to make sure this does not happen in the future. how about more pleasant news, guys. drier and cooler air pushing in. so as you prepare for the day, note that the drier air will not only make it a little bit uncomfortable meaning the humidity values will be lower but it will clear out the rain chances and the dose of cooler air sticking around for a few days. this morning, feeling comfortable across the valley, but still plenty degrees for phoenix sky harbor and drop to 69 in scottsdale. 73 in chandler and 76 in goodyear. did you spot the 60? yeah, cave creek, you dropped into the upper 60s this morning. i expect by the end of the week, more upper 60s in valley cities as we kickoff friday morning. that's a teaser. we're sitting right at 80 in phoenix sky harbor with a few
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morning south of the valley and then abundant sunshine this afternoon. temperatures will drop at 7:00 a.m. down to 78 and back to 80 at 8:00 and 84 at 9:00 a.m. and still in the 80s at 10:00 this morning. so, again, we have a window of time before the 90s creep in and we feel warmer in case you want to get outdoors. the cooler, drier air settling in behind the storm system that brought the strong winds yesterday will push north, so but we get to enjoy the cooler and drier air behind it. the storm chances out of the valley forecast today with just slight chances of valley storms and in the white mountains. look at how dry it is across much of the state. clear tonight and sunny through thursday and sunny conditions carry over into friday, too. drier and quieter weather on tap. winds will be lighter today between 5 and 15 miles per hour
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breezes up north. but not strong enough for warnings or alerts. gusts occasionally at 30 to 35 miles per hour especially in northeastern arizona. drier conditions stick around for the week and weekend for the valley and it won't be until sunday that we bring in a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm but painly in pain -- mainly in the high country. the valley, sunny through the next 7 days and looking at the next 7 days, today, 97, and tomorrow, and friday in the 90s, too. and look at the morning temperature. upper 60s to low 70s as we kickoff friday and saturday morning and start making the hiking plans early. triple digits are back starting on sunday. well, if your early morning drive takes you along loop 101, let's focus in the valley, very light conditions and no crashes
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51, and i want to give you a look at the desert drive times. a 16-minute desert drive time if you are heading southbound until you get the i-10 stack. the 10 is pretty light. a closer look at the east valley drive in a few minutes. okay. imagine seeing your best friend after 11 months. this is what that looks like. this is hannah and dawson, both in a hannah was adopted by a family in texas but it was pretty clear that the two were inseparable and they couldn't leave dawson behind, so mom posted the story on facebook. >> i would a say 45 seconds to 2 minutes and came back, and she said we're adopting this little boy. and i said, okay. >> it took a little time for
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live 5 minutes from each other. what a great story. >> adorable. in the live drive, the latest in the search for a man accused of hitting a teenager. we will show you the picture and the car police believe he is driving right now. >> this is one popular event. when you will see more furry friends barking on the d-back this is season. in tech bytes, apple's new mobile operating system rolling out there. >> but there were problems for the first users to download ios 10. the iphones and ipads stopped working. >> the upgrades, on screen lyrics in apple music and an up grade to siri. and the new auction site quick sale service gives customers an estimate for used iphones and then will provide a free shipping level.
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a new app designed to help school kids to find someone to eat lunch with. >> and it's the sit with us app so others can join them. those seeking company can see who the ambassadors are, meet up, and eat together. >> those are your tech bites.
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dancing with the stars after two protesters went after ryan lochte in the live premiere. they were arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor trespassing. a spokesman for the show said they are undergoing a full evaluation of security procedures and will make any changes necessary. it's a howling good time at the diamondbacks games when you can bring your best friend. you can bring your dogs. dog days this summer, and they are all sold out. you can bring your furry friends tonight, the 18th, and october 2. it's 80 degrees now and we'll dry out today. that typically means a big warm up but not the case today. the forecast next. the video that has the world talking, brand new information after three phoenix police officers were injured and what happened while you
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c1 shocking video of a man trying to run over police officers at a phoenix gas station. this suspect just in court. what we are learning about his back ground. and scammers targeting
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students. they are looking to get big bucks. what you need to know if you get a phony call. a manhunt for a man accused of running over a teen. and i just asked my colleagues if they drove in with the windows down. everyone said, no, but they could have. >> absolutely could have. maybe tomorrow. heads up if you are not heading out the door just yet. windows down. temperatures will be feeling good. right now at 86 at phoenix sky harbor and we will cool a few more degrees by the time you drive into work in the next couple hours. so, a gorgeous morning and mostly clear skies. overall, valley temperatures in the low to mid-70s in the morning and a few high clouds especially south of the valley but overall, light winds, too, this morning, and by this afternoon, abundant sunshine,


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