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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  September 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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afternoon, phoenix police tell us a 17-year-old boy allegedly admitted to exposing himself to women along the bridal jogging path between glendale and northern. one victim says she is relieved but she regrets not reporting the flashing sooner. >> i didn't report it because i thought it was just a random thing and i realize now this could have been potentially very serious, leading to harm to any person including myself. truck the 17-year-old that was arrested, we do name or mug shot likely because of his age. a man yelling his problems from the rooftops and police taking him seriously. this guy scampered up a ladder when he saw squad cars. police originally got a call for shots fired but they believe this guy called in a hoax to draw attention. it all ended peacefully but contain -- considering the three randomly attacked officers yesterday, this was
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right now with the current climate. he is obviously having some issues. >> police still aren't sure what this guy was upset about but they took in downtown for an evaluation. happy tears in court. a yoga teacher now looking forward to moving forward in her life after being cleared by a jury. lindsey radomski was accused of flashing underage boys at a bar mitzvah last year. prosecutors also say she performed sex acts on one of them but a jury did not see it that way. her attorneys claim she was the victim and had been drugged at that event. is leslie merritt jr. being watched by dps? 's attorney says it's hard to tell but merit has been watched in the past and if dps is still doing that, his attorney says we will find out in court the only man ever accused in the
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state. the governor was not included in the lawsuit despite a tweet sent out saying "we got him." ray king from the live desk, crews are in mesa after a child was told from a pool. crews tell us when they arrived near what a loop and allensworth, that four-year-old was out of the pool and breathing. it gets hotter -- harder every time we report a drowning but this time a boy slipped out through the doggie door at his grandparents near gilbert road and hunt highway. there was no fence around that pool and it is unclear how long the boy was in the water. a valley construction worker recovering from a 20 foot fall near 16th and university. the man hurt his back and shoulder. you can see the intense operation it took to get him down. a lot to clean up but the focus is on the driver and the potential medical episode that person experienced when they
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yesterday near 23rd and indian school. all three phoenix officers are home after this valley quiktrip incident. >> the man at the center now locked up. marc payne accused of being drunk and on drugs when he slammed his car into the officers on purpose. he has been in trouble for targeting officers before. the whole country is talking about this story. >> even in the video, the actions that occur, mr. payne was subdued without lethal force and again, mr. payne was subdued by the phoenix police department without use of lethal -- lethal force. >> some of you have asked how to contact injured officers. we have that story at 6:30 pm. we have been warned about hackers in our state but how easy is it to hack an election system? the homeland security adviser says it is very hard but the
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prevent attacks using what they know about terrorist to stop attackers. >> we are developing the intelligence, using a whole array of intelligence and law- enforcement tools to get the information about the bad axe yours, just like we did over the last decade and a half in terrorism. >> even if election systems are hacked, each state operates differently so it would be hard to change the overall result drastically. hillary clinton is fit to be president according to her current doctor. she is recovering from pneumonia but her doctor says her physical exam is intact and so is her mental condition. clinton's daughter says she hopes everybody will realize people get sick. >> my mom is so healthy. i hope i am as healthy at 38 as she is at 68. she has released the same amount of medical
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meantime, donald trump is telling voters he is also healthy enough to be president. his full reveal on his bill of health is set for tomorrow on the doctor oz show. trump will talk about his family's medical history, his heart health and medications. trump was touring the infamous water plant in flint, michigan heavily contaminated by lead but everybody is talking about his visit to a church. a pastor interrupted his speech when trump started criticizing clinton. >> i invited give a political speech. >> that's good. i'm going to go back. >> [ applause ] >> trump says he will quickly help after their recent water crisis. a heartbreaking scene and surprise. a lot more stands out than twisted metal as another day comes to an end with family left to face the reality that their 19-year-old daughter isn't coming home. chris sgro sat down with the
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investigation into her deadly accident continues. truck for the family of alexis rumor, there are so many questions left unanswered, her life cut short in a violent crash. for her mother, the circumstances strike a familiar chord. susan pendleton is remembering her daughter today but this is the second time an accident has claimed $100. she tells me she was seven months pregnant in 1984 when she was in an pendleton survived but her daughter jennifer was born prematurely and later died. pendleton is left morning again, a pain she says no parent should have to go through. >> i would like to tell her that i love her, i miss her. i want to touch her here, i want to hold her, give her a hug.
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her. >> reporter: the cause of her accident is still under investigation. the driver of the truck that hit alexis's car is still in the hospital and police are looking to see if impairment was a factor in this case. back to you. tracking your forecast this evening, it has been a gorgeous day across the valley. look at that sunshine down south. we did see clouds the east and right now on acb15 does it doppler, we have a few thunderstorms to track. they formed through oracle, pushed farther north and east over that higher terrain and almost due west of thatcher continued to move to the northeast as they weaken at this hour. we will keep a close eye on that. meantime, nothing to track and the valley and it is going to stay that way with temperatures in the 90s. tempe and me sad 94 degrees,
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degrees, and deer valley at 91 degrees. sky harbor is checking in at 95 degrees ended up to 92 degrees at 7:00. upper 80s through 8:00 and 9:00 and a cooldown overnight as we bottom out in the low 70s. tomorrow morning, a lot of valley spots in the 60s. a gorgeous start with highs tomorrow afternoon back in the mid-90s across the valley. the triple digits will not be back until sunday. a sunny and dry weekend on tap and in your full forecast, we will talk about rain chances in your seven-day forecast. new information on the criminal past of that man who was just arrested, accused of setting a mosque in florida on fire. police say joseph schreiber is no stranger to law enforcement. he just got out of prison for armed robbery. they believe he is a man captured on that surveillance video, setting fire to the
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because of his criminal record, he faces a mandatory 30 year prison sentence. a grand jury declining to recommend charges against three officers accused in the gunbattle between rival biker gangs in waco, texas. an internal investigation already cleared the three after they opened fire during the deadly disturbance in may of last year. holistic's reports reveal four of the people killed were hit by the same caliber rifle rounds as the waco a mom using her own son as part of a ploy and he can't even speak for himself. >> that is heroine tucked away in baby formula but the woman was busted yesterday. her two-year-old son was in the car with her. the toddler was handed over to family members. it could pave the way for changes at the va. the house has agreed on a bill that would make it easier to fire employees if they fail to do their job. employees would also have a
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disciplinary actions and termination. the issues address problems exposed right here in the valley . neighbors are so close to holding someone accountable but these crooks did one thing that could keep the police of their trails. a victim, helpless as this woman posed as someone who cares about people's lives. are you buying flights through a third-party website? what happens if you have to cancel? how a heart attack left this guy fighting for his life and a refund. jameis winston and the
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tonight, the hunt for a son city man. a trying to open cars in the middle of the night.
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found three men inside his garage and when he confronted them, they took off. they stole a garage opener from an unlocked car -- unlocked car but they covered their fingerprints with a t-shirt. the next morning, another neighbor found this car vandalized. now, all neighbors are on high alert keeping an eye out for anything suspicious. she was pregnant when she was killed by her estranged husband. a renewed effort to find the guy. the reward is up to $300,000 now and now police say gilbert villareal stabbed her to death her unborn child died. at the time, police say villabrille may have fled to mexico. new information about an arizona woman just arrested, accused of killing her own parents in west texas. the woman's brother was originally charged. he is still in custody but his sister, grace mcdonald, is also in custody facing capital murder he and conspiracy to commit capital murder charges.
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announce a motive. he started a fire that killed four people including a baby. all over a $10 sex deal that fell through. these are the new details connected to a massive apartment fire in chicago. the suspect now tied to his fatal revenge. >> if you book a flight online, do you know the refund policy? what if you have a heart attack just hours before taking off? >> went down. truck for three years, robert has battled heart problems and now battling airlines over a flight he wouldn't be able to take. robert booked a trip from phoenix to rhode island. he bought the tickets on but says getting a refund of $440 wasn't easy. >> they had to take the phone away from the at the hospital. >> reporter: he says he got a
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>> they both told me i had to get my money back from the company. >> reporter: the assistance league of phoenix went to work. >> he was on top of it. >> reporter: orbitz said that they are bound by the airline policies. >> eventually i got my money back. i am very very happy and it was the best thing i ever >> reporter: thanks to united and american, united says they typically extend a nonrefundable value ticket for a year but made an exception. american said they need an exception as well. know your cancellation policies. here is how to get a hold of me. investigator joe ducey. if you have a problem, let me know. a levine teenager spent the
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delivering 100 superhero capes too young cancer patients at phoenix children's hospital at his birthday. he is a boy scout and for his eagle scout project, he decided to empower young hospital patients to be their own home -- there own heroes. >> i liked this stuff as a kid. stuff a lot of other kids like. it's something that kids like, that is either a role model or see something they want to be. >> wesn by his own health battle. abc15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> the arizona cardinals host the buccaneers sunday morning. it's not going to be easy with jameis winston coming off a road win in which he threw four touchdown passes. today, winston said he knows cardinals coach bruce arians and they relationship goes back a few years. he says the coach has something he wants.
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camps that i attended. i met him a couple times and one thing i remember is him showing me those super bowl rings and i still don't got one yet. he really motivated me to go after the super bowl. the pittsburgh one was gorgeous. he really inspired me to go out for the super bowl. >> who doesn't want a super bowl ring? >> there is no hope at all for us. >> you could auction. i am trying to find the silver lining. >> none for you jameis winston. 98 degrees today. it felt gorgeous, below the average of 101 degrees. it looks even cooler tomorrow. any seven degrees in chandler in mesa, 96 degrees in deer valley and tonight temperatures in the 90s for another hour or so. we should see that drop off
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pm to the upper 80s. upper 80s for most of us still by 10 pm. 11:00 83 degrees. overnight, 72 degrees. gorgeous and clear skies and 72 degrees in phoenix. a lot of valley locations will be even cooler. tomorrow, sunshine and 96 degrees as we continue a dry forecast. future cast pretty quiet across all of central arizona throughout the day. with all of that sunshine, our uv index will run about that is still very high on the scale. 15 minutes for burn time around 1 pm. anytime between 11 am and 2 pm, make sure if you are outdoors that you have sunscreen on so you don't get burned. your activity planner for tomorrow, all looks great. the roads are going to be dry but make sure to hydrate. temperatures below average throughout the entire day and really as we and the work week on friday. same story the weekend. air-quality good. nothing to be concerned about
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count has been troubling us and will stay moderate for thursday through sunday for ragweed -- ragweed and sagebrush. be aware of that. tomorrow 72 degrees at 6 am, 85 degrees at 10 am, 91 degrees throughout the afternoon here in the valley. phoenix is going to top out tomorrow at 96 degrees and 99 degrees on saturday as our sunny and dry forecast continues. sunday, triple digits. in the next half-hour, we look at forecasts across the state and the rest of your seven-day forecast. booted from the country they once served, the call in the valley to protect every soldier. bullets at the bar but an arrest after an early morning
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a barely old enough to legally drive teenager arrested with almost 300 pounds up the arizona-mexico border. officers found the goods inside a 16-year-old's truck. on the street, the stuff would have gone for more than $100,000. this was all just a test. more than 100 state and federal agencies taking part in a crisis response emergency drill at the grand canyon. the drill simulated a helicopter crashing into a bus
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the drill was the first ever on tribal land in the u.s. unusual picks for naval ship names. critics are questioning why is ship would be named in honor of harvey milk or gabrielle giffords. navy secretary ray mabus says he believes by looking outside the military for heroes, he can help connect people with the u.s. navy and marine corps. mavis will announce five more ship names this week. ou need a place to learn.
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parents are getting them as they hear about the game plan from kids at challenger middle school. >> this comes after emergency repair closures this week. we are at glendale elementary school district -- district headquarters. melissa? >> reporter: that's right. this is a huge logistical test for school administrators. the parents hope they don't fail it because their kids schooling and safety are both on the line. >> we are in the process of transition. >> reporter: a frustrating week for challenger middle school families with virtually no notice their kids had nowhere to go to school. >> i got the three days off because it's hard to find a babysitter. truck after scrambling, a neighboring school district offered up this building. an old primary school used as a resource center.
6:30 pm
even the superintendent is pitching in. >> we are all in this to educate kids and we need to help each other. >> reporter: tomorrow, the glendale district will being supplies were 650 kids to start friday. >> we are able to give them a full-day schedule. >> reporter: the kids will have the same teachers and options for athletics. the school will even have the same phone number but district officials have not worked out the exact start and end time as a figure out bussing. >> teachers are challenged daily. our teachers meet them everyday and they will meet this one >> reporter: parents say this is less disruptive than making kids run double sessions at another school. >> i didn't want her to go to school for four hours and then the other four hours just standing around. truck but some question why the challenger school repair issue became an emergency in the first place. >> that's what makes me upset about it. >> reporter: and the other school involved will have to do double sessions. for more information on all
6:31 pm back to you. praying on the elderly. a woman posed as a healthcare worker, someone who is supposed to care about your well-being. instead, they say stephanie evans weaseled her way into assisted living homes in gilbert and mesa and tried to sell patients bogus items. they say she would take their credit cards for a shopping spree, spending almost $10,000. >> friendly they are gone most of the time. sometimes they come in at 2 am or 3 am. >> that's what one neighbor thinks of stephanie. she apparently lived in mesa with her three kids. we are told she moved days ago. maybe you have seen this missing poster? the buckeye man vanished on friday. we told you about that at the phoenix va hospital. the 69-year-old was seen
6:32 pm
issues but should have his medication with him. if there is one police department that knows too well how painful these situations can be, it's buckeye pd. they have been looking for jesse wilson for two months. the 10-year-old vanished from his home on july 17. they are out of the hospital but a lot of you have asked where to send cards to those three phoenix police officers who were mowed down. the cactus park precinct. if you didn't have time to jot it down, we have a posted on from shooting up a bartu behind bars, phoenix police say the men caught on surveillance at cj telly's pub in glendale last month are now under arrest. investigators say it was nathaniel mitchell's getaway driver who ratted him out. he claims the two were upset when they were denied service at the bar and then started a fight in the parking lot. two men hit during the hail of
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okay. she goes by the name store but there is nothing bright about what this woman did. rochelle hadfield facing charges for a kidnapping in june. two of the guys she was with are now on the rhtne -- on the run. she was kidnapped over a $150 bet. she says she was blindfolded and taken to two locations before she escaped. mcso admits pay raises have been cut affecting 15% of detention staff because program which was just suspended. minot mcso is exploring other ways to revive the program. they fought for our country and now they are forced to leave it. ruben gallego is fighting to make sure veterans are legal and won't be deported. he says it's happening more often than you think as an iraq war veteran himself, he says the cause is deeply personal to him. >> the greatest injustice in
6:34 pm
women are getting deported. the only right they should have is to get buried in the united states. they can't visit their family members. it just ends up really being a huge, i think, stain on american honor. >> he admits with the immigration debate at an all- time high, this deal could have trouble passing. ve because of what was in the air. we told you about how powerful fentanyl is. it could be the reason 11 s.w.a.t. team members got sick in connecticut. they say the apartment they raided was covered in a cloud of drug particles. you have to feel really scammed to call the cops on your own drug dealer. a woman claimed she but some drugs, pain $100 -- paid $100 but never got the product. as you might guess, that woman is also facing charges.
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officially wrapping up. good news. we are told there wasn't a single death linked to hot cars this summer. nationally, there were 28 deaths of from 24 last year. in our state, we have had close calls but no deaths. parents are reminded to stay alert and pay attentions -- attention to your kids before you walk away. temperatures dropping. it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the inside of your car to go over 100 degrees if outse 80s. so very important to check those cars. we have low to mid 90s across the valley and lows tonight are going to drop into the upper 60s to low 70s. feeling great for the wake up tomorrow. for the high country, we could see one of our first freezes of the season by the grand canyon. down to the freezing point of 32 degrees.
6:36 pm
outlying areas could also get very close to that freezing point tomorrow morning. as we take a look at what we expect for the commute tomorrow, flagstaff in the mid- 30s to low 40s for your driving to work. phoenix, mid-60s to low 70s, a gorgeous start to the day. take a look at highs across every city in the valley and a look at your seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. as university of arizona football coach rich rodriguez has dismissed orlando bradford after he is arrested on seven felony counts responded to a domestic violence call earlier today and found probable cause to arrest bradford on three counts of domestic violence kidnapping and four counts of domestic violence aggravated assault. the 20-year-old who played daringly so far for the wildcats is expected to be arraigned later tonight. he is being held at pima county jail without bond. also, we have got a car and look at it. it's on fire on the u.s. 60 right at mcclintock. you can see even the cars that are getting by are going super
6:37 pm
at this point but if we hear anything, we will keep you posted. you can see some of the firefighters at the front of your screen. if we could drop the graphic so people can get a better look? justin credible what our firefighters deal with every single day. we will keep you updated on this developing story from the live desk. a robber takes at two stores within minutes of each other. now the hunt is on to find a guide.
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we want to show you the resolution to this dramatic scene that was just playing out. this car was on fire moments ago. firefighters working to get it under control. the flames are out. the cleanup is just beginning. three lanes are shut down. you can see traffic slowing down.
6:41 pm
to get around. now to the hunt for this guy. police say he robbed to stores within minutes of each other near van buren and 67. they are looking for an african- american man, 230 pounds, 6'1", driving a copper or gold buick suv. ryan lochte opening up against -- about that bizarre protest on dancing with the stars. it may be your dream home but it may also be --, the catch. how to find that home. the d-backs chief baseball operator, tony larissa lays into colin kaepernick's decision to neil. looking pretty nice and quite in the valley, upper 80s through 8:00 and 9:00.
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closing on a new home is exciting. backyard barbecues, decorating and i place to raise the family. >> if you knew something heinous had happened, would that stop you from buying it? an caley explains there may be some -- an caley describes some things you may want to be worried about. >> reporter: do you know if someone has died in your house where do you care? a south carolina man launched this website, and sometimes what he found's if you think that's bad, the extreme case of a homeowner unknowingly buying a violent home happened right here when a couple bought the home of serial murderer travis alexander. >> they brought this but this -- they bought this during the trial. you can get on youtube and see the video of tours. >> state statute protects the
6:46 pm
property as well as the license they selling the property from having any duty whatsoever to disclose that there has been a death on the property. >> reporter: and it doesn't stop there. it includes felonies and if a sex offender lives nearby. in august, found a registered sex offender -- added a registered sex offender list to the report. >> anything we believe we want to know, we will let you know. >> reporter: as a seller's agent, pierce says he can't disclose information against the wishes of his client. as a buyer's agent, he encourages them to do research >> the more disclosure we have to protect our clients, the better. >> reporter: the price of one report is $12. find a link on our website and she caley, acb15 news . >> from the acb15 live desk,
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them of being a couple of purse snatchers. the spd posted the pictures of them on their facebook page. check them out there. as always, what police no. the countdown is on to the 60th primetime emmy awards. the red carpet rolled out just hours ago outside the microsoft theater in los angeles kicked off by jimmy kimmel. this will be the longest red carpet ever, representing the rapidly expanding television landscape. catch the stars walking down on sunday. the awards kickoff at 5:00. see it all right here on acb15 ryan lochte noticing that incident during the season premiere of dancing with the stars. he posted on his instagram saying he has done so much love from his cast and partner that he is dedicating to his working family to do his best. lochte protesters stormed the dance floors while he was being
6:48 pm
just when you thought about everyone had weighed in on the colin kaepernick protest, we get a surprise opinion straight out of left field. chief baseball officer tony larissa didn't hold back when he appeared on the dan levy toward levitard show. >> i never saw him do anything that promote himself and now he is a second stringer and he has got this mission don't trust his sincerity. >> he simply -- went on to say he simply wouldn't allow it on his team. he is walking a thin line but i guess everybody has the right to share their opinion and tony larissa did this afternoon. >> the constitutional amendment covers both of us. >> he is also an attorney.
6:49 pm
very nice. today was great, tomorrow even better. a little breezy with west winds at 15 miles per hour as we said at 95 degrees. venditti at 11%, drying things out hands temperatures just updated across the area. you can see places like buckeye, anthem, cave creek in the mid-80s. glendale 94 degrees, 93 degrees scottsdale. across the state, temperatures in the 90s in casa grande, globe at 82 degrees, 73 degrees in sedona and payson currently, 64 degrees in both flagstaff and show low. tracking those winds for you. they are backing up a little in the high terrain. 22 miles per hour winds in flagstaff and 29 eight gusts. that is coming off those gusts earlier today which were also 230-35 miles per hour. as we go into the night, those winds continue to back off. tomorrow, a few breezes and the higher terrain but lighter than what we felt today. up to about 15 miles per hour
6:50 pm
less than 10 miles per hour here across the valley. we start out at 72 degrees in phoenix, 8 am 76 degrees, low 90s at noon and mid-90s through our mid to late afternoon forecast in the valley. several degrees below our average, which for tomorrow is 100 degrees. 95 degrees and gilbert, 94 degrees queen creek, 94 degrees and fountain hills. cave creek a little cooler. 92 degrees and aunt them. glendale, peoria, avondale all hit 95 and luke air force base and litchfield the upper 60s to lower 70s. across the state, low 70s along the rim, upper 70s in payson and prescott, anyone -- 81 degrees in sedona. a stray shower across southeastern portions of the state but nothing major and breyer air continues to work its way from the west and southwest over the next several days keeping skies sunny in the valley and temperatures warming along with it. up to 99 degrees on saturday
6:51 pm
early next week, we start another cooldown and some models point out a chance for rain. i have included a slight chance in the forecast monday and tuesday. prescription medications can really take a bite out of your wallet. our shock -- shopper team found the best place to get the best price. dan spindle shows us how simple it is to really save. >> reporter: i compared three popular medications. rx. both have websites and absent both found amoxicillin for four dollars at walmart. for the per tour, more than $300 for 30 tablets so we decided to look at the generic version. both sides found the best price at fry's pharmacy. when we called, they quoted as $11.50 but good rx has a coupon that should bring the price to $11.01. we rx also has a coupon but
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a quick update on 60 and mcclintock. we have a live picture of the adot camera. a car fire from earlier caused this blocking three lanes. we are still looking to find out if there are any injuries. an accused cooper now facing charges and he is only 17 years old. police say he has been preying on women along the bridal jogging path by exposing himself. they say it went on for two months. a scottsdale yoga teacher can move on with her life after being acquitted for sac facts -- sex acts at a bar mitzvah.
6:57 pm
at the event. all three phoenix officers are now out of the hospital after that terrible incident at a valley qt. the man at the center of the threat held without bond. marc payne is accused of being drunk and on drugs when he slammed into the car and the officers on purpose. the valley veteran who felt like he got punched in the gut. we are taking action for him about a bill he shouldn't have to pay. dessert dilemma. a building proposal and scottsdale creating a real divide. we get to the bottom of the issue all my -- on the tonight at 10:00. a final check of our forecast. an isolated thunderstorm out there between globe and stafford over the higher terrain, mostly an open area. the entire state will be in the clear again and stay that way through the end of the week.
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