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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  September 16, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 news, taking action. >> terrifying moments on a valley freeway as flames and plumes of smoke shoot into the sky. this scene causing the u.s. 60 to shut down. what we're now learning about the fiery crash. >> i lost my daughter in the process. i can't replace her. >> a senseless crash claims life of a valley mother and now her family is speaking out, saying they just don't understand. and waiting in line more than 24 hours for a new phone? they're waiting it out in the valley for the iphone 7. >> >> some of them spent the night wrapped up in blankets. >> it's a little bit chilly in
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and then you need the ac through the day. 88degrees right now is where we're currently sitting at. humidity and dew points are low and the winds are light and available in spots and other spots at 5 miles per hour. here's a look at desert doppler. and not picking up anything. that's good news. it's a clear friday and you can start you tgif celebrations pretty soon. we'll top out in the today. warm and dry for us here. and coming up we'll talk about changes in the forecast. first we are going to be getting pretty hot. i'll tell you how warm in just a few minutes. right now dozens of rescue crews are on the scene of a hazmat situation in phoenix. this is 51st avenue and mcdowell. someone dropped off chemicals to phoenix fire station 44.
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figure out what the chemicals are. there are no evacuations in place, no hazards to the environment. and crews will stay on scene until the chemicals are identified. scary moments on a valley freeway. did you see this unfolding. our adot cameras were rolling as a dump truck was engulfed in flames. the fire lasted 10 minutes because some sort of chemicals were leaking. the truck driver crse the median into on coming traffic slamming into five vehicles. eleven people had to go to the hospital. and one of them was taken to a trauma center. this is a live look from the scene. the eastbound lanes were shut down for several hours and just reopened in the last 20 minutes. a very different scene than this morning. a wrongway driver flying down the freeway at almost 100 miles
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tempe to phoenix. the driver finally pulled over off 24th street around 4:00 this morning. several 911 callers reported the driver. and the adot message boards helped others avoid the crash. the driver will likely face endangerment charges. thankfully, we saw those adot signs this morning. that driver would have slammed into us. he blazed right past us. >> you got the car. >> it was instant. when you see that on any of the valley freeways, that means business. >> glad you're okay of course. and your kids are -- you're supposed to die before them. and it wasn't really her time. it's what he did to her. >> a valley daughter and mother taken far too soon in a crash
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it was a suicide attempt by another driver. >> megan thompson is at the crash site. and what message does the family want to send to their daughter's killer? >> they have no forgiveness and they hope that the teen driver rots in jail. a truck timing out this crash but running a red light. the victim in all of this, 46 years old. and leaving behind two young children. police say 19-year-old keith johnson made the decision to kill himself after he said he woke up depressed that wednesday morning. but he survived and two other people were injured and margie was killed. her parents are not understanding why his suicide attempt needed to include their daughter. >> he should have gone out and
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other people's lives and he just -- my life. a memorial sits here while her killer sits in jail, held on $250,000 bond. in court he's facing second- degree murder charges. megan thompson, abc15. firefighters were called out to a huge fire at a warehouse near 54th avenue and glendale. crews were able to get the flames out quickly. thankfully, no reports of injuries. and we're learning more about a man shot by phoenix police after he threatened police with a knife. two weeks ago he was shot. he had a death wish. he told police he wanted to take his own life because he lost his job and couldn't get
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an american airlines flight shredded a tire on the way to phoenix. it was coming from portland. fortunately, the jumbo jet touched down safely and no one was hurt. coming up. a controversial law in our state making national headlines. former governor jan brewer reacting to a deal settling the lawsuit. already the iphones are sold out. people waited in line all just to be let down. >> and that brings us to the poll of the day. are you going to wait or did
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look at these folks getting a crossing guard to get a new iphone.
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shelves. do you hear the applause. customers were greeted with applause by the employees. some of these folks were waiting in line 24 hours. and the first guy who slept in the mall overnight walked out empty handed. >> i came away with nothing but my phones will be here next week. >> what happened? >> they didn't have the model i needed. >> i >> he sounds very sad. he put in his order online and is going to get that phone. two cameras, a better battery life, and water resistant. from old iphones, how about an old bike? consider donating it and letting it be a holiday miracle
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we find steve irvin live in chandler. and this is really easy for folks to donate. >> it is super easy. three different ways that you can donate and do you feel it in the air a little bit? the coolness or early in the morning. it's time for fall cleaning. get in the garage and find that bike that's gathering dust and sitting in the corner and put it to good use. we have a number of toe nateed bike and we need a lot more of these to come in. we really want to make a difference in the lives of kids in foster care. if you don't know what this is all about, this is the third year. recycle your bicycle is the organization. and they fix up some new or gently used bikes and hand them out to kids in foster care about christmas time.
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it going? he's been riding around on a bike that's a little too small for him at the moment, just a little bit. got to get the kick stand up there. very important. they don't teach you that in the jungle. >> and the general manager here at the brand new earnhardt. the great thing is no matter where you are in the valley. there's an earnhardt location pretty close to you. >> we have 20 locati valley. anyone can drop off a bike at any of the locations and it's a taxable donation. >> you'll take all of the donations and make sure they get them to the places there. >> what does it mean for earnhardt to be involved. it was something you really didn't -- >> teaming up with abc15, it's been a great program. i believe this is the 4th-year
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it's big for the community. and we're excited. >> you can donate that bike in the garage. you can donate money or volunteer you time. guys, back to you. i love that, showing the guerilla how -- gorilla how it's done. hillary clinton and donald trump are back on the campaign trail. and we do have to talk about your most accurate forecast.
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a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu. sources tell us the fbi has subpoenaed records related to how babeu's office used seized criminal money also known as rico funds. critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress.
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hillary clinton and donald trump staying on the east coast today. trump will be holding an event in d.c. and will meet with the republican national committee. and then he heads to florida. hillary clinton is addressing the black women's impose yum and -- symposium. and also hitting the late night. the winner in the race for congressional district 5 andy biggs or christine jones will move on to the general election. biggs led by 16 votes after the first time count. john mccain wrapping up a meeting as he takes his fight against the affordable care act
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phoenix. he recently introduced a bill to protect people from fines if there are no insurance options when it comes time to enroll. bottom line is that there's no racial profiling and there's no stops that detain people unnecessarily just to check their immigration status. >> it was moments of governor jan brewer's career. now former brewer is reacting to a deal settling the final sb 1070 lawsuit. in a statement she posted overnight, the former governor says i remain committed as ever to protecting our state from crime and costs associated with illegal immigration.
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holding law enforcement accountable. an appeals court lifts the ban on the raids in may. but a judge has to issue a ruling. a judge approved a $300,000 payment to the monitor who is making sure the sheriff follows the law. this morning, we are waiting to hear back from chandler h what they have planned for former graduate zach -- tonight is the football team's first home game since his death. he died in his sleep last month, expected to be a starting center for the arizona wildcats. i would say it was a little chilly. i was at the scottsdale corridor. and a lot of them were wrapped up. i could have used a windbreaker.
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forth, it's fine. but if you're staying out there like some of us have to in the morning, it can get a little bit chilly. and then you need the ac. can't decide if you're hot or cold. i'm going to tell you now, things will be heating up this weekend. and as we put future cast in motion. i'm going to stop it tonight. maybe you have plans to celebrate tgif. we'll be clear nothing going on, as we take the severe saturday morning. maybe you have plans to go to a farmers market. things are staying very clear for us. that's good news. we're under high pressure. as we take this to sunday. you can see clear skies for us as well. your weekend looking absolutely gorgeous. the next sunny and clear. we'll top out at 98 degrees. that's a couple of degrees above average. for tomorrow. we're back up to triple-digits
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look at that. we're back to 104. so we're going from below average to above average temperatures quickly here in the span of two or three days. we did talk about rain chances coming back. and this is what is going to happen by the time we start the upcoming workweek. we're back with chances on monday. we'll bump things up to 30%. the best day for both of users is tuesday when we're up to 20% in the valley. the rest of the week continue to dry up and remove the rain chances completely as we get to thursday. getting back to today across the valley. i think pretty nice overall. average is 100 degrees. all of us will be slightly below that. we're talking 96 in apache junction. and 95 in fountain hills. 96 in scottsdale. glendale, 98. and 95 in deer valley. across the state maybe you're
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weekend trip. temperatures not bad at all. in the 80s for payson, sedona, and prescott. and we'll see the 70s in and around the rim as well. by tomorrow morning, things get downright cold. 30degrees in the grand canyon. and we're at the freezing mark in flagstaff. and we'll be seaing temperatures in the valley. upper 60s to low 70s for a lot of us. and the skies staying clear. the clear the moon. i don't know if any of you had a chance to see it. as we look at the next seven days, 98 degrees. and triple-digits for us this weekend. and sunday looks to be the hottest day. and as we get the return of the rain chances. the clouds come back. the temperatures start to drop as well. 100degrees by monday. and 95 by tuesday when the rain chances look to be the best at 20%. the next couple of days we'll
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who doesn't love a great viral video? >> i love i'm surprised i'm not in one. as many times as i've had a bad live shot -- >> it could happen right now. >> if you've seen the show on abc15, i love this show and we have some of the hosts here charity and ollie. it's fantastic. i got to hand it to you. >> we have a lot of fun making the show. >> they get quite jealous
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everyone else is not supposed to do in the office. laughing and surfing the internet. >> this video hit so close to me because it involves my little sister elizabeth. >> does she know this is going to air. hold on, elizabeth. >> september is alopecia awareness month and the video starts. she's been battling alopecia since she her husband took the clippers to her head and she's gone bald. she wants to share her story because so many women are affected by alopecia. i've been dealing with it for the 16 years and there's a lot of emotion with hair. and she has a beautiful head. girl, walking around like a model. >> we've talked about it before.
11:25 am
have to ha ha react. it invokes an emotional response. >> i always say any video that gives you an emotional response is -- it got you laughing or crying, that's the key to a viral video. >> and i cried throughout the entire interview. >> there was not a dry eye. >> the next one comes from oregon and looks like the surface of the moon when you see it. these guys were looking at the and they have their drone and they got distracted by an owl and that's when that happened. they rammed it into the wall. and a couple of days later, they rappeled down to get their drone. and then once they found it they then had to manually pull themselves back up. it was not easy.
11:26 am
>> put that wig on a little bit tighter. >> lots of wig snatching. >> we have one more, right? >> from a drone wreck we go to a dog rescue. this puppy was underneath a car and scared. and they're great at rescuing dogs with cheeseburgers. >> i would go for a cheeseburger. >> the lady that called th said i'd love to foster the dog until they could find the owner. but there was a twist. >> as they checked out the dog they found the microchip and they were able to recruit with the owner. >> they'd been involved in an accident and one of the dogs had rupp off. >> love it. fantastic videos. as always, of course our
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a major lawsuit facing the fbi, the associated press and two other organizations filed the suit to determine how much was paid and who they paid to hack the iphone. the fbi accessed the phone with the help of a third party.
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details. >> they get continually briefed on the dangers of the job and the hazards of the job. they get shown video. >> but nothing can prepare them for this. and you can bet the video will be shown from now on. learning the names of the three phoenix police officers hit by a car at the qt near i-17 and camelback. you can see officer piles, and officer ryan hoffrichter stand big a patrol car. the suspect is getting a mental evaluation after getting booked into jail. it's a tweet at the center of a gilbert murder case and it's causing quite a stir. >> come on. he's tweeting that he's going to do it. that he didn't get out of the place. why didn't he just leave? >> zachary -- shot and killed
11:31 am
their home. he was charged with second- degree murder and his parents are upset. you heard his father. they believe that this tweet sent by an account that looks to be -- is all the evidence they need for first-degree murder. the county attorney's office says they filed based on the evidence they have. the only thing this robber was looking to feed was a drug police say he had already robbed two subway shops, but the buck stopped at the sonic near 50th avenue. he pretended to have a gun. when he hopped on a city bus, they went after him. >> my adrenaline was pumping and i had to do something. you're not getting on the bus. that's not right. >> the group followed him until
11:32 am
and when they caught him. he had the money in a bag along with notes naming other communities nearby. this woman here renee -- after they say she ran a restaurant yesterday afternoon. crashing near the off ramp. when cops found her she had marijuana and drug paraphernalia with her. more than a year after a real estate the family is adding to the fbi reward to find him or his potential killer. the reward is up to $16,000. cranston disappeared in june of last year. taking a a look at dramatic video from new jersey. an alleged road rage incident
11:33 am
fedex truck. the bus driver was getting tired of the slow moving truck. it's not a maserati and shouldn't be handled like one. >> maybe the bus wasn't going fast enough. >> thankfully, no kids on the bus at the time. the bus driver has been fired. fedex is looking into the matter. 13 passengers and a driver after it catches fire. look at the frames taking over the whole front. a couple of people were taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. and crews put out the flames and towed that bus away. check out this gas line
11:34 am
a worker actually cut into the line, causing the fire. hundreds of people left without power. and from a fire to a huge hole in the ground in florida, it's not the place you want to be. this sinkhole is leaking millions of gallons of contaminated and radioactive water. there's no risk to surrounding communities. do you have app old bike taking up consider donating it. and letting it be a gift for a kid in foster care. >> steve irvin is live in chandler for us. and there are so many ways people can help. >> a couple of different ways. three ways actually. one is happening at the brand new earnhardt chevrolet north of the corner of arizona and warner. a few donated bikes have already come in.
11:35 am
work but that's what the folks do. they fix up the old bikes and really make a difference. they'll send them to kids in foster care. i want to introduce you to someone special. michelle, you've had 20 foster kids over the years, and 11 of them have had bikes. give me an idea of what it's like to see that bike first time. >> pure joy, excitement. most of them have never had a bike manufacture of their own. they are just overwhelmed. >> a is it got her first bike ever and we're riding down the street. and she said i feel like a kid.
11:36 am
a real kid. >> they have something that they can call their own. >> and they get to take their bikes them. it belongs to them, not to the foster family or the group home. i've had kids that are like -- i take it home? >> thanks for all you go. and there are ways to help out. donate that bike out of your grand jury. 25 pucks is what it fix up a bike. and you can donate elbow grease by volunteering. we'll be here with the phoenix suns gorilla. donate a bike and make a difference in the life of a kid in foster care. how you can stand up to them and probably win. it's green, squishy, and
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what are we talking about? >> the valley is celebrating national guacamole day. you might not be shocked to see cows on a wolf course. but what about sea cows? as in manatees? >> tropical storm hermine led
11:38 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,
11:39 am
ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? it's just about lunchtime. look at this. all of this guacamole, all of this to make guacamole. and today is national guacamole day. we brought in one of the experts. >> one of the chefs competing. lots of guac. >> and you've cannot a fantastic spread here.
11:40 am
guacamole is you can add anything to it. i'm doing it a deconstructed style. at home, throw it together with the stuff you like. >> this is our avocado, the base of it all. >> you cut around it and the struck is to give it a little pop and then turn. >> at the restaurant we it because we're making lots of it. and while you're going through the steps, talk to out about the event. >> there's a bunch of local chefs competing. >> there's like 12. >> more guacamole. more margaritas. and then it's a great benefit and i think it's going to be a really fun night.
11:41 am
there. hit it with some said. >> because? >> it helps keep the color. and to keep the oxygen out. cover it with plastic wrap. >> and there's a tomato base. i like pickled shallots fun. charred onions, and i have all kinds of chiles. >> hit it with salt and pepper and you can top it with cheese. that's pretty easy. >> if you have to get rid of something, stir it in the
11:42 am
different. almost like blended or puried. >> this an avocado cream or puree. and we top it with all the things we put in here. and senior with the house made potato chips. >> i'm sure they're going to -- for tickets and go to slash rock the --
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[bell] >> we are keeping a close eye on wall street. the dow is down 77 points. .43%. sitting at 18,135. unfortunately, another blow to one of employees, honey well is issuing more furloughs to employees. it realized a statement -- we have found this approach helpful to control costs and retain our people. the move comes after job cuts the end of last year. test results are not encouraging. just released by the department
11:46 am
both reading and math. a majority -- more than 60% failed under a new state law. third graders who perform in the bottom three percentile will be required to complete the grade. falcon feed getting a historic honor. two of the airport's hangers training more than 2000 american and british pilots needed to defeat nazi germany. consumer reports surveyed 70,000 people about their experiences at restaurant chains. they found for contemporary fair seasons 52 stood out. and because you can grab dinner
11:47 am
if you're dining with kids, the cracker barely and the rain forest cafe, always a popular one. and open releasing its hundred best. sheraton grand, and scottsdale cafe monarch. california had 17 winners. >> the state road 89 bridge is being removed today. the bridge has after the cold bridge didn't meet federal requirements. there's going to be delays in the area all morning long but they should be clearing up any minute. joe ducey here. give me advice about hoas. a lot of the information you need is in the big chunk of paper you got when you bought the place.
11:48 am
that from the county recorder's office. and state law, there are not that many of them so it's going to be easier. >> and get other homeowners to feel the same way you do. there's a dispute process so a lot of these end up in court. >> go to facebook and let us know what you hoa. and getting free money. arizona is one of 16 states paying you back for milk, cheese, and yogurt. they claim they conspired to fix milk prices. file a claim on the site bought it takes less than a minute. are you crazy about the
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friday night. so tonight at 7:00, you'll see one-on-one interviews with your favorite players and surprises everyone will be talking about. crazy about the cardinals? crazy about the forecast? it's pretty nice. >> i think it's going to be pretty good today. >> you're going to see how hot in just a second. here's a look at the current temperatures, look across the valley, and upper 80s to low 90s. and warming up nicely, just before 12:00. here's a look at the current temperatures across the state. 77 in payson. not bad. upper 60s in flagstaff. and 70s in the grand canyon. what can we expect for the next couple of days. as we press play, we're sitting under this high pressure that's
11:50 am
and we'll be saying clear. the state is staying pretty clear of all of that activity. ahead of changes going on. a look at the rain chances. none until monday and then we start to see a change. by monday, we're up to a 10% chance for showers. 20% on tuesday. that looks to be the best day that wait a second storms. not over just yet but we're seeing some drying. and along with the rain chances we are also going to be seeing cooler temperatures. i think it's going to be really nice though. >> the overnight lows sipping in to the 40s. look at this. flagstaff hitting the freezing point at 32 degrees.
11:51 am
it will be chilly. and bottoming out in the upper 60s tomorrow morning. for us in the valley. our highs will be below average so double digits, it will feel warm because we're dry. it's the dry heat, right? 100degrees is the seasonal temperatures. you'll be topping out in the cities there. acro reason -- tomorrow morning, the lows will be dropping into the 60s for most of us. for the most part we'll zip into the 60s. not bad if you're running to and -- here's a look at how the rest of today is going to pan out. by 1:00, 94 degrees. dry conditions for us. 96 by 2:00. warm out there.
11:52 am
the clear skies. so as we look ahead at the next seven days. i told you it was going to get pretty toasty. look at this. 104degrees by that day. average is 100. so we'll be 4 degrees above average on sunday but there's a cool down. the clouds start rolling in and the temperatures start to take a little bit of a sunday, 104, down to 95 on tuesday. adegrees different we talked about things like -- back flirting with triple-digits by thursday. and the overnight lows will get warmer, in the mid- to upper 70s. lego fans, have we got some news for you.
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
abc15 poll to have today is brought to you by sanderson ford. >> okay, now if results to have poll of the day. the iphone 7 is officially out. and as we mentioned earlier, already selling out. are you going to wait or buy it today. >> 100% said wait. which is probably bait. >> he was so >> i'm waiting for a success, guys. [ laughter ] , [ overlapping speakers ] coming up on the now arizona at 4:00. a crazy wrongway driver on valley freeways, the new details just uncovered about the suspect. plus talk no morals. a disabled man assaulted in phoenix. what the robber wanted to get his hands on. and school pride or an
11:56 am
high school. it's coming your way on the now arizona. if you love legos, the phoenix zoo is kicking off the nature connects exhibit. >> check out two dozen animals and sculptures all made from more than a million lego bricks. it's important. chris dodge served in the army and spent time in iraq. we actually went to chaparral high school together. and he talked about how it helped with the stress. tomorrow from 10:00 to 7:00 at 1043 north 32nd street. give aways, live music.
11:57 am
community for welcoming him back. >> i got to see the legos up close. and they are the neatest. it makes lego cells look bad. we're getting above average by sunday. 104degrees that day. very toast requesting. and the rest t getting the rain chances back. we're down to 95 on tuesday. this is a 9-degree dehydration. and the -- we're almost there. >> so close. have a great weekend.
11:58 am
i'm no marketing guru... but this guy is. he's from madison avenue. he likes to say things like... raised without antibiotics. that's a phrase he invented to make chicken sound safer. and it doesn't mean much because, by federal law, all chickens must be clear of antibiotics before they leave the farm. i've got more. "mom approved?" "caffeine free?" we think mr. marketing guru would fit in better at a different chicken company. ooh, i got it. "gluten free." all chicken is gluten free.
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? >> announcer: today, the emmys are this weekend, soe've got an hour of award-winning eats. clinton's serving up incredible apps. carla's got the perfect gift for your guests. and we're closing our dare week with our biggest challenge yet. it all starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> thank you. hello, and welcome to "the chew." thank you. wow. >> it sounds like they won an emmy. >> right? [ laughter ] >> all right, picture this -- glitz, glamour, amazing clothes and mind-blowing talent.


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